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The Care Givers

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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May 16, 2021 1:13 pm

The Care Givers

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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May 16, 2021 1:13 pm

Robby is joined by author, Pastor and care giver, Odell Cleveland along with Eric Mock who is from the Slovic Gospel Association.

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This is Michael Carbone with the Truth Network were partnering with Bible league international on open the floodgates Bibles for Africa in many parts of countries like Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Mozambique as many as 9/10 Christians are denied God's word by corrupt governments majority religions in poverty and remoteness five dollars and the Bible.

$100 since $2500 sends 100 call 800 yes word that's 800-937-9673 thank you for caring hi I met my cohost Leanna Michael Paul and I liked on Mormonism to be brighter than we were told it would mean join us for discussions about our journeys Mormon to Jesus chosen should just enjoy most listening to the podcast network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursue you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore. I was telling Beth and today I often feel like the luckiest man on the planet that I not only get a chance to restrict cargo so II hope you had a chance to listen and the wonderful calls in the way God shows up in so many different ways is so unbelievable another ways he shows up as I get a chance to meet somebody really cool people on kingdom pursuits are God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and as I was mentioning that you you talk to these people.

They been through some stuff man and God uses that in phenomenal way. So today we have with us Eric Mauch and he is with the SGA and may share the gospel at summer camps in the shadow of Chernobyl and so talk about going through some stuff. Eric most people have really been through.

She's can I call you back. Eric based on the fact that, for whatever reason our phone system today is just deciding to do a little bit of an echo, but will get that second but next step. Talk about going through something we have pastor Odell Cleveland and his new book, it's my turn and so we've got an event and that my turn is caregiving 101 and I can tell you my wife is going through some she's been caring for her mother for some time and before that we cared for my father so I understand very much what this book is about and for so many of us it is our turn.

And so we have with this pastor Odell Cleveland and he's got a big event coming up May 19 where you have a chance to take his knees go to speak on this whole idea on the zoom call when you get a free book just for registering, but meanwhile all welcome welcome pastor will thank you for having me just we just think God to be able to share in the whole idea of caring for love one is just phenomenal. I just you know about this book as therapy with me traveling back and forth to Charleston, South Carolina Care for my mother and when I share with other people are like wow either they been through it.

Are they going through it and it's just been a blessing and you start thinking about you know kingdom pursuits.

I had no idea God was doing. I had no idea that so many times kingdoms right in her own home, and a mandate and any scout work is got work and and and and it is an interesting thing that it some point in time. If it does become your turn, and it really is is some test that you did not see common because there are so many old wounds that we don't know where they are. You know what you talking about, you know exactly to talk about sibling rivalry to you know many of us left the home left our parents home at a age of the note.

An adult or young adult, you know, graduating college, and then you went home for minute you got a job you moved to another city and a lot of this unresolved issues like you said old wounds because now you going back as an adult you know taking care of a parent and you still have all the sibling rivalries. Where did exist only exist if you have in the financial obligations you have all the things that makes it so dynamic and you have the parent fighting for the independence all yes they do. And Kane is alive and well in case you didn't know that first person with a belly button eyes you ever thought about that man, but he so also we we got Eric with this he is with the SGA and we're talking about summer camps in the shadow of Chernobyl.

I hope we got you better might I Eric, how can you hear me okay I wonderful to be with and and so these people. I just can't even imagine what they went through in Chernobyl and what summer camps are in that culture. So can you give us some sense of that week and your you are right, double-click the experience. It almost unthinkable even when the radiation was initially falling down in Chernobyl. Many people were informed before going on with their daily life. It came down most heavily in southern dollars and given the half-life of radiation children have grown up not only dealing with a broken of homes in life in in in dysfunctional family, but you're also dealing with the effects of the lingering effects of the radiation on the cared all kind of physical problem and so to be able to go to one of the camp into get a step away from the reality of life is a miracle for them that something so so so I know the S GA stands for sharing the gospel somehow but can you tell us a little bit about what that is, the Slavic Gospel Association actually was founded in 1934 by a Belarusian immigrant. The focus of our organization serving the local Bible teaching church. The indigenous churches there different conflicts of joy that allows us to be small and pour out the kingdom to be great. We get behind the church is the God's grace.they're the ones that are reaching the cared and their own community. We pray when they come to faith during the summer camp other to get involved in Sunday school and the local churches and the knock on effect of the Brinker parents in the gospel going forward in and that's what we want to see more lights coming to faith camp is such a special time right I mean II hope you get a chance. I had just came back off the two different camps. I was at Nikita colossal man camp and then we had our boot camp and so you eat you get in the look in the woods alone with God and other people are sharing experiences with God and it's just like a holy moment and how amazing is it that Eric you guys partner with God in in making this happen for people that really how else would could they have such a experience is just what you're really putting it! On it. It really is important, regretfully, a large number of come from broken homes, alcoholic parent dysfunctional home care at risk.

