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You Didn’t Miss It! God’s Best Is Worth the Wait!

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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April 20, 2024 1:44 pm

You Didn’t Miss It! God’s Best Is Worth the Wait!

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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April 20, 2024 1:44 pm

Roby talks with Wendy Griffith and her book

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This is Rodney from the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we explored manhood within Jesus Christ. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Sit back, enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. . Kingdom Pursuits, where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion. Together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into Kingdom Pursuits. Now live from the Truth Booth, your host, Robbie Dilmore. . What a treat we have for you today on Kingdom Pursuits, where God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom.

We have Wendy Griffith with this famous TV personality, all sorts of interesting things she has done, and now she has an amazing book out. You didn't miss it, the best God has for your life. And so after all you've been able to do, Wendy, how is it that you didn't miss it? Because I never gave up, and I never stopped believing, even though I was after over 50, and even though I was, the world was saying, you definitely missed it, but God would not let me lay this desire down to be married, and God is faithful, and now I have this passion to tell other singles of all ages that they didn't miss it, that God can do it for them too. Isn't that wonderful? That's an amazing story.

I love it so much because one of the reasons is I had this dear friend, I mean his name was Joe Valls, and he might be listening, I hope he is, because I've always thought so highly of him, but he was single like all these years, and he didn't want to be single, and he would fall in love, he'd fall head over heels, he'd get hurt again, it was so sad. And this went on and on, but from the very first time I met Joe, his thing was always, he would tell me, now Robbie, and I was in the car business all these years, he would say, now Robbie, don't get too attached to me, because someday I'm going to be a missionary in Africa, and so you never know when it's going to be, I'm going to go to Africa and be a missionary, and I don't know if you've ever seen the movie Support Your Local Sheriff, like he's always going to go to Australia, well that was how Joe was, he was always going to go to Africa to be a missionary, and finally after he worked with me for about 25 years, one day he says, well this is it, I'm going to Africa. Wow, so he did it, he actually went. He actually did, and when he did, he was in his 50s, not unlike you, and guess who he met? He met the love of his life, he met the one. He met the one, and not only did he meet the one, but now he has two children.

Oh, what a beautiful story, and look, it happened later in the game. God loves it, God loves that, you know, we don't, we all don't have to get married in our 20s or right out of college, you know, everybody's story is different, and when we realize that, then we can let God lead us, and that's what I had to learn. Oh, that is one of the lessons I continue to learn to this minute. I know, because we, the world wants to put you in a mold, but God has made us all so unique, and Robbie, I remember after I turned 50, and I was on my knees praying, and one day, and I said, Lord, where is my husband, where, I'm already over 50, and you know, I was telling God what he's, you know, I was reading his word back to him, Lord, you say two is better than one, it's not good for a man to be alone, and you're saying, you know, you will give me the desires of my heart, where is my husband, and I heard the Holy Spirit so clearly say, Wendy, when you're ready, there he will be, and I was, of course, shocked and dismayed. I mean, I'm like, God, how can I not be ready, because I'm a late bloomer, so apparently I was, there were still a few things that God needed to work on me, and so I said, well God, how can I get ready, you know, I want to be ready, and most the time when I would ask that, I would hear either wait, you know, have faith or nothing, because God doesn't really need our help, you know, and when we do help him, and we're tempted to make it happen, sometimes we can birth an Ishmael, as we say, or we can, if we get ahead of God, so God was just saying, God was just saying, Wendy, wait, when you're ready, there he will be, and it wasn't long after that, it was not long after that, that I met Bill. Well, so I can't help but note, as I become more familiar with your story, that you had this fabulous career. A lot of people, I'm sure, were completely envious of what God did through you, with media, right?

