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Aaron Judge Will Have More Home Runs Than Shohei Ohtani At The All Star Break

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 21, 2024 3:49 pm

Aaron Judge Will Have More Home Runs Than Shohei Ohtani At The All Star Break

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 21, 2024 3:49 pm

6/21/24 - Hour 2

Rich reacts to the Patriots extending the contact of Rhamondre Stevenson and what it means for running backs around the NFL.

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins, Aaron Rodgers, the Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills, Chargers, Lakers, Shohei Ohtani, and Aaron Judge.

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Discounts not available in all states and situations. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Rich Eisen Show. What would you do against Satchel Paige? Me? The Rich Eisen Show. Yeah, you.

Gone. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Would you care to chime in on who you think is now currently the greatest living ball player on our planet, Bob? You could make a case for the pre-steroid Barry Bond. Today's guests, senior writer for Sports Illustrated, Chris Mannix. Plus, what's more likely, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen.

That's right. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the year 844204. Rich, number to dial. We'll take your phone calls in a matter of moments. And Chris Mannix is making his way to our show studio.

Hour number three, we're going to hang out with him. NBA trade already went down last night, or at least the conversation of one. And I believe it is like the NFL where you can do it now and then it becomes official at some point. Alex Caruso going from Chicago to Oklahoma City and Josh Giddes going to Chicago. So there was that trade. And and so all eyes are really on Paul George and seeing what he's going to do and whatever he's going to do is kind of a domino effect of whatever everyone else might do. There's always that one player in free agency in the NBA and LeBron is going to be out there as a free agent, we assume. We're keeping an eye on all that. JJ Reddick is the new head coach of the Lakers. We discussed that in hour number one as well.

844204 Rich being the number to dial. Tonight is game six of the Stanley Cup final. And I'm just assuming we don't have the information. I'm assuming people are, if you will, getting oiled up in Edmonton right now. Well done. The pregame back and all has begun. Nobody went to work today in Edmonton, right?

School's probably out, but nobody went to work today. Let's go. Game six, baby.

Canadian beer tastes like moonshine. Come on. And then game seven would be Monday, correct? Monday night, it would be a Monday night. Monday night, game seven. And man, it's just, it's.

I want to have some back and all Rich. It's a long flight too, isn't it? It's so long, but there's no direct.

You have to take two connections, I think. Well, I'm assuming, Chris, they've chartered their team. I don't know. What do you think?

Well, let me tell you what they're not doing. Matthew Tkachuk is running from one gate to the other to make sure his flight. I mean, is there enough fuel to get from Edmonton? I think there's enough fuel. All right. You can charter that flight. I think it's just. Yeah, I think it's safe to say. I just went from Zurich to Los Angeles, 12 hour flight on Monday.

I'm still, I'm still fighting that one, man. Are your arms still tired? It's 45 hours if you drove. Yeah, they're not driving. They're not driving. They're not going on a midnight run. Edmonton, Miami is 45 hours. No, but I mean, it's going to be, again, the word that Sean McDonough used after the game five victory by Edmonton was that the arena in Edmonton is going to be unglued was the word that he used.

Safe assessment. Oh my gosh. Are there, again, are there any Panthers fans that will be in Edmonton tonight? Are there, are there Panthers fans that lurk in the city of Edmonton? I'd say so. Are there, are there transplants?

Are there, are there Floridian, South Florida transplants? I don't know. You could probably count them on one hand. That are there? Yeah. There's got to be more people like me out there who have a favorite team that's not in the city you reside in.

Although there were a ton of Edmonton people in the stands in Miami that you saw. I did see that. You know, so man, I can't wait to see that one tonight and that'll be a good one.

We'll see if the Yankees hold the Braves to less than 17 this evening as the Orioles just put the spanking on the Yankees in their series decider yesterday. Louise Heel, the pitcher for the month of May. Yeah, came back down. Mr.

He played like Mr. May. Yeah, that one happened last night. The Yankees now taking on the Braves this week and Chris Sale comes into New York City tonight.

Ooh, Sale Day, nice. Yep, and then it'll be Max Freed on Sunday night. That's an interesting matchup for the weekend coming up in baseball. Did the Mets have last night off? Yeah, we're at the Cubs for the next three. Start up a new winning streak. Okay.

Mary McCheese will be in the house. You know what I mean? Let's do this. Yeah. Ooh, Amaga for the Cubs tonight. Okay, yeah.

Like I said, we'll be at like, you know, 24 out of 25. Maybe the Hamburgler's getting a drink across the street in Wrigleyville. He's in the pen warming up. Okay. You know.

Getting all tanked up. Gotta keep the Hamburgler loose. Let's go to the phone lines, shall we? Let's go to, I hope I'm pronouncing this right. Chef Shane Byer in Texas is calling in. Chef, are you there? I'm here. Can you hear me?

