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Getting God's Mind In the Midst of the Storm

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 10, 2020 4:25 pm

Getting God's Mind In the Midst of the Storm

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Friends we are sitting on the edge of a very dangerous precipice in American society today to find out more in a moment's thought for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred joining us fire urgent times in which we live require God's people to know the times and the seasons require God's people to understand what is happening in front of her eyes. What is happening spiritually behind the scenes. That's what we'll do our best to do helping you with that today on the line of fire Michael Brown thank you so much for joining us to weigh in to question me to challenge me 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 just to share your own viewpoint, 866-34-TRUTH have an article that will be going live in numerous sites shortly. It's entitled were on the precipice of a very dangerous cultural shift so there's been a lot of comparisons between today and the 60s between the year 2020 and 1968, when Martin Luther King was assassinated, Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated. The nation was rocked with riots and burning of cities and in there was a lot of other people and then 69 with Stonewall riots in Woodstock in so much that happen then that was so radical, so different but we haven't talked a lot about the shift that took place as a result of the 60s the shipping very sudden and things that were unheard of. One day became the norm. The next day. Some you live through some of you remember that we we were living a certain way, their extreme elements of the culture. I became part of those extreme elements before the Lord, save me a extreme elements with extreme positions and then you turn around some years later, in those extreme positions are now the national norm soul. I want to present a few things to you and then I want to talk about where we are today where we sit today and and why this is so terribly terribly dangerous. In fact there's an extra element editing today that has not been around before on this level on this national level, and it makes things even more precarious. Even more dangerous.

So let's think back to 1968, 1969 there's radical feminist group that went by the acronym of which yet that was the acronym it stood for women's international terrorist conspiracy from hell. There was literally their name women's international terrorist conspiracy. Well, if you read my Jezebel book, you're not like, okay I get it. I understand if you haven't get Jezebel's war with America soul which was founded 1969.

They were breakaway group from another radical feminist group. Of course, antinuclear family and motherhood get over being married.

All this that they were opposing it. You think ever dreamed that abortion on demand for any reason would become the law in America through Roby way and and that some decades later, we what we would've aborted over 60 million babies you think they imagine that at that point is the way or the Stonewall rioters. The, the gaze that he just had it with police and and and transvestite prostitutes that would be those transvestite that you don't get upset of the bar rated again.

Whatever the reasons were my field bar hold hold. I tell the whole story queer thing happened to America. But just because they were protesting as they were throwing bricks at police and and and throwing bricks of police cars. This is now the other great moment in American history, the wonderful Stonewall rights, if these were violent replace of people that's that's the bottom line right is there there chanting they power want freedom now, just think they imagine the day when the Supreme Court will actually redefine marriage were the president would say amen to this. I support this and advocate for review before it happened. They never know they were they were antifamily. This is him all patriarchal institution that that had to be resisted and you had the radicals of the 60s, men like Bill Ayers were part of the weatherman sold an antiwar group that literally bombed buildings in protest of an empty building where they would bombed buildings. They were a violent revolutionary group will Bill Ayers ends up as a university professor ends up as a mentor to Pres. Obama, who so saw that coming. I wrote this in the year 2000.

Is this a very quaint when you hear what's the big deal as is common is that every day were used to this was 20 years later. So is it my Jesus manifest as many books that I wrote in your 2000 I said this the suit number 2000 The last generations counterculture of rebellion has become this generation's establishment of repulsion and what was unthinkable three years ago. Daytime show celebrating adultery and incest homosexual love scenes on the Truth Network TV 11-year-old multiple murders, massacres in our schools and houses of worship as a matter of course today. We need a revolution. A gospel base revolution.