So can, for our listeners, can you kind of take us through that a little bit? So I started in local news right out of college in the late 80s, and then after 10 years in local news, I came to CBN in 1999, the Christian Broadcasting Network, where I have had a 25-year career that's still going strong with CBN, and I was traveling all over the globe as an international reporter, I was hosting different shows, you know, for a while I was co-hosting The 700 Club with Pat Robertson, who I miss terribly, that's a whole other story, but yeah, so I was, my career could not have been going better, Robby, it was everything I dreamed of him way more, and one day I actually said, Lord, please stop blessing me professionally in something personal life. Don't ever pray that, by the way, because you always still want to be blessed professionally, but I was so frustrated because I had this great career and I had no one to share it with, and Friday evenings, you know, after the last show of the day and people are walking out to their, you know, husbands or significant others, and I would just be like, oh my gosh, what am I going to do with myself for the weekend, because, you know, church, of course, and going to the gym, and blah, blah, blah, but it was like, I wanted what some of my colleagues had, which was family and a life, and my poor sister who lived in DC, four hours away with her family, I think she was so sick of me showing up every weekend, like, you know, so, but God is, you know, God is faithful, and one thing I do know, I know what it's like to wait, and that's why I wrote the book, You Didn't Miss It, God's Best is Worth the Wait, because I talk a lot about waiting, because that, if you're single and you're listening, you know that that is the hardest part, and there are days where you think, I can't possibly wait one more day, and so I wanted to write about how to wait well, what to do when you feel like that, and why waiting is not punishment, it's preparation.

And so you can't, you know, just from a 10,000 foot view of the situation, you can't help but note that in your case, I am quite certain that God gave you the voice and the media presence in order to deliver that message to somebody who's really hurt now, there, who is thinking the same thing, right? And then, you know, along comes your book, along comes your story of what God did through that, that, you know, can encourage them and help them to, you know, go to that place of being strong and courageous, and wait, I say in the Lord, right? Because, you know, it's really, really a beautiful, amazing, you know, I recently interviewed this pastor who was still quite active at 80, and he knew that I was a pastor, you know, that I hadn't been a pastor very long, and he said, Robbie, you need this card more than I do. And he'd carried this card in his pocket all his years in ministry, and he made himself little notes along the way of things that he needed to remember.

And it's literally a treasure, I have it taped in the front of my Bible, because it, you know, there's only about 15 points on it, but every one of them is a complete nugget. And one of my absolute favorites I've come to appreciate says, just simply, let God do it. That's it.

You know, that is it. And that is what I was just reading in this devotional this morning about Abraham, it says he did not waver regarding the promise, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised. I mean, Abraham had to believe that he could have this promised child at 100 years old when his body was as good as dead. And I'll, and a lot of things I hear from a lot of single thing, well, you know, I'm 60, I'm 70, I'm too old, and I'm like, look, God can do it. You know, he is the God of limitless resources, and the only limit comes from us. And he wants us to ask largely, to ask for what we want.

You know, what do we really want? Yes, absolutely. Well, we have to go to a break.

I'm so sorry. But when we come back, if you've been listening wondering, is Robbie going to do his shenanigans? Of course I'm going to do my shenanigans. We're going to get to that right after the break. But so much fun with Wendy Griffith. Again, much more coming up.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. And how fun today we have Wendy Griffith with an amazing career with CBN and so many other things that has written this book, which, oh my goodness, what a cool title.

You did not miss it or you didn't miss it. God's best is worth the weight. And so, you know, that idea of the weight, she is going to cover a great deal I can see coming up. I'm very much looking forward to that. But for those of you who are wondering, was Robbie going to do his shenanigans? Yes, of course. So speaking of missing it, Nick.

Yes, it is time to play shenanigans. And Wendy, feel free to jump in if you feel like you can endure some dad jokes in the middle of all this. So I know you've been wondering, Nick, whoever invented dentures, he missed out on a big opportunity. What might he call them?

If he really had been thinking, instead of calling them dentures, what could he have called them? You got any ideas, Wendy? No, I don't. No, not on this one.