I'm doing fine. What sort of chef are you? Yes, Chef. Yes, Chef. Yes, Chef. Well, you name it, I do it.

Okay. Did I get your name right? It's... Actually, it's Chef Shane Byer. It's a play on a name that was given to me as a youngster.

And so I just basically borrowed that nickname and, you know, kind of made it my brand, so to speak, and my chef, you know, culinary skills. Very good. So there you go. What do you want to cook up here, Chef?

What do you got? Yeah. But anyway, before I get to what I called, I just wanted to say, you know what? I really appreciate the show. Thank you.

I appreciate you guys keeping it real with everything. It's really one of my favorite shows. I can't, I don't miss your show at all. Thank you, Chef.

Thanks, Chef. Not to mention, I'm not sure if you can tell it my voice, but I'm a New Yorker as well. I could sense that.

I grew up in Westchester, so, you know, but yeah, I love the East Coast swag that you guys bring. Yeah. So, Chef, you know I'm East Coast, right? Thank you. Oh, God. Appreciate you.

Chef, you didn't sound, you didn't strike me as from College Station when you first opened your mouth. Let's put it that way, okay? Yeah. Well, TJ, you my guy, because you got that, you got my favorite poster on your wall there.

Which one? That's my guy. Dr. J?

Julius, man. Oh, Chef, me and you is like this, son. I like you. I like the chef.

That's my guy. I tell you, I probably watched the fish that saved Pittsburgh like 20 times. It's a classic, Chef.

I mean, of all the duck, by the way. So what's on your mind, Chef? That's amazing. Anyway, I just wanted to call and just talk a little bit about this Caitlin Clark stuff that's been on everybody's mind for the last, I don't know how long.

Yep. And, you know, it's really, you know, sports is supposed to be the great equalizer. You know, it's supposed to bring everybody together and stuff like that. But unfortunately, all this stuff that's going on, it's like a microcosm of what we're all witnessing and experiencing right now. And it's sad.

It breaks your heart. But having said that, you know, I must say Caitlin Clark obviously very skilled, talented, yada, yada, yada. She's taken, you know, she's bringing such a professionalism and class to this dynamic that you wouldn't expect from a 22-year-old rookie.

So I really got to put that in there. But it's sad that, you know, though she's bringing eyes to the league, there are some very talented, there have been some very talented women that have entered the WNBA and even before the WNBA started, like Cheryl Miller, that people don't even realize that we're just like out of this world talent. And it's sad because, you know, you look at someone like Angel Reese who's become like the proverbial bad person devil, if you will. And she's such a sweet young lady, but she's competitive, you know, and she's getting props from the players.

But the media and some of the other people are just like calling her the bad guy and stuff like that. And I think collectively her and Caitlin and some of these other young ladies will come into the league are really bringing some eyes to the league that's been missing for a long time. Not to mention you got Juju who's coming up later. I think it's just, you know, gives the league another dimension of eyes that is really overdue. There's no doubt about it, Chef, and that we're talking about it more than we ever have in our 10-year history of this program. And a lot of that is the reason why is because of how terrific the women's game has been at the collegiate level. And we're very familiar with folks other than Caitlin Clark that's coming in.

And obviously we know some that have been in the WNBA as well. I appreciate the call, Chef. Call back.

Call back and I appreciate the hosannas for the program as well. By the way, Caitlin Clark tonight, that is on ION at 7 30 p.m. The Fever, three straight wins taking on the Atlanta Dream. And the Atlanta Dream have sold out the building in State Farm Arena.

So that building is sold out. Hey, listen, Caitlin Clark doesn't appear to be somebody who needs sympathy. I think she's got a thick skin and that's what happens. Again, as I said yesterday, the hot shoulders she's receiving is not a surprise. The cold shoulders is the kind of surprise that I'm seeing because it's not done by anything that she's said.

She hasn't said anything and her actions have been nothing but above board. But the fact that Angel Reese and her don't get along apparently, I mean, I kind of dig that. That's what I've been loving about the women's tournament is they don't like each other and they are absolutely going at it. It's physical basketball and it is a brand of basketball that the men aren't playing. I've enjoyed watching the women's, well, listen, it's been a heck of a lot more competitive on the women's side. UConn beating people by double digits is maybe making it a little bit less interesting on the men's side of things. And it's interesting how it's flipped, right? The men's side used to be the competitive or at least over a two-year span competitive. The women's were just like there's only like one or two teams that can actually do it.

And it helps obviously the WNBA. Okay, let us go to Dylan in Vancouver. What's up, Dylan? What's going on? How's it going, Rich? What's going on? What's on your mind, Dylan?

I'm here because I think it is balderdash, not poppycock, balderdash. The treatment of the Indianapolis Colts by the Rich Eisen fans. Oh, what? What do you mean?

