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Religious Terrorism, the Truth About Modern Israel, and Your Jewish Calls

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 27, 2017 7:21 pm

Religious Terrorism, the Truth About Modern Israel, and Your Jewish Calls

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 27, 2017 7:21 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/27/17.

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Our cup runneth over. Today on thoroughly Jewish Thursday stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown get an amazing quote to share with you from 1/16 century Rabbi about Zechariah chapter 12 verse 10. The look to me whom they have pierced and talk about that on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday and a whole lot more a lot taking place in the world around us. Donald Trump delivering a speech Pres. Trump delivering a speech on the Holocaust Memorial day earlier this week and it has drawn the ire of all Wright anti-Semites know not everyone on the so-called all writers anti-Semitic with some are his speech, got them upset. I'm glad to see that I'm glad to see that his speech got them upset.

Good for him making the speech and good for them, exposing the depth of their anti-Jewish hatred. I want to share that with you case I'll get to in a little while from Australia, a real shocker when you find out why this judge has not sentenced this young man to court for sexually assaulting a number of women and Australia. You will be shocked. We got some special interviews what's what's the difference between some sect some Buddhist sect or some other kind of spiritual sect in the far east, and a gas attack by their leader. What's the difference between that chemical gas attack. The difference between that and say Islamic terrorism and what's the real history of modern Israel. So all that coming your way today with some special guest interviews and is always if you have a Jewish related question for me. Give me a call at 8663 freight 784 relates to the Hebrew language if it relates to Judaism, Jewish tradition, Jewish roots of the Christian faith.

Jewish roots of the New Testament if it's about modern Israel glad to help you do my best to answer your questions 866-34-TRUTH 7/84 year Jewish person differ with me about Jesus and want to explain why you've watch one of the online debates and one interact with me about it. By all means give me a call. I wish I can interact with everyone that post comments on YouTube or on arrester to run you two pager RS Dr. Brown Facebook page or tweets us to Dr. Michael Brown dear Michael Brown on twitter. I wish I could interact with everyone. Trust me, I love constructive interaction, and trust me when I'm looking at comments on YouTube and someone has weighed in on similar by debates with a Rabbi and they weigh in critically. And Brown is so foolish and wrong. For this reason that reason the list all of it of course unless the comment crosses certain lines gets posted. You can blast me in differ with me all the time. As long as you you don't cross certain lines, but, but, in point of fact, point of fact of there I would. I would love to respond to everyone. I would love to say okay, thanks for your comments. Here's where you're wrong. I would like to do it first and foremost for the sake of truth I don't like to see error presented without rebuttal, but we allow for free exchange of opinions. The simple master to Brown Facebook page. We have over 530,000 people following us there so a lot of post a lot of opinions come in and I don't I don't see the majority of them but some I see I think that is so outrageously wrong that misrepresents what I believe it misrepresents what the Bible says it's inaccurate. For this reason that reason, historically, etc. it's got the language wrong. It's whatever it is, and I would love to interact first and foremost for the sake of truth, and secondly, just as human being are you just misrepresenting yellow set the record straight. I'm not able to interact with everyone but we do have our phone lines open so if your schedule permits. It rather than just posting your criticism or your disagreement be man enough a woman enough to give me a call so we can talk about it is you and me with a bunch of people listening in this 866-34-TRUTH we come back Australia Afghan young man refugee there all you have leave the paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown teenager who immigrated to Australia from Afghanistan has a Skype child.

The six attacks on Surfers Paradise page because he grew up in a different culture, yes, yes we can talk about that in a moment, this is Michael Brown.

Welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday. Thanks so much for joining us today.

Here's another call 866-348-7884 any Jewish related question you have for me little while to bring on a special guest emergent talk about religious terrorism and what it actually isn't and is it specifically something Islamic and auto.

We at war with radical Islam arrester to something more nebulous.

We talk about that in a constructive way.

But all through the broadcast to get a Jewish related question and do my best to get to it.

866-348-7884. All right.

In Australia, a young man came over from Afghanistan Muslim sexually assaulted a number limit is on two years probation, but the judge did not sentence him to jet. Was he guilty of sexually assaulting these women. Yes, that's not argued well how is it that he's escaping jail one sexual assault enough, but a number of them. 1/2 dozen of them or or more. Listen to what the judge had to say. They pleaded guilty to assaulting ice women and girls in January last year. The judge accepted that seeing girls in bikinis is very different to the environment in which the young man grew up is on two years probation with no conviction. Okay three grows up in Afghanistan in a strict Muslim culture which can be tremendously oppressive in many ways and women literally covered head to toe in some cases afterward gloves as well. There there even Islamic extremists a go so far as to say only only one ought you only have a whole for one I okay so that's extremist and the other way.

Now he comes over to a culture Australia which is a heavily beach cultures well and is there on the beach or wherever he is in and he sees all these women in bikinis okay different culture.

Okay, it's gonna excite him to do all kinds of things but the idea that he's not going to go to jail because he comes from a different culture. This is completely outrageous know I'm not into the beach culture either.

I think people should cover up boarding go to the beach and cover Morgan often revealed 98% your body for the rest the world to see.

Fun I I agree that's not my culture, either just got sexually assaulting people is that your culture does he really think the women were asking for it didn't really think he didn't know he was going to a beach was aware of that or whatever it was that the people were in bikinis. He wasn't aware of the social setting.

He thought the women wanted to be sexually tight, he thought, and and the way they reacted the way the first one reacted, he really thought all they really want me to do this. They're excited about me doing in the second and the third and the fourth and the fifth in the six and the seventh and the eighth. Are you kidding me. What if he came from a culture where you you were.

You cannibalize people if you had a dispute with your neighbor you kill them and roasted them and ate them. So now you have a dispute with your neighbors.

You kill them and roast them and eat them in.

That's just what we do in our culture. That's what I learned to do as little boy we would eat our neighbor that we had a conflict with if they were from another tribe or something like that where you come from a culture where if you see somebody running. That means they did something wrong. So you see one someone jogging on your street and you'd running tackle them and you start beating them up with a what you doing what you doing and you keep doing it, six, seven, eight times, you gotta be kidding me. Oh were ever the court can show mercy wherever the court can be constructive without violating justice. Five but this is a complete outrage. It's not like this woman knocked on his door of his house and then walked in and tried to seduce him and then he gave way to it and and and then they blamed him know he sexually assaulted women in public places. He did what he knew they did not want him to do. They made it clear they did not want him to do it.

He pled guilty to doing so. Maybe you factor in just a little bit that it's a new culture in terms of the overall prison sentence.

Maybe you do that although I would say in the midst of it. That is a minor factor of very minor effect of you recognize that God knew it was a sexually assaulting what well he comes from a culture. Women can do with it. Why don't care where he came from a culture where if if his sister looked at another guy inappropriately that he and his brother could kill her and honor killing because they thought they'd want habitus at cell phone in her culture she was not allowed to, and she got a cell phone and was secretly texting somebody and they can legitimately killer what if that happened in Australia well in our culture went when a woman young woman is on their gets a cell phone that's a disgrace to the family and we kill it for now.

You can't just do that, I'll care the name of what religion and non-religion. You can't do it this is an absolute travesty and nothing less.

And what an insult to the women who were assault all right wanted to get that off my chest. 8663 for 87884 and I'm going to go to the phones shortly. There is an article well to what to it before before I did before I do. There is a quote from Rabbi Moshe Auch is not a court this years ago in volume 2 of my series answering Jewish objections to Jesus.