You're going to like this. He could have called them and I think they'd be so much more suitable. Subsitudes. Oh, okay.

All right. And similarly, whoever coined the phrase dad bod missed out on also a golden opportunity. What should it have been called? Being a dad, I know what it should have been called, Nick. You know? I don't know on this one.

I bet Wendy knows this one. Dad bod. Yeah, they shouldn't have called it a dad bod.

They should have called it the father figure. Oh, yeah. Perfect. Perfect. And so this one's a little less, I don't know, tasteful. Why was it?

You might get this one, Nick. Why was it a good thing that my ex-wife, why wasn't it a good thing, by the way, that my ex-wife said she missed me? Why was it not a good thing when my ex-wife, not my wife, my ex-wife said she missed me? I don't know. I bet Wendy, you know that one?

I don't think it's a good idea to have her miss you. No, I don't know why. Oh, because I saw her reloading. Oh, okay. That's funny. That's funny. Yeah, there you go.

So although I've been married for 30 years, you're very happily to my wife, you know. Anyway, and this one really surprised me, but I have to say I learned something about this. Do you know why a lot of folks miss funerals? And I've noticed this. I don't know if you've ever noticed it, Wendy. A lot of people miss funerals. You know why?

They're not mourning people. Oh, wow. Oh, my gosh. Good. Good.

I like that one. But I will tell you on a very serious note on that same joke, I had this dear friend who lost his daughter right after she graduated when she was 17. And he told me months later, he said, you know what, Robbie, I could never tell you who was at her funeral. But I can tell you everybody who wasn't. Wow.

I've never forgotten that statement from a man that was clearly hurting. And I don't know that that means you have to make every funeral. But obviously, you know, I don't want to be on that somebody's list of the guy who didn't show up. Just saying. Anyway, so I actually have a Bible riddle, as you would know, Nick, that for somebody that could call in and win today, and we're hoping to get this book in their hands, which is, you know, you didn't miss it. God's best is worth the wait. So which women in the Bible, excuse me, not which women, but which woman, which woman in the Bible missed out sitting at Jesus's feet?

You might say she was a bit witchy as she flew off the handle. Maybe you don't see that. I do too. But if you know it, you get to call us at 866-348-7884. And Nick, you can tell them what they'll win.

He's trying to find it. Sorry. Absolutely, yes.

You'll be winning a prize from Arcadia Pursuits Prize Vault. Just give us a call at 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH. Yes. Wonderful.

866-348-7884. Who? Which woman in the Bible missed out on sitting at Jesus's feet? Because she was a bit witchy, and she flew off the handle. Meanwhile, getting back to, Wendy, the more I think about your story, the more I see that the waiting is the critical aspect of it, right? It absolutely is. And you know what? I meet people in their 20s that think they missed it. And it breaks my heart because they're so young. But they might have already gone through a divorce. It might be a single mom or a single dad. And they're seeing all their friends. They're going to all the weddings, and they're seeing everybody get married and paired up.

And they think it's not going to happen for them. And they might be 20. I met a girl just recently. She was only 26. And I had her read my book. And then we got together afterwards. I asked her what she thought about it. And she said it felt prophetic.

And I've heard several people tell me that my latest book, You Didn't Miss It, God's Best is Worth the Wait, feels prophetic. And it was funny because when I was writing, one of the last chapters called It's Your Turn, I had this strong sense that I used to run track in high school. And we did the relay.

And so when you're running the relay, of course, you're going to pass that baton to the person that's got their arms stretched out waiting to grab that baton. And I kept feeling like I'm past this book is my baton. I'm passing the baton to the next person in front of me that's waiting on God for that promise. And when she told me it felt prophetic to her, I was so happy because I'm like, okay, this book's ready to go to the publisher now. Because at that point, I was still going over every chapter and making sure it was ready.

