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CGR FRIDAY 120123 Hampton Harris Brandon Weichert

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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December 1, 2023 9:00 am

CGR FRIDAY 120123 Hampton Harris Brandon Weichert

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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My passion is the fight for freedom. My father fought for a World War II defending our country. Today, we are no longer fighting with guns. Instead, we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes that support your constitutional rights.

I am Patriot Mobile. That was a shooting gallery up there. I could hear the tremble in his voice. She suffered a very severe being. The video is pretty graphic. Justice for us seems almost impossible.

It's not fun to watch somebody die. And they knew she was in mortal peril. They had not asked the hard questions. Why was the Capitol intentionally unsecure that day? The FBI had information about security concerns before January 6th. They're out for blood and they're getting it. They appear to be winning. Were the actions of the Capitol Police out of line? Were there violations in use of force?

Now I describe it as an inside job. Ready to do whatever God calls me. There's an old Chinese saying my ancestors learned before the Communist Party took over our country. The family is the essential unit of human society. And that you must have honor and defend your family.

But it's not always easy to do. When the regime gives the order, you have to kill. My heart was pounding. I felt my body bouncing and twisting on the floor. They put numbers on our shoulders, then separated us into rows of even and odd numbers.

I was number nine. My brother, he's still in prison. And my sister, she was sent to a labor camp without a trial. But there's one piece of evidence they haven't been able to destroy yet.

I left everything behind. If I can't expose what they did to us, then all of our suffering would be for nothing. Welcome to Chosen Generation with your host, Pastor Greg Young. But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people that you should shoe forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light, which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy. And now, Chosen Generation, where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. And now here's your host, Pastor Greg.

And there we go. Hey, welcome aboard folks. Good to have you with me. Thanks so much for being here. I know you have a choice of where you can listen each and every day. Number number two, yeah, that's right. I was here last hour, actually.

And Tim Sheff was with me. We had talked about CGR wellness and how you can improve your health just like I continue to do with mine. Speaking of which, I'm going to be taking off the month of December. This is my last program of 2023. And so I'll be taking the month off to refresh and retool.

I normally take the last two weeks, but this year the Holy Spirit said, no, you're going to take the entire month. And so I am, but I will be back with you here on TECN TV starting in January. We're going to be doing a lot of retooling of the program as well over the course of the next month.

I'm excited about that. Excited about what we're continuing to do in India. By the way, yesterday we had 125 were at the outreach that we did yesterday in a remote area of India that's never been reached before with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I shared my testimony yesterday and then prayed for them. We had 92 people accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

97 gave testimony of being miraculously healed instantly by the Lord. And if you missed, we do need help. We lost a $3500 a month support the week before Thanksgiving.

Change in board of directors, change in corporate direction. And so we don't have that support. So your assistance is really very, very necessary. But just to give you an idea, we have had 1647 souls won in just one month. One month, 1647 people saved, 1100 testifying of healings, graduated 24 widows with an ability to be able to provide for them and their children as seamstresses having graduated.

And then we provided them with sewing machines. Well, I'm very pleased to welcome a young man who's patiently waiting for us. He has taken the plunge into the political sphere in Alabama. Having felt the call to step up and be a part of our constitutional republic.

We the people are citizen government and represent us with conservative, God-fearing values. I'm very pleased to welcome Hampton Harris to the program. Hampton, welcome. Good to have you. Thank you. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. Absolutely. Now, first off, I want to make sure that we let people know your website.

So where people can gain more information and if they come to the conclusion that, hey, yeah, you know what? I'd like to, I'd like to send him 10 bucks or 20 bucks or whatever, or a thousand. As my friend Dr. Greg Romine likes to say, that's thousand, T-H-O-U-S-A-N-D, but however you want to do it. But anyway, give us that website if you would. Awesome. Yeah, it's and every dollar goes to fighting the liberals and getting our Christian conservative values back in DC. You know, and boy, they are under assault. I'm hopeful with Representative Johnson as the new Speaker of the House and the fact that after all of the battling and everything that took place, that he emerged as the leader. And you know, I know he's taking a lot of heat, but that's to be expected.

But I think that it's awesome to see someone with that kind of character in place. How important is this foundation that we just talked about to the process of governance? Oh, it's extremely important. You have to have Christian roots in everything and you need to have good leaders, Speaker of the House, and all of the leaders up in DC need to have the base of what they run on, what their lives are based upon, being on the Bible or else you're going to be going with the wind. As the Bible says, you're going to be blown away around like the shaft.