He was a 16th-century darshan which is a preacher he was out of biblical commentary commentator. He was a a homilist. He was a preacher and he has an extensive commentary on much of the Hebrew Bible.

But it is a homiletical commentary as opposed to more than exegetical commentary and that of course bitter commentaries can can really go between different genres because the bring a different tradition in an ancient homilies and things like that, along with kind of explaining verse by verse or Hebrew nuances and things like that but it's the verse Zechariah 1210 and the look to me whom they have pierced some translated carefully. The look to me because of those who were pierced as if it's not speaking about a single individual to be the most natural way to translate it as though it looked to me whom they pierced. You might civility me because the one they pierced it. Either way it's a singular person singular individual. It was pierced uniquely related to the Lord as I understand the text in the summation Jewish tradition, beginning with the, the Talmud in in the babbling Tom and Sue call 50 2A. This is Zechariah 1210 though. To me they pierced refers to Messiah son of Joseph. This is a secondary messianic figure in rabbinic Judaism, a one who fights the wars of the Lord in the end, some call him the war Messiah. And then he dies in battle. Ultimately, for David, the Messiah, son of David to raise him from the dead and usher in the messianic kingdom, but much rabbinic tradition Messiah seven Joseph exists in the suburban tradition that says if Israel is righteous and worthy and all of the trials and traumas associated with Messiah. Seven. Joseph will be avoided and will just have the rain Messiah son of David officials not worthy that will have these terrible traumas. Morse, etc. but throughout almost all of the literature the dying of Messiah son of Joseph.

In rabbinic literature is just associated with dying in battle without the notion of atonement.

Listen to Robin Moshe Auch Eric says and and I came across this again questions I was looking at it again while preparing for a debate last month right after he said this, I will get to 1/3 thing and that is, they shall look unto me for this to lift up their eyes and to me in perfect repentance when they see him whom they pierced. That is the Messiah, the son of Joseph. For rabbis of blessed memory have said that he will take upon himself all the guilt of Israel and then shall be slain in the ward to make atonement in such manner that it shall be accounted as if Israel had pierced him from account of their sin. He has died and, therefore, in order that any that it may be reckoned to them is a perfect atonement, they will repent and look to the blessed one sin if there is none beside him to forgive those that mourn on account of him who died for their sin.

This is the meaning of they shall look unto me. What's remarkable is that this is not a Christian theologian making the state with remarkable is that this is not a messianic Jewish teacher making the statement, which remarkable that this is an Orthodox Jewish rabbi making the statement and number one it speaks of Messiah son of Joseph dying for the sins of Israel. Number two it says that he will be slain in order to make atonement in such manner that it shall be accounted as if Israel had pierced him.

So Israel send Israel's guilty because of that he has to die in war. So he's dying because of their sin, but also to make atonement for their sin and notice it is said that it shall be reckoned to them as a perfect atonement.

Why because Judaism believes in the atoning power of the death of the righteous and the more righteous the individual, the more powerful the effect of their death benefit is joined with repentance of the nation powerful. The atoning effects.

How about the perfectly righteous will about the Messiah, Jesus Shula. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown really with more Jewish related questions and let's go to the phones will go to Powhatan, Virginia Darrell, welcome to the modifier. Dark brown good afternoon good afternoon, got a question about break movement all frequently with equipment think your all part of that movement and unite doesn't take long to be very much more salvation oriented and one of the primary reason I called work all this guy and I don't know if it representative of everybody at but they go to the point where basically replace words in the New Testament with work on the Old Testament, for example, in the beginning was the Torah, the Torah walked with God in the Torah, one God, all I want to get your on that choosing a be baby you know what direction you think might be effective in dealing with somebody not English between all the teaching of the revelation of the oak that month for new right so that the first thing out I would do is I wouldn't say versus the rates you don't want to put them in opposition as if it's Old Testament versus the New Testament know there's the old line that the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed in the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed and in John 117. The law was given by Moses. Some would say, but grace and truth came through Jesus the Messiah. The Greek doesn't have, but if you want this for the; for the law that are always given through Moses, grace and truth came through Jesus is not one against the other. It's one building on the other pulses in Romans three that faith establishes the law.

Jesus is Matthew five eating come to abolish but to fulfill. That being said, your reasons for concern are 100% valid. So let me answer this on several different levels of the larger background and specifically how I would approach this number one we recognize that the first followers of Jesus were Jewish.

That they never heard of Christmas or Easter or Christianity were concepts like that nor did they think they were following new religion for them. They were embracing the promised Messiah of Israel and the great revelation was. This is for the Gentiles also and Gentiles do not have to become Jews in order to be part of this great company of believers.

So, the church historically has strayed from its Jewish roots and in the idea that see, for example, if Jewish believers said Saturday. Still, the Sabbath, one of the observed the Saturday Sabbath and they're happy to do it in the church is what's wrong is out of order. Cassondra is a Sabbath will note Gotham said Sunday was the Sabbath, so it's fine if if gentlemanly recess and this is the day of rest or whatever but God never said that Cindy was in the Sabbath, so in general over the the years believers across the world have recovered more of their Jewish roots and have recognized hey, it's not one thing against the other is not Christianity versus the Old Testament. It's rather than the true faith that's coming to the world and that no Passover Easter, all part of the same larger complex and things like that. Then, more specifically, many Jewish believers of Satan were still Jews were still Jews. Where did God ever tell us to abandon the biblical calendar realtor for salvation but it's it's part of our life as part of her heritage will great fine when not under the Sinai covenant, but God laid out certain principles and truths in it that we think are valuable and okay great give a messianic congregation that meets on Saturday in and incorporates the death and resurrection of the Messiah into its Passover celebration great fine. Perfect. No problem. The problem becomes, the problem becomes when you get over it into what we call the Hebrew roots movement. It's very disparate.

It does not have one particular leader Darrell or one particular group. Some of them are outright heretics. Some of them are believers in serious error on the edge of outright heresy and some of them are are in that direction right so I put that is separate from Christians is learning more about usury to the faith. I put that separate from messianic use celebrating their Jewishness in Jesus the Messiah with him being separate him being central.

The Hebrews were when I put as something separate. Now the judge.

The rest of the church. If you worship on Sunday to judge you if you don't keep the dietary laws agreement judge you for these various things if you keep the biblical calendar, etc. and they they tend to get all kinds of extremes and, for example, there is no basis whatsoever.

John 11 for translating Lagos with with Torah.

It is worded means word. It goes back to either Jewish, Greek concept of of those that the word, or an aromatic concept of the word. One Lagos one, but one member in Aramaic, but it it should not be translated Torah. There John 11.

There's no linguistic or theological basis for it is just a way to try to over project, but what I would what I would do is this Darrell I would emphasize so to get back to this. The simple part. I would emphasize the centrality of Yeshua because Jesus is not central in the Hebrew roots movement Jewish nurses or Hebraic roots are or life practice is the Jesus issue is not central in the.

The Hebrew roots movement so I would say. Everything points to him. Let's go to him. Let's go to him. Let's go to him.

Let's go to him. Everything points to him that's number one number two I would take them over and over to what Paul has written about justification by faith I would take her to his words because either they're going to deny Paul outright.

Some of them will the deny Paul outright or there will to have to twist what he had to say. I would go to that over number.

