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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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May 17, 2024 9:04 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 17, 2024 9:04 pm

Should the Dolphins give Tua an extension l Mike Budenholzer fired up to coach the Suns l Spurs don't want Trae Young


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Super producer and host Ryan Hickey is coming to you live from New York City. Thank you so much for listening wherever you might be. I hope you're safe. I hope you're well.

I hope you're good. It's the start of the weekend, right? It's Friday afternoon. It's getting to Friday evening.

We got you covered. East Coast, West Coast, down South, Midwest, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, my friends in Europe who I don't know how they listen, but I don't ask questions, okay? This show gets started every single weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. Weekday means Monday through Friday. Don't look for me here tomorrow. Don't. Don't do that. I'll be in New York on WFAN after the Yankees.

That's what I do. He has six days a week. I need to get a life anyway. Someone who's happy to have a life outside of, you know, prison or jail is Scotty Shuffler. Yes, he was arrested earlier this morning and then he proceeded to go to the PGA Championship.

Man is in third place right now. How about that? If you got arrested this morning and still went to work, call me up. 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4227. You can also find me online at JR Sport Brief. Next hour, Rex Hoggard is going to join us from the Golf Channel to talk about what was one of the most unusual days in sports. This was not OJ Simpson level, but yeah, the world's best golfer was arrested. The man who just won the Masters was arrested and then he went to work.

Nah, we'll talk more about it later in the show. If you missed a minute, you can always hit rewind on the Odyssey app if you don't want to wait. Thank you to everybody listening live and local on their Infinity Sports Network affiliate where they live.

If you have Sirius XM, the channel is 158. And if you have a smart speaker, if you are so smart, you're better than everybody else and you talk to a computer, ask it to play the Infinity Sports Network and we pop right up. OK, we talked about Scotty Shuffler. We showed a lot of love to the Minnesota Timberwolves. They forced a Game 7 against the Denver Nuggets last night. And then we talked about how, yeah, the Nuggets stunk, but so will the New England Patriots. Jacoby Percette spoke to the media. He basically said, yeah, yeah, yeah, we with the Patriots, we just going to compete. I got no problem with Drake May. Drake May doesn't have a problem with me. And I interpreted that as I'm going to be a good babysitter until he takes my job.

And that's just what it is. Speaking of taking jobs. Or at least basketball again. Tyrese Halliburton showed up to work. The New York Knicks and Pacers will be in action.

New York Knicks trying to eliminate the Pacers. Hickey, Tyrese Halliburton, I know we talked about this a couple of days ago. Halliburton toned it down with the outfit, right? No puffy shoulders. Just to me, it looks like your run of the mill sport jacket.

He had a sport jacket on and like black and white giant fatigues, though. But that's it's still toning it down. Right. Right.

Compared to what he wore the other night with a puffy jacket and like the weird pants, like having half your body kind of normal. We'll say that's a pretty good win. It's a win. You can't. Yeah, you can't. You can't play like garbage and dress like the you know what. Like if you're going to dress. Let's be weird. I'm sorry.

Well, let me let me be clear. Not weird. I'll use the word weird. My apologies if you dress weird. Everybody has their own unique fashion sense. If you dress weird, if you wear high fashion and all these off the rack and weird people clothes, you're wearing bubble jackets and garbage bags. You can't wear that if you suck.

Put on some regular people clothes. It's like it's like Ben Simmons. He doesn't do anything and he's showing up like it's a fat like play basketball anyway. Let's see if the New York Knicks can get the Pacers the hell up on out of here tonight. Otherwise, they got a game seven over the weekend. I feel like this series between the Knicks and the Pacers has been going on for like a month already. It has. It has been going on for like a month. It has.

It has been going on quite a while. And I mean, hopefully it ends tonight. Fingers crossed. There's no game seven, but we'll see. Yeah, we'll see.

We'll find out soon enough. Anyway, New York Knicks Pacers doing that tunnel walk, showing up to work. I got to tell you about somebody we found out today might not show up to work.

We just talked about Jacoby Percette. He is a glorified NFL babysitter. Gets an NFL contract to show up, throw the ball every now and then. And then he has to sit down.

Well. There's a guy in the NFL who may not show up to work. He hasn't showed up to work.

Even for involuntary work, and that's what he's done ever since he's been drafted in 2020. I'm talking to you about Tua Tongaveloa. The story came out today and we all know Tua Tongaveloa is playing on the final year of his rookie contract. Fifth overall pick in 2020. People, is he too small?

