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REShow: Christian McCaffrey - Hour 1

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May 26, 2023 3:18 pm

REShow: Christian McCaffrey - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 26, 2023 3:18 pm

Rich recaps the Celtics’ Game 5 win over the Miami Heat and wonders if Boston can pull off an incredible comeback like the 2004 Red Sox did after they went down 0-3 to the New York Yankees.

49ers RB Christian McCaffrey tells Rich how he fell in love with football at the age of 7, says why playing in Kyle Shanahan’s system is the perfect fit for his skillset, his thoughts on the Niners’ Brock Purdy vs Trey Lance vs Sam Darnold QB competition, why he’s not happy about the devaluation of the running back position in the NFL, reveals the heartbreaking story that got him involved in his Logan Project charity, and if comedian Bert Kreischer actually bet him $10,000 that he could tackle the 2-time All-Pro RB.

Rich and the guys discuss the devaluation of running backs in today’s NFL while quarterback salaries continue to skyrocket.

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Fuck surgery. Let me tell you what it's all about. Do you know who the Raiders new part owner is? Tom Brady.

Hey! Today's guests. 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh.

From the new film Fast X. Actor Alan Richson. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Hey everybody. Welcome to this Friday edition of the Rich Eisen Show before Memorial Day weekend here in Los Angeles, California and around the United States and let's just say around the world because people check us out on all of our videos through social media and whatnot and of course the Roku channel. It is free on all Roku devices.

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It's odd that I'm referring to eardrums as actual living beings but that's the way we're kicking off this Friday show. How are you Chris Brockman? Good to see you over there. I'm great. Good to see you over there Jay Feli. How are you sir? Hey what's up Rich?

TJ Jefferson. Candles Lit. How are you today sir? Good good morning.

Good to good good morning to you as well. Um look um I I say this all the time one of the many things I love about this show is we we get to bring people together through sports and that's something I think uh many of us have talked about um with friends or with relatives or certainly Thanksgiving where you can't stand maybe a relative right across the way from you but you root for the same team so you come together. When you're in a a stadium you're an arena or a bar and um you're rooting for the same team but then you might find out later uh you have completely different political views different views of the world but sports brings people together a collective and interesting however those sometimes sports um filled with spite filled with that sort of spiteful thing. For instance uh I adore this man and I greatly appreciate him in many different ways known him for quite some time but um I reluctantly start this program with a happy Chris Brockman and his celtics smelling 2004 all over again. Man my son my son my wife and youngest son they adore the Boston Celtics.

Oh baby. Adore the Boston Celtics. I what's the words for it do not do not having Larry Bird rip out my heart and show it to me pumping and and and and Robert Parish and Kevin McHale. Kevin McHale looking straight out of the Munsters but just ripping my heart out and showing me pumping while ML cars on the bench waving the towels. I don't know why I hate Jerry Sheasting to this day. I don't know who that is.

