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Mike Zwick and Jesse Klaffae

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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August 14, 2021 12:34 pm

Mike Zwick and Jesse Klaffae

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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August 14, 2021 12:34 pm

Robby is joined by fellow Truth Network host Mike Zwick as well as Christian roof man Jesse Klaffae.

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio.

We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network.

This is good Truth Network kingdom pursuits here from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore well we are on top of the world today. We have got some roofers with us so we got my friend Jesse Claffey actually back with Smith, Ron roofing wonderful sponsors here on the Truth Network and Smith rock roofing you know you you guys been doing that for a while so you tell us a little bit about Smith rock roofing just for those people are familiar with our local company here to Winston-Salem and all the guys you work for this company have been you have been here and we know a lot of people locally. That's probably one reason why you know were still around is because almost all of our businesses referral-based you know and not in repeat business. So you know where you were not of a fly-by-night company when it says roofing like you do shingles you yeah we do we do your typical asphalt roofing asphalt shingles and also metals well.

We also do siding, roofing, gutters, windows, things we have a pretty broad broad spectrum of the background but then to now Jesse is to know wonderful disciple of God and and and and to see why their heart was to support the Truth Network and working to get into a lot of that today so this can be a fun very fun fun show cassette. I love people that take their faith out into the market know what is the awareness that house that play out for many years. You may know, I was a car dealer and so you know that's the whole idea of the Christian car guy, which is an oxymoron course, but anyway, speaking of oxymorons we have other one here.

This is insurance salesman that also. It's a Christian right now if you listen through threat network. A lot is that the show if not for God is hosted by my click what you may not know about Mike Aziz life insurance salesman okay and and and and think I we have we have some sponsors who were some of the insurance companies that I represent like liberty bankers and PRC UA.

The Polish Roman Catholic Union of America, and they they help us to stay on the error and were grateful for them. But you know it's it's it's interesting that people think that when you're out there doing your job that you just okay just do my job and then I leave everything else out of it but you can take the gospel to wherever you are and so I'm in a unique situation were unable to go to people's homes and I sit down with them and I talk business with them insurance but I'm also able to pray for them and asked them. Do you need prayer and then share the gospel right so you can see, this can be a cool shower you see inside of Mike.

You may not usually get to see him if not for God but also Guinness. Jesse excited Jesse you don't normally get to see under roof so speaking of roots.


Speaking of roofs feel the same as my music similar. You know Jesse's bosses is John Jordan Smith me that if were dedicating the show to Jordan the roofer.

So Jordan, if you're up there, Sean is Jordan. If you're up there right says John doesn't know what Smith rock roofing you know they're having a great promotion you know right now if you buy roof my it's on the house to deal right now and I will tell you the most expensive.

You know or Jesse or Jordan any of those people will tell you the most expensive part of building a roof you thought about that John not so bad now.

First Jesse got no enlightenment. Most expensive part of building roof is the overhead that torture that I would I do actually have a little Bible riddles so we got that day which found in the Bible. They ran through town. They rose 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number to call town in the Bible and they can do that.

Sean don't want that with whoever can answer that question correctly will win a T-shirt, I believe, or any prize that we have an efficient car guy kingdom pursuits treasure vault.

We have loads and all you do is call us and tell us which town it could be a city that you know when it might even been a village, I'm okay with any of the Bible where they raise the roof and pretty famous story. I would think, for he is our afraid and I would imagine that Jesse had cringe when you ever read that story I don't know if insurance will cover the 63487884 so again to me. You know what it's it's kind of a neat thing. I'm just being a disciple and an offend anybody ever asked me in a Robbie how did you end up with radio show on on a Christian, I mean you are, after all, a car salesman right right and which are not there anymore and I'm full-time in radio but I made my living for 40 years on cars and all that really happened was I kept falling more in love with God and I kept reading the Bible and every single morning as I read the Bible as I was just like intrigued and thought this was absolutely beautiful stuff.

II would read something I would go man that is just too cool is just unbelievable. I had no idea about that. So I would walk in the work and grab the first person I thought you seen this in the Bible and you know then they were like Robbie you know you want to do a Bible study. We start a Bible study at the dealership, a lot of trouble for that fire started my own dealership where we had a Bible to still got more trouble yeah yeah yeah but nonetheless all I all I ever seem to do was just fine. Something I thought was really really cool and then just tell what I saw or what God did in my life now and then I am.

