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10.3.22 - JR SportBrief Hour 1

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October 4, 2022 1:36 am

10.3.22 - JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sport Brief / JR

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Rocket mortgage can help you get there almost solutions that fit your life rocket kid. Happy Monday. Hope you had a terrific weekend to be hanging out here with you for the next four hours I get started that start 10 PM Eastern zone 7 PM Pacific on the enjoined right now by super producer and host Dave Sheppard and I'm glad that you're here got a lot to do. Obviously a Monday Night Football matchup going on right now, this moment, the second between the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams, and at this moment, about five minutes left in the third San Francisco leads 14 to 6.

So the ramps trying to avoid going to ensue on the season.

San Francisco there trying to go to ensue just flat. Seems like half the damn NFL is just to ensuing. We gotta figure out who are the pretenders who are the contenders in. It's still early so we have times and what is a 17 game so late. Speaking of that slate. This is the final game of week four.

Obviously, when the games done were going to talk about it all, but throughout the course of the show will go to get into the ravens.

They know how to blow a game. It seems like they they just always went about like 20 in any choking away team in their own division. You got a look at Steelers they have finally passed the baton from Mr. Bilski to Kenny Pickett if you can send you one last night Sunday Night Football. We saw Patrick Holmes is like Magic Johnson would a football we saw those chiefs take care of the Buccaneers we seen the Eagles continue to just just win games. The Giants Giants 01 is a not a get ready to go to London we saw pretty cool London game yesterday. The saints that they couldn't kick their way back to America, they lose to the Vikings so we got a lot to get into the NBA is back in preseason. More specifically, if I want to pinpoint any one then Simmons is actually playing basketball. I could tell you two highlights. I'm not watching no preseason game, but I've seen a Ben Simmons dunk and I've seen a Ben Simmons midrange clinic so I guess you can assume that Ben Simmons is in midseason form major league baseball. Their season is coming to a close in a few days the braves appear to be in complete control of the National League East hour and judge the Yankees win but our judge doesn't have a homerun Albert Poulos. Guess what he did. He had another home run tonight. Number 703 and Albert pools also moved up. He is now second all-time in RBIs for career he passed Babe Ruth hammer and Hank Aaron still number one.

So we got a lot to do a lot to discuss here over the next four hours before I do anything before I talk to anyone simple shop. How you doing down here Monday night with you watching Monday night football, I have no complaints.

My friend, how are you I'm okay again, could be better. You are gay could get 14 sticks game its offenses on both sides a like black and wait a minute that we might have a score here without a field goal coming up yet.

We did 14 to 9. The ramps just kicked a field goal and I got a whole quarter to come back here and try to move the record to three and one brought thinks in seven-year things a good shot by I can dig it. Did you have a good weekend. Did I did. It's not good we can as Albert pools, Nadia Molina, but I had a good weekend and thank you yeah Albert pools were way to go out right he's going out hot in the city and coming back but man if I was hidden 23 home runs at 42 a potentially competing for the championship come back 24 now maybe 25 bed. Tomorrow will listen. He needs to know. Maybe share some of that with with our judge. That's he's in Texas now. It doesn't appear that I don't know yet you still have some time left okay but our judge that that homerun to break the record American League number 62. It's like everybody's waiting. And that hasn't come so maybe Albert pools needs to share some of that will will get into that. I do want to start off the show here so far tonight but let you notice, you can always holler at me the number. It's 855-2124 CBS. That's 855-2124. CBS could also follow me online.

I am at GR sport brief on all social media a shop where wicked people find and follow you meant they can find me at the good Shepherd_beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful before we even got or I should say that, to start off week four of the NFL season on Thursday night football. We saw the dolphins and we saw the bangles and the big story that came out of that game on Thursday as we basically are concluding week for right now was the fact that swansong of Lowell went out there and play football only a couple of days after hitting his head on the turf dolphins that it was of back injuries fallen and flopping around, comes back in place. Thursday has to know he hits his head on the turf again goes to the hospital gets on the team plane and the dolphins and Coach Mike McDaniel. They are just saying listen. The doctor cleared him what what you want from me I'm not gonna run anybody out there to play if he's not healthy, well over the weekend, as I'm sure you've heard by now that Dr. the independent evaluator the independent neurologist who clear to was fired. They were given the boot in the NFL and the players Association on Saturday they put out a joint statement and they both basically said we're going to change and adjust our concussion protocol like right now and it's actually something that needs to happen. I'm glad that they're not waiting for another massive head injury. Anything that happens to be just even towing the line of consideration, and so that's crazy that that's a place over the weekend. I'm actually surprised that they didn't even wait until Monday so go ahead and announce this because the that the back-and-forth over will tool was fine. He was in his head.