I go to acts 15 the words of Peter that were justified by the grace of the Lord Jesus X50 we are justified by the grace of the Lord Jesus and that we were not able to be justified by keeping the law. The last thing work I do is throw that on the Gentiles never try to have a come back later in the chapter of Gentiles who would by loss. That's a whole separate debate and in their misinterpreting that verse in my view as well that I go back to the gospel of grace, the gospel great.

I say look this what Paul preached in acts 20. He said he preach the gospel of grace and and and Peter said it's by the grace of the Lord Jesus that were saved and Paul writes in Romans three it is a part from the works of the law so I would push that strong and safe. If you want to and then go to Galatians 3 of the law was at was a pedagogue to bring us to the Messiah and in that sense, the laws like scaffolding for the building so the building is standing now it stands based on the scaffolding that was erected around it and that node sets the guidelines in guideposts and in the way the thing was built but now it stands on its own because the full revelation has come to the Messiah support exegesis. Exegesis went back to him went back to grace grace grace emphasize� And of someone born again, forgiven, loving the Lord to say still about a doctor was great. This I still feel Saturday's specialist will seventh grade no argument that is fine over there going absolute right Darrell very dangerous very it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on this for I bring on a guest to talk about religious terrorism. Before I do that just reflect a little bit more on the concept of suffering Messiah concept of suffering Messiah. I've talked about this a bit more in recent months and through Jewish Thursday.

As I was doing some research and writing on various topics relating to the Messiah Jewish police about the Messiah, but you have to think that there is something strongly found either in the Bible but suffering Messiah or something that God supernaturally planted in the hearts of Jewish people by the suffering Messiah or something about Jewish suffering in history that makes them more amenable to the concept of the suffering Messiah, one who identifies with them in their suffering.

One of those three or all three of those points would seem to to be real otherwise you would think that with the tremendous Christian emphasis on the suffering Messiah the tremendous Christian emphasis on on this one who suffers and dies for the sins of the world. The swims hated, rejected and despised. This one who triumphs not by coming with a mighty army, but who triumphs by giving his life up for a sinful hostile world. If if if not for God planted this either in the word and or supernaturally injured hearts and minds and or joining this together with Drew suffering through the ages.

It is very hard to imagine why there would be Jewish teaching about a suffering Messiah when it would seem to to give way to Christian theology, it would seem to open up the door for messianic Jewish concepts that Jesus is the Messiah. In other words, when you want to resist this teaching.

When you feel it is an unnecessary incursion or a threat or subsets, you lead people away begin a defective traditional view through the go to defect from Judaism into this apostate faith Christianity or or follow these Jews for Jesus. These people are so deluded again. This is the way traditional view might look at it, then why have any teaching at all about a suffering Messiah was to compete with the Christian view that's that's not the way Judaism would do it in my understanding to me again.

It's very, very clear number one there are strong scriptural passages that point to suffer. Messiah and that is part of what is influenced through tradition, number two God supernaturally planted this concept in Jewish tradition as well.

As a way to draw Jewish people to himself as a bridge doesn't understand the legitimate Jewishness and biblical grounding. For this idea of a suffering Messiah and number three Jewish people in our suffering through the centuries find it easy to relate to this concept of a suffering Messiah will who joins us in our sufferings's want to share those thoughts with you.

Can we come back and have a fascinating discussion with Robert Hicks. He spent 32 years as a military chaplain and colonel in the United States Air Force is published more than 11 books of Serbs and structured several undergraduate and graduate institutions is an adjunct professor of history at Belhaven use University and is written a book called few call it war.

Religious terrorism then and now, he claims that America's problem is its refusal to admit how much religion is part of public life. Once religion is part of a conflict. It must also be part of this elution will be right back Robert Hicks figure. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is on his thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast often on these Thursday broadcast will branch out more widely will look at the world of Islam as well.

Radical Islam and even branch out a little more broadly today. Look at the question of religious terrorism the book. If you call it war. Religious terrorism then and now the author Robert Michael Hicks Mr. Hicks thanks much for joining us on the broadcast today quite so question for you when you speak of religious terrorism. Are you saying that that this is something that goes beyond Islam, or are there other other examples of religious terrorism in your mind as your professor wrecked the first third of my book is really a history of religious violence in all the major religions, Eastern Judaism and Christianity in the course.

Islam and from that I write it draw some common denominators and that, step up to think well that all religions are the same well know they're not that the rest book show but any room or leader that runs the justify violence in the name of God or other deity that they always go back to history. To quote some of the characters. Some of the history and the use that is authoritative just by what they do today though about that district connection. I don't think were in a position to really understand the violence weekly in the world today in the name of religion. So before we focus on radical Islam before we get to that question. So all religions are like, and they're all equally guilty of violence. Let's let's deal with what you focus on in the first third of the book few call it war number one.

Can you give me examples of terrorism associated with with Eastern religions. Buddhism or Hinduism or someone that is there such a thing as religious terrorism and those traditions go back World War II. They had beautified their Emperor in Japan and the other, copy pilots were basically the martyrs of their day brother and it was in the name of their religion that they were doing at a complete religious ceremony before they got into the planes and dynamite the back seat and drove Amanda American ship and we forget that history, but even before that you got the Buddhist priest on Shinto readers that are often holding the sword and the flag leaving the Army as an Asian battle and attaching the mail of the war college graduate.

Notably, at least, study of the classics of military worker's funds is one of the classic on the understanding guerrilla warfare and that we forget that that connection. Even in the EU yester in the meditation there. There generally past the very passive, but certainly there's been warfare in Eastern religions from them as they had about you send texts that they would draw the traditions that they were drawn. Oh yeah you look at the Hindu Bhagavad-Gita, and it is filled with violent Hollywood their God of destruction and violence and you would make sacrifices to Cali. In order to gain favor with Cali and that the successful in battle and do you know the parallel today is giving the player the priest about chaplains out there to the Blessed B-52 and the bomb where they take off limits and were asking God to bump on the target so the parallels that almost all of the religions in the course of our most recent one was the option Ricoh in Japan the early 90s and that we forget that here. The first use of sarin gas in Syria recently, but in the Tokyo subway done by a religious cult.

None of the intelligence agencies knew anything about and had a complete weapon of mass destruction. Laboratory work, dropout, PhD from University and we were just shocked when that happened and that was the early 90s we forgot about it because I got equipped with welcome city bombing on the Anacortes American really don't get that it would get their attention focused until it happens on our own soil so we forget about that event in Japan in recent history when you mentioned the Hindu religion and violence of the traditions in the God Cali. I guess we get our attention. When it comes up in an Indiana Jones movie right there so so that is asked is extremely crazy the whole thing apologize heart out. Will these alive in any of that the that the priest of Collier is saying that these traditions exist. What many would say oh okay you may be right about that with Eastern religion and maybe we did know about Hinduism and Buddhism things at that picture I Christianity surely RR tradition going back to Jesus dying on the cross. He didn't call for armies. He didn't let Peter fight with the sword. Certainly the New Testament teaches love your enemies, bless those who curse you overcome evil with good. So how could someone commit a violent act in the name of Christianity and drawn some type of religious text to support where that come from well I think we have to go to the founders get on court big question everybody out there are no different than a Mohamed and Jesus.

I do a full series than in churches elsewhere in the military on Mohamed and Jesus befriend Emily know that out of the discussion. If you look at the teaching of our our founder and Jesus.

Jesus Christ and Mohamed.

It is night and day, and early on the early centuries than Christianity. Christians were or passive.

