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5.7.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR
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May 7, 2024 9:38 pm

5.7.24 - JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 7, 2024 9:38 pm

NBA playoff preview l Gregg Doyel suspended from covering Indiana Fever games l Patrick Beverley apologizes for throwing ball at fans

JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief

It is the JR Sport Brief Show here on the Infinity Sports Network. I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Wherever you're at, whatever you're doing, I hope you are safe. I hope you are well. I hope you are cool. I hope you are smooth. I'm going to be hanging out with you for the next two hours. I've already been hanging out for two hours.

The show gets started every single weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. It's a busy, busy night. A few minutes ago we learned that Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets has been fined $100,000 for throwing a heating pad onto the basketball court during play yesterday. Like that's it?

Only $100,000? A guy could have sprained somebody's ankle. He could have ruined somebody's career.

I would have suspended him for a game. We got a basketball game in action right now. The Boston Celtics are beating the Cleveland Cavaliers 54-42. They're approaching halftime, about four minutes to go in the first. Now these are the Boston Celtics, Tatum and Brown. They're expected to go to the championship.

And how about this? In about 90 minutes, we got another matchup. The Oklahoma City Thunder are going to take on the Dallas Mavericks. Dallas Mavericks got rid of the Clippers over the weekend on Friday. Oklahoma City, they haven't played since last Monday? They got the Pelicans the hell up on out of here.

They got Hickey. They haven't played basketball in like eight days. Kyrie Irving going to have a field day tonight?

Him and Luka? I mean, look, there's no reason why the Mavs can run them off the court at least. There's a lot of energy for the Thunder. Those legs are rested, ready to go. Those jump shots are going to be banging off the backboard.

Man, they're going to have so much damn energy. Mavericks and Thunder taking place in about 90 minutes from now. Also tonight, congratulations to Rudy Gobert.

Yesterday it was the birth of his child. Yesterday it was also the Minnesota Timberwolves smashing the Nuggets in Denver 106-80. Tonight, Rudy Gobert, this man was named Defensive Player of the Year for a record time, fourth time. He's in the same category of Ben Wallace.

He's in the same category as Dakembe Mutombo. And so Rudy Gobert, he spoke to TNT after winning the award, after it was announced. And Rudy Gobert, he pretty much talked about just, well, how he's working out with the team. But more importantly, he talked about how happy he is to be a dad. Everyone's amazing. Romeo is the name and he's doing great. And just a lot of blessings.

So just really grateful. Hickey, this guy is going to be the Defensive Player of the Year in like 25 years. You know that, right? He is. Romeo Gobert. He is.

Watch. He's going to be 7 foot 1. He's going to grow up in the States. He's going to learn defensive schemes from the age of 6. Romeo Gobert. And maybe, unlike his dad, develop an outside shot. Become versatile. You know, versatile.

Oh, damn. You don't like Rudy Gobert's hook shot? You don't like it? It's not bad, but look, learn the defense from dad. Maybe learn the offense from anybody else.

That's all. He'll be around Anthony Edwards. Just learn from him. Exactly right.

That's Wim Benyama 2.0, basically. Yeah, learn from him. What, Romeo Gobert?

If you have the defensive skills of your dad and you can learn offense from Anthony Edwards, who's stopping him? Yeah, you're right. We'd have, what's his guy's name? We have Wim Benyama 2.0.

The alien. You know, to be honest, and I have no idea, this is the crazy thing. I mean, there's so much time.

It's not like I'm trying to croak tomorrow. I don't expect it, God willing. I just don't know. It's going to be interesting to see how some of these guys develop. Like, look at how the NBA has changed. So it took us from seeing, wouldn't you say that maybe over the past 20 years it's been Kevin Durant and it's just like, wow, this guy is, he is 7 feet tall and he's moving like a guard. We have gone from Kevin Durant and we have now graduated to Victor Wim Benyama. There comes a point in time from a skill perspective and like a height. Like there ain't going to be no 7'8 guy moving around like Allen Iverson.