Guess what? He was some guy who played like five minutes for those championship celtics hated them all hated them all. You left Bill Walton. One thing I hate more are Red Sox fans. I don't like them. I don't like them. I don't like them at all and the fact that they have forevermore what in all honesty Carolina fans have over Duke fans forevermore forevermore forevermore Duke fans they gave an L to coach K in his final home game and Cameron indoor and then a couple weeks later ended his career in the final four. I personally dispatched him out of Cameron with an L and then into NBA consultancy with an L. 2004 I don't want to talk about it. I hate it. It's the worst thing ever. Yankees up 3-0 on the ALCS and the Red Sox come back and win it four games to three. My misery you are a pure delight Chris right correct yeah the greatest of all time I remember exactly what I was doing all of those games and so here we are in 2023 I'm just going about my business watching the NBA playoffs that's all I'm doing and you know what he'd been up three games to none I'm not sitting here and being spiteful saying I want you guys to lose I honestly did not care if you advanced to the NBA finals or not honestly no skin off my nose and I normally do like a series to go six seven games so this thing going six seven games I didn't care but now I see the 2004 shades again oh the Red Sox did it to the Yankees so now the Celtics can do it to the Heat and here we are sitting here on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend and the Celtics have taken three shots from the Heat and they're still alive and here we are on this Friday and without question the Celtics feel like they're up three games to two going down to Miami to wrap up this series without a doubt it feels that way to me and any other human being that can fog up a mirror it sure looks like the Heat are finished Gabe Vincent in street clothes and the Celtics making threes the the rim that was as oval as any rim in any one of those pop-up carnivals that you see that takes your money because you can't make your shots because there's no way the ball actually fits in that rim you ain't winning that prize for your sweetheart now that that thing's as wide as uh you know those tunnels from the big dig days back when the Red Sox sucked and everything was fine okay back when Tip O'Neill was strolling it to cheers okay the Red Sox were cursed all right I don't like it smells like oh four isn't that funny how sports normally brings people together TJ but today I don't feel that way no I don't you feel the vibe hey Rich I just want to give you a heads up yes I tried to tell you yeah I tried to tell you also uh yeah maybe maybe Miami shouldn't let A-Rod and Jeter at the game oh geez this guy I'm just saying this guy let him in the game this guy okay guy that guy over there just saying maybe keep them out why don't you just leave the Yankees out of this why this is what I'm talking about you have to wear that your whole life all 27 championships who cares you blew a 3-0 lead Olmo is wearing a leprechaun hat Olmo is 1,000 percent wearing a celtics uniform right now I don't know what the hell happened the celtics woke up before game four saying don't don't let us win one which is what Kevin Millar said back in the day which uncorked that 2004 genie from the bottle that was dead and buried I wasn't thinking about it at all I was just walking around my life hey how you doing TJ hey how you doing Jay Feli hey what's going on everybody hey it's time for the Rich Eisen show let's go talk some sports let's talk sports and entertainment and then all of a sudden 2004 comes out of nowhere in a basketball series and I have no desire to talk about it so here we go Eric Spoelstra you got a plus one now interestingly enough twice before this has happened I gotta I gotta I gotta say this I'm sorry Chris it's just the way I'm feeling right now it's okay I understand it's okay it's happened twice before I took a shot of it on the sports center uh tv screen last night they had this stat did you see this one last night I did not on the van pelt no no hold on a second on the van pelt sports center here it is I took a screenshot of it um twice teams trailing 3-0 in an NBA playoff series one games four and five by 10 or more points the 2007 Bulls did it on Detroit and the 1999 Sonics did it against the Bulls how about that and that I think that was a game NBA finals that'd be right Sonic's first of the Bulls wait 99 96 oh 96 is like it was the NBA finals yeah yeah yeah twice before teams let me repeat it down 3-0 okay in an NBA series one games four and five to make it three games to two okay by winning those games by double digits 10 or more points just like the Celtics just did the 2007 Bulls in the 1996 Sonics did not force a game I would say they got smoked in game six right game six did not go their way so hanging my hat on that take the 2004 Red Sox and put it back in the genie and bury it forever well I don't have to hear about it anymore but I'll tell you what Eric Spolstra he was going on I knew it as soon as that game was over here come the press conferences from the heat saying we're the ones up 3-2 we're going home we've got this thing Celtics have shot the lights out they haven't turned it over as much I get it everybody's making threes you can say it all you want but do you actually believe it it's time Jimmy Butler I need the guy who was mockingly calling time out I need that guy to show up in game six here was Jimmy Butler after the game five loss on Thursday night we just got to play better start the game off better on