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Davante wants to stay with Raiders... do we believe it? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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April 15, 2024 7:01 pm

Davante wants to stay with Raiders... do we believe it? (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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April 15, 2024 7:01 pm

Davante Adams said over the weekend that he wants to stay a Raider, but Zach isn't so sure about that | Mark Pope to Kentucky: right fit? | Newsbrief

Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
Zach Gelb Show
Zach Gelb
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Call from Mom. Answer it.

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Price and coverage match limited by state law. Alrighty, this is Zach Gelb's show on the Infinity Sports Network. I am a man of my word. My net worth is now down a whole quarter from what it was before we started this extravaganza since we are now called the Infinity Sports Network. See, I knew it wasn't going to happen, like, right out of the gate when you're thinking about it. But then when you hear the music at the end of the hour and you rush it out, just naturally, with how many years I worked here at CBS Sports Radio. And we're no longer CBS Sports Radio. Now we're the Infinity Sports Network. The daily lineup does not change. How you consume us does not change.

Just a different name. I knew that there was going to be some moments here in this initial transition where I'm just going to randomly say CBS Sports Radio. So every time I say that, I will put a quarter in this mug in front of us.

So now I am out of a quarter. Man, I can't believe it. I didn't even realize it, too. I went back on CBS Sports Radio after these short messages, and I'm just sitting there and Santa goes, you said CBS Sports Radio, you moron. And I was like, did I really? I left out moron. I was thinking, I didn't say it, though. So we are here on the Infinity Sports Network.

It is the Zach Gelb show. So I guess drinks are on me, by the way. Why would drinks be on you? I mean, you can't afford it anymore. Pipe down there, you pimp squeak. Shut your mouth. I'll walk over there, take that flip flop off of your foot and smack you over the head with it.

You know what? Here's why you're going to want these flip flops around as often as possible. I do not want your flip flops. No, not want them. You're going to want them around. There's a bottle opener on the bottom of them. Okay.

I'm not joking. The bottom of each of these flip flops has a bottle opener. Oh, is that a dent? Is that an actual bottle opener? It's an actual bottle opener. These are reef flip flops.

No money being spent there. These are just the flip flops I have. Are you being serious? Both of them have an actual metal bottle opener. You're that much of a savage? I mean, I'm not that much of a savage. It was just a cool little added bonus. It's nice to be here sitting out. Wait, now hold on. Bring the flip flop in the studio now.

It's tough because there's all these cameras in front of me I could barely see. This is going to beat this. I do not want to see these flip flops, but this is intriguing. Let me see the flip flop here real quickly. Give me a flip flop. Oh, my God.

That doesn't hurt. There's an actual. I'm touching these things.

Disgusting. That's an actual. You have two bottle openers. And that doesn't.

Now, go back the other way so people could actually hear you. But that doesn't like boil. Don't you think. I wash my hands to now during the break, by the way. Don't you think if you're walking around with a bottle opener underneath your shoe.

Two things. One, I feel like that's got to be uncomfortable, too. Now, you don't have large feet. I have large feet being a size 15.

There's a lot of times. What? My feet are proportionate to my body. I mean, what are you, six?

Seven? No, no, I'm bigger than that. You know what they say about men with small feet and big feet and average sized feet. Big gloves and big shoes.

I don't know where your dirty minds going. What are you, a seven? I'm usually anywhere between like a seven and a half and eight and a half. Okay, so when I say six or seven. Well, six is a big difference.

No, no, seven and a half to eight and a half is a big difference from the six. So I have, there's a lot of shoes that I've literally, I'm like Zion. I bursted through the shoe. So I would be afraid if I bursted through the flip flop there that the bottle opener would cut the bottom of my foot. That's not uncomfortable when you walk.

Not only is it not uncomfortable, you don't notice it at all. And these are the most comfortable flip flops I've ever. So up until I got these flip flops, which were a gift, I never wore flip flops. I swore up and down that they are uncomfortable, that they're terrible. I hate flip flops. I got these. I wear them literally any single, any time that it is nice enough that my toes are not cold, I will wear these.

