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Wednesday 050323 Part 2

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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May 3, 2023 9:00 am

Wednesday 050323 Part 2

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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My passion is the fight for freedom. My father fought for a World War II defending our country. Today, we are no longer fighting with guns. Instead, we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes that support your constitutional rights.

I am Patriot Mobile. That was a shooting gallery up there. I could hear the tremble in his voice. She suffered a very severe being. The video is pretty graphic.

Justice for us seems almost impossible. It's not fun to watch somebody die, and they knew she was in mortal peril. They have not asked the hard questions. Why was the Capitol intentionally unsecure that day? The FBI had information about security concerns before January 6th. They're out for blood, and they're getting it. They appear to be winning. Were the actions of the Capitol Police out of line? Were there violations in use of force?

Now I describe it as an inside job. I'm ready to do whatever God calls me. There's an old Chinese saying my ancestors learned before the Communist Party took over our country. The family is the essential unit of human society, and that you must have honor and defend your family. But it's not always easy to do.

When the regime gives the order, you have to kill. My heart was pounding. I felt my body bouncing and twisting on the floor. They put numbers on our shoulders, then separated us into rows of even and odd numbers.

I was number nine. My brother, he's still in prison, and my sister, she was sent to a labor camp without a trial. But there's one piece of evidence they haven't been able to destroy yet.

I left everything behind. If I can't expose what they did to us, then all of our suffering would be for nothing. Welcome to Chosen Generation with your host, Pastor Greg Young. But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, that you should chew forth the praises of him who's called you out of darkness into his marvelous life, which in time passed were not a people, but are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy. And as we do twice a month here, we enjoy having members of Project 21 Black Leadership Network with us, and lots going on, obviously a lot happening. And I'm very excited to welcome to the program, Benji Irby is joining us from an undisclosed location deep in the bunker. Hey, man, welcome. Good to have you. Thanks for being here. I'm good. I'm glad to be here.

My normal location would be Miami Beach, Florida, but I'm not home today. I understood. Well, that's a very nice location to be at. Yeah. Definitely.

I lived in Clearwater for a period of time. Oh, okay. Okay. West side. West side. Yeah. And then I had a couple of restaurants down in Miami. One of them was actually out on Bird Road.

Okay. I know Bird Road. Yeah, I know Bird Road. Yep.

And then the other one was about 165th, right in the heart of the Catholic and Jewish community. We actually, we were a burger joint, but on Fridays we couldn't serve burgers. So we actually had to serve fried fish on Fridays.

We were the only franchise that served fried fish, but we were like, look, we're either closed on Friday or we're serving fish. That's the option. So we're doing fish.

What are you going to do? Anyway. There you go.

There you go. So, I saw, I responded to, and I had seen, there's been a lot of flack going on, the NBA and just kind of the whole push within professional sports, starting with the Colin Kaepernick thing, and then moving forward from that, you had LeBron James and Dwayne Wade and a number of others with the whole BLM thing going on. And recently Phil Jackson had a conversation with his grandson and basically came out and said, look, I don't watch the sports anymore because I'm tired of its politicking.

And Jalen Rose decided to come out and suggest that, well, Phil Jackson built his reputation in the backs of black ball players. To which I responded Benji and said, gee, I didn't realize these guys were volunteers. I had no idea. I didn't know they were out there playing for free. Who knew that we were buying tickets to watch guys that were out there playing a semi-organized pickup game. It's ludicrous to me. Just crazy.

I mean, last I checked, they were paid very well, definitely many times higher than your average American salary. Yes. But it's unfortunately that's the disease of victimhood and it's a shame because it's like they make it as though every, there's no other opinion as far as black thought that everybody black has to be on this, you know, just on this victimhood trail that everybody's on or just on the side of Black Lives Matter and not really having a conversation about an organization that people are still touting that we all know is a scam, unfortunately. And you know, Black Lives Matter itself works on two different levels. There are the people who go to the rallies, who have a real deep sense of concern about things that are going on as far as police brutality and things like that. And there are the people who are the higher ups who know better and who know what they're doing and who are scamming the people as Patrisse Cullors did with her four lovely homes, no doubt around the LA area.

Yeah, no doubt. Well, you know, the the other piece to this is, is, you know, I always go back to asking the question, okay, so why aren't you standing out in front of the abortion clinics? Why aren't you standing out in front of Planned Parenthood, that has been wiping out the black population and sterilizing black women now for Oh, I don't know, 64 years, and and whose founder Margaret Sanger, up until recently, had a bust and a statue, right, I believe it NAACP's headquarters, because she was doubted as this, this this great, you know, leader of black rights. Well, when when everybody else when anybody who paid any attention knew that she had come out and said, we need to kill all these people.