the starters make it more difficult for them they're in a rhythm since the beginning of the game but we're always going to stay positive knowing that we can and we will win this series and we'll just have to close out at home oh boy I need the Jimmy Butler who's saying I'm not the guy I'm probably not the guy who should be talked to wow because this sure feels like it's 2004 all over again I can feel it it feels like 2004 all over again in the NBA and it's all over again in the NBA and I will just warn because the Miami Heat these Heat are the plucky Heat that barely made the playoffs they're an eighth seed that is playing with piles of house money piles of house money and if any of them can sit there and think for even a split second oh well it's a hell of a run I would just warn you I'm sitting here in 2000 freaking 23 when those Yankees in 04 had multiple trophies in the case multiple trophies in the case a dynastic team in 04 getting swept like that and I'm hearing it unexpectedly 19 years later I don't care how great a coach and he is Eric Spolstra is he does not want this on his resume none of them do none of them do when I say it let me just one more time none of you do your best win game six talk about a must win game by a team up three games to two this is one of them they're rare but we have one so wipe that smug look off your face I will be so obnoxious on Tuesday if we come back and win this like I'm just giving you guys forewarning right now okay all right there we go very good we have been so warned please Miami let's go here we go honestly I'm gonna channel tj circa 96 I've never I'm gonna honestly oh I was on top of the world life was good so there you have it off and running oh uh we've got some great guests um we've got um John Harbaugh the Ravens middle of the show oh heard of him lots to talk about with him that new kickoff uh fair catch rule I'm sure he's not very happy with it obviously Lamar's in the fold what will that offense look like I think it's gonna be good so that is uh as you know when I gave my top five mysteries post draft going into the NFL season what the ravens offense looks like is number two on that list number one was how will the jets look like with Rogers and so uh Harbaugh joins us middle of the show and we're going to be talking the show hour number three admittedly one of the toughest two shots of my career is coming up rich Allen Richardson who is uh Jack Reacher on uh prime video and also in the new fast x film that's currently in theaters nationwide he's coming in here and I might have more body fat in my left pinky than this gent it's gonna be okay we'll show some pictures before all right okay but our first guest is Christian McCaffrey and there's lots to talk about with him obviously uh with the 49ers it's so much always going on with the 49ers um but Bert Kreischer was on this program last Friday the uh star of the machine that's in theaters near you nationwide today premiere last night here in Los Angeles um he told this story about meeting Christian McCaffrey after one of his performances not McCaffrey's Bert's uh here's the story we showed the picture of the after party from from these guys uh down in the Super Bowl totally forgot about it I got real drunk in the corner of Christian McCaffrey and I was drunk and I go hey do you think I could catch you and he goes what I said in this room ten thousand dollars if I can catch you and he was like what are you talking about two Christian McCaffrey yeah uh-huh I said just in this room it's like you know 20 by 30 by 30 said give me 20 minutes do you think I'd ever catch you catch you and hold you down he's like hey man there are dudes that are 10 times more athletic you've been trained all year and can't catch me he goes I don't think you can catch me I go you want to try it's like what kind of parties has started that has currently been seen over one and a half million times on Instagram reels alone kids dig it on the TikTok apparently as well so rare to be able one week later that was last Friday this Friday we're about to get Christian McCaffrey's point of view of that story that's next don't you dare move 8 4 4 2 0 4 Rich also the number to dial right here on this edition of the Rich Eisen show Christian McCaffrey when we return men do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarms sweating itching or emitting an odor do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and one quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarms so you can be present for the moments that matter don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about buy new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold the boys of summer are playing on the believe podcast the product of baseball is much more watchable get your baseball fix from podcasts like wake and rake farm to show and ring the bell he's not really hitting both through the screws plus local podcasts like believe in astros and believe in the broncs you're gonna have to get some more innings out of the rotation just search b-l-e-a-v podcast wherever you listen rich eisen show radio network back on the air sitting at the rich eisen show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger is the right product for you call click or just stop by one of the best in the national football league joining us from the san francisco backfield courtesy of the logan project which i cannot wait to learn more about christian mccaffrey back here on the rich eisen show how are you doing christian rich what's going on man i'm doing well how are you i'm great thank you i was just uh opining as i