And some of them were bringing from orphanages inflicted are caught up in in the morass of the hardship of life and in the destruction of families also make him away to like him. That is, led by the faithful believers and when they do this they find new whole new direction. There were just away from the chaos of the world and a lot of the kids come to faith during an analysis familiar with Russian alcoholism. There is holistic and I five. I've had some Russian friends in my life and and that these are things that they really really struggle against dysfunctional families, Yahweh. We have a Mid-America but oh my goodness know when they didn't have a lot of hope just due to their culture. They turned alcohol and oh my goodness what that has done the families, which goes back to write the whole idea of caregiving because you know how it goes back to it is because it you know in my own life. The alcoholics that were involved in essentially the know my wife's family.

Oh my goodness what that has brought to the need for for caregiving at different levels and how you do that without Jesus, until well is I'm not saying this impossible but is very hard to do it without Jesus and Eric, let me say to you my friend that God bless you. God bless you and please I will find out from Robbie how I can make a personal contribution what you are doing, because what you say and just touch my soul Robbie to the point of the whole thing about caregiving.

A lot of it is based on the environment. We left and the fact that John 316.

You know guys love the world gives.

So now God asked us to forgive but it's hard to forgive sometimes. And because the person we laugh and individuals will not. That same person we return… Say we had alcoholism, abuse or anything poverty anything in a household that we remember.

But they're not the same person that individual that may have done something wrong then.

Not that same person we remember them and we are not the same person.

So a lot of times a caregiving comeback is about how your parents trying to treat you like you are a child you don't mean all I believe me you're talking about celebrating we come back we have so much more, including my riddles and jokes a chance to hopefully laugh along with me or at me whichever you prefer. We have pastor now, and Eric Margolis is diversified you're listening to the Truth Network and I will welcome back to kingdom pursuits where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and I just learned something that then it's my month May as older Americans month and since, due to the fact that it's old Americans month we got pastor of Hotel Cleveland with his really, really great.

I mean needed for such a time as this.

It's my turn now vent which features his book, which is coming up May 19.

It's gonna be a zoom event or you can you know the one on one there with with Pastor Odell and plus the first 100 registered and again to receive a full free copy of his book. My turn now caregiving 101 and then we have also witnessed Eric Mauch and he's with the SGA which I learned that to today and that the means Slavic Gospel Association and their summer camps in the shadow of Chernobyl and is it. As I mentioned, it's all I kingdom how to register for for pastors, event, or if you are. You feel like Odell you feel led to to give to these camps, you can go right there kingdom and and click on the links and in and make all that happen, but you do know that his kingdom pursuits and so at some point in time I have to get to the river so so speaking of turn that can turn you know how you turn a duck into a soul singer. Do you turn a dent into a selves where he put it in the oven and you bake it until it will weathers to make it every single time. So to finish rented tank vent fan and one last one was a eel, and one was a cot in the eel turns. That's the reason the date of the cotton's is you know how to drive this thing. It's a tank you so the company little bit. It's all right so speaking of turn again I turn 65 and six months old and I did. My wife will tell you I don't need glasses as I drink my milk straight from the bottom, which she still gets mad at me even though you know there's nobody else in the house and drink and I like to drink it straight, don't you, Odell. Be honest. Yeah, I do not have. I will have it to have that I do it in. My wife looks at me as he takes her hand at 35 years she just takes her and tell her I don't need glasses on so here you go. Seven. Speaking of turns and sibling rivalry in all that I came up a little bit of a riddle for that. So and we had a great great great prize against which author in the Bible had so many older brothers.

You can imagine. He never got a turn, so when he got a chance to write this book in the Bible.

This particular younger brother and I we just immediately went turn turn turn. I mean, I apparently was on his mind.

So if you can name that author in the Bible who said turn turn turn. You can bet the entitlement going as we and also by the way, if you say you know I would appreciate $25 that I'd rather have a Christian card ID should call 86487884 866-34-TRUTH and tell us which author in the Bible turn turn turn left today, but I am the more I think about this zoom call in the opportunity for this free resource you know this is so I'm I know a lot of people listening are in the midst of this struggle and it means so much to have resources and and so what what are some of the things that you're going to share in the zoom called you know Robbie in the book of ecclesiastics is talk about you know sometime the last time to cry but also I look at it from this perspective and this will God revealed to me as a caregiver.