They did not serve in the military they would refuse to use violence under the Roman authority and I would not swear allegiance to the Caesar as Emperor because he was divine so the earliest Christianity followed the teaching of Jesus. And up until really the time of constant pain when Christianity became legal for the first time Christians began to serve in the military and that the early route of just or right just war theory comes out of that were released as Christians we must still fight from ethical and moral way. But what happens in the Crusades than that.

That's when it really gets the confusing is going to battle to kill the Muslims or to retake the holy land in the name of God with the Pope in the issuing that you gain salvation if you die in battle. I don't know anybody at that time. That was a theologian in it all from the late and hundred to the 11th century would believe that that's the way you achieve salvation other car apart from the person of Christ, and I don't know anyone that believes that the so come May the say it was really an aberration and to say that salvation was based upon not on the work of Christ on dying in battle that was just exactly the same doctrine that the problem was borrowed from the Muslim because that's what they believe licensor is as we looking at that. Then we looking at something that it's it's over thousand years from the death of Jesus to the Crusades rights of the Crusades starting towards the end of the 11th century and that that's that's a long time that's that's 13 times the history of America.

So obviously it takes that long for that level of deviation to occur, but if we look saith the history of Islam.

Islam gets violent under Mohammed's, or would you agree with the VA, the statement that Mohammed was first spiritual teacher than a political leader than a military leader is is there truth to that. Currently they are carotid so you can divide into two sections in the American revelations that Mohammed God and in the Medina revelation because when he got kicked out of Mecca. They were not responsive to his words. He goes to Medina. But when he was using preaching and persuasion to try to convert people. That's the message of peace that he was giving and Mecca that got rejected, so he goes to Medina and there we get the further revelation by the principle of abrogation that later revelations superseded earlier, one finally goes and picks up the sword and goes back in Congress Mecca and that becomes the standard way that Islam will expand and come back to the Crusades for a moment. We take the concept of holy war out of that time. Yeah I by the criteria of all just war theory. All of those territories that Mohammed conquered and his followers talk talk at work Christian lands from North Africa and the Middle East of the Balkans and my point as a historian I look at that night, but why did the Christians wait so long.

Right right so it's one thing to say, hey, there were there was an attack by countries that profess to be Christian countries but were militarily carried like any other country that armies, etc. why didn't they fight back earlier against Muslim incursions. It's one thing when it now becomes a war you earn your salvation on the battlefield will extend the gospel by the cross or or give Jews the opportunity convert guy that's when it becomes perverted fighting against Muslim incursions different story is a difference between Timothy McVeigh and Isis like that her plan and the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and now Robert what I'll sometimes hear what I'm dealing with folks about radical Islam and the roots of radical Islam and the fact that that radical Muslims can draw on traditions within the Quran within the life of Mohammed and within Islamic history and LCL will Timothy McVeigh. He was a Christian Terrace so all religions have terrace aspects again in your books you call a war you do so, yes, religious terrorism has existed in all different religions, but there is something different about radical Islam.

So how do you respond to that equation Timothy McVeigh proves that Christianity is just as violent as Isis. Radical Islam is connected well from FBI sources. The name and his sister upbringing point of view, which is comparable. McVeigh was basically a loner family. The board, and his mother was as a sentiment of his own book that he wrote to was quite a lady about how you can read into that whatever you want and though he was great. Parents were Like his sister would say never really had any affinity toward religion never attended Masten Stoner sent no religious connections at all yet. I everything that he believed that he got mostly from things like the Turner diaries the right-wing militia.

The etiology of Christian identity which is from neither an identity or Christian, and that lived off the land with a bunch of old military buddies that most of the conspiracy with three probably more likely to the community college dropout, and I think in light of that, I do find Timothy my vacation of the common criminal mass murderer that is not a religious terrorist and should be and was tried in court. Executed on the basis that this criminal law not in a kind of a religious connections (the event log or an outback daddy PhD in Islamic studies.

Bin Laden was the papal practice of Wahhabi religion in Saudi Arabia is organizational, called the holy war, Inc. he had so many people in organization and the court the inherited millions from his father. And that's what help finance everything that he did fighting against the West and Israel. It was a graduate of King Abdullah ability of the University of the American universities in Saudi Arabia and yesterday was a mass murderer 9/11 but everything he did. Quoting Scripture is quoting pot laws reciting Scripture for everything he does unique chronic Scripture. That's what I use it Scripture just want to make clear to me from across the bylaws from Islamic clerics and so the movers no comparison at all. There's no evil comparison at all between the two of them. Bin Laden is a true Islamic religious terrorist and McVeigh to a mass murder and criminal yeah and I'm 100% with you on the assessment and he articulated very clearly a president Obama would not speak of radical Islamic terrorism. Pres. Trump does. Why is it so important that we say those words and that we understand the ideology were were dealing with. Why is it impossible to wage a successful war against radical Islamic terrorism if we don't rightly identify a number of reasons I outlined in the book. I just pick a couple of them out from our State Department and what I would call Washington DC officialdom religious thought has not really ever played that well in the public sector. At that moment the etiology of progressive secularism that we have left no room for religion in this field of study. My experience in the war college or to describe the senior leadership of the Air Force and 500 error about that 50 international student Col. and up around the world. I took a course on terrorism taught by a PhD out of our university and I was frustrated because I was saying all kinds of religious connections deliver study in South American liberation theology or submittal. They spent an option rate going to pan and finally I frustrated him and he said chaplain.

I know a lot about religion that I know a lot about.

I don't know in about religion. You do your paper in this course on religious terrorism, and that was the beginning of the book really and that is been my entire career.

Only thing that critical issues of our day have isolated religion and put it outside marginalized in an eye-opening book I read was Madeleine Albright book called the mighty and the Almighty at her confession. How nothing in her training and her education or experience in State Department trainer how to talk about religion and deal with religion around the world.

I read and I said that no wonder we've got problems in DC. We got blinders on when it comes to religious and so we have to justify not talk about it by calling it everything except what I do not, but title of the book look at the cover of those are all the other terms that we've called going on right wing fundamentalist violent extremism hate speech criminals crazed gunman and we don't want to call him religious terrorist today of the real blinders may have on at the highest level. I will mention a name here but one of of trumps have the members by general that I appreciate it if he would just put a period at the end of this comment. He said were not at war against Islam and usually just but then he picked up the Obama line and says because Islam is a religion of peace and I fell off the couch at home. I pray you just figure. Yes, he says we're not at war with Islam and we recognize there are many peaceloving Muslims you can say that to you could debate whether there Janet Muslims not but when I war with Islam and their many peaceloving Muslims in their loyal Muslim citizens, but we are at war with radical Islam and if you want to press the point.

Radical Islam has roots that go all the way back to Mohammed.

Yet the these are important issues and I love the way your framing it and that the larger questions involved. So again friends the book Robert Michael Hicks, the author view. Call it war. Religious terrorism then and now he won't want to get you back on to discuss these issues further, but much appreciated.

Keep sound the alarm keep getting the message out on my privilege and honor to be with. I thank you I friends, 866-348-7884 if you have a Jewish -related question form. You have some time in the second hour you sell I'm I'm unable to listen to the second hour on the radio or not problem you still call. I'll still take your call. If we have time 866-34-TRUTH 8784.

Have you visited asked Dr. in the last few days have you seen my latest articles and videos dealing with cutting edge issues. Let us inform you, equip you, we got a free e-book to send you the center for email right at ask round of our cup runneth over. Today on thoroughly Jewish Thursday it's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown in a moment of a fascinating David broad author of an important new book, reclaiming Israel's history roots rights in the struggle for peace. Have a fascinating conversation.

