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NFL Schedule Release Reaction (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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May 16, 2024 6:04 pm

NFL Schedule Release Reaction (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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May 16, 2024 6:04 pm

Overreaction/Proper Reaction: NFL schedule release edition. Jets/Bears/Cowboys WLWWLL prediction. News Brief.


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Kick off your summer and shop in-store or online at Whole Foods Market today. Our number two of our radio program. Coming up 60 minutes from now, Brandon Cooks from the Dallas Cowboys will stop by. You know, I never thought we would find out maybe a little extra added motivation to what did transpire, how the Knicks were able to blow out the the Indiana Pacers in Game 5, where the New York Knicks won by 30 points. I did not anticipate that there needed to be some gas being passed in the locker room to make sure that the Knicks would be able to get past the Pacers in Game 5.

That would never be on my bingo card. And if you're just getting into your car, or if you're just tuning into the show, and that's the first sentence you heard me say today, no, I'm not lying. According to reports, a little toot in the locker room, maybe a big toot, ended up inspiring the Knicks to go on out and blow out the Pacers by 30 points. You don't believe me? Here is Knicks reporter Fred Katz going into what happened in the locker room. This is inside reporting if I've ever heard it. Here is Fred Katz on the gas that was passed inside the Knicks locker room that elevated them to blow out the stinking Indiana Pacers.

Go ahead. You know what I felt good about them? I felt good about them.

I didn't think there was going to be no energy after I left the locker room before Game 5. I was in the locker room. I was talking to a bunch of guys. Can you share that?

Yeah. Well, I'm not going to share one anecdote that showed me how loose they were because I'm not going to embarrass the guy. But there was an epic fart that loosened up the locker room a lot before the game. And I'm not going to say who it was because I'm not going to embarrass the guy. And that was it. Hold on. This reporter wants to protect the identity of the farter? That's where we're at? It clearly wasn't a silent but deadly fart.

I'm assuming. It had to be a very audible fart. I don't think that there was a silent but deadly fart.

And then all of a sudden everyone's like, oh, best guess. I don't think that occurred. I think this was a very, very, very loud fart. Kind of like a morass type of fart. If you go back to when morass was working here all those years on the DA show. So now I have to guess since the reporter wanted to keep the identity of the farter anonymous.

Maybe it violates a hippo violation. But give me that audio Carlos one more time. And I have to hear that audio one more time. And that will allow me to get a better idea of who potentially could be the man that passed the gas and inspired the Knicks to win by 30 points. You know what? I felt good about them. I felt good about them.

I didn't think there was going to be no energy after I left the locker room before game five. I was in the locker room. I was talking to a bunch of guys. Can you share that?

Yeah. Well, I'm not going to share one anecdote that showed me how loose they were because I'm not going to embarrass the guy. But there was an epic fart that loosened up the locker room a lot before the game. And I'm not going to say who it was because I'm not going to embarrass the guy. And that was it. Oh, excuse me. Geez. Carlos really just loosened up the locker room here at the Infinity Sports Network. Little tense in here. So it's not a major player.

You know what? I am hoping it was longtime NBA player Alec Burks. I hope he passed gas in the locker room and loosened up the locker room. And that's what made Tom Thibodeaux say, I'm going to play Alec Burks. And then he exploded on the court for 18 points, five of eight from three. I don't know if that's the man that delivered the epic fart, but I think it could be the tooth from Alec Burks that led to a great, great, great playoff performance that will go down in the annals of NBA history of NBA legendary history. I had to be very careful when I said annals there on how a fart elevated the Knicks, inspired the Knicks, move over Herb Brooks. Great moments are born from great opportunities. That's what you have here tonight, boys. That's what you've earned here tonight.

Move over the legendary speeches that we have grown accustomed to in the NFL, the NBA, Major League Baseball, NHL, whatever legendary speech you've ever heard of. All we need to know now is that if you fart in a locker room before a game, sometimes something that is so juvenile, right? Guys laughing about farts can ease the tension in the locker room and inspire a team to go off and get on the court and be loose and blow out the Indiana Pacers. You know what? I don't think the Pacers are going to win game six now. Pacers may have to start passing some gas in the locker room to win a game six. See, Occam, you better start farting because if you don't fart, someone in the Knicks locker room will. That's an incredible story. You know what? Still, I have an idea. Whenever Santer is a little stressed before a show, which is like every other day.

