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June 2, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina. Proverbs chapter 19 and I like to speak this morning on the subject of preventing waste verse 15 slothfulness casted into a deep sleep and an idle soul shall suffer hunger. He that keep with the commandment keep with his own soul, but he that despises his ways shall die. Look at verse 18. Chasten thy son while there is hope, and let not thy soul spare for his crying all of you a Scofield reference Bible's.

I just heard you change your page and that interesting. Iverse 19 a man of great wrath shall suffer punishment for if thou deliver him, yet thou must do it again to be fairly verse 26 he that wasted his father and chases the way his mother is a son. The cause of shame and bring it reproachfully.

Verse 27 cease my son to hear the instruction that cause it to air from the words of knowledge. Verse 13 speaks of a foolish son. Verse 18 says chasten thy son.

Verse 26 talks about the danger of wasting a father verse 27 talks about my son. So from beginning in verse 13, all way down and actually the entire chapter Proverbs here Solomon is giving instruction to children or the sons rarely in God's word.

Obviously will you hear specific instruction to daughters. It is to sons and we told you that specifically that you will hear very little instruction to mothers. It'll be to fathers in the Bible because the father in God's eyes is responsible for the home, but obviously here when he speaking to sons.

He's talking to sons and daughters. It's obviously to the child role, but he deals with sons. Now I want you to understand that verse 13 on down to verse 29 is instruction to sons and so were to talk about that a little bit and I'm not going to explain everything, but I want to give you real quick outline although it's it is not naturally short but I want you to understand that God's deals with certain things on how to be a good son or daughter to your dad and I noticed number one he talks about laziness. Look at verse 15 says slothfulness casted into a deep sleep and an idle soul shall suffer hunger if you would've verse 24. A slothful man hide of his hand in his bosom, and will not so much as bring it to his mouth again.

He talks about laziness. Second, he talks about listening to verse 20 he says here counsel and receive instruction, that thou meas be wise in thy latter in first, we find that he thought about listening to the wise verse 21. There are many devices in a man's heart, nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand.

He talks about listening to the word so listening to the wise verse 20 listening to the word verse 21 verse 27 cease my son to hear the instruction that because it to air from the words of knowledge that means listening to the wrong influence deliver 28 and ungodly witness scorn at the judgment in the mouth of the wicked devoured the iniquity judgments are prepared for scorners so we talked about listening to the word is talks about listening to the wise. But in verse 27 to 29 he talks about listening to the warning. Beware of wrong influence in your life.

Number three talks about lending. Look at verse 17 he did have pity on the poor Linda unto the Lord, that means we should be generous people and giving people an Anna and a son or a daughter that is that thinks of others and is giving and generous. That would make a happy father or mother, he talks number four about long-suffering look.

Verse 19 a man of great wrath shall suffer punishment anger. He talks about that you would make your mom or dad proud by being a patient person in a patient with people, long-suffering, and not one that flies off the handle when is angry so quickly at all the things you notice in verse five he talks about loving look at verse 22. The desire of a man is his kind, it will make a proud father. At least it should is when their son or daughter is kind to people are loving to people. We live in a generation that is not kind. They're not loving in our preaching that just after having been in Los Angeles for two days stuck you.I told my wife the amount of time I was in the car for those four days traveling in and out of Los Angeles. Stuck in traffic I could've driven to Florida and back. And you know you gotta be patient and you got traffic and all these things and you know it.

Bible says here that desire. Man is his kindness. He talks also about laboring. Look at verse 24 slothful man hide his hand in his bosom, and will not so much as bring it to his mouth again here. Not only is he talking about laziness, but is talking about being willing to work laboring notice in verse number seven that he talks about living like verse 23 says, the fear of the Lord tend to life and that something he that hath hit what the fear of God shall abide satisfied notice verse 25's Midas corner in the simple will go where and reprove one that hath understanding and he will understand knowledge talks about living number one in the fear of God. Verse 23, but also number two living in respect of authority. Verse 25. That's just a freebie because this is Father's Day. So Eliza will give instruction to children and I mean grown children, young children, whatever it is that you know what the Bible make some things very clear how we as children are to act towards our parents and to people in general, but I want to begin number one today on the subject of preventing waste.

Let me give you the verse that were going to use and then will go into every one of these points but if you will notice of verse that jumped out at me and I thought that this was very interesting to me like verse 26 is what we like to deal with today, he that wasted his father and chase at the way his mother is a son that because it's Shane bring us reproach. That word wasted in the word chase Seth are two interesting words when he says that he that wasted his father.

