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Dr. Brown Responds to Some Israel Critics and an Interview on Jesus the Jew

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 20, 2017 4:51 pm

Dr. Brown Responds to Some Israel Critics and an Interview on Jesus the Jew

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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So has God really regathered Israel today is the interpretation of the Bible is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us today on the line of our did you did you hear VP Pentz's comments in the last few days assuring crowd of Christian scientists that the US Embassy will be moved to Jerusalem and Israel will talk about that in a moment some more news of importance from Israel regarding the Temple Mount talked about that and a lot more and one of the craziest emails I've ever received in my entire life was forwarded to me by my team earlier today and share that with you as well. 86634. Truth is under call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you have any Jewish related question for me Hebrew related Judaism related Israel related by all means give me a call I get to as many calls as I can over the course of the broadcast. Again, it's 866-34-TRUTH. Where do I want to start all in and I I've got blasted by one guy in a few different places and it was it was sent to me on Internet blasting me for misinterpreting the Bible you look at the Bible is far as the regathering of Israel. It's one thing to disagree but the voice of this agree it's it's really, while the a few virulent fake Jews post from from those who claim to be Black Hebrew Israelites.

Never a dull moment here on the line of fire. I do have some recent articles that you'll find very relevant as well as some recent videos. You can check all of them out at asked Dr. Brown a SK DR that is the place to go for all of us. Okay, so where do I start about this.

VP Mike pence on Monday was speaking to a gathering of Christians United for Israel. So these are Christian Zionists and here's what he said yes. Obviously, this is what they would want him to say this is led by John Haig.

He was a very strong friend of of the nation of Israel.

But here, here is what he said to them, as vice president. I promise you that the day will come when Pres. Donald Trump moves the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He said it's not a question of if it is only when he said this under Pres. Donald Trump of the world knows nothing else in the world will know this. America stands with Israel now and always.

And before the speech, there was a speech from a Prime Minister Netanyahu assented by satellite remotely is of the capital.

Israel is Jerusalem the embassies of the world should be introduce them. I know I believe that I know you believe that I thank you for that support. So VP Pentz is basically saying look the whole world is going to have to know that we stand with Israel. In this way, and those that oppose it are just going to have to accept that this is the reality. I do believe it's important. I do understand there will be backlash because of it, but those who genuinely want peace with Israel will be able to have peace with Israel, with Jerusalem as the capital and that's a nonnegotiable really for the people of Israel and undivided Jerusalem for much of the nation remains something that is sacred. All right really come back with some more calls very quickly.

866-4870 the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown in and French to Thursday this is Michael Brown. Thanks for joining us today, 86634. Truth is the number to call you know the human race is reflected on the Internet.

There's a lot of beauty and there's a lot of ugliness. We posted last night, a note of the diagnosis of presence of Sen. John McCain.

That is 80 years old and diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor, aggressive brain cancer and we had a close friend who died of brain cancer. I had an aunt when I was a boy who died of brain cancer.

It's obviously a dreaded disease and I don't care what your political standing is sore with yours a foe or friend of Sen. McCain when you hear of anyone in that condition.

Any decent human being is is going to pray or that they don't know the Lord are gonna want that person to recover wish the best for them. So of course, lots of people posting on the asked Dr. Brown page. Lots of people posting and saying that they're praying for him or they didn't agree with his politics, but there praying for him. And of course that's the way it should. But here and there.

I just looked at him, a look at most of the comments for for a number of reasons, but here and there. I looked at some of the comments because I wanted to see how people were responding and what happened was as as I looked I I noticed that that some people were wishing for his death. So II not only deleted those comments. I blocked them I blocked them from from having any access to that Facebook page again it's it's symptomatic of the human race as a whole. In my view, what you get on Internet you get the good and you get the bad. This is plain ugly. It reminded me of that as I was just looking at this post of a guy attacking me and some of course I can support my biblical position, but he's at your deceived and he's got things AND open your eyes like buddy grow up man I'm reading the same Bible you are immediate and the fear of the Lord I'm studying it carefully to do my best to understand what God's truth says when you come in with your own controversial views and then blasting others, and IT just makes you look bad, just a word of advice there 866-34-TRUTH on the rights of the phones will start in Virginia. Deborah, welcome to the line of fire. While I can't believe I'm talking to Dr. Brown. It's really a black thing I have five double questionable.

One of them you can't answer for me on the email. My husband is not a believer in issuing Jewish Baptist and that the Lord and just really because he won't read any book just enough it looks in the natural like he's rejecting you Sheila but I know God is the final authority on point and praying.

My question is how I really thought your post on Facebook about is sharing with people about the Lord. How can you start a conversation like I don't want to just come across is alienating people, and especially Jewish people and but I don't want to be afraid of offending them I want to share you, Sheila. But how do I get started if it doesn't just come up in a conversation.

Yeah that's that's a very good question Deborah.

I'm so glad we could get to speak with you. Just one thing quick about about your husband yet you won't read anything. Is he willing to watch something I'm not well you had them watch things before you fight. Why do you want me to see that you're trying to tell me me. It's been a long time and I've got everything wrong, nagging him and I've stopped all bad on.

But what is it me, I'll try to just just a thought that on my website asked Dr. you can watch some debates that I've done with rabbis or if you click on the real Messiah real there are debates of them with rabbis which he hates the hay will test you, but just Jewish. Would you want to watch us as a rabbi debating a Jewish guy who believes in Jesus.

You know what you might say Nonno, but because is a rabbi involved because the other side is being presented. He might be interested in watching but the best thing you can do is really be full of the love of God walk in such a way that he says while my wife is an amazing woman and and pray for him and and obviously for a moment, I'm sure you do on and and don't be discouraged everything I want.

My friend and they do work, did not yet so so this is your right. Don't you want to neck him and you want it you want to shine just as as it is a follower of Yeshua should and pray for him. Prayer is tremendously powerful, so don't be discouraged. God is listening to your prayers and measuring things are going on behind the scenes of his own your husband's own heart.

You may not even see it. But if you pray God is God is working okay but we really appreciate that in Korea yes so so as far as witnessing to others.

If something doesn't come up you can you can just if you have enough time to chat with the person may run a flight flying or traveling, sitting next to someone or just small talk, you know, you happen to meet someone store your small talking.

If if you have the ability to get fear, normally by asking people questions. They're happy to talk about themselves and if you just say so. You know how are you how are you raised your year we raised in any room and any religion and/or have any thoughts about it. If there's anything going on at all deal politically or socially can time with religion. So was a lot of talk about Islam these days do you have any thoughts about that you know and then just from there. Try to find out how mother raised her when they believed for you. Note just I was get my haircut yesterday at an airport and the guy had Middle Eastern accent was brown skinned and so his name.

I said to him, so you from Egypt.