It was only his back is just glad we got that the heliport out the way I mean even the last time we spoke to Mike McDaniel. This was the latest that he gave us onto his status and by the way to when they take on the New York Jets. The dolphins next to it won't participate. This will Mike McDaniel had to say.

It's too early to give a definite timeline I can comfortably say that he will be out for this game against the Jets but anything beyond that were again were just focused on making sure he's optimum health, and then crossing the bridge so it's a little early for defendant timelines. Beyond that, yeah that's how it should work which may, in brain the last time I checked you only get one. Hey Shep, have you ever heard of a brain transplant is a level worked to my knowledge. You get one you can transplant all types of things and maybe your body will reject it. Maybe not, but a brain you get one, you better treat a good limit at that that commercial shop with hey this is your brain on drugs and it was an egg kind of time. This is yet another was I don't own. There was a commercial from like the late 80s early 90s like this is your brain like this is your brain on drugs and he showed a egg frying in the pan like you. You only get one and dammit you better take care of it and so I don't think anyone outside of I guess the fans and the media in Miami. It's like let's will just sit down for as long as he needs to sit down. This is nobody trying to sit down and watch tule watches head bounce off of the field. We don't we don't need that anymore so it's good to know that he is not gonna participate in that game against the Jets. We don't need to see him get well soon to go for him and me while speaking of the New York Jets.

I can't believe this. The New York Jets actually won a football game in Pittsburgh yesterday, of all places prior to entering into yesterday's game.

The New York Jets think they one on one meeting out of the last 11 with the Steelers.

That was until yesterday you had a returning Zach Wilson who had a tale of two half second half. He was absolutely alighting it up and then even speaking of lining it up. The Pittsburgh Steelers they actually employed there first-round draft pick Kenny Pickett to try to light them up in the second half of the game. Kenny Pickett's first quarterback taken in the draft this year. Number 20 overall.

They wallows conversations about his hands. His hands too small.

Plan NFL Steelers didn't give a damn. The draft of the guy and so we know this for a fact he took the baton for Mr. Bilski Stravinsky has just been babysitting the position not able to get the ball down the field.

He's been a crap quote "game manager and so Kenny Pickett comes on to start the half yesterday the Steelers were down 10 six they ended up going up 2010 before the jet scored two touchdowns late in the game and Kenny Pickett sure first time he threw three INC's body also provided the spark's two rushing TDs. He went out there and showed life enough life that Mike Tomlin basically said yes. Next game Kenny Pickett will be out there as our starter when it comes down to why Kenny Pickett even started the second half yesterday and not Stravinsky to finish things out was a coach. Tomlin is always fun to listen to start. We spark that we didn't do much harm in the first half not enough offensively and provided sparkles it while you spark things up so much.

You will be start the next day. How about we hear from Kenny Pickett.

How did you feel when you ate your debut against the Jets want to come in and when such religious emotions, disappointment come out with the outcome. You work so hard for something that you learn from it and move on.

Yeah, it's the Jets. I guess a coach's Allah will be running around talking about the receipts and all the teams. I thought that they were no good. I still think the Jets are no good. We just have to see what happens with Zach Wilson and so this sounds crazy.

It's almost sounds dirty to say the Steelers have a record of one and three in we all knew this was going to be a developmental year for the Steelers and we still have time. We don't think they going to go to the playoffs. We know they're not going to win a championship, but man one and three on all my friends and and in Pittsburgh they in anticipating this, then I feel in this.

It won't get any easier because the next game for Kenny Pickett and Steelers Scobee against Buffalo. A good lunch on outscore them. That might be a complete ass woman and I'm sorry. My apologies.

Everybody in Pittsburgh all about the be one and four. It's a disaster. Speaking of a disaster. I don't know what the hell is going on with the ravens to talk about them.

On the other side of the break.

