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JR SportBrief Hour 2

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September 23, 2023 1:41 am

JR SportBrief Hour 2

JR Sports Brief / JR

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September 23, 2023 1:41 am

JR has been super impressed with how the 49ers have come out of the gate this season


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One-year upgrade requires financing, qualifying, device and upgrading in good condition after six months with half paid off. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. The show starts every single weeknight at 10 pm eastern, 7 p.m. Pacific. Our Super Producer and host Dave Shepherd is joining us, holding it down from New York City as we broadcast all over North America. As we got people listening on the Free Odyssey app, SiriusXM Channel 158, and Smart Speakers. Congratulations, you probably asked your smart speakers to just play CBS Sports Radio and boom, here we are.

Like I said, three more hours, four hours show, we got so much more to do. We have already talked about all of the injuries in the NFL. Bryce Young won't play in Seattle, and Odell won't play against the Colts. Anthony Richardson is out. North Carolina State just beat Virginia with a field goal, 24 to 21. NC State, three and one on the season. Shout out to all my folks at North Carolina State. They treat me good when I'm up there.

I love them. Anyway, we talked about the injuries in the NFL. We talked about the fact that Jim Harbaugh is going to be returning from Michigan right on time to smack around Rutgers, something that Michigan loves to do. And as we continue on with the show, we're going to talk some more NFL. 49ers look great, think they're poised for a run.

I think we all knew this. It's just a matter of staying healthy. We got so much more to go in the season. I just mentioned we got so many teams already dealing with injuries. Chubb down, and Jonathan Taylor, haven't seen him. Aaron Rodgers goes down. Saquon Barkley, high ankle sprain. Joe Burrow, calf.

I can go on and on. So we're going to talk about some of the NFL games that you probably want to watch this weekend, and then we're going to get into some college ball as well. We got a lot of callers here on the line. It's 855-212-4CVS.

That's 855-212-4CVS. But I have to mention this as well, because the baseball season is winding down. And tonight, we saw two players, MVP caliber players, put up MVP caliber performances.

One guy is maybe on his way. Well, he is on his way to the postseason. Maybe a World Series where he can actually play. And the other dude is just absolutely amazingly freakish, and his team ain't going anywhere.

It's a little bit of a surprise. I'm talking about Ronald Acuna Jr. trying to go play in a World Series. And then the other dude is Aaron Judge, who is a gigantic baseball freak for New York Yankees team, which is basically average this season, sitting at about 500.

Here's the deal. Ronald Acuna Jr. Let's talk about a winner first. Sorry, Aaron Judge.

Ronald Acuna Jr. joined the 40-40 club tonight. The Atlanta Braves beat the Nationals in DC. The final score, 9 to 6.

It was an ass-whooping. But Ronald Acuna Jr., he didn't waste any time right out of the gate hitting his 40th home run of the season. Take a listen to this, courtesy of the Braves Radio Network.

3-2. There's a drive down the left field line towards the wall. Here comes something historic. It's a home run for Ronald Acuna, a laser beam into the first row. And it's home run number 40. He's fired up going around the bases. Ronald touches them all. And it's a season for the ages for Ronald Acuna Jr., the fifth player in major league history with 40 homers and 40 steals. Let's look at the first four dudes to ever do this. And you listen to the list.

And you think about what ties them together. Jose Canseco, 1988. Barry Bonds, 40-40 season in 1996.

Alex Rodriguez, 40-40. He hit 40 home runs, 46 stolen bases. He did it in 1998. And Alfonso Soriano, he had a 40-40 season. He did it in 2006.

What do at least three out of the four these dudes have in common? Yeah, performance enhancing drugs. And if you've seen Alfonso Soriano recently, I'm not saying he did drugs.

There was no insinuation that he did when he played. Alfonso Soriano is bigger now. You know, when he played, he looked like a string bean. Alfonso Soriano today looks like Sammy Sosa in his prime.

He looks like Mark Maguire. Alfonso Soriano makes no sense. But congratulations to Ronald Acuna, Jr. There is nothing at all indicative here that he has a damn thing to do with anything performance enhancing. He is really building himself, even early in his career, after blowing out his knee. He is one of the most talented players that I think has ever stepped out onto a field.

