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Frank Shelton- Urgency

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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January 1, 2022 1:00 am

Frank Shelton- Urgency

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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January 1, 2022 1:00 am

In today's episode Nikita has good friend Frank Shelton in studio to discuss his new book "Urgency, Heaven or Hell?" and more of what God has done in his life and ministries.

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This is Rodney from the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we explored manhood within Jesus Christ. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Sit back, enjoy it, share it. But most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the Truth Podcast Network. Welcome back to another episode of It's Time to what?

Man Up. The Man Up show with Nikita Kolov, no longer the Russian nightmare, now the Devil's nightmare, storming the gates of hell, and what an appropriate guest I have in studio with me today. I'm sitting here with a copy of his book in front of me, Urgency, Heaven or Hell, with a question mark.

Frank Shelton Jr., welcome back to the show. Nikita, I'm honored to be with you, buddy. You're one of my absolute favorites. And by the way, your endorsement of the book not only set the table, but means the world. So thank you for putting your stamp on it. Oh man, I did endorse it, didn't I? Yeah. Okay, I hadn't had any repercussions from that. It's too late to turn back now.

It's too late. That's a song, I think. Well, that's awesome.

Well, Frank, Juan, I appreciate you being in the studio. We had you do a call-in last time because you live in Maryland. Right outside of Washington, yes sir. Right outside of Washington. And tell our listeners just briefly, just quickly about your family.

Yeah, so I was born on Capitol Hill, don't hold it against me. And I was going to go into politics, preach or protect the president. And my family's done all three. I pursued all three.

God used all three. But in 2007, I felt like the Holy Spirit was hinting, I can use you more out of Washington than in it. And we need some godly leaders in DC. But I stepped out, my family were five generation DC police in Washington. And I stepped up by faith without a single booking, without retirement, without health insurance, and to leave 20 years with the government like it didn't exist was a step of faith.

That's a step of faith. And we went from protecting presidents to I started preaching in pulpits. And I knew even in 07, there was a sense of urgency.

And I served in four White Houses. It was an honor of both parties. But I really felt like we needed to revive the church house, we needed men and women to get excited in their house. And God was coming sooner rather than later. And I stepped out. And that's when I had the honor to connect with you. Shortly after we met on a cruise in the Bahamas with Praise Fest Ministries, and God has been good.

So I just think God honors faith and he honors fortitude. But I just really believe presidents come and go, but the king is on his way. Well, and you know, you kind of breezed right over that. But as far as your family history, but your family and police protection goes all the way back to the days of Abraham Lincoln, like legit. Yeah, my ancestor hand carried Abraham Lincoln across the street from Ford's Theatre Good Friday, 1865. And you know, a while back, I had the privilege of you were so gracious to host me at your home. And you'd open some doors for me to minister up there in Maryland. And we did a men's breakfast and ministered in your church, your home church. And you hosted me. And you also took me on a little excursion to Dr. Samuel Mudd's home. Correct. Who treated... John Wilkes Booth. John Wilkes Booth. That was the experience, because I love history.

Yes, you do. And that was an experience. But you left out an important, a critical part of your story here.

You have a lovely bride. Yes, Ruth. Miss Ruth. Billy Graham had a Ruth and I have a Ruth. Come on.

Today I'm ruthless on the road. And Boaz. And we all love you. Boaz had a... Yes.

Yes. And then Andrew was our little baby Ruth. But anyways, and this is a whole other sermon, but he was born the hour Obama became president. Wow, Andrew. Yeah, Andrew Lincoln. We were going to name him Andrew Graham after my old boss, Billy Graham. Come on, roll with that.

Come on, give us a couple examples. This is Dr. Graham. And today I'm at the light and I only listen to one show.

It's Nikita Koloff and Man Up. I'll send you some literature, right, Billy Graham. That's all the address you'll need. Perhaps you're in the balcony.

It would take two to three minutes. Believe me, the buses will wait you come forward as you give your heart to Christ. And that's one of many voices that you can... We'll stop right there for now. That's awesome, Frank.