So they have to be able to have roots and you have to have character like you're talking about in order to run this country and keep it on the track that it needs to go on. Otherwise, you just have people going back and forth, back and forth, just doing whatever they feel like at the moment. You know, I see you and I assume that that is your wife sitting on the sofa together? It is. That's correct. Yes, sir. Awesome.

Awesome. Now, how long have you all been married? We've actually recently got married. I got married back in October, so we just now got married and it's really been a blessing to me. Well, congratulations. Congratulations on that.

Thank you very much. Now, so tell us a little bit about your background. Tell my audience a little bit about your background.

Oh, for sure. So I grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, and I was actually homeschooled throughout all my high school and had these strong Christian values that I was able to take to college with me, went to a local college, Auburn University, Montgomery, and got a degree in economics and biology. And then I opened up my own real estate brokerage and worked my way through law school as well.

I went to law school in Birmingham, Alabama, and got my law degree, recently passed the fall. I have been able to stay in the area a lot and hoping to bring these Christian values that this area stands for up to DC. And so I decided, I always heard my grandparents and my parents always talking about how this country is going down and they're sad about the country their children are gonna have to grow up in, but no one ever seems to talk about how the children need to get involved and make sure that this country they're going to be living in is based on what the Bible says so that we don't have to grow up in what our grandparents see it turning into. And so I wanted to get involved and make sure this country is brought back to the Christian standards it was based on when it was founded.

You know, it is really something to think about a nation that doesn't value life and what that looks like. And that, I mean, America, unfortunately, has really slipped into that abyss. And I think that's part of what you're talking about is that you grew up in a Christian home, you were obviously influenced by your mom and your dad and your faith and your belief, but you are still a part of that younger generation. What was it about those values? How did you, because I have talked to a lot of people as a pastor, you know, there's a lot of counseling over the years, kids who grew up in Christian homes, but then at a certain point, it was like they just kind of drifted off and the world grabbed them. And so what was it or what do you think it is that has allowed you to be able to stay the course? And what would you advise to young people that are now finding themselves in a situation where they're like, you know, I need to find that baseline for myself?

For sure. And I think there's a lot more of us out there than people allow you to believe, because most of what you see in the younger generation now are people who, like you said, don't respect life. You wouldn't ever have thought this, even just a couple of years ago, there'd be people in our streets who are praising Hamas and a terrorist group and have no respect for life whatsoever. And then there are abortions and a lot of this stems from our school system, where you have people in there trying to force transgenderism and all this woke ideology on our children. And so it's very hard when you're trying to be brought up in this school system to where they're putting this stuff in front of you. And to be able to get past that, and I think that's where a lot of people start losing it is hearing things and feeling like they are alone, and you're not alone in this generation. And I am part of the generation, but I'm not of this generation that is out here making this movement towards secularism and promoting Hamas and promoting terrorism. And there's a lot more of us out there than you are led to believe by the media, by the school, by everything you see.

There are more out there and you can rely on that. Talk to me about some of the things, I mean, you know, obviously there's national issues, but Alabama to some degree has been facing a lot of the same kinds of things that we face here in Texas. We have liberals that are coming in that are trying to push their values that don't align with us, and there have been lawsuits that have been filed in Alabama relative to legislation that you guys have put in place.

I mean, there's been the same kinds of things go on there that have happened over here. What is Alabama doing? What are you doing as a part of the conservative movement in Alabama to hold to the values that seem to align with the majority of the people there in that state?

By making sure that we do not lose this district, it was just redistricted from one of the most conservative districts actually in the entire nation, and now they're saying that it leans Democrat. And so I'm here to make sure we get the word out and try to get as many people involved as possible to make sure we do not lose this district, because we already have such a very razor thin margin in the House, and for our Christian values to be heard in the nation, we have to keep this majority. It's very important. And so I'm here to make sure that everyone knows how important this race is, that we are able to get their voices heard, and how important it is that if they lose, their voices will be muffled, and the liberals' ideology will take their place. And so it is very important, and that's what I'm here to do is make sure that they're heard. Talk to me about, you know, we talked in the green room a little bit about Mike Johnson, the new Speaker of the House, obviously, Louisiana, the neighbor of Alabama, right?

