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Wisdom for Living from the Hebrew Bible

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 18, 2016 4:20 pm

Wisdom for Living from the Hebrew Bible

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 18, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/18/16.

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There is much Hebrew wisdom in the amazing book of Proverbs will explore it on this.

The early Jewish Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH index 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We are to have a great early Jewish Thursday broadcast.

Today this is Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH 784's number to call 866-34-TRUTH 7884 with any Jewish related question that you have of any kind so my mom almost 94 years old is as sweet as they come is not a complainer that she likes to be on her own as much as she can. She's she's in her home for the place for the elderly but but not not the ill, so she their functions to the day, someone comes and helps her with her food and things that I complainer but she she's been sick hasn't been feeling well and upset yesterday.

Something wasn't right.

So my wife is over. Spent some time with her and then still wasn't calm she still was upset still something the matter still in pain, crying out, I was over there for a few hours praying with her give me some medicine then thought, okay, you know something's not right. We ended up screaming to hospital to get checked out six we isolated what the problems were but but I say all that to say this so lay down next to my mom on the bed just while she was just trying to rest and try to feel better. It's before end of going to the hospital and I'm reading through Proverbs just happens to be what I'm reading through these days reading through Proverbs and there is one of the verses that says do not despise your mother when she is old and you know you'd read it and you think who would ever despise apparent.

The mother when the role but you know there is a point with many elderly people where they are in real need and they may not remember what you said to them two minutes ago may ask you the same question 20 or 30 times in the course of an hour and they they may struggle in certain ways were they didn't struggle and they may have nothing in the natural to offer you and to me it's a sacred privilege to be able to be there for my mom.

It's a sacred privilege to be able to care for you hate seeing her parent or loved one suffer in any way. Of course, but as as I was thinking about these things and if you and pray for my mom's is on an urgent life and the thing it think it's something freely for the minor can be addressed, but you know, at this age, everything is is a bit of a crisis of if you think of it, just as pray for mom and appreciated, but I am so amazed with the wisdom of God I am so amazed with the wisdom of Proverbs read the book, like many of you over and over and over and over and over again. Many years ago when I was teaching a series on Proverbs. Effective done this a few times when teaching a series on Proverbs. Each week I would speed read through the book again to look for key verses on whatever subject I was teaching on and then just list those out and kind of enjoyed that experience, but there is so much wisdom. I actually wrote an article for Donald Trump Proverbs the book of Proverbs and the winning strategy for Donald Trump right go through a number verses in Proverbs and assessor.

If you could learn to live by these know when the campaign and you could even be an excellent president. And I said, here's my counsel start every day 31 chapters in Proverbs so roughly 1 chapter day equals once a month start every day reading a chapter in Proverbs out loud if you do it with your closest staff advised on where we can do it with.

If you're able take 15 minutes a day, maybe.

And then after you read it, have a discussion about it and then ask ask yourself because it's about the wise and the fool the wise and the fool the wise and the fool.

Ask yourself and acting like a fool or Wiseman am I speaking like a full or Wiseman.

This was the Donald Trump's was good for the homeless person on the street this wisdom for the pastor the lives largest congregation. This wisdom for businessman fronted turn things right side of this wisdom for mom struggling home with her kids, for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on 788 Annie Jewish related question of any kind give me a call. Any Hebrew related question give me a call any Israel related question give me a call 8663 for 878840. Do you live in greater Brooklyn September 8 put it on your calendar will be hosted by chosen People ministries September 8 Thursday night September 8 to be giving a free talk on Isaiah 53 the rabbis and the Messiah will have Q&A and it will be meet and greet for WMC, a listeners familiar calendar will take a lot more about as we get closer. This can be in Brooklyn September 8 and then the ethical and cultural center in Manhattan.

September 10 Saturday for all of our friends all over greater New York offer great listeners and WMC eight I'm getting to be giving a talk there on the presidential elections and Israel where the candidates stand on Israel and how that lines up with the Bible all yeah so free, open to the public will receive an offering in each meeting to help with the expenses of our radio outreach or radio broadcast, but I want to see you there right will give you more details describing County greater Brooklyn September 8 grade New York Manhattan September 10, 866-348-7884 so let's listen on Proverbs lot lot of other news to cover his related news to cover give you an update on on world vision and some of the questions about someone that worked for them allegedly funneling money to Hamas is up and interacting with folks world vision on the highest levels about this, but the Hebrew word for Proverbs is mutually initially is that's the name of the book and it comes from the root mush all in it mush all is a comparison mush.

All can be a parable or a proverb so mutually Shlomo the Proverbs of Solomon. These are his proverbial sayings, they can be sometimes longer like the opening chapters of chapters 2 through nine or longer teachings with some little sayings along the way and then chapter 10 through 31.

Most of that shorter sayings, pithy sayings, memorable sayings, but many of them are based on this concept of comparison now in in English we have metaphors and we have similes right so a similarly would be saying like all right this is like this metaphor. Here's an example look at online all the world's a stage, that's a metaphor the world is not actually a stage right, but it's a metaphor.

If you use the simile you'd be saying all the world is like a stage you have both of these in Hebrew, and then you have other forms of proverbial sayings, but many of them are very short. Many of them are very concise and they communicate in vivid terms that are especially memorable and I give you some examples. And then I give you an example of some of the some of the advice that I I gave to the Donald Trump house that just just try to be practical and and helpful, but here is a great one.

Proverbs 1122 number to reach you in a few English translations as a jewel of gold in the slot swine snout so is a fair woman, which is without discretion. It's can James Nick and James is a ring of gold in the swine snout so is a lovely woman who likes discretion they got admit by putting it like that. Those vivid terms.

It really jumps. That is like wow there is the word likely used differently. A beautiful woman who rejects good sense is like a gold ring and a pig snout that's HCS B ESV like a gold ring and a pig snout is a beautiful without discretion. NIV almost the same and ET almost the same. Again, each one using like like a gold ring like a gold ring NLT a beautiful woman who likes distraction discretion is like a gold ring and a pig's snout new Jewish version. Same thing like a gold ring and the start of a pig is a beautiful and bereft of sense that the Hebrew just says this just says a gold ring in the snout of a pig a beautiful woman lacking discretion lacking good sense. In other words it's a metaphor, but every English translation I'm looking at translates it as if it was the simile again. It adds the word like are you with me that the Hebrew is literally dozens a hot bath because they are a gold ring and a pig's snout, Isha, your father, Sir Tom, a beautiful woman who rejects or lacks discretion, lacks sense. It doesn't use the word like so in Hebrew, it's even more vivid. It's even more drawing an image, and of course, you think there's a pig with a gold ring and it's now we kiddingly how inappropriate but be like a beautiful woman because of sense suit she's like that gold ring and the lack of senses's like a pig but the Hebrew does not have like it just presents these things is polar images that are quite jarring, but that's what Proverbs is filled with 866-34-TRUTHs.