And, you know, just love you and love your family and man, so... By the way, you were awesome. They're still talking about your ministry. Well... God uses you everywhere you go. Well, and likewise, and that's what I think bonds us together, is everywhere you go. And, you know, you're in studio because you're locally in the Winston-Salem area where the studio is located. But you travel all over, currently doing conferences here and now.

What do you call them? Yeah, we're in town with our mutual friend, Pastor Todd Felkel, a dear friend. We met at Gardner Webb.

He played football. You guys went to school together, right? We sure did. And, you know, he was living it then, and he's doing it big now. And also friends with a mutual friend of ours, Clayton King.

We all came out of Gardner Webb together. Wow. Clayton turned out pretty good. He did. He's made his own little impact on the kingdom. Clayton and I preached two years in Africa to 100,000 at Nelson Mandela Soccer Stadium. So he's a dear friend.

But no, Todd is amazing, and he just means the world to me. And... He played football. Yes, he did. Do you know what position he played? What position did he play?

At Johnson Studio. Defensive end. Yeah, defensive end. Defensive end. Okay, I played tight end, so I would have knocked him flat on his back.

I'm just saying for the record. He was Pentecostal back then. He was laying on the hands. Oh, he touched me. I would have been laying on hands. Well, I would have got penalized on the offense.

He could have laid hands on me at the defense. But we're doing a fall conference and, you know, revival, and we've seen several people. But that's just one of many conferences and engagements and things that you do, right?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, and I'm also on a national initiative combating human trafficking, particularly with young people. And you're familiar with SWAT, Matthew Dunaway, Sports World Against Trafficking. We've been working with Ray Lewis from the Baltimore Ravens, Hall of Famer, your friend Sting, yourself.

We're in the process of putting together a movie. I don't think people realize how dangerous and how real this epidemic is, is stealing kids. Not in the Philippines. By epidemic, you're talking about human sex trafficking.

Correct. That epidemic. Yeah, the real race war is not black versus white. The real slavery is actually stealing kids out of Walmart. Maryland, of my home state, is number three on the east coast for most trafficked children. And from the Florida to New York corridor, 95 north and south, Maryland, you just grab them, and you're back on the interstate. And the FBI says, if you don't catch them again in 24 hours, you'll never see them alive.

And the movie Taken with Liam Nielsen is very real. And it's raw, and we got to wake up. Part of that southern border problem is not only allowing two million unvetted people coming in, and they're automatically registering to the left. It's opening up that whole can of word of underage trafficking.

Right. It's evil. We're dealing with the battle of the blood.

Jesus shed his blood to forgive us of our sins to make us free. But other people, the demonic agenda preys on innocent people's blood for their satisfaction and gratification. It's dark, and it's demonic, but it's happening whether they believe it or not.

And it is, I mean, a ginormous industry. In fact, there's a show on Truth Radio Network that addresses that, Lantern Rescue, which these guys, it's a handful of special ops type men and women. I've met some of them.

Yeah. You wouldn't want to meet them in a dark alley. They're almost as big as you.

Well, they're bigger in many ways. But they'll go behind, if you want to say, quote, enemy lines, Frank. And they will rescue, many times, young girls. And it's just not always young girls. Yeah. Yeah, it's not always young girls. And women. I mean, it's evil.

Right? It preys on, like you said, the innocent. And it's worldwide, though.

Oh, yeah. It's not. It's worldwide. But I think the biggest shock for a lot of people, that it's actually in America. Well, everyone kind of doesn't want to talk about it or wants to turn a blind eye to it. But it's as real as me pinching you or you pinching me right now. It's that real. And you don't know what you have till it's gone. And the news isn't really reporting every case because it's almost taboo. They're trying to pretend like it doesn't exist. Right.