like to say uh with my uh my roku audience and i'll bring it here to the to the radio audience about you running the drills at the combine the passing drills you were the best receiver that day as as well as the running back as well what do you recall from a from the combine back in the day christian well i appreciate you saying that it's the truth you know the the combine it's just a world of a week uh you know you're you're being tested every single step you take you know it's about four days of meetings where you're being quizzed you're being asked questions about defenses and blocking schemes and this and that for you know all all the 32 nfl teams then you have psych tests and those take you know a couple hours um they're kind of always walking you somewhere so you're on your feet all week you don't sleep a lot and then you know you walk into the stadium where there's you know about a hundred people in the stands plus you know then you get the coaches section and then you got to go perform so i just remember it being a very long week and then by the end of the week i was like man i'm happy that's done i think i was mad at my time um but i think i did you know well and all the other stuff but i just remember it being a really long week and i don't know if they do that now i don't know if it's as grueling it used to be but it still is do it yeah they still do it and they'll know there's no i mean the days are long the week is long were you were you ever questioned about your toughness your ability to run between tackles by any teams when they were talking to you about being a bell cow was that brought up to you in any of these conversations during your evaluation period christian uh you know i think it it actually wasn't uh and i think it's because of the offense that i you know was was in at stanford right um i think in those two years i ran you know i ran you know between the tackles more than any back and so that was part of the reason why i went to stanford and i was so grateful for coach shaw and and really that whole team you know i got lucky and played on such a good team and there were so many good players on that team we had a great o-line we had great receivers who took pride in blocking so it was a super fun experience for me and yeah like like i said i ran a lot in between the tackles so you know if they were to question it was probably something to get under my skin and see how i'd respond to it but there was so much tape of me running power and inside zone and trap and all these different runs so um there was a little bit less questioning than i would have thought is your what's your first football memory christian what's your first one first football member i fell in love with the game i was seven years old um i'll never forget it we were playing in the super bowl at regis jesuit high school on the lower field but to us it was everything it was a blizzard we were playing against cherry creek and they had smacked us earlier that year um and went into double overtime and they threw like a double pass and i batted it down we win the game and i just remember the parents storming the field you know it felt like there was confetti coming down it was a blizzard and all these different things our coach got kicked out of the game it's one of those ones and i remember physically crying and thinking how awesome this moment was seven years old that little league team i got to give my guys some props we went on never lost the game after that all the way up until eighth grade we stuck together and a lot of those guys are still my best friends today so no kidding great introduction to football yeah parker hawks man no kidding oh yeah what about what what about like locker room professional locker rooms and things of that nature um you know christian any any memories of that at all or it just the time he didn't match up because you were still just a baby when your dad was still playing at all you know i i remember the football much i think since you know as we got older all of all my brothers and myself we loved watching my dad's tube and look up all these different you know that that was always really cool but i think as a kid i remember playing power rangers in the locker room with shannon sharp and with rod smith and trel davis and all these different guys and me and my brother when we would go into the locker room we would we would see who could stick their head in the ice tub the longest you know get the protein bars from the training staff and you need to think those are the best things ever so little things like that i remember man to bring back some great memories and i was very fortunate to to grow up in a locker room where you know they were winning and and be around some professionals and kind of see see what it was like from a young age so did you ever stick your head in the ice in the ice tub and then take your head out and see mike shanahan staring at you going what the hell's going on did that ever happen no no i'm sure i'm sure there were multiple people wondering what was going on but no i never saw christian mccaffrey here on the rich eisen show does it blow your mind that you're you're playing in the bay area professionally for shanahan i mean it like it was meant to be christian it's kind of crazy if you think about it right yeah you know it is it's it's very cool you know it all comes full circle i think i think for me you know i try to keep it as business professional as possible um and i know he does too and i know the whole staff does but it's not just you know kyle i mean brian greasy threw passes to my dad anything when at