They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. And no, you do not feel anything with the bottle opener. Now two things, I'll have a follow up on that. But first, you could confirm this is a quarter, correct? Yeah, my eyesight is getting worse as I get older, but that looks like a quarter. Someone in the chat is like, oh, you're cheating, you put a dime in there. No offense, I could afford the quarter to put it in.

Well, hold on a second. Someone can tell what a dime sounds like versus how a quarter sounds? And also, in my hand, hey, you have no clue what I'm actually putting, because this maybe looks like a dime to some other people. But yeah, this is a quarter.

This is an actual quarter, boom, it goes in the mug. I'm not going to lie about that. I have some morals.

Not a lot, but I do have some morals here. Now, Boyle, let me ask you a hygiene question. Boyle is a partier. Boyle enjoys himself. I could see Pat Boyle going down to the shore in the summer, you know, big beach day. Boyle all oiled up with the chest puffed out, you know, I'm on the beach trying to mack, trying to have some fun. You know, sitting in the sand and just drinking a lot of cold beverages, adult beverages. Let's just say, Boyle, you're on the beach and someone passes you a beer and you need a bottle opener. If Santa said to you, oh, I got a bottle opener and then tosses you his flip flop, would you open the beer bottle with his sandy, dirty, smelly flip flop? Depends how thirsty I am. How many drinks you had beforehand probably. And that as well. That would be the second determining factor. If I had any other bottle opener, I would go with it over the bottom of somebody's sandal.

But I guess if you're in dire straits and you're in need of one, then I guess you take what you can get. And first of all, people, I've seen people open bottles with their mouths. I've seen people use the most cigarette lighters to open bottles. What's the difference between the bottom of my shoe versus some nasty cigarette lighter that's been in your pocket or your teeth and slobbering all over it?

Because because it's the you are walking on the streets of New York City or in this case, you're walking on the beach. So your flip flop is covered in dirt and sand, and then it is opening the bottle, which then will be covered in some dirt or some sand. And then I am drinking the bottle. That's disgusting.

Just wipe the top. Can I ask you a question? When did you get so froofy?

When did you get so, you know, froofy, soft, soft. Yeah, man. I'm just a little dirt on your on your the lip of your bottle.

Howie Mandel, where when someone gets sick, I build a house and jump into someone's house and avoids my family. But a nasty flip flop to open up a bottle. Yeah, that's a no for me, dawg. I'm good on that one. That's Randy Jackson. I know. I know it's Randy Jackson. I know. Howie Mandel, Randy Jackson. It doesn't matter.

I know Randy just with Simon Cowell, Paul Abdul from American. That's a no for me, dawg. I just like saying it. I like saying that's a no for me, dawg. Yes, I would not be opening up a beer this summer on the beach.

I could do some disgusting things. I'm not using your flip flop to open up my my beer. Do you do you do you share drinks? Do you have a problem with sharing drinks? Do I share drinks? If I am, let's say, with the lady friend, I'll share a drink. If it's like my buddy is on the beach and we're drinking beers, I'm not sharing drinks or like it will not even just like not like, hey, let's pass this back and forth. Like if somebody says, yeah, try this. Are you are you drinking it?

Yeah, I'll try it. That's fair. If they want me to try and sample some of their alcohol, I will probably. And what's your take on the straw? Right. Like a rum and coke. No, no, no, no.

Right on the glass. I'm not using someone else's straw. No. What about like just any straw?

Right. Like you get like a rum and coke and there's a straw in it. You're going strong because I know a lot of guys who just don't use straws at all. Oh, no, I'll use a straw. If they give me a drink with the straw. See, you know, it's weird when it comes to my alcohol intake. If let's say we're in like a competitive mood and we're like chugging beers. If I'm chugging a beer out of a bottle or a can, I suck. You put the beer in a cup. I delete the beer.

Delete it like instantly. So I don't know. Who is the was it Chuck Knoblauch for the Yankees? Who had the Wade Boggs?

No, no, no. Who had the throwing issue? Oh, oh, Chuck Knoblauch.

It was Chuck Knoblauch. Yeah, the yips. Yeah, the yips. I get the beer chugging yips if it's in a can or if it's in a bottle. But you put that sucker in a cup. I am Babe Ruth. All right. Like I am. I'm one of one. I am. I am maybe the goat, as the kids would say, but I'm not using to open up that beer bottle. Your nasty, gnarly flip flop. I haven't showed you ever used that. Have you ever used that?

