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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

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March 22, 2024 5:48 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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March 22, 2024 5:48 am

USC Trojans Women's BBall HC Lindsay Gottlieb joins the show | Amy talks about Oreos | The latest of what we know about the Shohei Ohtani situation.

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Call 562-314-4603 for details. That should give you the list, the excitement, the juju that you need to get through the next three hours. Now for us, that signifies the weekend. Of course, I have a very long training run on Friday, my last long training run before next weekend's half marathon, so I can't get too excited about Friday yet. But once that's done, baby, it's basketball and beaucoup snacks for the weekend because it's supposed to rain and snow like nobody's business, depending upon where you are in the Northeast. My mom was getting blasted by the rain in Houston and that same storm system is advancing its way across toward the Atlantic seaboard. And so there's going to be a storm again coming up this weekend. It seems like there have been so many Saturdays with inclement weather, but all right, if you insist, I'll stay inside and do nothing but watch basketball and eat.

Can't wait. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. If you have not yet joined us in the first ever After Hours Women's Bracket Challenge, well, you got a few hours left, so come on, don't be slouches. The link is on our show Twitter After Hours CBS. I retweeted it not that long ago, so you can find it on my Twitter as well, ALawRadio, and I'd love to hear how you did in the first round of the tournament. Did you pick the right upsets? That's really the name of the game now. And then also on our Facebook page where I have pinned the link to the top of that page as well.

Our phone number is 855-212-4227. If you happen to attend any games yourself on Thursday or you're going over the course of the weekend like our friend Jason from Pittsburgh, it's kind of fun to see and hear the noise coming from these various tournament sites. And that applies to the women's tournament as well, though they do it a little bit differently.

They don't go neutral sites in the first couple rounds. Instead, the top seed, some of the higher seeds in the bracket have the chance to host, and that includes USC. The Trojans are a one seed for the first time in decades. Lindsey Gottlieb is relatively new on the scene, but not new to the Pac-12. She coached there before. It's a conference that she is very familiar with, though she left the Cleveland Cavaliers and went back to resurrect the USC program even as the Trojans are about to depart like most of the Pac-12 for different pastures.

I won't say greener, but different. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Had a chance to catch up with coach Lindsey Gottlieb of UFC just a few hours ago. And for Southern Cal, this is not new territory necessarily, but it's new for this group, right?

New for this generation. It's been pretty cool to see how coaches resurrected USC onto this national stage. How much anticipation for these tournament games, coach?

And not just the NCAA tournament, but tournament games on your own court. Yeah, it's a ton of anticipation and excitement. I think at this point we're ready to play. It feels like it's been a while, but everyone is really grateful to not be getting on a plane today, to have Galen be the host center. We know that that doesn't guarantee us anything, but to be able to play at home is something, adds a little bit of excitement for sure. This year has been about bringing USC back to the forefront.

So there are a lot of firsts or there are a lot of firsts in a long time. We take a lot of pride in that because of the three letters on our chest and the women who have come before us. And so they're in the moment, but they're very conscious of history. Well, you mentioned the history and obviously USC was a powerhouse going back to the eighties and the early nineties and Cheryl Miller and Tina Thompson and some of the other greats.

How much does it mean to you to have them now be around and be part of your presence? It's unbelievable. I mean, it's very surreal. It's really my vision kind of coming true, which is cool. When I took this job, you know, I knew that USC had this rich history and we wanted to bring it back. It's not asking our current recruits or players to recreate something that happened three years ago.

We were asking them to call upon the great history of this place, but do it your own way. And so now to have our success shine a light on the former players in our program that aren't just the former great players of USC, they're some of the greatest that this game has ever seen. And we believe they deserve a spotlight. Cheryl, Lisa, Tina, Coop, the McGee's.

I mean, these are Mount Rushmore type people. So to have them have our back, to have them be excited about us and to also shine a light on their greatness has been one of, I think the more rewarding things about this season. Coach Lindsay Gottlieb of USC and number one seed and looking to reach the final four for the first time since the mid nineties when it was a program that was dominated by some of those icons.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. Whenever I read about you, I see quotes or I hear you talk about culture and family. What does that mean to you coach? Well, I think in college basketball, you know, you're a team 365 days a year and there are only 30 regular season games. And so if you're only judging every day, you know, or your happiness or your, what you see success as only on those game days, I think you're missing sort of all the good stuff in between.

