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August 11, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina.

Genesis chapter 2.

Be ready to continue in our series on marriage and the family today I and our series is entitled: we move this down here. The way God designed it and in order for us to understand marriage and the family. We got understand the way God designed what God had envisioned and today all day this morning and tonight by the way, I know that many of you were just glad you're here and and some don't come back on Sunday nights. I know there's always more people on Sunday mornings and for those of your thank you for being here. I want to encourage you if you not of you don't normally, Sinnott yada come for this because it really takes all day working to get even in more detail this evening on on the subject of God designed a difference and we got understand the difference. We men and women in order to communicate in order to get along in order to have a God honoring marriage in order to talk about that today I wanted to show you on the Joey first been this many of you remember a while back that Krispy Kreme offered that if you came dressed as a pirate that you got a free dozen doughnuts your member that couple weeks back. Everybody asked me if I didn't I said no, this is Joey, and Amanda Horn. I want you to see the product of this church and they had to drive away. How long have the drive to get to Krispy Kreme Pl. close to an hour.

Dressed like a pirate driving for an hour just to get a dozen free doughnuts which a dozen donuts or what $8.09 dollars up like that so they spent probably $25 in gas to get eight dollars worth of free doughnuts. That's our product dear Kerwin Baptist Church is picking but this is that he said that to me and I thought I wanted you to see that we love joy to me and always miss them and at that position are in that I did my part for the economy to that was yesterday. Everybody.

Everybody thinks of me at Krispy Kreme and I was gone all week, sort of my boys want to go they wanted to go to Krispy Kreme. I don't know where they get that they wanted to go to Krispy Kreme and I promise them I would so that your church are Genesis chapter 2 as well as Kayden's first trip to a Krispy Kreme restaurant that really I don't, he can't call restaurants but I guess they are in actual Krispy Kreme for the column shop establishment. Thank you. Wow. All right establishment wow good business on independent Baptist war that's more like a nondenominational word while establishment were getting modern now Israel quickly.

I couple weeks back graduate for the Jew to be here to tell this but the couple weeks back I went to the hospital to visit a young man off Scott Scott's bus route I was having some surgery.

We pray for them here mentioned him and that we went up to see him in Ashland and Sarah.

He had worked on Scott's bus route knew this young man so they went with Julie and I to go up and see this. This young man. Such a sweet boy and his parents weren't there, but he had family that was there and I believe it was a grandma and grandpa and they're saying to go to a good church and I forget the church.

It might be freedom back for I forget where they go.

But anyway, we are in their economy and the boy and and the dad to grandpa obviously knew a brother Joe no Kerwin kind of thing and he said so you are the new pastor at Kerwin Batra just said yes sir, I am he said so you take over brother Joe and I said yes sir he said to what happened to brother Joe and you know me, I just can't give up an opportunity and I see said what happened to brother Joe and I said I said we don't know, he just went crazy in the head. I said we nobody can figure. I said he just started talking out of his head, and I said they had to bring me in and kind of think and what was amazing was his response. He said oh okay. Like like you can see that happening, you, I was thinking to be like oh no what you like oh okay, thing, and I had to say no I'm joking but that was interesting. So Genesis chapter 2 and I want to ask you to if you look up another Placeholder Pl. in Genesis chapter 2 and then I want you to look at first Peter chapter 3 were to read in Genesis chapter 2 verse and then just one verse in first Peter chapter 3, but the verse in first Peter chapter 3 were to use throughout the entire day.

I want to encourage you if you can try to plan to be here tonight.