Yeah, of course. You actually will open in front of people. It's actually on brand for Santa. Santa is actually a surprisingly funny person. And when I've been on road trips with Santa, if there's ever an issue or problem, Santa always has like a quirky solution.

So if I was at a hotel and let's say for whatever reason we couldn't open up a beer bottle or something and Santa passed me his flip flop, it would be on brand for Santa. It would be. By the way, nice backhanded compliment. Surprisingly funny.

That's a compliment. Surprisingly, it should be surprising. I should be, you know, expectedly funny. You would admit you have a little bit of a reputation around here where there's some newer people that come in where they could be a little bit afraid of you. I certainly have an intimidation aspect of me, but I don't think, you know, Boyle doesn't like me, but he's not afraid of me. You know, it's different. What are you talking about? How many do I not like you?

I am afraid of you. No, but I will say this about the bottle opener on the shoe. Sitting outside on a nice hot summer day and you have a beer in your hand, you just take it out of the cooler. Your leg is kind of like up on your lap. You just kind of lean over, pop the top and boom, you're right there. You never have to move. You don't have to reach into your pocket.

You don't have to look on the fridge. Boom, it's just right there. I really would love to see Sam like a setting where Sam pulls us off in the bunch of front of a bunch of people that he doesn't entirely know well.

And they just like just to see the reaction. You know what? I know what we'll do here at the Infinity Sports Network. I am going to pay Sam to hang out with Jack Stern.

No, thank you. And I want you to go out to an establishment and give Jack a beer without a bottle opener and then you give him your sandal to open up the bottle. Jack, if you think I was mystified by this, like I will eventually end the conversation and just be like, either that's cool or that's stupid.

Jack will pester you with question after question after question after question. Yeah, you're going to have to say CBS Sports Radio about 10,000 more times to fill up that mug before I'll actually go out and have a beer in that setting. You got it. I'll pay you to drink. You wouldn't do it?

For the beauty of the show? It depends. It depends how much you pay me. Okay. 100 bucks.

We're talking about voluntary workouts and everything. 100 bucks. Yeah, 100 bucks I'll do it.

Okay. That wasn't easy. That wasn't a tough negotiation here. I thought I was going to have to like jack up that price.

No, 100 bucks is fine. Okay, gotcha. I'll give Jack a text tonight. Mike and Ike, what does Zach think about us hanging out having beers? I'm the infinity sports network. Davante Adams, I did see that he recently said that if I wanted to be gone, I'd be gone by now.

This is where I want to be. He said it to the athletic in regard to his tenure with the Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders. What was that? We have the code. Oh, we have that audio? Davante is saying it, yes.

Oh, sorry. I thought that this was just something that was said to the athletic and then it was just written. I did not know that this was audio. So you know what? Give me the audio, okay?

Let's play the audio. Go on. If I wanted to be gone, I'd be gone by now. So I would not pick to come here. This is where I want to be. And obviously if you're not winning and things are not going the way you want, you either want things changed to get headed in the right direction or something else has got to change.

So I don't want to go anywhere. Hey, Davante, quick follow-up. At the party that you're at right now, does anyone need a bottle opener on any of the beers that people are drinking? If so, I have a guy.

I have a foot guy, Santer. He'll give you his flip-flop to open up that beer. That was an interesting background. I wasn't expecting, wait, at a party?

As a benefit? I don't know what it was. It's not like maybe like a camp or something.

Yeah, like a bunch of kids around maybe. So I agree with what Davante Adams said, but I also roll my eyes at it. Yeah, you want to be there for this season. You made it clear, you and Max Crosby, that you wanted Antonio Pierce to be the head coach. You use, you potentially requesting a trade as bargaining power to ensure, and he should have got the job, that Antonio Pierce became the next full-time coach of the Raiders.

Let me just throw a little scenario out there. Let's say the first round of the draft comes and the Raiders don't take a quarterback. Now, Gardner Minshew was fine, but Davante Adams is used to playing with Aaron Rodgers. I know that his evaluation of quarterbacks can be a little questionable, let's just say.

