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From the U.S. Capitol Police to the Pulpit

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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October 17, 2020 9:00 am

From the U.S. Capitol Police to the Pulpit

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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October 17, 2020 9:00 am

Frank Shelton comes from 5 generations of Washington D.C. police - his family has protected Presidents going all the way back to Abraham Lincoln - and he expected to tread the same path. However, God had other plans! Listen as he shares how he took a leap of faith, giving up retirement and security, to pursue God's calling on his life.

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This is Robert Gilmore from a Christian cargo. I am king in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network network. This is the Truth Network. Once a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ. Once the Russian nightmare.

Now the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner cheetah call this time back the cuticle off the pebbles worst nightmare here and do I have a show for you today. A remarkable story that involves president, Abraham Lincoln, have you ever researched your family history well our story today dates back to eight teen 60. My guest is a close and personal friend, a brother in Christ Frank Shelton Junior ministers across America and around the globe at various venues impacting impacting lives for God's glory get get that she's addressed millions on television, I'd only preached three years in a role to over 118,000, and Nelson Mandela Stadium and in Uganda Africa. Frank's pizza churches, citywide crusades, outdoor festivals, school assemblies considered to be both a revivalist and a harvester will talk about that today and his television program by faith with Frank Shelton airs weekly test over 150 million homes across America, Europe, Africa, and it's on DirecTV and dish network Christian television network and cable and again I could go on and on and on but here here's what you get here today. You want to hear a story about a man that's making a difference, then stay tuned and dial in Frank.

Welcome to the show today. Bernard Merrimack carefully worked like a kid in the candy frantically on what we first met with a call and that we both have the chance to speak on the shipping we sell a lot of people touch them and then and of the greats are gracious and that she will end and I give you my number and I never hear from this guy.

Next thing I know your colony ministry together Christmas when the column preceding and and we have we have done some ministry together course, you've been on you know you been demand camp and our listeners are hearing about man camp and some other events that that we've gone and we been side-by-side doing ministry in we have things planned in the future to travel the globe together into conferences, but I mean, my goodness, some of the summa life experience that you you've had just gonna blow me away. I mean there's you have story after story after story me going into you know almost behind the Iron Curtain, even though there is an iron curtain anymore, but in the countries and places that the average person doesn't go right there. What prompted what prompted you not listen so far our listeners out there. What prompted you and I didn't even say this about your background for many years, you are up on Capitol Hill and involved in in a different you really are. Life was involved in something completely different.

Other than ministry to tell… Just give a snapshot of what that look like before you felt God call you into ministry correct. Thank you.

I was born on Capitol Hill Presidents' Day weekend February a snowy day in 1972 and we are five generations DC Washingtonian so a lot of people come to Washington to work or vacation or toward, but I joke I was born to work care of my mom literally almost went into labor with the US capital. She was employed with the US capital historical Society and my dad was employed with the US Quickly so that working at my favorite building of the world outside US capital, and I just felt like God had put me right there and then I was going to go on the politics prints or protect the president not in that order. I will send it thought it looked good. The Bible says whatever you're trying to do it for God's glory is really a hammock set on the back. You know some people are mechanic Lawyers etc. but I was politics and for 18 years I worked for the U.S. Congress I worked for the U.S. Senate.

I was a fundraiser for four years for Georgia people cyclic public affairs committee. I was an aide to the governor of Maryland and then I volunteered and that I also bent along first generation DC, and you can do for you has protected the last 26 of 28 United States president to go on the back Abraham Lincoln while it was my ancestor Joseph Gail Shankman that escorted Lincoln the fourth night it was two doors down. And when John Wilkes Booth? A nice particle person on the planet. The back of her head. It was a Shelton was one of the first to respond, and was one of four men painted obituaries he's recorded in two different newspapers that might come readily at hand.

A family can across the street leading and then help gingerly laying him down across the street to Peterson where he died about five hours later having my dad was the assistant chief of the US Police and you been there about 3000 police officers in Washington with the capital.

Please my dad Ricardo's number two insert 73 found that he was the chief and down so I would think about joining the service and I was going to be six generation PC police and going all the way back to the 1860s and I have the interview with the Secret Service until our listeners are the Special Agent in charge said thank you Blake 1B Special Agent even at college. I had the cleanly split in the line of fire Secret Service poster. My dorm room. I mean, you know a lot of people try to make a living. I goal was to take a bullet – I felt like a little text like gave you a message this time I can't have you keep it a secret and after two years with the police 18 years at some of the highest levels of the government. I walked away by faith.

