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Looking at Super Bowl LVll from a former NFLers perspective

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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February 7, 2024 3:41 pm

Looking at Super Bowl LVll from a former NFLers perspective

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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February 7, 2024 3:41 pm

Mike Glennon, former NFL/NCSU QB, on the upcoming Super Bowl and looking at it from a former NFL/NCSU QB perspective.

Cam Newton put Brock Purdy into a “game manager” position. When Mike looks at Brock, what does he see? Who does Mike like for the Super Bowl? How does he see this game playing out and what will be the difference makers? Adam wants Mike to fill in the blank… “The Chicago Bears would be *blank* to not draft Caleb Williams 1st overall”. Who does Mike like when looking at Drake Maye vs Caleb Williams?


Would you consider what you said. When ever Patrick Mahomes takes the field, I don't know if the chief should ever be underdogs because every you know, every time you kind of doubt the chief, he just finds a way to get it done. And he's the best player on the planet. And if it weren't for, you know, a few Super Bowl waves away from Tom Brady, I don't think it's. It's not even too soon to say he's the best quarterback of all time. I mean, he's just, he's an unbelievable talent and he wins.

So if I don't see how the future underdogs see, here's the thing about it because there's two different conversations here and to bring it home. We could talk about it in terms of UNC basketball. Tyler Hans bro is the most accomplished player, maybe in UNC basketball history. But if anybody really thinks he's the best player that ever put on that uniform, they're nuts. There's probably 15 players who were better players than Hans bro.

But what Hans bro and teammates accomplished in his time stands above everything else. We're going to say that about Armando Baycott and the numbers he puts up. But it's possible that Mahomes is playing the position better than it's ever been played, even though Tom Brady's got what, seven Super Bowls.

Is that fair? I agree. Cause there's always kind of the argument with him, you know, us NFL people always just drool over watching Aaron Rogers film because you watch him make plays.

You're like, I can't do that. Right. And, and so it was always, well, Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time, but Aaron Rogers is the most talented. And then come along Patrick Mahomes and it's like, this guy might be more talented than Aaron Rogers. And he's awesome. He's the best football player in the world. He's the best football player on trajectory to catch up to Tom and Super Bowl.

So, um. Yeah, I mean, I think in football terms, you think it's in Tebow in the sense of arguably the greatest college football player of all time. But is he truly the you know the most the best one?

Probably not. But he just accomplished a lot where Mahomes is kind of the best of both worlds. We're not only is he winning Super Bowls and probably ever stepped on the football field. Who is the best college football player that ever played?

Is it Tebow? It's hard to argue against it. I mean, the guy won.

It did. What do you define as the best? Is it the most talented or the guy that wins? And Tebow had a way of winning, but I think it's probably safe to say there's been a lot of guys that are more talented than what he was. Can I, I'm going to say Bo Jackson.

Bo Jackson is the last college football player that made me go, Are you joking? Adam, I know we're both bald, but unfortunately, I was kind of those are for my time. Wow. Wow. That's Mike Glennon calling me old. Absolutely.

Just just shot me down calling me old, which is fair because find a lot. All right, when you watch Brock Purdy, because this has been this has come up. Our friend Cam Newton.

I say our friend like I've ever spoken to Cam Newton for all. I know you guys have a great relationship, but Cam Newton on his YouTube show at which I think is called fourth and one put Brock Purdy into a game manager category, which I don't really disagree with it. It doesn't have to be a negative connotation because I think there are great quarterbacks that are in that particular category. When you look at Brock Purdy, what do you see? I see a lot of guys that are in that category. I'd probably say top 10 quarterback in the NFL.

I mean, I don't I get the game manager. I get that he's not going to allow you with his athleticism. He's not going to allow you with arm strength. But it's almost in a sense. Drew Brees.

That's for me. I mean, I watched Cam Newton. Peace and he brought some good points. But basically, it was like if you're not. A dual threat. Then you're not a game changer. Like I don't even know what I'm talking about. I mean, it's a game changer where. You can do a lot of good things to win a lot of games. By being very accurate. Get the ball out on time and making plays with your legs when you need to and. When you watch that as the championship game.

I mean, Brock's pretty legs. Quite a huge role in that game. So, um, I Yes, he has one of the best play callers in all football. Yes, he's got great.

Are you for the end of the day? He's facilitating the ball with top-tier precision, which is hard to do. And I felt with guys right in his face. I like his game. I think he's not very he also seems like he's got some swagger to him that is contagious and you can tell the guys believe in.

I think we get caught up in labels, but was interesting to me. Is that the 49ers and I now I'm forgetting who they the Lions was the second game and I watched Ravens Chiefs and wondered where Lamar Jackson was like I knew Lamar Jackson was playing but for some reason Lamar Jackson wasn't doing Lamar Jackson things whether it was by design or Jackson just deciding that he wasn't like maybe he tried too hard to be what people demanded to see of him, which is you have to win from the pocket. Well, you have to win.