It is basically a month work work of marriage seminar in just a few Sundays but you need to be here for that also acquire choir practice today at 530 so quire. I know we would be here at 530 Genesis chapter 2 than first Peter chapter 3 let's begin reading in Genesis chapter 2 verse 19 first very familiar passage and out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every fowl of the air and brought them onto Adam to see what he would call them whatsoever Adam called every living creature that was the name thereof, and Adam gave names to all cattle into the fowl of the year and every beast of the field, but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him notice. Notice that in a singular way and help meet the didn't say and helpmeets they didn't say a number of helpmeets he said and help me okay for him. Verse 21 of the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept. And that's the last good sleep man ever got right there. Why was I was so calm down, down in the rib which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman and brought her unto the man and Adam said, this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh, she shall be called woman, because she was taken out of man therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother remember this was written to Adam and Eve, who did not have mom and dad there. So God was saying that for our generations for people to come. Why would he say to Adam and Eve, you know, leave father and mother. They did have father mother delete saying that to us. Notice, this shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife remember a few months back we preached on this passage. The word Cleve means to pursue and we as men ought to be pursuing our wives. Still, even after marriage, and they shall be one flesh. And they were both naked to the man and his wife, and were not ashamed father. Bless this morning in your name we pray. Amen. First Peter chapter 3. Look at verse seven. Likewise you husbands, dwell with them them to your wives, and he makes that clear in just a minute, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honor unto the wife.

As unto the weaker vessel and as being heirs together that proves right there. No man is not greater than woman woman is not greater than man, they are heirs together of the grace of life that your prayers be not hindered notice that phrase dwell with them according to knowledge. That means it is our job to figure out each other. It's our job to figure out her husband's figure out our wives and husbands would say that impossible.

It's our job to work and try. By the way us men can be as much if not more complicated. And so it's not easy on either either the life or the husband. It's both of our jobs to work to learn how to have a good marriage.

Let me give you three things from this passage that we read in Genesis and will be given some more things in a minute but done. There's some things we learn from the creation of man and woman and how God created woman number one is this that God did not make a beast for Adam's companion, so we know that man and animal wars, not what's right, correct.

While I was low.

I thought about it, so you are a mad rush is weird all right we know it's not man and beast.

Secondly, he didn't make another man for Adam. So God designed God to listen to meet lots are series gods that were not here to jump on a bike. God's design for the family was man and woman that's with family under God. Third thing is this, he didn't give Adam to women. So polygamy is not God's design. Never has been, God's design. Okay, so we know God's design is a man and a woman for marriage. You understand that I want to give you this morning some of you have heard these as we talk about man and women, men and women in husbands and wives and how to get along. The rules of the husband-wife relationship. I thought this was pretty good.

Some view of heard these but I want to kinda get us on the same page number one. Is this the female always makes the rules. Number one, number two, the rules are subject to change at any time without the female notifying anybody number three no male can possibly know all the rules. Number four if the female suspects. The male knows all the rules. She will immediately change all of the rules. Number five the female is never wrong. Number six if the female is wrong. It is because of a flagrant misunderstanding which was a direct result of something. The mail did or said wrong number seven. If rule six applies the male must apologize immediately for causing this misunderstanding membrane.

The female can change your mind at any given point in time. Number nine.

The male must never change his mind without express written consent from the wife. Wow, that was a weird reaction number 10. The female has every right to be angry or upset at any time. Number 11. The male must remain calm at all times unless the female wants him to be angry or upset number 12. The female must under no circumstances let the mail know whether or not she wants him to be angry or upset.

Number 13. Any attempt to document these rules could result in bodily harm to the male men and women are different. I think you all know that but I think that sometimes we gotta get a little bit deeper to understand and I met I've gone through book after book and and and as I was in preparing for this and have been repairing for years.

You gotta study the difference of men and women only say this right off the bat that sometimes there's always exceptions, you can't say that every man is this way and every woman is this way.

There are there are differences to that there are some minute act different. Some women I give her that's all I'm saying.

But on a whole you just got understand the trends in and how men are and how women are and you say why is this important to tell you why because marriage is absolutely falling apart in America and even in our churches, and I say this every service I have in the past couple weeks, but it's my job as a pastor to deal with number one what God lays all my heart and he's like this Mark number two is my job as a pastor to deal with what I see is a problem in our church and in other churches and this is so much… As I was going. I found some different books that describe the husband and wife in different ways and I kind of put all these together, I thought, is interesting.