And that's that's how to how it goes and so a lot of times you're on the roof of your buddies Jesse. It works like that yeah well and and no, I don't know it's I see I see little things like take for instance our contract a broader, one of our contracts handed over here so you can see it and to Mike but you know in our contracts and I see little things like this.

It's so crazy you know the contract you know if we do your roof. Robbie, you pay us a little bit of money up front and then we do your roof as specified in the contract and you pass the restaurant. It's all contingent on performance.

You do what you supposed to do and then I do what I'm supposed to do know and and and and that's a contract business relationship and I in I realized one day looking at these contracts. The customer realized I'm approaching God like it's a contract and I feel so bad when I don't uphold what I'm supposed to do if I get mad at my kids earth. I you know missing you know miss my reading my Bible time or something feel so I feel so bad and I realize reading through the Old Testament and also heard a sermon on this which was fantastic but, it's a covenant it's a covenant relationship God wants with me. Not not contract and he fulfilled him came he came to earth and Jesus lived the perfect life he knew that I couldn't fulfill my end of the covenant, and he fulfilled that he lived that perfect life he did my part for me and then he and then he died on the cross. He took the curse for me not upholding my end of the covenant relationship that he wants with me and and it just showed me to what extent God did everything he did everything out of that and he did it for Mike Taylor. Gelid is not surprised he did it for you to we got Scott is calling with his answer to what town in the Bible.

They gave me 487884 we have so much more. Raise the roof today. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to where we're not and uses it to build the kingdom of that that's roofing today life insurance. As we got Jordan Smith and Mike Zwick again. George was Smith rock here in Winston-Salem.

Mike Zwick's radio show. You know I get goes with them often is called, if not for God. It comes on Saturday mornings and we sure enjoy having Mike but you know when we left our heroes. We talked about roofing. We talked about life insurance but well I guess we should get this color because got Scott is in Winston-Salem and he thinks he knows which town in the Bible that raised the roof what he thinks God yeah you're exactly right.

It might do you think it was a village I don't know. The interesting thing.

There's a lot of interesting facts about Capernaum.

Okay that that one of the things that you may not have known. Is it was named after Nahum you hear the Nahum in the Capernaum right it's the prophet Nahum right so the you kite that connection to Capernaum and and then Mary Magdalene. She was a native and and actually a very wealthy and and she gave all sorts of money to help support Jesus and and later on she from what I understood helped financially to send out the apostles into the different countries and so the there's a stone called the Magdalena stone that is is is really quite marvelous.

If you go by that. Yeah, and it's actually the Magdalena stone which has to do with Mary Magdalene, but that because of the town that it's in Magdalena's right there next Capernaum and that stone shows an imprint of what the original Temple veil looked like and it will literally blow your mind because to them. That was a really really holy deal so they had.

This was what they have is the earliest rendition of what that veil look like that got ripped into the day that Jesus was raised from the dead. How you learn all that stuff just from the roof right back that they lowered him.

The main reason for that right yeah like. First of all, big big big big overweight guy like me and and number two that with the crowd, get it all right right so I think you know it would've been an obstacle to even the rolling man I love the holster.

Actually I wrote a whole four episodes of Christian car guy theater were called names Matt okay and the reason I called it Nahum so I named the main character you may get Florida on the matinee because that was brought that's what happened with the city of Capernaum Cape is that you go back to the archives of Christian car guy theater. Scott at the podcast. You can listen the Nahum is Matt and there's four episodes give all my suppositions on why they lowered the gun ionizer. It's really fun stuff that I called again.

I would love to look at a it's it's Christian car guy theater to my podcast and is called Nahum's Matt okay because they lowered the Ghana map. So there you go. Thank you God bless by the way, all all and I so appreciate edge which is great.

Very thank you Scott S outlet. Have a wonderful weekend so when we left our heroes Mike and Jesse. We are talking about contracts and confidence.

Okay I so we got here from Jesse which was absently beautiful on the fact that what you know we think running contract. The got things running covenant, and so what's your take on that Mr. Zwick and I are further Mike is this Wikipedia verse Bible verses like bad guys is Wikipedia. You don't have to go to the yeah yeah yeah yeah you know it's interesting is is that unite. I've I've had the show, if not forgot with Mike Zwick and it's been two years in January may not it's gone.