And I was like, okay, it's ready. And so I love that God did that for me because I know that my story, I know that my waiting was not in vain because God is now using my story to give hope. So that baton is full of hope. And when the next person reads it, they get filled with hope. And that makes it possible for them to receive their blessing because we can't even have faith without hope. Faith is the substance. Faith is the substance of things hoped for. So you got to have hope. If you're hopeless, and I meet a lot of single people of all ages that say, I've given up, I'm hopeless. And I say, no, you got to get your hope back. So one of the reasons I wrote the book is because I want to be able to give people hope. Because when they get hope, when you get filled with hope and you can believe God for the promises that He's already given us in the Bible, then it's just a matter of time before it happens. So that is my passion right now is to just let singles know that if you still desire it, if you want to be married, God is no respecter of persons.

You know, what He did for me, He can and will do for you if you take that baton of hope and run with it. You know, as you said that about the 20-year-old, I couldn't help but note in my own life that literally on my 16th birthday, I had a girlfriend. I played on a basketball team. And I went to her house to pick her up.

And the point guard, see I'm kind of tall, and so I played center. And my point guard, who was my best friend, walked up the driveway the same time as me. And I was like, Brian, what are you doing here? And he says, well, I'm here to pick up Susan.

I said, what? And so Susan, on my birthday, right, walked down the driveway with Brian, with me standing there. And I went home, because I thought, and again, I wasn't a Christian, I had no concept of what hope was. And all I could think was I'd missed, you know, that was it. I was in love, and that love was gone. And so there's no reason to live. And so I attempted suicide that night, which had all sorts of repercussions in my life later on. But there you are. I was 16.

And yeah, because that that puppy love is some of the, you know, you feel it some of the most of all the loves that you feel. But so you did you have to go to the hospital? Were you okay? I am okay. I made it.

Well, this is, you know, it's just Robbie's comic life. But nonetheless, what I did was I, I didn't know enough about how to do it. Apparently, I just took a whole bottle of Samanex. And don't try this at home. By all means, nobody used to do this. Don't try it out to see if it worked.

I don't know how many of the whole bottle was left by based on how much my mom had used it or whatever. But I was so terrified all night that I was going to die that I never went to sleep. You really didn't want to die. You just wanted to be put you wanted the pain to go away. Yeah, I don't know what I, you know, I was just like a cast sheep, you know, like I'm upside down and run flailing my legs. And I don't know what I'm supposed to do, but I'm just in horrible pain. And so I, you know, again, I what I did not have was hope. I didn't understand what was going on.

I really didn't have anybody in my life like God to talk to or a Bible to refer to. Right. And so, you know, you're completely right there. And so I would say to anybody like any age, like, man, I imagine there's 11, 12 year olds that find themselves in that same exact place.

Because once you feel betrayed and whatever that you can't help but wonder, you know, what that may be. So I hear the music in the background, we got to go to another break. We have Sarita is in Raleigh and Scott is in Winston. So we got two answers. I'm looking forward to those.

And we got a whole lot more. We haven't even heard about Wendy's husband yet. So I got to find out. We got so much stuff to talk about. So stay tuned. I'm excited to see what Sarita has to say.

And Scott, we'll be right back. Welcome back to Kingdom Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. So fun today we have Wendy Griffith here with us in her book, You Didn't Miss It, God's Best is Worth the Wait. And so fun.

What a story. And so excited to talk to her more. But first we got Sarita is in Raleigh. And so Sarita, you know, which woman missed out sitting on Jesus' feet?

Good morning. I'm going to say Martha. Mary's sister was busy being doing a good thing and serving others, but missed out. Yeah, it's so sad, isn't it?

Like, man, you know, I'm feeling certain she's probably in heaven to go and I can't believe, man, I had the opportunity now for centuries. People are saying you missed it. You missed it.

You missed it. I'm looking back, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, you know, I have a good friend that always reminds me we're not human doings.