Yeah, well, I mean, it's because a lot of what the black struggle has been blizzards. So it's whatever the Democratic Party says, as opposed to what makes sense, as opposed to what actually happens, I'm actually ran into I was actually working. I was an Uber driver back in 2016, working in the DNC in Philadelphia. And I actually ran into an abortion lobbyist. And I asked her that same thing. And she, she was from Alabama, she pretended like she had no idea what I was talking about.

Why, why whatever do you mean? And yes, exactly. Those are the that's how abortion is starting. I mean, she said that she wanted to abort the Negro like the weed will terminate the Negro like the weed was her exact words. Absolutely.

Yeah. Well, and they finally had to pull that bus down, which I don't even I To be honest, I don't think that they did it because of whatever I think they did it because they finally were exposed for what it was. But it's, you know, when you talk about black on black, and here's the other thing, because I'm a white pastor, I'm told, Well, if I say anything about what's happening in the black community, then I'm a racist for saying anything. Yeah, I mean, I don't even look at it as a thing of black on black crime or white on white crime. I mean, crime is bad, violence is bad. I think that we need to stop trying to, you know, quantify that and qualify that by color because that just makes more argument to have.

We need to just be kinder toward one another in general, which would be the Christian principle of all no one should be doing any type of crime against anyone. But a lot of that crime, unfortunately, comes from poverty. And then where does the poverty come from? The poverty comes from the fact that we have a government who has sold out the American people and given all our jobs to China, namely, India and other countries over the past 40 years because of black people, when black people immigrated from the Great Migration from the south to the north and Industrial Revolution all through the 1910s through the 70s. Those were the jobs that created the black middle class. And you have Democrats and Republicans who have come together, who have been paid by lobbyists to get rid of all those jobs. And if you look at the issues that we have in the black community, they're the same issue that happened in Appalachia as well, you know, to be in white communities and poor white communities.

Absolutely. And it really goes back to the fact that America has sold out its people. And that's, you know, that's the part they don't want everyone to see. So while we're fighting over race and while we're black on black crime and white on white on white this and Black Lives Matter and Antifa and blah, blah, blah, we're not seeing the fact that we've been, you know, sold out by our government on both sides. And God forbid we come together and see this is what it actually is. I mean, that's the thing they don't want us to do. God forbid we talk about China.

But China is about to be a subject as we are on the precipice of World War Three. And we have to bring those jobs back. So we need to be bringing those jobs back to black and white communities.

Absolutely. Because we're going to have to be prepared to deal with the fact that they're trying to isolate us, which is fine. Let them isolate us. You know, we've been isolated before, okay, and we did just great. But we also had control of the minerals. We all you know, we were and so again, you've got this radical left ideology, this climate change ideology. And I think it's ridiculous when they suggest that, well, you know, it's the poor minorities that are being hurt by the climate change. The climate is what's creating all know, your efforts to destroy the American economy is what is creating this issue.

Coal and petroleum and natural gas are the least expensive and cleanest means by which for communities to power themselves and nuclear energy. And we're shutting all of those things down. We're wiping those jobs out. Something else to just real quick to throw out, then I'm going to throw this right back to you, Benji is, you know, the $15 an hour. Remember how they were all about we're going to push $15 or an hour we're gonna years ago, I was in management with McDonald's. McDonald's was the number one entry level position employer in the country.

I mean, they employed tons of teams, tons of people coming, you know, college students, what have you. It was an entry level position. In fact, I went through their management training, their Burger U management training on site at the store that I was at, it was a corporate store. And it's some of the best training that you can get as far as understanding and managing people is concerned. Here's the point, all of that's wiped out and we said this was going to happen and look what McDonald's has done.

They've automated the process now. They're opening up stores with literally three employees. Yeah, well, it's a result of the fact that McDonald's used to be a job that you can get, you know, after high school, you know, when you're junior high school, 14, 15 years old, but now you have grown people with bills having to work at McDonald's.

But why is that? Because we have a manufacturing sector, the grown people jobs are all gone. So now it's like people are trying to do whatever they have to do to survive. Anytime I go to McDonald's or Chick-fil-A or Burger King and see like a grown person working there, it's like, this is not the way things are supposed to be that.

And there's no reason why these jobs should be asking for that much money. But it's because we have grown people with bills having to work there, whereas back in the day, that really wasn't much the issue because there were and it was industry, there was manufacturing, there were jobs for grown people to do. So unfortunately, that's what's happened. And now when you push back against that, now it's the rise of the machines and even going back to energy. All these high gas prices, all they are is a tax on poor people. It's like Biden says no new taxes, but then, you know, gas has gone up twice as much. So guess what, it's a new tax on everybody, unfortunately. Yeah.