I was going to say, when is that not the case? Tell me another day that ends and why. Maybe like we'll just make a call to the bullpen. Hey, Carlos, we need you on the show today.

We need Carlos to pass some gas to kind of ease the tension. So what a story that is. Anyway, coming off of the schedule release, we will do an impromptu overreaction proper reaction. We get to that right now. Another NFL week is complete, which means it's another week to freak out about your favorite team. Which tanks are truly crazy, but sometimes the game can be so bad. It's almost good. You know what I'm saying?

And which are so crazy, they might be right. He's 6'5. He's 245 pounds. He's probably a Popeye's biscuit away from being a tight end. Zach lets you know in this week's edition of overreaction or proper reaction. Alrighty, Stuart, what do you got for me today?

All right, Zach. During every NFL schedule release, one of the first things that we look at are how many primetime games that each team gets. Now this season, there are three teams that have six primetime games each. Those teams are the Jets, 49ers, and the Cowboys. While nine teams have five each, the Chiefs, Bills, Packers, Lions, Bengals, Ravens, Eagles, Dolphins, and Rams. So overreaction, proper reaction, the Jets, 49ers, and Cowboys are the three most deserving teams in getting primetime games.

That is an overreaction because it's the Kansas City Chiefs' world and we're all living in it right now. They are back-to-back Super Bowl champions. They have to be one of the three teams with the most primetime games this year, and they're not.

Next one. Now on the other end of the spectrum, the Panthers are the lone team to not get a primetime game this season, while four other teams have just one. And those teams are the Colts, Patriots, Cardinals, and Titans.

How my team has fallen the Patriots. They have one primetime game. It's week three up against the JTS Jets, Jets, Jets, which I thank the schedule makers for thinking of me. Thursday, middle of the week, early in the season, in the swamps of Jersey, I could go make that.

Not too cold, you know, in late September. If they schedule that game in November, December, I don't know if I'm going, so I appreciate the schedule makers. But the Patriots used to be the kings of primetime games. Now they stink. Now I'm back with all the peasants of the NFL world as they were trying to get in a penthouse for all those years. That was a humbling moment when I read that last night.

How times have changed. Overreaction, proper reaction. The Panthers are the least interesting team in the NFL this season.

No, that's an overreaction and here's why. I'm always interested in chaos. That guy, David Tepper, you don't know how the heck he's going to control himself. He could be dumping water in people's faces in like week four. That's interesting. And Kanellis, you know, he seems like a character. He talked about how he once had a porn addiction. And Dave Kanellis, well, we're talking about porn addiction and farts here on the Zach Gelb show.

That's really something. And then Bryce Young, the redemption story. Does he have a chance to actually succeed or is he going to go down as an NFL bust? So no, I do not think the Panthers are the least interesting team in the NFL this season. Now, one game that has caught the eye of many is Kirk Cousins's return to Minnesota to take on his former team. However, it's not until week 14 and it won't be in primetime as it'll be in the one o'clock Eastern Time window. So two part overreaction, proper reaction here. One is Cousins return to Minnesota should be a primetime game in part two. It should be scheduled for earlier in the season to guard against another Kirk Cousins injury. Overreaction to everything here. This doesn't need to be a primetime game.

The fact that people are outraged by this. Kirk Cousins, he's returning to Minnesota. He's a good quarterback. This is not Tom Brady with the Buccaneers going back to Foxboro.

There's no like juicy, put it this way, because that's not a good comparison, Brady. Russell Wilson was a disaster in Denver. That's fun seeing him go back to Denver with the Steelers because there was animosity at the end. There was no animosity between Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings. So no, that doesn't need to be a primetime game.

I don't need that to be a primetime game whatsoever. So I'll go overreaction. By the way, a great tweet by Craig the Randall on X.

Listening to Zach Gelb talk about treading lightly and staying loose while sharing the Knicks locker room story has been absolute gas. Good job. Good line.