We're human beings. Yes, yes, yes. And so how about you, Sarita? Did you miss it? Did you have an opportunity when you were younger to feel all discouraged that you'd never find the man of your dream?

Are you there now? Ha ha ha. So I have been there. I wonder if most of us women who didn't get married and find the right one in our teens, in our 20s, I got married at about, I think it's about 36, 38. And I've been married for, gosh, almost 15 years now. But yeah, I did a lot of praying, a lot of waiting, a lot of why, why not be God?

Why everybody else? So totally 100% relate. But God is awesome, right? And He blessed me incredibly and continues to do so.

But I love my husband dearly. Well, tell us about him a little bit. Like what, just how did you meet him?

I mean, that would be crazy. Ha ha ha. So we met, I was a Montessori director. So I worked with our kiddos from first to sixth grade.

I was a teacher, but in Montessori, they call them directresses, but a teacher, an educator. And he was the director of IT at the school. And that's how we met.

All right. So did he reach out to you first and say, do you want to go to hang out or did you? Yeah, I guess he was slow though.

Oh my gosh. I was like, does he like me? Does he not like me?

Am I reading him incorrectly? You know, but he was so sweet. He was such a gentleman and I'm much more of a, you know, fast paced person and he's slower. Right.

Which often happens. God just kind of brings two different people together and I think we compliment each other very, very well. But yeah, in the beginning I was like, I'm not sure. I think you like me.

I think, I think all these things are his that he liked me. And it turns out that they were, but I always questioned it. It was worth the wait. It was worth the wait. Isn't it always, God's choice is always worth the wait. Oh, I love this story.

I love hearing love stories and how people have met and I'm so glad you found a good one. And yes, you had to wait, but you didn't have to wait as long as me. So thank God for that. But like you just said a little while ago, even in your sixties and your seventies, right? It can happen.

If it's meant to be, we just got to be patient and wait for God's best for us. Yeah. I just heard from two women that are in their early seventies that wrote me that read my new book and they said, Wendy, I, I was about to give up until I read your book. I'm full of hope again. So that makes me so happy when I hear that.

It makes me happy too. Well, Sarita, God bless you. Thank you so much for calling in today. And I, Nick got your information so we can get a book out to you.

God bless you too. And I think he asked me to hold on. Okay. Well, I'm a, he'll put you on hold. He'll figure all that out.

He's much better at this phone. I don't want to hang on up on you by accident. So thank you. God bless you both.

I'm so excited. I got to talk to you and yay. Thank you for everything.

I listened to you pretty much every Saturday morning. So thank you so much. Aw, thank you. That means so much to me.

That makes my day, Sarita. God bless you. Am I saying your name right?

Yes, you are. Thank you. Oh, good. Good. Well, Nick's a good speller. He spells the way I talk. Thank you, Sarita.

God bless. So, so Wendy, we all want to know the story. Like how did you meet him?

How did this happen? Like you waited all this time. So, yes, well, I am going to tell you that, but before I forget, cause I sometimes forget to mention this, I'm having a single retreat in beautiful Virginia beach, June 14th and 15th at the O at the Windham ocean front, there are men and it's open to men and women, single men and women of all ages. So many people have already signed up. I've got for some reason, here we are on the East coast, but a lot of people coming from California. So, um, I don't know why, but we got California, Florida, got two ladies coming from Canada.

I've got a guy coming from Colorado. Anyway, there, people are coming from all over. It's going to be two nights in a Saturday morning of incredible speakers. We're going to have worship. We're going to have prayer. We're going to have, um, people giving their incredible testimonies of how God brought them together. And some of the people that are speaking are also featured in my book because I tell some other great love stories. So I will, so I hope you don't mind, Robbie. Oh no, no, no.

Please. And then how do people register? Just go to, and you'll see a place to sign up for the ready for love singles retreat. And I called it the ready for love because you do have to be ready and you, the whole, you don't want, um, cause that's what God told me. So Wendy, when you're ready, there will be, so this is called the ready for love singles retreat. You don't have to be ready to come.

