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Derrick Henry To Ravens Is Genius

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 12, 2024 2:57 pm

Derrick Henry To Ravens Is Genius

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 12, 2024 2:57 pm

3/12/24 - Hour 1

Rich reacts to the New York Giants letting free agent RB Saquon Barkley walk in free agency to the Philadelphia Eagles while trading for Carolina Panthers edge rusher Brian Burns and explains why Giants fans upset with Saquon for joining their NFC East rivals need to calm down.

In ‘Overreaction Tuesday’ Rich weighs in on Russell Wilson to the Steelers, the Chiefs and Buccaneers re-signing Chris Jones and Baker Mayfield, the Cowboys’ lack of activity on the free agency front, Sam Darnold signing with the Minnesota Vikings, and if the Arizona Cardinals will trade out of the #4 pick in the NFL Draft.

Rich and the guys react to free agent RB Derrick Henry signing on to join Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens.

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Again, that's slash deals. This is the Rich Eisen Show. You have a great product here. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Russ signing with the Steelers. Josh Jacobs going to the Packers and Christian Wilkins going to the Raiders. Kirk Cousins signing with the Falcons. Saquon tweeting out two Eagles emojis.

No cap there. Today's guest, senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer, actor Liam Cunningham. Plus, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show right here in Los Angeles, California. News are popping once again. It's right in the middle of NFL free agency. A month to go until the NBA playoffs. The opening days for Major League Baseball's 30 clubs right around the corner. Hockey getting tight for those eighth and final playoff spots.

March Madness has begun. There's so much going on right here for us to chat over the next three hours. 844-204-rich is the number to dial. Albert Breer right in the middle of this program to let us know what we saw yesterday.

Why it happened. What else is still out there for us to keep an eye on in the NFL free agency. 844-204-rich is, as I said, the number to dial. We're live on the Roku channel. Live on this Rich Eisen Show. Terrestrial Radio affiliate.

Sirius XM Odyssey. We say hello to our podcast listeners. We're gonna do our overreaction Monday podcast on Wednesday once most of the pieces of free agency have settled. We're gonna see if Derrick Henry goes off the board today.

There's lots of other news to get to. Good to see you over there. Christopher Brockman. What's up brother?

DJ Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts. Good to see you. Good to see you.

TJ Jefferson. Is the candle lit over there? Candle's lit. Cowboys didn't do a thing but I'm not freaking out. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. You are wrong sir. Oh did I miss this? You have missed it.

Oh okay. This sir is all in. Long snapper. Trent Seig has been re-signed.

Retained. Look that's an important part of the team, the long snapper. Hey, Calvary's long snapper's not walking out that door pal.