All right. Well, now, while each team has six games against division opponents, as we know, those teams, those games are typically spread out throughout the season. However, two teams this season won't play any division games in the first 10 weeks of the season. The Bears and the Steelers.

That should be criminal. That means six of their final eight games of the season are against divisional rivals. Overreaction, proper reaction, not playing in division games in the first 10 weeks of the season will benefit both the Steelers and Bears.

Like I know that how that is possible, but I don't understand how that is possible. And Colton, who's with us today training, he is a massive Steelers fan. And we know that fan base is probably already this is why the NFL hates us. They're trying to screw us. Come on.

Use those terrible towels to wipe up those tears. But they're not wrong. I don't know about the NFL trying to screw you, but the Steelers and the Bears not they're not playing a divisional round game in the first 10 weeks of the season. That's wild.

That's stupid. And it makes it out for a very tough road for the Steelers and the Bears to get in the postseason, because those of it like it doesn't matter how good or bad you are divisional games. Anyone could win. Like we had the Raiders beat the Chiefs last year late in the season on Christmas Day. So for that to happen, will benefit the Steelers and the Bears is the question. Absolutely not.

So that's an overreaction that doesn't benefit them. Yeah. And for the Steelers, their last eight games home against the Ravens at the Browns at the Bengals home against the Browns at the Eagles at the Ravens home against the Chiefs and then home against the Bengals.

So those are pretty tough games. Colton, jump on the mic for a second because I want to hear you whine about the Steelers because I see your discuss right now. I never realized how tall Colton is, by the way. How tall are you, by the way? Six, three, sir. Six, three. Jeez.

All right. Tell me about your your crappy schedule. I don't get it again. First two weeks on the road to start off the season. I'm not here to complain about the schedule. It happens in Pittsburgh all the time. I feel like it's it was 12 years since they had a season opener at Akershore Stadium.

So I'm not shocked by them getting canned with the schedule, but the final eight weeks. Goodness me now. Yeah, that was kind of like a chef answer.

Yeah. What do you want to come on here and why do you want me to do that? I want you to perform.

I want you to dance. Come on and complain for you. I'm not going to do I know how you Patriots fans work.

If you've what do you mean? How I work? I know how you work, Zach.

How do I work? I'm not falling into it, Zach. I'm just asking.

There's always an excuse with the Steelers. See, I'm not falling into that. I'm not like every other steer fan. It is what it is, man.

So by the way, how good they are. Zach, what I meant, what I meant by the Shep comment was when we brought Shep on like last week. He was trying to give me all these like professional answers.

We just want some fun. See, I'd love to come on here and come spitting fire for you, but I'm not shocked by us getting canned with the schedule. Will Russell Wilson be your starter for the entirety of the season? No.

When will Justin Fields get on the field and not returning kicks? Yeah, that's all I can't believe. I hope you don't think that's real. Every time I've been behind the scenes a few times when you brought that up. There's no way there's truth to that. No, I don't think it will happen. But Jalen Warren said it.

It's not like it was coming from like the onion. I think a coach said like, man, imagine. Yes. Imagine Justin Fields back there with this new setup. They signed Cordero Patterson right after the rule change. That's the return.

Yeah, it's not kind of. But I think maybe week six that early. Yeah. I think the series coming out of the draft process, Tom, love Justin Fields.

So if Russ is in cooking out of the gate, I could see him easily because that's your future possibly. All right. Well, we're going to put you back on the bench because I got to finish this segment.

So, Stu, go ahead. So the NFL used to have a rule where the teams would only have to play once per year with a four day turnaround. However, that rule is now gone because they don't care about player safety.

They don't. As there are 13 teams that have to play twice. Four day turnaround.

So almost half the league. So overreaction, proper reaction. The NFL should not require teams to play on four day turnarounds more than one time per season.

That's a proper reaction. That's a joke. And that's another instance where the NFL tries to tell you they care about player safety. Don't give a rat's ass about player safety.

But Zach, the guardian caps. Of course they care about safety. Yeah. Remember, we got rid of the kickoff for player safety and then we don't like there's not enough return. So now we're going to come up with this fugazi kickoff and we're going to basically try to get people back into the. It's like and then they'll add another regular season game down the turnpike.