And quite honestly, I don't think you'll win as much then. So we try to build something lasting here. I want our players to enjoy being part of USC women's basketball. Obviously winning is more fun, but I tell recruits, I tell people to, Hey, come on the day after a loss and see how we are.

Cause that's the real stuff too. And come on a, you know, a random Tuesday in February and see if we still like being around each other. Those are the things I think measure success in a way that's a little bit more telling than just the scoreboard. And again, I think we're judged on the scoreboard and shoot, we want to do a lot of winning and win some championships, but in terms of the big picture of what we do in the lives of hopefully 18 to 23 year olds is more significant than just game day.

How challenging is that in the new era of college sports where you've got transfer portal and NIL and it seems like a lot of it can be the wild, wild West at times. Yeah, I think I'm more wired to handle that maybe than some, when I was leaving the NBA to come back to college basketball, people ask you, why do you want to go back into that, you know, kind of chaos. And first of all, some of the changes I believe should have been here a long time ago, player autonomy, you know, getting paid for their name image like this.

I get a paycheck, right? I get a bonus if we do well, like why shouldn't the players capitalize off their success? I've always been a proponent of that. And to me, it allows you to build your team through the portal. It allows you to support players, but what it doesn't do is change the integrity of what matters in our locker room.

You know, I think both things can happen at once. I can have, you know, 13 or 14 different conversations with various players about their goals or what their future looks like. Some in the WNBA and some going to law school, you know, some making NIL money, some not. And I think that's okay, right? We have to value one another, but what you need to do is have a culture built on people caring about, you know, what impacts winning or what impacts the program. And I think that if you do that in the locker room, you know, the other stuff doesn't scare me as much as long as you do it, you know, as long as you handle the portal and NIL in a way that allows you to have a successful program and empower young women to get everything they can out of this experience. And not just that, but for the Pac-12 about to be this massive exodus and a change on the horizon with comfort's realignment, is that something you've pushed to the future and don't have to think about it for now?

It's so interesting. I think I wasn't thinking about it until the final Pac-12 everything, right? Like the final, this road trip, the final championship. And I will say I take a lot of pride in that we won the final Pac-12 championship in Vegas because the conference has meant so much to my life personally.

But also it's been, you know, really, really important in college basketball. We are excited for our move to the Big Ten. I'm excited that people all over the country will get to see our team and not just West Coast people.

I think the platform is huge. And when it's time, we'll obviously plan for that. But there is, I think, morning something lost with the Pac-12 because there's so many great coaches and so many great teams.

So, you know, we'll root for all of them to do well this postseason and then we'll all go on our way and we'll try and go do some damage in the Big Ten. From USC, Coach Lindsey Gottlieb is with us here after hours on CBS Sports Radio. A lot of people know you from your time with the Cavaliers. We have a huge station in Cleveland.

They're massive fans. What did you take away from your time with the Cavs and in the NBA that you use now? I would listen to you sometimes on my drive home.

We would get home really late and we'd land, you know, at the airport and get in our cars and go. So I would listen to you. I love Cleveland. We love Cleveland.

My family enjoyed our time there. I have nothing but love for the fans, the teams, still close, obviously, with the players and the coaches. But I think it made me a better coach. I think when you are able at any career to kind of pivot, and I went from being a head coach and very comfortable in what I was doing to going to a whole other world. It was still basketball, obviously, and the language of basketball translates, and I think a lot of things in coaching translate. But to get out of my comfort zone, I learned a ton, and actually a ton that I'm using now because we have more pro-style players, like in terms of spacing on the floor or ways to get into actions without necessarily being scripted all the time. I really call upon my NBA experiences a lot. And then to all the things you mentioned before, which is this ability to talk to players about their future, like it's okay to talk money or it's okay to talk gold, it's okay to talk ambition, and at the same time try to coach a locker room into winning basketball. So the NBA experience was life changing in so many ways.

We could go on and on about that, but I will say I would not have left if it were not for USC and this particular job, because I really felt a part of something in Cleveland, and look at what they've done. They've been incredible and really turned it, and I'm very proud of being a small part of that at the beginning of that kind of culture shift and that growth process. I'm going to pose the same question to you that I asked of Lisa Bluder over the weekend, and she's so passionate, so energetic, same thing, brings so much to the women's college game, but she's all excited about the momentum that we see for women's basketball. People buzzing about the tournament, and of course a lot of superstars of which you have won in juju, but how do we, and I'll say we because I played college basketball, how do we keep that going so that it doesn't wane when some of these players depart? They're not departing.