Are his hips going to work? He's busted and broken from coming over from Alabama. He had the concussions two seasons ago.

And then Tua Tongaveloa. He went to the postseason last year. And granted, yes, he froze. He had a decent season until the end. 29 touchdowns.

Unfortunately, he had a lot of interceptions, 14 of them passed for 4,600 yards. You would think with those numbers, the Dolphins would need him, right? That they would want him.

And I think they do. They drafted him. They invested in him. They believed in him. They hoped that he would stay healthy this past season.

He did. Just at the end of the season, he also stunk or he actually froze. He froze against the bills, as Hickey pointed out yesterday. And he froze definitely in Kansas City like a lot of people did. And people sitting in the stands that legitimately lost digits. People are losing fingers and toes sitting in that negative 30 degree weather. Not me. No, thank you.

I'm going to try to sit in a suite with those cheapskates. The Hunts. Hickey, what do you think they kept the heat at in the suite? 72? 70? I was going to say at least 80.

80, right? Probably wearing short sleeves and shorts in that box. They probably got a pool in that suite, right? That thing is a mansion upstairs. They probably got a pool. With a high dive in there too?

Yeah. Let these sucker fans, let them freeze outside these idiots, these peons. I'm just going to go get in a hot tub real fast and see if, I bet you they got a tub up there.

I know they do. Anyway, Tua Tonga Veloa went. He didn't have a good time.

He froze. And the Dolphins lost. And the Dolphins have picked up the final year of his contract. And everything that we have heard over the past several weeks, over the past several months, is that the Dolphins want Tua Tonga Veloa back.

I mean, listen to this. This is from Chris Greer, the GM of the Dolphins at the end of the season press conference. He basically said, we want Tua for a long time. We've had conversations, like we said, we wouldn't talk with, you know, throughout the season in terms of contract stuff, but we stayed in touch with his agent. Had good conversations throughout the year.

Never talked about money or anything. Just good conversations about, you know, where he is and the relationship with Mike and the team here and everything he's done. And, you know, so the goal is to have him here long-term playing at a high level.

So, you know, that's always the goal. And we'll continue and we'll communicate with him through the off-season here. And like we've always said in the past, you know, you guys know me, we don't really talk in the media through all that stuff. So we'll just, we'll keep all those talks internal and with his reps.

Okay. Well, Tua has done some talking. Tua has done some negotiating. And Tua hasn't had to say anything. Because as I just told you, it's been reported that Tua Tongaveloa, this man, has decided not to show up to work. Next week, it's not, it's not involuntary. You got to show up.

Hickey, did I say that right? I screwed that up. No, you're right. It's not involuntary. It's mandatory. It's not voluntary. It's mandatory.

Right. You got to show up next week. All these other times he had the option and he decided not to, which he's never done before. Which if you want to ask Mr. Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports HQ, yeah, this is all strategic. I think you could also blame a quarterback who just got paid this week.

Listen to Jonathan Jones. If you were Tua and if you were Tua's representation, you are looking at all the deals that are getting done. And you are very realistic that you're not going to outdo Joe Burrow at $55 million in average annual value. However, Justin Herbert, who was picked just after you in the 2020 draft at six overall when the Miami Dolphins took Tua at fifth overall, last year, he got a deal that was worth $52.5 million per year. And when you look at that contract, more than $260 million total, more than $130 million in guarantees at signing and more than $210 million in guarantees.

Ultimately, if you were Tua, you say that's my floor because let's compare. Tua has helped the Dolphins to two playoff seasons. And of course, he has not been able to get over the hump and win a playoff game. But Justin Herbert also doesn't have a playoff victory on his ledger either.

They both have one Pro Bowl appearance. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Tua wants that money.

I mean, let's also be honest. And these are things you can't do because we can't play the if I were there, you were here game. We can't do that. If I had a choice of a quarterback between Tua Tongaveloa and Justin Herbert, I'm going with Justin Herbert. Less injury history. And I know he busted up his hand at the end of the year.

Less risk. He's a giant of a human being. I mean, people make jokes about whether or not Tua Tongaveloa can even see over his offensive line. And so, yeah, Jared Goff got paid. Tua ain't getting 53.

And we played this game earlier this week. Justin Herbert made 52. Lamar Jackson is making 52. This is a dangerous game for Tua Tongaveloa because let's be real.