Like Wim Benyama might be the peak. And now whether, and it's not like we got a lot of 7 foot 4 guys running around. So like there's, there can't be, right?

It's impossible. You're right because there's like a literal ceiling. The human body can only get so tall and be so nimble. So just physically, you're 100% right.

Like this is close. Like, I mean, I don't know if, I mean, Gobert or Wim Benyama has a son, like maybe you can get like 7'6, 7'7 with incredible handles. Is Sean Bradley? Victor, oh, maybe that's it.

Now, if that were hickey, that would be stupid. We already got, we already, then here's the thing. Wim Benyama is 20. He could really come back next season.

He could come back. What month are we in? What's this month? This is April, May? This is the fifth month, October, five months.

Victor Wim Benyama could come back over the summertime. He could come back in five months from now and say, hey guys, I'm 7'5. Now, if he comes back hickey and he says he's 7'6, I'm going to laugh. I don't know.

What do you do? He could still grow. He could. It's unbelievable. It's honestly not fair. It's crazy.

It makes no sense. So, hilarious. Yesterday, we had one Frenchman who wins NBA Rookie of the Year. And today, we have another Frenchman in Rudy Gobert who wins his record tying fourth defensive player of the year. And tomorrow, I think this is it. Tomorrow is MVP, right?

Tomorrow's the last one, the big one. Yeah, there ain't going to be no Frenchman winning that. No.

That's not happening. There's no Frenchman involved. I know there's three of them. I know the finalists. We obviously have Jokic, Nikola Jokic, who's a finalist here for the award.

And then you have Shay Gilgus Alexander, who is a Canadian. And then we have Luca Don – wait, is it? No, no, no. What am I doing here? What year are we in, hickey? This is 2024?

2024. Yes, sir. Okay, yeah. It's Shay Gilgus Alexander, Luca Doncic, and Nikola Jokic. So you have a Canadian. You also have a Serbian. And then, outside of that – wait, they've come from the old Yugoslavia. Doncic, where's Doncic from again? Slovenia. Yeah, Slovenia, Slovenia, yeah. I'm like, wait a minute, I know Jokic is Serbian and Doncic is Slovenian, and therefore from the former Yugoslavia.

So yeah, no Frenchman here. And, well, speaking of Doncic, he's getting ready to play a basketball game. How about that? Oklahoma City Thunder, Doncic are going to go at it. Neither one of them are going to go out there and, I want to say, win the MVP. That'll go to Jokic tomorrow, not that he will care. Hickey, that'll be a fun interview, right, with Jokic? That'll be fun? The only one that could rival it – remember when Giannis got bounced from the bubble and won a second straight MVP?

I do, I do. That was kind of like brutal. The interview? Yeah, because that happened like, I don't want to say right after, like the game itself. I don't think it was right after, but it was like very close of just like the box with the heartbreaking, embarrassing elimination to the heat.

And it's like it had to be at most a day, maybe two, or maybe it was even during the series. Here's the MVP, Giannis. Well, let's listen to Nikola Jokic. This is how he sounded after the loss last night.

Minnesota beat Denver 106 to 80. This is how Jokic sounded after as he talked about the defense of the Wolves beating them up. They play really good defense. They're playing really good defense the whole season. That's why they're the number one defense. They're aggressive, they're pushing the spot. All five are aggressive.

They know what they're doing and that's why probably it's hard to score. OK. OK. All right. He's going to sound that same way when he wins MVP tomorrow. Hey Jokic, how does it win? This is your third MVP award.

This feels good. He's going to say he wants to care about the team. This is going to be the most awkward thing tomorrow. He's in an 0-2 hole. They're getting smacked around. It's going to be uncomfortable.

It is. Anyway, the game that's going to take place in about an hour and 20 minutes from now between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Dallas Mavericks is going to feature the other two MVP candidates. Excuse me, Shay Gilgus Alexander and Luka Doncic. Shay Gilgus Alexander, he talked about what makes taking on Kyrie and Doncic and the Mavs what makes them so tough.