I mean it's a necessary player. I didn't mean to contradict right off the bat. Well I'm glad you talked me off the edge a little bit. We'll discuss it later on in this program. 844-204-rich I love seeing the phone lines already lighting up. Call us. I would like to start with the way yesterday's show ended with Saquon Barkley bolting the Giants for the Philadelphia Eagles and first blush first blush I'm like what's up with that? As I said the Giants this is the ultimate free agency version of you eff around you occasionally find out and the Giants watched the face of their franchise since he was drafted second overall by the previous general manager Dave Gettleman and his goodwill hunting accent drafted him second overall out of Penn State and he has been the face of the franchise and a fan favorite and a Walter Payton Man of the Year candidate walking around the New York New Jersey metropolitan area community is the man that he is and despite a couple of high ankle sprains and a complete ACL of a season washout his rookie season was stellar and his playoff season was stellar and the rest of it was left wanting and now he's a Philadelphia Eagle and that stinks for the New York Giant fan base but we give benefits of doubts here we give benefits of doubts and I think the New York Giants signed Saquon last year in the manner which they did they tried they tried to sign him long term last year and Saquon as the story goes wanted Christian McCaffrey sixteen million dollars a year money he certainly wanted more than just a hair above the franchise tag which is apparently what the Giants were offering we've had Joe Shane the general manager on the show saying they tried in the middle of the playing season two seasons ago they tried during the non playing season one year ago at this very time they tried couldn't get it done but they franchise tagged him they gave him a little bit of incentives even though they were impossible to reach and he did not reach them and I think they did that and franchise tagged him and resigned Daniel Jones because Jones was willing to take what the Giants were still fine to give him even though I don't think he would have gotten that on the open market and Chris Brockman certainly does not think he would have gotten that on the open market even though the open market does bear usually a little bit more but we're seeing now the quarterback market is kind of getting reeled in a little bit here you got the franchise kids coming out of the first year contracts the first rookie contracts getting a ton of money the elite quarterbacks getting a ton of money those first year contracts get a ton of money on their second year con their second contracts the boroughs the Herbert's Trevor Lawrence is gonna get it too folks but that's for another day conversation I think what the Giants did was try and play it out for one more year with Saquon and see if Daniel Jones would be the guy over the next couple or three years and boy did that not work out and they decided to because I believe the Giants from what I heard at the combine rumor wise are done with Daniel Jones they may have to play him this year but he ain't the guy once he comes back from injury in their minds and they signed Saquon last year thinking we just had our playoff season let's see what we can do with him and boy did it not work out and yesterday they pivoted because every story that I read about Saquon going to the Eagles said Giants didn't even offer him a contract they even offer him something new and now Saquon's an eagle because the Eagles are doing what the Giants tried to do last year for just a one-shot deal and the Niners did with McCaffrey because it does appear in this day and age you want to give a young running back like Saquon or like McCaffrey or I guess like Kamara this type of money it's now gonna be going to a team that's already set at most other positions and is ready to take this kid entering his latter 20s and turbocharged what you've got the Niners already set on the line on the defense they were set at receiver they're set at tight end they're set at fullback right they thought they were set at quarterback when they got McCaffrey and sure enough they get McCaffrey it winds up being Purdy and they do appear to be set with Purdy right so McCaffrey turbocharged is what they got the Eagles are set at receiver they're set at quarterback without Kelsey we'll see what they do on the line but they're set on the line you know Howie Roseman is gonna have defensive pass rushers despite Fletcher Cox there now gone they got Jordan Davis they're kind of set everywhere now you get add Saquon and maybe they can do what the Niners did which is turbo charge the situation and not have the final six weeks of the season tear them down but hand it off to their new 26 the kid from Penn State and Lehigh Valley right area okay so make sense for the Eagles to do it and the Giants appear to have pivoted which is tough for the Giants fans to swallow because they could have told you watching Daniel Jones last year that the Daniel Jones stuff was a an outlier giants though are in charge of building a roster and they saw what Daniel Jones did to the Vikings and they saw what Saquon did and they're like we can we will let's let's take this the next level let's keep it going and it all fell to crap and so now they've pivoted because when you don't have a roster like the Niners or the Eagles building around a world-class running back or a world-class safety ain't it and it's tough to swallow but that ain't it you kind of do what the Giants did yesterday which is hammer the line of scrimmage because as soon as Saquon was out the door and Xavier McKinney was out the door going to the Packers for a monster contract to man their