So Jesus changing hearts and lives in us of the culture changes. Some introduced every day on the radio is your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution through the burglary for longtime friends but things have shifted so dramatically and were at it another critical moment here, but it's changed things got more extreme, more outlandish that the, the envelope is been pushed even further that was pushed before our right and in addition to that we now have Marbach Chrissy, meaning the mob is going to tell you what you have to believe the mob is going to tell you what you have to say the mob is going to tell you what you have to think and wall be to the person who resists not to break this down for a moment to get into some more detail, more background that will get your calls, 866-34-TRUTH I had something I was supposed be doing online. Eight last night rescheduled it because I was so burdened, so gonna share my heart about the urgent nature of the times which rents are at the dinner live stream on Facebook we just posted it on YouTube. It's probably been watched close to 20,000 times. So for them and for a Facebook video that we dispose that notes that's a lot of use this quickly so something seems to be striking a nerve hitting a nerve striking record people think. Yet not all I am feeling that same way and what I want to emphasize is that when times are urgent. We must be urgent when things radical around us we must be radical here.

Many of you that fall sports know when the biggest upsets in boxing history was the untouchable unbeatable Mike Tyson being knocked out by Buster Douglas right may at moles it was not like 1990 I think it was unmemorable. Where was airport where was when the news there we got the news like right after in the morning while camping that happened it was early 1990 summer around talk about to this day while Tyson was by far the better boxer room is by far the harder hitter and was by far the, the more devastating man in the ring, but from what when you said you train seriously to distractions leading into the fight may redistrict regret I can beat anybody.

He loses that the point is that someone who was of lesser caliber that that someone who was of lesser strength or of lesser boxing ability knocked out the boxing monster because one apparently prepared better work target was more focused than the other.

I'm saying if we think we can just kind of sit back and do church is normal in the Reliastar mall and no that's not gonna work is going to be an urgency discovery. Desperation is going to be a hunger, there's gotta be at a recognition we must be crying out to God, we must be seeking the face of God. We must be looking to him and crying out to him and preaching the gospel and preaching the gospel and preach the gospel. I wasn't sure if this can happen before we know it's hit us societies can have shifted yet again more radically still on the site a few articles for you in a moment right but but let me give you the long and short of what's happened. So the tragic death of George Floyd has awaken people around America to police brutality people who did not want to see it. Have not seen it.

Thank God for all the good police officers and the ones that risked their lives to protect us and keep us safe.

But there are bad apples in there certain things with within the system that that may need reform or retraining or whatever right there risking the loss enough as is.

But when you have horrific things like this that happen as of the first on the happen. Then you step back and you call for reform circulates look into this. What can we do to improve this in and in not have innocent was taken like this right now there are instances as well of their lives. One I saw another tragic one of of a white man, apparently off his medication and is acting crazy so the police are holding them down, and number of them holding down and he can't breathe the same thing crying out.

This goes on for longtime and then they think he just passed out. Turns out he died the seventh white and black alike. But since many black Americans have have experience or report experiences of police brutality and proposed treatment more than white Americans. This is brought awakening in many ways people, how can we have to deal with. This will radical elements of seize the moment and you must bow down you must kneel you. You must think you must be ashamed of the flag. You must feel guilty if your wife you you get a bow down to that agenda.

It will just share something with you from the black lives matter of platform right or how about this, look, we reported this back in 2016 we disrupt this on their website today we disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and villages that collectively care for one another, especially our children to the degree that mothers parents and children are comfortable to notice. We disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure is with. They also say we foster a queer affirming network when we gather we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking. Rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual must be he, or they disclose.

Otherwise, we foster a queer affirming network.

This is an organization right in the middle of the black lives matter protests and and what is coming with these protests is this agenda and you must bow down or else it if you dare speak out against the site.

I got screenshots from one pastor he spoke out against these elements of the blood caused by the platform is getting death threats with his address being given out friends were very dangerous moment in American history go wake up okay with the alternative is not what it is an error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown society and Catholic Church are all too often compromise you pretty set it for years now.

You like okay we get it that we know what you're saying these things be sure to take advantage of the resources on the S. Dr. Brown website. We get thousands of videos, articles waiting for you Esther to and if you don't subscribe to our YouTube channel. Take a second to do that you're watching on YouTube. Now you see you lose everything I watch on YouTube yet we do a live stream on YouTube and Facebook asked Dr. Brown, Facebook, YouTube page cascade your brown but haven't subscribed on YouTube do so that the decibel the click on that and that make sure you get notified when latest videos post okay I'm going to your calls shortly. But there's an article in the national review by Alexandra DeSantis and she is commenting on what is in our culture today. She said your silence isn't enough, scroll down towards the end of that article and and here she's summarizing what she's been writing according to the street. If you fail, choose your platform to speak out about the progressive issue du jour so little words.