He can literally do it all. He has not just had a 40-40 season. He is two stolen bases away from 70. This is an era where people don't even steal bases.

They made the bases bigger to encourage action. And who would have thought that he had 70 of them? Well, he's two away from 70. He's the first player to have a 40-60 season.

And I have to say this. He's 25 years old. He doesn't turn 26 until December. And he is on an eight-year, $100 million contract. Let me say that again. Ronald Acuna, Jr. basically signed the most, how can I say this? It's a discount.

Let's put it that way. And the Braves, they can make it a 10-year, $124 million contract. When you think about guys like Judge sitting at 40 a year, come on, man. Acuna?

I don't think he's going broke anytime soon, but damn. What a deal Alex Anthopoulos got on him right out of the gate. And speaking of Aaron Judge, the Yankees ain't going to damn plays this season. But Aaron Judge, today, the first Yankees player to hit three home runs in a game twice this season, the New York Yankees in action tonight. Aaron Judge says, I got three home runs for you. The Yankees beat the Diamondbacks 7 to 1. And Aaron Judge, he had himself a night.

And what did he get started with? Well, he hit home run early on. Let's take a listen to this, courtesy of the Yankees Radio Network. I think, Shep, this is my favorite broadcast of all time, right? It would be, yes. Is it John Sterling?

Yes, that's correct. How old is he? He's 85. Let's see how excited an 85-year-old man could be about a home run. This is the third inning. Drills one at deep right center. Hit is high.

Hit is far. There it is. God! It is a judgey and blast. Deep right center field and out.

All rise. Here comes the judge. Sounds so wacky when he says it. Yankees went up 3-0 at that point. That was in the third inning. And so what the hell does the second home run call sound like?

It can't be the same exact thing, right? This is Aaron Judge hitting another home run in the fifth inning. Swung on and lined a deep right field toward the gap. That ball is going to be gone into the right field seats. It's another home run for Judge. A judgey and blast. He hit it right next to the Yankee bullpen but into the grandstand.

OK, he changed the inflection on judgey and OK, all right, fine. And then Aaron Judge hit another home run. He hit three home runs tonight. This was in the seventh inning.

Like, what is, is this guy going to explode? Let's take a listen. Swung on, there it goes to right. It is high, it is far, and it's gone. His third home run of the game. It's only the seventh inning.

I don't know if he'll get up again. Aaron Judge ripped one down the right field line well into the seats. His third home run of the game. Oh, see, Shep, he didn't say judgey in the third time, right?

Did I miss it? Got to mix it up after a third home run. Yeah, I mean, how many times can you say judgey in this?

Twice is enough, once is enough, if you ask me. Yeah, he won the MVP last year. Shohei Ohtani is winning it this year. But listen, folks, pay attention to Ronald Okunya Jr. He's the best player in baseball right now. I know Ohtani had his surgery and he ain't going to pitch next year. Okunya makes zero sense. It's like he is an alien. Like, they plucked him out of outer space.

Just really able to do it all on the field. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. We got Bill from Toronto. You on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, Bill? Hey, JR. How are you doing tonight? I'm amazing. How are you?

I'm doing well, thanks. I was just thinking about when you were talking about the great kazoo there. And it brings me back to my childhood days. But I used to race home from school at lunchtime and watch the Flintstones every day.

And he'd be on there quite often. And when you were talking about cats, too, I was thinking about the cats from the cartoons as well that we all used to watch. And two of the best cats that I think we could talk about as well, of course, it was the Pink Panther. Oh, yes. Yeah, Pink Panther was awesome.

And also, here's a really good one, Josie and the Pussycats. Oh, OK. I didn't like that show. No, but they were pretty cool, so to speak, or whatever.

And they kind of look good for cartoons. Oh, well, hey, Bill. Hey, keep that to yourself, Bill.

Hey, I got another question for you. You said you used to race home from lunch? You went home during lunch break? Yeah, we had an hour lunch at school. And I lived about maybe seven minutes from the school or something if I boogied home. So it'd be on at like 12 o'clock and whatever, and I'd get home for like the. And then you went back to school? Sure, after I have a nice sandwich from mom or something. And away, I went back to school.