Not Rodgers, but because he was college teammates with Derek Carr, he thought Derek Carr was all that when Derek Carr is such an overrated quarterback, and I've been sick of Derek Carr for a while. So now you go from Rodgers to Carr, then this past year a bevy of quarterbacks, Jimmy Garoppolo, Aiden O'Connell, and now you're either going with a rookie or you're going with Gardner Minshew. If the season doesn't go how Davante Adams expects it to be, and let's say Davante Adams' numbers take a little bit of a hit, I then think the year of being with Antonio Pierce and you wanting that to happen, it does fade away.

Where, yes, you love Antonio Pierce, but you also want to go to a place that you could win. And the dead cap number would have made it tough, possible, but would have made it tough to get rid of Davante Adams this offseason. It shrinks significantly from 2024 to 2025. The dead cap right now on the surface is $40 million, a little over 40. Next year, with two years remaining on his contract after this year, 2025 and 2026, it goes to $15.7 million.

The year after that, $7.8 million. So Davante Adams wants to be on the Raiders now. I'm not going to sit here and say that he wants to be on the Raiders for the rest of his career or he's going to be there even through the duration of this contract. So I'm fascinated by what the Raiders do next Thursday and what the Vikings do next Thursday, because both have top three wide receivers. Adams already has the contract. Jefferson's looking for the new contract.

And I think Justin Jefferson is the best wide receiver in football today. And both don't have clarity at the quarterback position. Gardner Minshew could prevent the ship from sinking.

You're not going to win anything of significance with Gardner Minshew. The Vikings, they can't be trotted out Sam Darnold. Come week one. Sam Darnold's a member for seeing ghosts and getting mono.

So stop selling me on this idea that Sam Darnold is going to have some success in the NFL. So the Vikings and Raiders are both talked about the Vikings more so than the Raiders about trading up in the draft. Vikings are at eleven. Raiders are at thirteen.

And I look at the draft. We know the Bears, the Bears are taking Caleb Williams at one. We know that the commanders will take a quarterback at two.

Probably. I hope it's not because I want to my team, but probably it's going to be Jayden Daniels. The Patriots at three are fascinating. Will they take the quarterback or will they trade the pick back? So that's a potential trade up spot for the Vikings and the Raiders at eleven and thirteen. The Cardinals, a potential trade up spot at four.

Here's something that I'll bring up. The Chargers are at five. I think we could all agree the Chargers are a potential trade situation. The Vikings had Jim Harbaugh in for an interview two years ago, interviewed him for like eleven or twelve hours and then didn't give him the job.

Is there going to be a little spike game there? The Vikings are desperate. They call it the Chargers. We need a quarterback. Does Harbaugh maybe say, yeah, I'll trade him, I'll trade that pick to the Raiders instead? And I know there's been some pass flirtations with the Raiders and Harbaugh too. But the Vikings, they made him, he sat through that entire interview process and didn't get the job. And there's some rumors on why he didn't get the job.

Some of the organization not liking him. So I wonder if Harbaugh will play the spike card. But for the Vikings and the Raiders, they got to jump the Giants because the Giants want a quarterback. So three, four and five in this draft are all trade watching scenarios. Patriots, Cardinals and then the Chargers.

And I can't wait to see how it plays out. And maybe, right, if the Vikings or the Raiders, one of them aren't able to trade up, maybe one of them gets Michael Penix Jr. Because it feels like right now first quarterback off the board will be Williams. Second will be Jayden Daniels. And I don't know where Drake May and JG McCarthy are going to go. But those two other guys, May and McCarthy, I would be surprised, not saying they deserve to go, but I'd be surprised if they don't go in the top six. So let's say, I don't know, a team that is not named the Vikings or the Raiders moves up into the top five. And you have all four quarterbacks go in the top five that are talked about first rounders, Williams, Daniels, May and McCarthy.

Or at least four in the top six. And the Vikings or Raiders aren't going to move up or couldn't move up. At 11 or 13, then you get into Michael Penix Jr. conversation. And then that's a decision that has to be made. Do you wait on a quarterback and take a quarterback to figure out your quarterback in a different year? Or if you can't execute the deal, do you take Michael Penix Jr. at 11 or 13? I feel like the Vikings have to, because it's the future of Jefferson.