Sweep it under the carpet or whatever else. I watched a video recently, and it just, in reference, I didn't know what was going to be in reference, but it was about a young lady. She's in her mid 20s now, who was able to escape from North Korea. But how she escaped, and she didn't know it, but she was 13 at the time. She was able to escape into China. But what she didn't realize was it was a sex trafficking ring that welcomed her to get out of North Korea. And so she spent and so she spent two years in sex slavery from 13 to age 15 in China. And then she met some Christian missionaries that helped her get out of China into South Korea, and eventually over to America. But I want to tell you what her attitude and her perspective on life, having grown up in North Korea, been in sex slavery in China, and then finally attained freedom in South Korea and ultimately America. Her attitude was amazing. And when she was asked by the interviewer, how can you maintain such a great attitude?

Because no one would fault you for claiming the label of PTSD or being on antidepressants or any of that. She goes, I choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice, and I choose to be happy. Amen. And plus when you know the Lord, there's liberty. There is liberty and freedom in that.

And the word victory comes to mind as well, right? Amen. Well, share with our listeners just some of, before we're going to get to, because not only are you a phenomenal speaker and have, I mean, we can do 10 shows just on your history and background. I could do one show just with more of your impressions.

But all that said, you're also a book author. We're going to talk about that. I really want to highlight that today on the show. But give our listeners just a little more backdrop on what Al Frank Shelton Jr. is doing besides authoring books. We'll get to that.

So what else? Yeah, well, so I have the honor. I believe the church has been good going after the poor, but we didn't always go after the powerful and the prominent. And this would have been my third Olympics as a chaplain in 2012. I had the honor to be a minister in London, England, 2016, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The guys got pictures with Kobe and LeBron. And we saw 1054 people saved during the Olympics, ministering to world class athletes. You were scheduled to go with me in 2020 to Tokyo, right thing called COVID through a curve. And you and I were booked in eight countries in 2020.

I mean, we were going to Israel, the Bahamas, Mexico, Philippines, we were hit ground hard. And, and, and I just for the record, I'm, it's humbling when you can go from a fan to a friend. I mean, I'm still one of your biggest fans. And if I keep eating, I will be your biggest fan. We're gonna, we'll talk about that. We're headed in the right direction.

But I'm just saying, we don't take your friendship for granted. But I also for four years, Nikita have led a weekly Bible study to state senators in the state capitol. And I have the honor to influence influencers, ministers to members of our, that's awesome. Yeah.

And, and, and leadership is lovely, but it's lonely. If you would like to support Koloff for Christ Ministries for a gift of $25, Nikita will send you his two CDs, Adoration and Declaration. For a gift of $50, Nikita will include his book, Wrestling with Success. And for a gift of $100 or more, Nikita will include a signed copy of his newly updated life story, A Tale of the Ring and Redemption. Go to and donate today. Nikita Koloff here.

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Be sure to check them out today at because you are number one. Well, yeah, well it is, yeah, it can be lonely at the top. And even you, you've had the honor to, to meet some prominent powerful politicians.

God's used your platform. And at the end of the day, they're normal people. Well, yeah, they, I mean, they, they put their pants on one leg at a time, just like anybody else. Let, let me ask you a question. So either London or Brazil? Yeah, Rio de Janeiro. Real.

Okay. One, one story from one of those two, like, like give us a story of an athlete that, give us a story. What was some, a story that just leaps out at you from either one of those Olympic venues? Yeah, well, I had the honor to meet, uh, Tony Parker. He was married to Eva Ligoria, played for the San Antonio Spurs, playing for Team France.

And, uh, he's just coming off a divorce and we had a chance to love on him. Randy Sheppard, um, at London had a chance to minister to Kobe Bryant, which is an amazing story. And, um, you know, and then there's LeBron and, you know, we were there when the team won the gold and that was exciting. But as they were going for gold, we were representing God.

You know, they think success is, you know, something around their neck. We know it's coming to faith in Christ with Jesus in your heart. Right. And so you could actually not medal in the Olympics, but if you know the Lord, you're a winner. Right. But you could be like Carl Lewis and win nine gold and a silver and without Christ, you could still be a loser.