Whatever the issue of the day is you mount whatever program you must address whatever the mob centeredness.

Bob is my work were guilty of perpetrating injustice against the oppressed is our civic responsibility and obligation to educate ourselves, but which they mean accepting in and memorizing the prevailing progressive prepress progressive dogma then to repeat what we've learned, faithful comrades in the hole.

You must do it, she said. On one hand, then progressives were to ensure that contrary beliefs are disallowed in public discourse.

On the other. They insist that we are compelled by the demands of justice to speak publicly about every social justice issue. If we articulate a view that challenges the progressive creed they will drum us out of polite company. If we do not speak at all. We are guilty of sinning by omission is and what are we to make of these two contrasting tactics.

The only to reconcile them as an insidious belief that each and every one of us must speak so as not to be complicit in evil but only to utter the words of the progressive movement puts our mouth. The result is ideological servitude society in which a culturally powerful tyrannical minority owns the voice of every person willing to go along boom exactly look on college campuses. You have safe spaces you eat and you can address certain it was your through your speech is intimidating me or threaten me or make it, or is hurting me or give me the way you look at me.

I mean, how far does it go and and these radical restrictions it.

It is insane.

Are you putting out a safe spaces moving in and that's pushback try to boycott that I'm telling you this and I'm not the only, many say this is what is going to spread through the society dislike New York Times publishes an editorial bite by Sen. Tom cotton and he was saying if the police cannot control violent crowds then you bring in the military is what he was saying an op-ed New York Times they created such a proud area. What good does it but it's it's not right and That that the editor that the the head of the editorial department had to resign up or is such constant psychedelic childish mob just now we get out of it what is opinion. Opinion pieces express different opinions open the phone. Once you can call we can direct you may have a differing opinion, a guest on yesterday's militant opponent Donald Trump as a committed Christian.

Yes we talk about issues though no call contrary opinions must be silenced here. Here's an article on Falkirk black lives do matter, but should Christians be linking arms with the BLM.

The black lives matter movement. No and he says this, the article says this I think that he wrote sorry of the organization is ostensibly built BLM upon the pursuit of justice but a different kind of justice altogether that laid out for us in Scripture. Not only is the organization deeply rooted in a false cultural Marxist narrative. Their secondary and tertiary goals are far more sinister than simply eradicating racism BLM claims to seek justice against the systemic violence committed against black men and women legal system for China River affectionately point to the existence of such a system of soft state-sponsored genocide. Now where there are issues with our racist issues with your systemic inference.

We address it.

We address it medicinally you have to buy the whole narrative that's being pushed down our throats here.

For example, everyone was horrified by the mood of George Ford immediately present trumps of any department justice. After look into this immediately right, horrified, mortified, horrific, one of the that the most painful things we we watched on a national level together right terrible but we still know for fact it was race related.

This guy this this police officer mother than the exact same thing to a white man and be just as guilty. We don't know but teams were you can't say that I'm a sinner, not a thousand other instances where it is race related absence of don't know if it's on kick and allowed to fax them out to get facts is most jump in with the model MI say the mob. I don't mean peaceful protesters.

I do not mean peaceful protesters were grieved and who are hurting or upset. I mean the radical push in the and the one sparking the violence and everything else here later this time some Israel reports this may be the inherent LA juice Los Angeles use. This is a few days older and we go Los Angeles choose reeling after local institutions limited and burned in Floyd protests synagogue schools and Jewish memorials were vandalized with anti-Semitic, anti-Israel slogans Jewish owned businesses battered, particularly in Fairfax district while I'm so I'm talking about anti-Israel anti-Jewish things written on synagogue will.

This reflects some of the ideology of the black lives matter movement of the leaders would probably signal vandalized synagogue into some like that but the ideology is there.