It either become a time in our lives where either. We need a caregiver or we become a caregiver. That's the first point God shipped me the second point is the duration of time how long God, how long will I be a caregiver. Not that I'm complaining, but how long because in a way you can put your life on hold in if everything God shared this with me. I really just just start crying is that when my time is a caregiver is up will I feel guilty or relieved and will I feel guilty for feeling relieved Robbie that sound will face yet.

I just had to start neatly when God is printed and you and you start getting personal. Here are the light of my gosh yes that's exactly the sense of yeah and and also the other point you made, which I think is absolutely brilliant is yes.

I needed a caregiver when my mom cared for me and my dad cared for you and they would change my diaper right and then that went on probably a lot longer than they had hoped to drain the average then the young lady you know is it's it's a humbling thing to think back with yeah and you know how long is is is God been witnessing me you know to whatever extent and then oh well. And so I love that Ecclesiastes to speak to that in so many ways is interesting is a couple times that me and God just had to talk about it because helping my mother with her depends that's different is different for me is just life has a way of just God showing us how significance but more importantly, that we need him MMO moms having conversations now about life and death and just things that in this whole caregiving experience. Sometimes brother had still wanted to drive though six hours. Sometimes I don't want to be called in the middle of the night to help my mother sometime. I just don't but then other times I just thank God for the privilege and honor to serve my mother who took care of me and my siblings.

You know what you just said is so brought back right to my heart. What an honor it was you. My dad did not want to. I was my dad's caregiver and he did not want to talk about his funeral. He didn't want to talk about his dying in weeks before he knew that was pretty obvious that that was coming but I really did have the honor of walking in through Got a talk about it in again. You know what that's can be like and you know to be silent moment. It's truly is truly an honor that would love for my son to walk me through that at the point where I'm scared right yeah and this is interesting that you crying now because I don't know how long will you a caregiver for your father but it just shows the impact that caregiving has. And that's why we need Holy Spirit. That's why we need Jesus Christ. That's why God helps us and I didn't know what I wrote this book that this is just therapeutic for me.

Robbie was just therapeutic for me and people telling me my God Odell. I thank you so much Mike Pinckney is like sometimes God just just the whole kingdom pursuits.

That wasn't my intent but that was God's intent for me. I comfort others with comfort reap in comfort and and so how beautiful is that and Eric you know so much, you get a chance to hear that through the Slavic gospel in association like oh my goodness that these people get a chance for life or they can stay connected to their parents considering Christ. Yeah, I was with conversation and also so accurate quote Ecclesiastes and rubbing it.

I think we see life through other words, draw week we can't see the future. The past we can't understand, and we have to trust in a sovereign God is leading this guy loving a lot of these kids. I'm sorry I would mention it. For a lot of these kids that are coming to camp. They've known only suffering these orphan children and they have only known the brokenness of the family and who would've thought that in the middle of their darkest times God was positioning him to hear of the greatest of time yet so often we look at the occult event at the end of the story, yet very often our sovereign God. They beat us by his Spirit in place of the score. We need to be to open the door to the greatest of hope in the greatest of love and the greatest opportunity and that's that's where these camps are these kids that have known only suffering difficult and all of a sudden find out that all long God was moved along to a point where they discover hope and faith in him and and often it it passed on to the parent parent that had a life of suffering also and find hope in Christ. And so it become the next by which you use the difficulties transformed into victory incessantly terrific as I'm listening to you. I'm thinking oh my goodness I'm talking about revelations today. Chapter 21 where Jesus says you know I am the beginning and I meander on the Allison on the target.

In Hebrew, and he's saying that all there is a new beginning that can happen for that entire family to actually be a family as he comes into their and drink from that living water that same living water that did that he is talking about it.

In Revelation, so that's wow, how cool is that. So great news we got Scott and he's got a gas force on you know what is wrote turn turn turn and maybe you, you might have something really never had anybody that ever missed on this show in the history of kingdom pursuits he can still call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Don't forget kingdom pursuits has you can register for past rebels conference or you can get involved with the your listening to the Truth Network and

Welcome back to kingdom pursuits where we hear how God and uses it to build the kingdom. Today we are really so blessed to have Castroville Cleveland with his it's his new book, it's my turn now and he's got an event coming up with zoom where you can take part in that. May 19 from 10 to 11 only accused to register for that which you can go to kingdom and see that my turn now. Are you or by all means Eric Mark with the SGA Slavic gospel association sharing the gospel through summer camps in the shadow of Chernobyl.