It is flown by. But you know it's interesting, I I've had so many people and I've had people before they said Mike. I really like your show but I really like that Robbie don't know the eight really should be, if not forgot with Mike Zwick and Robbie Gilmore because Robbie you been a huge, huge part of the show it in one of the things that I've learned from the show and I've really gotten this from from you Robbie is just how important it is to spend time with God and we were actually just recently talking about this and in the book of Revelation.

Revelation chapter 2 it says he says for us not to leave our first love and we talked about that and in II think what it what that maybe that's her contract with God is not to leave our first love and that that's one of them. But you know, I know Robbie that you spend so much time with Jesus you wake up it before 430 every morning and spend time with Jesus in prayer and and it's interesting because we can do these radio shows we can do these podcast we can go out and preach to people we can go out and and we can feed the poor do all these other things. But if were not spending quality time with God and we were just talking about marriage in our last podcast which aired today but when we said we can do all these other things. But if were not spending quality time with our spouse then were really missing out and we can do all of these works for the Lord. But if were not spending quality time by reading our Bible and praying and spending time with the Holy Spirit, spending time with Jesus. I really think that were missing out in an Robbie you're really good at that. You do that every morning right love the word confident.

I just it's a beautiful point because when I was a lot honored honestly to be able to do a lot of different interviews with different people. I wrote I've interviewed a man a couple three times rental books on the subject and what he describes in a covenant is it changes your identity that that if you're married right then you're no longer Robbie you're now Tammy's husband and and and that's part of that covenant, so to speak. So if you're in a covenant with God, you're no longer Robbie right, you're now the bride of Christ and and and and that changes things in in Hebrew. It is the word is Britt and you might've heard the name British like if you get circumcised share similar and that sums getting cut here yeah yeah yeah and they used to say were to cut your dealing on the carpet summer cut UK hail man.

I might try to deal well, you know, this has to do with your your actual DNA is change okay because issues like blood brothers in narratives, even when you're a kid right and you want to be really close and somebody he even became blood brothers because you wanted to beat them to be part of you and you part of them and and want to change your identity and so to me it's not a matter of the I'd I'd hate for anybody to think or Robbie.

I'm really do like you and get up every morning at 430 and spent. I don't want that to be on anybody's checklist. You know that what what I want is for them to go. What will what is God calling me right. These are things that that were pretty specific from God asked me to do certain things and I was just being obedient yes and and and then he's blessed him along the way in so many different ways but but one things for certain Mike that the more I study it, the more I realize the word is God and God is the word okay yes. When you open up that book you your literally opening Jesus's mouth and letting him speak. Yes, it couldn't be more liberal and in the more you do that, the more you change the story that you're telling yourself okay I is is fascinating in the word week in Hebrew has to do with listening to yourself. Yes yes and your little soul was in Ireland in one of the Psalms, David says and how long will I take counsel in my soul right having sorrows daily because he's not hearing from God will as you read your word right, you're changing the story that you're telling yourself yes and and is you get excited about things like that contract right, you heard that story or you get excited about revelations like leaving your first love right your story of what's going on in your mind as you begin the you know like talk about you know how you said you know you to meditate upon them day and night and put them on the door. Your house and all that stuff you wish to cause stuff literally going into a contract and in in order for me to be good I got have a masseuse on my door, I will. That's not your soul is not your heart. Yeah right yeah so you know the and and I see that it's a beautiful thing you know Mike what he just turned 48 yes and I just turned 40 feet this this past weekend I I don't feel 40. We actually have friends of ours. Tiger and Elena and I they came over for my birthday party and I think Elena's six months older than me and she said Mike she said my daughter came to me today and she said were going to Mike's party and and Elena said yet Mike is 40 and she said mama Mike doesn't look 40 but you do well, but the point is, is it I bet you have phenomenally encouraged that there is a disciple like Mike Aminu took that to me hungry for God's word is Mike and then Jesse held 3232. His kids are older than my kids. Note, yes… The second time that I've had him on the radio, but you know we actually attended the same church at some point in time.

I mean how it occurred to you that there were seven people out all the time and and they just fell in love with him and then scroll and and and is not really a magic formula anywhere other than blog somewhere in the right alright so we got Mike's weight and sniff rock roofing if not for God. Jesse and all the stuff back we come back.