Listen. The two world-class scorers and then they just have a bunch of playmakers around those guys. Guys that are good and can do multiple things with the basketball, pass, dribble, shoot. They have live threats. They have shooting. They're a well-balanced offense. Excuse me, the Dallas Mavericks are a well-balanced offense. Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic have to score about 60-70 of their points. Where's the well-balance of the offense?

Hickey, am I missing something? I thought Shay Gilgus, this is when the players just lie in the press conferences, right? They just tell lies? They say, these two guys, everyone else sucks. We're going to play five on two and just leave the other three to shoot.

You don't have to say that. You just be like, hey, we know that they got some firepower and offense that we got to stop and it is five guys out there in the court. We got to handle business and play team defense. That's what you do. You don't tell a lie and say that they have a balanced offense. Come on. Well, maybe it's like a mind trick. Like everyone on the Mavericks hears that and all of a sudden, you know, Daniel Gafford's like, you know what?

Yeah, I'm balanced. I'm going to start taking more shots now. He's going to take jump shots away from the basket? Pull up from three.

Why not? You know, what do you have a record where you made like 43 straight field goals or something like that? Something like that.

Yeah, only because only because he's near the basket. That's it. Hey, go man. Step outside and make a jumper.

Cut it out with the putbacks. Thank you, Shay Gilgas Alexander. There is your MVP candidate with his supreme basketball knowledge. He knows more than me. I'm just joking.

But what he said was a full lie. Anyway, someone who is a basketball genius is the new head coach. Let me not say new. The newly extended head coach of the Dallas Mavericks. He's a basketball genius.

He's in the Hall of Fame. His name is Jason Kidd and someone who knows about playing point guard and winning a championship and being one of the best ever. Jason Kidd is like, man, I know the Thunder are young. I know their babies.

I know their breath still smells like Similac, but they could. Youth is overrated. Everybody's going to talk about their young team, but it's basketball. They know how to play. They're the number one team in the West.

They have the coach of the year, Mark. And so understanding they've been experienced, they've been through, they've been together for some time now. OK, doesn't matter.

Experience matters. I mean, the team is good. That's true.

That's true. I actually think that they're going to end up beating the Dallas Mavericks because don't listen to Shay Gilgas Alexander. They don't. They, they being Dallas, they don't have enough firepower.

They don't. I mean, if Kyrie Irving and Luca Doncic can two man this team. The only reason why they would beat them is because they don't have a lot of experience, but I think they have too much talent. They being Oklahoma City, I think the Oklahoma City Thunder are going to advance. So the Western Conference Finals, I think we're going to see the Thunder and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

I can't wait to see what's going to happen. The J.R. sport. We show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network, eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven.

That's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. Speaking of can't believe a couple of things are going to happen. Wow. The WNBA just hooked their players up. A lot of people complain about equity and how much money the WNBA players make and what they don't make. The WNBA just did something for the first time in their history. They're going to give something to the players.

I'm going to tell you what they're giving them on the other side of the break. It's the J.R. sport brief show on the Infinity Sports Network. You're listening to the J.R. sport brief. Oh, yeah. Alan, that's Alan from Toronto.

I like him, too. Thank you, Alan. Appreciate you. It is the J.R. sport show here on the Infinity Sports Network.

If you want to call me eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven, that's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. I told you before the break. WNBA players, you know, there was a lot that was said about Caitlin Clark and she was making only seventy six thousand dollars a year. We know her Nike contract is paying a whole hell of a lot more than that. I think it's 28 mil over the next eight years.

I don't think she's going to be hurting for money. The WNBA today announced. That every team, all 12 of them. Will fly private all season long. Oh, you didn't know that WNBA players would fly on the commercial planes like you and me. You didn't know that. You didn't know that the WNBA women, some who happen to be, you know, six five and six four and six six and six seven.