You know, that's going to happen. Oh, but we eliminated another preseason game. Come on. They don't give a rat's ass about player safety.

Anyway, let's continue. So on Thanksgiving Day this year, the triple header starts out with the Bears at the Lions, followed by the Giants at the Cowboys and ending with the Dolphins at Packers. Overreaction, proper reaction. This is the most excited you've been for a trio of Thanksgiving Day games in recent memory. Overreaction, Giants, Cowboys in the middle of Thanksgiving game. Best one. P.U.

Do I have to see? I hope Daniel is. Daniel Jones or Drew Locke on the field. Give me a break. Bears, Lions, though. Good.

Dolphins, Packers. Good game. But that middle game is just atrocious, atrocious. Great way to set dinner. Terrible.

You know what? I'm happy my family does Thanksgiving on the earlier side because I have older grandparents at 92 and 96, I believe now. So I will be in my food coma by then for the Cowboys and the Giants. And I'll be happily missing that game. Let's continue still.

All right. Now, some might argue that the schedule makers didn't do the 49ers any favors, giving them four opponents coming off of bye weeks this season. But that might not matter too much as San Fran is favored in all 17 games at the moment.

So overreaction, proper reaction. The 49ers will win at least 13 games this season. Thirteen.

Definitely possible. They won 12 last year. They had that little mid-season stretch where they lost like three games in a row and people were panicking. Thirteen's a big number, especially how many times they've been deep in the playoffs. I'm going to say it's back to like 12.

So just short. So I will go overreaction. It's not rare for NFL teams to be away from home for consecutive weeks. It's also not obscure for teams to have three straight road games. And this season, there are four teams that will have stretches of three straight games on the road.

And they are the Bills, Browns, Bears and Vikings. So overreaction, proper action. The NFL should not have teams play more than two consecutive games away from home. Overreaction, I don't have a problem with that.

I don't have a problem with that whatsoever. So I'm fine if they want to do three straight road games. And then finally. And last but not least, four teams have at least nine games this season against teams that made the playoffs in 2023. And those teams are the Cowboys, 49ers, Bengals and Ravens.

The Ravens actually have 10. So overreaction, proper reaction. Either the Bengals or Ravens will miss the playoffs this season due to their tough schedules.

I'm going to say overreaction just in the moment. I feel like the Bengals on that division. I feel like the Ravens are a playoff team. But I will be curious this summer when I sit down and I give you my seven playoff teams in the AFC, the NFC. If both of them will be in it because the AFC is absolutely loaded once again.

But right now, I will say that's an overreaction because I feel like both the Ravens and Bengals will get it. OK, coming on back and this is that Gelb show. What you'll wear on that third date. Download the Instacart app to get free delivery on your first three orders while supplies last.

Minimum $10 per order. Additional terms apply. The wait is over.

That's right. Season five of the Kardashians is here. Just when you thought life couldn't get any faster, they're punching it into overdrive. Chris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie are back and continue to defy expectations in all their endeavors. So get ready to go behind the glitz and glamour of the most iconic family on television. The all new season of the Kardashians premieres May twenty third streaming on Hulu.

All right. So the NFL schedule does get released last night. Brandon Cooks from the Dallas Cowboys is going to stop by in about thirty five minutes from now. But for some reason, I identified these three teams at the most intriguing teams. I'm not going to say these are the three most intriguing teams out of the season, but just three teams that intrigue me are the Jets, the Bears and the Cowboys. The Cowboys at the three double digit win seasons, you know, just came off division championship, but no postseason success.

Are they going to be able to improve off that? What will their regular season look like? Especially with with Mike McCarthy being the final year of his contract and Dak Prescott being the final year of his contract. The Bears. It's the start of a new era with Caleb Williams. And then it's also the Jets with hopefully getting Aaron Rodgers actually on the field. So I'm going to give Carlos the Cowboys. I'm going to give Stu the Jets and I'm going to take the Bears. And we're just going to do a quick win loss to see what their schedules are going to look like and how we think they're going to play out this year. So give me some NFL music for this. Oh, is that like a remix in the beginning?

That was fancy in the beginning. Only the best for you. Let's start with Carlos. I will give you the Cowboys schedule. You just give me win or loss. Their season starts up in Cleveland at the Browns.