I think it's only up from here. I mean, obviously, you know, Caitlin's going to go to the WNBA and hopefully bring her popularity there, but the game is exploding. I mean, juju is unbelievable, and she's amongst the freshman class of other great ones too.

You know, Hannah and Madison Booker at Texas and Mikayla Williams at LSU. I think we're going to continue to see the talent. I think the difference is now it's on TV. Now there's an investment in it.

I mean, it's not shocking. Put women's sports on TV, and people will get into it. I think the game has grown. I think Caitlin did something courageous going to Iowa.

I think juju did something courageous going to USC. I know that sounds wild, but in women's basketball for so long, the best players only went to two or three schools, and now it's like, okay, whose turn is it to win a national championship? And now you have players saying, well, I can go to a school and maybe make that school great or draw other people to come with, and all of a sudden the game is more exciting. I think the game is in really good hands. As Caitlin departs, I think juju is going to get those same crowds she already has. She's going to pass it along to the next generation, but invest in women's sports.

Put it on TV where people can see it, and I think this thing is going to continue to skyrocket. You definitely mentioned the depth, and it's changed so much in college basketball. So going back to your days at Cal or even some of your earlier days in coaching, how competitive is it now compared to what it was like then? I mean, obviously ever since I've been in coaching, it's been competitive to get recruits, or you want to try and win your conference or be at the top of your conference. I just think looking at the growth of the Pac-12, for example, now you have a situation in which there's legitimately six teams from our league, seven teams, that you wouldn't be shocked if someone made a Final Four.

And I think we're seeing that across the board. I mean, the depth of talent is great. I think these young players are coming in equipped and prepared. They have really good trainers or coaches coming up. So I think it's always been good.

I think it's been a little bit of an untold story, a little bit of a secret. And now you have really splashy players getting more attention, so there's more eyes on it. But I think our game's been really good for a long time, but I think what I'm seeing more is the depth of talent across the board and it being spread out amongst a lot more teams. Lindsey Gottlieb is with us from LA coaching USC into the NCAA tournament coming up. The game against Texas A&M-Corpus Christi on their own campus, and that's this Saturday.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You mentioned Juju. All right, unfair, loaded question, coach, but what makes her so special?

Oh, man, we probably don't have enough time, but a couple of things. Like if you watch her, I don't know that there have been too many female players, certainly not 18 years old, with her combination of power, skill, explosiveness, shiftiness, basketball IQ. She's really an artist on the court. She brings it all. She's almost unguardable in transition. She's got a great pull-up.

She makes the right reads. She makes those around her better. She can rebound. She can pass the ball. But beyond the basketball, the technical things and the stats, if you think about it, to be that good and have your teammates respond to you in a way that hers do is a really telling factor.

This season would not have gone this way if I had this great 18-year-old and people didn't like playing with her. She's been magnetic. She's made those around her more confident.

She's gotten people to rally with her, and I think that's a very cool thing. We have other hoopers. We have other excellent players, don't get me wrong.

But I think everyone walks around with a little more swagger and a little more confidence because Juju gives that to them, and that's a really positive quality. She's a winner. We went from pick-six in our conference to a one-seed NCAA tournament. We've seen every coverage for her this year. Three, four, five people put on her, and she just makes the right play.

I think it's elevated our team. I don't think she gets enough credit not just for her individual talent but for the way that she's really revived the program and brought others along with her and what she does for the community. I think she's really important, and I think that's going to play out over the next several years as well.

It's interesting that you say that because Lisa said the same thing about Kaitlyn Clark. She's an amazing teammate. The teammates around her love to play with her and actually are really excited about her success as opposed to being jealous or getting tired of her always being in the spotlight. You know what our players? Our players like winning, right?

They had confetti falling on their heads, right? We've gotten to celebrate a lot. We've beaten great teams, and they've done their part. That was very widely talked about in the Pac-12 final. Juju had scored 51 at Naples, and Tara's the greatest coach in the history of college basketball, men or women, right?

The most wins. She came with a game plan where she said, okay, anybody but Juju, and put essentially four people on her. Mackenzie Forbes goes nuts and scores a bunch, and Raya Marshall's dominating the inside of the board. We have other players, but I think they really like to win, and who doesn't want to be part of that? Juju is a selfless superstar. She deflects attention at times. She gets a lot of attention, but she shares that stage, and she is a really nice, fun, humble person.