855-2124 CBS before we do that Chris is here from Toronto what's up Chris how are you buddy great show as always my love show on what I would propose quickly. I really can't believe we met in one of the things you have to say about it. You 700 and and and three homers and and now past Ruth for her the most RBI thing like I mean, that is, sustained greatness, uniting over a long career. I remember you now to 2.0 me quickly. What I remember somebody asked Tiger Woods no the definition of greatness in his definition was sustained greatness over a prolonged period of time.

You know, everybody can play great on Friday but let you click read over the weekend overseas in over eight years and also I think it's crazy to see what he's doing and that the other day I was just kind of searching around YouTube when you're kind of bored and I watched up occlusal pools first home run the color commentator said that's a great home run not seen this guy batting practice. He can really hit them out. You got great plate awareness. I have a feeling this is not the first one organist you this guy make it look we know number one of 703 home runs coming up manual right so just great to see that sustained greatness anarchy.

He was he was great to watch and fun to watch from the beginning because watching Albert pools play baseball. He seemed always that he was especially earlier on in his career when he got out to Los Angeles or Anaheim. I should say and in and sign that contract.

He was, I want to say a shell of himself, but injuries condo took over, but in that early half of his career. He was just like a grown man playing baseball against his sons. He was absolutely abusive to the opposition. Whoever was on the mound. At that time, and so to see his career and in such a way it's it's awesome because for as many years as he's been in the forefront you've never heard a negative word never seen a negative story I he's been a class act and Internet just that that that just punctuates what he's been able to do out there on the baseball field so I'm with you Chris.

It's amazing what he's done and you know it's it's not done. Do I think the cards are going to go out there and win a World Series. No, no, I don't, but the more at-bats that we see from Albert pools to end this I say the better. One thing I think in you give me your pain is like an enemy, know the effect of approval talking to Britt about him.

I mean at his age like he is here talent have to be diminished, so he's up there hitting like that because arguably probably one of the smartest hitters in all of baseball meant to be able to continue doing yeah I think they get it. Part of it has to be tells I think there is a feeling of finality from him. You nailed it. He was always a smart hitter. I just think over the past few years.

His body didn't always cooperate me, even for the Dodgers last year and in limited action after he was in O'Connor going from the Angels to the Dodgers.

He still had power and so it's it's not a shock.

Is he going out there and batting 340 and driving in 140 and 40 home runs. No, no, he's not, but we still know he's an excellent header at 42 and I guess this is the way he'll go out if you were to play a full season next year. Wouldn't surprise me if he was crap at any point in time because you know baseball sometimes you have it. Sometimes you don't. And right now he has it, and it's an amazing way for him to go out much love to Albert pools is he just keeps on rolling man 703 home runs now second all-time in RBIs.

Kudos to him our judgment and your you on the clock got a get the number 62 what we wait no it's the JR sport preshow here with you on CBS sports radio. Unfortunately, when we come back from break. I told you just Steelers not looking good is a downside to tell you about another team in their own division. They looking good as well and I guess they might be approaching it down, down, turn to. They are his children away games talking about the ravens the JR sport preshow here with you on CBS sports radio talk about those chokers we come back. You are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio show your wants to hear from you call him no. 855-2124 CBS. That's 855-212-4227 the JR sport preshow here with you on CBS sports radio right before we went to break. We talked about the awesomeness of Albert pools in another Cardinals victory tonight.

He hits home on number 703 he moves into second place all-time when it comes to career RBIs. He jumped above babe Ruth. Not too shabby. That just sounds sounds crazy to even say like every time I say the name Babe Ruth I go and I got made up Daisy's fake rightist guy was about hundred years ago is not even a real person. He's just a mythical cartoon character and so when you say all he passed. Babe Ruth just go down arrow and judge a couple weeks ago.

He ties and passes Babe Ruth passes is 60 home runs the American league so Babe Ruth is somewhere going Daniela to my stuff up. Anyway, speaking again toe up all man steel is getting tore up all over the place. The team that happens to compete in the vision with them the Baltimore Ravens. I have no idea what's going on with them.

They getting tore up to coach Hall bar is having to defend himself almost like a second consecutive year because of how aggressive he is and what am I talking about yesterday the Buffalo Bills beat the Baltimore Ravens. The final score 23 to 20. This sounds like an ongoing situation and story for the ravens because Buffalo trailed 20 to 3 in the second quarter. They came back to when it's the largest bills come back since 2011. They were tied 20 all in the fourth quarter. The ravens were right there on the goal line. They missed an opportunity to score on two runs. May you have a fourth-down the game is tied 20 all the hell do you do kick a field goal right now cultural bar wanted to go for six Lamar Jackson, he threw a pass.