They're right next to you guys. Talk to me about how that, what your thoughts are with regards to that, and how you might align yourself with the new Speaker and this conservative direction that the House seems to be moving in. Well, it's great that people are standing up, we don't see that often in Congress. And it's great that we're able to get someone who has a Christian background to be the conservative Speaker of the House. And so I will be sure if I get in, to stand with these conservative values and the values for which he stands. And I will be sure to stand by that, because that's what is important for us. And if our Congress people do not stand by their morals, or they're swayed by the money that comes in, then we're going to lose our stance and lose our ground. And this House that is, like you're saying, moving towards conservatism and moving towards Christianity will slowly turn around and lose it. Because if we are not constantly fighting, we are going to lose ground, and it's very hard to regain ground that is lost. Talk to me about the key items that are a part of your campaign platform.

What are the things that you are looking at? I know you talked about, you know, trying to hang on to the ground, because the district that you're in, as I'm hearing you, has been conservative, now there's been redistricting. And so that's created this gerrymandering whereby there's a left lean in this particular district. And obviously, we don't want to lose, you know, we don't want to lose a seat to that. But talk to me about, you know, how you're battling for those values. And what is your plan and the platform?

For sure. So one of my main platforms is the right to life. And that's very important as a Christian that we make sure to maintain it. And though Roe v. Wade was overturned in the Supreme Court, they still left it up to the states. That doesn't mean that our fight to make sure life is valued is over. It's never over. We never can stop fighting for life. And so even at the state level, if we can make abortion to be not legal, even at the state level, there will always be a fight, goes back to what I was saying a minute ago. If we're not constantly fighting, we're going to lose ground.

So that's one of the places that I stand on is making sure that everyone is aware that we must continue to fight and standing up for life, especially for those who can't speak for themselves. And I also want to make sure that our military is well taken care of because the Biden administration has made our military very weak. The world sees us as weak now with Sleepy Joe's foreign policies.

They're not good. And instead of trying to strengthen our military, they're trying to introduce woke ideologies. They're trying to kick people out of our military, and that does not strengthen it. And the more he does this, the less people are recruited. And we have some of the lowest recruitment rates in history for our military. And so if that's the case, our military is becoming weaker. The world sees this. And then we have turmoil like we see all over the world right now with Hamas and Ukraine and China, all of them making these moves that you did not see under President Trump because they can see the world as weak and America as weak. And this goes back to the adage that most people associate with Ronald Reagan of peace through strength is we need to make sure our military is strong and the way that Biden has treated our military does not make our military strong.

The world sees this and they are taking advantage of America because they know Sleepy Joe is not going to do anything about it. Yeah, it's kind of hard to look strong when you send men in dresses to important diplomatic meetings. That's right. That's right. I mean, you know, you could see the snickering that was going on amongst the world leaders as they were looking at the U.S. delegation and going, are you serious?

What did they think? This is a masquerade party or something? It was, you know, men in drag just doesn't get the job done. That's right. That's right.

That is right. We talked about the military. We talked about the the value of life. One of the other things that I see on here is is is back the Second Amendment. Talk to me about your concerns relative to what's happening with our Second Amendment rights.

For sure. So you mentioned earlier, this is a government by the people, for the people, of the people. And the entire Constitution was written and agreed upon by the 13 colonies so that they could have a document that ensured the government would not become too powerful.

And they all had to unanimously agree on it. And they added the Bill of Rights in there to make sure they all agreed. The Second Amendment was one of the important aspects of that because they wanted to make sure that all of its citizens were able to defend themselves from a tyrannical government.

And so they put that in there. If you look at the wording of the Second Amendment, it's shall not be infringed. It's not that the government has given us this right. It's that this right was pre-existing, the Constitution, and the Second Amendment limits the government from actually interfering with that right. And so if it pre-existed it and the government did not give us this right, then they don't have the authority to take away this right. But that's what they want to do because if they can take away the guns, if they can take away all of your weapons, then they can control you. And if they can control you, they have power.

And so I want to make sure that we do not allow the government to reach in and take away the rights of the individuals, the rights that our founding fathers intended and made sure we had to protect ourselves from an overreaching, powerful government. You know, we're watching, you talked about the Hamas situation and what's happening relative to the marches on the street and so on and so forth. But the other piece that's happening around the world is we're seeing these jihadis attacking France, Germany, England. We're seeing stabbings that are taking place.