Yes, she's easy to be around, which obviously makes my job easier, but it's been nothing but positive for us. As you head into the tournament, it seems like 60 points is kind of the magic number for you guys. If you could hold opponents under that number, you're unbeaten. How would you describe your defensive philosophy?

It's funny. Last year, I thought we clawed our way into the NCAA tournament on the back of our defense. I have an incredible associate head coach, Beth Burns. Nobody does defense better. This year, obviously, there's more talk about offensive stuff, but I think we're very long. Raya Marshall, who was a defensive player of the year finalist last year, has only gotten better. She's still a shot blocker, but now she quarterbacks the whole thing.

Juju's really long, and Mackenzie Forbes and Kaitlyn Davidson is a terrific defender. We do a lot more switching. We get deflections. We're not necessarily full-court pressuring the same way that we did last year, but I think we use our athleticism and our length to our advantage. We try to be hard to score on. That's a key for us, because if we can get stops, I think we can push and run and transition. Obviously, it's tougher when that other team's putting the ball through the net. We really like to use our length and hopefully get some stops and get out on the other end of the floor. Does it matter that you had the experience last year and some of your players had a taste of the tournament before?

I think so. I was watching the first-four game last night that happened to be at Virginia Tech, which is where we were last year, and it definitely brought back memories. I think our program trajectory has continued to grow, so there's been a lot of firsts, but yes, I definitely feel like the experience for Raya, for Clarice, our guys who were there last year, helps. But a lot of it is a new team, and what I've tried to really hone in on with them, and they were terrific with this in the Pac-12 tournament, is carrying two things with us all the time.

Number one is joy, and having two feet in the moment and still being excited and happy to play. I've seen some of these other top teams with the weight of the world on their shoulders, and we haven't had that, so I want that joy. At the same time, you want that juxtaposed with the urgency of a one-and-done situation, which is where we are. I thought in the Pac-12 tournament, we were loose and we were having fun, but we were some tough mofos out there, too, because we knew it was win or go home. That's what we want to carry, and I think that's more been about what we've been about versus first time or veteran. It's more just trying to be in the present moment.

Well, the joy is clearly evident on their faces, and also that sense of urgency with this season that evokes memories of the late 80s and the mid-90s and some of the greats at USC. It's an awesome privilege to have you on the show, Lindsay Gottlieb. Thank you so much for a couple of minutes, and good luck moving forward. Thanks, Amy, for having me.

This has been great. She used to listen to us when she worked for the Cavaliers and would get into her car after a long road trip. I actually hear that from a lot of NBA traveling parties, whether coaches or broadcasters, even players at times, who will say, we get back to the airport, we have to hop in our cars, it's two, three, four o'clock in the morning, and your show is everywhere. Well, yes, we designed it that way.

We like it that way. I would listen to you sometimes on my drive home. We would get home really late.

You would land. Love that. That's amazing.

So really cool. A first for us here on After Hours. Not only did we have the Iowa head coach, Lisa Bluder, after the Hawkeyes earned a one seed, but then just before the tournament tips off, Coach Lindsay Gottlieb of USC, another one seed. Plus we had Alex Karabhan of the top seeded UConn Huskies on the men's side. This might be the first time we've ever had reps from three different top seeds.

There's only eight of them and we hit three of them in the last week. Amazing stuff. You can find all of our interviews podcasted separately. Just Google it, After Hours, Amy Lawrence podcast, or if you want to go the social media route, you can find the links on both our Twitter After Hours, CBS, or on our Facebook page. Just have to scroll through and find them. But honestly, once you find a link to the podcast, you go to the page and that will take you in order backwards through the various podcast links.

So it's pretty easy to do. All you gotta find is a link or find the page. If you search for it, tell your Alexa or tell your somebody else. What is, what is the other one? Alexa and Siri. Oh, Siri. I don't have any of those things because they're listening to you. Actually, your phone is listening to you all the time. Want to hear something crazy about Oreos? Okay, I'll tell you after this break.

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This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Still to come, how I lost all three 10 seeds on the opening day of the men's NCAA tournament. I picked three 10 seeds for reasons that I could outline to you.

Two of them coming from the Mountain West. And I do believe the Mountain West was under seeded across the board, even though it got a record six teams into the field. And then I lost on another 10 seed that had a fairly sizable lead. In fact, both Nevada and Drake had sizable leads in the second half only to see them evaporate.