You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back where we got and uses it to build the kingdom were so blessed really. We are to have with us Jesse Claffey he's with Smith rock roofing roofers here in Winston-Salem things supportive so thankful for all them as well as my click also a big support of the Truth Network through his sponsors and his radio show. If not for God, and those are the PRC UL. It's the public hit XDR CUA Polish Roman Catholic Union of America, and liberty bankers. We had several losses with several others as well. We had Todd Harris and Angela Pierce and how Cooper my mom. She's been a sponsor and I'm sure there's other.

My mom is my sponsor again. Not nearly as healthy as she helped out a man bent on consistently of moms we have Amy Cobb, always with the cure and that's another radio show we've got coming on today at 1 o'clock. It's live in Amy and Boris, if you never listen to show my goodness so much fun with my friends and so Amy, you really have a very hot topic today, right well Michael, I doubt… Why global leaders on culture. I thought why my being to back it back so as I said, burnout is a hot topic on the same as you guys got that and that's that – and you can call in with your burnout. But whatever you got. And Boris is going to be there. It's gonna be awesome, right Amy.many people are now know today at 1 o'clock on the Truth Network. Thank you Amy God bless our ride will also on the phones we have. Sharon is in Burlington, North Carolina since Sharon Hungerford writes is hi Sharon how are you I am so wonderful Sharon did so much work in Israel.

In the past. So in and she's a big supporter of, if not for God with Mike so microscopically live Sharon on kinship and on your show couple times. It is an actually she's we just recorded two shows this week so she's coming up again soon.

I think you are out sick one day and but Sharon is awesome and she's she's part of its is it shepherd's staff ministry. Sharon and your your part of something called aliyah. Could you tell quickly, briefly, about that. Yeah, and we believe that God is calling the Jewish people back to Israel and believe in land and open up a whole copying that God promised Abraham back in the day that it basically Jewish immigration as it sounds like all y'all God is calling all the all but it's aliyah. Now, but you have to go to jury to return. In the modern Hebrew Jewish immigration to return people and their thick armor that talked about people returning back to the land of Israel. There's a lot of people from around the world. Different agencies operation accident and Ebenezer and just different ministry in helping you get back to Israel and and Sharon. Actually, she comes to the Bible study she did do the baby shower later on today for my mom's world-famous it's funny guy, but as Sharon was actually introduced. I was introduced to Sharon by a guy named Jeff and Jeff is here with us as well nation and and we had Jeff on the show several times as well, but I wanted to just I wanted Jeff to tell a quick store if you don't mind. There was a story about Russia where people were people were lining up and they were jumping at the lake. Is that right Jeff. The soldiers were lining them up.

They brought the Christians to the river to kill them and so they told them that if the if they recanted Christ if they you know that they would bring them out of the river and then they put them in some kind of into try to keep their body back up and to save their life so they work. They cut holes in the ice that was over the river and they had to jump into the river and then know what the cool thing was, was there was a soldier who was up in a tower whose job was to shoot people if they ran away so he he was watching on all be pushed in her into these holes in the river.

These holes in the ice into the river and he saw crowns come down from heaven over each hole and then he saw one crown come down partially what part part of the way from heaven, and it went right back up and the guy came up and recanted Christ and they tried to save his life and he died anyway. But the cool thing was the soldier saw that he put down his rifle came down from his tower accepted Jesus and jumped into the hole where the other guy was an awesome story or how it is is and who you know I'm forgettable. Obviously that like wow we don't want that crown come and am doing Jesse is come like a roof that we know it a lot. We don't want that stuff going back up if it's honestly down you know it. It's kind of in that way.

It's sort of a telling story of like this is in some that that you can let go of. You gotta keep at it right and so it was Smith rock. We want you know, can you kinda give us an idea of how you see God working there at Smith rock will you know just we have the opportunity with a lot of roofs for local church members and people.

The body of Christ in a locally and so that's always, I would say probably number one thing is just encouragement and we get working with the unit with local Christians and you know that's for me that's probably the number one you know the number one thing right in affirming right because it obviously feed your family and even got having kids in our faith to that their young and hungry, so none of the mom that they had a big breakfast so not at the moment. They will be here shortly yeah feeds it feeds our family and if these are faith to an ounce to be working with local Christians and so in a really for those of us who have rooms like most of us never reform if you don't give me a call in of the average you know asphalt roof. How long do they usually last you about 25, 30 years, really.

If you get the yeah what we limit architectural shingle which is a little more.