And fresh episode of The Flintstones into me. I would never. If I got too much fresh air in school, I was gone.

Maybe for the week. You wouldn't see me again. That was high school when I started doing that. I was a little young for that, but Flintstones, I couldn't escape my parents at that point. But yeah.

But yeah, so I thought. No, I was saying thank you for contributing to some of the greatest cartoon cats ever. Who's the greatest cartoon cat? Who is it?

Well, I think it's a Pink Panther myself, to be honest. I love that show. He was so cool and so smooth. And the music was really cool. Oh, speaking of which, I just wanted to say about The Great Gazoo. Do you know who voiced The Great Gazoo, actually, which is just incredible in itself? Who's the sounding guy?

I don't know. Yeah, well, actually, he was a goofy sounding guy, but he was one of the greatest comedic geniuses of all time. And it was the one and only Harvey Korman from the Carol Burnett show and from, of course, Tim Conway and that, the comedic genius.

He brought us the light. No, bro, I watched the cartoons. I didn't watch that, bro.

No, that's past my time. That's before me. They were playing reruns of that. The Gazoo, you mean? Yeah, no, not The Great Gazoo. I watched that when I was little, man.

But I wasn't. That's what I mean, yeah. Yeah, but not the live action of the comedian. No, uh-uh.

No. No, no, no, but he was the voice of The Great Gazoo, was Harvey Korman. I understand that, man. I'm an 80s kid.

I wasn't watching that. I was watching the cartoons. No, I know.

I'm a little older than you. Right on. I think a little bit more than a little, Bill, but I got it. Thank you, man. All good, bud. All right, buddy, you have a great evening. Cheers. You as well. Thank you, Bill, for calling from Toronto. I like that. I like Heathcliff, the cat.

That's just me. 855-2124, CBS, Manny's calling from Flushing. What's up, Manny? Hey, what's up, man? How you doing, my man? I'm excellent. What's on your mind? Good, good.

Nothing, man. All these cartoons and other things bring a lot of memories. I mean, you got The Jetsons and all that stuff, you know, Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry. I mean, I think they're all now owned by Warner Brothers now. Used to be Hanna-Barbera, and now they're owned by Warner Brothers now. I mean, if you watch it, you can watch it on Boomerang.

I mean, they do those, mostly those cartoons. Boomerang still exists? Yes, yes, yeah, yeah. By the way, you brought up an hour ago about the Vikings and Chargers game.

Do you think that coach from the Chargers, he'd be the first coach to be a casualty on firing? Oh, in the season? Yes. Oh, I don't know, man. I don't think so.

Isn't it kind of early to be thinking about that? I get it. The Chargers are a mess. This man just blew one of the biggest playoff leads against Jacksonville earlier this year.

I understand it. I don't know if they're going to give him the boot. Like, they got to be a complete embarrassment.

They need a couple more Jacksonville-esque losses, man. I don't think so. Not right now. Yeah, unfortunately. Because every time when they lose, you got the media keep on saying, oh, is he on the hot seat? Is he on the hot seat?

I said, oh my god. It's like, they can't even get it right. Especially when you boo these. If the Chargers, if, look, I wouldn't be surprised if the Chargers don't make the postseason. But if the Chargers are relatively healthy, if Austin Eckler comes back and Brandon Staley's supposed to be this defensive guy, if they just flat out stink, then I could see a scenario where they don't bring him back. And it seems like the worst thing the Chargers always do, it's the matter of coaching. It's Brandon Staley this time.

And before him, it was Anthony Lynn who got the blame. And it stinks. I feel bad for Charger fans. They always have a lot of talent. And somehow, someway, they could never tie it together. It sucks.

Yeah, unfortunately, they're one of those franchises that you feel that they try to get it right, but they really don't. Look, Justin Herbert on a good or great team would be like, hey, here's 5,000 yards and 45 touchdowns. But plays on the Chargers is how it goes. Hey, Manny, thank you for calling from Flushing. I'll be on the fan tomorrow after the Yankees, OK? Oh, I can't wait.

OK, you sound like Bart Scott. Take it easy, OK? Can't wait, bye-bye. Thank you, Manny, for calling from Flushing. He's excited. Yeah, yeah, I will.