The case of Brittany Greiner is six eight six nine. You didn't know that they'd be on the plane with me and you. They'd have to go through security.

And sit in the window seat. You didn't know that they had to get their bags out the carousel. You didn't know that WNBA players have to deal with the same delays as you and me. You didn't know they did. Last year, you know, back to back games, they flew private. They had chartered planes in the playoffs. They flew private. They went charter.

But now it's full time. I wonder why. Hickey, you have any thoughts or any ideas why all of a sudden the WNBA would commit to like private charter planes? Any thoughts? No idea. Hmm.

Couldn't be just one person coming to the league that there's a lot of tension on it. I don't think it's that. Oh.

Oh, nothing to do with. What's her name again? Is it start with a C? Catherine? Catherine. Catherine. I don't know. No. Catherine is. Is it. I don't know.

No other seasoning. Carol. Carol. Carol. Anybody? Carol.

Carol sounds like an aunt. Are there. Let me let me relax. Hickey, I'm a get in trouble, man. I'm trying not to. It's Caitlin.

Right in our name. Caitlin. Caitlin Clark. Oh, this is the same Caitlin Clark who flew to Dallas last week and was like follow. They had security around her.

People got their phones out like she's at the zoo. All of a sudden today, the WNBA says, oh, yeah, chartered planes for everybody. The WNBA says we are dropping 50 million dollars over the next two years.

Do some math. That is 25 million dollars per season. This year, 25 next year to ensure that all WNBA teams, all 12 of them go out there and fly private. Because, yeah, nobody needs a you know what show.

Nobody needs a circus at the airport. It was also announced today that Caitlin Clark, when she goes out to California, like they have moved her game from Long Beach, from Los Angeles. They moved her from Long Beach. They're playing the game at Arena. They're doing a state that the same thing in Vegas. Caitlin Clark, when she comes to town, she ain't playing in no 10000 seater.

If there's a 20000 seater right down the road like this is the Caitlin Clark effect. It's simple as that. And must I remind you, it's been reported in various places, various financial institutions. We're not institutions, but publications. The WNBA has never turned a profit that the WNBA loses money. Year after year that the WNBA receives a portion of its operating costs from the NBA. And that the WNBA, when you think about revenue, the actual money that they bring in and hold in total. You know, they may make, I don't know, 200 mil give or take. They got to spend more than that.

And so this is the Caitlin Clark effect. Is this money being offset from future sponsors? Is this money being advanced from the NBA?

Are they comfortable that this is money that's going to be made back? Let's be real. When you can move from having, I don't know, 3000 people showing up to watch a WNBA game. And now you have 20000 things are moving here, folks. You get a gate where I don't know, you can make a little bit more than a mill. Hickey, you said the demand and Barclays Center, when she goes on to take the New York Liberty, you said the get in price was what, 250, 200? Yeah. Two hundred dollars.

Very expensive. Oh, come on. There was so many people. I don't want to say, well, is jealous the word? There are a lot of people who aren't happy with the attention that Caitlin Clark was getting. Why is she getting so much attention? Well, why doesn't this person have a shoe deal?

Why does this person have this and why this and why that and why that? You know what y'all wouldn't be doing right now in the WNBA? Y'all would not be on a private plane full time if it weren't for Caitlin Clark. Hickey, I think the cliche helped me if I'm wrong. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Is that what they say? That's right. Listen, you can't have Caitlin Clark flying private because of the security risks and then not say, hey, everybody else, sorry, you're stuck on spirit.

You can't. Hickey, I have to go. I have to go.

I have to go to the airlines. I have to go. No, not that one. No, not that one. No, not that.

Ah, spirit. Yes. Caitlin Clark playing one on five when her teammates are delayed and she's there.

No, not even for the opposition. I mean, they wouldn't do it, but could you imagine if you're going you're going through the airport and all of a sudden you see, I don't know, the Connecticut sun and they're getting ready to go on Frontier to fly to, I don't know, Los Angeles, right? Could you imagine that? It's a long flight. Long flight to be on Frontier, let me tell you. A long flight.