I will get to some of your Jewish related calls any Jewish lady question you have for me. 866-34-TRUTH 784 that's 866-34-TRUTH be my delight to take calls on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday broadcast before I get into any of that.

Also, it's about Donald Trump's speech Holocaust Memorial speech and Holocaust Memorial day earlier this week reaction from some extreme anti-Semites some extreme right folks very upset with Donald Trump will talk about that on the show today but before I get into any of that when I was in Hungary. Let's see November 2014 and 2015 have the privilege of preaching at Faith church in Budapest Budapest as we would say at the Budapest in Hungary.

I believe the largest mega church in Europe with a membership of over 70,000 people and their great lovers of Israel. What came up a couple of times in my conversations with Pastor Chandra and that myth was the subject of George Soros or is he would be known in Hungarian Shah rush George Shah rush or Soros as we know him billionaire radical leftist funding. Some of the more extreme left-wing movements in American and other parts of the world to see in his mind, standing up for the right causes these Jewish and he escaped the Holocaust with his family and there is actually a book by the father. The father George Soros called mass. Corrado it was recommended to me by Pastor Namath and it was written in Hungarian.

Originally, and then translated into English and I was able to get it. A copy very easily online and I've only glanced at it. I have not read it, it's sitting on a shelf with many of the books that I'm eager to read but I do hope to to get into it and read it and better understand the background and and what George Soros grew up with and the threat of Nazi-ism in Hungary and how they had to make it for themselves and and how that's ultimately up if I can read between the lines, how it's ultimately affected his ideology but it's fascinating that a Hungarian born Holocaust surviving shoe is now one of the most influential men worldwide and in my view, often on the very wrong side of issues there's an article I was looking at today by Thomas Williams on Thomas wins, PhD George Soros code has ruined the lives of millions of Europeans. This is according to the Prime Minister of Hungary. He delivered a stinging speech freak herb on the in the European profit was discerning Hungary's right to self-governance and defending its actions regarding immigration and against American financial speculator George Soros originally again Hungarian quote I know that the power size and weight of Hungary is much smaller than that of the financial speculator George Soros was now attacking hungry so one man he says is much bigger, stronger then then Hungary's nation quote. Despite ruining the lives of millions of Europeans opinions with his financial speculations being penalized and hungry for speculations and who was an openly admitted enemy of the euro.

He is so highly praise that he is received by the EU's top leaders of the Prime Minister's address built upon comments he made an Easter interview with with Mayor E.S that I am sure she stated the motives behind Hungary's diffidence restricts us quote there can be no special privileges, and no one may stand above the law and not even George Sarris's people. The battle between Hungary and Hungarian born George Soros continues right back on file in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown occupier and what happened was we couldn't find anyone willing to debate that we confront any Palestinians, Muslims, professors, and willing to debate so I gave a lecture on the subject, with the proviso that we would have Q&A at the end which we did and a Christian came back to me later on in civil.

How about just as Israel and occupier that even an evil occupier is Israel occupier is this is Israel controlling land that doesn't belong to. It is Israel oppressing the Palestinians bite by occupying their territories and joining out on the line of fire is David broad he as we been on here believe once or twice before then talked off the air. David is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law school. He's the executive director of the McAbee task force was the founding Executive Director of Christians United for Israel will known as Kofi and he served as Chief of Staff Sen. Arlen Specter and staff director of the Senate Judiciary Committee and on and on it goes with his own bio his new book and it's an important book. It's getting praise from people of been around for many years and saying this book is really really helpful.

Reclaiming Israel's history roots rights in the struggle for peace, a David, welcome back to want to fire. Thanks for joining us back for having sure thing. All right why did you need to write this book. Aren't there enough books out there that layout Israel's historic claim to the land. Why this book. What makes it important and unique story with resonated with me because all my years way with Christians United for Israel and a lot of time with our confined on-campus student and pasted pork and wood, that short better training you know in our offense and attempt conflicted because they were raised in Christian homes where they were taught to love Israel to bless Israel, but then they get to college and be told terrible, terrible things about Israel and they they were just conflicted that they wanted to begin do what their parents wanted.

They wanted to love Israel in their hearts they did but but but their hearts conflicted with their head. Now that there had been filled with line so I found that once I am missing the great.

Really great news. What I shared within the truth about Israel and was able to debunk all the myth that had been told they they left feeling like a weight had been lifted from them supporting his or with both head and heart, and I don't come up to me at the end of the speech is that they hate. Is there a book I can get the cover to cover because there's a lot of history there a lot of date and him and instead of being able to hand them a book. I always felt like I was giving them a homework assignment because I give them the five or six or seven books that I have found helpful in dumping my lecture, but anyone that's not a good policy. Let me write a book.

I can give them one book that contains the information that they and others find most helpful in debunking the myth and knowing the truth and I do in an easy-to-read chronological history of Israel you know is just one of the best in the stories one can share you got endorsements from ranging from Dennis Prager to Glenn Beck to Pastor John Haig. He and and and on and on.

It caught my attention and Dave have been in the identical position were some this is what's the best book to read the thing with her so much out there, but then you think that's the problem it's scattered in different places and it's not necessarily addressing the audience that we want to address. Let me just in some random ways play the devils advocate here, David. Surely you know their Israeli academics that differ with you there.

There are influential Israeli thinkers who are ashamed of Israel and Israel's Zionism in an oppressive policies.

How can you defend this and make it so black-and-white yeah yeah great thing about Israel. A free society, and they had Israelis on the far left developers really on the far right in every every type much like there are academics in the United States to hate America wrongly portray America as the source of the world's problems wrongly, you find academics in Israel who do the same to their own country just because they're Israeli doesn't mean they're right because America's critics are often American, doesn't mean they are right and unfortunately like you know there seems to be a meeting of the mind are far left academics from Israel.

Get together with our left academics from America and enjoy bashing both Israel and America. While they tend to ignore some of the real source of the people in our world today. They they they peddle very gently when it comes to radical Islam and they they come up up with ways of ignoring the massacre of Christians that the persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East. They insist because because of their extreme ideology in locating the source of evil in our world with American Israel is absurd on both counts. I sent it once more, but surely you know there are Palestinian families that were living for generations in in what is Israel today and they were uprooted and today doing refugee camps. How can you possibly justify that don't advocate perhaps misunderstood aspect of Israel's history is a deterrent to Portland in two parts. Part one is if people might have hurt you.

After World War I, the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Turks pulled out the land of Israel called Palestine for centuries into World War I the British conquered and they got a mandate from the league of Nations to rule it together.

From one to World War II were Britain is ruling the land of Israel and they decided it was their mandate from the leader nation to let Jews actually immigrate to their investor homeland and plea for Jewish immigration increased and I think one of the claims against Israel is that Israel can only fit so many people right just as a fixed amount of people to live. There is every Jew that was allowed to return home during the British mandate must have meant that an Arab was kicked out of their home because only fit so many people in the country there's no such thing as growth in there which critical to note that according to British statistics not Israeli statistics British statistics during the peak years of Jewish immigration to Israel to Palestine during the British mandate for Palestine from 1920 to 1937 peak years of Jewish immigration.

The Arab population did not shrink back to group by a rate that the British themselves called tremendous, and more than that. When they dug deeper and looked at both cities in Israel, to which Jews were returning and new cities that were not getting the benefit of Jewish emigration following which Jews were not emigrating like a brown like number the Arab population group, but at a far lower rate which Jews were going like Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv Joppa. The Arab population, the Arab population grew by tremendous rate talking hundred and 20% growth because Arabs were immigrating to Israel to take advantage of the economic opportunity that they were in migrating from parts of Israel at which Jews were not returning to this part which Jews are returning to the final point I want to make.