You can just maybe want to meet other great singles and hang out and be inspired and, uh, leave with a lot more hope than you came with, but we are going to have an amazing time and it's on the ocean front. It's where exactly? I know it's, uh, yeah. Virginia beach, ocean, Virginia beach.

All right. So we got stations in Virginia, lots of them that are roughly listening right now. So that's for you. It's right around the corner. And for a lot of folks in North and South Carolina and Dayton, Ohio, and all sorts of places that are listening right now that could know Virginia beach, the Wyndham, I bet it's absolutely beautiful. And how cool to two days to hang out and really just build hope and that whole thing. And of course, there's some built-in beach time.

So most of the events are either are in the evening and then now on Saturday morning, we have some workshops, but, but all days, Saturday afternoon, people can enjoy the beach if they're coming from out of town. And, um, also go to Wendy Griffith TV on Instagram. If you're on Instagram, I'm posting so much.

I just posted a great video today of one of my speakers. He's a local guy. He's a single, uh, older single. He's, um, going to be speaking and it's his, his video is super funny. So go to Wendy Griffith TV.

His name is Andre. Uh, he's a personal trainer and he has a great message, uh, today, but he's going to be one of our speakers. That's awesome. That is awesome.

So let's, let's hear it. What happened? How did, how did he show up in your life? Well, when I turned 50, um, still was single. I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for my birthday because I had gotten into, well, I loved hiking, but I, I was ready for a bigger mountain. So I, I went to Africa with a group and, uh, I mean, I was, I didn't know anybody until I got there, but climb Kilimanjaro. And, um, I said, Lord, you're not giving me a husband or a boy, even a boyfriend right now, give me another mountain to climb. So then a couple of years later I climbed Everest base camp. And so by 2017, I was climbing, I was trekking on the Inca trail to Machu Picchu with my friend, Jenna, and now I'm 52.

Okay. And I'm like, God, well, no, I'm 52 and a half. And I said, Jenna, when we get back to Virginia beach, can you fix me up with somebody?

Cause I wasn't meeting anybody at work, church, grocery store travels, you know, it was just like zero. And I knew she knew a lot of people in Virginia beach. So she said, sure. Like she knew somebody.

And we got back a week later, I'm down at the Hilton, the ocean front. And, uh, there was a, we had a double date and she introduced me to this guy named bill. And, um, that was how we met. It was like, it was very kind of anticlimactic in a way. It was very like, oh, you know, it's just going to be a double date. And we'll just, I was just happy to be out with somebody of the opposite side, you know, sure.

Blind date and Virginia beach. And once again, you hear the music. So of course I know you're like me, you're anxious to hear the rest of the story. So we've got so much more coming up with Wendy again,, which her last name is spelled like Andy Griffith.

It's pretty easy. We'll be right back.

You're listening to the truth network and Welcome back to King of Pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and how fun today we have passion as somebody's passion. Wendy Griffith and her book, uh, like, I just love this title.

You didn't miss it. You know, God's, uh, best for your life and, and it's worth the wait. It certainly is. And so you guys went and when we left our hero, Wendy, she was out in Virginia beach with bill. And so there you were, which by the way, I met my wife on a blind double date as well many years ago, but very cool.

So there you were. And so I take it you and bill hit it off. Well, we enjoyed each other's company for sure. It was definitely not love at first sight. I was thought he was cute and he got my number at the end of the day, but we didn't see each other for another month. So God did me a favor Robbie, by not letting me be head over heels all at once.

Cause I'm sort of an all or nothing girl. So if I had thought, Oh my gosh, he's the one I probably would have smothered him and he would have run, run for the hills. So God did me such a favor. And actually he did bill a favor because men are designed to pursue us. They're the hunters.