July 27, 2007 life retirement 401(k) health insurance without any cooking line. Dark 20 years by my 38th birthday I started summer internships at 18 and then still leave too soon to never get a retirement. A lot of people preach faith of man. I left it all by faith and down the first three Sundays go guy nobody called me to speak about b from the book of the Lord called me after and data. Praise the Lord of the fourth Sunday he's never heard that I was on time of pastoring a small church where I gave my life. So, will she come back and preach in the kit I don't think I've ever come to this but that Sunday at the country small church. The love offering was exactly what my monks work.

It was that my and since then I've now preach and find confidence and work were just still trusting the Lord by faith but have a TV show and the radio like you have a title and all I can think of it by faith. Click Frank Shelton conduct that followed ever had is his faith, so you know, praise God.

But I just love people and the people business. I never really correct about being a preacher, but I knew I wanted to be a reacher.

I just wanted to reach people give them hope and encouragement, like too many Christians look like they've been sucking on laminates for 33 months but I just believe the joy, the Lord is our strength. I believe Christian should be contagious right and down.

You know to be some light when I was doom and gloom in a word like the dark were hope when they're hurting and and one of the greatest things in the summer months. But if you have to tell someone who you are you not that big of a deal. So I've never been in the titles you know it's not Rev. it's not Dr. it's not evangelistic just like you not been I work five years on staff at the Billy Graham evangelistic Association and and everyone I actively Billy Graham. It wasn't Dr. it wasn't preacher was just barely growing. Eileen, I just think the bigger the platform, the smaller the title and deftly less ego because someone eloquently told me ego is edging God out.

So when I get out of the way God sends out back.

That's where it sat just try to get out of the way to point the way. Well, that's you just gave our listeners a lot right there. I mean this much.

I hope hope they had time to really take all that in W just starting with your legacy mean five generations 50 back Abraham Lincoln in 18 the XD that in itself. I am absorbing that for a moment right now because the auto sum your story.

A court I would say a lot of your story, but enough of your story to know it's pretty fascinating, which is why wanted to to have you on the show me their story after story after story that that you could tell.

So your your home wavering when you say you okay you when you surrendered your life to Jesus, I'm just curious all your I was going to July vacation Bible school, I got saved at a church running 33, at which time it was 33 with the pastor's family and I don't know who this is for the I think we have three of what success of the ministry not tumbling to the Army you been in the business arenas of the photographs going and preaching when you are the rare one God really blessed you over and over and over but sometimes many who are first will be last.

So if you're know my dear pastor of a so-called small church obscurity just feel like the world's biggest failure when we get to heaven. I hope you'll just remember to say hi to me.

The truth is a greater board and outfitter. The goal is not competition, but it's just bigger like that one guy said better is better just kinda better dads, better husbands better Christians better men and Manuel and Tim really not only blessed me blessed. Everyone around me and I want I'm not only going in a band of men back.

I want to encourage everybody listening. You need to get a man camp and Nana because that you can hang out in the man cave man. This is exactly a game changer. So thank you for your ministry, and I appreciated the shows about a just really real talk with real men like yourself and who you realize that it is time to man up in a course. What we do on those campuses is Lex Luger and I co-facilitate these camps, and our goal is to equip men to send them home to hopefully be know that no matter how healthy you might be now, spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally send send them home ladies of your listening send the men home better equipped to be men of God to be godly husbands to be godly fathers.

You know they're out of the marketplace with men from a variety of backgrounds amine from the last man camp. We did the one that Frank attended.