secondary because they do appear to be kind of set in other positions where they can go get somebody like Josh Jacobs and tell Aaron Jones adios and they can throw McKinney in their secondary and go to work with everybody else being young and on first contracts and they're gonna have to pay Jordan Love a significant amount of money they can do this the Giants went out and acquired Brian Burns a 25 year old stud pass rusher who may just be the best player in the National Football League you either haven't heard of or certainly haven't seen a lot of this guy is the very definition of beast beast and all you did was give up a second this year you already got a second in your back pocket from Seattle in the Leonard Williams trade and a fifth rounder and when I say all they gave up the Los Angeles Rams two seasons ago knocked on the Carolina Panthers door and said we'll give you two ones and a two for Brian Burns and they said no that's how less need valued this guy so the Giants just strolled in and said how about you take Brian Burns off the franchise tag you don't want to pay him we know you don't want to pay him we'll flip you a two and a five you're totally draft pick needy because you traded it all away for Bryce young and you come back and you give us Brian Burns and we'll start pass rushing okay and then they hit their offensive line which as we know and all Giants fans know has been a major sore spot I don't know do they pass protect or run block anywhere in MetLife Jets or Giants right sorry to rope the Jets into this but the Giants take a look at what they got yesterday they got Jermaine Illuminor and Brian Burns and John Runyon John Runyon and Illuminor two guys on their offensive line and Devin Singletary who had a knockout season for the Texans last year a little bit of a bargain basement running back and they lost Barkley and McKinney and by the way to rod Taylor is now the backup for Aaron Rogers which I think is an outstanding maneuver by the Jets and not just because to rod Taylor's name is not Zach Wilson but it's tough for the Giants fans to swallow where you lose Saquon Barkley the face of your franchise your your darling you love rooting for him you love him he's basically one of the only Giants people know and you lose him and not just to anybody but to the Eagles it is a tough pill to swallow but the Giants flat-out reset yesterday and the question is what do they do now at quarterback that's the answer because what they do at quarterback and what they do in the draft to try and get more weapons on offense is the difference in my mind between trying to win every game three to nothing or have everybody get fired in the front office honestly and I think they know it too it's on number when is number eight coming back and how soon is he coming back and how well can he play when he comes back because they're not cutting him and certainly not trading him so he's on the team for this year and what else are they gonna do sixth overall I'll tell you who won't be there because every move that's been made so far over the last 24 hours with the Patriots signing Jacoby Brissett and the commanders today filling Brissett spot with Marcus Mariota means the commanders and the Patriots are getting set to draft a rookie quarterback and we all know the Bears are gonna do that too so unless the Giants want to flip another draft choice to Chicago for Justin Fields where because Chicago must be sitting around looking at the landscape going there's not a lot of places that are gonna take Justin Fields right now or they're going to sit there at six and go JJ McCarthy or Pennix or maybe get one of those stud receivers and hope Daniel Jones has a resurgent season and maybe I'm not kidding sign Joe Flacco your comeback player of the year and stick him as your week one starter I don't know I'm just spitballing here because Joe Shane is definitely a smart general manager to the point where he's gotta have a plan at quarterback for when Daniel Jones doesn't come back in time for week one and that is a bitter pill for Giants fans to currently swallow and the question is how patient will the Maras and Tish's be with this new clear new plan where it's just like okay we're gonna hit the line the whole idea of trying to take another step forward with Daniel Jones and Saquon art we're done with it we're gonna try and win games three nothing ten to seven in the meantime and and start rebuilding that offense around a new quarterback that's what looks like to me let me just say one last thing too before we take a break this whole sense I think Tiki Barber was a little bit tongue-in-cheek when he said that Saquon was dead to him yeah if you listen to the audio he's clearly kidding he's kidding yeah but then today or or after Saquon pushed back Tiki did say that he does feel like he's speaking for a lot of Giants fans and if that is in fact the case again I'm living out here in Southern California most Giants fans that I know are texting me or reaching out in some way shape or form to say what the hell are they doing they don't know what the hell they're doing I did just kind of lay out what I think they are doing by resetting and hitting the line and building from the inside out like teams that reset do let me take a look at what the Carolina Panthers just did even though they traded away Brian Burns they hit the offensive line and they're gonna try and build from that inside out and it definitely helps that one of the offensive linemen that the Panthers got it's a pretty good receiver on on a screen pass when he's not supposed to catch the ball and Robert Hunt and he scores by the way when he catches balls he's not allowed to catch and does flips so but they're wondering what the hell is going on and why are the