It is to guess we have on with us today. But also I have right now I have Amy cobble the host of the cure and Amy you guys have a really really cool show. I love the topic of coming out of poverty and email and now right on the chin and you got against my dad in more rights and civil that's going to be awesome, Amy. Again, it's a live shows. You can call him just like you did kingdom pursuits engage with Amy because there talk about the cure right. Howdy come through these things and there's I know she loves it.

I love it when you call you levitated on Jamie.

I shall not yet taken out, plus even get to talk to Boris like one of my favorite God bless you guys have a great night. Bye-bye.

And speaking of great shows.

Okay, I'm just giving you a little hint that you might've enjoyed listening to Odell since you been hearing them on the air today.

Well I discovered tell you, coming up in the month of June, right we have a new sheriff show called common ground and it features Odell and his good friend with not there's not talk about caregiving in length about the time I caregiving in a way for us to to reconcile racial relationships. Trying yeah yeah good friend Bill Goble.

We've been friends for years. We traveled to different parts of the world into parts of the country together and have their unique experiences. So we talk about those experiences but we also talk about God and how God can bring a black Christian brother and white Christian brother to gather and help help us deal with the whole thing will race and racism and society in it. Is this a powerful show we just thank God for what God is doing and thank you all for hostess and as you can hear.

I mean if you're to sit in your listening like oh my goodness, Odell's going through this. It's his turn while he's quite obviously the black I am a story and I sleep like I write in and what we share very, very, very common experiences and so wow I mean we need each other's wisdom desperately.

God put us all here to come together and so I'm so excited about the show, the common ground is coming up in June but I'm also very excited because we have Terry. She is in Richmond and she has an answer for us on my my riddle which you know Jerry, who wrote turn turn turn can you hear me Terry okay she's Howdy wanted so Terry please cause back, please, please, please, because we got about an issue with our phones going on so hopefully Terry will call back and will be able to get her on with the answer for turn turn turn but you know getting back to Eric and the the SGA so I bought your own story, Eric Allen, the world did you get involved with Slavic Russians. Pretty interesting. I was a unique story. I actually came to faith through the ministry of an unbeliever. I grew up in a much much like you see in typical America, Christianized pagan. A lot of people claim of faith. They don't understand. I was 38 years old and I was on the space program and someone asked me about my faith and I began to share about it and he was nodding his head, and at the end of nodding his head. He turned to me that's interesting is that my dad used to say in your big of a hypocrite if you had and I was told Eric I called my wife and I don't even know if I'm saved and it started kind of a six-month journey that led me to my knees and I came to faith.

I was kind of at the pinnacle of my career and I left it all behind to go into missionary work on the pastor and a missionary and I work with SJ now been there for 19 years serving churches went back to school got by M.Div. and and you know along with turn turn turn. I know what that's like. I made the walk away from a false into Christianity and Embry had on. And that my friend is is really much like the many churches we serve. These these summer camps are talking about are led by the local churches of which many of them are arm led by men who once were lost were now found it like were trying to support over 500 church based and anywhere from full facility like in Chernobyl. Some people just want to camp in the backyard of their home. Whatever it takes to be reaching the kids with the gospel and so that's that's kind of where I'm at where I was. I was lost I was chasing the American dream and thought that that what was all about my faith then and I realized it was not a real estate until the cost with everything and and that now I am. I've been with SJ missionary and I'm a local church pastor 10 thinking pastor and graces immersive and expansive and it can take old retread tires on the car down a lonely road and it's a glorious thing and that's why it that your joy for me to serve these churches and for your listeners to get behind serving all purchase some congregation only five or six people all trying to reach the right guy and based on my experience and was congregations and five or six people are perhaps more real than a lot of the bigger churches I've attended and I actually know you now that that that that's that's pretty real stuff in it and it makes me go back to Odell that you know when when it comes your own cake when your own home in all the sudden it's a real opportunity to find our own weaknesses and in workouts can help us to turn right to his strength in a ghastly writing way past Eric stated is that they actually know you a lot of things in the book we talk on the take a quick second and go through a couple titles you know chapter 1 he talks about what happened to my life and that's when you know you manual business and God taps you on the shoulder and said I know you got all the stuff going on in your profession. You know the stuff that you had to go back home and help You to the epic struggle we laugh about that is me taking the keys from mom and dad not taken keys asked for the car keys and that's that whole independence Three to get everybody in trouble. Sibling rivalries you know we had those issues as children and now we have those issues on these issues as as we don't as adults Before truth and harmony. Sometimes have to tell the truth and you give up harmony because a lot of times you want peace in the Valley but the piece is hurting and killing you The five being there for dad especially liked some of that myself when your father wasn't there for you. So how do you take care of a dad who usually not always so usually didn't take care you are mistreating you but now you have to take care him, especially as a man looking at another man. Understanding what didn't happen or what did happen To six when my favorites the hospital when you in the hospital with your love one people calling in unite like you have to keep up with everything from all the justice the whole hospital experience. We just wear you out chapter 7 when things fall apart the serenity prayer and we all know that a particle son or daughter returns home and nine memories and everything is in the entertainment to find ourselves at the front of the church going car driving away like a place). We got one more segment to share will be right back Sally and remember that River, frontline you're listening to the Truth Network and