What are you talking about? Every time there is a win-loss game, it doesn't matter if it's the Bengals, the Raiders, or the Patriots. It's a win. Somebody will, it's week nine against the Colts, loss, immediate, win, win for their team, loss for the Colts. You know what the Colts are, Dylan? Dylan, they are not homecoming. They're not homecoming, Dylan.

I agree with you. So you're sitting up there in Vancouver taking in the Rich Eisen Show, hearing everybody basically consider the Colts a win on their win-loss game, and you're steaming. I am.

Okay, so what do you want to do about it? I'm ready for this win-loss game. Let's go.

Let's give Dylan some information along with some music. First up, home for the Houston Texans. What happens? That is a huge win. A pass to Jonathan Taylor wins it to us.

Well, let's hope he's on the field when it matters. Sorry to go that way. At the Packers. A humbling loss. Humbling.

We're liking the adjectives. We don't usually get those in the win-loss game. All right, home for the Bears. Win. At the Pittsburgh, home for the Steelers. Home for the Steelers. An ugly win.

Ooh. Yeah, I was there. By the way, I called Steelers at Colts last year. That was a nasty game. Three and one at the Jaguars. Classic Jacksonville loss. Three and two at the Titans. Win. Home for the Dolphins. The way Rich Eisen fans feel about the Colts, I feel about the Titans. Very good.

Interesting. Way to put it. Four and two, home for the Dolphins. Loss. Four and three at the Texans. You know what, I forgot to mention, I have it marked down on my list here, that after the Steelers game, Anthony Richardson will be out with a shoulder injury. The last three games will be played by Joe Flacco. He will go one and two.

Okay, so now it's interesting, referring to his notes. Anthony Richardson back for the Texans. Yes. Yes. And we're losing.

Wow. Four and four at the Vikings. They're not going to go up 33-0, but they are going to win this game. Five and four, home for the Bills. Loss. Five and five at the Jets.

Sorry, Rich. Win. Six and five, home for the Lions. This is going to be the last loss of the regular season. Get ready, boys. Anthony Richardson's season starts here.

Okay. Six and six at the Patriots. Win. Off the bye at the Broncos. A win. Home for the Titans. Win. At the Giants.

I've put my heat down here, Rich. A win and in in Jacksonville. Talk about momentum. Old Moe's wearing a blue horseshoe on the side of his helmet with a five-game win streak, going into the playoffs at 11 and six. All right.

And they're not losing until they go to M&T Bank Stadium. Oh, wow. He's calling his shots all over the place. All right, Dylan. Thanks very much. Have a Molson's for us. There you go.

Thank you guys so much. Enjoy game six tonight. Dylan in Vancouver. By the way, did I step in it as Molson's not a Vancouver beer or... Molson's Toronto, but it's fine.

I would say he's already had a few. But we quit with Canada, so that's fine. Molson. Have a Tim Horton. Who the hell is Tim Horton? That's funny, man.

He's like sitting there saying, hell is Tim Horton? Everybody in a win-loss game hears Colts and they're like, win. He showed everybody by having them start six and six, only to rip off five. And by the way, that is a very favorable finish based on current thoughts. As a matter of fact, the Jaguars are the only team in their last five games, Chris, that wasn't in your Powerless rankings. I think Patriots, Broncos, Titans and Giants is who they play before they take on Jacksonville.

It's fun. I feel like the Yates has Anthony Richardson, number three in fantasy quarterback this year. So here's what we need to do, folks, is put a pin in it here because if Dylan in Vancouver pegs the exact three-week period that Richardson's missing with a shoulder injury, that would be really freaking me out. You know, and he's like Flacco's gonna go one and two. He's written it down.

I love it. I feel like somebody predicted when Cousins was getting benched when Suzy was here. But let me tell you one thing that's not happening in Atlanta. Let me tell you one thing that's not happening in Atlanta.

I don't know about that. They are not benching Kirk Cousins. He would have to have an interception streak of game, consecutive games of multiple interceptions. Let's become a turnover machine that is a 100% liability doesn't even cover what he would have to be considered for him to be benched. Does that mean that Falcons fans won't be howling for his benching at any point in time during the season? I'm not saying that. I'm just saying they are not doing that.

Pennax will only be turned to when it's needed. Needed because Cousins can't answer a bell. I'm not going to go that I'm as certain on that as I, as certain for it by going in the direction of I'd eat an item of Del Tufo's clothing. I wouldn't do that. What you did earlier.

I'm very I'm very comfortable. I said that and that Brandon Ayuk is not holding out all 17 regular season games. Well you better really hope he doesn't. He's not going to because his contract wouldn't toll.

He needs to at least play a certain amount of time. Well maybe he heard about this and wants to see Del Tufo's. No, no. I'm pushing back on the not the notion that Brandon Ayuk would hear what we're saying. Of course everybody hears.

Everybody listens. You're the OG of the NFL network because a guy on Venice Beach told me the other day. I'm just saying. True story.

Again I'm sure. Was it Fletch? No it wasn't Fletch.