Maybe they got tight. The shots, it's almost as though their ability to score completely shriveled up and died in the second half. So it's pretty impressive to see the seven seeds Dayton and Washington State come rallying back.

But certainly I was thinking, man, I'm in good shape. These 10 seeds other than Colorado State, it was pretty clear that CSU was worn out after coming off of the win in Dayton. And so that did not transpire. But I had to pick one first four survivor because in 11 of the last 12 years, there has been a team from the first four that's gone on to win a game in the main bracket. Not Colorado State, I'll tell you that right now.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. So about Oreos, I feel like the fact that I'm sitting here talking about Oreos with my phone laying on the desk in front of me, it's going to produce the same result as what happened in my home earlier this week. Okay, so here's why I was talking about Oreos. My nieces and I share the same birthday weekend. So my younger niece has a birthday the day before mine.

My older niece is two days after me. And I won't see them this year. My sister in law decided they needed the weekend to prepare for their vacation.

So yeah, we were not allowed to visit. She's she's special. And so anyway, we are having to mail gifts to them. And so I have a couple of gifts that I purchased for them that I know they'll like. But I also wanted to bake for them because both nieces are big into baking.

I'm not sure it has anything to do with me but I maybe I've inspired them some. Recently my younger niece baked banana bread with chocolate chips because of course can have plain banana bread it has to have chocolate chips. So chocolate chip banana bread and it looked delicious. My older niece is big into scones and fancy foo foo desserts that you would get at a tea party. So they both love to bake. So I enjoy trying to impress them with my baking. Sometimes it's cookies. My older niece adores the oatmeal caramel chewy bar she thinks those are divine.

But this year I'm going something completely different. Are you ready Jay? Maybe if you're lucky, I will bring you one to sample. I'm very interested. These are birthday Oreo cookie muffins. Oreo cookie muffins. There's a lot going on there.

A lot of good things going on there. Well it's muffins but cookie Oreo no Oreo cookie muffins. Oh I see I see so like a muffin just Oreo themed. Yeah Oreo cookie muffins. I got it. So you thought I meant they look like cookies? Yes. Oh with like with no just the cookie is just the cookie goes with the Oreo not with the muffin. Got it. Okay Oreo muffins. Oreo muffins. Right but I don't know if that tells you the full story.

Anyway doesn't matter. Okay so I was looking through now this is not online. I was looking through a baking book that I have that my mom gave me with all kinds of amazing bread and muffin and even some spreads and butter recipes.

Incredible. I actually was originally searching for Irish soda bread and couldn't find a recipe. So instead as I'm going through muffins I see what is this Oreo cookie muffins. So I'm talking about it in my kitchen with my hubs.

Hey what do you think of this recipe? And I start reading out loud the different ingredients that I would need. Have them all in the house except for the Oreo cookies. So I say out loud again in earshot of my phone I'm gonna need to buy some Oreo cookies. Do you know what I have seen the last three days on any Google search out there ads for Oreo cookies.

I did not search online. I didn't look at the recipe on my phone. All I did was say that I needed to buy some Oreo cookies and my phone decided well hey we'll help you out with that. Isn't that crazy? Crazy but also disturbing. Incredibly disturbing.

That happens way too often. You didn't tell the phone. If you searched Oreo cookies maybe that'd be one thing but it's listening without your consent.

It is. It's eavesdropping except that probably somewhere in your phone or when you signed the whatever contract with all the fine print or maybe you agreed to terms of service and didn't read through them. Who does that? My brother is into security and hacking and all that stuff. He's incredibly smart when it comes to software and protecting companies.

But also he's worked on the other side of it. What can companies harvest? What information can they take legally from their subscribers or employees or vendors? So I know that they're listening to me but it's crazy that you don't even have to be searching for something online. You can be completely unplugged looking through a book but if you're listening or if your phone is listening to you they then know to put an ad the next time you open up Facebook or you do a Google search.

There's an ad for Oreo cookies. Anything I hate that. It's seriously disturbing. That's a breach. Oh yeah it's some kind of a breach. It's gotta be a breach.

It's a breach of your privacy. It really is. However the Oreo cookie muffins or I guess to not confuse Jay the Oreo muffins that just sounds not as good as Oreo cookies. I think Oreo muffins sounds good. See I think Oreo cookie muffins. Oh that sounds great too.