We had one here on our East Coast as well. But one of the things that I think has stayed a lot of that is what you're talking about, the Second Amendment. I'm not ashamed to show that this resides right underneath my desk every day when I'm on air, okay?

And my fence posts are painted purple. So you know, the stand your ground warning is there. And what I just shared, that's, I believe, in large part why we've not seen, other than our Civil War, we've not seen these attacks on our shore. And even during World War II, the Japanese said the reason they didn't attack the mainland and they hit Hawaii instead was because there'd be a gun behind every blade of grass and behind every tree in America. And one of the reasons Switzerland stayed neutral during the war is they had every household have a gun in the house.

And so Germany did not want to invade and have to fight that, the loss of men they were going to have going in there, even though Switzerland had one of the largest gold reserves on the planet. So it's very important not only for our safety from a tyrannical government, but from the entire world from coming to take us as well. And I will say, and we talked about this on the program quite a bit. And I just, you know, I remind people of this, look, that does not mean that we should not be gravely concerned about who's come across our border. We need we should be. They are here.

They are 100% here. And they have been given the green light. And it's only a matter of time before they launch an attack in our neighborhoods right here in America.

That's right. There's evil people out there. And there's the world hates America, especially evil, because of what we are at least we used to stand for. We stand for Christianity, we stand for rights and morality.

And evil hates that and the majority of the world hates that. And so they are going to be coming over our border. And when we don't know who's coming over, and they're flooding in, many of them do not love America, and they want to see it fall, and they will do something about that. So we need to be sure to strengthen our border to make sure we know what's coming over. And be vigilant with regards to what's already here.

I can't stress that enough. And that's why, you know, what you're talking about and the fight to maintain our right to keep and bear arms is so critically important. Because you know, if you think that those that have come across are not coming with arms or coming to a stash of arms, whereby they will launch an attack against us here in our country, you are sadly mistaken, and the war is on. They've declared war on us.

And I intercepted an imam's post on a friend of mine, Aaron Wolf's Facebook page, right after the October 7 attack. And this imam was saying, he wrote that there had been a prophetic release out of Mecca this year, that on 12, 21, 23, in just 20 days, they were going to launch a worldwide jihad and what they called sakar. And sakar means that they are launching a winter of attack to wipe infidels off the face of the earth. I mean that they've made that statement. They've been saying that from Gaza. They've been saying that from Lebanon, and they've been saying that from Iran.

That's right. It's scary. One of the biggest military blunders in probably American history is Baden's withdrawal from Afghanistan. And they had said that that was one of the biggest wins for jihadists. And they stood up and were all cheering. And so they said that's one of many more to come. They're planning to take retaliation on us.

And now they have billions of dollars in American equipment that they can use against us as well. Absolute insanity. Well, Hampton, I know we're running out of time here. I greatly appreciate you being with me today. You know, we need young people that are stepping up that can bring that next generation to an awakening about how important these issues are to their lives. It's real easy to, you know, flip on your internet and flip on your TV and just be completely disengaged. And then, you know, all of a sudden, the knock on the door or the FBI busting your door down, we don't want that to become the wake up call. We need to join with our neighbors and be awake before that. And Hampton, I thank you for stepping up to the plate. I appreciate it. For sure. Thank you for having me on.

Absolutely. All right, folks, we're going to take our break. We'll be back with more Children's Generation Radio right after this brief break. Coming up on the other side, my good friend Brandon Weikert joins me. The shadow war, Iran's quest for supremacy. We'll talk about Iran coming up right here on the program. I'm your host, Pastor Greg.

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Visit to support Chosen Generation and make a tax-deductible donation. Unmute that, and yeah, I'm over here hustling up, pushing buttons, and that's, by the way, folks, so this is, again, I wanted to remind you, this is my last show of this year. I'm going to be taking some time off in December to just refresh, reboot, spend some time with the Lord and get ready. I will be back in January, so TEC and TV audience, do not fear. Kenneth and I had a great conversation about that, but I'll be rejoining you in January and we'll keep you posted on time and space and all that kind of good stuff. But at any rate, yeah, that'll be happening and I want to congratulate. So the last time Brandon was with us, he got a phone call and he had to dash away because we thought there was a baby on the way.

It turned out that that particular time was a false alarm. However, however, since the last time that he was with us, he and his wife have welcomed a beautiful baby girl and Brandon, congratulations. Thank you. And then so your audience knows, that's why I look like a, a schlub, I'm sitting in darkness right now.