It was intercepted taken down for touchback in the Buffalo Bills. What I do. They will go down in scoring kick and a habit of people in Baltimore say what are you doing we saw this last year. Five. Think about twice or cultural bar was being so aggressive and he missed an opportunity on points and it's it's always good. In hindsight, it's always good to talk about after the fact will it didn't work. You try to use it. It did this thing cultural biases will have to just flat start taking the points the bigger issue for the ravens is Danielle keep blowing these leads was only a couple weeks ago. Remember this against the root against Miami what's on the lower four touchdowns.

The fourth quarter they will end up losing 42 to 38 so Baltimore has a meeting with Cincinnati up next, and this just doesn't look good for Baltimore even even the offense of numbers in general for the game. And yes, it was wet. The weather was terrible. The remnants of hurricane Ian Orien would just up and down the East Coast. Lamar Jackson finished the day with 144 yards, one touchdown to alliance these wasn't like Josh Allen had any better of a game or the week he got the victory 213 yards, one touchdown, one INT and they both rush for about 70 yards between Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson individually just at the ravens cannot play a complete football game.

So when it comes down to what the hell happened at the end of the game. Lamar Jackson. He explained the interception was finally executed. I was turned down that one? No, but will be disappointed. Next, I will give you one all tardy for salon. It was Ted has of numbers on she was going home Garcia Ross open seem to correlate if they would see him like that boy underwear saw him as a way you is to develop know and an alarm monitor was that it ends up in my periphery is really nice to see was going to break it down to get back some more late. You know sometimes I feel like Lamar Jackson can't win for anything.

What the hell do you want this got to do here.

He threw an interception. He sees improved as a pastor is telling you he wanted to see the play develop is constantly criticized for trying to just run all the time cultural bar says listen man we go for for six and forget the field-goal okay yeah you can ask in foreign! I mean damn Lamar Jackson. By the way named IFC offense of player of the month as he should be. There's always will be. Folks are just fine.

An issue with her may do an interception you suck you not a quarterback you're running back with those the ball span can't catch a break. Let's see what happens in this next divisional matchup as Baltimore takes on a team that is showing some life in the Cincinnati Bengals starting off owing to moving their record to two into Baltimore's record is to into it's like half the dam and I fell stew into it. So we just have to wait a while.

Meanwhile, you have the Buffalo Bills.

They have a come back here against the ravens and if you take a look at their schedule and who they face next.

They have an opportunity to beat up on Pittsburgh and so expect the Buffalo Bills to move their record. So, for in one God knows what we have to get out of the ravens. Maybe they'll get a lead against the Bengals and maybe hold not looking too good right now the JR sport ratio here with you on CBS sports radio all we have an update on Monday Night Football, so will get that update on the other side have to update you. Unfortunately, on the Denver Broncos and also have some something interesting to share with you about Chino Smith's the JR sport ratio here with you on CBS sports radio you are listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio one of the Fed all radio right now and now you got and I know you are holy now 855-2124 CBS JR sport ratio here with you want CBS sports radio.

I know Emmanuel Babar Regis came through with an excellent excellent news update is another update since he delivered that news and information. We just got a pick six or at least we being the 49ers Matthew Stafford decided to throw a touchdown to the wrong team. And now with a little more than six minutes left in the game. The San Francisco 49ers lead the Rams 24 to 9. That's 24 to 9. The Rams are going to have to hope for a touchdown themselves. Maybe a little bit of defensive help. Maybe a pick six a fumble look on sidekick didn't have to hope for something just to get the victory here. The Rams right now have a record of to win one. San Francisco is one into Jimmy garrotte below.

Obviously at the helm, you know, Trey Lantz. He's done that ankle is cooked that we have to wait and see. Matthew Stafford in the fourth quarter this season. Three interceptions last season zero and now we've seen this alliance fans have seen this. Matthew Stafford throwing the ball to the wrong team. Dammit.

Even Rams fans have seen this, but we know what took place last year they ended up winning a championship so no harm no foul.

Not right now to start the season off the 855-2124 CBS.

This 855-2124 CBS right before we went the break.

We talked about the ravens. Now there blowing leaves blowing chances blowing opportunities and I do want to talk to you about what we know. The raters say they been blowing a lot of chances and opportunities to excel for yesterday.