Giants doing Saquon like this they're not sitting there and thinking Saquon he'll turn did I use the proper wrestling phrase yes you thank you see I pick stuff up from you you know what I mean thank you thank you I don't think anybody's sitting there thinking that he is a turncoat get out of here and if you are you're out of your minds Saquon's getting his at a position where hardly nobody gets theirs Derek Henry gave his heart and soul to the Tennessee Titans and he's out there still looking like he's 21 years old ripped like a Marvel superhero and he's maybe having to accept a one-year six seven million dollar contract from the Baltimore Ravens and I understand that this is outstanding money for the rest of us in the real world but in terms of a guy who's given his heart and soul the Titans are like we'd rather go with a second year players a Spears and we'd rather sign Tony Pollard off of a highly disappointing season in Dallas we'd rather go with them than stick with you when you're about to turn 30 that's the state of affairs Aaron Jones you just killed it for us in Green Bay in the final six weeks of the season where you were hurt and you were rehabbing your head off to get back and do great things like they weren't going as far as they went with Jordan love if Aaron Jones didn't do the stuff that he did and he has been nothing but outstanding to the point where Brian Goudekun saying this was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do but he did it told him you're taking a pay cut for a second straight year or you're gone and he wouldn't take the pay cut and he's gone and they reach out to Josh Jacobs and say we'll give you a four-year deal that when you take a look at is really year to year but if you continue to work you're sticking around here they told Aaron Jones see ya that's the state of affairs of running backs Jonathan Taylor basically had to hold his breath for two months before the Colts said uncle now to put him through you know a sit down with Jim Hursay on a bus and have to sit there and hear the guy that you want to take money from sit there and go you know what well I'll be dead one day and the NFL will still go on like how does that help you and your family and your self-worth and self-being it doesn't you're gonna tell Saquon don't go back to the state where you grew up and played college ball and your family lives in the Philadelphia area don't do that come on let's do it for the big blue you know my family said season tickets here for half a century how dare you get out of here with that nonsense get out of here so it's a business on both sides of the table honestly it's just gonna be tough for you to watch Saquon come in and and and have the protection up front that he didn't have in New York by the way he's gonna have a whole better situation soup to nuts and Big Dom and Big Dom's gonna be back right honestly like he's got it everywhere so go kill it and and Giants fans if you're really upset I can't honestly I you know play better GM better right coach better and pay better but I understand they made their they made their bets in other spots didn't work out and they just pivoted and it's tough for them to swallow eight four four two oh four rich number two tell there are some interesting maneuvers that have happened we'll hit some of those it's an overreaction Monday on a Tuesday we should get to it before news breaks and we don't do it again right so well all right that's next this is the Rich Eisen show right here on a very busy NFL offseason free agency Tuesday the wait is over North Carolina FanDuel America's number one sportsbook is officially live in the Tar Heel States and right now new customers get two hundred and fifty dollars in bonus bets guaranteed when you bet your first five bucks just go to 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like the walls are closing down on you and everyone else is other ring everybody and it's a hellscape you need to clean up your timeline no I've blocked enough people but it still pops through you need to mute words that helps oh is that right oh yeah okay you'll help me work on that well but on occasion though certainly in the sports world there's some funny stuff out there remember that the the gif that we we showed yesterday of Giants fan reversing the famed Michael Jackson lowering your the rifle to actually raising it up once say Quan was rumored to be going to the Eagles take me this is one this is one about Brian Burns going from the Panthers to the Giants this is great watch this saved and then right back in the first crevasse when you're stuck in that crevasse you don't have the potential of having a media career or selling $5 footlongs for the rest of your life like you do when you're a New York football giant that's a fact okay well people are gonna know who Brian Burns they will know who Brian Burns is now Brian Burns is first several years of relative anonymity to other than football people who know what an absolute beast that he is you know he will be well known despite maybe jumping back into the same problem for the time being okay but Brian Burns will have a media career if he so chooses in the second crevasse back on the Rich Eisen show radio network I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger has the right product for you call click Ranger calm or just stop by okay so there's lots to analyze but because news kept popping yesterday overreaction Monday could not happen and Chris you had a whole bunch of stuff from the weekend all set up for it weekend I know basketball there was an Oscars but now it's now now now you had a retool you had a reset every tool okay sort of like what the Giants did yesterday a little bit okay yeah and so oh you kept some kept some added