You did research under each one, and I want to show you these comparisons today as we talk about that God designed a difference. Are you looking at me and you know God made us different.

There's a reason for that 1 is what we would call the beauty and the beast comparison and first Peter 37 that we read is says that the husband should give honor unto the wife as under the weaker vessel and is being heirs together of the grace of life.

Let me let me give you the facts here okay women are physically weaker than men.

Normally, now we know there are exceptions. We will talk about okay. I don't think we have anybody here. Is there anything more gross than female bodybuilding.

That's just gross. Okay number two. I think men bodybuilding's gross ever seen that veins popping out or it okay anyway number two men are physically stronger, so women naturally God designed them little bit normally physically weaker than men. Men are physically stronger men. The Bible says are the provider and the protector men. We talk about that that God told Adam to keep the garden and into till the garden to do that women are natural nurturers.

Now, there's always exceptions like we said women are made to nurture and I went to Delaware left Tuesday morning and I preached Wednesday Thursday Friday and came back home Saturday now my wife did a wonderful job as you take care three kids, a dog, and all kinds of other things and special needs, about a block and she did it for four days by yourself. She's just a trooper. Now if my wife had gone to Delaware for four days and I did all that there is no way it would've been a disaster. I mean the kids would've eaten for eight hours are yet it it's just now if I done it. I know I would had to. I would look at me it comes more natural to woman than it does a man. Women are nurturers necklace in this there are physical differences and I want you understand this 40% of the males body. A man's body's muscle 25% of a woman's body's muscle men have about 1 1/2 gallons of blood in their bodies. Women only have about 4/5 of a gallon and there's usually what is already get to it. Men have a larger lung capacity, but women have a better immune system. Men have thicker skulls and we all God's people said amen. Women have more brittle bones.

Normally, a woman's bones little bit more brittle.

A lot of times, like when men and women get older that when you're prone to fall. Obviously bones on both sides, more brittle, but usually when a woman falls is just easier to break a hip or breaker a near break an arm sometimes it is for the man. Women have more brittle, as women have what's called the double X chromosome and what I'm trying to say is even genetically cited were different men have the X Y chromosome so we can we just have a different DNA obviously in our bodies now. The second comparison is this the tortoise and the hare and end at I give these comparisons or not is easy to remember. Like this. Men are like the rabbit or the hair women are like the tortoise. The Lord is this man have more energy. Normally, but women have more durability and will you say what you mean by that. Well, us men, you know, we get we have short burst of energy. We like to get things done, but a woman can go to the mall for seven hours. I'll know what it is I can go out and work and dig in. Whatever the case might be, but I go to the mall.

My back starts work within 30 minutes but my wife could shop all day and not bite well, she got you to buy something was on the limit is likely mingled the mall and you and I have found what we sent the hospital for months with Kayden and it got for me not to go to nuts the radio nuts. Some days for me to sit in a close room for months, thank you know I think my wife on a whole handle that but I did and we got Kayden home. It was overwhelming. All that we had to do so, guess who, after two weeks to be in on the guess who gets the shingles me.

I like is to get strep throat me after that to get you a you know what I have always struggled since we got Kayden home. I just can't get my immunity system backup. I don't know what it is were just so worn out.

But guess what my wife boom boom boom she's just faithful. You know why because a lot of times men seem to have more energy burst of energy, but women are more durable, like a turtle. They just they they get the job done. They can last longer and us men you know are like will give that to me let me do it, but we have more energy.