The raters actually came away with the victory.

They beat the Broncos, who are now, obviously, led by Russell Wilson in the raters then no longer in a field by themselves. They got a W that not the biggest losers in the NFL have a record of 13. The Broncos sample 22 into this game basically went down to the wire. At one point Russell Wilson was able to run in a touchdown in and make the game 25 to 23 in the fourth but then Josh Jacobs who had an amazing game and he was able to rush in for touchdown before the two-minute warning and that was all she wrote. So the Broncos lost to the raters 33 or excuse me, 32 to 23, Josh McDaniels, who used to work for Denver he got himself a victory. Good for him. Josh Jacobs, 144 yards. I told you about a touchdown. Yet another one for two total raters sacked Russell Wilson three times.

We know sax is one of the things that Russell you typically care for when he was in in Seattle and I guess the raters should enjoy the victory while they can because they have to face Kansas City on Monday, but knowing that this is the raters. It might be a shoot out. Maybe they take a victory maybe they choke at the end, you never know what you will get when it comes down to the raters and for the Broncos you just heard Emmanuel Babar yummy. Russell Wilson is now dealing with the shoulder issue they going to host the Colts on Thursday so Russell Wilson has a busted shoulder on Sunday. He has to turn around and play on Thursday and it's just so wild situation.

You still got a rookie head coach Nathaniel Hackett and people are hacking away at his at his playcalling and then I know there's a lot of people look at Seattle and go well. Now the same record as the Broncos and Gino Smith, PA playing some shabby Nathaniel Hackett has had to do a lot of apologizing and explaining early on in his tenure as head coach of the Broncos in its it's no different than yesterday.

He talked about these these field situations that they end up and having to go all the way just to score what he had to say we can't go backwards. Obviously, especially with some of those penalties things like that. I thought there was a great one, and you won't want a vapor first and 30 battle back and scored on that drive, so the guys are still battling through that but those are things other self-inflicted wounds and whether it's a blocking pattern messing up and going backwards or, sack any of those things we just have to you better make sure people mean people don't hate this guy for long time and expense, the likeness and body.

Yet he's I hope they want to see him improve, I would like to see it. I don't know if it will happen, and by the way, this is this is not going to help matters of Javon say Williams you just heard in the news. He's out for the year torn ACL and so you know, typically, the Broncos employee a a to back front, not having the better of the backs available I think is obviously going to hurt them and Russell Wilson. He had a decent game yesterday 237 yards to touchdowns. I told you about that rushing TD that almost brought them back into the game at least broke the score down to two but it's you know you live in the twilight zone when people are talking about Gino Smith and how Russell Wilson is gone but Gino Smith so far this year's display better and Gino does have better numbers. All things considered, six touchdowns total for the year.

Gino has Russell Wilson asked for 1037 yards. Russell Wilson 980 not a large discrepancy. There and even the Seahawks. They got into a shootout yesterday with the Detroit Lions to the lines, no plane, no type of defense zero Gino Smith 320 yards passing yesterday to touchdowns. That's just in the air were shot Penny he was able to go out there. He rushed for 151 yards into touchdowns and sold that the lions weren't doing a damn thing to stop anybody on the ground in the air. It did not matter.

And so the Seahawks they have a record of two into. I know it's early. It's the same record as the Broncos and of course the comparisons to Russell and Gino have already started, and I feel like it's a little bit of a joke, not for Gino Smith, though, knowing that they beat Detroit by a field goal. Gino had to say about finishing up. One thing we talk about all the we we have been start fast enough and strong so we really talk about finish holiday you hats off to visit a great job mixing the look is a bunch of different challenging looks, but overall think we handled it well with the crowd noise. Our communication is great line played awesome again just continuing to better and better every week, which is such a positive sign in the overall mental playmaker showed up again showed up we kept the penalties down for the most part so you know every can do that change movement on how long and in good for them.

And when I say them.

The Seahawks good for them and good for Gino cement hasn't been this good since I don't know what West Virginia hey Shep, I'm expecting that God who calls like once every equals once a year and he talks about how Gino was like the greatest thing since since God gave us.

I don't know what electricity light and water, bread right well will be twice the year after tonight while you eat. This is the time to call the you know the stock right now. You know, it should be at an all-time high for Gino Smith and who knows me next week. The Seahawks are going to take on the Saints. I know that doubt.