Yankees come on tomorrow in New York and after the Yankees people in New York get me. Almost as excited as Stephen A to finally look like the good guy in a back and forth. Oh, because Bart Scott, what did he do? He made fun of the fact that Diggs got hurt. He was trying to make a fun of it, right? He was accentuating everything that Stephen A. Smith says about the Cowboys, which is what will go wrong can go wrong. And so he was just playing off of that. And instead of Stephen A., if anything else, just ignoring it and not throwing his colleague under the bus, he completely threw his colleague under the bus. And in essence, tried to be the bigger, better person. And I think, JR, I'm going to say this personally for myself, and I'm not going to speak for you when I say this. Stephen A. will throw a colleague under the bus in a heartbeat. Oh, I mean, he sat on the whole podcast and told everybody how much he didn't like Max Kellerman.

Well, it's not just Max Kellerman. Yeah, that's where the, right. Is it necessary? Is that a necessary thing to say?

Of course, of course not. And it's such a shame because obviously, look, Stephen A. Smith is African-American. There is not a bigger individual in our industry than Stephen A. Smith. And just be proud of that.

And he means so much to not just people, but specifically the African-American community because of what he has been able to succeed. And it's just not a good look. It's terrible. You know what?

I don't care who it is or what color you are. Anybody who has to publicly tear someone else down is for what? Why? Why?

But what is it? It's an ego thing. Two years later, JR. Max Kellerman hasn't said a peep about any of this. That's been two years already since he's been gone? It's been two years, yeah.

Wow. Yeah, Stephen A. Smith was happy to call in during Max Kellerman's finale. He did not show up. The man had a whole, I didn't watch it. I saw the segment like everybody else. But he had a whole piece just sitting there saying, I didn't like working with him. Like, is this necessary? Yeah, the ratings were fine. But he didn't like working with him.

Yeah. Hey, Shep, I don't like you, FYI. Well, I don't believe that.

I like you plenty, JR. But let's be real. Stephen A. Smith has become a celebrity. And he does not watch games to the same degree that Max Kellerman does. Now, if it's basketball and football, that's one thing. But Stephen A. Smith doesn't pay attention to other sports. Max Kellerman, who doesn't have the same platform, doesn't have the same amount of responsibilities, had more time to watch these games.

And it would make Stephen A. look bad. I mean, well, Max Kellerman said, didn't he say he wanted Andre Iguodala taking a shot over Steph Curry one day? Yeah, he said a lot of dumb things. I mean, he said Tom Brady would fall off a cliff. And by the age of 43, he was still the best quarterback in the NFL. Kellerman said that about Tom Brady, he was 38. So he's made some bad points, as you will in five years speaking about sports. But it's amazing to me that Stephen A. Smith was so quick to go to management and ask Mask off the show when Max was number one with Stephen A. Smith. And they lasted five years.

That's just not showing any kind of loyalty. Stephen A. Smith, by the way, speaking of falling flat, I mean, come on now. He has lost all credibility to talk about any athletic performance when the guy can't even throw a ball 15 feet from home plate when he's on the mound. Hey, listen, he sucked. I mean, what can you say?

I don't know. An understatement. Hey, I'm not bad. I got a hit in Bernie Williams' softball game.

Come on now. Something tells me, and I saw Stephen A. Smith having a lot of practice throws, you would get the ball over the mound. I'm not saying it would go right down the middle and, you know, put a tar on the catcher's glove, but. I'd be somewhere between Stephen A. Smith and 50 Cent. You would not be that bad. Somewhere in the middle.

Really? Yeah, somewhere in the middle. So you would be worse than Stephen A. Smith's pitch is what you're saying.

I find that hard to believe. Oh, not worse. I said it'd be somewhere in the middle.

Got it. Well, 50 was pretty good. I played right field in Bernie's game, right? And I did fine. Listen, the ball came my way.

I got it to the infield, and I'm minding my business. Right. Keep it simple, man.

It helps that you were one of the younger guys, though. What, out there? Yes. I'm trying to think.

What's the other young? Let me try. Yeah, I'd like to see you go against Moe and Bernie in their prime. Just saying, Joe.