Right then, but then we want to go sit in a recliner for the rest the night. What is all know she cleans up the dishes and she bays the kids and she does all these things and me were tire worn out because we been working all day will so as she but women are just more durable. But the third comparison is this the romantic and the mechanic I got universe of this Titus chapter 2 verse five says for women to be discreet chased keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

Now the romantic and the mechanic the man. The Bible says is to address the garden and keep the women's just a woman's job. The Bible says is to nurture the family. Now women best wagons were limited this way, men are more visual men are attracted by the physical women are more intuitive. They're attracted by romance and nuances. Men are physical, physically attracted why do men like cars, they mean they look cool and they look neat and I am only bring a classic car. I stopped a good picture of a Hudson and I trained him I can find a Hudson vehicle take as we have a son Hudson a try to get pictures of you in Delaware. This guy had a classic cuts and they had $89,000 and rebuilt that thing yet it has gotten all chronic Cadillac interior and all the stuff I took a picture yes to the paint job on this thing. Well you know what all about.

I will look at that car. I got a picture that's not my wife could've driven by 100 times not even seen you don't care but I sat there and said you know what sweetheart I took a picture of a car today is it's a Hudson in our son's name is Hudson.

So I thought men in that sweet to have you know, take a picture this vehicle and is the name of our semilog all that sweet but she wouldn't care what that car looks like, but you tell the story behind it will that's neat Elias men works where where were physical where word where attracted by site, but women are attracted by romance and nuances. There's a different route to get to that worn a minute that the next comparison. Is this the radar in the computer and this is being men primarily use the left hemisphere of their brain.

Women use both hemispheres. The left and right as a white what's the difference, will the left hemisphere of the brain that controls your logic, your reasoning in your calculation.

That's what men primarily use we often times are more logical and and and we we reason we calculate we can tell you why something happens the way it happens. We go through the whole thing women use both now the right side of the hemisphere deals with feeling, emotion, sympathy, love, intuition, limited this way women think like a spider web that goes everywhere they got perceptions everywhere men. They are step-by-step think nowhere is this women think like radar men think like computer logical next step.

Next that next that that's the way we think women is just everywhere that perceptions everywhere that they're dealing with not only logic with their dealing with intuition, their dealing with not all on not only calculating thing, but how they feel about something and so men were thinking logically step-by-step and a woman thinks with intuition and she's got like a spiderweb going out and where like a computer. We are step-by-step. Women are detail oriented. Men are bottom line of this is big when you been away from each other to get in the car together and you say how was your day will the woman's going to start giving you details that the man doesn't give a flip about what we need to know is my day was good. Great was go on down the road. Say how was your day. Well I was talking to so-and-so on the phone and she you know she told me this and I was going to think and and is men sometimes we get impatient because like you know what just answer the in our lives talking like that kind of thing my life. Sometimes I'll say you know so-and-so called the phone what did they say and she tell me all kinds of things about the conversation as of the do what what did they say about so-and-so what tell me what the doctor said you know psych so-and-so might have to have surgery. So somebody calls and they just called and you know they said that they just told your wife was another haphazard okay thinking what would they say all I need to know is are they have asserted, are they not have asserted the wife was a well.

The doctor came in yesterday and they were there they were there. So the doctor had to come back in the next day and she tell me all the details. Boom.

All I want to know surgery was somebody to be a witness writer feel like it on the computer to be the next info given the fact that that's why women when you ask your husband how was your day. It was fun to what you'll talk to me to do so. The only thing we know because we just don't have all budget details were not detail oriented and is about to come up and tell my wife something is really good.

You know about that.

Yeah, you didn't tell me you didn't tell me so-and-so was pregnant. I think I did know you didn't know why, because I'm just not detail oriented. We think differently. The next comparison.

Is this the code speaker and the reporter you see women speak in code. Men speak in reports if they were that mean well when women talk. It's not really just hearing what they have to say, but figuring out what they're really trying to say women I'm right whether you want to admit it or not good. A lot of times I was listening to every word you just said in their conclusion that he came up with was what you were trying to say is so that we sell.

So you're saying is not what I'm saying we as we did see a man he you know you he speaks and reports he gives you the facts blah blah and a women got a speech I won't because we think oh and a lot of times we communicate differently and where we begin to argue is we just can't figure each other out is a will.

