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JR SportBrief Hour 3

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October 14, 2022 2:23 am

JR SportBrief Hour 3

JR Sports Brief / JR

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October 14, 2022 2:23 am

JR feels bad for Justin Fields and every single Chicago sports fan right about now after what he witnessed on Thursday Night Football


Hey, I'm Thamy Redwood, host of the podcast Beyond Black History Month. Here's reason number 568 million of why you should be listening. From in-depth reporting on the shortage of black sperm to how one house of the dragon star is dealing with online trolls who don't love seeing black dragon writers.

I can't lose sleep over that, over worrying about things that are beyond my control. Listen and subscribe to Beyond Black History Month on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts. To catch up later, there's a lot to listen to.

So get started and download the free Odyssey app today. In your family rocket can. I'm gonna be hanging out here with you for the next two hours. I'm being joined by super producer and host, Dave Shepherd.

I am thrilled to be joined by you. Yeah, everybody listening. All over North America. You could be in New York with Shep. You could be at my house in Atlanta. I hope you're not at my house.

I got ring. Or you could be here in New Orleans, Louisiana with me where I had an amazing time with the students at Tulane University. What a great time. Special Olympics media for the movement tour. Thank you to my friends at Experian as well for just helping me get all over the country to deliver the message of the power of inclusivity as it relates to sports.

If you want to keep up with me as I go all over the country, it's simple. Find me online at JR Sport Brief. If you want to talk to me here on the radio 855-212-4CBS tonight Thursday Night Football.

Well, this is a sexy matchup now, wasn't it? Justin Fields needs a hug. He lost.

This man was woosying on the sidelines, taking deep breaths. Washington beat the Bears in Chicago. The final score 12 to 7. It was boring.

It would have put you to sleep. Either way, both teams, if you need to know their records. They fall to two and four. In the fourth quarter, Chicago was up seven to six. Valis Jones muffed the punt. Washington was able to score right there and the man who scored the touchdown was shot in the leg before the season. His name is Brian Robinson and he actually just came back this past Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.

And so I guess if you want to find a positive, as one of our callers said, someone who unfortunately was a victim of an attempted robbery, someone who was shot in the leg. God bless him. He was back there on the football field this week, earning a living.

He was able to go out there and score that touchdown. Here, take a listen. It's courtesy of the commanders radio network. Second goal here. Two tight ends, both move in motion to the right side of the line. Robinson standing next to Wentz at the six yard line.

Now here comes Curtis Samuel. Handoff Robinson up the middle of the line, heading towards the goal line and in! Touchdown! Touchdown Washington! The first career rushing touchdown for Brian Robinson Jr. Oh, it's nice to be back now, isn't it?

Real nice to be back. And so what happens now? The Chicago Bears are down 12 to 7. They have the football. They're trying to go down the field into their end zone.

And then we witness the awesomeness of Justin Fields. Listen to this man run almost 40 yards to set them up for a score. Bears left to right, shotgun again.

Snap is back. Fields with a shoulder shrug. Now going to leave the pocket room to run if he wanted to. Slows down to the 45, cuts up field, hits the gas 30, 20, 15, 10, and out of bounds! Inside the 10 yard line, Justin Fields on a Fields trip to the five with 52 seconds to go. Well thank you Bears Radio Network.

So he's close, but not close enough. You gotta take the ball, you gotta put it in the end zone. And so basically, and I say basically, the Bears had a chance to do that. They had a pass thrown. Didn't work out. The same time they tried to put the ball over the goal line. Didn't work out.

Here, take a listen. They fell short at the goal line courtesy of the Bears Radio Network. Montgomery the long back, they put Fields under center.

Takes the snap. Gonna stand in the pocket, throws right front side of the end zone. Darnell Mooney, the catch. Darnell Mooney. There's no indication.

Discussion underway. No call made. Has he shoved out of bounds? Does he have the catch? Did he hit the pylon?

Which is it? Hands on hips with 30 seconds to go. Fields is a catch short of the goal line. The one above the ball. First down Washington.

Turned away in Chicago. Damn. Shep, we have the other team as well? We have your guy that reminds you of Mitch Holtus. You want to hear it? No, he can't remind me of him. You were talking about the Kansas City. He kind of sounds like that.

