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Q&A with Koloff - #6

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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March 2, 2021 5:00 am

Q&A with Koloff - #6

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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March 2, 2021 5:00 am

What parts of scripture can we pray through for strength and wisdom to lose weight and get healthier? Why is our spiritual health just as, if not more, important than our bodily health? Nikita responds to an email from fan, Jerry Manuel, who struggles with his weight - and explains why our spiritual, mental, and emotional health is critical, too.

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network nephew Nicole all fear questions and answers Q&A would call off the devil's nightmare. Welcome back to questions and answers with Nikita Cole law fights great to have you have you with us in interesting discussion today with Jerry Manuel hope I'm saying that last name correctly. Jerry emailed me and and was very transparent. He just said you really really struggles with his weight to considers himself to be an obese man and over three to pounds at 510 Johns Kennett, you're picturing that in and of course Jerry's reach out for help right answer. Jerry you had some use of your questions.

Your words Scripture can you kind of focus on as far as praying through for strength and wisdom to lose the weight and into be healthy in yes even be in strengthening your spirit, then yell out Lex Luther and I do a camp every what we do this using the spring and fall. Our next one will will be in April man man part of the focus is to help men be healthy physically but also healthy spiritually, emotionally, mentally, just be that that whole man live in a whole life and you wholly available unto the Lord. And so this is not uncommon over the years you have spent. Gosh, I know how many years. 40 something years that you know. Take care my own health and then helping a lot of people with their health as well. Jerry's 53 years old.

Old school fan of of myself and in uncle Ibanez as a teenager right up to read to my retirement and so you see Jerry thank you for being such a loyal, long-standing, old school wrestling fan. I really appreciate that and out you again you very transparent. Jerry even said you know. Up until recently you are you are in a backslidden state you center not long ago which which I believe is it is critical I mean you we can do things in the natural and take care of our physical bodies whether diets are you know are eating healthy and eating right and exercising and doing all sorts of things was like we discussed at the In-depth actually you know why it's important to be spiritually healthy as well as mentally and emotionally healthy because are all interconnected. Bill conducts high together right and and so you know we want to focus on all three aspects are specifically are asking you know about about your physical health, and certainly there's a number of different scriptures that you know we could gravitate to me first Corinthians 619 and 20.

Recognizing and acknowledging that our bodies are a temple that houses the Holy Spirit and Anna goes on to even say that were bought at a price right will that prices the blood of Jesus right that he purchased for us on Calvary when he sacrificed himself gave up his life, only to be resurrected three days later now living at the right hand of the father we can have that personal relationship with him, which is the foundation that's gotta be the foundation is is that you have in that spiritual connection that relationship with Jesus and developing our spiritual life that then in turn as as we grow in our spirit man and we develop our prayer life.

We we learning and growing wisdom of the Proverbs is chock full of wisdom even has a lot of Scripture specifically related to physical health. In the book of Proverbs. I mean there's just so much so much great wisdom in the book of Proverbs. If you've never read it, I would encourage you to consider. Start reading through the book of Proverbs that's easy like that, you know, just take take a day and and whatever day it is, if today's the 15th of the month and read chapter 15 and Proverbs you know it's the 30th day of the month. Three. Chapter 30 and just consistently do that and fill yourself with God's wisdom that then internal can give you the strength you need and as you develop a prayer life to overcome.

Whether it's the challenges of obesity. You know you will with your weight or or any other challenge that that you might face.

I know you said Jerry you've tried diets and and some exercises and had looked like some limited success, but you said me no man mostly failures well understand to just like our spiritual journeys is your spiritual life is a journey so as our physical life. That's a journey as well and on and my own experience I've had highs and lows. I've I've made you know I've made progress and I've had setbacks and that's that's just part of life and there's nothing wrong with failing failures, failure can teach us some really really great lessons now. I've used the word diet you did in your email a few times where I've used it a few times you said in your email which the word you tried diets.

I'm not a big believer in diets and what I mean by that is you not do their work. Yeah I would say they work, but only on a temporary basis.