The seats don't move. Oh, boy. You get one bag, you get three peanuts and ounce of water and you just might as well call that, I don't know, prison air. What's that?

Con Air? What's that guy's name? Oh, man. Oh, what's that? Not Jack. What's that guy's name? Hickey, I would ask for help here, but I know you don't know.

Nicholas Cage. Con Air, yeah. Oh, I don't know what you're talking about. Is that a movie? You never heard of Con Air? No. Okay. I'm assuming it's not an airline.

It's a movie. Convict Air? Con Air? Yeah. No, it makes sense now? No? No, no. Oh, yeah.

It makes sense. Well, is that the name of the movie or is that the airline in the movie? No, it was, the movie was called Con Air.

Con Air? Yeah. Okay.

Interesting. You know what Snakes on a Plane is about, right? Yes, yes. I can figure that one out. Samuel L., right? Yeah, Samuel, I'm sick of these bleepity bleep snakes on the bleepity bleep plane. That was the whole movie right there.

You saved yourself, I don't know, 90 minutes. Yeah, thank you for that. Yeah, you're welcome. Yeah, the title did not give it away. Hey, well, one thing we don't have to worry about is WNBA players on a plane. They flying private now.

Good for them. I've never, I couldn't imagine a WNBA player, and I get it, the money wasn't there. They have to be confident that the money is coming in.

And I've had my share of time where I'm on a plane a lot and I've had times where I'm not. I never seen, I've seen college, you know, teams and squads at the airport, high school, you know, when you start getting to the pros, you don't expect that. Good for the WNBA players. They all need to be thanking Kaitlyn Clark instead of just beating her down all the time. It's wholly, wholly unnecessary. Like there's going to be additional benefits. The salaries are going to go up.

The television contracts, the renegotiated CBA for the WNBA, the television rights are going to be more so. And this is because I am sorry. It's because of Kaitlyn Clark. As much as people can't stand her. You've got to give this woman a just do.

She's helping to change the game just by showing up. And this is weird. This is weird. Hickey, did you hear this story today? The guy who in her introductory press conference, Greg Doyle, he had that comment about, you know, if you show me your heart, we'll get along fine. Remember that guy?

Yes, unfortunately, I do. Unfortunately, they suspended him for two weeks, like the what the newspaper he works for. They suspended him for two weeks.

That's and I saw not allowed to cover fever games, which that makes sense. Keep him away after that weird comment. Was he going to be do like trying to steal his shoes?

I don't want to know what he had planned. That was weird. And I'm glad, you know, before it goes any further, cut it off at the legs right now. Well, a matter of fact, let's let's take a listen. When Kaitlyn Clark was introduced, Greg Doyle, local reporter out in Indiana, Indianapolis, he came through. And this is this is the conversation, if I want to call it that. Hi, Kaitlyn.

Greg Doyle, indie star. Real quick, let me do this. You like you like that? I like that you're here.

I like that you're here. I do that in my family after every game. So OK, well, start doing it to me and we'll get along just fine. Well, awkward. And he wrote an entire apology. He did. He apologized. He said sorry. And the world moves on, except for as he just said, well, he hasn't just been quietly suspended for two weeks. He's been, quote unquote, taken off of the beat when it comes to the fever. I get it.

I understand. So, Hickey, what happens next year? They let him back.

Or is this even a bigger distraction now? Like what happens? I that's a good question. I think at this point you don't bring him back. It's not worth it. Oh, you're going to fire a man? No, no, no, you don't. No, you don't fire him. No, you don't fire him. But you still you put him on their assignments.

That's all you have to bring up to have him write about the fever. He made a he made a mistake. I made a mistake. Imagine if they booted me, Hickey. That's not nice, right? Come on. I'm not saying you get booed. I'm just saying it's like if you're going to this year, say stay away from fever games. I just think it would be weirder than to be like next year, like, all right, welcome back.