Bram Weinstein I believe. No, it's terrible. Don't play it. No, I want you to play it. But no, it's not like Kansas City.

But let's hear it. Fourth and goal at the 4. 35 seconds remaining in the game.

12-7 Washington leads. Fields goes under center. Montgomery is the back. Takes the snap. Turns to his right. Throws toward the end zone. That is bobbled up in the air. Is it incomplete?

Yes! Benjamin St. Juice was on coverage of Darnell Mooney. And now the referees are talking about it. They think Mooney was out of bounds.

They haven't decided yet. What's the call? Washington is celebrating as if they got a stop. It's a catch short of the goal line. The one above the ball. First down Washington. They said he went out of bounds inside the one.

It's up for the third time in this game. Washington gets a stop inside their own five. Yeah, that was obviously the commanders radio network. The call before that was from the Bears radio network. Their perspective.

And that was basically all she wrote. The commanders beat the Bears 12-7. They avoid a four game losing streak. Both teams, oh my god, these are exciting records. Both teams are now 2-4. Chicago falls to 2-4 in Washington. They pick up the victory. They go to 2-4.

We know this has been a hell of a week for the Washington commanders. Carson Wentz basically helping to seal the game and not in a positive way against the Tennessee Titans. Throwing an interception late in the game. Not allowing them to win it.

He was beat up in the public earlier this week. His own coach didn't help things. Ron Rivera was asked earlier this week.

It was a very simple question. Shep, do we have that where Ron Rivera was asked why does your team suck in the NFC East? We do JR. Listen to Ron Rivera's simple answer. Following up on John's question about the Giants, you know, they're up to a faster start. The Eagles, the Cowboys, you know, they've kind of all been rebuilding too the last couple years and it seems like they're farther ahead. Why do you think the teams in the division are farther ahead at this point? Quarterback.

Damn! And then he had to try to clean it up. What I meant was Carson Wentz hasn't been here as long as the other guys.

The teams that you've been talking about, Dak has been there. He tried to get him guys. He tried to clean it up. This was Ron Rivera's explanation from earlier this week. His apology, I guess you should say. The stuff you said yesterday made a bit of a stir. You had Alex Smith and other people out there saying stuff. What did you make of their reaction and do you understand why they reacted the way they did? I do, but you know, at the end of the day, I spoke to my team this morning. You know, I basically told them that I said some things that were misconstrued.

I didn't present it properly and that's on me. So I took accountability, told the guys that, you know, I should know better and I had a bad day. So I figured, you know, I'm feeling better today. Let's move forward. So to me, as far as I'm concerned, it's really now about the most important thing that's getting ready for football.

Oh, well, that was before the crap fest football game that we got tonight. And so you would think walking away with the victory, you would think walking away with the win wouldn't make Ron Rivera happy. It's like, yeah, I screwed up. The man just said sorry. I could have used a better choice of words.

I had to explain to the team it was my fault. Well, now he's galvanizing his troops because after the victory, Ron Rivera, he was sounded like he was upset with the media. Listen to Ron Rivera. They've played their asses off. They have. They play their asses off for everybody. They come out and they show up.

They work hard. All right. They don't complain.

Okay. They hear all this stuff and they got to deal with it. I get that. I respect them for that because they're resilient.

They come out. Everybody keeps wanting to say, I don't want anything to do with Carson. Well, I'm the guy that pulled out the sheets of paper that looked at the analytics that watch the tape and freaking when we're in Indianapolis. Okay. And that's what pisses me off because the young man doesn't deserve to have that all the time. I'm sorry. At least he apologized at the end again. He says, I'm sorry, I'm done. And he left. He walked out. What is wrong with Reverend?

Does he need a laxative? Why is he so uptight? How can you accept blame for pretty much starting a fire earlier in the week and get mad publicly about it later? Unless he's just playing coach. And when I say playing coach, you know, going out in the public, looking at the victory, saying that it's an us against them types. You're just riling guys up.