Well, electric vehicles that are mined by African children, like, you know, the cobalt and things like that. So it's there's such hypocrisy. But if you look deeper, you'll see people like Jennifer Granholm, who's the energy secretary that has all this money put into Green Ninja. They all are invested in her, John Kerry. If you really look at the names of all the money, you see what it is. And they're really selling out the American people.

And what's even crazier is that all of this craziness has the cosign of the Congressional Black Caucus, where you would think if they were looking out for the interests of black people, black people are really getting squeezed by this gas situation. Like, you know, they may want, you know, electric flying cars and want to be the Jets into 2050. But people still have to get their Chevrolet's and Subaru's to work now.

And what about most people? Yep, absolutely. Well, and then and then the other thing is, is the housing bubble that's that's once again, you know, getting getting ready to burst and and then you have them changing the rules and they claim that this is supposed to give, you know, other people an opportunity. But the reality is, is they're doing the same thing that they did before, which is that they're taking people and they are they are putting them into an untenable position. And ultimately, when when the bubble bursts, those people that they put in that untenable position end up homeless. Yeah, they're reinforcing poverty. But I mean, as people are homeless, as people are more poor, they're more dependent on government. They are more reliable for votes.

And that's really what it's all about. Because God, even I even say about the reparations situation, I had an article, I have an article up right now. Actually, on my sub stack been here,, I talk about reparations and the fact that this is a thing that Democrats talk about, well, they have no intention to ever do this, because why would the party of the poor want black people to be suddenly rich? If we were all billionaires tomorrow, you know, that would give us choices, we'd have more choices, money gives you choices. And we may not choose them in the next election.

If we have the choice, if we have money, if we're having property, if we're owning businesses, we're not going to want to be taxed up the wazoos. They want to keep people as dependent as possible, chasing fantasies and dreams. And you know, not having people be independent.

Well, and and so yeah, not as easily controlled. And so reparations becomes the new welfare, essentially. I mean, that really is what that is. And honestly, I couldn't, I wouldn't even insult welfare by saying that at least welfare is something that's real.

You know what I mean? Like reparations, literally a fantasy they're going to give you. And I go into arguments with this all the time and like, oh, you're cool, you're a sellout. But if you think about it and do the math, if we're talking $5 million by 20 million people, that's $100 trillion. The U.S. budget for 2022 was $6 trillion. So where in the world are we getting $100 trillion? Like that's not even that makes no sense whatsoever.

No one says it does the math because it's supposed to get all emotionally wrapped up in it. And I tell white people as well, because they try to make it like, oh, black people deserve reparations or don't deserve reparations. That's not the question you ask, because does Ukraine deserve $100 billion of our dollars? They do not. But Ukraine has bipartisan support. Reparations does not.

And not even Democrats who want to support reparations, to be honest, because you look at the 2024 elections with people who are up for reelection, like John, like senators like Jon Tester and Joe Manchin and what's-his-name in Ohio, Sherrod Brown, these people would never vote a yes on reparations. This is not real. And I just keep telling black folks, I am sorry. I hate to be the one to break it to you.

I hate to be that guy. But when you look at it and just make it make sense. And another thing about reparations as well, school choice. Now, school choice is amazing.

That's a wonderful thing that we should be doing, taking the government funds that are given to these failing public schools and put it into any school that a parent wants, whether it be like a religious school or, you know, an Afrocentric school or whatever school, private school, homeschool. But if Democrats are not for that, for giving you $30,000 a year for that, then why would they want to give you $5 million? Like these things make no sense. I just need people to take time to think about what's being thrown at them.

It has to do with the messaging, Benji, it has to do. And you know, there are issues, the school choice issue, I've got friends that, you know, and we've talked about this, the only issue that I have with school choice is what they need to do is let the people keep the money. Because once it passes through the hands of government, and then comes back, now, again, the thing that you just talked about, you've given government control. What needs to happen is, is we need to, just like we're fighting down here in Texas, we're fighting to remove property taxes. And we just had a bond measure that they're trying to push through that I voted no on, local school bond measure.

Oh, how could you vote no for, well, I'll tell you why. Texas has a $33 billion surplus, 33 billion. Well, where did that money come from?

Hello, us, came from the people, okay? And yet now and so so you have a legislature that promises to reduce property taxes, while at the same time, the local county is starved out. They're not given any of those funds. And so now they say, well, we need a bond. It's a $76 million bond.