Hell no. Listen, Mariano Rivera looks like he can still play. He does, man. That is a, that dude is built like a truck.

That dude makes no sense. It's the JR Sport Reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio. 855-212-4CBS.

That's 855-212-4CBS. I'm going to get some more of your calls. We talked about some, actually, we talked about some positive things in the world of sports. We're going to talk about the Niners and your calls.

In Colorado, in Lincoln, in Alabama. It's the JR Sport Reshow, CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I just want to convince you, man, kind of what the other caller said, patient of a thing. And, man, I just respect so much how professional we are and, man, just, you know, mature.

You know, I mean, he didn't attack, but he took the high ground, you know, you stay professional and stay being a good man, so I just commend you on that. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR Sport Reshow here on CBS Sports Radio. And I told you about Ronald Acuna joining the 40-40 Club tonight.

The Braves going over the Nationals 9 to 6. He's not just in the 40-40 Club, the fifth dude to do it. He's the only dude in the 40-60 Club. He's two stolen bases away from 70.

He'd be the first dude to go 40-70. He also, this was his 160th, excuse me, career home run tonight. He's the first player in Major League Baseball history to have 160 home runs and 160 stolen bases at the age of 25 or younger. He doesn't turn 26 until around Christmas, a couple of days before Christmas. So shout-outs to Ronald Acuna Jr. This man is going to walk away with the MVP this year.

I think that is a given now at this point. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Crystal is calling from Maryland. You're on the JR Sport Reshow. What's up, Crystal? Hey, JR. Thanks for taking my call. Sure. I just want to say I have been listening to your show on my way home from work for a while, and I love it.

Yeah, love your show. But I wanted to touch base on Stephen A. Smith because my husband and I just get a good laugh anytime he's on because he's forgot one main thing about him, and I agree with everything that you and Chet said, but he is just constantly yelling. I don't understand. Why do you have to yell every word? Every word. Why do you have to yell at us, you know?

Yeah, one of his first nicknames, and it's not used as much as Screamin' A, Screamin' Stephen. I mean, that's what it was. Oh, it's horrible. I feel like I'm going in time out every time he's on my tube. Nah, I hear you. I hear you. But thanks for taking my call. No problem, Crystal.

Thank you for calling from Maryland. Yeah, he's the anti me. I ain't screaming for nothing, man. I got no time for screaming.

It works for him, not me. I ain't screaming. I'm relaxing.

855-2124 CBS, Eric is calling from Texas. What's up, Eric? Hey, Jay. How you doing tonight? Amazing. How are you? Good, sir.

Good. I was thinking about the Deion effect, and hear me out. When the season started, Colorado was a 10-point favorite over Colorado State, and okay, so you beat TCU, and they got to the final game, so I would think that's worth a couple points, but man, to move the line to 24 points, any in-state rivalry, like Michigan against Michigan State or Washington against Washington State, you ain't gonna see 24 points. Anybody who bets that is a sucker, and I think Las Vegas is building hotels on prime time. Like Oregon should be probably around a 27-point favorite, and they're at 21.

I mean, anybody who's gonna bet... So what do you, okay, that's the three scores there, three touchdowns. What do you think this score's gonna look like? Obviously, this is their first real competition, well, not real competition, this is their largest competition so far throughout the course of the year, and Oregon could smack them up, or Colorado could just kind of light them up to stay competitive, I mean, put points up on the board, that's a possibility. Well, I think Oregon's gonna score 35, and so for Colorado to recover, they gotta hit 14. I don't see it without that star player, and they're undersized, I think Bo Nix has a better matchup. Right. Well, yeah, you're talking about Travis Hunter with the lacerated liver? Yeah. Listen, I put it to you this way.

Shadore Sanders is still gonna go out there and throw that rock around, man. So if they hold them to 21 points, I would go over on that. It's gonna be a matter, and we've seen this, is Colorado gonna stop Oregon? The answer's probably no.

If they're going to even be any type of competitive, it's gonna have to be another one of these shootouts, and let's be real, Oregon is not Colorado's state, and so I don't think we're gonna see double overtime here, Oregon just may put the lights out, or Colorado may be in it, man. We don't know. But do you think that the line moves a couple points because of the Dion effect, or no? What do you mean, the line moving, what, closing, or having it where it is now? What do you mean?