bobby turner was trel bavis is running running back coach and all these howard griffith and all these guys and they won super bowl so he was running that coach when my dad was on the team you know you got the kubiak connection uh multiple kubiak's on the team there's so many people who you know have gone down that lineage of you know what you'd call the shanahan tree that makes it really special so you know for me it's uh it's been cool just to learn from all these guys you know and like i said i i everybody keeps it professional and keep it loose but it is it is special man it's it's funny how it all comes full circle and being in those meetings is is you know it's impressive and it's very fun to to be able to learn from all these different perspectives that there's so much knowledge that's been passed down generation and generation so um yeah i'm very fortunate and lucky to be here you know in sports christian you you hear the phrase um you know you gotta execute you gotta you gotta the game's not played on paper we gotta we gotta go ahead and execute and make it happen so i understand that that is the the usual thing you you hear when when a question like the one i'm about to ask you hits but i just remember when you got traded to the niners i thought to myself oh god like for the rest of the league don't let that really happen like can this would be bad for the rest of the league because of the system and the rest of the players around it and you going there i know you have to execute but it feels like a perfect fit and i'm wondering your perspective of having been there for just a few games and now having a full season ahead of you of many there what do you think yeah i mean i'm definitely excited you know like you said it's a great fit for me it's a great fit for really any skill player um it's a great fit for o-lineman too i mean the scheme is so fun it's so it's sustainable it's worked forever and uh you know i am going to say you still have to execute it but it's a lot of fun being able to be surrounded by you know guys like george kiddo and debo samuel and brandon iuke and trent williams juan jennings you know there's a great backfield elijah mitchell who's a great back uh jordan mason titans but all these all these guys who you know kyle juszczek who's you know one of the best guys i've been around all these guys man and then and then add that defense on top of it and then add the staff that we have it's it's it's exciting you know it really is exciting and i feel like as a football nerd and as a fan of the game i have fun going into work every day just learning so much and it is nice being able to have an off season under my belt where i can get you know comfortable with the details and um the things beyond the x's and o's that uh you know not learning game plan to game plan um so i'm definitely excited to be here and obviously i'll be surrounded by all these guys again obviously sam donald you played with in carolina is there now uh lance coming back from an injury we saw what purty was able to do and he's coming back uh as well so i'll ask you the same question i've asked folks like kittel and everyone else who's come here is how do you go about your business knowing that there's kind of an evaluation at the quarterback spot and you liking all of them clearly you know like how do you go about your business on that front christian you just go about your business you know for me i no matter who the quarterback is i have to get open you know i'm not thinking about the quarterback i'm thinking about getting open hitting the right holes doing my job otherwise you know it doesn't matter i you know so i think and i think everybody has that mentality it's do your job do it at the highest level i'm not a quarterback evaluator i'm not a court people ask me all the time how's the court i did i had no idea i don't i don't know mechanics i have you know no idea how to evaluate quarterbacks but what i do know is all three of them are amazing all three of them are great options you know i talk about brock and what he did last year and um not not just how he played but the way he carried himself and he's built to be quarterback in this league talk about trey i didn't get to play with trey last year but from what i've seen so far trey's been great you know he's been awesome and and obviously i've played with sam and i know what sam can do and seeing all the things that that he's been doing this oth too i think for us it's nice knowing that we have three great options and you know like i said i don't know who the quarterback's going to be and frankly my job is just to be as ready to go as i can for whoever it is but i just know that um you know we're in we're in good hands no matter what and i pray to god i don't have to play quarterback again but you've got a hell of a passer rating though christian heck of a passer rating on that front well yeah i mean i i had a throw in the field the game is one of the worst might have been one of the worst plays in my career i told myself if george wasn't open i'm gonna throw this ball as far as i possibly can yes run it and uh yeah i threw it about 50 something yards to absolutely nobody but that's all right hey you know uh it's a team game clearly christian mccaffrey here on the rich isin show a couple more football questions and we'll hit the logan project um so when i've had many uh offensive players from the 49ers on over the last few years they have a story where kyle shanahan has been a great player where kyle shanahan says uh this play is going to go for a touchdown throughout the week we're running at a certain