He said yeah how do you know that so I said well you know the Middle Eastern accent in the brown skin and you the names like a good Egyptian name, so is been the states for years but he said he was Muslim but growing up in Egypt at Coptic Christians were neighbors. They were friends. They'll play together. Everyone got along together they share their food together, and so on and cassettes which should be these other guys are crazy talk about in the radical Muslims in us about yeah and we were all called to love our neighbor as ourselves together that's in the Quran. It was just in II want as far as I could in the context of the discussion, but it basically started with me just asking about his upbringing and so on. No where he's from, but you know the other thing is you cannot always ask the Lord for you just for a good opening comment to make.

Sometimes an out if the person just seems you down are struggling with things or hate. By the way, I'm a real strong person of faith and I'd love to. Is there anything going on just you know anything I could pray for your life or anything like that.

A lot of people take that in a very positive way and then doors can open. From there, but like anything else.

You see, pray every day. Lord, use me to touch those who don't know you right Justin on a daily basis. Lord, use me to touch those who don't know you asked for divine appointments divine open doors and and you'll be amazed what happens you know somebody will you be talking to someone. Next, he rose hate this must be the open door. This must be the divine appointment. This person is really open and needy, and I'm flying to Minnesota right after the show today for an Israel conference there this weekend but it reminds me speaking at the same church. Years ago, that's hosting the conference I was I was flying to Minnesota and I was upgraded to Sophos emotional them automatically upgraded to first class on domestic flights and there were these business people traveling together, and two of them wanted to sit next to each other to talk during the flight, so they also could you switch seats, so we and then someone switch seats with me and then would you mind switching it.

I think it was for different switches until they finally worked out with her try to work out and I at every Thomas is defined as a matter out so by the end I said to myself this must be a divine appointment. There must be a reason. I'm sitting next to this person on this flight because we just switch seats three or four times, and sure enough within minutes. I love to have my Bible open or my computer open to the Bible. Whatever it was, the guy realized that was in ministry. He begins pouring out of her instantly said, I I know this may be a hard question. You may not want to talk but I'm not sure about God and have questions about God's church planters heart is completely broken. Crying on the plane comes to the meeting that night and with cheers gets wonderfully born again so.God can do that and you don't have to push. You don't have to be obnoxious because the right person will be there at the right time, but Lord, we pray for your grace on Deborah and we pray for husband just as you save me in the midst of my rebellion and hardness and and all of the sins of the flesh in my life as a Jewish young man save this husband bring them to yourself real to him asking his name all right will be right.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown okay to ask you until you do it.

Have you downloaded the intro and first chapter of saving a sick yet obsolete free to do so. Go to saving have you watch the trailer there yet. It's getting tens of thousands of views have you watched it yet three minutes. Trust me, it will be worth your time will stir your heart once you do that if you want to preorder a signed and numbered copy of the book.

If you like to preorder it. Go to asked Dr. you see it right on the homepage. This is especially collectors edition just from the first printing we number them and sign them for you. 866-348-7884. Let's go back to the phones in Alexandria, Virginia Tony, welcome to the line of fire door doing well thank you in order to target. Are you young here. Go ahead and talk you about the EPO. You would think about the treatment of those guarded are you not in emigrated in. You know you the state of your relevant factor they have to be circumscribed before they can note integrate into the country and you treatment at the rear Jewish people of the world, albeit treated so poorly in his work just to clarify one thing when you see the real Jewish people of the world do you mean that people like me with the bulk of the nation of Israel that were not real Jewish people got on the Army you came from Europe in the people you know okay broke up out of the year so you know just authenticity right right well I should actually these you can just don't speak Hebrew. This that they speak.

Hark for Tigre in the know they don't know tell me they learned Hebrew in Israel. No person or people they speak the original version of Tony tell me that they don't they're not.

He responded with a solid bilateral rep treated that way. You okay there there several answers to your question number one at great cost and sacrifice. Israel brought Ethiopian Jews over to Israel and what was called operation Moses operation Solomon there's a lot of sacrifice that was made to bring them over because Israel recognize them as real Jews. That's very positive. Israel is to be commended for that and others getting their spamming to get to the bed in a second okay so that's very positive that Israel went out of its way to regather recognize them as fellow Jews and and said we know you're suffering there in Ethiopia. We want to bring you to Israel. They did that it a great sacrifice and that's commendable. That's number one number two that's also positive is that Ethiopian Jews have been there long enough now to be widely incorporated into the society and to serve in various capacities in society with respect and honor. Like every other Israeli citizen that's positive what's negative is a first what you mention having to undergo a not a full circumcision, but by the dropping of blood.

In other words, having to undergo some type of rabbinic conversion because according to the traditional rabbis they were not fully authentically Jewish. That's an insult to them.

Some of their traditions go back to before the days of the traditional rabbis so that's negative and and I don't agree with that and I feel it was it was demeaning to them to have to do it and they have encountered some levels of discrimination and according to some reports were some of the women were sterilized without their knowledge, which is actually horrific.

And of course when word got out about that. There was an outcry in Israel. So Israel has been seeking to make this right because there has been some mistreatment of them and I stand with you and saying that it's wrong so it Israel's going good in bringing them back and incorporating them in society and say we recognize you as fellow Jews. In other ways the traditional rabbis have not fully embrace them as fellow Jews in the state. They go through eight certain conversion ceremony to take on rabbinic tradition and they definitely have suffered some mistreatment there, which is ugly and wrong and and inexcusable. So that's that's my honest answer. Work through you know when you Israel went out of his way to allow these people to come to you and him him him him in the European powers go out of their way to give them a lab to go totter. I would be that of going to know there were no no Israel, Israel went into Ethiopia and brought them slough them in those it does do with UN or Europe or anything. This was is about Jewish people from Europe before, but you know don't talk about how long they've been there. What made it may get blown into Israel, and while not all first first thing there are hundreds of thousands of Jews in the Middle East that have lived there for centuries, Middle Eastern Jews, there is a regular mate when they actually got there they were. They had an agreement, the people depicted were not you. At that time. When they purchased the land originally set out after the war right sided on the they've got there without her leg, went out of their way to British British British government refused to let Jews into was called Palestine when they were fleeing for their own lies from the Holocaust. Okay, they were turned back, and many of them perished in in Europe because of that right that's that's number one. Number two is that once that those Jews living in Israel were now recognized as Israel's God, who regather them. Then there were hundreds of thousands of Jews made 800,000 Middle East injuries that European back on middle eastern Jews. Okay, they were exiled from the surrounding countries surrounding Muslim Arab countries with the rebirth of Israel. 4748 Israel then took them in and then decades later. Yes, Israel went out of its way to fly into Ethiopia and to bring Ethiopian Jews at their expense into Israel and to settle them in the land. Yes they went out of their way to do it at this until I am being straight with you I told you it Israel's done wrong. I think you need to realize what Israel's done right as well commendable and another thing as well when they you know that when the Russian big big event with the Russian remember that Tuesday day Israel, Israel, all yellow as Russian Jews were coming into persecution, yeah, of course, openly announce that you try really. I wouldn't let it may make circumscribed women in their wet what the people like that but the dude came right in this Saturday at UW to bring right right and many of them was totally secular. You're right it's unequal treatment. I agree with you what it is is that the the Russian Jews.