Just don't think Washington has enough talent to rile things up. Carson Wentz has been running around busted up and listen to these numbers. He was 12 of 22 passing for 99 yards. Zero touchdowns and zero interceptions. That's a sexy stat line now, isn't it? Justin Fields, on the other hand. He was able to rush for 88 yards pass for 190 had a touchdown and the interception that was pretty much tipped up into the air and came down.

And fields. Oh, my goodness. The body language just does more than speak volumes. His body language is just. It's sad, it's disappointing, I'm not expecting a guy to look like a million bucks and have a smile stretched across his face when he loses.

But Justin Fields looks too damn through. Didn't come off of the bench when the buzzer or the whistle blew the final whistle. Everybody's greeting each other and he's just on the bench running around, not running around, but sitting there in disbelief. He took a deep breath.

He's breathing in and out. It's like he needs a five step program just to play for this team. I'm sorry. Chicago. And congratulations, Washington, even though your owner had a ridiculous story today about how he's ready to bring down everybody in the NFL if they try to come at him to sell the team. It's like I'm gonna tell everybody's dirt. You better leave me alone.

If I'm going down, you're going down with me. Well, his football team has been down and Carson Wentz ain't the guy. And outside of playing rah rah rah to his own players, Ron Rivera, who I like. Who the hell you mad at, man? You mad at the media? How can you make a mistake? Everybody is making these mistakes and then finding excuses on the other end.

Yeah, I screwed up. I told my team I screwed up. I spoke to Carson Wentz.

I told him I screwed up and then they won a football game. And now he's like, you guys have been destroying Carson for too long. How many times have you watched Carson?

You're talking about the analytics. I don't need to be a mathematician or a scholar to look at Carson Wentz and go, oh. He's not at that MVP level that he was years ago.

This man is basically morphed into a journeyman. That might be his lot in life in regards to the NFL for the next several years. And so Ron Rivera, listen, man. We don't need you standing up on a high horse. We don't need you chastising the public about how bad everybody talks about Carson Wentz. We don't need you to fire up your team in the back. Because your team is two and four.

And one of the reasons that they are two and four. Is because you have Carson Wentz. Let's not run around trying to put lipstick on a pig. Let's not apologize for what you say on Monday and Tuesday and after a victory on Thursday. Oh, I'm not taking this crap from you guys.

We hear and know what you all say, and it's disrespectful. It's not fair to Carson. Carson Wentz is getting paid handsomely to play quarterback. He'll be OK. Ron Rivera, just, I hope, acting off emotion. Because there is zero reason to defend or go scorched earth trying to defend Carson Wentz when we can all turn on a football game and see how he plays. At least Ron Rivera standing up to nothing or something.

He should probably just quit. It's the J.R. sport. We show here with you on CBS Sports Radio 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. That's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS.

Washington beat Chicago 12 to 7. When we come back, I told you, Justin Fields looked absolutely miserable. It's like someone stole his dog out the front yard. It's like someone took his candy. It's like his grandma said, I hate you. This is what he looked like on the sidelines, like he had a traumatic event. Maybe playing for the Bears will do that to you. Somebody hugged this man. You'll hear from him on the other side as to why he was frustrated and I'm going to get to your calls. Hopefully you were able to make it through this game.

Hopefully I'll talk to you in a second. It's the J.R. sport we show right here on CBS Sports Radio because the young man doesn't deserve to have that all the time. You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the J.R. Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. What's up, J.R.? I want to first by saying I love the show and thank you for keeping it so real on so many different topics.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Man, I don't know. Can you consider Ron Rivera as someone who kept it real tonight? Or is he putting on a show for his own team? Mike, he wins a football game in ugly-fashioned Washington over Chicago 12-7. It was ugly. Even after the game, Ron Rivera just, I don't want to say he went nuclear, but he was upset. He was angry. I assume he just delivered his post-game speech to his team. He gave an us-against-the-world scenario. He wanted to big up Carson Wentz. But wait a minute, wasn't he the same guy that apologized for burying Carson Wentz by accident a couple of days ago?

He's trying to hype up his troops. I don't know for what. Washington is still suck. Sorry. They're 2-4. These are now 1-5. Bears fall to 2-4. Justin Fields looks miserable. He's sitting on the sideline like he wants to explore another line of work. He's frustrated. That's what he had to say after tonight's loss. Everybody's mad.