So here are some of my advice to Donald Trump based on the wisdom of Proverbs. All right. And I give them good and you can read this by going the website asked her to Brown and clicking on the latest article ask ADR Brown is click on latest article, there here are some of the advice I give them a certain light lit. Let's notice that every campaign, every political campaign is Isabella words right.

The words you speak it under platform speeches.

The words you speak when you peer and TV the words you speak in a debate. The words that newspapers write your online magazines right. The words that you put out your ads.

The words that you sent out social media words words words words barring some completely unexpected scandal or an expected skin, barring some behavioral thing. Let's say suddenly Hillary Clinton had massive health issues. Let's say Donald Trump's tax tax tax forms were world tax returns were were somehow hacked and released and then they had some horrific in a shocking information and find that it's not the words words words words that what is candidates like a polygon. Somebody when these candidates is is is not going to jump off the platform and tackle somebody right so it's can be words words gonna sink their campaigner or enable them to swim. Proverbs 1820. Once his death in life and the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit. Death and life are in the Palatine and those who love it will eat its fruit. So I give this example of how his campaign could've could've avoided a whole lot of heartache and could have actually moved on and stayed on message after the Democratic national convention because remember the. The speech by the Muslim father with the Muslim mother there. They had lost a son in Iraq so he served in the military Muslim son served in the military died serving America and he attacked Donald Trump very strongly and Donald Trump went back after the sky and it really hurt his campaign definitely took a blow so I point out would says in Proverbs 1216 fools shoulder annoyance once, but the prudent overlook an insult. So what if you'd read this verse right after your attack on national TV by Mr. Khan to see what he said upset you felt personally insulted Mr. trumpet was a foolish person to that person shows his annoyance once was a wise person do that person overlooks an insult.

So over the been a good way to respond to the cons. Proverbs 15 one says a soft answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger so you could have tweeted out as a fellow American.

I mourn the loss of Mr. and Mrs., I celebrate their son's sacrifice and I call on them to stay with me and fighting radical Islam and then if you wanted ads with small and thanks for the offer of a copy of the Constitution, but I have a few copies myself would agree to great document and you move on and you move on to take the high ground you don't get into a fight with someone you look if if you are riding a horse and there's somebody on the ground and there there there challenging. Come on, come on wrestle me wrestle me in there covered with mud. You get off that horse and wrestle with them even if you win the wrestling match.

You're gonna get muddy you can get dirty. But if you ride by and say now you're probably pretty strong wrestler but I can wrestle you and you drive on. Okay, now you don't get muddied in the process. If all of us could live but it was were problems all trust me there bunch of moments in my life I wish that I wish that I wish I heated the wisdom problem will be like that forgot to give you really important update become X early Jewish Thursday file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown that because it's not nicest on the world. That is, from Ray comfort's important new movie. The atheist delusions getting amazing responses its leading believers to worship. It's getting nonbelievers to open their eyes. He seeks to destroy led scientific evidence against the existence of God with one simple question, watch it unfold. If you haven't downloaded it, we extended from last week and then added in another download our entire six week school of cultural engagement for farcical ministry.

A few summers back. This is over 40 hours of teaching on audio normally hundred $50 on CD can download the entire summer school for just $20.

So take advantage that it asked her to Brown ask ADR before go to the phones 866-34-TRUTH if you missed it yesterday. We have the audio up on YouTube. My interview with Pastor Rob Roger Jimenez, who stood by his comments that he wished. The Orlando shooter had done a better job and killed all the gays and lesbians that were there so that they're all pedophiles said no homosexual can be saved. It was an ugly discussion. I publicly called him to repentance.

And of course his comments to me was that I was he he he found my comments despicable. But we need to pray for repentance for this man, but you can check that out and asked her to Brown that or is get your Brown villages check on latest video 866-34-TRUTH we started Charlotte with Chad welcome to the line of fire brought along. Shalom I have a quick question 12 for knowledge shall be increased, so in my research I was looking at a time. I in September 26, 1955 Becker Pres. of Egypt which is in general not here except the jewels will not be respected look of the lecture black came back why we cannot accept you. What does he mean by that, I have to I have to look that up.

I'm not familiar with the specific quote so could you just run that by me again in terms of of your your source for that time. Megan moved September 26, 1955 imprisonment of Egypt, which in general. Jamaal Messier that the Jews would never be respected McCurdy lecture black came back like you have local teeth. What if you buy that yeah okay I've never I've never heard that close. So let's just let's see here in Google it will yeah I'm I'm doing I'm doing that right now. That's one of the benefits of what we can do here. Interesting quote from Donnell Abdul Nasser writes a Nasser was that's what I wasn't getting with it the name you were giving me are you not know that's that's perfectly fine art I mispronounce American names a little Egyptian second president of Egypt. So George Friedman's book into the Jewish people pointedly states that the Europeans claim to be Jews nothing more than Hebrew speaking Gentiles claims, the late president of Egypt, often of the lesser state on television salad censuses on television to view the Jews with a real different piece because you left your black but came back white. We cannot accept you as a court everything I can see here the things bogus. Even the.

The reference this is now. This is allegedly on television it's it's in a book that is claiming that today's Jews are not Jews at all. There he be speaking Gentiles. It even misspells English words here so II would I would almost guarantee is an Internet myth, but tell you what I ultimately leave it up on my screen and on the sea. If I can check out the origins of see if there's any accuracy.

If you will not earn every one had better clear treatment at your yes sir, yet this and it makes zero sense to me, it doesn't. And you have to understand that there has been an ongoing history. It's only thick juice just appeared there they been living there in the land of Israel through the centuries, they've never been out of it so we know the people of Israel are the Jewish people what's happened as Jews of scattered around the world. They've intermarried with different communities. Hence, you have Jews with European Jews look African and Jews who look Indian etc. G. W. Scattered all across the nation right and as it was scattered. They intermarried, but if if a woman married into the Jewish people are man married into the Jewish people and continue to live as Jews, then those those ethnic traits would be added in what happens with most Jews is when they intermarried a assimilate, so they intermarried and then they become totally lost to the Jewish people, but if someone marries and continues to live as a Jew, then those those ethnic and biological traits will be added in, but there's no mystery in which we can trace and see who the Jewish people been through the centuries and and where we we have been and and again were were a Middle Eastern people as as opposed to a Caucasian people, or an African people of a mere observer of people so as far as I can tell this is this is just a bogus quote but out all I'll research it and then I'll announce it again on the radius. Thanks Rance my tensions are written in America Roger Cardinal Donna Columbo for the record Back to inanimate short bio better clarity on a management should should be over the course of the show. I don't think this can be a hard one to check out.

To be honest with you, but it but otherwise not find the other was by tomorrow agreement that the thanks surfer: I appreciate it meant thank you yet. Thanks. Thanks also for being an avid listener. Much appreciated.