Everyone knows where there most of their origins were in the came from Jewish families, but there were still some that disputed with the Ethiopian Jews were real Jews or not wasn't the skin coloration because you have a lot of dark skinned Jews living in Israel. It was that the rabbis were not thoroughly convinced of the of the Jewishness of the people them and felt this was necessary, but hey, I agree with you is wrong should happen.

It's unequal treatment so we agree on that ceramide.

Let's let's focus only agree on and let there be equal treatment for all views coming back to the land they thank you sir for the honest question.

It's the line of fire with your host activist and author internationals leader and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown my have okay or are you ready for one of the craziest emails I have ever gotten you trust me I will seal the vast majority males that come into our ministry. I don't see but some or forwarded to me a positive testimonies or real crazy ones. So this is this I mean III hate the fact that somebody could be this deceived. I hate the fact that someone could be this misled and take this also seriously and think that they're doing this in God's name but here we go. First, this guy misspells my name throughout.

So it's Michael MI CH a EL not BAL. By the way Michael comes from Hebrew if you're wondering why the CHC AL so strange way to sick call right looks like Mitch Mitch, IL or something. Note what he reads Mihai L who is like God comes Michael in English rights. I have been formally excommunicated by somebody because I continue to give support and succor to the heretic James White yet so they actually set this up with the Scriptures.

I brought discredit to the body of Christ by my sitter promoting apostasy and bearing false witness to our Lord. In spite of the patient care of this church. I remain a reprint of the studies of problems individuals. Dr. White suggested to Minnesota to be responding to bully the church or of what the poor guy a minute. I feel bad for the guy anyway and then then at the end I think notices James pointed out to its final exhortation figure this one out. You ready let us all pray that the Holy Spirit Grant Lulu grace to recognize or send working her genuine repentance and restore the fellowship of the Lord was brief.

I guess this this must've been a form letter for excommunication got it. That's in there must to use that on some gal named Lulu previously and they forgot to change it at the end of the office of their blanks to fill in right and and at the end. The closing exhortation date they forgot to do it so I can imagine this. I III know I know I know it's not funny. In terms of someone is this sincerely deceived, misled, believing all kinds of idiocy and nonsense against brothers in the Lord.

That's not funny, but went when you have this kind of garbage and junk and trash coming against you.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh so the whole saying is idiotic enough but but the fact that it's obviously a form for excommunication and then you fill in the name and if it's the man you say he him through his woman.

She, her hers obviously forgot to do it. So the last. The last line let us all pray that the Holy Spirit Grant Lulu grace the recognizer said working her genuine repentance. Mr. Foster before this people hate a body may the Lord grant you repentance for your misleading attacks on brothers and sisters in the body add for the record, I'm in great fellowship with the Lord, great fellowship with his people.

We pray for folks like you to really come into the fullness of the truth and grace of God so that you can experience him, make him known. The way he's called you to those who curse us. We bless in the name of pretty wild half error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown drawing us on the modify Michael promises early Jewish Thursday. If you go to Jewish Israel Hebrew related question give me a call 866-348-7884 by the way, the fact that my ancestry goes back to Israel biblical Israel by way of Europe is no different than someone else who's ancestry to Israel that a Jewish person goes back to Israel by way of China. Some else there ancestry goes back to Israel by way of South America.

Someone else there ancestry to Israel goes back by way of Africa. In other words, we have been scattered all around the world and will scattered in different parts of the world. There have been Jews who assimilated by marrying into the surrounding cultures.

They're basically lost to history there have been others who have grown the family of Israel as people from the outside converted to Judaism and married in. That's how these people were preserved as Jews. That's why you have Jews who look oriental. That's why you have Jews with what we call black skin around skin white skin and I magically car thus Redskin right so you're going to have Jews from a wide variety of backgrounds but and and and some just converts a certain point joined in but the reason that you have the various colors is because of the fact that we have lived in many different parts of the world.

And while there people have married Jews converted to Judaism and become part of the larger people of Israel. 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Okay, so there's a guy named Morgan and he took strong issue with my one video one minute video on the regathering of Israel as a reason it's one minute is because I can make the point in one minute and it's it's a simple point if we recognize that when God curses.

No one can bless when he blesses no one can curse when he smites them. I can feel when he heals. No one can smite when he opens the door. No one can close it when he closes the door. No one can open when he scatters no one can gather when he gathers no one can scatter if in fact God scattered the Jewish people around the world under judgment for rejection of the law and the prophets in the Messiah. If we now have more than 6 million Jews living in the land of Israel.

Then God must have regathered us right is very simple. Otherwise we regathered ourselves or Satan regathered us so the nations regathered us, which cannot happen, cannot happen if in fact we have been scattered by God's judgment right that that would be like saying, yet God cursed but but we we reversed it, and blessed ourselves or God cursed, but the other nations the world reversed it in, and blessed that you cannot undo something that God has decreed so is my simple point while this and I appoint the psychos different people will blast and attack from different areas and and and again if you can attack. Feel free to go at it with with you both gun barrels blasting go-ahead. It just makes you look bad all the caps and the exclamation points in the insults but it's fine if that's how you make your point. Just tell me it's counterproductive. Dr. Brown you're deceived on this issue too! Jeremiah 35 through nine declares that this regathering will only take place after Jacob's trouble AND after King David sits on the throne in Jerusalem will actually Jeremiah 30 in context is first and foremost, speaking about the regathering of the Jewish people after the Babylonian exile which took place 2500 years ago and then by later application applies to final ingathering. You could also say that part of the file. Jacob's trouble was the Holocaust, after which state of Israel was birthed in the regathering continues until this day over over the period of these last couple of generations. So rather exclamation points and and shouting in caps. Perhaps best to to examine the textbook carefully and indent doesn't address my point of who regathered his so you're saying that if the answer is, and that people that are themselves the God scattered.

They said we don't care regathered. You know it's it's it's like sing-along to defy the law of gravity. I know God set up a low gravity but not to go to fight no you don't defy you jump out a window with all defiance rebel you want you to press to the ground is 1110 declares quote again and that it is should be rid of Jesse Witchel. Stanford and some of the people to it so gentle seeking threat shall be glorious. The skipper of the King David will be sued interested before this frustration takes place actually this is talking about the Gentiles here, by the way, right and in yes gnosis is a contrast that they verse 11 that the Lord shall citizen again a second time to recover the ram event of his people, which shall be left for the remnant that will be left, the remnant that will be left right now at least one third, if not almost 50% of all Jews worldwide live in Israel by the time the Lord returns and establishes his kingdom there will be just a remnant left in different parts of it seems to be with the Scriptures is saying. And yes, that's when the regathering will be completed then Jesus in caps promise that this regathering of Israel will happen after the tribulation of those days as seen in Matthew 24, 29 actually actually this is not speaking proud of the regathering of Israel arrived. Hell gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. You could argue that this is the Lord appearing after the tribulation.