I mean, nobody's happy about his loss. We always get told that we're almost there. Me personally, I'm tired of being almost there. I'm tired of being just this close.

I feel like I've been hearing it for so long now. At the end of the day, all you can do is get back to work. That's the only reaction you have. Live and you learn. Get back next week and keep going. Try being a Bears fan, man. Try being a Bears fan.

I know you just got there, but this is how you feel? And you got a new head coach. And you have a new general manager. And they didn't draft you. I believe Justin Fields is a starting quarterback and not just because he is. I believe he can be a long-term starting quarterback in the NFL. I think the Bears might screw this dude up. He has talent. He can play.

I don't know if he's in an environment where he can thrive. This man was sitting there on the sideline. You would think he was in yoga class. It was absolutely necessary for him and the cameras, of course, they caught him.

And there's nothing wrong with it. This man took a deep breath. He breathed in. He held it. He held it. He held it. And he breathed out. After the game, he just sat there. Just sat there on the bench staring into space, trying to figure out his next step in life. At least those checks, Cash.

Good for him. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Set is calling from Chicago.

You're on CBS Sports Radio. I'm hurting, bro. I'm emotionally wrecked. I don't know what to say, bro.

Like you say, this is bad. My man is in no good situation. There were some throws. I feel like he could have made the one to the tight end open. Even the great quarterback, they sometimes miss those throws from here and there. The hits he's taken, the offensive line is straight booty. I like booty.

It depends on my man, bro. Like you say, he has the talent. He has the talent, but I don't know what to say, man. I really need to come down and meet you down in New Orleans. I've never been. I'll meet you on Bourbon Street and maybe drink me a little bit of bourbon and whiskey, man. You're not coming for real.

Huh? You're not coming for real, are you? Don't try me, JR. Don't try me. You're not getting on a plane tomorrow and meeting me.

You're not doing that. Hey, bro. Hey, I can make a lot of things happen, bro. Don't try me.

If you want to drop a location, I'll definitely pull up. Hey, talk to Shep. Let's see, OK? I'm going to put you on hold. All right. All right.

Thank you. Thank you, Seth, for calling. Hey, Shep. Well, don't talk to him yet, Shep. Talk to me first.

Am I a bad example? This man is feeling pain. This man is upset with his team.

This man wants to drink away the pain. I don't... That's not healthy. I don't want to be a... What is it, an advocate for that? I don't want to promote that. No, you're a personality, but in this instance, you're just... You are the messenger.

I mean, what else are you supposed to say about the lackluster collapse in the final seconds bears performance yet again? What are you supposed to do? Are you supposed to put a lipstick on a pig and say it's something else in your famous quote? Yeah, but I shouldn't tell the guy, get on a plane and have a drink with me. That's not good.

That's bad. Well, you didn't specify what the drink is. It could be a Shirley Temple. Shout out to Shirley Temple, by the way. I didn't know if you were a fan or not, so I figured I'd fill in the blank. I think I had a Shirley Temple by accident when I was five. Listen, man, one of the all-time great entertainers in the history of our great country.

I thought you were going to say one of the all-time great drinks is Shirley Temple. No, no. Listen, I don't know enough about drinking, but I don't blame Seth for drinking. I mean, look what he has to deal with being a Chicago sports fan these days. Like, I mean, Tony La Russa is 77 going on 90.

Oh my God. Right? Like the Bulls, they can't stay healthy. I mean, thank God for Patrick Kane and the Blackhawks, but they really haven't been the dominant team that they were 10 years ago. It's been a disaster being a Chicago sports fan.

I don't blame Seth. There are cities that deal with worse than Chicago. I don't know, man. I mean, they got spoiled for eight years with the six championships by the Bulls, but they haven't been you-know-what since. What sports city suffers the most? It's Detroit, man. It can't be Chicago. It's Detroit. I mean, Detroit won it. I mean, the last championship. Okay, so Chicago 2016 Cubs, and then before that was the 05 White Sox, and that's it in the last 25 years outside of MJ. Yeah, but outside of, yeah, but every now and then any of the teams will be competitive. They'll look like they have a chance. Like, what?