added added no new yeah and so we're gonna yeah to avoid having it completely overshadowed by the news we're gonna do it today on a Tuesday here we go here we go everyone should know we're gonna do the overreaction Monday podcast on a Wednesday we're gonna do it after Wednesday's show when we feel most of the pieces will already land in the dust is settled Chris what do you have over there hey guys happy Tuesday well thank you everybody good thank you thank you thank you good okay great hat hey Russell Wilson gonna get his mojo back Steelers gonna win the AFC North what an absolute ridiculous overreaction that is and you don't believe a word you just said like every word you just said into the microphone is just to try and set up my reaction to confirm what you really believe here's the damn I wrong about that here's the deal that's how he's thinking okay DJ I look at numbers numbers say he had only two less TD passes than to a last year who we all thought was amazing right yes great interception to touchdown rate passer rating was solid okay not gonna be asked to do much great run that's untrue Arthur Smith is there come on move move on the seam Steelers back this offense 11 5 this was an offense that was waiting for a quarterback to show up healthy enough and neck up enough to actually run with success Kurt Warner and I were sitting in that booth in Indianapolis on that triple header Saturday week 15 looking at all the weapons that were at the disposal of the Pittsburgh Steelers and saying why is it so tough for them to get a first down why is it so tough and then Mason Rudolph stepped in and showed it's not as tough as it needs to be and Kenny Pickett's gonna have to show up and show that he's the guy towards the end of his rookie season that he still is and let's go and show it he can do it otherwise it's gonna be Russ's show to run but the AFC North next year we're gonna have the defending AFC one seed looking I think just as good maybe with Derek Henry in the backfield by the end of today also Cincinnati's getting Joe burrow back also Deshaun Watson should start week one and be healthy with a lot better weaponry around him one would think to get out of here and I love the Steelers and I want to root for him all of them but to win the AFC North with Ross after the we've seen Russ the last three years let's pump the brakes that's an overreaction Russell Wilson had twice as many touchdowns last year than Kenny Pickett has in his career thank you Russell Wilson didn't never had TJ what on the other side of a ball since he was a Super Bowl okay there was 110 games and we're garbage now they got Ross okay you don't believe that but he doesn't believe it believe believe this and then we'll move on believe this there will be a pre-draft press conference in Pittsburgh into a microphone Michael Mike Michael Tomlin okay we'll say the words this is a quarterback competition oh this is not going to Ross is not here to be anointed wow this is exactly the sort of thing that will be said into a microphone trust me on it and I have no insight I have no Intel I just have my gut my instinct and just know the situation for the last 20-some years even though this is an outlier for the Steelers to do exactly but it's also costing them one point change what's next overreaction what else mmm Chris Jones got a lot of brisket over the weekend TJ got paid yes she's keeping Chris Jones assures them assures a tough word seven straight AFC title game parents I doesn't assure him of anything it's not it's it anything can happen anything happen injuries can happen anything gonna exist tomorrow I understand that yeah it doesn't assure them of anything but what it does is assures them of their best shot at not just that but an entire three-peat okay at some point during the doldrums of May June and July while we're waiting for training camp to be open there will be a time for either us or other shows to dive in to the previous attempts at three-peats what they had coming in what happened in the offseason who got poached from teams rosters or coaching staffs and I believe when it's all said and done when you look at the chances of three-peating the Chiefs the Chiefs will be at the top of the list of having the best chance to three-peat and the fact that Chris Jones is there and being paid is absolutely at the top of the list as to why let's see what happens with Snead and the rest of their draft Cooper is my son is 100% set on the Chiefs drafting Xavier worthy he's like it's gonna happen it has to happen he thinks it's going to happen so if that happens on draft night think of Cooper Eisen because he's talking about it right now I read it down a month ago on on Twitter eight teams have had a chance to three-peat none have made the Super Bowl three lost in the conference championship okay got it I think you're gonna have a fourth team in the conference championship game but it's not assured so that's an overreaction Rich let's talk about one of your sons Baker Baker Mayfield has a home yes he does he's gonna finish his career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers I wish that was we could sit here and say that's the case but that's still an overreaction he's still young bad bud he's still young I'm you take a look at his contract and and you know 28 years old I know it 29 to basically one and Dunham after this contract would be a little expensive but I also don't think they want to do that and I think it would have to be pretty brutal for that to happen but two years is definitely what he's gonna get here and we'll see what happens after that because you're looking at the way the quarterback market goes now pal you know and and anything can happen look at Justin Fields last year he survived the team having