The Lord appearing in glory and catching us up to meet him in the air. You can well argue that that means that rather than the regathering of Israel to point doesn't tell us in Zechariah 12 and Zechariah 14 speak about this very event that there will be a Jewish Jerusalem and the third, that there will be Jewish control Jerusalem at an end that the world will come against this Jewish control Jerusalem, where the students come from me like it's easy to demolish, demolish not just different with but demolish every line of this argument with his interested. I agree with that truth. So Dr. Brown your assertion that Israel has been regathered. The second time and try to be fair to the System is nothing more than a falsehood and speculative nonsense in America. Your declared caliber should not be involved in multiple exposure sometime in my caliber, but the clerk out the words I say I'm somebody, help these folks also who is it that it is the Scriptures declare that in imposter Israel appear in the letters all the Scriptures declare that really wow the Scriptures declare that. So here you realize there's a deeper issue here, perhaps even a Jew hatred that is fueling the fires of this man's deception right. Genesis 4917. This is his big proof.

This is big proof that Israel today is imposter. Jews are I see you got a go on. These businesses are tangents down shall be a serpent in the way of Viper by the path that bites the horses heels that is right or falls backwards.

This is proof so I could give a whole Bible of evidence but because he's got one verse having zero to do with the subject will whatsoever deconstruct the home myth on and I'm using this as an example because people do this, these nonsensical things. There is a massive tree standing there in the Bible tells about this massive tree and there's a tip of a branch on on the furthest most branch with a with a little leaf coming offense was denied a tree as a title that leap over major majors and you won't get into all this nonsense so from here. This refers to the dynamite Rothschilds and their financial manipulation. It resulted in the May 14, 1948 imposter Israel big established so this guy is really in deep deep deep error and now there's gonna be Dan.

I shoo in imposter Israel will be ruled by a downright Jew will be the antichrist and that he is with Dr. Brown open rose to the biblical truths that's IT'S one thing like that all! So and that's followed by the point that the people of Israel are fakes. So you get this just a lot of deception comes to Israel man all kinds of idiotic, ugly, deception, and often the ones who are deceived or the most aggressive when on the side of truth. You say hey look at it.

The truth is clear and you can say hey here's one verse two, five, 10, 20, 30, 50 or hundred look at the evidence. There is when you're in the way of deception and spirit. You alone so you rather on the French man, Monahan, Lorraine, nothing deception to the center of the word focus on the majors. God help us for cleansing and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown 7884 is the number to call.

Yeah, I saw this earlier, but try to look into it more. It's so uncharacteristic this report and free by Adam Credo State Department blames Israel for terrorism claims. Palestinians rarely incite attacks State Department is facing harsh criticism, proclaiming an official report that Israel is to blame for terrorism attacks committed by Palestinians accusing the Jewish data be largely responsible for an impasse in peace negotiations. According to leading member of Congress was calling on the State Department correct its inaccurate harmful characterization of Israel, the State Department, its latest annual report on the global terrorism situation, blames Israel is really security policies were still in the peace process and claims that Palestinians rarely incite terror attacks.

This is this is just so odd given the stance of Pres. Trump towards his room, given the reports which put into everything I know are accurate reports. Does it come from sources on both sides that wallet Israel. Pres. Trump when he met with Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian Authority that when he met with him. He yelled at him and said you you tricked us. You deceived us was when you gave your your public statement went when we were all there together in DC and you gave your public statement you you misled us.

You said you get on site tell you, you try to raise your children, environment, peace, and all the stuff in and it's it seems very odd and given. Of course, the fact that got Jared Kushner religious Jew and Yvonne Corinna right there so close to the president did and strong friends of Israel on the cabinet. It it seems very odd but I'm looking at a letter from Peter rock scam, a committee of ways and means. So a representative Peter Ross Graham and it is set to two Rex Tiller sent Secretary of State Stu Epperson and it's dated today your secretary, Tiller sent a right to express my concerns about numerous mischaracterizations from the 2016 State Department country reports on terrorism which undermine the prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace and wrongly blame Israel for posting and terrorism against Israeli civilians at the highest level, the Palestinian Authority leadership to the PA directly incites rewards in some cases carries out terrorist attacks against innocent Israelis in order to effectively combat terrorism is parted imperative the United States accurately characterizes root cause PA leadership just days ago to Israeli police officers were brutally murdered in a terrorist attack on the Temple Mount to support efforts to prevent additional tax in the future strongly encourage you to modify the 2016 State Department country reports and terrorism to accurately assess the driving forces behind custody terrorism and hold responsible those posting leadership who foster violence against Israeli civilians.

This goes on it's it's a couple of pages long and and and and look the Trump administration the Trump administration has challenged Palestinian Authority and told him stop paying terrorists you got terrorists who are in prison and you're paying their salaries. Your your your support in their family stop doing it and peasant authorities posited scornfully, no way. So here this this letter from representative rocks and during the last major wave Palestinian terrorism, which began September 2015. He continues today. Palestinian terrorists executed 181 Stephanie attacks 159 shootings and 60 vehicular Remi attacks, which killed over 50 Israelis and injured nearly a thousand prisons.

Abbas to Dean the stairway for peaceful uprising was a key supporter of these heinous attacks of September 16, 2016. He stated on Palestinian TV. We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem this pureblood clean blood on its way to along with the help of all law.

Every model will be inherent in every wounded will get his reward. This president Mohammed Abbas September 16, 2016 prison Abbas has is and is really blood on his hands and forge these remarks excluded Mr. State Department report minimizing his share of responsibility for violence against Israelis.

Prison, Abbas should be held accountable for his incitement of terrorism, I mean that the only thing I could understand from this nothing I could guess is that this is prepared under the State Department last year.

This is this is prepared in the midst of real hostility towards Israel or less friendly relationship with Israel under Pres. Obama and that somehow it wasn't vetted and was sent out now minute be horrified to think that this reflects the sentiments of Rex Tiller sent Secretary of State Tiller's mercy understand that this not reflect the sentiments of Pres. Trump or the sentiments of VP Mike pence or the sentiments of many cabinet members some of whom I know for sure surveillance spoken to one.

I've spoken to his strong friend of Israel so that would be my only guess that it was the 2016 report prepared under the previous administration and sent out without proper vetting, which is still a shame shouldn't happen. That's pretty wild when I saw that I thought that that's that's gotta be it is that fake news or something.

It could be fake news but it it seems not to be the case and sick at home looking at the actual letter that was sent out to suppressing other news about this right here is okay. This goes back a little further. I haven't been to see what I get more on this to us is reporting this and how they are reporting it. Hey Frank, just a reminder that we would love to have you as part of our support team. We would love to have you as folks standing with us as we reach out to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, so may I strongly encourage you to pray for us within the next few weeks I'm going to be doing major recording were finally get everything scheduled special outreach broadcast for the Jewish people Israel never been done like this before specifically reaching Israelis interacting with footage of Israelis answering lots of different questions about God in your shoe and the Messiah and the beekeeper captions and diskettes every home with cable TV and Israel. So please be praying for us that God would give me wisdom that I be able to focus on this in the midst of everything else going on with schedule and that every need would be met that our needs would be supplied as we do this and you can help with that. You can send in a one time gift through going to asked her to ask if your brother or clicking on donate or become one of our monthly support is a torchbearer standing with us with a least a dollar a day per month to $30 or more per month standing with us. We send you a new message on CD or download every single month.