Wasn't Fletch on roller skates. So that was funny. All right let's take a moment to dial folks want to chat with us. That's great.

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Slows full terms at Rockman just out of the blue. Where were you when you sent this tweet Chris? Oh I mean was that on a Sunday? Was it a Sunday night? Don't remember.

I was probably just at home. And you just said if the Eagles make the playoffs I'll take a bite out of Mike Del Tufo's hat. You said I will take a bite out of Mike Del Tufo's hat? Yeah. Eagles have made the playoffs and you have avoided the inevitable for a week.

That ends now. I just sliced up a one inch by one inch cut out of Mike Del Tufo's Callaway hat and I placed it like little Easter eggs into the half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Take a bite. Here we go.

Here you go. Rockman is taking a bite. Did you get a piece of the hat there? I think you did. You're the one who chose the peanut butter too. Are you standing nearby? Nope.

We don't. It's part of the hat sticking out. I didn't get it all. Oh that is a that is an awful piece right there in that in that sandwich. No you may not. Oh yeah. As long as you eat it.

As long as you eat it. Keep going. Keep going. I didn't go through.

Oh man this piece is like right in my tooth. Why did you even do this? Chris you didn't have to. You took the McLovin. Because the Eagles stink. You took the McLovin baby. They're terrible. Oh my god.

That was Sunday. Radio audience I can't even tell if that's a piece of glistening jelly or a piece of a glistening gel a jelly glistened del tufo hat piece. Down it. Just I feel like I'm talking to Taylor eating her broccoli. Just eat it and we'll get off your case. Oh he just went one bite. He finished it. This is not going to be good.

Because that is peanut butter and it is jelly and it is del tufo hat and you just jammed literally three inches by three inch piece of sandwich. It was a proud day for my future son. Oh my god.

And then the world shut down two months later. I don't know if this is related. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just out buy. Congratulations to you Chris. Thank you sir. For what? For how you kicked the show off today. Well you got the duck boat parade.

Oh man. Right. Poor Zingus is throwing out hats to everybody. Got that going on.

Hauser, Luke Cornette will have forever more rings than Joel Embiid. Tom Brady's gonna get a statue in front of Gillette. He had that wonderful.

What's the pose? Just like doing this probably. Ceremony. No I would for his hall of fame ceremony I would say if I had a guess it would be full screaming LFP. Like the end of the crazy train punch that he would give to the corner of Gillette running out with Brian Hoyer or Jimmy Garoppolo or Jacoby Rissette. It should honestly just be him and Bill talking to each other. No I think it's him. If I was choosing what's the Brady it would be him just full let's go.

That's what I would do. So it's all working for you. Red Sox hottest team in baseball right now. And they didn't have to have Grimace throw out a pitch? No. So there you go. Oh and Ramondre Stevenson got paid. My guy. He was your guy. You were the first to talk about him on this program. I saw him turning kicks right in the face. I saw him play special teams and I just was like yo let's get him the ball. Let's get him the rock.

And Ramondre is like this son. And the question I have here is is the running back market getting going up slowly but surely. What do you get 17 guaranteed? Got this information from Ben McWilliams. Thank you Ben of NFL Network Research.

He got this off of spot track. That you take a look at the top running backs in the national football league contracts this year. And Saquon got paid and McCaffrey's got that two-year APY of 19 million. And Josh Jacobs got his APY of 12 million. And there's Ramondre four years 36 million. His APY is nine million. Joe Mixon got his APY of eight and a half million. Now again in comparison to say you know Justin Jefferson getting 35 a year. Okay that you add Saquon's APY with McCaffrey's APY this year and it doesn't even equal Justin Jefferson's APY. Right. Okay.

Right. But this off-season eight running backs you had DeAndre Swift, Derrick Henry and Tony Pollard. DeAndre Swift's APY is eight million.

Henry eight million and Pollard seven point three. Eight running backs signed multi-year contracts worth at least seven million per year on average this off-season. There were only five such contracts signed by running backs the previous three years combined. So let me repeat that from 2021 through 2023 only five running backs signed a contract with an annual per year average of seven million plus and we've seen eight this off-season alone.

Can I can I take your words and and put them back at you? Hold on a minute the fourth four of the largest contracts signed by an unrestricted free agent running back in NFL history were signed this off-season. Saquon, Josh Jacobs, Henry and DeAndre Swift. The number one largest annual per year salary for an unrestricted free agent running back. All right. So we're not talking like an extension like McCaffrey.

Right. By his own team where one running back switched teams and got paid the best ever. Saquon of 12.6 million APY of 12.6 million APY is the second best.

Okay. You want to guess who's number one on that list? Went from one team to another an annual per year average 13.1 million. I'll give you a hint.

It was 2019. Went from one team to another running back highest annual per year pay handed to that free agent. Want to take a guess? Adrian Peterson? Nope. You want to take a guess?