We'll stop and think about that. Think about how little, how minuscule that is compared to a $33 billion surplus. The state could write the check tomorrow and resolve the issues that our school district is having. And it's our money to begin with. Our local officials need to put a demand on the state government and say, give us back our money. Give us back the money that we gave you so that we can resolve this situation and not raise taxes on our citizens.

Absolutely. I mean, the government was all a lot of issues. I mean, they're out there putting money, but then they want to hire $87,000 IRS agents to prosecute you and I, which makes no sense. I'm totally for the abolishment of IRS.

It's a scam in general. They should be a flat tax and government needs to do more with less. It makes no sense that, and it's funny because people are alone to this whole thing about, you know, taxes and taxes being somehow benevolent or something. It's not as though they're actually taking the tax money and doing things mostly with it. Oh, such and such didn't pay their taxes.

Donald Trump doesn't want to pay taxes. Can you blame them? It's not like they're actually doing anything good with the money. It's just more corruption, more Ukraine, more war.

We left how many billions of dollars of equipment in Afghanistan? Like that is a total waste. And it's like, while we're out here, you know, we're out here protesting Black Lives Matter. The real protest that they all want is black people, white people, Asian people, all the march in Washington and say, we're not doing this tax thing anymore. That's the protest they really don't want. So we have to be admired and Black Lives Matter and this can Oscar so white and this is happening and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And Nick Flint has a saying this stupid stuff about white nationalism and all this other stupid stuff, whereas they don't want the American people to come together to see that we are all getting screwed. Excuse my language.

No, you're right. But we are not a protest guy. I'm not I'm not I'm not a protest guy. I'm not really so much of a boycott guy.

I mean, not really watching Fox right now, but you know, to be not really so much as that guy. But I am the guy who says, let's get together and do that march for taxes or that march for taxes. That when I'll be bright and early in D.C. for that one, we need if we can all get together one day and hopefully I mean, things are getting bad enough to just make it that to that point at this point. We're about to lose the country seriously between, you know, with this World War three thing impending.

That's the real protest. Well, and the economic you've got, I mean, the brick situation that's going on, you know, I mean, that that's something and I've seen people posting saying, yeah, come on, bricks. And I'm thinking, man, you're that that's that is not good for for the country. Yeah. Yep. It is. I mean, honestly, as much as we love America, the reason why America has been at the top is because we basically cheated the international system of governance and finance and that we are at the top because we have that petrodollar.

Once everybody else gets together and, you know, in a symbols around us or symbols outside of us, it's a wrap. I mean, China, India alone, China and India are 40 percent of the world by itself. Two countries, 40 percent of the world. And you know, we have a president who is a doddering fool, who is senile and who is totally, totally, totally, totally messing things up as far as foreign policy. It's crazy. It's crazy. Donald Trump is no one ever would have thought that he would have been like the best foreign policy statesman of our lifetimes.

That was that was not on my bingo card with 2023. But seeing being without him and seeing how the world is totally falling apart and how our relationships are falling apart and how we have China negotiating a relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran is absolutely crazy. Like we like we are losing allies at the right. I mean, we even have countries in Europe who were saying that, you know, we're still getting our oil from Russia.

I mean, we see what you're saying, the U.S., and that's nice and everything. But yeah, we're still getting our oil from Russia. So we're not we're losing friends all over the world. Well, we are.

I will say this. I'm a former Cold War Russian linguist. And and so I've been following Russia for 50 years and I can well, 40 years. And I can tell you that there's a lot of disinformation that is out there with regards to the whole Russia Ukraine situation that we need to be incredibly careful about. Putin is not our friend. Putin has no interest in defending Christian values whatsoever. Krill is the head of the Orthodox Church in Russia. Actually, I know for a fact that that he allowed for orphans, Russian orphans, to be killed by the Russian armies. And I'm sure and that was that wonderful point is not wonderful at all.

No, really. And if we really hated Putin, like we say we did, we will be energy independent. We were making our own energy and we supply Europe with energy. There would be no money for the war in Ukraine, which is exactly what President Trump was doing. He was creating it and and and and if if Trump had remained in office, Putin never would have attacked. Well, Putin never would have attacked Ukraine.

It never would have happened. The only reason he was able to do it was because he knew that he had Europe by the cojones because he was holding on to their energy and and and that's the reason why he was able to do it. And of course, Germany was foolish in in how they dealt with that situation. But but what was worse was what Biden did to unwind our involvement in energy. And he he essentially made us an energy orphan when he took over.

And as a result of that, that's the reason why the petrodollar situation is even on the table for any form of discussion whatsoever. It's these policies that he's done are so anti-American and so destructive, but they are a carryover of the Obama policies. And remember that it was Obama's purpose to turn America into a third world country.