It means that that word wasted means to spoil it means to ruin an opportunity it means to let something that is good go bad to spoil to wasted no towards what he's saying is that you know the father role that you have in your life, be it a blood father or an adoptive father or whatever the case might be that person that is that father role in your life. Don't don't waste that don't spoil that.

Don't let it come and go without it reaping benefits in your life and so often we do and were going to talk about that just a minute and he talks about chasing away his mother doesn't mean that you scare your mother when she runs away. It means either you push her away or you wander away from her. You chase away that instruction and so many times young people because they don't like rules and they don't like things at home.

They don't like the standards that mom and dad have set forth in their home and they get mad at things and they want to go a different route and ofttimes the wonder away the rebel will move away and God says here don't do that it brings. Shane and it doesn't just bring shame to the mom and dad. It will bring shame to you.

Did you notice deliver 26 it says is a son that causes Shane didn't say it because a shame to mom and dad. It means that it causes shame to everybody involved.

By the way, the day is going to come when you get older you will regret the way you treated mom and dad when you treated that way as we look at these verses number one this morning what you think about something a little bit out of the ballpark when it comes to Father's Day. Verse 19 a man of great wrath shall suffer punishment. How do we keep from preventing the opportunity that God has given us. Let's pray Lord we love you. Bless us on Father's Day. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. I want to give my comments to the children today. I don't mean children by age I mean children by position. If you have parents and your parents are still alive and by the way, this first point, especially, even if your parents are not alive, especially your dad want to listen to me. Number one. Forgive your father say this, weird preacher forgive your father a man of great wrath shall suffer punishment in the Bible has an interesting verse we speak on quite a bit. Bible says this in Ephesians says fathers, provoke not your children to wrath, and we often speak about that and why is it that Bible by whatever sending the mothers why is the Bible. Why does it say that the fathers we talked about this recently, as were going to Ephesians on Wednesday night and it's often because of this that it means that it is easy and very common for children to resent or to be angry with their dad's. In fact, it is even more common and even easier for sons to resent their fathers, and there are some reasons for this.

And often it's because that that dad or father is the first symbol of authority to that child. Another all their obviously sometimes homes that don't have a father and broken homes and fathers died or or or father mama divorce. Whatever the case might be to have single prayers understand there's different scenarios there, but often times that father role is the first symbol of authority and he is the first symbol of strong authority and often times the father role. They are the ones that executed the discipline and I don't know all the dynamics and I don't know all the reasons but the Bible says, for fathers not provoke your children to wrath, which means God is saying fathers.

You gotta be careful because it will be very easy for your children to have wrath towards you and then we find in Proverbs 19 it says a man that had wrath shall suffer punishment any speaking to sons here is a preacher what the world are you saying oftentimes mothers are the more emotional nurturing and compassionate role in the parent and oftentimes the dad is the responsible one and the strong one in the disciplinarian and I'm here to say that oftentimes that dynamic can cause many problems in here this morning.

I want you to understand that there are often families that get together they eat together. They do things together but there is in red and resentment towards the fall. I want to give you a challenge this morning.

Maybe you didn't have the greatest dad in the world. Maybe your dad didn't display the ideal father role to you. I want to challenge you this morning. Forgive your father being a father is not as easy as you think, and oftentimes you'll find that young man that resented father and formatted father and all these different things when they get children of their own, and if they get married and they have children and those children get to an age and if not before then. Especially when they get teenage years. All of a sudden, they begin to forgive father because they realize how easy it isn't and how difficult it is and I want to challenge you this morning for Father's Day. If there is resentment and if there's things it doesn't mean that you can change them and oftentimes you can't change that you can't change father and maybe there's some things that you don't like things that are uncomfortable.

Whatever the case might be, I mean in your own heart and in your own mind. I want to challenge you, for your own spiritual condition. Forgive your father know I would say the exact same thing of my dad was here there been times in my life, rubbed his head to forgive him. It's not easy being a dad and you know what, there's always things that you make mistakes and nobody is perfect but for some reason.

Oftentimes, we seem to hold dad to a high standard that he must meet our expectations and I'm here to tell you that we are all human and raw flesh, but I am telling you that there have been times in my life for my dad and I absolutely clashed if there was a stronger word than class I would use it. You're the movie Clash of the Titans.