Lost. Then they go and play the Saints. This is in Dallas. When Ravens week three in Dallas. When at the Giants short week Thursday Night Football win. So you have them at three and one through their first four games of the season. Then Sunday, October 6 at Pittsburgh. Win. Ooh, so four and one start and you hate the Cowboys.

What a passion. Following week, let's hope that the refs report everybody eligible that is reporting eligible because they didn't do so correctly last year. You have the Cowboys and the Lions in Jerry's World loss. Okay, so entering the by Carlos has the Cowboys at four and two coming out of the by there at San Francisco loss. And that four and three at the Falcons loss a loss to the Falcons three game losing streak.

I see it here. So you have them at four and four that would shape up well for November for a national show Cowboys at four and four coming off a loss to the Falcons. Kirk Cousins getting the best voice think Kirk Cousins will be the quarterback sold by then against Dak Prescott next week after that November 10. They are back home in Dallas. They welcome in the Eagles at home. That's a win. You have them at five and four the Battle of Texas in Dallas Monday Night Football.

That's a good game. You have the Cowboys and the Houston Texans. CJ Stroud makes his name even bigger. That's a loss at the commanders the following week when Giants after that when she's really think about that one. So you have them at seven and five entering December Monday Night Football the Cincinnati Bengals that games in Dallas when only because they're in Dallas.

Do do do do do do do do. After that at Carolina when you have a nine and five final three games of the season Tampa Bay. In Dallas loss. Ooh Baker Mayfield at Philadelphia loss. And then to wrap up the season, they are home against the commanders and Jayden Daniels easy win.

So you have them at ten and seven. Yeah, I think that's a fair record I don't think the Cowboys gonna be a 12-1 team again I think they're gonna regress a little bit, but I'm fine with that You know the three-game losing streak a little bit was you know, I wasn't expecting it But I can't crush you for any of those predictions. So you have the Dallas Cowboys at ten and seven Stu You are up. I'm giving you the JTS jets jets jets with Aaron Rogers Aaron Rogers making his return to the gridiron in a regular season game a Monday night football to start off the season in San Fran Cisco that is the loss.

Okay at Tennessee following week. That's a win one on one Patriots Thursday night that is at MetLife Stadium That's a win Broncos following week also a win Three and one to open up the year for the Jets then they go to Minnesota in week five Believe this is the London. Oh, that's in London. You are right.

Yes I know London is a little weird. So I will say they will lose that game Okay, so three and two they then have the Buffalo Bills at MetLife Stadium Monday night game by the way. Yeah, and how many times are they gonna show the Rogers injury? Yeah, I think that's gonna be a loss. Okay, so you have them at three and three at Pittsburgh week seven That's tough week seven Sunday night football football I say long really I do three and four for the Jets through seven games Alrighty at the Pats.

That's a win. Yeah, I can't even debate that really I Texans week nine short week MetLife Stadium loss You know what? That will be a game.

That's Halloween night. I will go trick-or-treating that night at MetLife Stadium I I love CJ sure I'd you know didn't like it when he's at Ohio State Michigan guy, but I Really love what CJ shot did last year So you have them at four and five through nine weeks at the Cardinals week ten win. Okay, five and five Coats week 11 that game at MetLife Stadium. Also a win that is Sunday Night Football Okay, Anthony Richardson and Aaron Rodgers by week week 12 I would say you can't lose the bye week But sometimes Jets do lose the bye week week 13 the Seahawks at MetLife Stadium at home. I say win Okay week 14 at Miami Think they lose that game. You have them at seven and six week 15 at the Jaguars in Duval That's a win Okay, eight and six then week 16 Rams one o'clock game MetLife Stadium West Coast team coming to the East Coast.

Yep. I think that's a win. Whoo Getting hot here week 17 at the bills loss. You haven't losing the Buffalo twice Yeah, nine and seven and then finally the Dolphins last week of the season that game at MetLife Stadium Probably to get into playoffs maybe for both teams. I think they win that game. So ten and seven I think that's a fair record for the Jets You know, I give Carlos credit at the Cowboys at ten and seven.