866-34-TRUTH let's go to Concorde North Carolina. Brent talking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown good afternoon good afternoon all, I would down in Florida and Collier for a long time so I appreciate my call are in urine Concorde now thanks thanks for calling. So I've been going to Roman and the question I have is right from the beginning. Romans three it says what advantage Bennett there and being a Jew, or what value is there in circumcision much in every way. First of all, they have been entrusted with the very words of God. Later in that same chapter. It talks about how Jews and Gentiles alike are all understand what I just I just want you to help clarify for me what it means when it says that there is an advantage or value in being. If you are in circumcision yes or at the end of the second chapter, Paul is saying that the real Jews one circumcised in the heart and not only in the flesh from the mean between two Jews is the real Jew, the one that's the to circumcise in the flesh is also circumcised in the heart, but either way, Paul doesn't want someone to think that there's no advantage, no profit, no help, and the fact is that out of all the peoples on the earth.

The Jews were the only ones entrusted with the Scriptures so they have the very oracles of God date they had that advantage they had the law of God had the one true God is their God and they had the Scriptures. Now, of course, the, the whole world to spread the gospel has the Bible but at the time that Paul was writing. The only way you could find out what the will of the God of Israel was was through the Jewish people, and hence that advantage and in the Messiah comes to them first, and he's the one that makes no we have in Jesus equal standing and outside of Jesus equal me for salvation. But having access to the word and knowing the will of God's truth that out of this. Let's mass was entrusted his Expo light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the nugget from Proverbs and I'm going to go right to your calls about this.

Proverbs 1727 whoever restrains his words has knowledge and he was a cool spirit is a man of understanding when you listen when you're not easily provoked, when you weigh words that shows understand and as far as speaking prematurely or hold your peace. Even a full keep silent, is considered wise when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent and as far as being short tempered their many warnings and Proverbs about hot temper before I was saved I had a horrific I was famous interest from a hot temper. Proverbs 1429 were slow to anger is great understanding with you as a hasty temper exalts folly. So to all my friends listening that struggle with your temper you can master you can rule it with God's help and grace. You can, I realized early on, okay, I got this intense temper. I have to master after rulers based in another verse in Proverbs about he who rules his spirit is better than one Texas City and this verse Proverbs 1429 he was a hasty temper exalts folly picture like this. It's time you lose your temper dad from your wife and kids. You're holding up a big sign saying I am a fool.

That's what you do holding of the big sign and he would still literally exalts folly.

So what is amenable here's here's a word picture to help you. You're holding up a big sign over your head. This is, I am a fool. You not being rough and tough you're holding up a big sign saying I am a fool instead of gaining respect, losing wisdom from Proverbs 866-34-TRUTH. We go to Rita in New York City.

Thanks for calling the line of fire.

Hello yes, dry air. Yes, you better turn off the radio. Please can I go ahead.if there to tell you and tell you it Howard, you'll help Rita get situated okay. Let's help her get situated and then will try to get her back on the air right so will do that momentarily, let's go to Maple Grove, Minnesota Deborah, welcome to the line of fire. Thanks so much Dr. Brown and my question is they see people wearing a smaller delete typically, but other times, like I've seen your friend Jonathan Kohn where the larger delete that covers in furtherance I'm wondering what that difference is not. I wonder if if there is a delete that gets wrapped around a couple during a Jewish wedding or not. Yet it is as far as the. The tub leads.

There is this really one size primarily's something. There are some you can wear in a certain way that kind of go from your shoulders. You know we dance your legs so but but the Tully's basically it's it's covering it's it's over the shoulders and surround the back. Basically now religious Jewish man where something under his shirt and then that has the ritual fringes as well and he'll have those coming out of that the corners of his of his pants on top me around his waist. As a reminder to keep the commandments in his identification as a Jew, but there's no difference in the size of a of a tall leads and yes a couple can be wrapped in one you come under the coop. But there are some who would do would wrap a couple in that sign of coming under God's covering, but there's no there's no symbolic difference in the size and utility. It's more a matter of style and preference, but that and then you can you can kind of punch it up differently, but has the same purpose.

It is based initially on the commitment with fringes that this becomes additional God is with Donovan. Something current so much.

Jesus day something added at a later time, size for plan by Expo light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is a listen to my interview with Pastor Roger Jimenez yesterday and were read over it as I was when I have that on YouTube since the audio on YouTube that was yesterday as he defended his statement that the government should line up for all homosexuals gone down anyways. It is a pathetic interview very very sad very sad to hear the way in which she entrenched himself more deeply and that I expected to go that way yeah but I'm always hopeful I'm always hopeful that someone will listen to the scriptural truth and scriptural reason so you can listen to that by going to Esther Gibran SK dear you'll see it on latest video and I'm going to do. Probably in the next few days for early next week. Maybe I need to do an extended teaching will put on video put on YouTube. Why break down some of the theological errors help people understand really how wrong and dangerous.

This is our you're Jewish related calls. We go to Munro North Carolina Jamie. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you. Watched and got dressed and writing you a question, why it appears Mordechai after her when I couldn't indent in your bed and therefore obviously you don't think he should all be in Israel that I was recording your reason why they shouldn't be there and asked that he think it currently they are all called to be there when you.

In the second question at the claimant that were incredibly rich by that huge pilot. Don't wondered you having yet yet how he got sent to answer the second question, there is no reference to his wealth.

We have no verifiable information about him outside of what's written in Scripture, but he ends up.

Basically he's he's favored because of what he does is not favored because of of a bribe, and in Esther and of course God reverses it but as to why why they were still Jews in captivity. There were, yes, the goal was for all the Jews to come back after the Babylonian exile that was the goal. That was the vision and the 70 years prophesied by Jeremiah, but about 45,000 or so the recounted came back then you could edit out other numbers to that, but that's what would is listed in Ezra Nehemiah which means that there there were Jews that stayed behind why they stayed behind they may have been unable to to come back. They may have had other hardship that prevented them here.

You have Esther being raised without parents.

So there is further hardship. We simply don't know. But I do not believe that God is telling all Jews around the world right now that you must be back in the land of of the of Israel. There's a difference between God saying I will bring you back and I am saying go back right there's one thing that God does by his own initiative or something else that is something that he calls us to do in response. Will there be a time when he's calling all Jewish people back to level certainly not Jewish believers in Jesus are not all of us because were called to go into all the world and make disciples, but will there be a time when anti-Semitism will rise on a certain level and it will be imperative for Jews to even leave America in large numbers that could be a friend of mine, Tom Hess wrote a book years ago and it was basically talking about a massive flood of anti-Semitism that was going to come to America and it it pinpointed when pretty much, and it was an urgent warning for Jews to leave and go to Israel and then the book came out about the same time in Russian with the same warning. Well, it was absolutely applicable to the Soviet Union at that time it was totally applicable when it came out there and and many Jews for the firm so the Soviet Union fled and and made it safely to Israel and where is it wasn't applicable to America at that time so was the timing off. That's a fair question to ask him and I sat with Tom many years ago we smiled in and asked about it he still feels it's it's an urgent calling from the Lord so that they may happen if so, I trust that the word the warning will get out plainly, things are about to collapse. Get out things about the collapse get out but the Jewish population in Israel is over 6 million now which is significant because of the loss of the Holocaust being 6 million. And for example Francis integrate uptick in Jews immigrated to Israel, making all the because of the rise of anti-Semitism. There. That seems to be a way that God uses. Certainly Satan is attacking for anti-Semitism seems to be a way that God is using to bring Jewish people back to the land very much. You are very welcome. Thanks for calling and digging into the book of Esther. I let's let's try read it again in New York City. Hopefully were good to go this time.