Final minute, Benji. Yeah, it's very true. I mean, and also they're just very petulant, petty children, the Democrats are like anything that Trump did, we have to the opposite. If Trump says it's black, then it's white.

If Trump says it's green, then it's red. So it's like they were coming in just trying to undo things. And really, to be honest, and I'm not really here to give Biden advice, but if Biden were smart because Biden has a much better PR team, obviously, than Trump had, all he would have had to do was just keep the successful stuff going on and just say he did it. The media would have lied and covered for him if he were smart. That's all he really had to do. He just had to sail in and say, this is all I did all this. And people like, yeah, I believe it because I mean, the media's going to tell him.

But no, he had to be an idiot and go and reverse everything. And at the end of the day, I mean, I guess I always say for for Trump coming up, the best thing ever happened to Trump was Joe Biden, because the end of the day, they can't use the hyperbole. The world's going to end. We're going to starve. If you know, if if a Republican got it, people can now look at themselves and say, look, at the end of the day, were you better off four or five years ago than you are right now? Yeah. And we can look at the world.

We can see, you know, where gas prices are, where taxes are, you know, seven thousand inflation, eighty seven thousand IRS agents, but like zero agents at the border prime is going is all over the place, going crazy. So I mean, I think people have a really important decision to make. And I would hate for people to get caught up in all these, you know, like Phil Jackson saying all these, you know, Black Lives Matter issues and things. It's not that police brutality isn't a thing.

It is a thing. And I think that police should treat people obviously in the right way, a lawful way. But there are way more white people to get killed by police. And we can look at the Washington Post database, which is not a right wing publication at all and find that out.

So, I mean, this is propaganda. They're using this lot of people to try to get black people on their side. And please, black folks don't believe the reparations lie, the same lie as the student loan thing. They're going to do it. Do you say something unconstitutional? Get your vote. Then once they get your vote, oh, the Republicans, it's their fault when they never intend to do that in the first place because, again, why would the party of the poor with their policies is the poor, the poor, the poor, the poor, the poor want black people to be rich. It makes no sense.

And they don't. Benji Irby, Project 21 Black Leadership,, Click on the tab for Project 21 Black Leadership. You'll be able to get directed over and you can follow Benji Irby, B-E-N-J-I-I-R-B-Y. Benji, thanks for being with me today. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much. Have a great day. You too.

All right. We'll be back with more. Scott Shepard joins us on the other side.

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Instead, we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes that support your constitutional rights. I am Patriot Mobile. You can support Chosen Generation and make a tax-deductible donation by visiting And now, back to Chosen Generation with Pastor Greg. And welcome back to Chone Generation Radio, where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. I'm your host, Pastor Greg. My co-host, Rick Manning, Americans for Limited Government. Hey, Rick. Welcome. Good to have you.

Hey, Pastor Greg. Glad to be on. You're still in Aruba.

Still in Aruba. Fairway. And also joining us is Scott Sheppard, National Center for Public Policy Research, the Free Enterprise Project. Scott, welcome. Good to have you. Thanks so much.

Great to be back with you, Pastor Greg. Well, so there's a great deal going on now. You guys also are involved in, did you guys file a lawsuit as well? Isn't there a lawsuit going on as well as the shareholders' issues?

Yep. Well, we've been suing the SEC on some other grounds. We're suing the executive Starbucks for discrimination. But just this past week, we filed suit against the SEC because we've been doing these shareholder proposals for a long time, and the staff at the SEC has given itself the power to decide which proposals can get on companies' proxy ballots and which can't.

And they're profoundly, profoundly biased against conservative center-right proposals, and they don't give full explanations for their decisions, just a sentence. And so that violates the Administrative Procedures Act. It violates their statutory remit under the Securities Exchange Act. It violates the First Amendment. And so we're going after the SEC for its lawlessness.

Scott, hold on. You're telling me that the Securities Exchange Commission makes the decision on what amendments, what changes to corporate bylaws are allowed to be heard and decided by the shareholders. They make that decision? Under what legislative authority?

Well, that's one of our claims. They've built a whole edifice out of this over the years, regulatory edifice, but we tracked it back. I should point out, we and our lawyers at Boyden Gray and Associates, just a terrific team of John Berry and Caleb Orr and Trent McCotter, wonderful guys, but we traced it all the way back to the Securities Exchange Act, and there doesn't seem to be anything there. I mean, decisions on what can go on proxy ballots, decisions about corporate law are state issues. For the SEC to have any power over them, it has to have been granted directly. There doesn't seem to be any grant of power.