Let's be honest. Can Tua Tongaveloa walk into the Dolphins and say, I want 52 mil? If I'm the Dolphins, I go, you ain't Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson got he got two MVPs. You ain't him.

You don't even run anywhere. If I'm Tua Tongaveloa and I go to the Dolphins and I say, hey, well, I want Herbert's 52 and a half. I'm going to say, you ain't Jalen Hurts.

He's making 51. He went to a Super Bowl. I know this past season they stunk. The defense stunk.

I think they tried to do too much. You ain't Jalen Hurts. Tua Tongaveloa. Just take 50, man. Just take 50. Tua Tongaveloa is making 46. Deshaun Watson, the pervert guy, is making 46. Kirk Cousins is making 45. Mahomes is doing whatever he wants. He's at 45.

He can make a gazillion next year if he wants. Josh Allen is at 43. That contract is outdated.

They'll rip that up sooner than later. Come on. 50. Take the 50 and keep it moving.

Picky, I think they'll get it done. This is simple. I ain't no negotiator, but I can look at the numbers and I can look at Tua Tongaveloa and I could say, you ain't better than him. You ain't better than him. You're not better than him. Yeah, I could put you better than him.

Just take the money and shut up. The toughest part, I think, for the Dolphins, like you said, he's not better than any of the quarterbacks you just listed that are getting $45 million and above. He's like kind of, I would say, above average, but not great quarterback right now. His best marketing, or I guess I should say his best leverage is the fact that, how are you going to upgrade? I mean, we kind of talked about last week, like if they don't extend them, right? Who are you bringing in? What quarterback has fallen off a team that you're going to just say that's better than Tua and now you're going to go?

There is no option. There's nobody. The only two guys who are basically decent quarterbacks playing on expiring contracts are Dak Prescott with the Dallas Cowboys and then Tua, that's it. And what exactly is either team going to gain if they decide to just flip? The answer is nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Tua Tongaveloa with the Cowboys is comical and Dak Prescott with the Dolphins doesn't do anything. It doesn't move the needle. Like you might, Hickey, this is a terrible analogy. This is like two people dating two ugly people and then switching. They don't get prettier when you do that?

No, if you're ugly, you're ugly. Just because you swap whoever partners doesn't mean it's going to get better. They got to get it done. And I got to be honest, both teams, this is kind of when you ride the wave of mediocrity, the Miami Dolphins can keep and hold on to Tua Tongaveloa. It's not going to make a difference in pushing them to a championship. There are so many better teams. There's so many better quarterbacks and the Dolphins, they're going to pay Tua.

I think they'll get the job done. It's just how much guaranteed money do you want to put in the contract? Jared Goff has 113 mill guaranteed. Justin Herbert 133. Lamar Jackson 135. Jalen Hurts 110.

Like Tua, just take 100 plus and just keep it moving. They got rid of Christian Wilkins. They got rid of a lot of defenders. They picked up some other defenders like Poirier on a discount from the Bills.

They got money. They'll pay Tua. Are they all of a sudden going to vaunt themselves into Super Bowl contention?

Hell no. I mean Odell is coming on as a bit player. Let's stop it. Look at what Jared Goff did. Look what Joe Burrow did. Even Justin Herbert, his deal, not recent, but yeah. All these QBs making money. We even got slightly above average quarterbacks who get in the big bucks. Pays to be a QB. Teach your kid to throw the ball. Don't run it. Definitely.

Don't run the ball. Oh yeah. And speaking of contracts, Hickey, did you see this with the Yankees and Soto? Did you see this? I did. I did see this.

I can't remember the last time, the New Year. You saw how the Yankees treated Aaron Judge, Brian Catt? Well, no.

Well, let's be real. It was Aaron Judge who said, man, y'all can kiss my behind. And he said, here's 60, what are you 62 home runs?

He said, I'm not negotiating in this season. Juan Soto is in his first year with the Yankees. This man is already batting 302 with nine home runs, 34 RBIs. He's walking every time he goes to the plate. He's an on base machine. He's going to be an all star again. He's been the Yankees best player.

Aaron Judge has gotten hot, but Juan Soto just coming over from the Padres has been their best player. And the Yankees are playing with fire because they haven't given him a deal. He's playing on a one year contract, 31 million dollars. This is basically arbitration for him. And his, his, his, we call his guy, his agent is Scott Boris, the man who can't get anybody a long-term deal anymore. Sorry, Blake Snell. And Scott Boris likes to take his players to free agency and he likes to run up the tab.