Well, I think Colorado gets a couple extra points just because of Dion. Oh, absolutely. Yes.

Yes. Okay. Thank you. All right. Have a good show, Jared. Thank you.

No problem. Yeah, man. The Dion effect goes beyond just the gambling and the line. It's all a sports.

I mean, I don't think it's at the same fever pitch, or at least tomorrow's game, as we have last week because we don't have the whole, we don't have people talking about nobody's mama and how they raise them and take off your hat and your sunglasses, but tomorrow's matchup is going to be a good one that people want to see as well. He mentioned Travis Hunter being out and that having an effect on the game. He goes out and doubles as both a wide receiver and a defensive back. Dion Sanders was asked about the absence of Travis Hunter, and this is what he had to say. I'm assuming with Travis being out and this being a team, your first game in conference, you're going to need as many leaders and dogs on the field as possible. What are you looking for in players to be able to have that on their jersey and in preparation for the next man up, we're looking for someone else to step up and take control of this. I mean, Travis J had a great practice today and he still got a little limp slightly, but peated his butt off and we have talent. We've got to get the talent to be talented and to do what they're capable of doing. But there's no one in the country could fill Travis Hunter's shoes.

Next man up. A little bit more reasonable than some of the NFL coaches who just always talk about how they believe so much in the backups. Anyway, Dan Lanning, the head coach of Oregon. He was on Zach Galv's show, Zach right before me doing an amazing job.

Dan Lanning, he talked about his locker room, he talked about his guys and how they've come together this season. You know, I never, when I first got here, I never asked our players to trust me. I just said, Hey, give me an opportunity to earn your trust. Right.

And if I, if I ever proved that I'm not trustworthy, you let me know. And I think our players really responded to that from the beginning, you know, we've been really genuine in our approach and what we want to accomplish. And we have a lot of, again, like-minded players that have the same goals. We've got hungry guys, we've got leaders on this team, you know, and, and all of our goals right in front of us, but it starts with just the next game, right. And the next practice, the next meeting. So I think our guys really approached that the right way. Yeah. I think they're going to approach the game tomorrow.

I think Colorado is going to take his first out, but at this point, can anybody be surprised if Colorado, I don't even want to say stays competitive because they, they just going to throw the ball around. That's that's it. And Deion's son Chador is just, he's, he looks like one of the best QBs in the country. I mean, when you're hanging out with Tom Brady, I mean, how difficult can that be? Well, specifically you need the talent. We know he has the genetics and he could just text Tom Brady and get advice.

Not too shabby, not too shabby at all. It's the JR sport brief show here with you on CBS sports radio 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. I do want to talk about Alabama and Ole Miss. I do want to talk about how damn good the 49ers look. I do want to talk about some of the NFL matchups that I really look forward to seeing this upcoming Sunday and Monday. But speaking of Tom Brady, he's mentoring Chador Sanders. Tom Brady sat down on a podcast and he had some interesting words about what kept him motivated as he got older and, and what kept the fire burning.

I'm going to share that with you on the other side of the break. I'm going to get some more of your calls. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio. Call in now at 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. That is the JR sport brief show here on CBS sports radio. I told you we're going to hear from Tom Brady in a second mentoring Chador Sanders.

Here's a random stat for you. I don't know if this dude is too late in his career for a mentor. I like him.

I do. This is Gardner Minshew. This man has lost nine out of his last 10 starts.

It's sad. Poor Gardner Minshew. Now he has to go up to Seattle and take on the Seahawks because Bryce Young is, or excuse me, I'm mixing up my young quarterbacks. He's going to be starting in place of Anthony Richardson. And so there's a good chance Gardner Minshew is going to be running around in the mud.

It's a shame. Hey Shep, what's, what's the name of that guy, that no name guy for backing up Bryce Young? What's his name? Jake Lutter, I think, right? Lutter? Luden? Luden. Luden? Luden? Luden?

The fact you even got the first name just is a miracle. Jake. That guy, Jake. Frank Reich talked about this guy.

He was asked about the guy, really. And how confident are you that you got Jake Lutton out there and no Bryce Young? This is what he had to say.