We give you discount online bookstore special access to online classes all kinds of special benefits as we so back into you as you stand with us friends doors are open to hold my hands up without loss of the house is the aspect On donate, do it from my heart. Thank you for your solidarity so has God really regathered Israel today is the interpretation of the Bible is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. So we mean when we speak about the Jewishness of Jesus. What what we mean when we speak about Jesus Yeshua the Jew do we mean that he was a traditional Jew like a traditional Rabbi today will know that that would be the case with that would mean that many traditions that were developed centuries after the Messiah's death and resurrection that many of those traditions were known to them. Some of that that's wrong that would be like picturing George Washington driving a car on the other hand, when you picture Jesus Yeshua if you just picture him like some Christian out there if you just picture him like no churchgoing believer today war or a pastor. A select that was the plain stuff that that is done today in church and and they were Jesus.

That would've been totally foreign to him.

So in a minute, we're going to talk to a guest in England, who wrote a really neat useful book on Jesus, the Jew it's it's a a book that you'll find practical and that you'll find edifying and very readable endorsement for it is called the Jewish Jesus reconnecting with the truth about Jesus, Israel and the church by David Hoff, principal will be talking to David from England momentarily, but if you have a Jewish -related call if you have a Jewish -related call Jewish related question Israel related question question regarding Middle East today question about some verse in Hebrew was really mean I be delighted to take your calls, 8663 foray 87884. Also share with you some other some other issues that I think are of interest. Some radical extreme attacks that that come it's just amazing how much controversy is always surrounding Israel. It is just amazing how much controversy surrounds the Jewish people and you know you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't it's it's when Jews are being killed and slaughtered there that the Jews can't get away from their identity.

The Nazis were telling them of your one quarter Jewish of one grandparent that's Jewish right and and and you're gonna get killed because your Jewish and and Jews that had forsaken her Jewish heritage want to be thoroughly Christian 30 German they were still executed, so everybody than the can be Jewish is Jewish and then once the Jewish people back to family are realtors or conifer trees are the fake Jews interested so before the Jews in the land. People try to kill him was there back in the land.

People are denying there really choose what else do you know 8663 foray 878840 is not thoroughly Jewish Thursday related but yeah of the. The ark, Noah's Ark exhibit that has been put together the ark encountered by by Ken Ham and his ministry. It lights up in rainbow colors. The main rainbow goes back to Genesis 9 right word spoke about Scripture, God makes this is the covenant that he won't wipe out the earth with a flood again so it can Ham says we now have a new permanent rainbow lights of the ark encountered so all can see, that is God's rainbow. He determines its meaning in Genesis 6 I was Genesis 6 through nine rainbows reminder Gubler Regan fits the wickedness of man with a global flood. Next on the world be judged by fire, so some gay activists were upset with it.

This is Ken Ham said attempt to take back the rainbow symbol from the LGBT committee another.

It makes the ark with K anyway rainbows beautiful.David celebrated will be right back on file in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown (out with destiny image the Jewish Jesus and it's one of these books where I get asked all the time will always recommend for this award you recommend for that door and and sometimes it's like what this book would be good for this. And in this book would be good for that. And then this book will, but here's one book that covers so many of of the key areas of importance and want to take a few minutes to speak with David about the book.

Hey, welcome certain line of you there.

David hello are you there alright I guess not. Howard, we can see what's going on I know is calling us from England and we just made contact, but will will work it out. I'm sure the David will reconnect with us shortly to it. In the meantime, let me grab this opportunity to take a phone call and then as soon as we get Howard David back. We will connect you know what I just did okay this, we are flying here.

We are really flying and moving on my screen on my screen as I'm looking at the calls and communicating with those engineering the show. There are four options. One is called answer. I don't touch that want to touch that button that's for the call screener that is called hold and once someone calls in and is put on hold then that's that's where they'll be and if I need to put them on hold. Let's we have a break I can do that. What I want to bring them on the air.

I can do it or someone can do it for me but I it's easy for me just to click to do it and then when the call is done.

There's drop so start certain times. This is done for me, but other times is perfectly easy for me to point-and-click so as I went to bring our other caller on I hit drop and hung up. Thanks.

Looks at the reconnecting, so bye-bye apologies will will reconnect with that but I think we've got David England on the phone hey David how you doing hey Brown I'm good thing yet will you write with great as it officially makes it the connection here. It was great meeting you and in in England couple years back, and so please that that the book is out and it's got some some great endorsements. David first your own background. How is it that you was a Jew come to be a follower of Yeshua, good question. It was quite a journey. I grew up in a very traditional kind of authority. Family at about that thing up my vomit again touching tree in the law thing I wanted the with the quit. I looked it. But in them.

I looked everywhere when I gave up looking like the truth eventually would like got me and I had a theory that supernaturally and with God was built with the Holy Spirit did know what it was at all of the things eventually have reputed year got me Jesus was weak that he will in a country to all, what might bring out. Yeah it quite yet. And what would your family say about that. Well now the initial reception wasn't great at Mike.

People probably stick with that it become believe it and that was at then all feeling like major bright family and them by family Dr. think you know what I just need a love that might need to demonstrate my life. The things that corporate nap, but what the major issue in initially yeah are you selling might be quick and that Jenny will expect Willa not not your your own encounter with Jesus. Yeshua obviously meant that a lot of your your paradigms had to shift a lot of what you thought was true. You discovered wasn't true.

So what misconceptions did you have about Jesus. What I feel like most people I have added a new religion called Christianity and that he basically came to do away with all things Jewish and in a way it felt like becoming a Christian was to join the enemy and to pretty much go as far as I could from being injured and in reality, of course, the more I look into more began and who Jesus was really actually bought but yet people get it yet.

I began to realize how to get close to likely and that he didn't come to abolish everything Jewish became Oakville. The probe the jury that it was whole paradigms. Like most Jewish people and still rediscovering what it looks like to be a Jewish man following a Jewish state in her yeah and it is an interesting journey because on the one hand, you recognize that brothers and sisters throughout the world the church as a whole. Churches would be called. This is largely Gentile, intermittent customs and traditions that can develop that are beautiful butter that are not Jewish, and may be far into a Jew and at sea going to be on a separate report of the rest of the body, but then you think will what what how they live. Have the apostles live in. Other things of our Jewish heritage that are important in but were not rabbinic you so it's it's an interesting journey that we find ourselves on an odyssey was like some of that in your book. Who are you writing Jewish Jesus for good question.

What interest thing because I think initially having been on that Jenny not been what I've got more than a couple type church and got me there.