I'm trying to play. His name is Le'Veon Bell when he went from the Steelers to the Jets and everyone's like well Le'Veon went ahead and stuck to his guns and it worked out for him and then the rest of everything else happened. Did you see he tweeted out some angry tweet in the direction of Adam Gase?

Yeah I saw that. So that's the setup to say we're seeing APYs being given out that are some of the highest that we've seen given out and we've seen the number of contracts in just this off season dwarf the same number of contracts over the three previous years combined for running backs. And my retort is cap's gone up money's got to go somewhere this is not an actual reflection on the league's value on the position.

You might be right and I still don't understand it. Yeah. I don't understand it although you could sit here and say boy the Jets got burned for giving that money to Le'Veon Bell and then kind of you know what happened with Zeke and the Cowboys that's another example you know the other guys who had the largest APY on unrestricted free agent contracts for running backs fourth all-time 8.6 million was given to D'Angelo Williams by Carolina.

Oh yeah. And then eight million bucks given to Henry and Swift this off season were given to unrestricted free agents Melvin Gordon of Denver in 2020 and Philadelphia gave that much to DeMarco Murray in 2015 and that's the answer you hear is like what do those guys do? I'm just saying we're seeing a devaluing of the position financially but when rubber meets road during the games these are the guys they turn to not the wide receivers just don't. These are the guys they turn to McCaffrey with a the Niners turn to McCaffrey in the the overtime of the Super Bowl the Colts turn to Jonathan Taylor. I know that well I mean they had to do they had to get some points on the board Chris Jones kind of blew that play up on on inside the five let's not forget you know it's not like the Chiefs just fell off the turnip truck with some jamoke. Fell off the turnip truck. So you know Jonathan Taylor we were joking with our friend in Vancouver when he was doing the win-loss game for the Colts it was just like hey and he's like Jonathan Taylor we're gonna throw him a pass to beat the Texans in week one I'm like just make sure he's on the field and one time he wasn't on the field in that de facto playoff game.

That's where they went down the hill. Let's go to Corey and Balmer right here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up Corey? Hi Rich how you doing?

What's on your mind sir? Two weeks ago the wonderful T.J. Johnson gave his predictions on his Cowboys. Let's do the Ravens! Okay sir one thing first you've already taken a loss it's T.J. Jefferson but it's okay Corey it's all good it's all good you want to start again hold on a second here we go let's give them all again. Corey in Baltimore you're here Corey is here on the Rich. What's up Corey? How y'all doing?

Be more in the building. What's up? What's on your mind Corey?

Two weeks ago the wonderful T.J. Jefferson gave his predictions on his Cowboys. Let's do the Ravens! Let's do it! Let's do it! Okay here we go give us some music. Are we sure this isn't Stavi baby?

It's very very possible. At the Chiefs on an opening night the whole country's settling and football's back. What happens Corey? We get the dub. You get the dub. Home for the Raiders.

That's a dub. At the Dallas Cowboys. That's a tricky game bud. They don't pull it out with a W. Dude here's Corey. Who closed down Texas Stadium with a win? Who did that?

Who did that? Well you got the greatest kicker of all time and Justin Tucker I mean come on. Dude Willis McKay he helped close that building for the for the uh for the Ravens.

That's old stuff though. 3-0 home for the Bills. We're gonna take the loss there. Oh 3-1 at the Bengals. That's a W. 4-1 home for the commanders. Oh that's a W. All right they rule the mid-Atlantic for sure right? 5-1 at the Bucks on a Monday night.

That's a loss right there. Oh 6-2 at the Browns. Now here's the thing the Browns they play the Bengals the week seven and then they gotta play us the week eight so that's a win.

Okay interesting thought process there. 6-2 home for the Broncos. That's a dub. 7-2 home for the Bengals on a Thursday night short week. We're going I think that's an L for us.

That's an L okay I had you down for a win there. Okay one two three four five six seven and three at the Steelers. Oh now that's a tough one but I feel like they're gonna get the W on the road. Eight and three at the Chargers on a Monday night the Harbaugh. Now the Chargers they gotta play the Bengals the previous week and we play Steelers and that's what like a seven-day rest for us but John's the supreme brother the Ravens gonna get that win.

All right so now it's what's the wooden one two three four five six seven eight nine and three home for the Eagles. That's a tough game right there but what do you got I feel like we're gonna squeak out a win. Ten and three off the bye at the Giants. Oh that's a W that's a revenge for Lamar.

Eleven and three against the Steelers on a Saturday night. That's a W. Twelve and three Merry Christmas at Houston. Now the thing about that we us and the Texans we both have a three day rest.