Right. So, um, and then 2016 in Rio, uh, it was amazing. We, we saw gold medalists get saved. We saw three Uber drivers get saved. One of my favorite moments wasn't just with the athletes.

It was with fans. We were at the base of the Christ, the Redeemer statue, one of the seven wonders of the world overlooking beautiful beaches of Brazil. And this massive monument, they would pay $30 a piece all day long to go up and see a statue of the savior. But they went and take his salvation for free and even lost agnostic atheist people all day would wait in line almost as if an amusement park to go up to see this amazing statue of Christ, the Redeemer. Well, there was a family of five that we were talking in line.

It was an hour wait to get on the tram to the top. And I was with Randy shepherd and he starts spinning a ball. And Randy, as you know, was playing. He played with Michael J, uh, Jordan back in the day on a basketball team at summer camp. And then there was another guy who's on the Guinness book of world's records.

Um, he spun 27 balls at one time. He has this contraption where between his legs, his knees, I mean, let's just say we have a ball together, but the bottom light is they started doing their thing and we start sharing the gospel and we were expecting some pushback. Well, we led a family of five husband, wife, three kids, all to Christ at the base of the statue. And then an hour later, when we saw them, we saw them underneath at the feet of Jesus. And I offered to take a picture. And I was crying because when I took the picture, they only knew a statue an hour before, but now thanks to the grace of God, they knew the real safe. They knew the savior. And we took a picture and they're under the arms of Jesus.

And that was worth the flight alone. And you could see the hair on my forearm looks like Don King. It's staying in it straight up. It is. You got a lot of hair on your forearm. All right. Well, man, some amazing stories, but let's, let's, let's transition your, so you're not only a, uh, an incredible evangelist. And, and I know we could talk again all day about story after story of, of how many people you've seen come to Christ and your ministry, which is worldwide.

You have Frank Shelton global. I love the name of the ministry, Frank Shelton global, and you travel worldwide, sharing the good news and the gospel, but you're also a book author. And I have sitting before me, uh, your latest piece of work, which, um, let me just look here. Just it's pretty cool. In the back you you've got, you know, how, how, how to get to heaven, uh, 10 most wanted over 500 pages. Now that may scare somebody off, but, uh, it's, it's a, it's a great read. Um, urgency.

Why, why the title urgency heaven or hell? The last few years I knew if we weren't in the bottom of the ninth, we were in the top of the night speaking and almost like a woman who was getting up at 38, 39, her biological click is ticking. She's probably thinking, Lord, if I'm going to have a baby, it's probably about now. And the conference that we're preaching in North Carolina this weekend, it's literally called now or never, you know, we're so late in the game that now's the time to not only get right with God, we need to swing for the fence. And if the pandemic showed us anything, when our sports stadiums were empty and Hollywood stopped filming, when everything crashed and when the smoke settled and the dust cleared, I felt like it was Jesus was the only one still standing.

And it was almost like with tears. I could hear him say, can you hear me now? And sometimes it takes the world to stop before we start really focusing what matters most. I've been saying for years, we're so busy playing checkers that the real battle is at the chess table. You know, we've been fighting for years.

Okay. Is it Emmitt Smith or Barry Sanders? Is it LeBron or is it Kobe? Is it Elvis or the Beatles? Is it Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey? Who had the better voice?

Was it Auburn or Alabama? I mean, we're so busy fighting over Biden and Trump that the real battle is the Lord versus Lucifer. It's Satan versus the Savior. And you're going to heaven or you're going to hell. And if Satan can get us distracted and divided, we're going to die in the temporal. But the real battle is at the eternal. And I think now we got to graduate to the grown ups table and really think what matters most. And I think God gave us a space of grace to see his face.