And Jefferson and Addison kind of reminds you like a Washington scenario where Michael Penix had his most success, then translating into the NFL. The Raiders, though, I don't think they have to, because at least you have a fine enough backup in Gardner Minshew. But then once again, I know Minshew was a nice story last year. Does anyone think Minshew is going to be the dude in Vegas this year?

Personally, as much as I love Minshew with the mustache and everything, I don't. So there will be five quarterbacks that go in the first round. I know four will go in the top six. But once those four do go as projected in the top six, then the big question is when does Michael Penix Jr. go?

And the Vikings or Raiders' ability or inability to trade up may determine how early Michael Penix Jr. does go in this draft. Call from Mom. Answer it.

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See site for details. That's right. It is the Infinity Sports Network and this is the Zach Gelb show. So over the weekend, it was Thursday night, sorry. I was off on Friday, but my weekends, that's when I think the weekend starts.

But I was off on Friday and Thursday evening, I'm sitting around and getting ready to go to Connecticut in the morning to go see Bruce Springsteen, the legendary E Street band and a friend of the show, Mark Pope. It was reported that he's the new coach at Kentucky. And I'm like, wow. So we knew on Thursday during Thursday show that Scott Drew said thanks, but no thanks. And then a lot of people thought the pivot would be right to Billy Donovan. And a lot of the reporting is like that the Wildcats weren't that interested in Billy Donovan, maybe behind the scenes.

He said thanks, but no thanks. And they could have waited for him through the play in tournament. But then if they got into the actual playoffs and they had another series at the lose four times before they get eliminated, then who knows if they could have waited that long. But Mark Pope was a name that was floated out there by John Rothstein. So give John credit, because he's the first person that I saw put out the name Mark Pope. And my initial reaction to the Mark Pope hire was I don't think it was going to be met in a positive way.

But personally, I didn't think it was a bad hire because we got into those names. You couldn't get Jay Wright. You couldn't get Dan Hurley. Scott Drew says no.

And then I said, what happens if Billy Donovan says no? And the name that I threw out there was Bruce Pearl. I thought Bruce Pearl would have been a wonderful hire. We had on one Kentucky reporter who suggested maybe a reunion with Rick Pitino. Others said Sean Miller, Tommy Lloyd, Shaka Smart's name was even floated out there. Like once you got past potentially no Donovan and Donovan is a risk, even though he won two championships at Florida, but he hasn't coached in college basketball since 2015 and he hasn't dealt with the name, image and likeness era. Now, I think he could absolutely win.

There's no doubt that he could return to college basketball tomorrow and win. But when you got into the names of people after Scott Drew outside of Billy Donovan, it was a lot of how many, how many, how many, how many? So the Mark Pope hire where he's coach at Utah Valley and now the last few years has been at BYU. I think it's a solid hire considering the circumstances where you weren't getting Scott Drew. You obviously had no chance for Jay Wright.

You had no chance for Dan Hurley. So the Mark Pope hire, it's surprising, but surprising doesn't mean that it's a bad hire. And what you've seen happen is Coach K and Roy Williams both walked away.

They retired. John Calipari left to go to another school because he knew his time was coming to a close at Kentucky. So the Hubert Davis and John Shire hires by UNC and Duke had the fingerprints of a Roy Williams and a Coach K on them making those decisions.

So I get it what I'm about to say. John Calipari didn't make this hire. But it's almost like Mitch Barnhart kind of followed what Duke and UNC did, where you bring one of your own.

And I know Hubert Davis and I know John Shire were already on the staffs, so they were already there. But Mark Pope was the captain of the 1996 Kentucky Wildcats that won a national championship. He has paid his dues where he's been head coach at other spots. It's not like you're just saying, oh, we're hiring a Kentucky guy to hire a Kentucky guy and he's only been an assistant or he doesn't have any head coaching experience. He's had head coaching experience. Now, this is an enormous job. And this is one of the prime real estates in college basketball.

And this is a creme de la creme job. So I'm not expecting this to be met in a very positive way because you thought it would be a bigger name. But just because it's not the bigger name doesn't mean it's a wrong hire. And here's what I know about Mark Pope. Mark Pope won the press conference.