the first overall pick when they stuck with him instead of taking the new kid the new shiny object that's not gonna happen to him this year so I I hope this is the case for him but I still call this an overreaction at present as well give me something I can I can believe it I like that one how about this one I would I like it but I can't I'm still a professional it's not to give you my own varnished opinion okay how about this one okay after their Monday free agency flop flop the Cowboys are missing the playoffs next year quite lightly which eyes III still think this is an overreaction I still think they're really good I think they're really good and it's still ladies as coach and quarter it's in the same way that I said let's see how the Giants finish up with the draft before we take a look at their roster writ large and say that they're totally screwed and they don't know what the hell they're doing you know let's see how the jet let's see how the Cowboys draft because they sure isn't they sure as heck aren't giving out any any help to this team through free agency because it sure looks like we're going into Wednesday with a long snapper and maybe just maybe one or two other couple million dollar a year players sitting there as additions and the rest will be coming in the draft and that's what Jerry Jones as I heard at the combine meant by going all in and they are gonna go all in with the same team and say you want to still be a cowboy after this year we think it's pretty special we hope you do too because you better win playoff games plural otherwise everybody's out of here which is a really weird way to react to lose into the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs that said I still think they're still one of the best rosters in the NFL albeit one year older and I got it I don't know I don't know the answer to that question seven million dollars gets you Derek Henry 7.5 I understand that but they wouldn't even give four million a year to Zach Moss how they gonna do that's just not what they're gonna do which is nuts but to sit here and say they're missing the playoffs next year for sure I can't say that just yet another overreaction what else Chris by the way Chris like I said there were still a lot of talented players still out there too no I know but you know like you know Calum up you didn't swing first when you're supposed to take one of them off the board earlier and have them go and support the team that needed this help clearly because they couldn't get past the Green Bay Packers instead of saying we believe in the roster to the point where we're gonna put basically a financial gun to your head and say either a playoff victory or plural or your brains are gonna be on this piece of paper like it's the Godfather is the nuts way to handle it nuts not to be too vivid but it's the analogy from the Godfather like it's an offer that most every player would refuse what else he was the third pick in the 2018 draft but he went to a place where quarterbacks go to die then he was MVP for the first three weeks of the season what a setup and then he got Panthers Sam Darnold but he learned at the foot of the quarterback master last season and now he gets the reins once more it's finally Sam Darnold time to shine bingo bingo bingo you finally found one for me to say that I don't think that's an overreaction he's finally got the setup that guy's gone out of his life right googly-eyed gaze right Jeremy Bates saying we're going to run the Peyton Manning offense who said that was a slur at yesterday pointing that out right yeah we're gonna run the Peyton Manning offense what have I said about the Peyton Manning offense it's like Peyton Manning it's like the alien shit from Independence Day only an alien can operate it to fly it another human can't so you had that he had the Jets he got panthered as you said but Matt rule right before he ran off to Nebraska where apparently Michigan cheated to beat him get out of here and then no one's won a Super Bowl last year dude he almost got a ring is right don't got a ring I like it Kevin O'Connell's the real deal man and you know who his quarterback coaches Daniel Jeremiah had a great tweet mr. moving their hair at the same time on the bench Josh McCown he's got a good setup and Justin Jefferson is gonna be his target and Jordan Addison see connection and Aaron Jones now maybe he's coming yep yeah baby can he be come back player of the air just coming back from bad but he's coming back two years bad situations came back from the Jets just like Joe Flacco put that on the that's already yeah yeah yeah the monolith yeah pointing at mononucleosis happen to him back from the Jets goes yeah baby back from seeing goes back from all of that I'm with you good one all right last one last one NFL draft real quick someone is going to trade up to Arizona and take a quarterback fourth overall quarter nine two three four I if I had a guess right now if I had a guess right now the Giants might go to New England and say how much for Drake May essentially how much for us drafting Drake me instead of you that's what I would think because is someone gonna really move up to Arizona fourth overall for JJ McCarthy or Michael Pennick's jr. that's a that's a tall order man that is a tall tall order and if the Giants fell in love with Pennick's or or JJ McCarthy they might take him at six and by the way if anybody thinks that and wants to get McCarthy or Pennick's so badly because you do take a look at the commanders the Raiders the Patriots all made moves and the Vikings all made moves yesterday make you think they're interested in a free a rookie quarterback all of them so that would be the Chargers dream is they're sitting there at five and people start calling them