I thought that was fair Stu ten and seven I think that's fair as well Okay Last one. How about the Bears? Do you want to pull up the Bears schedule? Just make it easier so you could read it to me and I'll give you the wins and losses Got it right in front of me. They start with the Titans at home.

I'm gonna go win there. I Think that's gonna be a really good game first game for Caleb Williams No, I think that Tennessee team had a good has a good roster They're still the fourth team in that division, but I'm gonna go win for the Bears Next week. They are at Houston for Sunday Night Football. That's a good matchup Williams and Stroud I'm gonna go loss one on one Week three they are at the Colts I'm gonna say loss I like Shane Steichen and Anthony Richardson with Jonathan Taylor in that one one and two and a stingy Colts defense to The next week they are at home against the Rams and that's a one o'clock game.

That's a one o'clock game So again, that's the Rams traveling all the way east or the Chicago to play to one o'clock He's I mean, I'm gonna I'm gonna say that's a loss. That's what one in three to start off the year next week They got the Panthers at home win two and three Then they go overseas to play the Jaguars the following week It's kind of like a home game for for the Jaguars I'm gonna say that's a win. I put them at three and three Okay, then they have the bye week and then coming off of the bye week. They go to Washington I'm gonna say off a bye week. A lot of people like them in that spot Command, I think that's a slip-up They go they lose that game three and four Following week.

They're still on the road. And now they're at Arizona get some good matchups here with young quarterbacks. Kyler Murray up against Caleb Williams, I'm gonna say that's a win bounce back spot coming off. The crushing loss puts them at four and four Finally back home home against your Patriots. Yeah, that's a win Yeah, I hope Drake Mays playing by then November 10th, maybe he is and maybe isn't I looked at the schedule I thought November 3rd would be the first time I would see Drake May but the Patriots just don't have anything really on offense and you look at the Many weapons you have in Chicago with more Keenan Allen and Roma dunes I I will say that's a win for the Bears who blew out the Pats last year with Justin field. So five and four home against the Packers That's a home game that is a home game, you know what because it's at home I'm gonna say that's a win and that would be a huge win for that franchise That could be their biggest game of the season as stupid as that sounds because you know important the Bears Packer rivalry is You you could show that you have your guy or make those fans really think you have your guy if you beat Green Bay So I'm gonna say six and four Third straight home game this time against the Vikings. So you win the big one then the next week you get a letdown JJ McCarthy finds a way to get the job done six and five on the road Thanksgiving Day Short week at the Lions. I'm gonna say that's a loss six and six at the 49ers I'm gonna say lost six and seven third straight road game On the road against the Vikings Monday Night Football. They will split against the Vikings this year. So I go seven and seven back home against the Lions week 16 I'm gonna say they get one against the Lions this year. They got one against them last year So I'm gonna go eight and seven there Okay, then they have the Seahawks at home Thursday Night Football quick turnaround I'm gonna say that's a win nine and seven and then they finish the season at the Green Bay Packers That will be a loss. I'll have them split with the Danette then and Anna go pack go So nine and eight I think the better nine and eight could be a playoff playoff team in the NFC For Caleb Williams in year one So fun little win-loss exercise that we did Carlos has we gave him the Cowboys He is the Cowboys going ten and seven I gave through the Jets He had them going ten and seven and I have duh Bears going nine and eight We'll do a news brief next update time first though.

Here he is. Patty Boyle Infinity Sports Network Sports flash Alright Zack We've already got record-breaking stuff on day one of the PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville Xander Shoffley goes nine under par He shoots a 62 in his opening round that ties the record for the lowest ever round out of major the record He already co-owns from last year when he did it at the US Open He's obviously atop the leaderboard Rory McIlroy tied for fourth at five under and reigning Masters champion Scotty Scheffler wasted no time today. He eagled on the first hole That's still worries at two under through six for Scotty baseball one day game today Which is in the books Clark Schmidt eight dominant innings Yankees complete the sweep and shut out the twins for the second straight day 5-nothing the final NBA playoffs one game tonight the reigning champs look to get back to the Western Conference finals The Nuggets up three games to two on Anthony Edwards and the T-Wolves Minnesota tries to keep their season alive in front of their fans tip-off 8-30 Eastern on the ice The Rangers were up 3-0 on the Hurricanes now. It's 3-2 and Carolina forward Martin nature says team isn't giving up Time for your daily news brief we get you caught up on the rumors reports and Reconnaissance from the day in sports and this portion of the show is brought to you by our friends at Wesley Financial stuck at a timeshare and won out contact Wesley financial group right now and get a free timeshare exit information kit at Wesley financial group Com let's start off with sir.