Welcome to the line of fire and no. Yes, go ahead and not like about I need to about when Abraham that he should get online and on like that I mean giving a na�ve dandy and baked rather the day Jamie got to mount a variety yeah, and your Montclair and Gary Indiana. I live by, and he was the land that we would and that you have an idea really to live on Main Braden Isaacs has access to his father right got the wood because the fire was the sacrifice and Abraham says that I might all right have a good and very outgoing.

Abraham rolling at bank I meant going to the team to intelligent just a little short on time, would you be able to get to the specific question I tell you what Howard, do your best to explain toward your sister that we just have a little time. A little hard time finding out.

The question is to be fine and off the air, put it on and I'll try to answer it. So thanks for helping us there. All right we do our best to revise questions on doesn't always work.

We go to Houston, Texas Nathan, welcome to the line of fire are going to Dr. Brown. Thanks for your talking about the wisdom literature the perfect opportunity for me to ask about the book of Job. This specifically a passage and I know you've been working on the book lately, but I will ask the passage, Job 36, specifically from versus 26 and a couple verses down where it sounds to me that this is talking about the cloud sort, or God. The cloud sort of gathering up water line that no on the earth through clouds and is this accurate because I homage within this question because I've been looking this week, specifically about the issue of the luckier in Genesis 1 and nine others different views out there that there is that it's a solid film another thing noticed the atmosphere in the waters above the clouds that stuck in the water and it comes down so interested to get your take on so this evening he would like Tia seems to be related to the concept of like a piece of deep out metal or something like that it will. If we can see how it's used in related languages. Cognate languages in the in the ancient near East.

But that doesn't mean that ultimately has that meaning that it is in other words, he can have a certain route with the final meaning doesn't have to fully reflect that you could argue that the recce of the firmament was pictured as a dome and she mentioned and that it had windows and that when the windows were open. The water that was on the other side of it came through and that's that's how the clouds were were pictures is holding back the rain in a literal way, but all you have to understand is that many times the Hebrew Bible is using descriptive language.

The ends of the earth is not necessarily a statement that the world is flat. The sun rising in the sunsetting, which we also use today is not necessarily a statement that that the sun goes around the earth. That's the way it was perceived so it's using the language of the ancient world and describing God's work in creation and God's work in nature, in glorious ways and also you consider in the ancient world that that all these different elements were were actually considered actually consider things like deities and any got one ancient account where it got us two months to have her makes heaven half and makes herself this is extraordinary lofty monotheism of the of the creation accounts in the Bible is totally different than ancient Greeks, but sometimes using his fishing line. They were there a finish on the inside, the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown on July welcome. Clearly hold us in 664 truth so getting back to Nathan in Houston.

There will be descriptions in a book like Joe. Ellie Ellie, who, extolling God's creation that will give a fairly accurate picture that scientists would agree with in terms of locators. It is a general description of what's happening with the rain but a lot of times it is is basically from human observation, observational language as a descriptor really observations probably better observational language looking at things and then recognizing that it's God who is behind all of this so it's it's not a matter being scientifically correct or incorrect, or did in ancient Hebrew understand the universe. The way we do many ways. No, and that would be expected. In fact, if an ancient Hebrew if if the Bible talks about the earth being round in explicit ways you could maybe say some verses talk about the circle of the earth of the city just means the horizon looking out at the horizon a bit, but either way, if the Bible explicitly said the earth is round, then then those observing and then scientists until several centuries back would've said the Bible is false. The Bible is wrong, and dismissed so the Bible is not primarily here is it is a scientific textbook is much as a theological textbook and then it looks at nature and from that talks about the amazing works of God in nature. So you know the way the psalmist might describe God forming us in the womb word or Job describing it. It may not be in a scientifically accurate way over way that science would say that it is saying that God is the one who's doing this work and this is how it was understood at that time and God is the one behind that make sense to make sense. Just curious about because I know they're different passages that talk about the clouds pouring down rain like in ecclesiastics 11 and also I know a lot of it is love the writing is the phenomenon of logical word to use. So we say maybe we would say that God pours down rain right and we wish of their season at the clouds pour down rain there there be no no issue on that, but again you know when when it says that the windows of heaven. Was that a metaphor or did they actually think their windows doesn't really matter to me the way you know I'm saying if they understood that it was God who was behind sending the rain and in that goblet saga to send a lot of rain. When the quote opened the windows you notes about the womb being open and closed is that the exact scientific description of barrenness and and and fruitfulness with scientists at the same were not necessarily, but that's the way of saying God controlled God made the person very God made the person fruitful and again that's that's that. The key issue here.

There is this even an example of one particular animal. In Deuteronomy the 14th chapter that from all appearances, choose the cut right according to everything that ancient science new this animal choose the cut and according to appearance, choose the cut and because you you you could not even animal that had this characteristic and chewed the cut in one characteristic and chew the cut, then this animal was excluded why I read a book in this critical Bible scholars as you see the Bible is not infallible. It mentions this particular animal and says you can't eat it because it's it doesn't have true hosts.

But it it it's choose the card will the fact is that's what they understood.

They understood that animal to the card so if you said you could eat it. It would've look like you're even animal. It was written so that this after not with the Bible is about, that you're going there to find out the latest science you going to find out who God is the creator. I do believe though that if the Bible made a definitive scientific statement than that would be true, but I don't find that in a major way through the Scriptures is as I'm sure you understand the other thing that's very enlightening. Nathan is to read through other ancient near Eastern creation accounts. When you read through them. I mean it's it's a shocker your tomatoes crass as could be God or disturb his people making noise. I don't like the mountains battle here. Other gods are making too much noise in the fight here in this one as it gets cut in half and this one tops of the other one in as opposed to Genesis, God says that there be life is life. God says that the water skeleton of dryland. It was so I mean it's it is a sovereign clear creator God bringing order out of disorder bringing life out of darkness and establishing his life-giving ways on the earth that are good. Very good in his ways of reproduction and each thing reproduces after itself. It's all laid out in this perfect order for majestic God who acts within himself to bring about creation. There are no other competing deities that he's battling with and now this one beat Sam and he beats him back, etc. so just to say that's that that's the message, and then the wonder of the specific specifically suggested.