Yeah you know you got the same thing. Yeah and the Texans they gotta play the Chiefs so that could go either way but I feel like that's gonna be a loss for us. Oh boy okay and then home for the Browns. That's a W. One two three four L's that means you think they're a 13 and four season thank you for the call appreciate it that's Corey in Baltimore 13 and four and seen okay that's a that's a lot but it's a good Raven squad I guess so it is a good Raven squad losing home to the Bills at Tampa home to the Bengals on a Thursday night and at the Texans those are some interesting choices of locations of losses. Okay it's a Friday it's time for what's more likely right here on the Rich Eisen Show. You know what let's let's take a break and we'll come back and do that and do all sorts of phone calls as well how does that sound for you.

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All right envelope one two three or four Chris you choose three three here we go opening up three can I have the music please you got that music for me there there we go very good when I hear this I'm like wondering to myself who's into it more the guy playing the flute or the drums who's like really killing it like yeah I'm gonna be a flute guy I got prices right games going on here all right here we go this is this time winning time oh yeah you know you remember I did a voiceover for that winning time the rise uh beat the rise of beat beat LA this HBO it's the episode beat LA I just watched this yesterday uh Chris Brockman the residual check is how much again uh Jaylen Brown we're number seven that's banner 18 seven dollars eighteen cents seven eighteen closest without going over Jay Feli I'm gonna go six thirty six thirty TJ Jefferson I'm gonna say they ain't cheap I'm gonna say you got twenty nine dollars and seventeen cents well gentlemen I hate to inform you the actual retail check of my residual from winning time is one dollar and sixty four cents you're all way TF over wow there you go there you have it see now we don't unfortunately no no no no it's okay we'll do it again the next hour we'll do it with Chris Mannix all right take my name so you think that you need to listen to the drummer before you decide whether the flautist or the drummer's into that morning back here in the rich eyes and show the flutist back here everybody the flute player isn't it it's isn't it a flautist flutist I don't know what I would have thought you eat a flauta okay very good you can hire a pickle opener all right ready set griddle this grilling season folks get the Weber slate rust resistant griddle with a carbon steel cooktop that is safe for metal tools it's pre-seasoned ready to cook on right out of the box it's the griddle that stays ready not rusty it heats evenly edge to edge this griddle reaches up to 500 degrees there's a Weber works prep cook and store system that keeps cooking supplies handy you can carry all the food condiments and utensils you need get fired up for your new Weber slate rust resistant griddle Mike in North Carolina has something to say he's got a piece of his mind he wants to give what's up Mike hold on multiple mics no sorry uh line four Mike line four Mike what's up Mike in North Carolina um hold on um I just want to talk about Chris yep he is so hard on Trevor Lawrence and you guys may have covered this already um but I've missed the last couple days it's okay what do you got I don't understand why we meet hard on Trevor Lawrence but not on that Prescott you don't watch this show then Mike don't get me wrong I watch the show all the time thank you sir but this time he's been awful hard on Trevor and Trevor's home he didn't leave for three years all right well hold on a second I've got I've got two questions for you first of all who are you telling to hold on first who is that how do we who's there with you Mike that you're like hold on my dog was who's the dog what do you got who's the dog the dog's dog is right here with me is your okay is your dog named Trevor did you name your dog after Trevor Lawrence no he's Fred fantastic Fred what kind of dog is Fred I'm the same Eddie that picked the um the Giants to do so good last year okay so so why do you why why do you why do you think Chris is being too tough on Trevor Lawrence Mike well the first year like you said he didn't have a coach regardless and in the next few years he's done all right and he got hurt last year if he hadn't got hurt I do believe that they made the playoffs okay all right thank you very much I appreciate it and Mike I agree with you it's not personal against Trevor Lawrence I like him as a player I think he's very very talented he would admire his hair I'd kill with his hair 275 million though come on what what movie was was the hush puppy named Fred was there a famous uh Fred is the name of the dog and smoking the band smoking the bandit that's what it sounded like it sounded like Mike in North Carolina Mike is trying to run from Beaufort justice junior it's a basset hound Fred right is that the name that's right Fred the bass that's what could you imagine if he's like my Fred's a basset hound remember we we remade that open and we had we had a basset hound that's right wasn't he deaf by the way that was one of my favorite you had to uh get his attention but yes our sound was deaf our Super Bowl show open where I dressed as as Burt Reynolds Susie was just like when she saw me as Burt Reynolds she was like huh she thought about number four looking at me differently she thought about number four at that moment and no no you know why because then she saw Del Tufu as Beaufort justice it ruined the room but that was great that was great that was for the Atlanta Super Bowl well this one the open was better than the actual Super Bowl we went to go cover really bad game except for the result for you of course um okay let's uh let's get to it it's a Friday and it's time for What's More Likely presented by T. Rowe Price what what's more likely never say never but never all right let's get to it Chris what do you