Charles Charles Barkley on inside the NBA He was not impressed with the Celtics offense Even though the Celtics did take care of the Cavs in five games and now we're advancing back to the Eastern Conference finals They're the worst offense I've seen for grown folks. Is it like the fuck? Like it's like bed It's like they just get a ball to one guy and go one-on-one They win a lot of games, but they got talent, but there's it's like what are they doing? It's like here Jason you get to the top of key go one-on-one She was step back three dealing you go back there. You make a move.

Everybody just stands around. It's frustrating I don't maybe some things will change when plays English comeback, but the way they play offense right now They're not they can't win a championship like that It's tough to evaluate the Celtics because the first two rounds there could only be negative reactions They won the first series in five. They lost game two. They won the second series in five. They lost game two Everyone knows this team's going to the finals and then it only matters what your offense looks like in the NBA finals So it's tough for me knowing what the standard is and I'm not saying they're walking through the motions But when you are up 3-1 in a series and you know, that's elimination game The other team has like no one healthy.

You don't need to look that Chris. Here is Luka Doncic He had a triple-double last night as we did tell you earlier Luca's strong performance Which was his third 30-point triple-double of his postseason career ties him for second most in Such games by a player age 25 or younger Oscar Robertson did it seven times LeBron and Luca Doncic both three times and then Russell Westbrook two times here is Luca Doncic on The big game five victory to put his team up Three two to go back to Dallas with a chance to close this sucker out then we're playing great defense But you know, it's some little stuff. We didn't do in past game.

We did today. I think I Don't know how many offensive rebounds they had but they had like four in the first three minutes And then we we cleared that up and we just play with a lot of pace And you have no clue how this series gonna play on out Thunder win game one then the Mavs win two and three They're up to one you're thinking okay They're getting momentum then they drop game four on their home court and then you're going back in a 2-2 series To Oklahoma City you thinking? Okay, Shane Gil just Alexander. He's gonna get the job done He was good last night but Luca was just sensational and PJ Washington even play a great game, but down the stretch at a big three had a big dunk and you have the Mavericks go up three two and now they go home and I'm just I'm gonna guess here and I had the Mavericks win the series before the series started when I got to two two I definitely thought the Thunder into win this series you would think You would assume and you know happens are you see make an ass out of you and me you'd assume The Mavericks are gonna win game six, but who knows did you see the hockey? three of the series That out of the four series that are going on right now they were at three one and all the teams that were at three one were on their home ice with a chance to close the team out in game five and none of them did so Stars lost to the Avalanche last night with chance to close them out Rangers a few nights ago They lost to the Hurricanes and the Panthers lost to the Bruins in game five so now all those series are three two as They now go to the road team that's trying to force a game seven So we'll see how many of those Road teams tonight or throughout the next few days will be able to advance to the conference finals Okay, let's get back to the NBA Luca Doncic. I'm being taunted by the Oklahoma City through crowd Luca This Oklahoma City fan base has taken a little bit of a liking to you So to speak as a competitor Do you thrive on just being able to silence the crowd the way you did love him that you had? Love it.

I won the chair. Luca sucks. It gets me going It's even better That's awesome And that's how it should be as long as it like never crosses a line like if you're just gonna chant Luca sucks Luca sucks, I think that's in Um, you know in all fun nature, you know in terms of being a being a sports fan, but It sometimes in a hostile environment which you want it could go against you When it provides a little extra motivation and you have some players that will get rattled by that Luca Doncic Obviously not one of those players. Let's continue here with the Mavs. Here's Jason Kidd the coach of the team He loved the effort that he saw in game five.