That's normally by observational language.

Anyway, thank you sir for the call. All right drive one more minute for something in Proverbs yeah how about this. How about about this in terms of self-control. In terms of the message of self-control about this from Proverbs Proverbs 2516 if you found honey.

Eat only enough for you, but you have your fill of it and vomited when a culture of opulence indulgence, even decadence Proverbs gives practical wisdom for self control of this Proverbs 25, 28, a man without self control is like a city broken and left without walls. Anything can get in and anything can get out, no walls no barriers no self-control set that you want your life to be. You want that to be a picture of your life. You have those boundaries in place friends if your life is out of control. Great thing to do. Humble yourself before God, asking for help.

Recognize your need to try to tough it out recognize your need and then and then we Proverbs chapter day, among many other things to do that. Read chapters read Proverbs one chapter each day I keep doing it. Start another month to it again.

You have a month that shorter read two chapters one day this for the first of each month to start. Proverbs 1 starts again it'll start you start to penetrate your heart, your mind in a Stacy document list document list document list and you find you will really find it there. I remember check out my latest articles of God. A winning strategy for Donald Trump based on the book of Proverbs is my latest article. My interview with Pastor Robert Jimenez from yesterday rejoicing at the murder of gays and lesbians is to postpone Orlando to listen to that.

Esther Brown thought or check out our resource offered +5 my bottom line today says it in the word if you lack wisdom asked on Aska is all men. There is much Hebrew wisdom in the amazing book of Proverbs will explore it on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking welcome to the line of fire today, it's thoroughly Jewish Thursday. If you have a Jewish related question of any kind.

I Hebrew related question of any kind of Israel related question.

Julie is a related question of any kind. Even Islam related question give me a call 866-348-7884 is the number to call you my best to give you a solid answer from the word from what's happening in the world to begin 866-34-TRUTH 8788 for the last hour we were dipping into the book of Proverbs enjoying some of the amazing wisdom of this book Hebrew word proverb coming from the roof that means to compare Cilla proverb was a comparison and a proverb was the statement. This compares to this or this is like this. It was a contrast this happens to the righteous this to the to the unrighteous.

This is the way of a fool. This is the way of the wise mush all in later rabbinic literature comes to the uses the word for a parable, but the Proverbs is an amazing book. In the midst of the amazing Bible the word of God and the thing that everybody loves about Proverbs is how down-to-earth it is all yes it it talks about God and actually does talk about God is no question there are references to the Lord once taught a class just one. One night lecture about the God of the book of Proverbs, but it is giving down-to-earth wisdom that even a nonbeliever could live by is a way we wait distance of the fear the Lord is the beginning of knowledge of frivolous beginning was all yes ultimately true knowledge. True wisdom comes when we acknowledge God that's first and foremost, we acknowledge him we reverence and honor him and then and then out of that there is recognition of right and wrong is recognition of wisdom and folly is recognition of life and death and light darkness that comes out of a recognition of who he is. Were his creation. At the same time there are principles in Proverbs that anyone could live by and benefit from. For example, even if you don't believe in the existence of God's will ultimately Be a wise person a truly wise person and not know God, we understand you may be wise in the ways of the world, but in a true, lasting wisdom, there are eternal issues and eternal values and eternal absolutes that will not be understandable without God, but let's see your lazy person.

If you just read through Proverbs and what it says about laziness and what it says about a sluggers you just read through those verses and then applied them and what it says about being diligent and hard work you would do much better in every area of life.

So these aren't down-to-earth principles that everybody can live by and that have their ultimate value to believers in the God of the Bible, so I wanted to again to Proverbs, maybe I'll give you a Hebrew nugget or two in the midst of it to catch up on some Israel related news takers usually calls 866-348-7884 I was also asked in the first hour.

From an avid listener. Chad from Charlotte about an alleged quote going back to gumbo of the master who is the second president of each of the leader of Egypt from 1954 to his death in 1970 he was a firm opponent of Israel course after him almost as a peace treaty with Israel and end up being assassinated basically for doing that. He saying that I the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and I have time trying to trace this quote, and I don't want to definitively say that thing is bogus, but thus far, everything I can see tells me that it is and I keep seeing it attributed to different places and when I checked those places. It doesn't exist so I'm talking about an alleged quote by Gumbel Mosser, who allegedly said you manages will never be able to live in peace because you left here black and came back white. We cannot accept you right so this is the end of the Jewish people, 1967 George Friedman says he quotes him now.

I've seen it said that he said on national news that I seen it said that he set it on national TV. Excuse me Egyptian TV then it's allegedly in time magazine always pointed back to this one book, which is pretty intense attack on the Jewish people. If I'm understanding this book correctly and it's it's giving another reference the 13th tribe Arthur Kessler download the PDF of the book and and he doesn't he doesn't actually quote it either just so from what I can tell that Bowen not Nasser's was quite an enemy of Israel. So when the world knows what he would've said it was that would've meant, but I still can't find any evidence that this was actually ever said seems to me to be a bogus quote reference by one guy in one book, allegedly stated and in most of the places quoting it are these conspiracy theory places or these black Israelite or Hebrew Israelite that they are the true Blacks and Jewish people are not Jews. Almost every website that I see in accordance same saying as stated on television and all yeah that's right is so right now for as I can tell, we put it in the category of bogus, but if I find out more. I will let you know 866-34-TRUTH or how about a little wisdom from Proverbs on the subject of self-control. Are you ready when you sit down to eat with a ruler. Observe carefully what is before you more or you could translate observe carefully. Who is before you.

Either is valid from Heber and put a knife to your throat if you are given to appetite given to appetite. Yeah that would kinda be a Hebrew way of saying if if you are a glutton fact that we just grab that Proverbs the 23rd chapter in a couple different translations of it. It's all rather vivid image.

You don't want to go and pig out. You don't want to go and pig out.

If you are a glutton if if you have a large appetite sitting before the cake bad bad move. Here's the new Jewish version. When you sit down to die with ruler, consider well who is before you thrust the knife into your gullet. If you have a large appetite do not pray for his dainties for they are a counterfeit food when we read the translation to these. This is just so lively it's it's it's it's it's wonderful with Proverbs new living translation, which is a mild paraphrase Aldine with a really pay attention to what is put before if you're a big eater put a knife to your throat so desire of delicacies, for he might be trying to trick you and thus were follows don't wear yourself out trying to get rich. Be wise enough to know when to quit. The blink of an eye.

Wealth disappears for will sprout wings and fly away like an eagle. Again, that vivid imagery know know the money doesn't actually get wings and fly away. Donna drools that the gold and silver know that they don't get wings and fly when you get the point is you think on tomorrow. You can be the wealthiest person the country today and and have nothing tomorrow. It can disappear when Jesus speaks about the deceitfulness of wealth in the parable of the sower in Matthew 13 locate more for when he speaks about the deceitfulness of wealth.