This is not my normal set up. No, let's, let's, let's tell them, let's, let's tell them the truth. You actually, I called you and I said, Brandon, listen, try to make me look good. Would you, if you can come on and look like a schlow, that would, that would really help because you know, I've got a face for radio.

So I have a newborn literally diagonally across from me. I'm, I'm trying to keep her calm while my wife sleeps because we've been up all night with the child. So, well, thank you for, for, for still being here. I greatly, greatly appreciate that. There you go. Well, and, and so really quickly, uh, cause we, we got about 25 minutes and I want to get in as much as possible. Uh, give us about like a two minute synopsis of your background so people understand who you are as we get ready to talk about Iran and these issues. Yes. So I, um, I'm professionally or academically trained as a geopolitical analyst and that's a basically just understanding sort of the international security environment and putting it in a historical and cultural context as well as a geographical context.

The geography affects the way societies form and that affects their political systems, the development of their culture and how those countries and systems are going to interact with other countries, especially our own country. Um, and then I also worked previously, uh, at, for Congress. I was a congressional staffer for several years and then I went over and I became a consultant. I am a subject matter expert.

I occasionally brief the United States Department of the Air Force, the FAA and several other three lettered agencies in Washington DC. Um, I also look at not only geopolitics, but the last 10 years I've looked at the confluence of geopolitics, national security and high tech development and sort of, that's what I've been doing for the last several years is understanding how new technologies are impacting our strategic environment. But before that I was a traditional geopolitical guy. So the Middle East was one of my areas that I knew a lot about and that's what I think we're going to be talking about.

That's what my book, the shadow war is all about. Well, and I want to talk about that, but you know, you bring up the technological side of this and I think there's a lot of concerns as it relates to that. The AI issue, excuse me, the AI issue.

Um, I had a guest on earlier this week that we talked about, you know, that China is significantly ahead of us when it comes to AI, which could be a significant issue for us as we move forward. And we know that it was Iran and Russia that basically cyber attacked and took down much of the defense systems in Israel that allowed that attack to take place. It was not, uh, you know, there, yes, there are going to be, those are going to be, need to be called to account and dr David Wormser and I've talked about this, uh, Benjamin Netanyahu is probably not going to survive after the war politically because there was, they, they, they did, they were overconfident. They were boastful. They didn't believe, uh, that, that Hamas could mount the kind of assault and attack that they did all of those kinds of things.

And that's all going to have to be reviewed and addressed, but let's be realistic. The cyber attack capabilities that Russia and Iran possessed and really I would, I would, I would venture to say with the assistance, right, of, uh, well of two things, the CCP and the United States of America, because we had three individuals that we know by name were providing Iran with critical technological knowledge and information to be successful in that attack. All right.

Now I'll give it to you. Yeah, no, you're a hundred percent correct. And I would also throw in, uh, Turkey, uh, helping Iran out. I would throw in also Venezuela and Cuba.

I know that seems far off, but that is a legitimate thing that's happening right now. And I would also throw in North Korea, which for years has shared nuclear weapons technology development with Iran. And it's very important to understand North Korea is a very sophisticated and growing more sophisticated nuclear power, uh, in its own right and much more so even than Iran.

Now with Iran, you mentioned the cyber capability, the cyber capability I talk a lot about extensively in the shadow war. Um, it's also paired with an electromagnetic pulse weapons capability, and that's basically a weapon. It's like a non nuclear nuke.

It can basically take out a country or cities given electrical systems, uh, and send that country or city back to the stone age, basically in an instant without ever killing anybody directly. And that is what, um, the Iranians in 2010 labeled a Sharia approved bomb. And so they've been developing that capability concurrently with their nuclear weapons capability. Furthermore, their space capability. And I talked a lot about this in my first book, winning space, how America remains a superpower.

In fact, the chapter I have on Iran was the inspiration for me to sit down and write a full book on Iran and what's really going on. Uh, and so their space, um, capability is actually a backdoor for perfecting ballistic missile capabilities that they can then use to deliver nuclear weapons as well as their satellite capability, which they just recently launched a satellite, uh, into orbit. Not only can it enhance their military's capabilities in the region, making them able to hit farther and more effectively far beyond Iran's shores, uh, but also they can allow them to place EMP weapons in orbit, which is what I believe they are doing along with the North Koreans to basically hold the world hostage. And so those are some of the technological capabilities is also the drone capabilities. Um, in 2011 or 2012, the Obama administration lost one of our advanced drones in Iran and they let the Iranians keep it. And the Iranians have reverse engineered our most sophisticated drone technology. And now they have a fleet of drones based on American naval designs, uh, and they are threatening the entire region. In fact, they're sending a lot of those drones to Russia to help them fight in Ukraine. And so now you have this sort of proliferation. So we look at Iran usually as kind of this backward technological state, and certainly it's not as powerful as a China or even a Russia, but it is a technological power in its own right.