That's a stocky way to lose double joint field goal in in the UK in the UK and I got a get on the plane so obviously wall is going to try to turn things around. We don't know the full status of of Jamison Winston Alvin Kammerer, etc. and I wouldn't be shocked if the Seahawks beat him and went three and two and we have to have another week of Gino mania.

I mean, all things considered, the Seahawks will take on the Saints will beat him Arizona we know Arizona is prone to choke that the charges only if they beat the charge. Especially Herbert Selby one yesterday, the New York Giants, surprisingly decent. Seems that the plaintiff sucked. They don't play it seemed that I would say is probably absolutely going to beat him until the middle of November. This Tampa Bay but let's be real here that Gino Smith ain't the guy for Seattle and it's almost comical that even at this point of the season we get the.

The comparisons we don't need Russell and look at Russell and Gino numbers almost the same and we don't need this from the case of of Russell Wilson. I mean, not that many think about was going on in Seattle thinking about his inexperienced head coach. He's thinking about the injuries that have already taken place and if there's one thing he can find solace in is that he has already gotten his contract extension and I gotta be honest here, I think that a lot of people, and correct me if I'm wrong Shep like there's a lot of folks were just sick of Russell Wilson. It is tied in a God by now. I think in me included. I'm just like you know what if this guy loses has a bad season out. I don't care. I think I think is how he has presented himself over the past year or so was just turned a lot of people off. No, I think that's I think that's fair. It's almost like robotic.

It is too good to be true quarterback that that seems to take the high road and of if it very very superficially and shared. Listen we got to be real about Russell Wilson. He looks 32 going on 42.

He can't move that he's not running around the same way that used to not even close.

I mean I remember this guy was a wizard with the football and he was impossible to bring down to the ground.

Now it seems like he's an easy target and not to mention the fact that you are and you alluded to this beforehand because Russell Wilson was not happy. He was not satisfied with the protection that he had last year but listen, the guy was six and eight. So he's coming in a losing quarterback last season. He has a better record now it's going to. Then he did last year.

Believe it or not. So this is not the Russell Wilson from 2014 2015 yet and we've we've heard that these these with us the concerns over the past several years with the Seahawks is that you had a a a segment of the organization who looked at Russell Wilson and said Otis Gallego move the way that he used to and it was another group who said all know we can we can still roll with him and win and when it came down to it, we we saw what happened. He's gone. He's in Denver, Seahawks of Gino Smith certainly don't believe Gino Smith is the long-term answer in Seattle.

He's pretty much a stopgap, but you gotta give Gino Smith credit for what he's been able to do so far here to start the season of Russell Wilson, man.

I'm expecting the Broncos to just just be average this year you got 17 games if they want eight or nine games. I think it might be a little bit more of the reality that you just gotta chalk it up to this is Russell Wilson's first year.

This is Nathaniel Hackett's first year. Let's just be happy that we we finished that even what the hell happens next season. I think that's when the pressure really comes on unless Nathaniel Hackett just completely sucks the rest of this year and tear. He's not playing in the vision were to the three best quarterbacks reside or anything like that. What we did we know it's tough.

I was about Russell was not looking at this year because it's only can you get more daunting. In the years to come is not his site is on the side of Mr. Mahon's Mr. Herbert, yet naughty, the AFC West is absolutely ridiculous if if they want to find a silver lining in anything, it's that the raters are just writers. I got a big win this weekend. Now if they got a big one this weekend, but you will. What am I going to see the offense of line collapse of the raters.

One is when is Derek Carr going to throw a crippling interception. You know Derek Carr will look great when we can and he'll look pedestrian.

The next step in this is unfortunately always something with the raters.

I'm not even going it will.

I guess I am. By mentioning this you know what is someone going to do something ridiculous away from the field.

I mean, these are unfortunately writer asked things.

So knowing that the Raiders finally got a victory yesterday and the only only one in three homeless that helps out the Broncos and I assume the raters will go one in four they got Kansas City on Monday as the jail sport ratio here with you on CBS sports radio will update you on Monday Night Football talk some baseball and basketball.

On the other side as well protect the flock and that requires an eye for detail because when safety and well-being on the line.

It's the details that they lie even when no one else is watching everything ranging here for you and all the ones who get it done with a wide range of products and solutions board certified safety consultant here to answer your question, call, just not by Granger one

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