He's been unsuccessful. And so Juan Soto was actually asked about this by the media because the Yankees owner, Hal Steinbrenner, this man spoke to the media and he got on his hands and knees and said, I want Juan Soto to be a Yankee for life. And yeah, I will, I will negotiate with him on a contract right now.

And Juan Soto, I think he said the right thing. My doors has been always open, you know, whenever he wants to start talking with Scott and all those people, they, they always open, they always open to hear whatever he has. And for me, I just focus on the game right now.

Oh, okay. I don't know if Scott Boris looks at the phone and just goes, no, thank you. Talk to you in October after Juan Soto helps the Yankees win the world series. Not talking now. Like there's, there's no benefit unless Juan Soto is just going to explode both of his knees in the outfield this year, unless he's going to become Mike Trout. There's no reason to, to do a deal right now. Run the price up, you know, do, do what Aaron Judge did. Take the Yankees for every dollar and every cent.

And I guess if you're Juan Soto, you, you have to be comfortable in yourself. You have to be, this is the same dude who turned down a 15 year, $440 million deal from the Nationals. And yeah, that's a poor deal.

All things considered, the average annual, a value of it, the length of it, it's a bad deal. He's going to get a better deal for more money. But if he's willing to turn down that amount of money, he can't wait a couple more months. Hickey, if you're Juan Soto, you taking the Yankees money or you going to wait?

Or you going to wait? Wait, because it's only going to go up, right? But how much? You would assume Aaron Judge got himself a nine year contract, 360. We know the man who pitches and hits, he's sitting on a $700 million deal. You got to assume that, that Soto, he can't go that high, right? What are we talking about? It has to be this simple, 10 years, 50.

That's it. I mean, we got pitchers who are making 44 and Scherzer and Verlander, these guys are out the door. He can command, you know, 50, right?

Oh, I'm with you. And I'm not sure how the Yankees feel about 50 a year. And even if they're willing to pay it, if you're Scott Boris, OK, so, you know, basically 50 is the floor right now. Well, what if another team out there is willing to spend a lot of money? You know, the Mets are struggling.

What if Steve Cohen says here's a blank check? What if the Dodgers are like, you know what? Where are the Dodgers getting all this money? If the Dodgers if the Dodgers bring on another guy, I'm going to just be like, you know, this they're all in cahoots like this is the Dodgers are just a crime syndicate.

Where are they getting all this money from? But you're right. Maybe, maybe Steve Cohen is the one who says, hey, I'll write the check. So, yeah, I don't expect for Juan Soto to sign a deal. Not at all. Why should he run up the price? You've been playing with fire and being risky this this whole time. What's another few months? Maybe a World Series.

Who knows? It's the J.R. Sportbree show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. 855-212-4227. That's 855-212-4227.

How about this? On the other side of the break, we're going to hear from someone who just signed a new contract. He is so thrilled to be with his current team.

He said he would go to the moon to be there. I'll tell you who it is. You're listening to the J.R. Sportbree show, the Infinity Sports Network. Call from mom. Answer it.

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Sport Brief show here on the Infinity Sports Network. We just talked about contracts, right? Everybody wants a contract.

You want money. Tua Tonkaveloa doesn't have a contract not passed this season. He's probably going to well, he has been holding out.

He's going to show up for work next week. It's mandatory, and I think they'll get a deal done. Shouldn't be that complicated. He slots in is not one of the best. Isn't that next tier of guys slightly above average?

It should be pretty straightforward. Someone who did get a contract. This man is the newest head coach.

Yeah, he's not a player. He's the newest head coach of the Phoenix Suns. His name, Mike Butenholzer. The man who helped take the Milwaukee Bucks to a championship. The man who helped take the Atlanta Hawks out of the doldrums is now the head coach for the Phoenix Suns after Frank Vogel got the boot. Five years, $50 million. Yeah, that's what Tua is trying to make in one season. That's why they get rid of these coaches. $10 million.

Who needs to worry about it? Frank Vogel could be on vacation for the next five years. He'd be okay.

He might be okay forever. Now, Butenholzer was kind of hanging out. Now he has this job, and now he's going to be tasked with turning things around for a Phoenix Suns team that was just swept out of the postseason by the young Minnesota Timberwolves. They beat Kevin Durant, Bradley Beal, and Devin Booker.

Now you just know, I get it. The team is not all that deep. They must have hated playing. They were ready to call this season a wrap.