And it is figuring out how to use its technological capabilities to destroy its enemies and to weaken America. Well part of that, you know, just to, just to kind of bring some light to something that people may have heard about, right, was the, the Chinese balloons, right? The CCP balloons, the CCP balloons were using the technology that had been left basically in Iran, as I understand it, and it was given to the CCP and they were using it. And that's a big part of the reason why the Biden administration actually was destroying those balloons rather than bringing them down.

Because if anybody had actually investigated, if they'd captured the balloons, what would have come out is, is, oh, wait a minute, this is our technology. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Well actually it's Huawei technology, which is itself based on stolen Cisco systems technology. So yeah, it's, it's really a wild thing to see how we feed our enemies. In the case of Iran, Iran is basically a satellite or even a colony of the Chinese Communist Party. What I mean by that is, and I talk about this in the book, three years ago, back in 2020, a huge $400 billion multi-year deal was signed between the government of Iran and the government of China. And that, that deal was for a massive oil and natural gas development deal that not only basically seeded over a large portion of Iran's oil and natural gas wealth to, or capabilities to China, but it also allowed for Chinese security forces, I put that in air quotes, to be deployed within Iran to supposedly secure those Iranian oil refineries and natural gas facilities that the Chinese are now becoming dependent on. And actually this was, this was actually opposed by a majority of the Iranian parliament. And of course, the Iranian parliament has no real power in that system. That's what the mullahs and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps want.

But the Iranian parliament, actually there were articles, and I cite it in the book, in Iranian newspapers by prominent politicians in Iran saying that basically the mullahs have made Iran into a colony of China and they were opposing this. And similarly, from a military perspective, Iran has long been aligned closely with Russia, which is itself a partner to, excuse me, to China. And then also since 2013, the Iranians have been in bed with Turkey's President Recep Erdogan ever since the oil for gold scandal occurred back then, when basically Turkey was helping Iran circumvent U.S. sanctions. Turkey, of course, is a NATO member.

And so you have all these players sort of operating here. And so when you talk about Iranian technology possibly being found on Chinese equipment and vice versa, and all of that equipment is inspired in some part by American and Western equipment, it's really not a surprise, because Iran is now congealing along with China in this new Eurasian-wide axis of autocrats. And we're seeing that play out in the Middle East, because Iran is doing what it's doing. It's supporting these terrorist organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, even in some degree al-Qaeda at times, giving them safe passage at times, giving Taliban some kind of protection at times.

All of this is because the Iranians are helping to create chaos in the region as a means of weakening America's hold on the region, attacking their traditional allies, enemies, rather, in Israel and in the Sunni Arab states, which are, of course, American allies, and also empowering, therefore, China and Russia and Turkey, which are their partners in the region, all to create a new regional order with Iran at the center of it. One of the questions that I have for you has to do with, and I've mentioned this on my program several times, but I was on Facebook not long after October 7th, and a friend of mine who's a producer out in Hollywood, Aaron Wolf, had posted for a prayer for Israel. And so I went on in support of that, and I was writing, and then I also shared, and as you know, I've shared with you, last time that you were on, I believe, or, yeah, I think so. Anyway, about, you know, that I had Dr. David Wormser on live, we had a two and a half hour broadcast live from Tel Aviv on the day of the attack. I say that to say that as I finished posting, right above my post, there was an imam, or a, I mean, he claimed to be an imam, and I'm pretty sure he was, I mean, his page looked like it, and I wish we had frozen that post in time, Aaron deleted it. But that post said that there was a prophecy in Mecca this year, when they all gathered, that said that on the 21st of December of this year, they are to completely launch what they called a sakar, S-A-Q-A-R. Talk to me about your thoughts on the legitimacy of this worldwide, because we had that, remember we had that big thing where they said, oh, we're gonna, it's gonna be big attacks on a Friday. I think that that was all smoke and mirrors to kind of see how the world was gonna respond.