time this place going for six have you had an experience like that with kyle yet christian where he where he comes up with a play and he's like we execute it this is going big and then and then it does you got one of them yeah i think i think one of the one of the best things as a player is when you know that your coach has confidence and i think when when you go to those meetings and you really understand the scheme not just your job but you you start to find out that there's a purpose behind every play and when you know that purpose and you're able to understand what the scheme's trying to do and how it's supposed to set up other things it makes it so much fun playing football because you you know you know what you know what kyle's thinking and kyle you know is trying to get us to know what he's thinking because like i said the scheme the game's worked you know it's worked for a really long time you know i think it's the most sustainable scheme that there is and so um it's up to the players to execute it because you know in my opinion when he does say yeah this is going to be a big play i think everybody perks up because they know that it could be real and then you know you're 26 christian not telling any tales out of school the nfl uh writ large appears to think of a shelf life for running backs being age 30 um you know and austin eckler approaching that right now he's a premier touchdown maker in this league as you know um he had to twist some arms to get even some incentives out of the chargers prior to the summer uh how do you view the running back position and how the league views that position christian oh you know no one's asked me this question yet but i do have opinions on it you know i think um i think when you look in in in history and you look at uh what the running back position has meant to football uh they touch the ball more than anybody and i look at guys who like emmett smith and barry sanders and some of the best to ever do it man these guys played they didn't they didn't just play a long time but they played well for a long time and uh you know i like it derek henry is another example derek henry's old as nine and the guys have done nothing but produce um i look at what you know saquon barkley brings to the giants i look at what josh jacobs brings to the leaders austin eckler all these backs i mean i could name dalvin cook all all these backs around the league who have done you know so many amazing things for their team they've been clutch um they carry the ball they catch the ball to the backfield they provide you know multiple threats they they have to you know they create mismatches uh they make defensive coordinators think and i think there's a lot of value to that and somewhere along the line you know the running back position has been undervalued in my opinion for what they're asked to do and i think there's a lot of guys that are afraid to speak up about that but you know for multiple reasons but um you know i don't know when the value of a yard got diminished and you know i'm for everybody getting paid i love when guys you know earn money and are able to feed feed their families and have you know life-changing generational changing money that's it's such a special thing because we all work really hard and um it's fun man it's a blessing it really is and so when i look at what you know receivers make and fuck receivers make around the league and then you look at what running backs make you know we're we're at the bottom of the list and and you know you got backs who had 2,000 yard seasons you've had backs who've had 750 to 800 yards receiving and you know a lot of people use the injury um the injury argument but and you know i don't i don't know if that's necessarily valid when you look at some of the receivers who have been hurt who still get big contracts and so i understand we touched the ball of the muggle split in my opinion i think we create a lot of value in doing so as well so there's there's a lot of arguments multiple ways but i definitely think somewhere along the line the uh the franchise tag and what the market did to the running back position i think they're definitely undervalued and i think if you ask the running backs around the league they would probably say the same thing christian mccaffrey here on the rich eisen show tell me about logan hale who he was unfortunately why we're talking about him in the past tense and the logan project please christian yeah uh first off thanks for letting me talk about this because this is you know something special to to me and near and dear to my heart but logan hale was a he was a 12 12 year old boy who unfortunately passed away from cancer and he was a big fan of mine and i found out through somebody in the nfl whose nephew went to school with him and i signed a few items for him while he was in the hospital and uh i was pretty touched by his story and i found out that he had passed away and he was buried in my jersey that really hit me and uh in his obituary he had come up with the amazing idea that he wanted to create his own charity that provided xboxes and gaming systems for kids across the you know across the country across the world so that they could connect with their friends who are at school that was one of his favorite things to do was you know play video games with his buddies at school while he's you know undergoing treatment and undergoing things that no kid deserves to go through and so you know i i thought man this is a 12 year old kid who has you know he was he was a football player he played all different sports uh he was into the arts he was such a