Nobody cares. How you win as long as you win and Brock Purdy did all the things that Lamar Jackson was supposed to be doing. What do you like 60 yards rushing on scrambles? No design runs 60 yards rushing in the in the second half. A lot of those late in the third quarter into the fourth.

So we did see a lot of those a lot of those other things. I think Purdy is just kind of an old-school timing passer to he throws to spots and he expects his receivers to be there and he's a great fit for Kyle Shanahan offense and exactly what you said. He throws the spots, but that is nowhere near as easy as kind of people are giving credit for a lot of these times you watch the replays and you see how early he's throwing the ball before the receivers even out of the break and I don't think people realize how difficult that is and how much trust and precision that takes. I mean, there's a difference between being accurate and being precise and I feel like he's a precise quarterback and because of that, it doesn't allow you with the eye but in its own respect that that to me is someone that is a game changer because when you put the ball right where it's supposed to be, you know, that 15 yard play turns into 25 and that 25 yard catch can turn into a touchdown.

So those little ball placement details could be the difference, you know, in a win and a loss. Mike Glennon is joining us here on the Adam Jones show and I'm not comparing Brock to these. You already mentioned Drew Brees and I don't think it's fair at this point to compare him to Drew Brees, but Joe Montana didn't wow anybody athletically or with this howitzer arm. He just put the ball exactly where it was supposed to be and it was always a catchable ball. You know, even Tom Brady didn't doesn't wow anybody with his physical gift. He's tough as hell. He was as a player, but nobody he was never wowing people with that and I would argue about Peyton Manning too.

But these guys were mean these guys had advanced minds. I look first of all, who do you like in the game? You know Adam, I will give myself out of the back. We were down at DCNC and it was probably I don't know week 8 and he said, who do you like for the Super Bowl?

I said as long as that my home is playing. I like the teeth and back of my mind is like that. I don't know if the teeth actually have it this year, but I'm going to stick with the Chiefs. I just think that Patrick Mahomes is the best player on the planet and their defense is very good as well.

They got to get overshadowed by my home and the offense and I do like the 49ers. They're deep at all positions, but to me, the the X Factor is having Patrick Mahomes on the field. It just it just does come down to that, which is why teams desperately try to find that guy.

So let me ask you this. It seems that there are three quarterbacks at the top of this draft. If we're including Jayden Daniels, that's fine. Caleb Williams Drake may Jayden Daniels from what you have seen from these guys.

Is there that guy among those three? Yeah, I mean, I think he's a once in a generation type player. I do think Caleb Williams has some qualities that are rare to find the.

Um. Being play ability. I mean, the guy makes throws that are truly wow throws, So I think Caleb Williams can be the guy. I'm kind of curious how his personality carries over into the NFL. Um, I don't know him at all. Just from what I've heard from him, but he's a great player. He's he's portrayed himself to his teammates and to the media and all that. Um so I think of all the guys tail with the guy, but, uh, David Daniels watching him this year.

You can play. I didn't know much about him. You kind of like a skinny kid at Arizona State that went to LSU. He can't throw the ball and his straight line speed is Lamar Jackson. Like really? He's got rare.

Feed. He's just got a small frame. Um, he's got a lot of speed. He's got a lot of momentum as well. But he, uh. To me, he could make all the throws. It's just more about being consistent because he would miss some throws that at the next level is going to have to make. So you would say you think Jayden Daniels is ahead of Drake made, which is fair.

You know more about this than I do. Mike Lennon. Jayden did.

I wouldn't say he's ahead of him. I would not be surprised if the team prefers. That's hard to find where I think Drake checked a lot of boxes, but might not have that, you know, um, one quality that's like we this is not common to see in the NFL. All right, I'm going to ask you one final question. I want you to fill in the blanks about the Chicago Bears who have the first pick the Chicago Bears would be blank.

One more time for crazy. The Chicago Bears would be blank. To not draft Caleb Williams first overall.

How they one word fit. I could see it working both sides. I mean, you saw what they got out of the Panthers last year, and they can double up again. And I mean, they can win with Justin Fields. I do think Caleb Williams is a better player than Justin Fields, but if they get an offer that blows them away, it might make sense for them to stick with it. But at the same time, I don't think it's.

Wrong to have to go with Caleb Williams, obviously, because he's a he's maybe not my homes, but he's a special talent. There were a lot of words to put in that blank, Michael. And I appreciate your time, though. All good. And you did. I do remember you said, you know, as long as Patrick moms is playing, and that was a long time ago, and it was cool for you to name drop where you were. I was there, too. That was a long time ago. I didn't realize it was that long ago. I know you played a lot better than that. You played a lot better than I did the next day. Mike Lennon. I appreciate your time, as always, my friend. I'll talk to you soon.
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