up saying how much for the fifth overall pick and they move out I think that would be the Chargers draft night dream but I don't know if the Cardinals are the linchpin I would peg the Patriots they might stick and pick based on the fact that they signed Jacoby Brissett which doesn't like many New England fires right now I liked it I know you did but I I get you well I've proven to be a rational and reasonable fan understood so I I'll call that an overreaction so good stuff Christopher pivot pivot what was your Oscar one oh it's time for Christopher Nolan to make a comedy okay enough with the dark historical stuff make us laugh okay guy likes Ricky Bobby I mean come on I know that make us laugh that'd be interesting okay or bond go now that one is not an overreaction I'd love to see him make a Bond movie on the other a comedy one overreaction how about that little bonus the overreaction Monday podcast look for it or listen for it on Wednesday for the full free agency review and everything else that you might need to know through the overreaction Monday podcast available wherever you get your podcasts eight four four two oh four rich number to dial still to come what are the Cowboys doing what are they doing no seriously what are they doing anyone luckily with 24-7 us-based live customer service from discover everyone has the option to talk to a real person anytime day or night yep you heard that right you can talk to a real human and customer service anytime sounds like a real game changer if you ask us make the right call and get the service you deserve with discover limitations apply see terms at slash credit card hey it's Kaylee Cuoco for Priceline ready to go to your happy place for a happy price well why didn't you say so just download the Priceline app right now and save up to 60% on hotels so whether it's cousin Kevin's kazoo concert in Kansas City go Kevin or Becky's bachelorette bash in Bermuda you never have to miss a trip ever again so download the Priceline app today your savings are waiting go to your happy place for a happy price go to your happy price Priceline I have new gear based on people who texted me tweeted us pardon me thank you tweeted us I'm sorry I'm getting text like crazy about what's going on outside our our building in the NFL world in the NFL not not literally outside but I have new gear this is what I'm saying based on tweets we received after our Super Bowl in Las Vegas Nevada where we had a a show logo that I still believe is our avatar on of me running the Running Man logo for the Rich Eisen show in in full-on 70s Elvis gear and decided to marry it to our most popular item which is a show mug which is normally a Rich Eisen show mug that is white with those show logo here we go there it is a new Rich Eisen show coffee mug same size as the other ones but with our Las Vegas logo that was great right on it available rich Eisen shop calm right now there you go right there ah well done thank you what do you think I like it and just to show you how it works well white doesn't stain all right let's just show you how it works is you take say coffee like there yeah place it in the mug and then and then drink it and as you can see it it's it's an excellent way to hold coffee oh the mug yes and then yeah left-hand you see the logo better oh sorry there you go there you go there you go it works it's functional functional and it's unique it's unlike anything else that we have rich eyes and shop calm go there right now yeah I left the avatar with Vegas and then the the banner is okay after everyone was drinking tequila oh I mean I mean vodka vodka with those guys fantastic back here on the Rich Eisen show all right Mike hit the drop hit the drop and my eyes see breaking news Oh fantastic well done worth the wait well done thank you is that was that Bob's work right there Bob and Vito Bob and Vito get it done quad okay my I see my I see a new breaking news what do you have Derek Henry is signing with the Baltimore Ravens two years and 16 million dollars worth up to 20 bingo per Adam Chef bingo bingo bingo bingo what a marriage of talent and team and 100% on brand for the Baltimore Ravens to bring Derek Henry to Ballmer and roll him downhill what an absolute genius maneuver by Eric de Costa honestly certainly if we're gonna sit here and wonder how you're gonna get points on the board with receivers we'll see what happens in the post Odell world here but Derek Henry coming to Baltimore and taking any sort of pressure what pick your poison what do you want running at you him or Lamar Lamar he's smaller tomorrow just make it boys dumb and Derek Henry might put you in the hospital I guess I guess that's a silly question but I mean but Lamar can Lamar can score from anywhere and so can this guy and by the way I can't wait till Derek Henry throws a touchdown pass to Lamar one of those passes right are you giving them ideas one of those pop passes I love it well we just got to hope he doesn't fall prey to the Ravens don't say it don't say it no no no no no no listen stop stop stop certainly certainly if if we'll see if Dobbins can return to what if Dobbins returns and he's still out there what if again the so you lose Gus Edwards by the way how about Jim taking him from John does a brother call up his sibling hey and say hey just giving you a heads up we're taking you're running back okay the first thing I thought when I saw that you know I mean you think there's beef now I don't know I I'm I don't know if I get out there's not an analogy with my own brother like hey I'm taking this I'm taking this will and trust from you okay well you could take your business elsewhere that'd be weird no man I wouldn't because not only is he my flesh and blood but he's truly the best at it in