That was a biographical pic of my dad and my's relationship never try not to get along with your dad in a 31 foot travel trailer. What I grew up in on their forget my right be end of my junior year of high school on their first hit one of my dad and my's love sessions were in our airstream metal airstream travel trailer and it got physical.

I'm just being honest but I would do if he was here is not here so don't you tell, lying thing I would do if he was here, but it sounds good so no I would.

It got to shove, and it got to push and you got to fight.

It got to whatever I don't know why can ever explain why some of you sons might have the understanding that you respect you admire and you love but you clash with dad and I got what my mom finally stepped in between. I think we broke a cabinet. We broke something else and that travel trailer. Mama you see your looking at individual but I don't know if God would've ever allowed to pastor a church. If I had not forgiven father sees easier sometimes for dad forgive sons because your dad a new level but sometimes it's hard for sons to forgive father. This seems like a very strange thing to speak at a Father's Day, but there are some of you here that have ingrained resentment while you get along and you made efforts and you love them because you know now. There still some things and I want to urge you, the Bible says that when you have wrath you suffer punishment, you will suffer from this.

Forgive your father number two what you notice in this learned from your father. You say, or preacher. I don't understand either something I'd say I had a horrible dad and a horrible father role there was anything I can learn different.

There's always something you look at verse 20. Here, counsel and receive instruction, that thou may us be wise in thy latter in there are many devices in a man's heart the words is a lot of things pulling on you. There's a lot of different ways to learn things you can learn the easy way the hard way. There's a lot of fit of sticks in the fire when it comes to the role of son and father and daughter and father but notice this.

Nevertheless, the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand.

So what is his first teaching as it means that you have to hear counsel you have to receive counsel and then you have to apply it to your life. Notice verse 20 hear counsel receive instructions that thou may us be wise in my letter in. I know a lot of people that hear it, but they don't receive it.

I am telling you that you and I were it when it literally. We are going to waste our father. It could be good. It could be bad, but there's always something you can learn so learn what we need to learn from our father. Receive it, apply it while all these things are going on. Remember that only the counsel of the Lord shall stand learn from your father. I could tell you all kinds of things I learned from my father learned how to fish for my phone.

I learned how to play golf for my father to a certain level. Now he needs to learn. For me, but other than that, I learned how to throw a spiral from my father. I learned how to hit baseball and in and catch and everything.

I love sports and played every sport that our school had and I loved it and I learned that all for my dad and you know what I also learned from my dad how to put an outline together preach that something odd about he learns from the but I learned I learned how to study. I learned from my dad how to treat my wife. I learned from my dad how to parent.

Good or bad. That was my example, learn, and oftentimes we get stuck on one thing and we don't learn all the rest of the things and if there's something that's been difficult either something that's that strange constraint between whatever the case might be, don't waste it. There's a lot to learn. Learn from your father's not easy beautiful number three you want to notice is honor your fatherly verse 13 a foolish son is the calamity of his father. Verse 25's Midas quarter and the simple will be aware and reprove one that hath understanding and he will understand knowledge. In other words, when you reprove somebody, a person is wise and understands they'll get smarter from it, but somebody that's rebellious and you try to reprove them or correct them on the case on its gonna is not good help anybody. Honor your father. The Bible says honor thy father and mother that it may be well with the dome is live long on the earth. Bible says honor. That means to put in place of preeminence. We have great examples here at this church, by the way, we have individuals now that still have mom and dad alive and still have mom and dad here.

They take care of. They really didn't listen what you know something I could give example after example.

But I don't have time to tell everybody but I just to give you couple things. And I hated that Joan Bernard had to go through the death of a parent but on the take some Joan went just about every day and it might've been everyday if they were on vacation or out of town somewhere every day to the nursing home. I watched Wayne honor his dad. He takes he takes care of his dad's whole family does their whole family respects Charlie because dad respects Charlie and wanes an only child and he is always honored his mom and dad only take some God bless his people like that.

We have a generation that all who out.

We flew home from Los Angeles. My wife and I was it were in the very last row in the corner and I told that Stewart is nobody puts baby in the corner but she didn't listen to me you know I do what I'm talking about your spiritual person fairly more spiritually fast. I only know that because my wife use that over the years. I feel the reason I know that were sitting there in two rows in front was a gentleman and his wife and look like a 45-year-old, all of us know even if you have a perfect 45-year-old. The airplane will bring out the demon in all of two people you don't want to sit by you somebody with children and you know the other one never visit on a plane and people coming in and you know, so I was going to sit by you and your watch and also you see some guy coming, like, oh Lord no billing wiggle in their next do you know you like I don't love that guy. All right, what are sit back there and the plane had not taken off of this man and this this this little boy I made it start off mommy single-season.