versatile young kid an impressive 12 year old boy for um you know for being not even a teenager and here he is undergoing one of the worst things a kid can go through and thinking of other people and thinking of how he can make other people's lives better and so i took it upon myself like this is the best idea ever from a 12 year old boy and uh and now i want to make his name live on forever i really do and i think you know when when you hear stories like that and when when you're touched by stories like that i think it's it's our obligation to do just that so that's what we're doing we're trying to provide xboxes and gaming systems and into hospitals for children so that they can connect with their friends and you know even their you know family time right like there's you can't go into a hospital room uh all the time there's there's limited hours where you can do that and so there's a lot of alone time for these kids and what a great thing to do to be able to connect them with their buddies and not just their buddies but but nfl players and some of their favorite players just to give them an hour of you know a break from the things that they have to go through so normalcy we have a normalcy and connectivity and community and love and and and and maybe take their minds off of the awfulness that's in front of them and maybe give them hope about hey i can't wait to do this when i get out in person with my friend i mean it's beautiful on so many levels christian beautiful i i yeah i i can't applaud you enough uh appreciate we're so excited about it we've had so many amazing people help out um there's people with the xbox team the microsoft team who have been great um people all over the silicon valley area who have been so generous with their time and money and so on on june 3rd we're having a massive madden tournament on twitch there's going to be eight eight players um some of your favorite nfl players it'll be guys like my you know myself and greg olson are going to be announcing it so that'll be a lot of fun um and then we'll have uh say quan's doing it um bond miller's participating uh fred warner will be there juju will be there a lot of big name guys austin eckler's gonna do it uh galvin cook some some some big name guys who are who are going to be able you know to see who's the best madden player but not just that but raise a lot of money for um to make this happen to make logan's dream come true and we can be more excited about it so um that's june 3rd it'll be streamed on twitch and all the details will be all over my social platforms and my foundation platform and so anyone who's wondering where they can donate um i'll make sure on all my all my instagram and twitter and all that i'll have a bunch of details but we're excited about it as well you should the logan is the website slash the logan bowl is how you can donate and this you'll see a donation from this show in short order sir this is a beautiful um nothing's more awful obviously than a child being sick and um to make anything better normal and and healthier is exactly the way to go it's awesome man uh and again that's june 3rd and we'll talk about it all next week too we'll do that here as well rich rich i appreciate it man you got it uh before i let you go uh since we're on the subject of living life to its fullest while we can uh one week ago christian i had burt kreischer on this program he told a story that is needless to say gone viral anything he does is viral but he told a story about you and him uh after you visited one of his shows and him offering you ten thousand dollars to do to chase you down and get you is that is that true christian is that a true story that's a true story yeah burt's one of the funniest guys i've ever been around it was so cool to be able to go to his show and hang out with him a little bit after but those guys can get after it man i'll tell you that much and uh yeah what happened from your perspective what happened he he asked he said do you think it for ten thousand dollars in this i don't know it's 20 by 25 foot room square foot room yeah do you think if you gave me i don't know if it was like three hours or something do you think he could tackle me or like take me down yeah and uh i mean he's in a full sweat you just paint the picture he's in a full sweat about you know nine to ten beers deep and he's has his shirt off of course and uh he's asking me this question and um for a moment i was like you know what maybe with the confidence level you're at right now this you might be able to do that like i think you take 10 steps and and you'd be out of breath there's no shot that you could even make it to three hours take a nap from our hour and a half two but no i told him i was like you know there's there's bird there's guys that you know train all year round get paid a lot of money to try to do that and uh still can't do it so i don't know if you got a chance man that was a really fun night man he's an amazing guy's new movies out the machine that's it yeah everybody should check that out um and uh but yeah it was a great night with great people yeah he said uh he he acted in a way that made you question what sort of party that had been turning into that's what he said i did wonder where this was going he had a serious look in his eye and i might have to might have to lace up yeah christian uh thanks for the time uh i appreciate it i i'd love to do this more often whenever you want certainly when you're in los angeles uh congratulations on this idea and you making it happen it is a beautiful thing man the logan bowl coming up on june 3rd in honor of