That's all. I think what you do. You know, the editor talks to the fever, the PR guy, and this is where the stupid politics comes in, right? Like she should talk to him. But maybe she wants nothing. Maybe she goes, I'm not talking to that creep, which is certainly fine.

But I think you you you talk to him. I don't know. Maybe they know. I don't know.

Maybe they know he's a creep. So we got to just push him to the side. Or I would say, hey, do like a sit down interview where you'll make light of it and just keep it moving. I think you you you you kind of diffuse the situation before you you detonated. Does that make sense? Or maybe if she's willing to sit down and talk to him, they hash it out, whatever.

They make their peace and move on. And it's not weird then. Yeah, I think it's fine. But I think that's you know, the way you put it, I think is the way that it should be handled. Put it in Caitlin Clark's hands. Maybe it's unfair, but I'm with you.

If she doesn't want to talk to him and feels he's weird. All right. Keep keep.

You don't have to put him on the beat. That's fine. If they talk, they make amends and it's all good. They don't care.

Like, you know, welcome back and let's just try to move on and definitely make sure that nothing like that ever happens again. Yeah, I think as we all know, I mean, the coverage of women's sports is changing. Could you imagine if a woman at the you know, the press conference just throws a heart up that I don't know. Pick somebody.

Travis Kelsey, she throws a heart. Internet. She's the death sentence, right? Death wish.

It's funny you say that. Did you? Oh, in the Big East tournament. Yeah. When Providence won a game, their head coach, Kim English, was asked in the postgame press conference, basically, are you single? Kim English?

Yes. She was asked this by a woman? Sorry, Kim English is a man. He was asked by a woman in the postgame press conference. Are you single? She was not asking herself.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. She asked him? Yes.

A woman asked him? This is Providence? Yes.

How long did he get? He's at Providence now? Yes. I didn't know that. That's why I was confused. Talk about a woman. So a woman asked him if he was single. That's correct. And he said? No, I'm focused on the game.

So that's what he should. And what happened to her? Nothing. She didn't get banned? She did not get banned. I mean, a lot of people don't know Kim English and nobody knows who the hell she is. What if somebody went up to Kelsey or Odell at one of these press conferences and just said, hey, welcome to Miami, Odell.

Like everybody, people would laugh and know she'd get banned. Right. To be like, man, we don't want you here. You're a distraction, right? I think every year I think you can laugh it off.

I think that's more likely to laugh off. OK. All right. We got we got Rich Ackerman here getting ready to deliver the news. What are your thoughts? This reporter who had the awkward exchange with Kaitlyn Clark, he's been kind of suspended for a couple of weeks.

They're taking him off of the fever beat. Appropriate, too far, too much. What do you think?

Too much. He apologized. Let it go. She's a big story. He's a writer.

He's very good at what he does. Move on. OK. We don't know. Maybe she didn't want him around.

He's like, oh, I don't want to see him. Not the way it works. Oh, damn. Well, that's right.

Well, I mean, don't the players have more influence and power now? Right. That goes. They shouldn't. Yeah, you're right. That's why we need we need more Pat Raleigh's in the world to tell the players to shut the hell up. That's what we need. We'll see what happens. I feel bad for the guy a little bit because he's this is going to be a hit. This is like a permanent mark on his permanent record.

Poor guy. Hey, Greg, you got a friend in me. Just like Toy Story. Anyway, it's the J.R. sport re-show here on the Infinity Sports Network. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven.

That's eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven. You know what? Greg Doyle isn't the only guy who's had to apologize. Patrick Beverley actually said sorry. A full public apology for beaming those fans in the head with the basketball last week. We'll hear from Patrick Beverley.

And oh, yeah. You know, Caitlin Clark is not the only popular WNBA player. We had a WNBA player who left camp to hang out at a fashion show and then went right back to work. We'll talk about it. You were listening to the J.R. sport brief. Oh, my God. You can't make some of this stuff up.