We had from an 18-year-old up to a 73-year-old who was still running after the heart of God is so you know, but that's part of our our goal the impact impact that I want to touch on something you said Frank to because I know this is what really resonates what you said really resonates with me and this is why I like were such good friends is Lou cut on this parallel path if you will. And by that meaning you mentioned numbers. Now I said in your introduction you know how many how many homes your your your TV show and of course you have a radio show of your own. The code note goes into but also you speaking in front of 118,000 in Africa and but you and I realized whether it's 118,000 or an audience of one that you leave the 99 right to go to goal reach the one and that it's not about it and I appreciate you encouraging the you know that there's a pastor Bureau, pastoring a small congregation out there that you and I have never really been about numbers. We've just been about kingdom work right payment yet any good. We believe you'll never speak the crowd look you turn your back intensely on individuals but I also believe if you go after individuals got me through the crowd of the phone. If you know the fact that there is a book called number of the Bible, so it is important that the key is really honoring the Lord, private and public that are front stage matches the backstage that you know really I just want to be known as the guiding case, with the water. Daddy didn't have any bullets left the gun when the boys not because I was working my way to but by his grace I was on my way to heaven. And I still believe heaven help the greatest article and I'm just try to get as many people to the party and that man you been a great confidently Frank on and off but yeah I got saved at age 41 years ago and that by God's grace Expo while describing that amusement park you have your high have a few letters but it's been everything already and sometimes you hold on the country hold you, but other times just with your hand straight up towards heaven and a form of worship that just let out a scream and afraid. And while when people say that Jesus was born of the Bible is born. They don't know the greatest book of all time right why what I'm envisioning is your speaking of the right in the wild ride is folks, my experience it is you even hearing some of Frank's stories is that this is if a bit of a follower of Jesus's is not a right on a merry-go-round. It is a roller coaster of a ride you got folks picture in your mind's eye right now you ever been on a roller coaster, you know, things chalking up chugging up and it reaches the peak and then it don't you go and if it might careen to the left of the writers been on few of them know you have to fragment but upside down and there's a few times on the bottom falls out. Got a lot of calls on my dog and up satellite guidance, you need a quick turn on the light and the lights go all right.

You feel like you're the dark God, where are you, and even for Lillian's out there. You may feel like that right now God where are you I'm faithfully serving you. Loving you, but just know that my experiences been in Frank.

You would probably say a mentor this is that sometimes when God feels the may be the furthest away or I don't know where is it's for me it's just been a time of testing about building my faith. The building of my trust in him, just a time of testing a man in a couple things I learned just because were still that mean we stop serving God and worshiping him, and also to get created you and I both are scheduled. I think I counted five or six country unit I was scheduled to leave together 2020.

I was really looking forward to that we were going to Israel.

We were going all that leadership. Europe opened the door for me to go to Bahamas on doors Texaco and we were going to fly to Tokyo to be chapter 2020 Olympic and from there we were going to the Philippines trying to encourage pastors and I may even be leaving out another one in the course of the US six or seven countries, but I just think the main thing is just staying close in clean did Jesus take God for granted. I asked again, it was best man at my wedding. I he's a well-known speaker and I think I want to do what you can do anything I said, where do I start.

I'll never forget thinkers are yet how and I said yeah he gets to walk out your backyard. Okay, he said, is there like a rock on the deck or on your yard.

I said yeah there's a couple weeks down and grab okay. He said throw it up in the air where that thing Alliant that's where you start your ministry just bloom where you're planning I thought you gotta be Vastly more. There's and he says now you know you're in the ministry you love the Lord and that if you're born again were all part of his army and just start where you are at and I would just folks. You don't have to be posted but should promote the one who is your loved one who is you follow the and just read his word and sing his praises get plugged into local Bible believing church and you know a lot of people since the clinic but I would encourage you to change the person of Jesus and just let your smile, your business card, you know, let your joy be your calling card and digest you know when people say you will see him, and that's the greatest sermon. That unit will greet some of our best sermons were probably not even on a Sunday, nor in the pulpit. It was just day-to-day mankind will waitress at a restaurant and anonymous good deed just for God's glory and just mentally bloom where you're planted maturing while you're going in.

The key is this what all billboards, spiritual warfare, Israel you like this Nikita. The reason I sent that Walmart is because target is what you gonna take section and I did a men's conference one time and someone asked me did I know the difference between friendly fire and enemy fire without missing a beat. The Holy Spirit gave me the answer. There's no difference between enemy fire and friendly fire will both kill you, and it's sad you know when Mike from Michigan mishandle the machine gun and shoot you in the back intentionally or accidentally. It's just a lot less noble to be buried at Arlington. It's one thing to say you're fighting the Taliban or ISIS.

When one of your own brothers shoot you in the back and that's why more than ever. The Bible says there is life and death of the part the time and in the world. Critics, I'm just trying to figure cheerleader.

My colleagues just push the moment be winter their sales and I've learned one work kingdom minded we don't have any boundaries but if were trying to build our own kingdom or territorial building walls trying to you know this is my little turf that was 7 billion on the planet.

The laborers are few and the harvest is right that we needed to get going.

That's major remodeling that you remind me what is your speaking. I just remind me, Bill blue, blooming where you're planted.

You remind me of a book by Russell, called acres of diamonds. It's a very simple reason for those you out there if you've never heard of that book and never picked up a copy of that. I would encourage you to do that and again very simple read but exactly what Frank is talking about blooming where you're planting you know God's called him and I did travel the nations in and admit.