Okay, fine. I can look at the Tigers. What did they have? Two, and this was, oh my God. They almost, I mean, they almost won a World Series.

15 years, 02, 06, I think, off the top of my head. I mean, Leland did a great job with those guys. You know, Tori Hunter and Cabrera and Ordonez.

Right, but it's been a minute. But if I have to look at the Lions, what posits? The thing you can say about the Lions is this. They've had two of the most transcending, all-generational type talented players we've ever seen.

And they made them quit. They did, but Chicago has never come close to having a star outside of Walter Payton and Mike Dick and Dick buckets, and we're going way back. They haven't had a star play for the Chicago Bears in 30 years. I believe the Lions have it worst. I think the Tigers have it worst. I think if I have to look at Chicago, if I had to pick a city to be a sports fan of, I'm going with Chicago over Detroit, just flat period. There are more teams in Chicago, but I'm picking Chicago.

How about this? Well, I can't say that either. I don't know what the Pistons are going to do. I just think Chicago is, they don't suffer as much as the fans in Detroit. I don't think so.

We want to specify it there. I mean, in Heartbreak City, I would say, and you talk about the generational talents that they've had. They have the second best quarterback in the NFL. You know where I'm going with this, because they only have one sport that they root for. But there may not be a greater fan base, and they have never won the big game, and that is, of course, the Buffalo Bills.

I would say that is the most insufferable fan base in terms of what they have had to endure the last 30 years. No. No. I think about pain. I think Detroit sports.

I think about pain. I think Detroit. Sure, there are other cities, like Sacramento, oh man, they should feel pain. They got one team.

Imagine having multiple teams, and it's just like, hey, what are we going to do this year? Nothing. Hope for a sale. 855-212-4CBS. It's 855-212-4CBS. Lou is calling from Rochester, New York.

Not Chicago, not Detroit. You're on CBS Sports Radio. What's up?

Hi, JR. It was interesting to hear Fields' comments about being told he's there and close and tired of it. I think he kind of proved in that last 54 seconds that he is there. He should have been the hero. He's kind of let down by his receivers a bit, but he did everything to win that game.

He should have won. He had that ball there at the goal line, got bobbled. His upside is seriously there. He convinced me, and too bad, though, like you said, that it might be failed by some substandard coaching. Oh, well, not even the substandard coaching. The offensive line is a garbage.

You have fancy trash. This man was sacked five times tonight. Pinata, crash test dummy, whatever you want to call him. He was getting that ass whooped. Matter of fact, phone lines are still open.

That's 855-212-4CBS, 855-212-4CBS. I'm going to come back, get some more of your calls, and then you will hear from the Chicago Bears head coach, Matt Iberfluss. Tonight, he talked about the protection of Justin Fields. Maybe that's why Justin Fields needed Tawoussa.

Maybe he was trying to figure out how he can play offensive line and quarterback. It's the JR Sport Reshow on CBS Sports Radio. Your call is on the other side.

You are listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, JR, man, it's going to be cliche as a mug, but a long time, long time listener. First time calling, man. And I appreciate your show big time.

You have so much insight. I just want to give you props on that. Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. It's the JR Sport Brief Show here with you on CBS Sports Radio. Washington 12, Chicago 7. Justin Fields sacked five times. Offensive line in shambles. Deep breaths by him on the sideline, staring into space at the end of the game. Looked like Jake Cutler. He looked miserable. He looked like he saw no future. His head coach, Matt Iberfluss.

He spoke after the game. He said, offensive line. Yeah, I might have to hire a few garbage men to play. Listen, we're going to reassess everything. I mean, everything we're going to reassess from scheme to two players to everything, you know, and we're going to do a good job of that here coming up and we're going to do a good job of really getting it to the players. You know, if it might be a lineup change or it might be, you know, technique fundamentals, all that scheme, how we're running certain plays, who we're getting the ball to, what we're doing well, what we need to improve on. So that's going to be, you know, we're going to look at all that for sure.

All he had to do was say we suck. We're going to look at this. We're going to look at that. Oh my God. You got a laundry list, don't you?