No motivation. And so Butenholzer comes in, and he was quick to tell everybody, I am so excited to be here. He's an Arizona native. I coach them hard. That's what I've seen for really all of my NBA life. I'm certainly trying to do it as a head coach. I'm not perfect, but my experience is you got to coach your best players. You got to coach them hard. You got to demand of them. You got to have high expectations for them. And usually they thrive.

That's part of what makes them great. They actually want to be coached. They want to be coached. They want it.

And so that's been my observation. That's kind of my mentality going into this. We have some great players in Devin and Kevin and Brad. They are big time. So I think they know that I'm going to have high expectations of them. I'm going to coach them. I'm going to hold them accountable. But that's what I'm going to do with everybody. And so it's not any different. So that's kind of been my roadmap for coaching, whether it's the best players or the entire roster.

Oh, okay. I mean, how did Giannis feel? He didn't feel strongly enough to keep you around, did he? Giannis felt that you got out coached. He basically told the public we need to make adjustments. So did you learn something? Now you got to deal with Durant and Booker and Beal.

How the hell are you going to do that? I mean, here's a better question. Coach Budenholzer, he wasn't the only one who spoke. James Jones, the phantom general manager.

Yeah, he got his wings clipped. Matt Ishby is the GM. James Jones was asked if they were even going to trade any of them.

Listen to this. This is courtesy of Arizona Sports 98.7. No, I mean, that's that's great for TV. I mean, those guys aren't going anywhere. Those guys are part of the part of the solution.

They're part of the answer. And we acquired Kevin and Brad to play with Devon for a reason, because we felt knowing who they are, Olympic athletes, team guys, that if we put those three competitive guys together with a great team to support a great coach, that we'd be able to compete for championships. And that's still the goal. That's still the plan. And I still believe we'll do it. But what what what happens if Durant says he wants to leave?

What happens if Devon Booker says I want out? I mean, yeah, there's a possibility that all three are back next year. How you round out that roster?

I have no idea. I mean, they had Bradley Beal and Devon Booker sharing point guard duties. Come on now. This is what happens when you bring in three stars. You got to pay every guy like 50 million bucks.

It don't work that way. Bootenholzer, who just showed up. He said, yeah, hell yeah, we got to figure out who's going to play point guard.

It ain't going to be me. The conversations have been great, and there's no doubt that we need to look at the whole roster and talk about point guard. I'm sure it's a hot button here, whether it's with you guys, the media, the players, front office, we need to think about it. And we need to be able to be able to play without one. We probably need to be able to have one. We need to be versatile. We need to be able to play different ways, bigger, smaller. But, you know, I think the point guard position has a place.

And, you know, we're going to talk about it and figure it out. But I just know we're going to be able to, we're going to need to be able to play lots of different ways, including without a point guard. Either way, Mike Bootenholzer, he says, I'm excited.

I'm excited about this. The biggest message I want you to hear and like, I would coach this team if it was on the moon. I would coach this team if it was in Alaska.

If these players were in Denmark, these owners and front office, I would go anywhere to coach this team. Hickey, what's wrong with Alaska? Man, hopefully our friend from Alaska does upset at the, I don't even know what he's upset about that.

They don't get enough respect or viewed as the US. I mean, Bud's not doing a very good job there and, you know, making them feel better. Yeah, it is far. It's that close. Oh, it's far. Like, damn, it takes me, it's going to take me five hours and change to get to Seattle. And there's another three and a half hours to get to anchor it. It's far. Ben, shout out to all our folks in Alaska. It's far. But Bootenholzer, you a little bit closer, man. You in Arizona. Relax.

Sometimes I think Kevin Durant would rather be in Alaska, but hey, to each his own. 855-212-4227. That's 855-212-4227. Johnny is calling from Chicago. You're on the JR sport brief show. How are you? Hey, JR. Thanks for taking my call. Still recovering from this shoulder surgery.

And then I had a neck injection yesterday, so I'm hurting. Oh, thank you. Thank you for making us feel.

Well, thank you for making us feel bad. Go ahead, Johnny. Hurry up. Yeah. That Paul Skeens, the Pirates new rookie pitcher. Yeah. No hitter through six. Yes. Yeah. You know, hit us through six innings. He had a hundred pitches exact and they pulled them after six. So we got a full six innings of no hit baseball, 11 strikeouts.

The kids are the real deal. Yeah. We know, Paul. We know, Johnny, what else you got? We know what else. Johnny, we know.