It's deceitful in several ways it's it's deceitful and that it gives you a false security. Hey, I'm rich unprotected. It's deceitful and I get your full sense of identity.

I'm somebody because I have money, and number one is Jesus warned in Luke 12 a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions so you are not anymore safe, secure, or a person and more of a person because you're wealthy and if you would middle-class if you're poor and and your wealth could turn to poverty overnight so Proverbs has some very, very practical ways of eating of she thinks if she helping with dealing with these lifestyle issues gives us practical advice, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's head over to Manassas, Virginia Joseph, welcome to the line of fire around my call question about Deuteronomy 13 712 there is your brother, mother, son, your daughter by computer but the best friend leached away to serve other gods. Yada yada yada. You shall put them to death. Though I wondered how you reconciled back with an issue and unite the lies and abolish know it. You got the same yesterday today and forever. I do believe it is the authority of the law has changed be filtered through the new covenant. I think I don't know if my idea I think about it and leave it there. Another conduct kind of spiritual murder, punishment Justified but I just wonder how you justify that bigger question because you obviously will I people to death.

This is certainly an Old Testament Israel. This is about the greatest crime you can commit because if you could get the people to turn away from God into idolatry bring about the destruction of the entire nation is great if you could if you can seduce them into sin. It would be worse than getting them all to drink poison and die would be a spiritual suicide and then that has ramifications for the whole world because of ancient Israel gets wiped out. There is no Savior. There's no salvation.

God chose Israel so that he would have a people through whom the Messiah could calmly recognize revealed and then declared to the world of Israel ceases to exist, the Messiah doesn't come there's no salvation to timeout. Massively high stakes and idolatry being the greatest sin and that would lead to the other horrific things like sacrificing children to idols and and all types of other abuses, immorality and injustice they would all flow of idolatry.

But we have to understand is for the most part what was penalized with the death penalty in the Old Testament is penalized with excommunication in the New Testament that in the Old Testament you drove out the Canaanites in the New Testament.

You drive out demons in the Old Testament was physical warfare in the New Testament there is spiritual warfare so you'll notice a phrase that recurs occurs repeatedly in Deuteronomy purge the evil from your midst, but put away the evil from your midst" in first Corinthians 5 aces. If someone claims to be a brother or sister right and right they are fornicator or an adulterer, or drunker or whatever other sin is listed there. They claim to be a brother or sister, then you are to disfellowshipped them. You are to put them out of your midst.

You are to judge those who are in your midst. So, meaning if they refuse to repent and they claim to be brother sister member supply cards you may have had. Maybe 75 believers when he wrote there was pretty serious. Your your disfellowshipped drought so acute you the first Baptist of the first Presbyterian if you like the first assembly go right on.

There was one congregation through the city, led by elders and that was that. So there's a different application we learn from it, that there must be a radical loyalty and a ruthless love. We learn from it that we must have an attitude of no compromise. We learn from it how dangerous it is for someone to try to turn us away from the one true God and deny him, so if you had someone who was a brother or sister, and then began to teach heresy, their repute, once, twice if they refuse to hear. Then you cut them off.

Romans tells us that an Titus tells us that on the one hand, it's to make sure that you yourself are not infected by it and others not infected by it and on the other hand, it is also for that person's benefit with the hope that this will wake them up and come to repentance, so we don't stone those people today just like we don't stone the Sabbath breaker. We don't stone a disobedient teenager. We don't stone adulterer don't burner which but we learn from that.

How serious these issues are and then we make spiritual application in our lives today and it's it's a pretty consistent hermeneutic. In that respect, there are certain things you could argue for death penalty for murder based on Genesis 9 even before the law, you take a life.

You lose your life because every human is created in the image of God. Romans 13 does tell us that the government bears the sword for good reason. So there there will be penalties for crimes. But the Lord given Israel was very specific.

We have a new covenant now see the application thank you sir. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Injuries Thursday Michael Brown blood six the number to call.

Yeah, just taking a glance over at our latest videos are you to channel your computer by going Esther to Brown Askey dear and had a kinda brutal interview. I thought it could get ugly and it really was absent stand against many things of the pastor suggested rejoicing in the murder of gays and lesbians in their all pedophiles and none of them can possibly be saved and you can watch that we actually listen to the YouTube channel and you know I I will I'm sure.

I am sure you are going to get people that that come on and and so yeah, I agree with what he had to say and you'd be shocked by were these people. Stan, I mean it's it's really really ugly here you go here you go. Ha ha. This sissy Brown urges a man of God's repent is rock music plays of the in the background of his worldly broadcast. How ironic it there you go.

Sissy Brown all this in the one I haven't had that have to add that to the records, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Burlington, North Carolina Angela, welcome to the line of fire. Thank you have a Jewish calendar here that was printed in Israel. It has a special name for this coming this week's Shabbat and it came Shabbat and in a pH a in viewing out wondering if you could tell me at burnout." It means you just the way you spell the spell it's me again, please. And a H a M you write okay not to move and also who is Hebrew for comfort and Isaiah 40 Nakamura not Camus on the comfort oh comfort my people is is the beginning of Isaiah the 40th chapter so it Shabbat, not Camus, here's here's how it works. This past week was was what was called to shop off right right. Tisha b'Av is the ninth day of the month of off and this is a time where you remember all of the different calamities experienced in Jewish history on one day in its day when many Jews fast in the morning through the day. According to Jewish tradition, the first Temple was destroyed on the ninth of all of the second Temple was destroyed on the ninth of of barcode flows defeated by the Romans. On the ninth of off so this is it.

It's sometimes it's that exact date. Sometimes it's close to that date but this is the date were Jewish tradition remembers all of the horrors all of the suffering and then the next Sabbath. So this the Sabbath coming starting Friday night into Saturday is the Sabbath immediately after that and that the tax that is read along with the Torah each week you read a certain portion of the five books of Moses to finish that cycle in one year and 52 weeks. Okay.

And then, in addition to that there's a portion from a may be from it could be from King to be from Isaiah could be from Ezekiel from one of the books of the Old Testament there in the several that are chosen from okay and that is a supplemental reading is called 1/2 to her or half Torah that often ties in with the biblical passage was ready for another reason. In the passage that is read on this Sabbath, not Camus so that there's no chest sounding Hebrew. It's always a thought like like common, not Shauna covered Konica so on this Sabbath. The passage that will be read from the prophetic books along with the total reading is Isaiah 41 through 26. It speaks of comforting the Jewish people for their suffering. So it is the word of comfort after the morning on the ninth of off Tisha b'Av and again not Camus's imperative form. The religion came to comfort some Nakamura not Camus media Marley have L-M and Isaiah 40 comfort oh comfort my people, says your God, and that's what is commemorated the Sabbath okay will thank you so much, not Camus, yet not Camus. Now, not not come to you at right so just divide into three not in CHA saw than M you move, not Camus and the accent is on the last syllable Shabbat, not Camus. You can say that you are rolling Angela, thanks for the call 86634 I tell you what to what I want to spend another minute in the in Proverbs here.