But the reality is, it seems to me that there has been, from multiple sources, verification that in Mecca this year, they did in fact release this, it's kind of like when the, if the Pope said, okay, everybody, we're gonna do whatever. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. So it's not surprising, it's very hard for Western leaders and Western policy, the people that I deal with professionally, even conservative, you know, Christian leaders, it's very hard for them to understand the enemy that not only Israel, but the United States and Western civilization is up against. Islamism is a very potent ideology. It has been with us since 1928, really, the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. In the book I talk about, you know, that was initially just a Sunni Muslim issue, but there was a man named Nefab Safabi, who was a radical Iranian Shiite cleric in the 1940s and 50s. And he was a student of Said Khatib, who was the kind of the Lenin of Islamism. And he studied under Khatib, and then he brought Khatib's ideas of Islamism over to Iran and applied it in the Iranian context.

His best friend, Nefab Safabi's best friend, was a young, rising grandiador, not yet a grandiador, but Ayatollah Grady. OK, so and what this ideology says in a Shiite context is that a great catastrophe or a great amount of chaos must be generated by the believers in order to free the 12th Imam from his occlusion. The Iranians or the Shiites believe that the Sunnis took the last great Imam in the 13th century, the Abbasid dynasty in Iraq, and they basically, they hid him from the Shiites and he's a holy figure. And the Iranians must basically release this figure by generating chaos. And once that figure, the Mahdi, is released, he will bring paradise on Earth.

It will be a paradise for the believers. It's sort of their version of revelation. So of course, as John MacArthur and several other Christian scholars have rightly noted, the Messiah in the Islamic context is actually the Antichrist in the Christian context. Now, I don't want to get too deep into religion for only because in terms of what I think, I'm just going to tell your audience that our enemies believe this. And so when you talk about a prophecy in Mecca, I know many secular people kind of roll their eyes at that. But it's important to understand that this is what our enemies believe.

And they will act in accordance with that belief. And I think it was the Israeli ambassador to the UN three or four weeks ago who wrote an op-ed in the New York Times in which he described Hamas and the Islamist movement as operating in an alternate moral universe from the rest of us. And so when you talk about things like a prophecy in which basically Iran is going to lead its proxies into a genocidal massive event because their deity Allah has has deemed it, it may create consternation in the minds of many Westerners who are secularists, but it should not create consternation in those of us who are keenly aware of what we're up against.

Because this is what our enemies believe. It's not just geopolitics, they have fused a geopolitical ambition with their political ideology of Islamism, and they have married it to a very radical interpretation, a literalist interpretation of the Quran in a Shiite context. And lastly, I'll just say December of 2016, there was a meeting in Beirut, Lebanon, in which general, now deceased, Kasim Suleimani of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps orchestrated a meeting between the leaders of Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah, in which they all agreed to pull resources together and to basically launch the third and what Suleimani believed to be the final intifada against Israel. And also in the last year, I've been tracking at my places where I write, American Greatness in 1945,, I talked about how Mossad has been tracking Iranian uranium shipments. One of them last November was going to the Houthi rebels in Yemen, and it was intercepted, according to Mossad, intercepted by Al-Qaeda in Yemen, which means Al-Qaeda now has uranium.

And also last Christmas, London authorities at Heathrow Airport intercepted a kilo of uranium shipped from Iran to unknown recipients in London, I believe it was probably Hezbollah agents. And we know that our southwestern border is broken and wide open, we know that the Iranians have moved their people in, we know that Hezbollah and Hamas has as well, as has Al-Qaeda and probably ISIS, and I think that also through the supply chains that they've built illicitly for the last 40 years, they're probably moving kilos of uranium surreptitiously into the United States and building dirty bombs in US cities to be detonated in situ, and it could very well be on this given prophesized date that the Muslims believe that God is telling them to initiate this horrible event. And extrapolating from what you have just talked about, Brandon, it's one of the reasons why there's this idea that Israel doesn't have any moral standing for defending herself, because they all have taken the moral high road of saying our God says, and that's their ultimate thing. The other piece to this is that America has always entered into its battles predicated on a sense that we were a Christian nation, therefore we carried with us the banner of morality and justice to right wrongs around the world. The disinformation campaign that our enemies have brought on to our country has created both on the left and on the right, a huge distrust of America as a whole. And while we rant against the idea of anti-American propaganda in our schools, by the same token, many on the right are propagating the same kind of quote unquote anti-American. Now here what I'm saying, because I've talked about it here, I believe wholeheartedly that right now our nation is under siege and has been taken over by tyrants, not by representatives of We the People, but by tyrants. We are living under tyrants.