So Carolyn Glick writing in Israel how your home, which in Hebrew is Israel today. Share something very interesting to say. Carolyn Glick points out how American Jews, the majority identifies progressive but now you have this progressive movement which is anti-Israel, so she says this but the Jews progressive desire to work on behalf of those demonstrating for African-Americans places their political identity on a collision course with their Jewish identity, black lives matter.

The radical group leaving the demonstrations as an anti-Semitic organization.

BLM was formed in 2014 is a merger of activists from the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam, the anti-Semitic Black Panthers and dream catchers in 2016, BLM published a platform that is since been removed from its website, the platform accused Israel of court committing genocide and referred to the Jewish state is an apartheid state. The platform accused Israel and supporters of pushing the US into wars in the Middle East.

The platform mostly officially join BLM with the anti-Semitic BDS campaign to boycott the vest and sanction Israel BDS campaign leader Omar Barghouti acknowledged this week that the goal of the BDS campaign is to destroy Israel BDS campaigns in US campuses are characterized by bigotry and discrimination directed against Jewish students and BLM firmly aligned itself with this movement, friends, this is what were dealing with. So III tweeted this out last night and simply said this old me just back up to it. Here we go. Okay, I will find it in a second, but I my point was that the solution is not to be hyper nationalistic and and go from the extreme left of the extreme right by hyper nationalistic. I don't mean just being a good patriot.

Okay, I did just like bite, but when I talk about my Bacchus M atonement healthy reform okay and even the patriotic side you make America great value on the flight that's not going to do it now friends there must be something much deeper and for each of us as followers of Jesus it it's it starts here rather than bowing the knee. So I tweeted to the mob autocracy of the far left or to the hyper nationalism of the far right. I say we bow the knee to Jesus.

Then get his marching orders, and obey him at any cost. We say that again rather than bowing the knee to the mob autocracy of the far left or the hyper nationalism of the far right because it's all racist history, I say we bow the knee to Jesus.

Then get his marching orders, and obey him in any colossal yes we are poor police brutality when it occurs. Yes we stand in solidarity with victims of injustice.

Yes repose race and racism will do it our way, not the mob's way we do it.

Based on our values are biblically-based values not on the values the radical left here one more example. Who would've taken seriously. The call to defund the police a week ago deep seriously, let's go get traction and of the city Council Minneapolis overwhelmingly voting to defund the police and largely replace them with mental health counselors and other things like this summer was bragging how well they must be disturbed. Let's get a mental Health counselor over right away that you react against police brutality recalled to defund the police us up as opposed to bring Reformation where it's needed, on but presidential candidate Biden is under pressure in some circles because he's not standing on the will not stand to defund the place that is so silly things shift, it struck me. This is the radical, less version of the art of the deal. I did read trumps book, but one thing understands part of a strategy is okay if if if I think this place is worth $10 million resulting for 20 on the say it's not worth more than two.

The goal is to get 10 while the radical left is putting things out of there so crazy. Now, which again is that where it ends up can be dangerously different where it is today sick of her kids or grandkids for the sake of the name of the Lord.

Get some spiritual backbone and wherever you live, school, neighborhood place of business, social media, family, stand up for what is right thousand Jesus. Go ahead. Love you later serve this community based on biblical values.

Pushback is the radical left calls for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown cited the announcement will be a very important book. We don't have the details of release it were getting out as quickly as possible since we have those details will give you two minutes is called evangelicals at the crossroads will we pass the trump test you'll find it tremendously eye-opening tremendously relevant but let me point out something very plainly to yes I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and if things remain as they are traverses Biden in November. I plan to vote for Trump in 2020, a vote is a vote but my Savior has my heart, my life mama will my soul. Everything belongs to him a political leader gets a vote that that's it okay and oversight on all my life to that person will need to defend that person agree with everything if I just think between pop possible candidates. However, it's that simple for me and others will differently based on the conscience that's between you and God might my point. There was simply this, look at what's happening in America to even forget the virus get the economy just the upheaval, the death of division. The chaos for more years of Donald Trump's I can fix America okay even if he keeps appointing justices, even if he canst is keep sending for religious liberty to fix America okay so whatever the role of the present is let it be. But but you think of Anand Coulter book in Trump we trust, and now she's anti-tromping.