Welcome back percentages where we have got is the kingdom and we are so blessed Eric with the SGA sharing the gospel summer camps in the shadow of Chernobyl and Castroville, Cleveland with its my turn now, his new book and an event coming up May 19 from 10 to 11 again you register for that kingdom and you can see where it says it's my turn now when you go to register for that event and the first 100. They do that is can get a free book right which you can hear already went to the chapters is going to be absolutely outstanding and we had two regulars and we just had struggles with our phone system today so please excuse our our situation, but please call back Scott Terry who ever would like to call back will try to get you on M and will try to make sure somebody wins a gift card if you know which altar in the Bible you know never got a turn because he was younger brother and so he went turn turn turn when it came to be his turn to write a book. So getting back to my friends Eric where are you located on the northwest, Illinois. I spent about 1/3 of my life now overseas in the 11 countries of the former union and your time as her dog to get about five men and family and yet my wife sacrificed a lot of site. I do travel and we got kids and grandkids hereby request… I the small village church here in Northwest Illinois that I pastor and it's it's a joy. We live in a time where we can be anywhere in the world still ministered by God's great love that can right now, may I left corny jokes, so it's just you know he has ears to hear.

I'm just saying. Let me know what we do have got finally back. It's got an answer for us on turn turn turn Scott you're on kingdom proceeds morning my friend Laura and Rob a great show. Oh, thank you and Scott is our volunteer with the Jesus love her a lot labor of love, car repair for single moms widows and families in crisis and by all means, a very very wonderful listener Scott who was this, this particular author in the Bible that would be King Solomon ASC was gone and so you know it's interesting that that pastor Odell went with Ecclesiastes and and here we got this I mean it it kind is our turn in. Yeah, yeah, I figured it was preplanned or something. Pretty cool stuff. So God bless you.

Thank you Scott appreciates gone in that great show and always thank you for all you do for the Truth Network and for the Jesus labor for God is which. So thank you buddy all right and we have Orlando my good friend is in High Point Orlando you're on kingdom proceeds good morning.

You know I am. I am thrilled and just one of my favorite colors always on land and so what if you got for my brother.

He did write Proverbs write all the stuff that he learned as being that younger brother never again turn and so you know, the book of Proverbs. A great idea to read that one chapter every day. I've heard that every month and and while there so much wisdom there. It's amazing to me how many times it'll just come out of left field and I'll see some other Proverbs and I go why did I never see that before. Why did I have to learn that when the hardware I like for like 30 will talk about our wide well to give you some else on that Orlando actually from my perspective. Proverbs 31 is for you because you're the bride of Christ. Yet well yeah if you look at spiritually and so I think it's absently beautiful thing that my hope is to someday be a good Proverbs 31 woman. So thank you Orlando. I appreciate you know you have a great afternoon. God bless. So again, pastor what was something that you want to make sure this last minute that are listed here about this event why they should go register. While I think the one the main things when it comes to sibling rivalries. We talk about it open and honest and a lot of cases that's where the stumble occurs. The fact that how does God allows us to go back and reconcile some of those things and a lot of it. It wasn't the children. It was just say just case rob you of your dad's of your mom's favorite child on hand after your dad. You know that wasn't your fault you have anything to do that ever is still affect everybody else in what I like everybody understand is that unintended consequences still consequences. However, God is still God.

I like that unintended consequences are still consequences. But God is still God, and I imagine that speaks to Chernobyl to is there some in this last few seconds that you wanted to share. Eric, you didn't have a chance to this time of chaos in the world and the kids need to hear of a God of love and hopelessness and hope have opened the door is desperately. You can imagine what it be like affair with him about a come of it and all the experience and when opportunity right. You can find out how to register for this event with pastor Odell or the SGA.

Most neurologist great honor that you would spend time with us today pursuits stated that she got there, followed by the masculine journey here in Salem and it's time to man up. This is the Truth Network


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