logan hale to get xbox to kids in hospitals as they come back from cancer uh the logan project thanks for coming on and talking about it rich i appreciate it man you got it thanks again that's christian mccaffrey at christian mccaffrey on instagram check it out on all of his social media pages right here on the rich isin show dynamite man dynamite conversation that is a world-class individual and smart guy who is excellent at the football back here 844-204-rich number to dial john harbaugh still to come here on this program and a what's more likely heading into the memorial day weekend 4-4-2-0-4 rich being the number to dial how about nobody i guess nobody's ever asked christian mccaffrey about the evaluation of the running back position in the nfl i imagine the reason why is because a he's 26 and b he's been paid right correct so if he's been paid and he's 26 and he's uh he's already on he's on contract two or three because you got to be one of the one of the 49ers give him an extension i don't i don't i don't know he's on number two but he's not number two but he's just 26 by the way and i i don't know i would love nothing more than for the running back position to suddenly be respected at a veteran level i would love nothing more than the longevity that we're seeing at the quarterback position that brady and maybe hopefully rogers will show that somehow some way running backs can start to get a third and fourth contract that if there's a 33 year old running back out there that's running like a deer that would be i i know that's the look you're giving me right now is like this is like this is that this is this is more than just a football philosophy this is mother nature we're talking about now father time so much is 38 and says he's not retired but nobody's out bringing him in for a workout he's an anomaly anyway though but it's to me that you know it's the eckler situation yeah that makes no sense well i mean he got incentives thrown in his contract which they i'm glad they did do that just hey you know we're not going to give you a new deal we're not going to give you a long-term deal but we're going to give you a little something that if you do what you've done again you'll make a little extra cash but what comparatively in the world of football i know and the issue is and of course we had more if we only had like an hour with him i mean it was just a great conversation with christian mccaffrey right there and i wanted to get to his beautiful charitable event that he's having yeah that was incredible coming up in a couple of weekends but i mean i i have this written down here somewhere in my vast notebook about these running backs here they are i mean that mccaffrey had 13 touchdowns last year derek henry 14 jamal williams 17 eckler 18 and williams got let they let the lions let williams walk and eckler needed to sort of stamp his feet and hold his breath to get a million and a half to two million dollars in incentives yeah 1.75 and you know i i have isaiah pacheco's numbers written down here because he's the seventh round draft choice that the chiefs put into their lineup more regularly as the season progressed along with jerec mckinnon and that was the running back tandem of pacheco pounding you and mckinnon being a red zone out of the backfield threat he had 830 rushing yards and they won the super bowl and this kid won his uh scored in that super bowl and that's the point is that you can draft somebody one of these kids in the draft this year fifth sixth seventh round can do what pacheco did and you pay them what the niners are paying purty and you get that this year then you you draft another one you draft another one or you're like the giants where you got to pay somebody like saquon barkley all that money but comparing that's what mccaffrey's saying all that money compare it to a wide receiver wide receiver is making all more than that and the running backs touch the ball more than the wide receiver the wide receiver is dependent on the quarterback finding him in a route defense can take that away running backs are standing right next to the quarterback not a running back game but mccaffrey's showing you it is henry's showing you it is saquon's showing you it is saquon the giants do not do what they did i i understand that that the giants made the playoffs won a playoff game and their coach wins coach of the year and daniel jones makes 40 million dollars a year now none of that happens without saquon barkley none of it none of it including daniel jones making 40 million dollars the reason why he didn't get franchise tagged daniel jones and he's now playing on a tag at much less than what he's making is because saquon was sitting out there and they couldn't lose him so they signed the quarterback and franchise tagged the running back and that's why mccaffrey's like the way the free agency's done and the franchise tag is devaluing the position and then you got quarterbacks justin fields ran for 1100 yards last year and you know who had as many touchdowns as mccaffrey last year jaylen hurts put it all together and that's what's going on with running backs great conversation with christian mccaffrey you love lala kent on vanderpump rules now get to know her on give them lala with her assistant jess what you did not see is when racquel arrives and she wants to talk to me i made her sit in a corner explain sat in a corner booth all by herself in the dark waiting for to talk to you waiting for me to finish dancing to 50 cent it's my birthday stay in the corner give them lala wherever you listen
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