Now you know we had six hours on this flight we got off the plane were picking up our luggage and our other guys is that the restrictive placement came up and I was looking across the the luggage cart thing whatever you call it and said you see that kid over there, I said six hours now is a bridge you should criticize I'm criticizing because I guarantee them.

I would've done that, probably, but it would lasted about 30 seconds and old dad what had a visit to the bathroom with them other Flushing the toilet to hide the noise not only get arrested but on that they sent me on and on. We have a generation of parents that have allowed their children not to honor them not to respect the problem is that has that has reborn the fruit of that now we have a generation of people that resent mom and dad. They never honored them. They never respected them and now they're teaching this next generation and its can keep going and going and going and God said we are to honor them. Honor your father get rich you don't know it was honor.

If you can even honor the man honor the position before.

Be kind to your father we go to verse 22. The desire of a man is his kindness lowered that's a trait to be desired. Kindness Bible tells us much about that but obviously Bible says for us to be tenderhearted to be kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you kind I want to challenge you, especially of those have older fathers and older parents.

Whatever be kind to them be meek to them that I'm not good at this. Sometimes on the bounce of the but be kind.

That's to be something that we strive for is that we one kind to me when I was younger you know it. Last time I checked, God didn't give the reproach of the instruction to dad here. He gave it to us. Be kind so much I want to say that for sake of time this morning when respected, Father's Day, number five this last point. Thank your father thank your father some you with a preacher I would love to be able to, but is not here understand that. But if you're able. Thank your father verse 26 he that wasted his father is a son that cause the shame and bring if reproach you gotta realize it's not easy to be a father. It is not easy to work and pay the bills and I know a lot of home mom and dad working understand that but dad. The dad role God has just given the responsibility to is not easy to put your desires and enjoyments aside to make your family the priority is not easy to pay for all the things that cost money. Most until they get a family and married and all understand what if your job didn't have it, you gotta buy insurance just insurance for your family. You know what that cost you start filling up the gas tank and you start paying the house bill. That means you got cable and you got water you got utilities and you got house insurance and you got this and you got that and also we find out is not as easy. It's not easy to often miss out on a lot of time with your children because of your work schedule and then children and mom resent you because it's not easy you say will preacher you telling your defendant dad this morning.

If there is that one day a year I can mean God gives more instruction to the men that he does the women he gives more instruction to husbands than he does a wise and I understand that where there were the ones responsible God holds us accountable but I would say something we don't get a lot of defending. Sometimes I am telling you it is not easy and for all the even the wives and and you'll come close understand how hard sometimes husband works but you don't even know what it's like to be a husband or a dad. I know we don't know what it's like to be a mom and we don't we don't understand a lot of things but I am telling you when you have the responsibility on your shoulders, and the weight of that burden nobody knows what that's like. So you're there.

Fathers are often misunderstood, often misunderstood the things that they end up having to do because to be responsible and to provide like you're supposed to. There often are thrown back in their face by their family. They want all the things that money can buy, but when dad is gone, working to make that money they get mad and they get all the things and they grow up and say dad wasn't there, but we can't have it both way. Not easy to say no when everybody else in the family wants something because you're the one trying to be responsible get Tammy, I got mad at my dad when I said I wanted all know we live in a 31 foot travel trailer.

This was an independent take the dog out earlier morning. My dad, I wanted a puppy yellow phone with a puppy last about four or five months now you got a dog and then one wake them up at six in the morning with dogs going crazy trying to get out you will take him out to the lender gets residue.

Dad does feel it is sometimes when kids want something and they go to dad and dad knows better. Anything he has the wisdom or something in the past, say no and yes, I know we can do that right now because mom to know Gennady mom but there the more emotional ones and their emotionally attached kids want this. And so very emotionally involved in yeah we can do this. And death is no.

We can do that daddy simply doing what God asked him to do some you like you act angry know not. I was reading a book us of young successful attorney and he wrote this he said the greatest gift ever received was a gift.

I got one Christmas when my dad gave me a small box.

Inside was a note saying son this year. I will give you 365 hours an hour every day after dinner, it's yours. We'll talk about what you want to talk about will go where you want to go will play what you want to play it will be your hour every day.

This young attorney said my dad not only kept his promise, but every year he renewed it and it's the greatest gift I ever had in my life. I am the result of his time.

Thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone and 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on our website and church.

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