There was not one Palestinian Arab refugee not one Palestinian Arab refugee until the United Nations offered to divide the land into a Jewish state in America today. 50-50 Marla that you said yes and danced in the street and the Arabs of Palestine said no and launched a war against the Jewish neighbors. The very next day it was that war of aggression that the earth Palestine started in their Arab neighbors later joined that led to the Palestinian refugee crisis is not one refugee, the Palestinians decided to try to destroy the Jewish state rather live in the Jewish state, or is a bad thing and that's why when the Palestinian Arabs started this war so many Palestinian Arabs led the tour like having an honest everyone and is is true as a milling thing devils advocate.

This is in the truth that many Arabs moved into what was in Palestine as Jews were developing the land more and it was now a good thing. There were job opportunities in and there was a reason to move into the land so that Jewish presence actually open the door for more Arab immigration, without doubt. There is no other way to explain the tremendous rates of Arab population growth during the time when Jews were returning under the British mandate in early 1900 way to explain it other than the fact that three factors involved and into the micro to look at three factors about one parent immigrated to Palestine from surrounding Arab countries because of these economic opportunity, number one, number two, there is what's called in migration. They left parts of the British mandate for Palestine, which had no Jews and moved to those parts that they have and then three because of the Jewish immigration and Jewish healthcare. There was better medical care for everybody because of course the Jews open their clinics to everybody. And so there was a longer lifespan than lower infant mortality. There is no debate Michael that Arab population grew tremendously because of these three factors. The only debate is the relative weight of each of the defect or an author named Joan peters came out with a book called from time immemorial back in the 80 and she claimed the largest of these three factors was Arab immigration to Palestine and the academia said she wasn't trying she exaggerated and identified as Billy denies this error rate you friends the Sibley. This is so clear I need this in written form.

You have it. The book reclaiming Israel's history of the RightFax with David brought her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking through our does not believe in Jesus working actively with Christians who stand together for Israel, there are certain things that we unite on an end. One is that we legitimately genuinely believe historically socially justice wise and biblically that Israel has a right to the land. We want the best interest of the Palestinians as well and I'll see if David Brock agrees with David. But David, you think that the Palestinians living in the so-called West Bank and Gaza that they would prosper the most have the best education for their kids best medical care and things like that. If they decided to stop trying to destroy Israel. No debt, no doubt about Michael no doubt about it, you know the border between Israel and the West Bank to be open, more open than our border with Canada, which meant that Palestinians by the hundreds of thousands could stroll across the border to Johnson Israel job initial which gave them a standard of living higher than any other Arab in the entire Arab world, except for the Arabs to the viscera and some rich Gulf oil shake in the West Bank was prospering because the job but just as workers could stroll across that open border to work in Israel terrorists could stroll across that open border to blow up Israeli restaurant After Israel offered the power in the state of their own yet again for the fourth time in 2000 and Yasser Arafat and the Palestinians turned it down may not only turn that offer of the state of their own down and work they turned it down by launching the bloodied second intifada wave of suicide bombing that claimed over 1000 Israeli lot created Jews, Arabs and Muslims. By the way, and on also maimed and mangled 3000 more people Israel did belatedly too late, but any other country with the much sooner they built the barrier separating people have suffered because of that barrier is big. It's not easy propel things to work and is relevant to the top if not easy for Palestinians to get to Israeli hospitals, although they still do, and every every case necessary, but is made life harder. What I don't get it it again again just like with the Palestinian refugee the Palestinian refugees were the result of Palestinian aggression going to destroy Israel. 1948 and refusal refusal to repatriate the refugees by the verdict of the Arab League in the 50s so they created the refugee crisis to make Israel bad, which is why you have yet Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria and even in the West by use of refugee camps in in Muslim countries. How can this be extracted right in there are any talk of apartheid, Palestinian Arabs or arts and citizenship in many professions in the Arab countries in which they live refugee crisis itself is that it is is is the result of Palestinian Arab aggression trying to destroy his own 48 you see the separation for causing hardship on both, but the result of Palestinian terrorism in effort to blow up Israeli well I don't get in. This is where I think anti-feminism enters the picture. Why when we see the suffering when we did a sort of to automatically blame Israel for defending itself instead of blaming the Palestinian Arabs who choose to attack, destroy, and put up Israeli that's where the blame. I think the cause of their terrorism because of their violent people on both sides suffered yet and look when people ask about this security barrier which is almost all sense that imports wall sits to keep murderers out and what is most keep snipers out and yeah it again who is who is responsible for the decrease of Christian population Bethlehem. That's not the Israeli policies that through the PA policies and radical Islam. The book reclaiming Israel's history roots rights in the struggle for peace by David Brock, David. I think it's important especially for the older generation that's listening. I'm 62 folks my age and older. When we came to faith in Jesus. It was just a default thing for us to stand with Israel, not just for me as a Jew, but now is a follower of Jesus. It was kind of a default saying we just believe that God raised up Israel. We, there were people alive that remember the horrors of the Holocaust and the miracle of the birth of Israel, and the miracle of the Six-Day War.

She got a generation now that's being raised. It's much more distant from that got a lot of young people of a great heart for justice and they stand with the underdog and the victim. So the way they hear the narrative.

It's big bad evil Israel and that the poor Palestinians Israel is become the, the, the Goliath and the Palestinians, the David and then you have a Israel apartheid week on campuses and things like that. So David just take these last couple minutes, paint a picture on the college campuses on the people you talking to how dire is it what are they getting exposed to on a regular basis. Pretty bad and it's important point about Michael, your generation of mine. I'm not too far behind. We are raised in environments that were pro-Israel and and our support result was was really challenged our young people, both Jewish and Christian are being are being taken advantage of people and Israel's enemies are don't have a problem blowing up innocent civilians. Delta don't have a problem lying. They understand the Christian values that that young Christians hold dear the understand the Jewish values. The Jews holding to the use of those values to try to turn these young people against Israel. As you pointed out, they approach Christians and say hey you know Jesus without the poor and the oppressed of the world will in the Middle East. The Palestinians are the oppressed and Israel's the oppressor.

They share similar narrative with young Jews and not knowing better, not knowing the fact being na�ve young people often are they by these line and they come home.

19 Jewish family Christian families. They come home to mom and dad because of my Christian diet because managers value, they must stand against Israel. Yeah it's disgusting because you can in turn young people against the their values and their family. This is where the only and that we have is the truth. Thank God we have the truth on our side.

We got a notice history with the shared history. Other otherwise. Our young people in particular are vulnerable to be glad to hear from from from our left activists from Islamic activists and also from a lot of their college professor and David in your book reclaiming Israel's history. Julie things are clearly enough that someone who's critical skeptical, see for themselves that was are you just blasting away politically or you presenting things in a way to say hey look at this for yourself.

See for yourself I'm telling the truth yet. I absolutely appreciate your putting that out. Michael I approached this just from a purely objective historical fashion. Help me as a person human being or or as an advocate to do what Israel's enemies do try to lie or distort the truth because in the long run that won't last that the loan on the flinty foundation. The only way I can do this effectively tell the truth why I meticulously footnote on enough. There are thousands of footnotes in this book. Thousands of I meticulously footnote every fact, I include anyone who reads this book has issued anything.