We were aggressive The mindset, you know, whoever's gonna come out to be aggressive It tends to get the lead or control the other game And so for us it was attacking the ball touching the paint and making plays for one another I thought the energy was at a high and and that being unselfish was at a high level, too So Mavs go up three games to two. We'll see if they could close it out returning home NFL schedule was released last night. Joe Buck was doing an interview the voice of Monday Night Football on ESPN and He was actually asked about his Disney trip with six-year-old twins. Listen up.

Don't look at day over 55 150 six-year-olds, that's what the Disney World did to you We were there for nine days, I'm still my back is still recovering I am it was wonderful. It was wonderful. I loved it Profit is just the start Yeah Is that Joe Buck just saying after the IV prof and he said it may be like the whiskey bottle or I'm just gonna live Here as long as he doesn't operate heavy machinery. It's fine with me.

Okay? Let's hear from one voice to the next This is Kevin Burkhardt the lead voice on Fox for football and announcing games with Tom Brady this season courtesy of the NFL Network Anytime you have a new partner or anything and I've had a few now, you know You just got to build a relationship right and I knew Tom from a working relationship But I didn't really know him from personal relationships So I think that's number one and we've been doing that and spending time together and then the second part is we're working behind the scenes right we're rehearsing and practicing and Just kind of getting used to each other and he's getting used to TV and it's been cool. I mean, there's been moments I think I shared this on your show a few weeks ago, but there's been moments where he just says Something and you're like, oh my gosh, that is so cool, you know, and I'm nerding out and for him It's it's kind of commonplace. So I think there's gonna be a lot of those moments because we've never heard him Really talk about that stuff, you know So I think there's gonna be a lot of firsts for him where people are like, whoa, that was that was pretty neat I think Brady is gonna be a lot better in the booth than what people think but I'm sick and tired of talking about the announcers Poor Greg Olson. He got demoted and I understand he took a seven million dollar pay cut.

He's calling games Still he's on the second team with Joe Davis. It's like oh, I'm just sick of the car I hope Brady's a rock star because everyone that's been whining and bitching and complaining about this whole Greg Olson stuff Greg Olson is good announcer. I'm not saying anything negative about Greg.

Oh, he's good But people act like it's a it's a crime with what Fox did It's the upside of having the greatest quarterback of all time being a stud at this you take that risk Even if he ends up stinking Oh Carlos, I like you a lot But don't don't tell me you're one of these people that are like, oh poor poor Greg He's got more money than I'll ever have but a seven million dollar haircut is a seven million dollar haircut You mean pay cut? Well, yeah, that's what I mean by haircut. Oh, okay Is that what you say? Is that like some joke that it's like, I don't know.

It's like a Something that's not around. Yeah, it's a haircut Okay, let's go to Odell Beckham jr. The impact Mike McDaniel had on him signing in Miami He sold it to me because he just it's just his energy. It's just we speak the same language We was talking the conversations we had about football And just the opportunity that I said like it's presenting itself and you know God put it in front of me and that's kind of just where I went and roll with it And then finally we go to the ice stars are up 3-1 in the series had a chance to close out the avalanche She won the cup two years ago and a chance to close them out of their home ice. They had two leads Pavelski made it one nothing then They found the way to get up to one kale makar came up huge on the power play to make it to two and going into the third Casey middles that he got the goal early into the third to put the avalanche up three to his avalanche radio You go ranch at 100 career playoff points for him works into the corner out there with the second line Paris He knocks it down works to the slot leaves it for Sam to rar shot through traffic The mighty Casey has struck for the Colorado avalanche He has goals and back-to-back games and Colorado has their first lead of the series 3-2 a minute and 12 seconds into the third period So there you go a 3-2 lead nice to like Conor McGehee a lot. Who's the avalanche voice? Those are two calls I've heard from this postseason where I think he's trying to jam like 50 pounds of crap into a 25-pound suitcase Makar ended up getting another goal Stars that answer back to make it 4-3 in the Nathan McKinnon late in the game I did step up and deliver with the goal. So Makar and McKinnon stepping up whenever you have McKinnon and makar stepping up It will usually take the avalanche very far But in this case it leads them to a game six back in their home ice with Dallas up three games to two Okay, we will take a five-minute timeout right here on the Zach Gelb show on the infinity sports network You'd always interact with us on Instagram Twitter X at Zach Gelb.

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