Of course you do. Well, he did win, JR. He did, but I mean, damn. Well, what's wrong with the team? Everything? Sheesh. 855-2124, CBS, Robert. It's calling for Manhattan. You're on the JR Sport Reshow.

What's up, Robert? You know, I got to tell you something. You know how many times I yawned at tonight's extravaganza? I was actually hoping, JR, that they would switch to a classic Western shoot-em-up because at least there you get actual bar brawls and tables and chairs and glasses and men being flung at each other. Oh, men being flung at each other. Yeah, let me tell you how bad these two teams are.

Yeah. If Notre Dame, which as you know is a Catholic university, had a Protestant team, a Jewish team, a Buddhist team, and an atheistic team, they could have beaten either of those two supposed teams. I mean, I cannot believe that this was a Thursday night game. I yawned so many times, I stopped counting after two dozen. I hear you. I was absolutely yawning.

Now, listen, before I let you go, by the way, so nice to hear you. You're so right on target. I want to make some predictions, for what it's worth, if you don't mind. After watching Seattle blow it away, and I actually heard, because I live in New York, so I listened to FAN and ESPN, and there was one prognosticator, this just shows you, one prognosticator who was saying, oh, Seattle, you watch them, the Yankees will have a tougher team with that.

Let me tell you something. This is exactly what I said at the beginning of the year. The Dodgers, they'll survive San Diego, and Atlanta somehow will survive Philadelphia. So we're going to get the Dodgers and Atlanta. The Yankees will probably beat the Guardians, maybe in three, maybe in four. Houston's waiting, and you're going to get the Yankees in Houston, and I'm sorry, Yankee fans, Houston's going to do it again, and you're going to get Houston and Atlanta in a duel of last year, and I don't know who's going to win.

Okay, Robert. What, do you like the Mets, Robert? You like the Mets?

Are you kidding? The Mets? I don't know who you like.

You said you were in New York. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Who do you like? No, no, actually, actually, I'm rooting for, I don't know why, but I'm rooting for Atlanta this year, except for one thing. Why? Any way, JR, that baseball could do something about that terribly offensive Tomahawk chop. Every time I hear that, ooh, and they do it in Florida, too, with the Seminoles. Listen, I'm not an indigenous person. I'm not a First Nations person, if they call me Canada. I'm not a Native American, and I feel offended. I really do. Okay.

Yeah, well, they don't. I got to be honest, and thank you, Robert, for calling Manhattan. Hey, make sure you listen to me, WFAN, on Saturdays, okay? Oh, thank you. Oh, Robert, he said what he had to say.

He's like, listen, damn, I get it. I'm not a fan of the chop either. That's me personally.

I think it's kind of silly at this point in time. I see people doing the chop. I'm like, oh, you want a chop? You want a chop? Not me.

I think you look nuts. I'm not going to tell people to go ahead and stop. Yeah, let's open up a whole other can of worms. We've been there already with the, well, actually, the commanders now. We've been here with the, what are they now? The Guardians. I don't think the Braves, that name isn't going anywhere, but yeah, the chop. I bring people to baseball games in Atlanta. They go, what the hell are they doing? Kind of dated.

I'm like, yeah, it is. They doing it. 855-212-4CBS. Dave is calling from Alabama. You're on the JR Sportbreef show. Hey, how's it going, JR? Going great. Hey, news says chapter two.

Hmm. News says chapter two. Chapter one was bad. Chapter two is worse. You mean the Colts?

The Colts and the Broncos were chapter number one and this was chapter number two? Exactly. Okay. And the thing about it is Pop Warner football is more exciting than those two games put together. Wow.

I've seen some exciting Pop Warner kids play football. Okay. Yeah. And not only that, I mean, also another point I want to make with Draymond Green and Daniel Snyder. Yes. Arrogance and stupidity. I mean, Draymond Green said, he said he learned a lot from himself.

No. The only thing he learned from himself is that I knew what I was doing. I could do it again and get away with it. Because if Jordan Poole said it just like this and he said, I'm in a hostile environment, he would say two words, trade.