I would not say they work long term I like to say you know we can eat out of cardboard boxes or whole Lyford only drink shakes every day for their whole life and you simply want to eat microphone right and and so you really like you would attend a man camp or you come we do a one-day conference call. I do call man up conference to bring it to to local church communities and and I challenge guys you noticed it when it comes to their physical health. In order to consider whether at do an evaluation, consider where they want to be in here some some things that you can begin to implement inconsistency is is is one of those things being consistent and on and eating smaller portions and and more balanced meals between proteins and carbs and on and being able to being able to frequency out having more smaller meals more frequently throughout the day to help speed up your metabolism to help burn body fat in the system. Really simple things are set out there like an old mentor friend of mine once said Jim Rohn. Easy to do their easy not to do it happen, but the things that that you can implement in no portion control smaller portions more frequently throughout the day. Balance between good you know proteins and carbs I like to say eating lean cleaning green suggest tweaking and changing up your eating habits can can be a step in the right direction and an understanding why why why I really challenge people in general, but especially men. And I ask this question. Why do you want to be healthy.

Why is I can teach all the house. I mean I could write up a diet for you.

I can show you all the good the good feel good proteins and carbs and even healthy fats and you know even how to have a guilt free day. You know or or or a Lakota treat meal you know to reward yourself for eating lean cleaning green I can write all and I have written all that out for man and for people written out exercise programs and and I can show you all of that even teach you all that but at the foundation. At the very foundation you need to know what why don't you need to settle in on that. Why do you want to be healthy. There's a variety of reasons, right that that you might come up with. If you begin to take a pen and paper and begin to write down why you want to be healthy and then have that in front of you on a consistent basis. As a reminder as to so in those days that it gets hard that you want to you know cave in to you know deal five snicker bars or something that you remind yourself why it is you want to be healthy and then it's much easier. Honestly, to implement the how to's and certainly again spiritually. This this this ties in applies know.

Ask God for for the strength you know to be disciplined enough to want to lose the weight and the wisdom side of it is is just the gaining of understanding the knowledge and and so for anyone listening out there you know if you struggle with any guys out there struggle with with whether it's with weight or you struggle spiritually or you struggle mentally, emotionally, I would encourage you consider can just consider seriously consider attending man camp man we've had so many men that have attended over the years and that that the camp is really help them in some cases physically. In some cases spiritually. In some cases mentally and emotionally and is just is just a resource for you to if you want to really get your get serious about this. Get yourself healthy and really just I would conclude by saying just honor God scriptures you were bought at a price you know your body is no longer yours.

It was bought at a price in house.

It's the temple of God. It houses the Holy Spirit and it's not even years anymore, so just view it as though if you were if you were the say renting a condominium and you you don't own it. There's a landlord you're just the tenant. Now you have to view your your journey with Jesus as though the Holy Spirit now live lives in you, the body God's given you your now just the tenant. He's the landlord and what you want to honor him by taking care of of of that of the temple of that body you sure you would hope that you would so Jerry, I'm glad to hear that you know that your back on that narrow path and off the backslidden state unit path and back onto that that straight and narrow path and in continue to grow in your in your love for Jesus continue to grow in your walk, hide the word of God in your heart.

Continue to develop your prayer life. If you not plugged into a good Bible study meant it connected to a good Bible study is they can be encouraging to help hold you accountable.

Once you put it out there that hey I want to lose you.

Note 30 pounds I will lose 50 pounds.

I will lose you know hundred pounds and those guys can help keep you accountable. I do appreciate that you have been encouraged by I might tweak my tweets on Twitter and and and the podcast. It's time to man up. I know you said those were tools that the God is is using to really touch your heart to really want you to get on this path of being healthy, and I would just say, in spirit, soul and body. Jerry reach out to me. We can certainly talk some more and and be more than happy to continue with this discussion. Thank you for being just a long-standing fan and continue to follow me on social media and on the podcast and hopefully maybe I'll see you in man camp one day or I come to your community. Bring man up conference to your community to your church so God bless you. Jerry, thanks for the questions and for reaching out and and seeking help.

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