I think confinement source challenging. I welcome everyone to do that. It only by having the truth on our side, ensuring that I have faith, ultimately the cause of Israel will prevail.

By the way the lies about Israel were true or were the horrible entity in my Jewish values would prevent me from supporting exactly exactly yeah we we join together and that is as well. Dennis Prager said this is the book that I recommend. What when people want to know okay what is the book to read and understand Millie's conflict so it's clearly written. If you have to communicate clearly written, meticulously footnoted to back it up the book, reclaiming Israel's history. I did like a David, thanks for joining us.

One of these days a lot of conversation about Jesus to all right that would be very Michael really did hear your voice think I have sent. All right, my joy, it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. He listens alert for everyone. Just tuning in, now had two fascinating interviews earlier in the broadcast and some interesting phone calls as well.

Some interesting news items we shared, so be sure to catch up with the entire broadcast later today. That's at the line of just click on listen a couple hours after this broadcast is done, click on listen and you'll be able to catch the entire broadcast. You can also subscribe by podcast while you're there. And while you're there.

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Just sign up and will automatically get you that free e-book seven secrets of the real Messiah Guinness at the line of I do want to talk to you in a moment about Donald Trump's speech on Holocaust Memorial day. In fact, let me do that right now. Glad he gave a speech on this day of course, many other presidents have, but some of the extreme all right people also called all right. Some of the extreme right wing folks that voted for Trump or militantly anti-Israel and many of them blatant anti-Semites and some of them both. They would basically be white nationalists. So this article on which is liberal Jewish publication, and their angry reactions Benjamin Garland at the neo-Nazi website the daily Stormer so that you can never appease the Jews give them an inch and they want a mild only way to deal with them is to ignore them and/or tell them to shut their filthy mouths again. The fact that this person voted for Trump means no more than that if her radical Black Panther voted for Barack Obama. In other words, it does not mean Barack Obama agrees with the voter or the Donald Trump agrees with the voter people from all backgrounds look for different candidates, but this is some of the junk that's out there and you have it on all sides, left, right and middle you've got wackos and you got junk. Garland bemoaned what he saw as a turnaround for Trump months ago. He was a man who knew how the Jews operate as a man with enough self-respect to not be publicly humiliated by them by bowing to their every whim and demand, but Jews have their rat like claws deep and I'm now come on, come on, trust in the same Donald Trump in terms of Israel for years and years and years his own daughter converted to Judaism.

No II wish she was a true follower of Jesus. But fact, she converted to Judaism and son-in-law Jared is been a key part of the family for years as a religious Jew or semi religious Jew that makes the grandkids Jewish Donald Trump.

I'm sure is had business dealings with Jewish people work together for years and years and years and years, so obviously they misread Trump and Donald Trump Same as you move the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem of the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. If elected right now. He hasn't done that yet. I still hope you will.

Maybe it's more complex than he realized that I still hope he'll do the right thing and and do that. So honestly, they misread Trump they created a Trump in their own image.

Former Ku Klux Klan had David Duke also railed against Trump in the hours after the speech and decried the fact that the Holocaust is rendered annually. Why is the so-called Holocaust. The only atrocity receives burial remembrance proclamation Jewish privilege is really run Twitter do not have any power rights Donald Trump.

Why surround yourself with the enemies of the American people friends. This is what anti-Semitism looks like and sounds like, and is Donald Trump continues to stand for Israel and do the right thing with regard to Jewish people. Anti-Semites will scream all the more loud. Let them be exposed as ugly as they are.

Let them be exposed, will be right back with usually called the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown running us on the line of fire on this thoroughly Jewish Thursday usually calls are always welcome 866-348-7884 is number to call Hebrew related Jewish tradition.

Judaism -related modern Israel related even Islam related will do our best to give you solid answers to your questions, 8663.784 we go to the phone.

Starting in New York City, salaam, welcome to want to fire Ron how are you doing very well thank you like your very we know we have Laura God give us a Mount Sinai public revolution, a public event. The tour is very clear vision, lead our lives so specific some passages are greeted multiple times explained how each individual time. We did learn a different Benjamin. The main point is that when you have a target so clear and on the navigator's heart really did not know was part of the Torah.

Why would a person like you who has amazing voice and I was a very smart person when you have the ability to spread the truth, truth, why would you go ahead and sell a product. Millions of people a product that makes people feel like the people then there is nothing that you have to do just just sign up and urine just by calling somebody of God, human being.

God being the God that God told Torah specifically that I am your God. I took you out of Egypt.

Nobody else. The master created the world. When you use the word God tricking people person cannot become God doesn't make any sense is not a rational Christianity started by a very sad situation where a person had a relationship out of wedlock. She had a distant with me.

She was ready betroth today in heaven. Assuming that you didn't merit totally but on the Jewish law, but her having relationship she's actually she will actually be put to death in the times of the rabbis, and she went ahead and turn that around and made into from her came up social situations like a religion. I soon suggested to by clearing it makes for a place like America.

It cost for this dispensing or listen itself. My college Alanis is saying that Mary Miriam, the mother of Jesus had him out of wedlock and that this is part of the creation of of what he believes is a Christian myth which propagated I do want to very specifically respond your question, Sarah Dr. Dr. Dr. Oz of Coleman showing date for Russia from evil comes out evil from good comes out good when we are religions like Christianity come out. Of the situation you understand deeper how much evil really are so that my questions you got let me ask you this question. Why do you think I've given my life. 45+ years to preaching this message and have this lost certain friendships and relationships, and had to go against the grain and in all variants learn what what I think I've done it. What he think I do it very Dr. you have a tremendously, give true members so so that's out potentially in the stomach you love some of the greater them are on average, so such such a soul have the power but the power comes together combined polymer putting can live on them. It's also there's always some drug to create made people and made good and made, and it made tighter and made unpleasant cleanliness back to be a balance.

Balance in order for us to receive ultimate reward. There has to be some counter to that rule. So when a person like you and Charlotte you have thought the elevator somebody also have the toiling greater than average toiling so you have a choice in life, you could ultimately choose to learn the truth, not just look at the truth in order to further your further an agenda and it very well to sell pizza store for free on the street corners of three types that they thought but part of the so something that is more difficult to keep. So if you work it turn around and say okay I'm in the start preaching to Judaism to teaching what the Torah is not what people came afterwards and skewed for the tourism your mate might not have an audience because simply, they are great men out there that are able to do that you would be just starting on the letter with that approach, so I think you I on on something.

People naturally wonder down the feeling downtrodden and want to give them a hand on the pulse that will accept and be in no means depressed or going to a hardship anyone on the streets stop anybody on the street from trial to adults they're going through some parts of the life so you think you think when say when I'm working the Gentile world and I'm encouraging Christians around the world to leave everything to follow Jesus and getting moderate. They're getting destroyed. Even secular reports at least 90,000 Christians killed for their faith in the last years and in the last year alone, and this is been a steady year after year after year when were telling them the complete surrender of every thought, every desire, every action given over to God to serve him day and night, and that's why we wanted and breathe.

I'm I'm giving them a convenient way out as a being slaughtered for their faith rather than teaching Torah to do so that's that's convenient way out really, how you work from people being slaughtered through talking on the radio show United States of America through talking to people that can learn the true master creator of the world and to know none other. You have all Alex on I thought you'd almost all the talking, but your calling for me to explain.