Before they could trade Jordan Poole, they will give Draymond Green his walking face because that meant because Draymond Green is arrogant, narcissistic, and stupid. Okay. Same with the same with Daniel Snyder, he's talking about trying to bring down the owners of the NFL.

No, he's not taking accountability for his own actions, arrogant, stupid, stupid, and narcissistic. Okay. Thank you, Dave.

Those two are walking thumpster fires. Okay. Thank you, Dave, for calling from Alabama. I think when you got billions of dollars, who's going to tell you otherwise? Who's going to tell you the truth? Who's going to get on your bad side?

Nobody. Greg is calling from Michigan. You're on CBS Sports Radio.

Good evening, JR, Mr. Positive. Hey, I got to tell you, you and Shep are the dynamic duo in sports radio, let me tell you. Like peanut butter and jelly.

I got to tell you. We talk about the lions. We talk about Detroit sports teams.

You don't realize, JR, we are so desperate. We bet on if the tigers are going to lose a hundred games. NFL is king of sports. The lions were zero and 16, three and 15 each and every year goes by it. We think we build them up. We think they're going to do better. And they let us down. Oh my God, JR, you've got to hear the callers on Detroit sports radio. It's like, I don't want to say this and I want everyone to believe in their dreams and go for their dreams, but they seem almost suicidal and it's desperate. Oh, we're so desperate, JR. We are so desperate for a winning football team out here in Detroit.

Let me tell you. It's sad. Detroit. You could cry.

I'm sure. So Detroit suffers more than Chicago, right? It's suffering when it comes to sports. Yes. Yeah, I think Chicago is, you're going to win something just by the amount of teams that you got.

Real quick, please, if I could. Jerry Montgomery and Devonta Adams, we live in a culture of entitlement and it's sad celebrity and sports figures. They think they can get away with things because we look at them as greater than being normal and we give them allowances that we shouldn't, but we do. But that's a sad state of affairs.

What our society has become because we allow these things to happen and nothing's going to ever happen to these guys is because you know why? Millions and billions of dollars in betting is going on. It's such a big business. It's beyond our social mores and I love you guys and thanks for taking my call.

Thank you so much, Greg, for calling from Michigan. I would go even further than the betting aspect. I just say there's so much money already involved. Ain't nobody trying to screw up the money. Devonta Adams, what's the worst that he could face with his assault charge now? Six months or $1,000 fine, $1,000?

For Adams, he just got a $141 million contract. Sheesh. Sunjay caller from Corpus Christi, Texas. You're on the JR Sportbree show. Hi, JR. Can you hear me?

I do. What's up? I just wanted to talk about the game. It's an interesting season. Ever since 2020, it's a new era in the NFL, Tom Brady going and all that stuff. These two teams, the commanders and the Bears, they're not going to be the best teams in the next five years and they aren't right now. The thing is that every team tries their best. Their players are always going to try their best on teams. Some players, they just don't have the drive. You were talking about James Harden, Kevin Durant. What? So you're basically saying these losers on the Bears in Washington, they deserve a participation trophy for trying. Is that what we should give them? No.

I'm just saying there are going to be players that try their best and they still lose. It sounds like life. Yeah, it's a sad reality, man. I'm 12 years old. What do I understand in the world? You're 12? Yeah.

You sound 60. What do you do for a living? I don't know, man. I've been staying up late. I've got a bunch of projects to do. Man, go do your projects. Listen, go do your school projects, okay?

No, it's fine, man. What, what, what? I've got to hit commercial, but I want to know, you're 12, what do you want to be when you get older?

Do you have any idea? You know, man, listening to you, I want to be an NBA player, man. Listening to me makes you want to be an NBA player?

How? No, but listening to you, I want you to talk about me one day and I want to be an NBA player. How tall are you right now at 12?

You know, I'm 5'9 or something like that. Man, don't, don't, don't hold your breath, Sunjay. I appreciate you for calling from Texas, man, okay? Yeah, man. Yeah, thank you. Go to sleep.

Go do your projects. We got people staying up late. Another young man called. He should have been asleep. He's not 12. Sunjay? Not a chance. He could be. I'm 12. How'd I get here?

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