Let's let's let's check out this verse right. Let's check out this verse in in Proverbs read this verse are read again, if you found honey. Proverbs 2516. Eat only enough for you, lest you have your fill of it and vomited.

Proverbs is teaching us self-control.

Proverbs is teaching us self-control and we have the possibility of indulgence, the possibility of gorging ourselves. Honey's good was enjoyable but immediate in moderation. We have to remember that in much of the world through history and in many parts the world today. The challenge was to survive. That was the whole challenge. Can we survive can we make it to another date. I remember we were doing and outreach in India. One time Nancy was out with the team. This is probably over what's over 20 years ago and I was that out with the team that there was teaching leaders during the day and she came back. Tell me about it that the people in the village all seem very sadly unusually sad somber depressed and when she asked about this together.

They are so poor that they manage this one meal a day, so they're always hungry there there always struggling their parts the world like that to this day and throughout human history. This is often happened the struggle to survive the summer struggle in America we are opulent we are decadent we are indulgent.

Just look at the names of some of our desserts chocolate decadence death by chocolate or chocolate suicide.

Ghettos are still my old favorites and it is nice to eat that stuff behind. I I am thousand chocolate and it yeah I know some of you struggling just to get by. Pay your bills and try to make.

I'm not ignoring that the for the most part it even during tough economy restaurants pretty full fast food places children a good amount of business and asking parlous donut shops and Starbucks of the world are still doing pretty well and and were still eating in ways that are massively unhealthy because we have so much and instead of eating to live, to borrow the Joel Fuhrman eat to live book and since instead of eating to live, we live each and we indulge ourselves pay the price. Proverbs says moderation, moderation, it's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire. Eight on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday if you've got any Jewish related question for me of any kind what so ever.

By all means give me a call and he is related question any Hebrew related question, and we we are also getting into the book of Proverbs. Today, in particular, 8663 freight 7884 before I give you some updates on Israel before I get back into the book of Proverbs before I take your calls.

Let me mention to you that I've been interacting with leaders in world vision regarding the crisis over one of their employees working in Gaza who allegedly funneled millions of dollars. These are Christian donations allegedly followed funneled millions of dollars into terrorist accounts into the accounts of Hamas and according to the reports.

According to Israeli intelligence. He himself is been a long term Thomas operative write a very very serious grievous charges, Australia, Germany, stopped funding world vision in the Middle East right now until they can find out more and I want to assure you that no one is more mortified about this than the leaders of world vision as as you can understand and they have many checks and balances in an audit sent ways to ensure that funds are going with her supposed to go. You say how could this happen know if it is true. Israeli intelligence also says it wasn't just you and is it Caesar was this world vision. It was also a for example, United Nations. They had workers that United Nations and said that that things have been misused by Hamas and in fact, it's pretty much open secret. I don't know anybody that really a debates this that that it in. In point of fact large amounts of aid that coming from all around the world to Hamas, which are this many times. Do not go do not go to care for needy children rebuild homes for needy families.

They going to arguments they go into making terror tunnels they going to stockpiling weapons with the goal of killing Jews.

It is a horror and end organizations that are working to help the poor and the needy are really in a very difficult situation, a very difficult situation because it you want to help people tailgaters with the minds can go a dozen out if this is true. How could it happen and he doesn't world vision look for an accounting presents than they do in their goal. In the midst of the Middle East conflict is to stay neutral, their goal is to say, look, I know that things are extremely volatile. I know that things are ugly that Israel would say look which I live in peace.

We got murderers radical Muslim terrorist try to kill us day and night trying protect ourselves and you have posted and send their their install Amana tartlets RR home. Lambert were dispossessed people refugee people. His visual provision saying we can't get involved in that dispute because our goal is to help needy children in particular. But I've read one claim is that this Hamas operative is true, showed Israel. Yet, here are the trackers that we purchase this for land development so on. Within those tractors were used to build terror tunnels. The roads there all kinds of devious ways an evil group like Hamas can take money allegedly give accounting for and use it for demonic purposes, but pray for justice pray for truth to rise terms of the organizations involved no less than one will vision I spoke to the leaders. I know their heart here that want to help. This is a very painful situation like that. Her it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown in the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking to thoroughly hear is Thursday.

This thoroughly. Michael Brown thanks, drawing is 866337884 with any Jewish related questions so you may have followed what happened in Israeli Judah, what's the word Sachiko. So Judah participant in a match against an Egyptian participant he he defeats him right.

This is a heavyweight judo participants.

He defeats him and then you you vowed to each other and then shake hands.

That's what's normally done so. The Israeli defeated the Egyptian bow to him is not reciprocated, reached out to shake hands and demand specifically avoided the handshake. So violated the typical behavior and he has been sent back from the other became so he has been disciplined because of it and the Egyptian Olympic Committee also quotes strongly condemned his actions. They're the ones behind sending him home screen of the Olympics. Israel does a lot of things that are amazing in terms of technology in terms of medical developments, agricultural developments, it's amazing for a country that's small 6 million Jews right and then by million 1/2 at Arabs and some others that country. That's small, has that many Nobel Prize winners and that many patents and there is a video. I'm sure there are many on YouTube you before you boycott Israel just realized which can be boycotting you will be a leader. So for you if you lose your computer because they all have Israeli technology somewhere in them somewhere along the line yet and Israel's great militarily and and it's it's combatants are well-trained and well disciplined and and and they have help trained armies in other parts the world affect the nation of Singapore historically had a good relationship with Israel and in its infancy, as a nation. Israelis came over to help train their army and things like that so in any case. In any case, this Israel does not do all the Olympics for whatever reason Israel does not do well in the Olympics sought a molecular reporter hundreds welcome Israeli medalists at the airport more than 500 enthusiastic fans gathered on Monday night August 15 at the Ben-Gurion efforts. Welcome back is really true because sexist Utica your Dan Kirby and Oris, a son who won bronze medals at the Rio Pacific self via the athletes which were were shocked to see the hundreds of people who were there, along with their families so willing to bronze is like a big big big thing in Israel is a big thing willing to bronze medals and from this report, there have only been eight medals that Israel's one in the Olympic Games age medals while self afforded her for reduce Israelis got a lot of things that well but somehow Olympics not to do good yet. All right we go to Charlotte, North Carolina Teresa, welcome to the line of fire. Thank you, are you going to law thanks. Good biblical questionnaire well wasn't what I read in the Bible that the Jews Jewish God's chosen people.

PME or maybe one that is yet show short and this is this is a positive and negative meaning it's been a special privilege, but it's been very costly.