Reason explains why you 100% misrepresent what I believe I will address your Torah question, but I wanted to get to the heart of you 100% misrepresent, but I believe it's like me saying why are you telling people that they can have free ice cream. I I'm telling people, whoever you are, America River you are you must render the entirety of your life to God. You must render your thought life. You must surrender your must withdraw the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Scripture okay but but here's my point.

I'm not giving plugging an easy way out.

I'm not telling people hate just pray this little prayer.

I'm telling them that here. Even if, in your view on telling to follow false God. I'm I'm not giving some convenience gospel some convenience message to get rich on telling people lay your life down for the gospel. Lay your life down to follow God heart and soul, mind and strength. The rest your life could die. It was as easy as saying Saturday Sabbath is easy when I'm talking on some of his gospel okay so so let me let me help you explain this limit not understand this gospel something written after the Torah after, blood about the teachings of of of of of of what is it it is what's prophesied in the Hebrew Scriptures. It's what God predicted that God will take this incident and cause anonymous I want to tell you an idea will not service or hang on, you rescue me a lot of questions and do not let me answer any right so it is. It is my radio show. I want to be fair you another Sosa please just hear me out right.

First, that the writings in the New Testament predate the final editing of the Talmud by about �600, five, six, and years will put that aside everything that was spoken of in the Torah and the prophets.

I believe that sitting innocent anything aside, I say your setting a lot aside because your tradition and I'll let you explain your view on the other side of the break.

Everything I believe is based on what is written in 10 off in the Hebrew Scriptures and I believe as written in Isaiah 53 six Glenna cuts own to increase the dark opining about a na�ve gable at the phone, that all of us have gone astray, each one his strength was only in the Lord has put on him. The Avedon are the servants of Lord Mysia Messiah cinema saw and if we will turn to him with creature of trim and not true repentance and faith and say God have mercy on me, I've sinned wicked in your sight. Forgive me, give me a new heart, new life. He will now forgive us and now call us to live the rest of our lives in obedience to him that is that mean Torah observance not that's us that's a fair question, but it means that the sarong gospel, the good news is found in 10 off and when the Messiah came to reality.

That's the good news.

Now from his serious message from here on. The rest your life in the service of God will be right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and shalom calling from New York was the religious Jewish man and sir I appreciate deeply your love for me as a fellow Jew and in the kind words, and spoken to me as much as you believe I'm deceiving doing the wrong thing so I want to begin to respond to your question about touring and then turn it back to you when I look at trauma and I see that the vast majority of what God said where to do throughout all generations. We can't do without a standing temple without a functioning priesthood without sovereignty in the land. And that's been through most of our history.

I I have one of three conclusions one render judgment were scattered and God is angry with us and we miss this big problem to yeah temples destroyed render judgment were scattered, but he's given us Jewish tradition he's given us the Robin EM he's he's given us the way to the rabbis in tradition and that's how we can continue to use even though we can't do most of the things that were forever commandments and the Torah, or three, the Messiah has come on schedule before the second Temple was destroyed and has introduced a new and better covenant and that we don't discard Torah but now we live it out in the new life of the spirit. That's what I personally believe, so we just celebrated Pesach CERT according to the tour you're supposed to slaughter a lamb with your family and so did you slaughter a lamb this year. I threw your television and you just spent a bunch of things and I found it oriented. I agree with what you're saying because he kept interrupting me. You asked me a series of questions every time I try to respond. You interrupted me, so in fairness to the listening audience you can't listen to people once I responded to a nonparty backups. No deception there.

I did hang up on you I put you on hold so I could answer your questions without your draw if you asked me questions got let me answer right.

Otherwise just say you want to you what you gotta spiel you want chocolate you talk.

I guess the question I want answer the question of your group. You would realize the way to come to the truth is like two people giving each other not giving each other the amount of time and then somebody else responded to the truth you going round and round circle. You have to stop. Go back to the book and learn out of the leave.

You gotta take the profit you gotta learn it from the basic are ultimately you want to pass away from this world and even to meet the master of the world egg argument that you have, that such an ability to talk to millions of people bring them closer to me.

Why didn't you do that why wanted to go ahead and follow all God in you call my radio show and asked me questions. Did you not want me to answer you again again very simple and to the conflict offered up in the hot just can you answer me at real simple real simple. You called my show and you asked me a question you asked me several questions and then I let you keep talking to give your whole view on what I believe and what's wrong. It's etc. okay so I'm trying to respond. By the way I've sat with from rabbis as often as possible and I met with learn Kamara together we we learn and several years back I asked a number of yeshivas would they. I said hey I will.

I want to I want to understand my tradition more. I'm not can it proselytize or anything we reach out to 70. She was in Brooklyn and then in another state, as well as a I'll glibly learn and not say a word and just learn.

They all refuse me just for your information, but did you call the show wanted me to answer or not Dr. I want your nap with you after you swallow that when I answer you I bathroom those particular nuances and there is no time television but wouldn't have thought of everything. The result is that you're not getting in hearing what you have to say it. Simply put, want to have a cover disrupt one with me on a daily basis. I promise you that one session, one session of learning properly and getting close to the master creator of the world you will see the divine providence inventory learning. Could you have a hole in the drama you got yourself back you got yourself a deal you got yourself Dr. I know you did not give your thoughts that you will look at the rock in a way to make your for your your privilege and you cannot go at a big debate about the results of the rabbis let me just responsive. First, you have a deal right so you are right, so I'm listening audience knows you're on hold right now she can hear me but you can trust me right so he's not agreeing with this 20 clear number one Howard Cousy spoke on the phone is going to get your contact information and God willing within the next week or two on and reach out you and contact you and we will do our float will set aside, and our two right. I'm sure our schedules are busy and will will learn you can be my teacher right you you whatever you want to get into so gladly. So you gotta give your contact info. Otherwise, I can't reach out to, but really do okay you made a claim within one session is going to revolutionize minus anything so were on sir are not where we are on but you're telling me that all the other rabbis I sat with and done this with and learn Kamara with everything I said that they don't have what you have that you got some something special is going to totally change my perspective, Dr., I'm not playing some dramatic operating the deal. You have to understand on unadulterated learning will you feel connected to God because master creator the world. Torah learn without an agenda learn because you want to be close to the one that created you � probably not alluring. We wanted to end up with the conversation to be able to say that you misjudge. Why learn I everything I do in my life is to is to walk with God. And please God, and know God and make him known to to to my last drop of blood and breath.

That's what I'm here for you and Anna if anyone could show me that what I was believing was wrong.

I do banded in the heart. The I hope you can send the same, I would say the one thing remember one thing when you say God the master creator of the world for God to me. I think your work."

Usually usual� You cannot do it out loud love out of that you cannot go ahead and use terms that convolute people's mind. What what to tell you another.

I've got to give account to the master creator for my words. You have to give account to the master creator for your words okay I'm I'm standing before him.

Your standing before him, so I'll give account for my would you give account for yours. Here's the here's the deal. If you're willing, if you're willing to do this I have to have I have all right sir I got one minute left. I didn't take any other calls because of you right so I apologized other callers. If you call back tomorrow. I'll put to the top of the list, sir. You offered to learn with me right so here's the deal. Give your info to Howard.

He's going asked for his and ascended to or cell phone, or both, whatever God willing within the next two weeks I'll be in touch with you will set up a time where you argue with you. My purpose is not going to be to use what you say for mission housing purposes. I'm gonna take you up on your claim that you are going to enlighten me to the real meaning of Torah and it will change my life as a Jew right so the ball is in your courts are to talk to Howard now friends. I love the truth and I love the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and I've committed to living for him in the life by

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