What else you got? Scott and Shempler is going to take the match. Xander usually chokes. And then Rory, I can never trust. And he's going downhill now. He dropped from six under to four under.

I got it on recording. Yeah. The last time I looked, he also has some some other issues at home.

So I think he needs to worry about some other things. Hey, Johnny, you feel better with your neck, OK? The elephant in the room.

I've been noticing on the Odyssey app and then even on the radio. Hold on a second, Johnny. Hickey. What the hell is did he hear what I said? Hickey. Johnny, I think with what we've learned, he's on his own schedule and his own agenda.

Let's try again. Hey, Johnny. Oh, my goodness. Hickey, did she say do you think do you think he's still going? I hope so. I mean, well, I hope you learn the lesson.

I don't know. Oh, no, I don't know where he is anyway. Well, thank you. Thank you, Johnny. Johnny, you got it. You got to email somebody about that. OK, what the hell do you want from me? I talk on the radio.

I can't fix it for you. Eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven is eight five five two one two forty two twenty is a big ass company, man. What am I supposed to do when we come back from break? I told you the Phoenix Suns don't know what the hell is going on. What I will tell you is that the Spurs do know what's going on. The Spurs have decided how they want to move forward with their future. We're going to get into some more football and take more of your calls that aren't tech related.

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Get guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. 855-212-4227. That's 855-212-4227. A lot of contract talks here, right? Tua Tonga Veloa not sure if he wants to show up to work. He probably will. Coach Boonhoser, new head coach of the Phoenix Suns, telling us lies already. Well, he did say he'd coach the Phoenix Suns on the moon. Said he'd coach them in Alaska.

He said if they were in Europe, he'd go ahead and coach them there. At least he was honest about a point guard. They all need, they need one. They definitely need a point guard. Well, Boonhoser at one point was a part of this organization and they need a point guard too.

Desperately. Because they have one of the freakish players that the NBA has ever seen in Victor Winbenyama. I am talking about the San Antonio Spurs and the Spurs who are absolute trash. They won't be that way for long.

Not with Winbenyama. It's not going to be difficult to find players to pair up with them. Matter of fact, the San Antonio Spurs who just finished with a record of 22 and 60.

Yuck. They have both the fourth and eighth pick in this year's draft. I mean, do you want two additional prospects? Do you want to trade for a veteran?

Like, what are you doing? You don't want to do that. And so Winbenyama, who just won rookie of the year, who looks like without a shadow of a doubt, he's going to be a game changer in the NBA as long as he stays healthy. I think we can say that about anybody, especially when you're seven foot four. One guy that the Spurs reportedly don't want. They don't want Trae Young from the Atlanta Hawks. Yeah, Trae Young, the man who averages 27 points plus a game and 10 assists. The man who has put up ridiculous offensive numbers.

They don't want them. And I can understand why for a guy who lives here in Atlanta and watches Trae Young all the time. Does Trae Young need help? Yeah, he needs help.

He's needed help. While they brought on De'Jaunte Murray from the Spurs, I have no idea. I know they're buddies. I know they're friends, but they're both point guards. Trae Young does not move without the ball. Trae Young sometimes a little bit too much of a chucker. Trae Young doesn't play defense. Trae Young as a superstar. He can keep you in a game. He can win you a game, but he doesn't impact winning on a day to day daily basis. And I think he would need a much better roster. He ain't Luca.

I think we've seen that. I know a lot of Hawks fans are mad that Luca, that that whole trade went down. Luca should be here playing in Atlanta, but he's in Dallas and Trae Young is here.

And eventually I think they're going to ship him the hell out. It just won't be the San Antonio. It's been said, the Spurs don't want Young. And I don't blame them because Trae Young, he got a little bit of Hollywood in him. When have the Greg Popovich Spurs had anybody that's a little Hollywood that wants to show up and show out?

The answer is never. It wasn't Tim Duncan. David Robinson predates Greg Popovich, but he also won the championship with him.

It was sure as hell wasn't the Admiral. Wasn't Manu Ginobili. It wasn't Tony Parker. I don't know if Greg Popovich wants his star point guard rolling up in a sprinter with his shades. Trae Young would have to fall in line. And he'd have to change his shot selection.

He'd have to play defense. The Spurs don't want him, but for Trae Young, who has his own podcast, he actually sat down with his, his friend. He sat down with his teammate, De'Jaunte Murray. And they actually had a conversation like last week. And they basically said that, man, we get along fine.