We knew that was going to happen. Mark Pope is an exuberant personality dude and his teams like to shoot a lot of three pointers. And even though he hasn't had tournament success, what tournament success are people really expecting where he's been before? So Mark Pope was ready for the next job.

I didn't think his next job was going to be Kentucky. But I think in the big picture, and there's going to be after maybe be some tough years before there's been great years. I think there's more maybe indictments, not the right word, but this is more of an indictment on what a coach is now.

It sounds weird in the year of twenty twenty four. Like the big name coach and like that legendary because we had so many of them and it's so tough to like replace the legends. Right. But I think coaching now you can't be the drill sergeant anymore, but you don't want to be a doormat. I think there's a fine line here and there's a new era coach now in college sports because of dealing with NIL and dealing with the transfer portal where it's going to be tougher for the legendary coaches to exist. Because a lot of those legendary coaches right have the power. They have the clout and it's their word or get out. Now the players have options where they could get out a lot more easier.

So I think Mark Pope, even though you wouldn't have ever thought he would have got the job when the search started, it fits what people are looking for in a coach in twenty twenty four. Now, the introduction was was a badass intro, but we know Big Blue Nation is like second to none. They packed that entire stadium for a press conference, a dang press conference over the weekend when people like have actual things to do. So the fanfare was remarkable.

And to stroll into the press conference on a bus, walking off the bus with your 1996 Kentucky Wildcat teammates. It's brilliant because on social media and I understand social media is not a true reflection of society. Like there's a lot of people that will tweet you mean, nasty and disgusting things on social media. And then you never hear those things in the street. And most people that you meet when you're in a job like this or you're in a coaching profession, most people say positive things when they see you face to face.

But behind the Internet, that's what a lot of the nastiness occurs. But it was crazy that you had a packed house where he got a standing ovation. And on social media, you would have thought this was a hire that was going to set back Kentucky basketball for at least a decade.

So it just shows you that social media, the trolls and social media is not a true reflection of our society. So I wish Mark Pope nothing but the best. But I haven't seen like the Coach Cal introductory press conference at Arkansas. I thought was cool. I'm a sucker for the pig suey chant. Right. Yeah. The Tyson chicken guy getting a standing ovation. Oh, that was cool. But that was a pimple on the you know what of what Kentucky was able to do at their introductory press conference.

And it all started with the fans only being there, but then playing to the fans and bringing out the 1996 champions. Let's hear one soundbite from Mark Pope. This is Mark Pope on the expectations at Kentucky. Every coach in America at every other job in America stands up in their press conference and they try and moderate expectations. We don't do that here in Kentucky.

I understand the assignment. We are here to win banners. And that's not just bull junk that you hear from a coach because we had Mark Pope on before he even knew the Kentucky job was going to be open. And before he was even a candidate or the fact that he was going to get the job. But I asked about John Calipari and he thought Coach Cal was the right guy. And he also said in that clip when he joined us that if you don't win four championships in a five year span at Kentucky, then you always will hear it from the fans because that's like the expectations are set that high. So it's kind of crazy that a little over a week ago we were sitting with Mark Pope talking about the Kentucky job and John Calipari. And then poof, that job opens up with Calgo and a pig suey with the Razorbacks. And now Mark Pope is the next head coach of the Wildcats. Hi, this is Howie and this is Nick. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio.

And guess what? Zach is back. He's live. He's nationwide on CBS Sports Radio. This is the Zach Gelb show. What the heck is going on out there? I'm taking my quarterback where the Infinity Sports Network.

That imaging was updated. Come on. Samter and Boyle, are we working today or are we hardly working? I'm not actually that bad. It happens. So it's all right. You don't have to look all bewildered. Samter looks like he's the one to kill someone right now. And Boyle just looks happy to be here.

We could pop me back up on the stream, by the way, on YouTube so you can see my beautiful mug. It's all right. It's a new network, even though it's the same thing, just name change.

All the hosts are here to say. But man, I know that that was edited correctly to make sure that we had our new intro. Was it not, Samter? Let's see. Is Samter going to throw someone under the bus here or was there a booboo behind the scenes? What's the truth? What just happened here?