America there is nobody better by the way that's not just brother you know smoke blowing that's not yeah it's not just brother caping for brother by the way yes that's insane yes your mom is actually disappointed in you no she's a Jewish mother so I'll offer some pushback that's at any rate Gus Edwards out Gus bus gun okay here's Derrick Henry come on Justice Hill is pretty damn good too I love it this is what the Ravens are about the Ravens are about hitting you in the mouth smash mouthing you on defense and on offense if they have that ability like they've had for the last six years seven years right longer than that Jamal Lewis is the 2,000 yard rusher like this is their mo and the ultimate mo is coming flock nation I swear right is that it I mean close enough what is it I mean yeah it's up he sway a swear yes I said it was just I didn't expect to hear you say that I didn't say it's sweet right I mean that would be really bad no cat did this last night too he he misspelled love love lu-h when he was talking about dude them getting Austin eckler last night I'm like can we just say love how about you and swear it's one letter how about you and I just agree that we're white we're no well I mean like that we're also old guys Derrick Henry to the Ravens is outstanding and it's not expensive and you're telling your fan base we get it we get it around here we understand how you like us to play ball we understand how we play ball sometimes is a little bit too much grinding it out so let's try and get somebody who not only grinds it out but has the big play ability on top of it I love it him and Lamar I can't be at the mesh point you know he's got to come a little bit downhill it'll be an interesting way to try and figure this thing out schematically but that's for another day I love it oh baby the AFC North is loaded Steelers division to lose I know you mentioned that in in overreaction Monday I have to rewrite that overreaction out of this let's go I felt at the time let's go to Gwen in Chicago to wrap up this hour what's up Gwen hey you know if you would have told me years ago that I would have woke up ten days after my 33rd birthday that I'd be a Steelers fan and more crazily that I'd be agreeing with Chris Brockman over rich eyes and I don't know I don't know what I I can't believe that it'd be always say the NFL makes for strange bad boys right well first thing happy birthday belatedly um but what do what do what are you disagreeing with me and signing with Chris about I think that like we all we don't need to rehash this annual hack it right like that was an object failure okay and then I think Broncos brass can say whatever they want Russell Wilson was brought in to beat the Chiefs he does that and the next day they turn around and say hey you need to change your contractor get lost and despite that he still was what six the next seven games and I believe I spent Christmas Eve with you when they took the training wheels off and you've got what it was 16 points in the fourth quarter and then they ran three times and then they left it's not training wheels Gwen it's it's him running around and doing his thing like that's and but you can't play four quarters that way when you're pushing 36 is the point and that and and and you're just gonna get your ass beat certainly if they're running around and making stuff happen causes you to take too many sacks he has not played Russell Wilson football consistently in four years it's it's a truth and and I understand you can say Nathaniel hack at this Sean Payton that Pete Cowell wouldn't let him cook but he's got one more shot and I appreciate the call Gwen happy belated birthday were up at the end of the hour he's got one more shot to prove any naysayers wrong first things first though and I will keep saying this until I hear otherwise and I don't think we're gonna hear otherwise he's got a beat out Kenny Pickett for the gig laugh all you want that's a fact and you're gonna hear Mike Tomlin say it into a microphone before the draft in a pre draft press conference I would I'd I say if I had my wallet on me I'd put the $5 that's in it on it done you're taking that bet you got a magic right there ask it all right yeah am I right and the answer is am I right it says cannot predict now what so what is the question I'm asking what's the question I'm asking well there'll be a quarterback competition there be a corporate corporate court of a real quarterback competition in Pittsburgh between between Ross and Kenny Pickett I've said the words that you wanted me to say ask again later what does the magic eight ball not know we've got a hard out on Roku about does not recognize heart outs one more time soon here we go so do I have to ask it again will there be a real quarterback competition in Pittsburgh between Russell Wilson and Kenny Pickett and the answer is you may rely on it you bet it's more firm than a yes excuse me yes could be yes the trash later you may rely on it yeah yeah which is I will do it you may I may not rely on the new a not rely on no he may not actually will there be a quarterback competition in Pittsburgh between Russell Wilson and Kenny Pickett the answer is let's do any bubbles you're shaking don't count on it CC that's right which is by the way you guys are morons essentially the headline hey everybody this is Dan Bespress host of fantasy NBA today a daily fantasy basketball podcast we cover every box score from every game every day plus bonus shows on by low opportunities players to stash schedule analysis and really anything you could need to smash your league into deliciously tiny pieces catch the fantasy NBA today podcast part of the believe network on YouTube or wherever you listen
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