People need to stop the nonsense. I think our relationship is good. Obviously knowing who he was in high school, but just him coming to the team or him having the thought about coming to the team.

And then us getting on the phone and not calling him and then us talking about having a chance. And so relationships can always be better if your team's winning and things like that and juices are flowing. But I think there's certain relationships that you have that are just deeper than basketball.

And so he's one of those guys that is forever deeper than that. Oh, stop it. Hickey, there's not a soul that gives a damn about their relationship. I haven't heard anybody say, oh, Trae Young and De'Jaunte Murray, they don't get along. They don't like each other. Ain't nobody said that. What people are saying is what we all know. Y'all can't play together.

That's it. It has nothing to do with the relationship. They don't match. Y'all could be friends. Y'all could be buddies. Y'all could have loved to play with each other.

Who needs two point guards? That's like, this is weird. This is the first thing that popped into my head. You don't need to brush your teeth with two toothbrushes at the same time. You don't need that, right?

You don't need to ride two bicycles to get to your destination. Hickey, does that make sense? Does it? Yeah, it works. It works. It works.

It does. That's what the Hawks are doing. You don't need two point guard. Send one to Phoenix. A matter of fact, don't do that because they got enough guys out there. The Suns need to bring in a slightly okay point guard that just wants to pass and can knock down an open shot.

They don't need somebody out there trying to go gung ho. Matter of fact, De'Jaunte Murray, he'd be great because he would rebound. He'd play defense and he'd pass and he wouldn't look to score. He'd be good, but forget the Suns.

I'm joking. They don't got money to bring in nobody like that. I mean, even Trae Young on his contract and who wants this deal? This guy's making 40 and 43 and 45 and almost 50 million dollars in the last year of his contract, which would end in 2027. Raise your hand if you want Trae Young.

Hickey, I don't, who would add this? The Lakers, right? Worst comes to worst, the Lakers would add him. Man, it's tough. It really is. It's a tough contract to fit somewhere.

You're right. It's a tough contract. It's a tough playing style as well because obviously he needs help, but it's tough to kind of put him with better players that also need their shots when he's taking so many.

And like you said, traffic cone on defense. If the Hawks want to move off of them, it's going to be tough. It's going to be tough to move them number one. And then number two, I mean, you still, you could argue, especially contract wise, one of the better players in the league, you want to get some value back, right? We're not just dropping them off and just, hey, take them off our hands. We don't need anything back for him. You want something back of value and it's tough to be able to do that as well.

Yeah. I would say more people across the league would want De'Jaunte Murray back. You know, he doesn't, how do I say this? He does more on the basketball court. De'Jaunte Murray can, and I've watched him, the man can lead a team to victory.

He plays defense. There's a little bit more than what Trae Young offers, but Trae Young has a little bit more, he got a little bit more style, a little bit more pizazz, but who knows? The Hawks might be stuck with Trae Young and they may have to move De'Jaunte Murray just because he's an easier asset to move.

And I know, how about this? The Hawks got the number one overall pick this week and somehow someway with the number one overall pick, two point guards, two teams, everybody needs a point guard. Like I still feel like they're screwed. De'Jaunte Murray, unlike Trae Young, is on a more modest contract. 114 million bucks. His deal expires in 2028. The Hawks might be stuck with Trae Young. The reality is, if you're asking me, they would like to move Trae Young. They may have to move De'Jaunte Murray. How about this? How about this? Send De'Jaunte Murray right back to the Spurs.

Send him. Do a three team trade, I don't know, use the first pick and bring in somebody to help Trae Young. It just, Hickey, there's something wrong with our teams down here in Atlanta. Besides the Braves, teams here, they're just ass backwards, man. A lot of duplicates, huh?

Two quarterbacks, two point guards. You're right, I never thought of it that way. We like to, we like to double up here in Atlanta. That's, it's sad. Everybody here is miserable. Not me though, I'm good. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on the Infinity Sports Network, 855-212-4227.

That's 855-212-4227. I could tell you somebody who's not miserable. There's a sports team that just got $100,000 each for doing what? Showing up to work? They're not even getting paid from the team. I'm going to tell you who's getting extra money on the other side of the break. We're going to talk about Mr. Scotty Scheffler. Rex Hoggart is going to join us from the Golf Channel. We'll talk about Anthony Edwards. Jalen Brunson is getting ready to play ball.

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