got hey what's up guys happy Friday hey everybody good yep you're good I'm great thank you I'll always be a champ that hoots uh how about this quarter let's get right to it quarterback in a new home to get back to the playoffs Russ or Russell Wilson Kirk Cousins what up cousins I'm gonna go Kirk Cousins I'm still gonna go Kirk Cousins the Steelers are out so who's back so who replaces them I'm not gonna I'm not gonna I'll say just I'll say how about this the uh the Falcons last longer how about that that's not really the question that's the question I just I still gotta see it from Russ just still gotta say not the not the guy who's 36 suffering Achilles that's correct interesting that's correct I think both guys are gonna come off the Achilles looking like they didn't miss a beat meaning Kirk and Rogers that's correct but Russ actually played last year you don't like my answer ask him if you want a better answer I think you're down on Russ 26 what do you think I don't like would you disagree with what I'm saying that's what I'm saying you're down on Russ you're taking Russ tonight with a bad team and everybody thought he played bad Steelers offense they're gonna run the football we're still gonna throw for 4 000 yards this year right okay the hands in the defense the Steelers okay what else leave the ball in the hands of the defense what else all right uh Kyle Murray thinks the Cardinals could have a top five offense this year I saw that quote wow who's more likely to have the better offense this season let's go Cardinals or the Bears I'll go the Bears I'll go the Bears really yes sir did I stutter I'll go Bears I mean he did not stutter I didn't stutter I mean dude I know about I know about Maserati Marv I get it guy right there right we just had James Connor on now I get it okay I don't mean I'm not disrespecting James Connor joining the show dude dude I'm James Connor I feel that way okay I wish James Connor was on the Bears because they think the Bears are gonna have a better offensive season all right and I I if Maserati Marv is like a 10 out of 10 Roma Dunze is what like 9.88 9.95 okay got it right 9.99 and then is DJ Moore or the equivalent or Keenan Allen or the equivalent walking through that door in in Arizona it's a good point they got three Bo Derricks out there wide receiver um D'Andre Swift is no slouch Caleb Williams let me you don't have to talk me into the Bears okay I'll give you my answer and I've given you my answer I wanted to throw it out there I don't know why everything needs to be questioned but make no mistake what else Marvin Harrison fans here well Brockman guys the tight end position I saw what he did in attempting to beat Michigan I saw it here you go what I saw what he did he had their losses to Michigan we're not because of him we're not because of him guys the tight end position is back tight end you is going on this week yes it is I want to celebrate the Y position spider tube wild banana man sophomore tight end to go for a thousand yards this year put Laporta or Sam Laporta Dalton Kincaid Kincaid who we hmm I I I Laporta was close enough closer to it last year than I saw I'll go with him he was Kincaid although Kincaid might get a little bit more of Josh Allen's attention because of the wide receiver room being potentially less than because both Gabe Davis and Stefan Diggs are gone that said Keon Coleman's there I'm trying to go back and forth here I'm sounding out my answer like I'm on Millionaire can I phone a friend so many good um I'll go Laporta I agree with that Sam Laporta's I mean Kincaid's nice too but Laporta was Laporta was that too yeah yeah Laporta looked the part yeah Kincaid did as well and he may be in that direction but you're asking me what's more likely I'll go Sam Laporta I'll be happy to have either one of these guys as my starting fantasy tight end this year Chris I mean think about it you could get 10 guys maybe at the tight end position to go for this to go for a thousand yards this year what's more likely bright Kelsey Evan Ingram Kittle what's more likely Joku what's more likely either one of those guys has more receiving yards than Brock Bowers or vice versa oh Brock Bowers has to contend with Michael Mayer's already there showing some flashes was a high draft pick okay obviously Devante Adams there who's got it who's the quarterback I like the Gardner Minshew who just had the greatest the same stats as Trevor Lawrence yeah the greatest photo session in the history of quarterback photo sessions he kind of did this thing so okay what else I like it all right yes you can switch to music oh right here we go how about this one finishes their first year which coach new coach finishes their first year in Los Angeles with a better winning percentage JJ Reddick or Jim Harbaugh correct how dare you JJ Reddick or Jim Harbaugh let me tell you something Jim Harbaugh is going to be plus I'm not talking about plus excuse me winning percentage if I say nine and eight is still 55 percent right right right if I say he's plus five that's 10 and seven so is that what you're saying you're saying plus five I would say plus five the Chargers are plus five they're 10 and seven what is that 59 percent and then what were the Lakers this year that would mean the Lakers would have to go 48 and 34 okay thank you for the math I'll go Jim Harbaugh I'll go JH over JJ 48 wins the loss it's also alphabetically appropriate as well JJ JH finning just in front of JJ right yep one letter a couple percentage points oh the Lakers what I'm saying Lakers were 47 and 35 I got it and they bounced their coach the plus plus one versus plus five I like it Chris well done we boy we parsed that down to the decimal point there I sounded it out thank you for doing the math you're much better at math than googling much better math 660 man no question wow all right uh this is Mitch special here to I mean you know a judge just keeps hitting what happened to the other 1400 points 140 points I don't know I might okay I might have just got it okay blanked what were