Maybe that's not part of your calling her or whether it's the marketplace or ministry, but nevertheless right where you're at, you can make make a difference, a Frank, you said something earlier just elaborate just we got a few minutes left here just a few minutes but elaborate just for a moment on on the look but the front stay at some to fail at the front stage be the same as the backstage.

If you remember saying you can touch on that.

Just for a moment.

Yeah well characters what happened in an industry. Nikita it is all true seer, but somehow we may have started by faith, and somehow slipped in by the flesh, and you can almost get on cruise control even just good godly people like when someone falls in the summer months difference between most people, and maybe you and I were on a platform literally only a 3 foot different. Some people think or larger-than-life or 10 feet tall. Go to bed with a halo on her head and what happens is you know with the anointing of God. I get critics, but you also get may be credit that really should just go to God and and and if were not careful you know Paul study guide daily to himself what scary in the ministry just like any other business.

If you get on a roll and then you almost got it down, wrote, or becomes routine and it's no longer real and the relationship with God is getting less. It's almost like Polish 300 million make us laugh. You know, talk saying Dance. Whatever and and it's the quiet time is slipping, you may still feel the crowd for all that you may still feel your pastor, but one of the scariest verses in the Bible is be sure your son will find you out right. More than ever, because God's coming sooner rather than later. Right.

Schwarzenegger was not the first to say I'll be talking to her first and I just believe we can be close, clean, and the Lord told me about three years and Frank tighten up every single blue screen with your life whether it be good. You know on your phone and finances.

If there's any embellishment whatsoever. And that's why because you know you can be all show and then when you shined a spotlight someone's not on the go because it's it's like two different things.

Jekyll and Hyde. You know, and so more than ever.

I'm not even trying to wow anyone on the platform I'm just trying to be humbly connected to God because the word of the day is a lot of people listening may want at the microphone in public for God, but until we get alone with God in private when I cannot be good for anyone.

When we open just kind of crashed in the just shall weep right with God and is he pleased with and as the doors of ministry open like you sent to 1 to 10 to 102,000. It's not the crowds. It has to still be about Christ, but will get right with Christ will be fine with or without the crowds just kind of reach and as the King is coming since well that's that's a good word in and were were just about out of time and often have to have to have you back now because you you let into something that I was hoping to have time to ask you that's that's the wow factor. I know with all the things that you have done you have some real wild stories so we can leave the crowd hang in here cut like we used to do on a good wrestling wrestling show and I had to be show we we leave them hanging with that wow factor. So next that we have you been will talk about some of those wild stories like you went while God Billick that was sold to that servant wasn't me. So I so appreciate having you wanted a fragment has been great. I love your brother and I'm proud of you.

God bless you and your listener law appreciated as always liked and the show with the story and here's the story here's a little summa want to share with you today's design. Nikita, here's a favorite memory. I think I would think it was 1984 and I was 13 years old. Attending the match at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia wrestling Ricky Morton of the rock 'n' roll expressed in the unit. Even as a little kid. Oh, I had always preferred the bad guys.

I love that I don't who won that night. Surely I did but I don't remember either. But I remember shouting verdant for you Nikita to wedded everyone around me was yelling at me because they were not happy.

That was amazing believers. There was another night in the same Coliseum when I was cheering for you. Uncle Ivan and Don Kern oral who the world take you Jim is that the time came over to my side of the ring and posed her for a picture for me. People were shouting at me then to happy days. Thank you for entertaining us.

I've been a fans since the beginning. I love what you're doing with Ndebele power and still involved in wrestling and most importantly in ministry. Very sincerely, Don Secord folks said in this facet of the story cool if you have a story and somehow I inspired you your favorite memory like Don today. I would encourage you to send that in co-op.Oregon hey working to continue to bring some amazing guests on the show and real man just talking about real life and who realize it is time to man up and working in the future be share more with YouTube about other projects I'm working on your books and new books of revision of books and and and different the different projects that I'm working I will be bringing that to you as well in the future. I just appreciate you dialing in each and every weekend and just know just know as as you heard some of Frank's story you to have a story to tell. If you don't know Jesus today.

Can I just encourage you consider just bowing your heart.

Take a moment and invite them in your life.

Thank you for listening today. God bless you men I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days with less louvered. I am pursuing the heart of ladies you're listening.

Will send your men home with God.

Godly husbands and God.

Do you give them your blessing and am signed up today and Thought in full pastor you would like to bring Holland for Christ ministries and man up conference to your community protocol and email. Remember this is time to man up. This is the Truth Network

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