I got my quarterback, so I'm very happy. I think somebody should be thrown under the bus. It does say Zach Gal Backstreet Boys ISN open. Oh, so someone messed it up. Someone messed it up.

I listened to one without the mention of the old network and it was good to go. So do I get to keep my quarter now? Because when I say it, I put a quarter in.

No, someone else has to put a quarter in. We'll have to figure out who. Okay. Either me or this other person.

Gotcha. My quarters back in. Put your quarter in there. Do you think I could leave this mug here with the quarter in it and the quarter will still be there tomorrow? Do you think someone will five finger discount my quarter? 855. Who would take it?

8552124227. If I had to put odds. Well, shows that emanate from here. It's Maggie and Perloff.

Correct. Bill is in L.A. Jim is in L.A. Bart's not here. Bart's not here. J.R. is not here. And Amy's here. So it'd only be Maggie and Perloff and Amy. All three of those people.

I don't think they need the quarter. I'm just going to say that. Weekend host. Weekend host.

Little vending machine. Quarter action. Absolutely. Absolutely. All righty.

Let's update you on some of the biggest stories in the world of sports with some audio. Let's get to. Up, up, up, up, up, up. Are you guys ready today?

Can't get the rejoin back. I'm ready to go to a news brief. And now I'm telling that I have to stall here. I'm throwing people under the bus here. I have no patience. That one's on me.

The Backstreet Boys messed me up because I had my place marker on it. I was going to drag it up. All right, let's do it. OK, let's get to a news brief. Time for your daily news brief. We get you caught up on the rumors, reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports.

All righty. Let's start off with Andrew Luck. Has he ever considered returning to the NFL? Never that ditch to, you know, I'm healthy.

I could do this again or I could do it. No, I got I think when I retired, that part of it was put to bed in my mind. And in a very simple sort of. There was a lot of complications around it. You know, it's certainly tormented inside, you know, as you guys saw, you know, that night.

But I think that part of it has has stayed simply. This question is so stupid. Like, Samter, let me ask you this, because you're a good producer.

We were having Andrew Luck on the show today. Do I have to let's say that audio clip didn't emerge. Do I have to ask him if he'll ever return to football when the last time he played was in twenty eighteen and now he's thirty four years old? Would you be annoyed if I didn't ask him that? Yeah, I mean, everyone has to ask that question. And this question was more had you ever considered it? OK, that's fine.

That's that's more. I don't think at this point anyone's expected to come back. But up until a year or two ago, people were always throwing his name out there when Phil Rivers went away. This guy literally retired and walked away because he made a promise to himself.

We ever got hurt again and didn't and couldn't fully practice. He would walk away and he had the stones to to stick through with that. And he would. I never thought never thought because injuries, why he walked away, that he would ever return.

And it's crazy. Like maybe if someone ever called him, things like that. OK.

But this idea of him ever coming back when he last was a member of the Colts in twenty eighteen is just a jackassery to me. Here's Scottie Scheffler. I'm winning another green jacket at Augusta. I tried not to let my emotions get the best of me this time. I kept my head down. I didn't even I don't even think I took my hat off and waved to the crowd when I was walking up 18. I did my best to stay in the moment. I wanted to finish off the tournament the right way. And I got to soak it in there after one putting instead of four putting, which was which was a little bit a little bit better. So there you go from Scottie Scheffler.

Congratulations to him. Let's hear legendary play by play man, Sean McDonough. He was doing a little play by play. I think it was of Scottie Scheffler's sister hitting a golf ball and she just absolutely. It was an ugly golf shot. But that's all I'll say. And this is what Sean McDonough had to say. Sister Sarah Scheffler. Little fat the shot. She's obviously very fit.

As on the ones there for the Masters. That's just so unfortunate for Sean McDonough. Like it was everyone knows what he means. Like, oh, it was a little fat the shot. But when you say Scottie Scheffler's or Scottie Scheffler's sister, little fat, like, what are you doing? She spent obviously the shot.

That's unbelievable. Did you guys like Sean McDonough when he did play by play for Monday Night Football? I think it was I think he was OK.

I thought he was good. I just think he had those unfortunate that one unfortunate day where he had something going on. And you had the.

And then it happened again. Two of those. I think he's great on hockey. That's probably his best best college football. He's awesome.