Listen to Frank Reich, the former NFL QB. Bryce being out, how comfortable do you feel about Jake Luden behind Andy? Yeah. Feel, you know, feel good about Jake. You know for training camp very smart guy knows the offense good chemistry in the room that's important too, so Confident with Jake and glad he's here Just hold on I'm gonna cough myself into a could not be more less Enthusiastic about ever putting forward a quarterback to play for him in NFL history.

He's just making stuff up. Yeah. Yeah Good chemistry. He knows the playbook like yeah. Yeah, he's on a team I would hope so right yeah She was up to work. You know You know hard workers scrappy guy Making stuff up. He's throwing he's throwing big games before yeah, right.

Yeah, when high school college. I mean come on now Anyway, hey, let's talk about a guy who knows about big games I told you about Tom Brady out here mentoring shadoor Sanders Dion son and says that he has The the athleticism he has the skill he's looking for the knowledge and Tom Brady really believes in his work ethic and Ironically having nothing to do with shadoor Sanders. Tom Brady was on this Patrick Bette David podcast and Tom Brady sounds like Sound like a maniac. He was asked about what inspired him to play Where did he find the motivation to go out there with all of the success that he started to attain and in Tom Brady? Yeah, I'm not gonna say he sounds like he wants to get out there and play But he sounds demented listen to this guy. I didn't have any friends on the other teams I didn't you know, and I think it's a little different day and age was think yeah, I didn't I was ex teammates I left well, yeah to a degree but I mean I was My friends were the guys that were in the battle with me.

So it's very different in today's age. You've got to create a Lot of different emotion to to heighten your sense of awareness and focus like for me anger was good Anger was good because it was motivating the more I could create an enemy the more I want to go on kill those guys Now I knew I wasn't gonna kill him physically, but man if I could just Just what did they say, you know and what did they look like and they disrespect me at all? You know and did that so say something like those are little little little things that Can get me right in the emotional frame of mind that when I ran on the field and I said, let's get him go Okay. Now I know why he was throwing around all those tablets 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS Tony's here from DC. You're on the chair sport brie show. Go ahead, Tony Hey, how you going? Yeah, I'm amazing. How are you?

I'm I I'm good Busy right now you want to talk or did I catch you at a long time? No, no I'm trying to talk to the goat over there straight up You know, I'm uncle status, you know, you just a goat Okay, what's up, all right, I'm gonna call to talk to you about the commander and how I'm liking what a coach the enemy doing and everything, but I was I was listening The um, the you know when he was going on the outro he was talking about the Baltimore Ravens and uh, I heard he's got dropper. Um, you know a little something about Baltimore I think my parlay everything might be blew up there.

I was gonna go with Dion in them, but I Heard y'all talking about they might score 30 you see LA. I don't know man. I'm all in the loop now What do you know you you got a parlay for the games tomorrow? Yeah, I was because I tried to set it up early and drop a little something to be on and then you know cut in For my uh, you know my football for the weekend Sunday and I failed but I'm gonna take the off with the point I ain't gonna take that crazy 720 money line, but I'm taking over Dion with the point All right, if you want something sense on my way, okay I think they appreciate you.

That's an incentive to you laughed at that one. Thank you, Tony. Appreciate you Alright, I got I say send me money. He thinks it's a joke 855 2 1 2 4 CBS. John is calling from Toronto. What's up, John? Hey, what's going on? So I wanted to talk about the Steelers go for it how they could actually end up being a hundred dollar team and coming out of nowhere because Yeah, sure Kenny Pickett's not putting up star-studded numbers, but if you really look at the way the team was showing man Stop that that D line is absolutely ridiculous Pickens, um Who else they got their pickings on?

Alan Robinson the third I think it is. Yeah. Yeah, but Deontay Johnson is her I mean Johnson to like where and they got knocking hair where where and how are they going to? Just generate points on a consistent basis Those are dogs Who rocks don't have any dogs? Name one dog on the ground. That's not Nick Chubb or Joe Benetino John I got a question for you. It's Friday night. What you've been doing over the past two hours You know, can I be honest with you? I Don't I don't know Hey shut up. I'm taking I'm taking a call on you.