Very few connect not a replacement but nonetheless not judge that the locket more than pentacle budget. I'm writing because I've been on the Jenny and finding that might make but I'm discovering the stuff to the benefit to the average believer in the what I felt. It I want to write average believer can can get hold of the Jewish Jesus recover biblical authentic picture Jesus got on any got off Israel and what effect the checks only one book that is expectable for them to know. Perhaps in a readable scholarly book already talked initially that what I found the it's interesting because my family and other Jewish people in finding a reading because the way of written it a liberty jogging trail wanted to be very and and study on Max defining what I wrote the book with the target audience in mind.

Every Christian will hold it, but it's actually quite Jewish people as well but not so it seems to be ending up that yet you excellent excellent rituals let's let's start here then let's say that that churchgoing Christian I love the Lord. I have prayed for the people of Israel want to see them safe. But only one white one will I need to knows housing to help me in my walk with God to know stuff about quote the Jewish Jesus, that great? Think that's what I'm trying to talk like the old one because not everything that he Jewish equipment going to.

Enlightenment Road, rabbinic dude, it is not about importing all spell out what I was a the people at time of Jesus went with ministry who was seeing a miracle that they made incredible things and then they said for a moment we are discussing Joseph.I was like they could look talk to humanity is divinity, but I think entry DETECTED the problem which is that we painted Jesus a picture of him as a divine failure this great Lord in that we will fight management going find that when you restore that Jewish context in which a tool that Jewish mindset which he had that the way he either taught with in the Jewish framework that you begin to restore a lot of humanity alone.

The understanding how we will all what is really thank God, semi-different benefits that scriptures that become more meaningful as we understand Jewish content but also I think we can break that model of discipleship is teaching and what I found it since they are talking to posture church that exact same question for me to restructure ones and equipment that will me off you a question you you been reading it Jewish book written by Judy Ord. You made about you all you Jewish man.

The real question is how did you manage to employee base Jewish stop because surely if I wanted to study Shakespeare and become great color and shape. No way out.

I leave after that and the fact that Shakespeare English. The fact that he wrote plays about English history. All of those things like that all the interest thing it wouldn't take me seriously. As a follower).

At the same wiki. I think I did bring Jesus a life and the people are fascinated by the stuff Chris probably scriptures that they skipped over some yeah let's let's get to know Jesus issue of better up close and personal book Jesus, the author David Hoff friend will be right back side of the break for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown on the want of foreigners through the Jewish Thursday Michael Brown speaking with author David Hoff bring his new book, the Jewish Jesus, David, let's take a couple of minutes and give some examples. Something in the book where it's one of those things where the light goes on for readers or the light went on for you as you discovered certain things are you thinking intended teaching of Jesus by any anything in the book any nuggets that you can share so folks can get an idea of what's there. Okay about dividing three thank and affectionate is all about the Jewish state, and it really bring a && help Google on the band. He is not teaching us how to follow a religion have become disciples running water thing for me is really really embracing that understanding but I guess a good example. I think it which Christian Christian Scott directly would be Wednesday the fifth surely I think that income to abolish but I came over Bill. The Torah and any government pain that you teach anyone to at least of the moment than you're really thinking and think it kind of get by without think well.

The only think you must be talking up somehow it he fulfilled on the cross. The torrents that he kind of abolished it. The band of any mental gymnastics that the really stop them from understand what you think.

In reality went when it was revealed to me were not understood from embracing other teachers really that Jesus teaching the rabbi that and Bill and abolish all rabbinical eating anything. I come to give you the correct interpretation of God, and how to really widen goes on the way old on the map becomes much more meaningful that could anything go beyond the minimum that one thing you don't Arity do they look at the line on the right.

What kind of what is the way that we can just stay within the line and will be bright, none other of the is actually much more you would drive right in the center wrote it got hot. I guess that a little economical how something changes perspective on how Jesus is relationship with the Torah actually cottage. And what about the issue of Israel as a whole. The Jewish people.

Why that should matter to your average Christian after all, you might have a great burden for the UK because you live there are more burden for America. My friends in India, more burden for India. Why should there be some kind of universal concern about the Jewish people. What a great question. I guess the first thing I would say that that traditional PIMCO, the church has replaced Israel.

We noted that not an accurate picture and I think that people find wake up. The idea actually hope that we can grow it in to the olive tree so we think rocketing people and the publishing company give them we can grow into that now we Archangel Creek in the light that will they'll all actually it. He also said that look it's a blessing for you because I don't want you to be ignorant about the mystery that blinded part of the Jewish people, and telephone of Gentile, the coming of the process going on, but then said, but imagine if it was a blessing for you that some of the branches were broken off. Imagine what it can be like when those natural branches talk about the Jewish people come back down on a come back into that covenant relationship descent and be a blessing for the whole world and extent just that alone makes it should make could be passionate about being God people the original Jewish people restored at that school making very clear in a way that we have a debt with destitute enemy. You think every Christian ally of that that Bible to the Jewish people. We can settle comes from God, but ultimately come to the fact I was alive to the passionate Jewish people who cost on that to everyone in the world for even that is enough budget that went where we need to be actually passionate about what God is asked about every I think in that as well. We want think of it this way. Put this in the book, which is what we have been adopted into God's family, and if we non-Jew the picturing and wending within way while going that you can grow it actually which I think the picture of adoption and you know I imagine you got it ready, in a way where they go off and you adult demotic if you want to. Would you want those adopted kids have toward your natural children even if they why would he think that would allow you would want to be in the house. I got where we were quite now you want to be that seeing your heart.

You agree your natural children and carrying that finger.

I believe that God wants but every believer not just the start of the niche subject is not valid but right at the hall of Bugatti and he said hate the Jewish people goes to great consistently cite my people in a whole world is the people that my people just like you said about the land. My email hello if it is a habit to break (my core that I'm giving it to them. A cold I get that from Michael just want to kind of, Michael about why relevant and understandable go during Israel. And what I appreciate David us is in your book your conveying God's heart. This is not just a certain sectarian teaching war, secularism is quite the opposite, in fact part of the book is to help believers engage with God's blueprint for the church as a unified but diverse community of believers of friends.

The name of the book the Jewish Jesus, the author David half friend just came out with destiny image dated May the Lord bless the distribution of it. I appreciate it. Thank you so much for having me on time and appreciate what you're doing all right. My joy thank you white friends.

I appreciate those of you holding online.

I want to get your calls right on the other side of the break of yet, this can be a lot of controversy now in Israel over the temple mount with two Israeli police killed there recently.

If if the Muslim world wants to insight opposition to Israel. Inside terror attacks. They will they will say that that this really is a little modeling the Muslims pray for the people that shouldn't be there or they are in defiling it, but because of security issues Israel national news reported couple days back. Israel is the sovereign on the set temple mount.

The fact that the walk so that's the ones having control of it.

Jurisdiction became a sovereign of the temple mount ended last Friday.