That January 6th, and if you go to my website, you'll see I've listed, just like they did in the Declaration of Independence, all of the grievances that we rightly had to redress our government on the 6th of January and continue to have, by the way. That having been said, and one other thing, I know 1920s and the Muslim Brotherhood, but the assault against America began at Tripoli. I mean, Islam received from us a druzia, a tribute, and when Adams and Jefferson met with the Moroccan ambassador and he explained that to them, they immediately went, whoa, this is dumb, and they stopped it. But unfortunately, in Islam, once you've done that, it is their mandate to subjugate you.

Right, no doubt, no doubt. And there is, the interesting thing about Islamism, Islamofascism is what some people have called it, but it's truly, it took the traditional Islam and all of those sorts of practices that we've been subjected to for centuries as Westerners at the hands of various Muslim factions, and it married it to Marxist-Leninist ideology. And so that's why, I don't know if you remember this, but when the Affordable Care Act was being debated, when Obama was president, Rush Limbaugh brought this up on his program.

There were New York Times reports coming out about how Hezbollah has a world-class socialized healthcare system for its people, and they were almost green with envy, these liberal reporters. And Limbaugh had a fun time with that, but the fact is, people need to understand, when I say Islamism, my old professor Joshua Maravchick wrote a great book called Heaven on Earth, in which he talked about the tree of socialism and its various branches, and one of those branches is Islamism. And so 1928 or 1924, Hassan al-Banna created the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and that was a very unique event, because it was basically a Marxist organization with Islamic overtones, where they took the Leninist idea and they fused it with Islam, and that's what we've been dealing with for, you know, almost 100 years now. And you're right, there were earlier instances of oppression by Islam. And I only suggest that to identify for people to understand, because the argument then is, well, you know, if we just leave them alone, then they leave us alone.

No, they will not leave us alone, they cannot leave us alone, they must conquer us. It's in their book, it's in their belief system. And when you talk about the marriage of the Marxists and Islam, the interesting piece about that is, communists have done that. This has been their historical thing. They have found the most vicious and the most gruesome individuals to go in and destroy essentially the people of God, the Jews, the Christians, anybody with a spiritual belief system, to wipe them out. And then the communists come in on top of that and say, okay, now we're going to run things.

And it hasn't always worked out for them, but that's what they attempt to do. And so they're using Islam's quote-unquote moral high ground, their belief that they have a moral high ground, as the ability to create this idea. And one last thing, about 10 years ago, there began this issue of an exodus from Christianity, even pastors exiting Christianity, because Christianity was basically, and Andrew Tate, bad guy, not for him, but Andrew Tate converted from Christianity to Islam. And he says that one of the reasons that he did is that Christianity lost its morality. And that was one of the things that these pastors were talking about, that Christianity lost its morality, they started looking around for something that appeared to have some sense of traditional moral values, and they settled on Islam. That's the deception of the enemy, 100%. Well it is, and also if you remember what Andrew Tate and his brothers did as a career before they became famous, Islam actually merges much better with their lifestyle choices in terms of their treatment of women than Christianity ever will. And so that doesn't surprise me either. I will say though, there is this loss of confidence, this loss of faith in the West in general. If you go to Europe, I remember Pope Benedict, the last real pope in my opinion, Pope Benedict had described in 06 and 05, Europe as a desert of faith, and that it had lost its way. And it's only gotten worse from there, and this is happening at a time when the Islamic faith is in this sort of revival, and the revival, the revivication of Islam is actually being led by the most radical elements in the Muslim world, which are the Islamists and the head choppers.

And it's interesting though to note, and I was talking to a Saudi official six years ago. Can you stick around for an extra couple of minutes? Sure.

Okay. Don Jans is in with us, he's going to join us on screen here in just a moment. We're going to take a quick break, it's the top of hour number three. When we come back, Don Jans joins us. These kinds of topics are right in Don, because Don is an expert when it comes to Marxism, so the merging of what we've been talking about is going to be really perfect. And so let's all join together in that conversation. We're going to take our break. Top of the hour here, and we'll be back with more Children Generation Radio coming up right after this brief break.
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