Do I do I even want to talk to him anymore? Yes, because he's polite. He's from Toronto which always bodes well for people I think he's gonna keep it PG when he does He's gonna be respectful your show I mean listen, he may be having fun and that could be a myriad of ways in which he's having fun But he's gonna keep it g-rated Hold on Hello John from Toronto yeah, so In Canada, we have something where we can use our debit card and tap on our phone But I don't have my topic Yeah shop see how they we go there we go And and and also it was going so well, it was You know, I've lost faith in people from Toronto now at least at least John's from Toronto What I if I'm gonna try to cobble together what I think he was saying He I can't believe he said in Toronto in Canada. We have this thing where you can tap your debit card I can't believe he used that word. That's what I can't believe What's this guy's name that we just spoke to his name John I Can tap my debit card everywhere man. Okay, I get gas at the gas station. I tap my debit card. I Go to the supermarket. I tap my debit.

I can it's not just Canada. That's the first thing Second of all, I think what he was saying is he ran out of gas and I guess he ran out of gas And if you're stuck, wait, wait a minute, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait Did he say he ran out of gas at the gas station? Yes Wait a minute Wait, so he wait he doesn't have his debit card to buy gas.

Is that what it is? That guy was confusing yeah, no, I was gonna say that he was drinking at the gas station because he was stuck But then he said that he ran out of gas at the gas state maybe he ran out of money at the gas I think he ran out of money at the gas station because who runs out of gas at a gas station Correct someone who doesn't have money That's a good point. But where did he get the alcohol from because he certainly sounds like he's been drinking Well, there's all types of people in the world that you don't have to pay for their daughter weddings and instead get a Ferrari So it sounds like John's that type of person you think somebody just handed him beer because they feel bad for We live in times these days where people are that compassionate they're here. Oh people will give you a beer. Yeah, not in New York City We don't have as many people smoke cigarettes people bum cigarettes all the time Not the life that I see not in New York anymore You know, you don't got a cigarette.

Yeah here take a cigarette. It happens all the time. No, he's two people Yeah, people don't engage with people the way they used to anymore a lot of them. That's for a lot of reasons safety Kobe social media sure they don't want to get blown up People walking through New York.

I don't want to engage nobody either exactly. I saw a lady walking down the street in New York She had two watermelons on her feet. I'm glad it was on her feet well, it's anyway Anyway, it's the JR sport reshow here with you on CBS Sports Radio when we come back. I'm gonna get to your calls We're not gonna talk about the guy stuck at the gas station because he ran out of gas I'm gonna talk about a good NFL team.

Talk about the Niners the JR sport reshow CBS Sports Radio. Don't move Walk the dogs, school drop-off, meetings from 10 to 3, take kids to soccer, then no time left for a jog Positive to get 10% off your first month. That's slash positive Facts are facts like how contributing to employees financial security makes them want to work harder for their company In fact, according to a 2023 study by principle 87% of employers say that better employee financial security means employees are more engaged and productive at work The fact of the matter is that employees want to feel financially secure in their future So consider this principle helps you invest in your employees by providing customized benefits and retirement Plans to help keep your employees more engaged and productive when you take care of your team. They take care of business That's a fact learn how principle can help you find the right benefits and retirement plan for your team at Benefits products and services offered by member companies of the principal financial group Des Moines, Iowa for important information visit Slash disclosures. I'm here to tell you about pom-pom at home where comfort meets elegance Pom-pom at home is offering 20% off site wide for a limited time see why so many of the top designers use pom-poms luxury easy care bedding They have created a timeless beautiful coastal living look that incorporates subtle tones and natural fibers offering a unique touch Create your dream bed now get 20% off sheets duvets throws and more right now at pom-pom at home com Easy to use easy to love luxury bedding just enter code pom-pom at checkout You did it along with millions of people who prioritize their health and got vaccinated Against kovat 19 to help protect against severe illness and hospitalization, too. Now, let's keep it up With this season's updated kovat 19 shot designed to help protect against recent variants according to the CDC You can get a kovat shot at the same visit as your flu shot if you're due for both Ask your doctor or pharmacist to learn more and schedule on the CDC's vaccines gov Keep it up sponsored by Pfizer and biontech
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