Sounds amazing. So yes all chocolate all Oreo cookies and when I was purchasing them on I guess it was Thursday morning at the grocery store I decided after perusing first of all I got a family size because why not have extras just in case something goes horribly wrong I purchased a family size double stuffed Oreos. So mine are going to be double stuffed muffins.

That actually sounds pretty badass. Double stuffed Oreo muffins. Double stuffed Oreo cookie muffins is a fire name.

Can't wait. So that's going to be next week because I have to get them in the mail. I'll probably have to make them and then maybe freeze them so they can make the trip to the DC area without getting smooshed but I'll wrap them in bubble wrap and make sure that they're all set to get to my nieces but I'm pretty excited about trying something brand new.

Double stuffed Oreo muffins. Now would you ice them? Nah I'm not good at icing. No?

No it's not my area of expertise. So when my best friend made the cupcakes for the wedding she allowed my younger niece and I to help ice them but I don't think mine turned out nearly as well. Your icing normally looks good I would say. I don't ice a lot of things.

When you have. In the past but that's because I only show you the ones that have really nice icing. It's not it's yeah it's not great so one time I tried to put the icing or the frosting into a plastic bag because you're supposed to puncture a hole in the corner and then you could use it almost like you squeeze it it's almost like you're trying to think it turns out to almost like a I know what you're talking about. Icing bag it's like your own homemade icing bag except I forgot to seal the top so as I was squeezing it it was like a toothpaste tube that has an opening at the top and the opening at the bottom the icing was coming out the bottom yeah it was not my finest moment in the kitchen so I try not I very rarely make cupcakes. I do make muffins I'm getting better at muffins and I have some muffin they're not tins but the silicone muffin holders that my other niece gave me for birthday a couple of years ago so I feel like I can do all of these things in my kitchen as long as Bob stays out of the way.

Stay out of here Bob. Now he's warned me that if I open the Oreo bag he's not responsible for how many disappear and I said fine just make sure that first of all make sure you wipe all the evidence off your face and out of your teeth because Oreos stick in your teeth and second of all just leave me 20 because that's what I need for the muffins. 20 Oreos that's fair. I need 20 double stuffed Oreos for the muffins. My family doesn't let me buy Oreos anymore. Why?

Because they eat them more than I do and they're like they don't buy them so the only person who would buy them would be me so they're in the house they eat them. Got you. They're banned.

I got you. Oh that's too bad. Banned substance. Maybe that's what Jimmy Garoppolo was using. He didn't have a prescription for his double stuffed Oreos. You need that.

Alright on Twitter A Law Radio also on our Facebook page After Hours with Amy Lawrence an update the latest and this is even more unbelievable from the Shohei Ohtani camp after the Dodgers get blasted in their. Old man winter here if I had it my way it would stay winter all year long. Short days, wind chill, black ice and a good polar vortex.

Heaven. Wait is it getting warm in here? Your cold snap is over old man winter. Spring has arrived.

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State Farm Bloomington, Illinois. Second game in the soul series. So much for Yamamoto's debut. It was a rough. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. I can't comment on it, man. Yeah. On that. Can't comment. When did was the decision made to have him address the team?

Anything with that. The meeting I can't comment. Sorry. Were you surprised when you found out he was fired when that happened? Again, can't say anything. Not going to comment, guys.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Dave Roberts before the second game of the soul series. This is right after the Otani news just completely stole the attention and the spotlight from baseball on the field to what was happening behind the scenes going back to last fall. And again, it's still very murky. The facts, well, we don't know if we have them. We don't know what's true, what's not true.

There's a lot of questions still. But Dave Roberts won't answer any of them. And I have no doubt that that's exactly what the Dodgers and Major League Baseball have told him to do. Because that's the way to avoid, you hope, avoid and try to stay out of the fray. That's what the Dodgers want. They want this to not be a greater distraction.

Except I'm not sure how you can avoid it. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Now after we get off the air at 6.05 Eastern, 3.05 L.A. in San Diego time.

So this is going back now, nearly 24 hours. The Dodgers get on the field. Otani, to me, looked different. His face looked different. Now he did get up, right away gets a hit.

So yes, he had a good game. I mean, it didn't affect his hitting. I actually said to a friend of mine, I can imagine it's a humongous relief for him to go out there on the field, stand in that batter's box and focus on nothing but the way the ball comes out of the pitcher's hand.