You really can't. Before we went to break, we talked about Caitlin Clark. All WNBA teams will now fly a charter. They'll be flying private. No more Delta JetBlue for them. Good for them. They can all thank Caitlin Clark. Makes sense.

There's some security issues there. And obviously the league is expecting to make a few more dollars so they feel comfortable with getting everybody on on private planes as they should. Also told you that there's another famous WNBA player making moves as an idiot and Patrick Beverley who's apologizing. So we got a lot to get into at the top of the hour. People are just doing hickey.

People are doing and saying dumb things. We haven't talked about this. Rashid Rice, the wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs. Already facing eight felony charges following that car crash back in March down in Dallas, in the Metroplex, racing his Lamborghini through the road on a Sunday afternoon just casually.

This man is being investigated right now for hitting a photographer at a nightclub last night in Dallas. Hickey, nobody told him to just stay the hell home. Like, like forever. Like until he gets a court.

Nobody told him to stay home. What is he doing? That is stupidity for you. That is pure stupidity. You want to and you know what? So here's the deal. He's under investigation.

He's being investigated for allegedly hitting a photographer. OK, let me let me make this very clear for some people listening right now. It does not matter if he did it or if he didn't do it. It doesn't matter. The fact that he was even in a nightclub, the fact that he even put himself in the space of the scenario, the situation for it to happen is dumb as hell.

And I get it. Well, he should live his life. Well, he didn't do this. Well, it's not his fault. Well, you know what?

Life comes with consequences and he already made one dumb ass decision. The best thing is to stay away. Stay at home.

You know, go sit down at TGI Fridays anonymously. Don't go to a club. You got friends, right? You got money. You got family. You're still in Dallas. Invite people to your house. Go to church, go to school, go to the library, go to bingo. Don't go to a place where alcohol is flowing. Don't go to a place that can inhibit your decision making. That is dumb as hell.

It's stupid. Rasheed Rice is trying to get out of the NFL. It's already been reported that the the Kansas City Chiefs are expecting him to potentially miss half of next season. And so what happens now?

He punched out a photographer. If they find that to be true, what is he going to do, miss the whole year? And so what are the Chiefs going to expect him to do?

God bless them for bringing in Xavier, Xavier Worthy. You may not need this idiot. Stay home. I don't know. Hickey, what's the new game?

I don't. Is it the Sims? Is it Roblox?

Is the Super Mario Kart? Like, what do you do at home? I don't know. I think Fortnite's still still pretty popular. Play Fortnite. Get ready for the new college football game. You know, maybe play some older versions. Yeah.

Since he won't be playing real football, play it in a video game. Man, just stay home. Can I read you something really fast, JR? Uh oh.

Please, go ahead. About this, Carrington Harrison does a great job in Fane Sports Network. What's up, Carrington?

Yeah, I know Carrington. That's my guy. What'd he say? He tweeted this out. It was Rasheed Rice's scouting report from when he was in college going into the draft. They talked a lot about his production. There's one blurb here that says, quote, At least one team, talking about Rasheed Rice, has removed him from its draft board because of behavioral issues.

The scout said, quote, He's talented, but not a good dude. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. If we had time, I'd say, hey, just let's call Carrington right now, but we don't have time. Maybe when this guy ends up with 20 convictions and we can talk to Carrington.

Oh, my God. He's not a good dude. Let me tell you something. There's nothing worse than even hearing or seeing that in a scouting report, Hickey. Like somebody who doesn't know you sat down and met you and learned about you and just like, yep, not a good dude. And just crosses his name out like this is, you know, somebody on The Simpsons just crosses the name out.

This is bad, man. That's a great point. Right. I mean, these teams investigate you for a few months. If they can deem that like he's not worth it, that is because he's a bad guy. My God. You talk about the character red flags you have, but not a good dude. Wild stuff.