That's what happens on below the process of wrong thing. That's what happens, though, in my view, when you look to a person a certain way look to Jesus. That way, and we vote we get involved politically as we should put your hope where it should be 86634 of let's go to Sarah in Los Angeles.

Thanks for calling the line of fire ranking for having me. How are you doing very well thank you all parent meeting had Wayne very happy and I'm trying to get out emotional by II video at night and at even reenter everything. I know you have colored call and email your thoughts about going on with the on ramp and everything in by I always acknowledge breakneck form of data on and making obviously with. I've been hearing a lot of feet. That I follow and I'm pretty sure you print out one at 10 Landon shot on II think is phenomenal and I and I and I mean how his church is on fire for the Lord and think things are happening and I think that the other churches that aren't doing and I thought that my point is that I be everything that's going on and then to hear you last night.

I asked about that in my right my core that I just can't help but feel that I want to say and it weird and evil of something while back on the horizon. Currently, as far as email. I feel no hurt because I don't hear of the Bible that we need to get into revival because we know where My nation but I with all the speaking is not about my back like we could even achieve that with all many churches and buying something while in a work in a state expressed that we wanted to so Sarah and it's it's a real concern. The escapist message I've been shouting warnings about it.

Been writing about it in in my book, when the world stops which was written right in the midst of the covert, 19 crisis is very relevant. This moment I explained how the gospel is made for the hard times in this message of escapism. This is his terrible, it is the last thing we need to hear well before it gets really bad will get out of here. I said over and over that the Christians being slaughtered around the world dating get out here yet and in the people that have suffered in other ways. In this role, they can get out of here yet and all those who die horrific deaths in war were tortured to death for their faith. Dating get out of here yet and it's in his status of aside for the fact I rejected biblically is creaking and I lay out their books.

Not afraid of the antichrist. I reject the whole mentality.

The gospel is made for hard times.

In Jesus we are over commerce, and even the worst of times. There is hope in the worst of times. The gospel can thrive.

The most at and I'm quite sure. More Americans are thinking about God now and are open to hear about the gospel now than they were six months ago BB has more to have bad checks as mayor perspective, pain and fat. I know the couple he clearly did not wish to hear that now with everything happening that you can be integrated.

I think a change so dramatically that we know that that there is an eminent team that maybe the Arnold time now on not knowing him. Nowhere near approaching it when I read the Bible about the final final days when the were near their where we are in times of bliss and peace. Weird weird weird wit where were you know sipping our favorite beverage wall while sitting in a cozy beach compared to what's coming know I'm not minimizing the pamphlet minimizing the people down on the look I live through the 60s.

I heard all I got saved all the prophecies and what's happening it and look what will we go through now is not a fraction of what people live through in Syria were brothers and sisters living through now and every day in different parts of Nigeria. What Christians live through and you know the rise of communist China under Mao and things like that know it again that's I lay it out and when the world stops okay this is what Scott this is what the Bible says is coming at the very mole at the most. The maximum where at the time the Jesus that is the beginning of sorrows with the early birth pangs with and which he says, but the end is not yet in and what's the message that even when things get totally crazy. And then this is it.

Now the sign of the Son of Man coming in the clouds. This is when we lift our heads and rejoice. So now you know what I mean not even approaching the imminence of of that day. Now I live in readiness to meet the Lord, we don't have tomorrow guaranteed right though the shaking the upheaval its promise. This is fractional fractional terms, what I expect. I hate that the the pain people read now.

I hate the loss of life through the virus. I hate those that of that of suffered a lot because of of looting and vandalism things. I hate all that that and I'm sometimes sick to my stomach over the state of America right now. At the same time I am more charged with faith and expectation for revival and outpouring then I've been in years and years and a young man like Landon who reached out to me after seeing me on Piers Morgan years ago and on CNN and asked if I would be a mentor in his life, and I've been able to play that role with a few other men. When the keys to the success of his ministry is. He's been a mentor for fasting and prayer for years and sort out earnestly for years. In desperation, fasting and prayer. That's a major reason there such a blessing and he does not hold back from the power of the spirit preaches it believes in it.