So here's the deal. God loves the whole world the same way but he wanted to send the Messiah into the world to save the world and in order to send the Messiah into the world.

He had to have a people through whom he could send them. In other words, he had seven people who would understand that there's only one true God that would understand what sin is. That would understand what holiness is.

That would understand what atonement was all these things so he he call he found one man, Abraham, Abram change his name to Abraham and then chose his son Isaac then chose his son Jacob and then and the 12 tribes chose Judah, and then through Judah, the Messiah came, and remember all the followers of Jesus were Jews. And then they were the ones that one told the rest of the world, because the rest the world didn't know who God wants the rest of the world didn't understand issues of sin and salvation and atonement so someone had to be there. The message of God shows Israel to teach them and it took a long time. He would have to discipline and they would worship other gods, follow false gods they would commit sin, and he would judge them. Amos the third chapter God assist Israel.

You only have I chosen you only have I known, out of all the families on the earth. Therefore, I will punish you for your transgressions. So being chosen had real consequences. There's even a Jewish joke.

This is so want you to someone else so that's where it starts and now everyone who is a follower of Jesus. We are now chosen and elect so Jew and Gentile in Jesus are chosen and elect and God's people, but it doesn't mean he Israel. Israel still chosen, but for Jewish person to be in right relationship with God. They have to come through Jesus, like everyone else.

So God is still dealing with Israel's chosen nation. That's why even though we've suffered so much as Jews as some of you myself been scattered around the world. We somehow survive. Not because of of our greatness, but because of God's plan and and we survived and we were brought back to the land after the Holocaust. So that's all because God still has his hand on us, but to be in right relationship with him have to come through Jesus the Messiah.

Okay okay thank you very much. You are very welcome and again it was never a matter of racial superiority or of preference or prejudice. It was always a matter of God wanted to bless the whole world through the Messiah. I thank you for the question. It's it's an important one. So where Jewish people stand where it is a religious rabbi stand restricted you are chosen, but not in right relationship with God right now because that only comes through Jesus the Messiah. All right, let's go to Robbie. Also in Charlotte North Carolina.

Welcome to the line of fire, and dark brown with thank you so after and prepared a message from Dr. chapter 3 when the people are taking the ark of the covenant across the Jordan River. There finally making it across the research on what was in the ark and got conflicting biblical information. I know that the Bible ironing which is want to get your with them at the what you thought the research found that one place that they can be proved that the audit brought up. Aaron ended up holding the bowl with it been reading the Old Testament Birgit the only thing that was that the ark was law the commandment� Did note you have been with them to share with their which was or both are yeah breast. It starts out if you read through the Pentateuch and and look for their it starts out that you have that the two stone tablets of the 10 Commandments and then you had you. You also had the broad that but it and the pot with with manna so these were initially in there as memorials but by the time so so you have the ark that was in the tabernacle right right and then they they they traveled with her from place to place within a David state. He said hey we we need a permanent setting for while build the temple of God's a great idea but your son will build it because you got plenty handsome old Worsham fought so that's the that's when it becomes permanent. At that point the only thing it's in the ark is the is the tablets you don't have it. Aside from the incense officer for the goings on the weigh-in but you don't have the other items you don't have the Roth and then you don't have the that the manna that's out there for whatever reason, is just not there. It was originally so described in the tabernacle.

That's what Hebrews is describing that's what is there. Then by the time of the temple. So, several hundred years later we don't have clear evidence of what happened but we just know it's on the stone tablets and then after the Babylonian exile.

The return so the second Temple. You don't even have the ark with that with stone tablets see that you don't even have the mercy that what was called the mercy seat that was there in the ER. The Angels with the whole thing that you have in there.

Don't even have any more. Can you give any validity to make ark that they stole the rod all there any validity to that are what you know it's an interesting question because that's when the ark is out of of Israelite control for period of time. The only thing is, you would think it would be mentioned. And it's not that's not anything I and the more importantly this is such a triumph for the God of Israel to the gods of the Philistines and showing that he's the one true God and don't mess with the art you have to think they stole some of it for the consequences. So I I will speculate that I would say it's highly unlikely. Hey, thanks for the karate lessons under message file in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown I am an atheist and open-minded atheism trip. I am no longer an atheist Alex to believe in God's existence. Now I do not do not believe in God's existence is what can actually change atheist hearts and minds the question is asked in the atheist delusion gets people to say you not think there could be a God. What scientific question could be asked or raised.

What is it that's causing Christians to worship at the end of this movie can downloaded from a website asked her to run SK dear we had last week. We've extended the special offer one more week has been such a great response but time is running short and we also did something kind of unprecedented it. It's if you attended the classes it would've been like 200-4200 $50 to attend all six summer classes a few years ago for school of Ministry school of cultural engagement.

If you doubt it if if you're the CDs that are hundred $50 for over 40 hours of teaching by top experts on wonderful cultural engagement subjects, but you download everything all 40+ hours for $20 yet so take advantage this order, the DVD atheist delusion and take advantage of the special download offer. You may never see it like this again and that's it Esther to Brown that or you get all further details on the video and on the classes on the website that you see it right on the homepage okay 866-34-TRUTH a little more wisdom from Proverbs and this is my part of my article to candidate Donald Trump. Yeah, the book of Proverbs and the winning strategy for candidate Trump try to be helpful, trying to be helpful as I was reading through Proverbs I'm doing is really neat thing I never did this before with a formal Bible reading plan, but you do a lot of reading of Scripture it's the Bible in 90 days so you might read, 14, 15 chapters in a day. If the shorter chapters it, it may be that twentysomething chapters in the Psalms 1 chapters might be 12 Jurgen my reading and unless you have a lot a lot of time to do it your you're going through it you know you're moving quickly through the material you know your reading through Proverbs in a couple of days are in and out in and see your you're getting reminded us� And the word if you read the word before and you get the overview of things and just had a feeling that the. It's also closing your eyes with her with a beautiful wind in your face is just well there's like this refreshing nature.

The word just kind of how his breathe at Annie's trinket and hockey let it blow upon you and breathe it in the interest is reading it it at a faster pace. I said go through Proverbs the other day I was yesterday.

As I grab this village was never there for Donald Trump really live by this so become the next president be a good president at a rate some of posting negative, I well that's bad advice because of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Tell you what you read Proverbs like I'm advising them to do one chapter every day and ask God for wisdom.

Something happened to your heart, is that he can put the book down into that unit equipped unit equipped reading okay of Proverbs 9 versus 89 do not reprove a scoffer or he'll hate you reprove a wise man and I love you give instruction to a wise man and he'll be wiser still teach a righteous man and he'll increase in learning social was a full due. Did you talk to me listen you stupid man. Why could surprise her. I don't like being corrected in the natural. I don't welcome that someone saying microchip is raw. Dr. Brown will respect what you said was wrong. I like that I don't like writing something and then send out mass. Okay, let's review what I wrote to say that this is noted here when he was

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