Anyway, speaking of I don't know what the hell this do. This dude's an idiot. We talked about him last week. And I don't know if I want to hear the whole thing. Patrick Beverley sat down on his you know what, Hickey, let's not even hear the whole thing because this idiot.

This might be the last thing we hear from him. Patrick Beverley said sorry on his own podcast. And he didn't even I don't.

Well, anyway, listen to this idiot. What happened at the end of the Bucks game? Unfortunate situation that should have never happened. What I did was bad, bad. And that should have never happened.

I have to be better and I will be better. That's that should have never happened. Regardless of what was said, that should have never happened.

Simple as that. Let's just say it was more than Cancun on three. OK, so that report from Shoms was just a fraction of the story. Let's just say it was more than that.

I've been called a lot of stuff in this league. All right. OK. OK. It's right. It doesn't matter.

And he just goes on and on. You're right. It doesn't matter.

Shut up. And given that guy no more promotion here. The NBA still investigating what's going on with Patrick Beverley.

Doesn't matter. Suspend them. Make them miss some games at the beginning of next year. He is a free agent. I don't know if the the walkie Bucks want to bring him back.

I don't know about that. Anyway, somebody else missing. There's another WNBA superstar. You know, last night we made fun of Mr. Ben Simmons. Showed up at the Met Gala, a former rookie of the year who doesn't even play basketball. Meanwhile, Victor Winbenyama is getting ready for his his next adventure as an NBA player. Angel Reese left training camp with the Chicago Sky just to show up on what was her 22nd birthday.

She went to the Met Gala and turned around and went right back to Chicago. It's a short flight, but I mean, listen to Angel Reese today talk about her spectacular team. Maximize your 24 hours being able to set a schedule. I knew what I was going to do from the beginning of the day and to the end. I have an amazing team. My coaches being able to allow me to go to something like that. Obviously, I came to practice because that's my priority here and what has gotten me to where I am today, which is basketball.

I have an amazing team outside of there. So I came to practice. I had my schedule and everything ready in the morning and then just being able to just do the both things. I mean, I've always loved fashion and I've always loved modeling.

So being able to spend my 22nd birthday playing the game on love, but then also sitting in the fashion world with so many amazing people is always something I drink up. You know, Hickey, I'm not typically a fan of stuff like this. It reeks of Ben Simmons. But when you're the WNBA and you need to highlight your athletes, I'm sorry.

Just like everything else that they're going to be exemptions, they're going to be exceptions. And for the betterment of the league and for the betterment of the entire WNBA, you got to let Kaitlyn Clark go to a Met Gala. Like that's that's huge for the league to establish faces and stars. It would be one of the dumbest things ever to go, hey, the Met Gala invited Angel Reese, you know, and but it's training camp and the coach of the Chicago Sky. They go, oh, no, she needs to be here in camp like you need this is this is for the betterment of the league. So I'm glad that she went. And these are the type of things that all of the players need to be out in.

I hope that the Angel Reese's and the Kaitlyn Clark's can continue to raise the awareness of the league as they have before they even been in it over the past year. I'm with you. And I mean, I think it's also even a larger conversation we won't get into now, but just like what Angel Reese said, time management.

Like it's really I mean, what, a few hours flies there, flies back. Like as long as you're getting the work in outside of obviously just like you said, the promotion, the great stage it is for the whole sport. You're doing your work. I think it's also fine to have a little fun. Yeah. Yeah. Just everybody don't need to be so staunch, especially for a league that's trying to make money.

Haven't turned a profit yet that made that they may come sooner rather than later. Oh, by the way, Kaitlyn Clark, her first game, it's going to be the first sporting event streamed on Disney Plus. Oh, yeah. Good. I'm happy. Shout outs to women's basketball.

I love it. It's the J.R. sport re-show here on the Infinity Sports Network. Speaking of stupid things, Doc Rivers. He has a son. I think he said something stupid about NFL players and maybe NBA players, too. You'll hear the stupidity on the other side. The J.R. sport re-show don't move.
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