Yes. See, I always like the voice crack when you get a touchdown. You're like, ten, five, touchdown. I've always loved that from a play by play guy. Really? That's like a cardinal sin.

Yeah. From you button up, boring broadcasters. I thought Sean McDonough was very good on Monday Night Football. It was just that he would always criticize the referees, which I was a fan of.

But the NFL didn't like that. Let's go to Tiger Woods on just finishing at 2024 Masters. It was a good week. It was a good week all around. I think that coming in here and not having not have played a full term in a very long time. It was a it was a good fight. A good fight on Thursday and Friday.

Unfortunately, yesterday and then could turn out the way I wanted to. I hate to say it because I felt this way going into the Masters. And I get it. Tiger's body has been through a lot of unfortunate things. But Tiger Woods, when he was asked about if he thinks he could win this week and he's like, if my body holds up.

Yeah, I think I can. Like whenever you you're a tiger and you have to say something, how confident you were in the past with an if it shows that your confidence is not really there. And for Tiger Woods, who was 16 over and I'm I said a good week for Tiger would just be getting through and playing all four rounds.

So in essence, I said that. So it's tough for me to criticize him now. But knowing who Tiger is, when you're saying he had a good week and he was 16 over, that just shows you can never expect Tiger to win another major again. And what he did a few years back at the 2019 Masters is is crazy. It's ridiculous. And that's the last major that he's ever going to win.

But, you know, with everything he's been through, some self-inflicted and others, you know, you just can't prevent injuries all the time. It just it's it stinks. It stinks when you have to hear Tiger speak that way. Here is Jon Rahm talking about live golf. Made some comments to BBC about understanding the gravity of your decision to go to live golf. When you did that, was part of that motivation to try to bring the game together? And did you expect there to be kind of more movement toward that by now?

I understood my my position. Yes. And I understood that it could be what I hoped, a step towards some kind of agreement.

Yes. Or more of an agreement or expedited agreement. But unfortunately, it's not up to me. So but I would hope it would be something that that would help expedite that process.

But at the end of the day, I still did what I thought was best for for myself. Yeah, you took the bag. And that's always my problem with the live golf guys. Just be honest and say I'm taking the money and he kind of did it there. But this idea that him going to live golf is going to unify and expedite the live golf and the PGA relationship, even with the financial merger that we still have no clue about. Like, stop it. He was in a salty mood all week long at Augusta. And how about you have some class, Jon Rahm, too?

You just won the championship last year. You know, you have to give the green jacket to the new winner in Scottie Scheffler, who's a previous winner, too. He looked like there was like he wanted no part of that ceremony. I was very disappointed with Jon Rahm and how he carried himself. This like I got it.

You didn't play well. But as a master champion and how Richard tradition there is at Augusta National, you got at least put a little smile on your face there during the ceremony. Let's go to Dana White after UFC 300. He announces something pretty big for the future. I'm getting notes.

This has never happened before. June 1st, Newark, New Jersey. Pay-per-view. Main event.

Islam versus Poirier. Co-main event. Five rounds. Strickland versus Costa. June 29th. Hunter versus Chandler.

Five rounds, 170 pounds. I know a voice in the background there. That's former CBS Sports radio producer. I know we're now the Infinity Sports Network, but he's never worked on the Infinity Sports Network.

He's not with the company anymore. That's Ike Feldman screaming, let's go in the background. I guarantee you, Ike Feldman was at that event and he's the one screaming.

I could recognize that voice from even though that event was in Las Vegas and we're sitting here in New York City, just hearing that audio. So, great that Conor McGregor's coming back because it will draw more interest to the sport of USC, but I think he's going to get destroyed by Michael Chandler and I actually hope that he does too. Alrighty, WNBA draft coming up in a bit.

Kaitlyn Clark is going to be the number one overall pick. We will be back tomorrow. A lot of football to get to. A lot of NBA with the playing tournament starting tomorrow as well. Day one in the books for the Infinity Sports Network. Big thanks to Paddy Boyle. Big thanks to Mike Santer and each and every one of you. New name of the network, but we continue to give you the same great old content.

Nothing's changing from the shows that you like to listen to each and every day. Alrighty, everybody. We out.

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