So not only is it discriminating, but it's discriminating in a process that it doesn't have any authority to undertake in the first place. And the good news is that just a year ago, a year and a half ago, the Supreme Court decided something called West Virginia versus EPA, which really limits the power of the administrative state. Does that come into play in terms of dealing with their expanded administrative power they've claimed?

Oh, absolutely. I'm sure that one of the claims that we will be putting in detail is that what the West Virginia EPA broadly stood for, amongst other things, is that issues that would involve huge amounts of money and really change the American economy or the American way of life, if an agency wants to act about those issues, it has to have been granted specific and clear statutory authority. Well, that grant isn't here in this case, and of course, if you can control the ballots and control who gets to and who doesn't get to pressure companies in these days when companies have decided to jump in on political issues, you're talking about when you include decarbonization trillions of dollars of America's future prosperity. And so this is a very big deal, and it's a very significant issue, and I think that West Virginia versus EPA comes right into play.

All right. So let me ask this, then. How does that play up against the Chevron doctrine? Well, I think there's a direct involvement there also because in order to try to cobble together an argument that any of this is proper under the Securities and Exchange Act, the SEC is going to have to rely on the Chevron doctrine.

The Chevron doctrine gives deference to agencies to decide for themselves what they are and aren't limited to do. But the courts have been looking at Chevron and saying, well, maybe we shouldn't make agencies judges of their own power because they're always going to find more power for themselves and more things to get into to govern our lives. So lots of courts are looking at rolling back the Chevron doctrine. Lots of justices have indicated that they're interested in that. We could see the Chevron doctrine blow up, and the executive-led intrusive government of the Obama administration, and now this extribal administration get wound significantly back. And Chevron doctrine is being rumored by the Supreme Court that the Chevron doctrine is going to be revisited in this particular session. One of the interesting things about it is you don't have to actually have something that's directly challenging the Chevron doctrine, all it has to do is say the administration went too far and on a regulation and then the court can say yes they did and the doctrine that was created in a case NRDC versus Chevron that gave bureaucrats wide range of authority and power that went too far and it's a at that point you tie that with West Virginia versus EPA which says you have to have clear statutory authority and it rips the heart out of the administrative state and gives us a lot of legal avenues to try to tear down the most egregious regulations that have done the most damage to America. So this thing you talk about with the SEC, I'm dumbfounded that the Security and Exchange Commission somehow is involved in the corporate governance of publicly traded companies the extent that they decide what they can even have on their court on their ballot their governance ballot that's astonishing to me. Well and not only have they granted this power to themselves but they've also set up this jerry rigged system that makes it very difficult to review their decisions they don't provide written decisions just one sentence of opaque explanation so it's a completely corrupt process and there's another case that the new civil liberties alliance argued a case at the Supreme Court this term in one that established that you don't have to exhaust pointless agency remedies and run through all the hoops that they that these agencies established to keep you from being able to get into federal court to get review in order to to get that review from a federal court and so there's a constellation of cases that are going to be of great assistance to us and we hope one of the things we hope to do with this this suit is to advance that ball and tearing down the regulatory state and one of the ways they'll do that is is that the courts already ruled that substantive due process through the decision that they made on Roe v Wade was really a was bogus law and that was part of the process that they used to substantiate the Obergefell decision as well as the Chevron doctrine it's all predicated on this idea of substantive due process yes we used to laugh about substitute substantive due process when I was in law school three or four hundred years ago that you know due process is by definition it's right in the name due process is a procedural consideration so substantive due process is talking is like talking about brown yellow red yeah exactly or better green yellow red because you can't have a green red all right let's let's jump over into what you're doing to hold these woke corporations accountable at shareholder meetings talk to me a little bit about what's going on with regards to that you've got a press release that's come out talking about how you're going to be you know basically saying to them hey you know your your policies here seem to target specific individuals and groups and as shareholders we're saying that from a fiduciary perspective you're not you're not taking care of of your duties yeah that that's exactly what we're doing as as we've already discussed when we can get past the SCC review and bias process to get on ballots we're having that opportunity where we're going after corporations that have proudly and gleefully admitted as part of their equity programs that they're discriminating against non-diverse groups they're discriminating against whites guys straight people in order to help diverse groups and they're discriminating in ways that are facially illegal and even unconstitutional and so we're we're pointing that those programs out to them in public and how they're illegal so that we and others can then sue them and they can't claim that oh we didn't know the constitution didn't allow this because because we've gotten it into the record we're we're going after corporations that have signed on for the un style political schedule decarbonization the stuff that would would bankrupt millions of americans make