Leslie bit longer than the older ones. The older ones were like a three tab there little thinner than last quite as long but you get 25 or 30 years out of the architectural outsourcing some good news is Sam 65 and I'm saying this. Doing the math going on in life.

I don't know if you thought about that anybody over the age of 65 will give you life is allowed to live in 100 really got one more segment coming up with pastor Marty on the phone for my well is Jordan excuse me Jeff it Jesse was Smith rock Peruvian roofing likelihood if not for God to look more you're listening to the Truth Network and back that kingdom whether that's life insurance share the gospel at all. It it it all ends up being kind of the same thing for his glory and how can he be the hero of our stories, so it's really beautiful thing to share this with my friends have had a chance to spend time with on the radio before we have Jesse Claffey was Smith rock roofing and Mike Zwick with if not for God and Mike, we have another one your friends pastor Marty is on the phone with you so pastor Marty Gaddafi.

Today we are awesome and pastor Marty you are the lead pastor of the First Christian Church of Boone correct and you you preach every Sunday at what time 11 o'clock and I would highly, highly recommend if you're up in the Boone area to go check out that church.

It is awesome. So I asked is the First Christian Church and then how did you guys do that. I mean, were you there for Daniel okay is had to go there. Sorry my that's awesome you're really enjoying it is my thought about the contract and I thought of it like a contract but I also think of it I got to go out. That's awesome thank you Pastor God bless. I'm so glad you called into the II really quickly got beautiful about the filtered yeah yes Jeff Hoover story that's amazing. God bless you Margaret dog like you. So some Mike yeah I'm sure you know I've I've had a chance to see a lot of folks, you know, growing in discipleship and whatever. But you know I imagine there's people younger than in their 20s and whatever I mean clearly what turn the tide for you. When did you go from like okay I shot the church on Sunday to like oh my gosh, I can find out about sixth. Well, my good friend brother Tony Jackson who comes on every Saturday morning at 830. He's on our sister station. The white right, I think it's like the every Saturday morning at 830 to have a show and it's called now try Jesus ministries and so one day I was actually sort of preaching to him over the phone. He said Mike Mike stop I said oh okay so he wanted to come on the radio tomorrow morning. I said okay and then from there I felt the Lord leading me to have my own show and that II called the Truth Network and I spoke to you and you said to me Mike what you want your show to be and I said I don't know if this is a true story. Folks talk about on the show. I said I don't know you that there's a beautiful thing about that anything may Jesse do you know David in Psalm 119 makes reference in the that in the gimbal second section where he talks about. I'm a stranger right. I got on my way. I don't have a map I don't know where I'm going. There's a huge advantage in that. Okay because that the Holy Spirit is taking you where you need to go your whole lot better off and I want to do a radio show and this is what I want to do in Islam.

I call it, but I remember specifically asking Mike. I said so we need a good title would you pray about that and and and he said yeah I'll go pray and it wouldn't. 20 minutes later I get this kohlrabi. I got a great break title you could tell what it says. He said if not for God and explained it to me. It was clear that it that it had come from the Holy Spirit. So how about I bet you Jesse wanted to go from just being a roofer to like oh man I got to find out more about this God stuff.

It was a couple years ago you grew up in the church and I grew up in Sunday school and it was just an there's a special challenge. There you know because you know exactly how your life is supposed to look, and you know exactly how you're supposed to act and I'm supposed to know and love.

It looks good.

I know how to pray and sound like I know what I'm talking about and a lot of the Bible. A lot of the hymns, but if it's not if if it still contract from still doing it because it's what I'm supposed to do now is not your you're missing out on a piece of and saw a young couple years ago Jan with her some some tough stuff. A couple years ago there were a couple surgeries I think last time we talked. There were some illnesses and surgeries. My past and that you know you start thinking about your frailty as a human. Your mortality and you know things and God's been working on me ever since. I don't know that there's any one particular light switch moment, but it's in over the course the last probably two or three years. You know God's will and work in my heart is real to me and groaning on gorgeous things so now without our listeners got no so grateful for you listed are so grateful for all the supporters like roofing and PRC you LA let you know I sleep make all this possible because for me personally like Christian radio was a huge impact in my early discipleship and no that those of you who get the network.

So grateful for you got some encouraging prayer, not been followed by the master journey starts here now 12 part mechanical office 1230 man up. This is the Truth Network

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