That's all he has to do in that moment. And because most athletes are able to focus and hone in, often we know that they can operate at the highest level despite a personal tragedy, maybe the loss of a parent or a brother, a friend. And in this case for Otani, everything swirling around him and the scandal and the accusations of his longtime friend, business partner, interpreter being now officially accused of bilking millions from him. Well, somehow Otani was able to put that aside and get out there and play. And Dave Roberts did tell us there was never a chance he wasn't going to play.

So he squashed that right away. Now that didn't help the Dodgers because their other prized Japanese player, high-priced Japanese player, ends up getting blasted in the first inning. This is Yoshinobu Yamamoto making his debut in the Seoul Series. He didn't even last an inning. And the Padres had what felt like 17 runs scored before they ever got to the bottom of the first inning. Maybe the most entertaining game you've seen in a while. Well, it's probably one of the first games you've seen in a while.

But yeah, it was a tough one. Mookie Betts did have a home run. First one of the 2024 season. Man, he already has seven RBI by the way. Okay, he's off to a start. But the Padres had more than enough.

In fact, they scored 15 against the Dodgers. As for Yamamoto, I suppose his blow up of a debut gave Dave Roberts something else to talk about besides Shoei Otani. Just didn't have the command.

And so, you know, it's not about the stuff. You know, when you just, when you're a command guy, which he's been his entire career, his life, and you just misfire, get behind in counts, hit batters. That's just not who he is. And so we just got to get back to refining the delivery, tidying up the command, and he'll be fine.

But, you know, it's just one of those things that he's an easy guy that, you know, he'll bounce back from this. So that's Dave Roberts talking about Yamamoto. Shoei Otani was not made available. In fact, he seemed like he was cordoned off by bodies. His team wanted him nowhere near the media, as you can imagine. I think watching Yamamoto and listening to it actually on Dodgers radio when I was in the car on the way home, well way to the grocery store and then on the way home, that he was maybe nervous. This is all new for him.

I wouldn't expect this to be the case moving forward, although it is funny how quickly people rushed to judgment. Oh, wasted money. He's a bust after one start.

All right. Jake Cronenworth made up for the ball that went through his glove in the opener. He tied a career high with four hits and four RBI, and the Padres end up with the win. So the two teams split. But let's be fair, that's not what most people are talking about after the Seoul Series is done. Presumably now the teams have landed back in the United States. And the latest we heard is that Otani's camp are asking the authorities, law enforcement, don't say which agency, but have asked law enforcement to investigate the quote, massive theft from Otani. And they've already accused Ipe Mitsuhara as being the one who bilked that money to cover his gambling debts. All right, here's the latest that we know. A major league baseball source says the league has not been contacted by federal authorities. Instead, baseball is now working on trying to gather facts, but they're obviously following along this federal investigation into the gambling probe that did reveal the Shohei Otani wire transfers of a half million dollars each. Here's the funny part. According to Shohei Otani's camp, Otani had no knowledge of Mitsuhara's gambling activities, the debts, any chance to repay them, and only found out what was happening. I'm just, don't shoot the messenger. I'm passing this along. Only found out what was happening when Mitsuhara apologized to the team and told them that the gambling story was about to come out.

If you could see my face right now, mouth open, mouth agape. That's ridiculous. Yes, so Mitsuhara apologized to the team after their season opener. We had told you that 24 hours ago.

He told them he had a gambling addiction. He told them a negative story was coming out later in the day. And according to Otani's camp, that was the first time that Shohei knew what was happening and started asking questions. Except Mitsuhara had already done the interview with ESPN courtesy of Otani's camp the day before that.

So how are we supposed to believe that's even accurate? The timeline's a little suspect. There's more, by the way, was Mitsuhara was asked about the changing, or not Mitsuhara, but Shohei Otani's camp was asked about the changing stories and how one day he said, Otani helped me. He paid off my debts as a friend. He was angry with me, which is why he sent the wire transfers.

He didn't want me to have the money to not even 24 hours later. Again, that was Mitsuhara made available by Shohei Otani's camp. They set up the interview with ESPN. Otani's people did, not Mitsuhara. So they sent him to go do an interview with ESPN, only to then retract the story and say, no, he stole from Otani.

Otani knew nothing about it until Mitsuhara apologized to the team. That's crazy. But there's more. There's more.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Nothing gets between you and the game. That's why they make ordering from your couch easy. Oh, man. Winter here. If I had it my way, it would stay winter all year long, short days, wind chill, black ice and a good polar vortex.

Heaven. Wait, is it getting warm in here? Your cold snap is over, old man. Winter spring has arrived.

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