This is the Quincy Knesset member of the Dichter and he says the question of a positive temple mount me not to clear the Palestinians but is very clear to us mount remain in control of Israel police this pray for God's peace and rest in the midst of a lot of often is shed right it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown (two and I am truly delighted to be with you. 866-348-7884 that is the number to call. I'm standing by with any Jewish related questions that you might have Israel related Hebrew related love to speak with you whether you agree with me or not or does probing for information.

So in the right to the phones will start in Holly Springs, North Carolina Gary, thanks so much for calling the line of fire today Dr. Brown pleasure to speak with you again.

My question Dr. Brown is in the book of Ezekiel, I believe that in the 37 chapter that talks about the Jewish people coming back into the land of Israel after being scattered all those years and in the 38th chapter. I've heard it all.

Matt, the conglomerate of nations that are going to come against Israel is going to be led by Russia and Persia which we know is I ran and the nation of Turkey, I believe, and Libya. I want to know what you what you feel about the 38th chapter of Ezekiel's yes her first. We can't be dogmatic because of the nature of prophetic literature and in context. When Ezekiel was writing this, he certainly would've thought of this happening with the return of the Jewish people from exile the season. Exile, the Jewish people look like dry bones in exile and God says that the live and come back to the land. So Ezekiel 36 speaks of the coming back to the land. Ezekiel 37 is the picture the dry bones that Ezekiel 38 of the war with with golden log Olguin and what exactly is that speaking about so initially. Ezekiel would've been expecting this to happen on the heels of the return of his people to the land and obviously at this part has not yet happened in the 2500 years later. So this does seem to speak of a future attack. Ezekiel 38, 39, on the Jewish people living in the land. It does seem to speak of a time when when there is peace when when Israel's dwelling in unwalled villages. So if you think that is a security barrier now on the wall in certain parts of Israel right that that maybe you look like there's peace of first nestlings. Five when everyone sang peace and safety, then sudden destruction comes.

So it could be that there will be some pseudo-peace at the end of the age.

And then this peace process will be violated by the surrounding nations are some nations which then attack and as a result of the attack. God ultimately delivers his people and brings judgment on them. That seems to be what's being spoken of the identity of Gog and my dog is is hotly debated. There is no scholarly consensus and and I in no way can use these Hebrew words which have been studied and in great depth by many to talk about who this represents in the future. The question is, you do have certain people mentioned like Persia, Iran right in verse in verse five. Right. But the question of Russia comes down to two verse two and it in in most every translation you look at it says, for example, King James chief prints like gold, which is apparently person's name and the land of Margo and then the chief prince of this dog is the chief prince of Mesha and to ball new King James says the Prince of Roche but basically every other translation I'm looking at understands this to mean chief prints and and that is that the right way to understand Hebrew, in other words, go this individual being spoken of here is not the Prince of Roche meaning Russia but rather the chief prince of Mesha ball. So Russia is involved in this prophecy.

I don't see it explicitly who the other nations are is debatable does seem Iran is involved. According to this thank you sir. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown. Ask friends for being part of a lot of farthest thoroughly through Thursday 866-34-TRUTH 87884 hey Gary, just one more note. The reason that people would get Turkey from Ezekiel 38 is the reference to Mesha and to fall which would be the states nations peoples that that do not exist in that form today, but would've been part of of Anatolia, which then would include that would that would include part of what is Turkey today or Turkey would be included in part of that. That's where they get that idea from hate. Thank you again for the call 86634 let's go to Richmond, Virginia Billy, welcome to the line of fire. Anyhow hello yes go ahead and write your station about what I like your on your education, connect I went down and down the okay okay I got turned to another radio station and the radio station with little kind and I heard a shallow American preacher and a lady in the harsh. I was absolutely mad talking Jewish people. I mean everything you can imagine with me that you do know what station was I'm not sure but I think I did it well. Coyote that will con dammit they said it so quick that Matt and I can and method that the demand was on the stake in the afternoon, men. This will see what was he saying specifically everything and anything that even a map on the back like anybody else that you can backup everything that anything that you people even money they paid in America obligate people take the money they control the bank they can call that they call that many what Gov. Israel needed the people over there begging for Bill, and protected from one it now. The Palestinians that stuff now think that ending a three backup would think that THE house. I would that it's it's it's a shame Billy. Unfortunately, this this is nothing new. Unfortunately, there has been Jew bashing in the church for centuries to the point of even shedding Jewish blood Jews get demonized and blamed for just about everything. The reality is Jews like everybody else in terms of we have great qualities we have bad qualities there are at a semi-Jewish qualities in their ugly dress because just like every people, every group but because of our unique calling and gifting. We do have greater influence for good or bad than others and sometimes this jealousy of that or sometimes because a greater influence we can be more readily blamed for everything effect next week. I'm scheduled to have a guest on Jim Melnick who's going to talk about his new book, Jewish giftedness, which is a fascinating book tries to answer why Jews have achieved what they've achieved in over the years and why Jews have been so influential and what is it attributed to but yet you hatred even among professing Christians think it's gonna be here right until Jesus comes in the best that we can do is expose the hatred with truth, expose the lies with truth and date they come Billy from every angle. It's absolutely wild and what's fascinating though is statistically futile just in America.

Jewish Americans given a higher percentage to philanthropic causes then your average American.

Your average Jew in America is more generous with resources to help other people than your average American and if if you watched tragedies around the world. World crises be it be an earthquake in Haiti beaded tsunami in Asia be at some other humanitarian crisis, you'll find Israelis that you'll find representatives of Israel are serving and helping you leave and find that if you fight in the IDF.

The Israeli army that you start some of your basic training with teaching on ethics and the importance of preserving civilian lives and you can't leave base without your ID card and your ethics card. The entire time you're in the IDF's visual servant has its flaws. No question about that. But did you hatred the Jew bashing it's been here before. It's going to continue to be here the best way to to expose it is with truth and the best way to overcome hatred is with love. That's why it's so important for the church to pray for the Jewish people as the as Christians pray for Israel and love Israel and stand with Israel. It goes a long way and I'm doing hatred from other professing Christians. If you've never read my book, our hands are stained with blood. I'd encourage you to read it. Our hands are stained with blood, you find it to be a real eye-opener. Billy thank you so much for calling and I really do appreciate it. 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Let's go to Fayetteville Joel, welcome to the line of fire. Command Arterburn tonight in Europe regarding Michael sure go ahead. Their ductwork near the question I have dated Israel became predominately co-case on leave article experience to be an ally. They look different from the people around that Middle Eastern area yet sure I'm just wondering why they look so different from people that are natives of that area. Sure so so first thing is, it all depends on where you live. In terms of of what you see in other words, here in America. The great majority of Jews that we see or Caucasian the same and in Europe, whereas if you live in Israel there large numbers of Israeli Jews who were native born in the Middle East who who are darker skinned and who looked very much like their Arab neighbors and they lived in in that part of the world for many many centuries. Some of them pretty much unbroken, since the, the, the days of biblical Israel and then you'll have others that are darker skin still that that would look African so it all depends on bigger living in terms of perspective but your question is a 100% fair question. The majority of Jews, the vast majority of Jews in America come from European of a recent European background and same with the great majority of Jews living in Europe they would be identified more. Ask as caulk inside quotation then they would as being Middle Eastern backgrounds or or other background silt. What is it so so just explain with this is due to Joel as Jewish people were scattered around the world right one of two things happened either. We intermarried with the people around us and left Judaism and became assimilated towards. There's no trace of us were gone right or a we maintained our Jewishness and identity by people from the outside intermarried with us and converted to Judaism and now became part of the larger Jewish people and what what some some people believe is that the Jews called Ashkenazi Jews. These were Jewish people that trace back to Israel prospective Middle East trace back to to know Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the patriarchs, the whole bit of that. What happened was that the numbers got greatly reduced in Europe and then they began to grow there and there was some intermarriage so that gave birth to a large number of Jews who of the Caucasian.