They're the ones, he who finds a wife finds a good thing. And so I was looking back so happy that I didn't know he was the one because I got to be sort of nonchalant and Oh, you know, maybe I'll text him back or, you know, he got to pursue me. And then in that pursuit, and when I say pursue, he called, um, not every day, but like he would call me more, more than I would call him or he would text more. And, and thank goodness, he wasn't a text only guy. I mean, I don't know if I'm old school.

I don't know how the young people are doing it, but I enjoyed hearing his voice. I still think that is more romantic. And if you're pursuing somebody, if you're a man don't be afraid to call her texting can be colder. Um, you know, but anyway, so by the four weeks went by and at the end of the four weeks, the four of us got together again. And then I sort of saw him a little bit. I thought, Oh, you know, I think I'm starting to kind of like him and, and then, but it wasn't until he asked me to go blueberry picking that kind of the light bulb went on. So I write about that in the book. I have a whole chapter devoted to the blueberry date, blueberry picking date, because that's sort of where, um, things change. And the light bulb went on and I thought, wow, okay.

That's cool. Because you know, what's so great is that he had a plan. He had a, uh, an, a date idea. And I think, um, it was just intrigued me that, wow, he really put some thought into this. He wasn't just like, Oh, what do you want to do? You know, you want to hang out? No, he had a, he had a date idea. So if you're a guy and you want to pursue a woman, you know, I think it's a good idea to have a very specific date idea in mind.

It lets her know that you put some thought into, um, your date. Yeah, that's beautiful. And you know, that whole, like the whole thing, you know, clearly you climbing mountains and that kind of stuff, just to be outside with God, it's a different environment altogether, right? Yeah.

You know, it's funny too. Um, I told you I climbed Kilimanjaro when I was 50, when Bill and, uh, went on, we went on our honeymoon, we went back to Africa and we went on a safari in Tanzania. And, um, we got to see Kilimanjaro on our way back to the last day of our honeymoon. We were in a van and we were driving that our driver was taking us back to the airport. So it's bittersweet because there'd been such an amazing honeymoon.

And suddenly the driver said, Oh my goodness, you guys are lucky. You can see the mountain today. And he was talking about Kilimanjaro. Cause I guess normally it was, um, you couldn't see the top, the steel covered pink because of the overcast, um, sky.

But he said today you could see it. And he said, you guys want to get out and take a picture. So we got out and we took a photo with the mountain behind us.

And then we jumped back in the car and we're on our way to the airport. And I asked the driver what his name is. And he said, uh, God, listen. And I said, no, what's your name?

He said, God, listen, God listened. And, um, so I just couldn't believe, you know, because when I was on Kilimanjaro, I was actually heartbroken. I was still recovering from a breakup I had in my late forties. Uh, it was a guy I dated for about a year.

And, um, I wrote a book called, you are a prize to be one. When I was single, I dedicated that book to my future husband. And that book had just come out and I was climbing Kilimanjaro and I was still working through that pain of that breakup. And so for God to bring me back to the foot of Kilimanjaro four, five years later with my husband, with my now husband and we're standing and the driver's name is God listened. Talk about a full circle. I mean, a full circle moment.

It happened literally at the foot of Kilimanjaro. So God is so faithful. You know, he didn't, he didn't forget, you know, I was 54 and a half when I walked down the aisle for the very first time. And God has not forgotten you.

No, he hasn't. Well, Wendy, you got about 20 seconds to make sure people get your book, get to your retreat, let them have it. Okay.

Yes. Get my book, Amazon, uh, you are a prize to be one and the new one, you didn't miss it. The sequel, the happy ending. Um, and also come to my retreat this summer in beautiful Virginia Beach, oceanfront, the ready for love tour, love tour, I call it the ready for love tours. It could be the world tour, the Wendy for, uh, the ready for love world tour, but this is our first retreat, to sign up. Oh, thank you so much, Wendy. Thank you for listening and for listening to the Truth Network. It means the world to us. This is the Truth Network.
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