So Sarah let that that pain and that that's the that concern that some faith was in the mist because God's moving in the midst of the upheaval he thank you for calling and sharing your heart, 866340 be goaded. David and fire mound, Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire and Dr. Roger here America yes I can.

Thanks to lower amount farmout low does it does say fire mound, but Howard is our call screener is scrambling today and is great so I looked at. I thought fire mound while okay flower flower mound little bit more little more peace in their environment.

What you brought up earlier about an it reminded me of a movie burger, Adam Corolla.

I saw only so the trailer but I know a lot about the history of it in the in the movies that's that's why I referenced it earlier in the broadcast. But no, I didn't see all of it yet another framework you go. The Clark Atlanta College of glycolic and Goshen young black millionaire, and I talked about and ready and one of the profound thing came out of being taught that wife earlier and earlier prior afterlife thematic rate and that you were one of play longer and then offended correctly for the record, you know, none of the northern play for the most part is a lot of white boy, the beginning and her mother came later played ball is an and I am I'm Jewish and I recount all you I know I know about right right right and and so you got the work he showed him bed. He got real today and required no big deal die feeling that thinking that it that happening down real life group. The great-grandfather father grandfather father and now the pain yet but you just let me just jump in David and say this so percentagewise in terms of people alive today in America. White Americans just a fraction have a direct connection to slavery of the slave trade, but just understand this the David and I've heard this from many many black callers there or let's assess this on average throughout America.

Is it easier to be white or black. On average in America. Just you know jobs through education to notice affirmative action and all of that. I still think on average, it's easy to be white. The black on the field bad flick of mud on the part of an oppressive system. Try to keep anyone down but some black collar help me understand something with you next. He sent in a comment which is okay if if you have a whole history from the 1600s with the colonies with her with her black slaves. African slaves and then you don't get rid of segregation to the 60s and now were not that far away right. I was born 55 so this is not that far away that you you still have legacies of things that are not that easily and quickly undone. So part of it. Yes, this mentality victim mentality that can be harmful hardly say it does take a while scales more equal that I think says how he review her list of justice in our every opportunity forever and just keep cultivating thank you.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown checked on Amazon when the world stops the Kindle is still on sale for 499 just let you know that uncontrolled prices there, but just let you know that old Flickinger review. Thanks again Dr. Brown's is a lovely and uplifting book is so essential to know that we fear nothing when and if when the presence of the Lord. Praise God. These folder temples. Here's another one where was it got this three hours ago and just read it cover to cover. Just what I hope for full of info and very understandable. This book willfully with faith and practical wisdom for how to live, not just in the midst of the virus crisis and economic shutdown.

But in the midst of any crisis, 86634. Let's go over to Grayson, Georgia Justin, thanks for holding salon welcome to the line of fire during your two week limit. I make sure I could call it the right time, but I have the right equipment. You have a question for you order the quicker you to take up your cross daily, and I was wondering how practically I could do that daily in my everyday life. Secondly, I was and I took them a request from a college and then I told her what kind of injury. My relationship with the Lord and just, I was doing something in the classes like my mind was being tormented in protect me.

Whatever you are not doing everything perfectly. Whatever the mainline ended up dropping and I felt bad because I thought there might convict me that I didn't let my yes be yes or no and continuing classes felt pretty bad analogy, ignored it and I went over to print out that night, one to forget about it and then ended and now it's like I felt like it like I'm not actually sorry and I go back and take the classes and I feel like I have the thought like beer dominate plaintiff you go back and take the classes but you're not genuinely sorry, whatever. And so, yeah. In it, leaking out of Mike I do that I'm not on the right path or fear or despair something elsewhere and if you could come with them on the thing.

This is urgent times in which we live personally from the horse right here, modify we are attacked and critically insert coming from a biblical perspective faith refutes so jointly right here on this case. For more information go to ask Dr.

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