us live small constrained lives live out in the country with a an electric car if we can afford one and be able to drive 30 miles a day which would just get you back and forth from the store a couple of times a week yeah and that's what they want to do is destroy rural america gather us all into into close close tight cities where they can keep control over us we're asking the companies why it is that they're pushing decarbonization for us peons but they keep private jets and they go to davos every winter to celebrate their brilliance and to eat $500 rubin sandwiches and such and it is we're attacking the corporations kowtowing to china well listen we just talked last week i was at the the goldman sachs shareholder meeting it turns out that goldman sachs hold hold that we need to take no no no you're good we're gonna take a quick break um let's hold that let's talk about goldman sachs when we come back from this break and then um i also would like to get your your opinions and your thoughts with regards to what's going on in the battle in florida regarding woke disney and the lawsuit that they've now decided that they're going to file against governor disantis and against florida for for essentially taking away their privilege to be able to have an autonomous zone which i thought you couldn't do but i i don't know maybe i'm maybe i'm just mistaken uh but anyway we have to talk about that coming up right after uh this brief break hang on let me get all my uh let me get all my buttons lined out here and uh all right here we go hi this is pastor greg and you're listening to chosen generation radio get more at chosen generation that's chosen generation radio where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glass hi i'm tim shep a certified natural health practitioner of over 40 years i went under issue to a product that changed my life the product is called vibe available 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stratosphere so we're all connected and we've really got to clean things out you can pick up your clean slate today at that's pick up your clean slate today you can support chosen generation and make a tax-deductible donation by visiting and now back to chosen generation with pastor greg and welcome back to generation radio where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses my special guest my co-host rick manning americans for limited government find him at get liberty dot org get liberty dot org and then also scott shepherd national center for public policy research under the free enterprise project free enterprise project scott you're beginning to talk to us about uh jp no uh the other one not jp morgan the goldman sachs goldman yes goldman sachs so tell go back into that goldman sachs story and then talk to us about uh uh you know what what's happening there yeah absolutely and pastor greg uh pala reforming lawyer we we tend to talk through uh talk too much and so i didn't mean to talk to you no you're great you're great go for it here's here's what's up at uh goldman sachs among other things this is just what we found in time to get involved in the in the proposal process but they've got a an emerging markets um etf gem etf it's invested in a bunch of chinese companies one of the chinese companies the most worrying thing here is that one of the chinese companies is a subsidiary of the chinese company china national nuclear corporation or company that designs and manufactures and it develops uh uh the chinese nuclear arsenal lots of which is aimed directly at all of us and they don't disclose that fact to gem investors so gem investors don't know that they're funding the nukes pointed at us and their excuse for that is well you know it's not the principle that we're invested in it's just a subsidiary that's like saying that you've invested uh a thousand dollars in frito-lay but you don't think that the the prospect the the the revenues or the the profits or any uh intellectual information is flowing from frito-lay to its parent company pepsi it's stupid and and uh they said they're they responded well we're not directly violating u.s sanctions well but the trump administration put out a list of subsidiaries that that were highly likely to be undertaking exactly this sort of bait and switch and they couldn't even be bothered to acknowledge that so you know not only do they have a duty not to uh trade with sanctioned companies but they have a duty to disclose information like you might be funding china's nukes and they might be aimed at your house so there's another case where where one of these big banks that we're all back stopping is too big to fail right even conservative investors even those who don't want to be nuked um it's another one of those cases where uh private action lawsuits i think could accomplish quite a lot and what we were trying to do in part was to set up those lawsuits that to get goldman to to see right talk to me about i want to get your thoughts with regards to the situation with uh with disney uh that that's been a a really big battle that's been going on and now disney has decided to file a lawsuit against ron desantis essentially uh for florida saying you're you're not entitled to an autonomous zone in florida uh you know i mean that that really is is is kind of at the at the at the root of this am i am i am i am i right in that scott yeah yeah i mean uh you'll recall your listeners will surely recall that um disney came out and attacked disantis's bill now what disantis's bill said was don't teach about sexuality and sex to tiny tiny school children right and instead they called it the don't say gay building lied about what the bill went disney went toe to toe uh with lies and disantis responded found out that they'd been running their own little uh fiefdom in middle florida and withdrew that withdrew the reed creek uh autonomous zone and they responded by setting up essentially perpetuities with boring legal stuff but but tried to and run around that that uh proposition now uh perpetuities are illegal at law you can't just keep something that the legislature withdraws forever by private action i lots of cases i wish we could um but you can't and disney can't and disney has it doesn't seem to have declared itself an indian tribe so it doesn't have any right to be an autonomous state within the united states and so uh disantis is responding in turn and i think that the state of florida is going to win this