That's how it happened historically so that that would be a development over the last several hundred years.

It's a more recent development in that turn their original artworks are like our freight elevator paper so that the Jewish people enjoy, like empathy area privilege here in America because they look the same way as majority of the Caucasian population in America. I don't think I will be dictate. There will be portrayed as eunuch darts and Millis turned a lookout different. Two.

Additional Caucasian American digital. It certainly we should have a heart for Israel, because God does because he calls us to. And because Israel is the only true democracy real democracy stand for freedom in the Middle East and because the Messiah himself is as Jewish and and these are his people there. There was sympathy for Israel because the Holocaust and the, the horrors of the Holocaust. Two thirds of European Jews being slaughtered 1.5 million babies and children being slaughtered by the Nazis that did create an environment of greater sympathy, but Joel, I think you're right whatever country we live in. If if if we were living in China and the Jews were were known as Manley Caucasian or Middle Eastern they would get his license so that's that's the way it works. So maybe go beyond that and maybe have God's heart is God's heart transcend racial and thank you sir?). The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown daily basis on some of my social media sites people on YouTube responded to my video was Jesus black. Were there ages like black or things like that. These serpents seed feathers.

THESE serpents eat fake cues white people got serious, anti-God issues my brother, sister, eternal damnation in hell awaits them and anyone else who is not saved on this flat earth and serve Satan. These devil worshiping fake cues, illuminati and satanic bloodline families organization covertly exits in our vehicles for demonic entities understand power via black magic, sorcery, witchcraft with the stuff with this block. If this is to ridiculous inflammatory. Here's here's another one BS Michael Brown your reasoning of the Scriptures is about Rachel Jews black is so it's all BS and they're all both these Ashkenazi Cozaar really needs is a healthy dose of ancient history. So here you have it.

Dr. course Dr." Brown enjoy all these ridiculously idiotic statements that are being made and you also.

THAT'S what-shall think fake tears fake tears all fake Jews amazing.

Just amazing 866-34-TRUTH 7884 of its go to Charlotte for talk to Pete but each question is America blessed because America blesses Israel. Yes, I believe that the Scripture still holds that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed us to believe II believe that there are many other ways in which God judges in many other ways in which God deals with people but I do believe that grace has been extended to us mercy has been extended because of her standing with Israel, wrote an article on it for a new book that just came out and talk more about the book later in the year so I'll wait to do that we made, we may publish it separately but in short I believe that the scriptural truths remain that, because of God's choosing of Israel because Israel is is often targeted for demonic attack and destruction. And because Israel in a certain way has identification with the God of the Bible that there is unique attack that comes against Israel and therefore those that stand with Israel of God blesses and those that curse Israel come under God's judgment against this is the only factor there other things that are involved in. This is not a matter of eternal life.

This is of a matter of nations being judged. Eternal life is to come through our relationship with God through the Messiah, but just up one to respond to that, since I did see that question not now here it here is what what I do want to point out right. You might say why mention this crazy stuff, why, why mention this extreme stuff. Why mention this idiotic stuff just because a lot of people believe it. You'd be amazed how many people believe all kinds of crazy things. So if if there was one person out there or are 50 or 100 people that help a particular belief in, and they want shouting it over the Internet for the whole world to get confused with. So whatever you don't bother with.

When I see things literally day and night being posted. It may be fringe groups but then people from all kinds of backgrounds posting this madness.

Yes, certain point you think okay needs to be addressed in my book, our hands are stained with blood. I have a little a short list of some of the crazy lies told about Israel told about the Jewish people and and it is absolutely mind-boggling that anyone could believe some of these things that anyone with a working brain could believe them there so crazy and so absurd and so out there and get people believe them.

I my surprise no no no no I am not surprised but will expose the error will speak the truth about drug type.

Another call may be 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so just another reminder, I want to give something away to you. Go to saving saving a sick watch the trailer three minutes long. People are really getting impacted by three-minute trailer to my new book, which comes out in September. All this book will story about how sick America is.

But then it will fill you with hope .4 .4 point how by living by the word, we can see radical change come by the spirit, to revive how we can see radical change, watch the trailer and then you can download for free.

The introduction and first chapter which will grip you and stir you and then if you want to order a signed numbered copy of the first edition when it comes out September will try to get the preorders you earlier, go to my website. Asked Dr. and place your order all right. Let's try quickly, Bethany and San Antonio. Welcome to light a fire. Time is short so way right in our firm. Our yes one of the most important fundamentals in Judaism something I Jews would die for, is that there is one God and one God only, and that he is absolutely one and the idea of the Trinity three divine persons sounds to Jewish people as if it's either speaking about three God's or a God who is somehow divided and because of that, it's one of the greatest stumbling blocks for Jewish person to hear a Christian talk about father son and Holy Spirit, or even more of a stumbling block to hear them talk about Jesus, Yeshua being God, they would say numbers 23% to 15 God is not a man, so how could that possibly be to make a man into a God or God into a man is blasphemy or heresy. So what we need to do. Bethany and I and II go into great depth and in answering Jewish objections to Jesus. My cell volume 2 of that series or my book, the real kosher Jesus, I dress it or if you just go to real Messiah die, Jewish website, real and look at answers to some the objections you scroll through. I have whole sections dealing with the issue of the Trinity and things like that. That's it. Real but in short, what I emphasize to my fellow Jewish people as we believe in one God and one God only, but he is complex in his unity at one of the same time he can sit in throne in heaven he can fill the universe with his presence. He can take on human form and walk among us was the remaining God of heaven, and he can work by his spirit invisibly all through the world. So one God and one God only but complex in his unity and we would point out Jesus himself emphasize that point that Israel is to believe in one God and to love that golf with heart, soul, mind and strength. So I would sit a Jewish person I think you misunderstand what I believe by Trinity.

I believe in one God and one gut only, and then do my best to use examples from the Hebrew Scriptures from the Old Testament told about a pay at a time, but thank you for your question friends if you go to*

Click on Jewish find a host Jewish related resources will be back to take your calls tomorrow you the questions we got answers

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