What is that mean well.

A woman uses language to express emotion a man uses language to defense to dispense facts us men. We just given the facts. A woman is not just to give you the facts of what happens. She's going to try to use all the work. See Santa not just tell you what happened but how she feels about what just happened. So I immediately you eat we come in.

Our son has an accident.

We go to the hospital. Brother Joe would call me say brother Daniel what happened with Daniel. I say well he fell. He broke his arm and we came to the doctor is put a cast on this. We appreciate your prayers. Our conversation, my last 30, 45 seconds. Isn't it great talking to a man I mean it just boom it's done now. He call Julie and she felt on front gate.

What happened anywhere. He was outside playing and and and if you go on and it was rainy outside, and in this or that and you know he is not normally used to beat out ladies not only used to this tree house and we had had this treehouse very long at the must not of been use the steps. He was climbing up and that he felt it would be a whole different conversation, you know why because not only is she explainable Joe what happened but you try and let him know this is the way I feel about and I thought all these things and now is it wrong either way, no holiday why it's good because allies can get whole budget details a man's gonna miss Alaska to see a lot of things in the man will see the light skin and all the lives could be able to figure some things out because she has intuition that a man doesn't help woman could come up to a man, a married man and floor with them and have autonomy when even though she's really nice and your wife sitting there, yes she's nice that what you will also what you want. You don't you want like that with everybody.

I don't think it is. I thought she was a good waitress sweetheart.

I didn't understand.

I don't know.

I'm really been a restaurant that my wife would say can have symmetric chelating and I can have some tea. Sure honey report some in there that's okay you got enough food, you know, I want to see that I like what I just one more takes no did you see she's really nice to you what you I'm not thinking that way.

That happened a lot happens a lot in us, who would want this glass comparison. Is this the lover and the achiever was Emmy.

Well, Ephesians 533 listen.

It is now nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself and the wife see that she reverence her husband look at me.

Ephesians says what husband's blank your wives, husbands, what love business is wise blank to your husbands submit to your husbands. Okay, why would God say that it makes a big deal about this all succeed and tell the woman that she had a lover of the disorder. She had to submit an men like a garden film from it are scuttle over claimant. Why would God put that this way, why would God say that I like having you don't get anything else get this. The reason God told husbands to love their wives is because love is what she needs the most reason God told women to submit to their husbands is because respect is what he needs the most is not that the husband is not supposed to love and submit to his wife and is not to the wife's not supposed to submit and love her husband but the greatest need of men is respect and admiration. The greatest need of a woman is love, feelings, intuition, and so God tells the husband let me tell you what you need to do most of all for your wife. You need to love her because that's what she needs the most.

And he tells the wife what you need to do is submit to your husband because what he needs the most. More than anything is your respect and admiration were different like that, folks. As a what often happens, the husband doesn't do anything for the wife does a binary thing is a taker anywhere does nothing romantic for her and the wife doesn't ever build him up. She always dares about Joe as well. You don't do this if you have a diamond is and I don't have the time. So as I don't have is that in the husband's not love his wife and the wife's not building up her husband and we wonder why remarried.

God tells the middle of the woman God tells the woman to respect the man the deepest need of the woman is love made it work decided to show his wife how much he loved her. We had been doing it so before going home. He showered, shaved, put on some cologne bought her a bouquet of flowers went to the front door and knocked his wife answered the door saw him there dressed up with candy and flowers looking and smelling good and she said oh no this is been a terrible day.

First I had to take Billy to the emergency room get stitches in his leg then your mother calls that she's coming over for tea with two weeks in the washing machine broke and now you show up drunk.

Why else would he make that ever because he never has before Belus our life needs love, romance, you sit there and say well bless God know she doesn't say what's happening. Nowadays, they'll find it somewhere. Thank you for listening to you receive the blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone and 336-993-5119 or near the Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on our website and church.

Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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