you in verbal say I feel like I got like a 12 20 or something okay on the SATs yeah okay now it's more than the SATs I don't know I'll let you know I'll let you know in a couple years more home runs at the all-star break Otani or judge judge just keeps hitting bombs he had 27 last night go Tony's at 22 I don't know what the Orioles gonna keep throwing at him they're throwing it you guys are throwing it guys too I don't know all because Soto ran into their third baseman one-sided oh you guys have a nice rivalry going that's great now how it's not much of a rivalry they're kicking the Yankees tails took three or four and two or three so what else um I will go with I'll go judge I'll go judge I just like the sound of the ball of Otani's bat why don't you because he might be the greatest living ball player as we discussed yesterday we need to talk about it what else do you think we need one more okay all right we'll get one what's happening guys this was our one more last week but there's still no answer who's more likely to resurface first Aaron Rodgers or Mike Del Tufo it's been a whole week and neither has shown their face on a second to America or the world I gotta I gotta I need I need all information here because you know when I say when Rodgers is gonna resurface it's gonna be at that Tahoe event on July 14th so three weeks do you have isn't that his schedule me no I mean I got the answers you do have the but it doesn't mean he's going to show up that's true you know because you said you said this week Tuesday he pegged Tuesday as the day to come and then didn't make it right yeah you thought he was going to be here yesterday is he slated to be here next week uh July 8th you might see him eighth that's a long time that's the 21st I told you last week don't come I'm still gonna go with we're gonna see Del Tufo's shadow first it's gonna be it's gonna be it's gonna be it's gonna be a short summer it's gonna be a short summer on the longest day of the year unfortunately I keep seeing Del Tufo in my instagram dms he keeps sending me these dumb cowboy fans I mean so I'm gonna block him today basically so Balake oh hey listen listen I I again I think Rodgers we that's when we're gonna see him next is at the Tahoe event because there's no like famous horse race or anything like that uh no I'll no Triple Crown it's gonna be going to the SBS the SBS or SBS or after the Tahoe are there any rallies or anything before before it's that week maybe yeah all right there you have it are there any rallies he might be I thought it out interesting I thought that was well thought out uh that was much more likely presented by T. Rowe Price when you invest directly with T. Rowe Price you get an experienced partner who empowers you to invest your way so you can meet your financial goals visit T. Rowe to start your personal investment journey and put a pin in that because I think that's the way we're going to end what's more likely next friday too it might be three weeks in a row I don't know it's like it's and Grimace didn't even have to throw out the first what's more likely to keep this streak alive fantastic all right so Mannix is in studio next hour um and we've got uh we've got Jake Paul to talk about with him what do you think what can we bring up to him to make his moral his eyes about the well Jake Paul replaced uh Mike with us an opponent so he's got a real fight on the 20th okay Mike Perry uh Ryan Garcia just got banned for a year apparently yeah okay so I mean do you have a basketball what's more like I do I have a basketball what's more likely for Mannix fantastic and then we have a full phone bank I love it I love it this phone bank is like the summer solstice it's the longest of the year we love it we got big teams on the uh yeah and the win-loss we got a lot to talk about next hour it'll be great our final hour taking you to the longest weekend of the year fun stuff that's hour number two in the books here on this summer solstice friday still here on the Roku channel all right you want to do another uh residual yeah yeah what do you got to do that uh envelope one two or four tj jefferson one two or four you choose envelope in honor of the four horsemen we'll go with number four okay very good can I get the music again listen to them listen to the drum the drum is very subtle like three years ago you know the drummer wherever he is that beatnik was really just loving doing this he was smoking a cigarette right he was the guy playing the flute probably looks like Bob Ross right I don't know why I'm thinking that listen to this music all right uh wow that's my boy and it's seven different payments for the film oh let me thank in advance Adam Sandler and Jack G for putting me in this movie at the end it was my voice only another voice only situation at the end of that's my boy rex ryan was in the scene as well uh it's for internet rental uh s vod free tv electronic sell through whatever the hell that is uh dvd video slash dvd all together and the actual retail price chris is uh eighteen dollars and seven cents all right uh jay fella play us one smart one dollar one dollar tj jefferson twenty two dollars and seventy five cents and the winner is the actual retail prices jay fella you have won what it is the combined amount of eleven dollars and 77 cents lunch on rich that's my check and you sir are my boy oh thank you well done he's been waiting a long time to hear you say those words to him and we to play us out is Bob Ross with the flute Chris Maddox our three hey guys welcome to the candy valentino show i'm candy valentino i was a founder before i could legally order a drink and for more than two and a half decades i've built scaled acquired and exited multiple businesses in diverse industries now my goal is to help you by sharing the knowledge that i've learned the mistakes that i've made and the wisdom that i've developed over my journey bi-weekly episodes every monday and thursday the candy valentino show wherever you listen you
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