fight um but that disney is so run uh by by the wokesters in its midst that it filed this hopeless lawsuit that it's going to fight it out uh fight it out on this line if it takes years and the destruction of disney disney's uh stock value is down 40 from its heights it's not winning this fight speaking of corporations that aren't winning this fight uh what's your take with regards to the situation on bud light he's buying more and more of it can't you know check out my dress size no i think just check his closet i'll check it faster greg what i think about uh bud light is that years ago when i got interested in this area of uh of activity um i was warned by somebody who knew a lot more than me that don't don't say get work won't go broke because there are lots of examples that that's not happening jalet had that ridiculous trans commercial where the best demand can get is apparently to act like it is to be a woman who shaves and uh and and uh i started to do the get woke go broke line and i was warned that doesn't stand up in the in the uh figures yet but sure enough it does now i mean part of why disney stock collapsed is because it's been making this woke crap it's been destroying star wars destroyed the marvel uh movie series it destroyed lots of its properties because people don't want to watch this and so it's down sixty percent uh bud light it turns out that bud light probably shouldn't have offended the frat boys in middle class working class people who drink bud light yeah uh in order to appease whatever when you call dylan mulvaney um and they've lost a quarter of their their volume of sales in just a couple of weeks and it's accelerating the reduction is accelerating and people have caught on that bush light and and some other brands are are also part of anheuser bush and they're michelob so yeah that's a um people have caught on it's a um and you know one of the things that's true is brand affinity often drives sales and it's not necessarily taste it's nothing specific to the brand it's just i drink bud that's who i am i'm a budweiser drinker and if you're you sit there and you say the brand betrays you then what happens is you say well i'm still going to drink beer but maybe i should maybe i should become a free agent here my contracts run out and so the other beer uh distributors end up benefiting and suddenly the bar says well you know i'm pulling the tap for bud light out because nobody's ordering it and i'm putting a tap in for let's say kor's light and not that kor's light is less woke than the kor's is even less woke they're you know it's just bud light has put themselves kind of in the they put the laser on the on their own chest and pull the trigger um and it's a uh and so how do they get how does a corporate brand like budweiser is this are they in a death spiral or they can can they come out of this by coming out with some cute blue night commercials well i think they're gonna have to change your behavior for quite a long time to come out of this these are huge losses and i rick that was a really good point this is like the old ford chevy loyalties right um you know generations of we i forget which one we were but my grandparents had a farm and all of ours was one of the other so that's worked off over the years i don't think i'd ever buy an american car again but um if that if what it means is that kind of loyalty crumbling away they're not going to forgive this in just a couple of weeks because they have a nice klydesdale commercial in fact they came up with one of these traditional commercials aimed at young people so you know the people are supposed to be all gaga about this trans stuff and and said and they got as the kids say they got ratioed so hard that they had to pull the ad and cut comments on it everybody hated this let me just throw in this one last piece though and i know we're gonna have time to get into a great deal of conversation about but maybe we can the next time around but that is the multinational corporation issue that we're dealing with as well when you look at the nfl when you look at the nba you know you talked a little bit about china uh earlier in the conversation uh you know even when you look at in bev as an example who is the owner over all these brands although they lost you know probably six seven billion dollars let's say they wiped out all of their north american sales when you look at their growth and you look at their prospectus all their growth is happening elsewhere anyway that's what they care about in the time that they lost the six billion here they gained 16 billion around the world and and that is another big problem and that goes to rick what you've been battling and scott what you've been battling this is policy these are policy issues policy issues where this administration is allowing foreign nationals to come in and buy up american companies and take them offshore so that literally they don't care about our market and that's a major issue yes it is i think that's exactly right um your sec thing though scott your sec thing how can people help with that is there anything they can do well i mean ten seconds we'll have updates about how it's ticking along um and and maybe we can talk again and as things come further into focus we can let people know back to the the bud thing for just a second with people listening and viewing could do if anyone knows or happens to be a bud distributor with a contract uh if you'd like to get in touch with us at the free enterprise project oh yes yes i'd really like to find and help somebody set up a lawsuit against them because i'm pretty sure that uh those contracts don't allow the headquarters the international in bev to burn down a brand that they rely on for their right uh their their living and so anybody who's had any leads for that i would be so grateful and you can reach out to them click on the free enterprise project tab free enterprise you can even just go to contact at and type in as a subject matter bud distributor bud distributor and they'd love to be able to hear from you we gotta jump man we're out of time uh god bless you guys thanks both of you for being with me today i greatly appreciate it great conversation today i'll be back with more children generation radio coming up fake news ahead michael morris joins us mrc newsbusters and sensor track coming up right after this brief break and we're clear
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