I mean, he could have came back last year. America was not ready. The churches were not ready. So when we were booked in 10 countries in 12 months, you and I doing eight of them together, when the bottom fell out, I was on my way to preach in Pakistan the week the corona hit. And I was going to preach to 100,000 Muslims 10 miles from where they killed Osama bin Laden. And they told me, you can come, but you may not come home. And I was flying by myself to Pakistan. And you say, why would you go? There was a sense of urgency in my spirit.

Muslims need Jesus. We're an evangelist. And he didn't tell me to play it safe. He told me to preach Jesus saves. So when that fell apart, my friends on Facebook said, man, you got to write a book. Your years in Washington, I got an award at the United Nations. You've seen some things.

You have a gift to connect the dots. And in five weeks, Nikita, I typed 235 pages in five weeks. But then all hell went through and three successive Saturdays right before the book was to be going to print for editing one Saturday. Bam. My car died the second Saturday.

I'm preaching against Microsoft Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci. And my 235 page book was deleted from my computer, vanished, vanished. The Microsoft Edge started downloading an application that I didn't even ask for. And the irony is the only file to be gone was the 235 page book. I had to start all over again. So the week before my car died, the second week my book died. And the third Saturday coming out of my house, I was barefoot at seven a.m. I was depressed, felt like my best friend died.

God said, walks off some steam. And I cut myself and I look and a four foot snake was called on my step in my garage and he bit me coming out of my house. And three Saturdays I got a dead car, a dead book.

And I'm looking if it's poisonous. It's either a dead author or a dead snake. So I went to hell to give away heaven. Had to do it all over again. And when it came, it was supposed to come out in October, right before the election. But I wanted to be pro Jesus, not some pro candidate.

And because what we need is the gospel and God more than anything else. But having said that, when it finally came out, I can see his hand because you and I talked a lot about it from October to June. I learned so much more about the vaccine. I learned so much where we were with the government.

And I was able to add some stuff that would have not been in this book. But when it came out this summer, it's the number one new release and all of Amazon under Christianity and evangelism. And I just checked and the whole nation. It's number 17 right now.

We're right ahead of Duck Dynasty. And it's pretty interesting. I don't know what God's doing, but I just really believe people are really trying to think there may be more to this life. And am I ready to meet God? Well, and that's what anyone who gets a copy of the book, that's really what it's going to enlighten them to write is, is one, it's kind of where, you know, it's a testing of your own heart.

Where do you currently stand yourself? Yeah. And it's very enlightening.

I mean, all the different things you put in here, the research that went into this, you know, just the war against it actually that you just described, you know, the challenge of actually getting it out there and all that you went through. I'm not surprised that it's ranking right up there on top of Amazon sales. Praise the Lord. It's a fascinating read for people. Well, I will say this. So one lady, I never once told anyone it's 500 pages. This may surprise you. I don't like to read and I don't like to write.

So I'm more surprised. And I didn't want to scare anyone because most people like a short read. I got three quick compliments. One lady said, you know, it's 525 pages. She goes, I'm at page 500. And I'm actually disappointed that I'm almost done with the book.

I wanted to continue. A lady running for governor in New Mexico, she says, I can't put it down. And I've been quoting it in my speeches on the road.

That's a blessing. The greatest compliment I got without naming a name, a 40-year-old pastor, 40 years in the ministry, calls me at 1030 one night crying. And she was saying that I knew some of your story, but some of the setbacks that you went on the road and a step forward and two steps back and the enemy attacking you. She said, Jesus saved my soul, but this book urgency is saving my life.

She said I was getting ready to quit the ministry. Wow. And this has been a shot in the arms, spiritually speaking, to stay in the game. Amen.

So praise the Lord. Urgency, and they can find it on Amazon. And how can they find out more about Frank Shelton Global?

Yeah, you nailed it. Frank Shelton dot com. And just thank you for your listeners. Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for your friendship. And man, it's an honor to be on studio with you today. Well, it's an honor to have you in. And I hope you were as fascinated about listening to some of Frank's story as I am hearing.

And some of it, but it just, it never gets old. And this man is filled and full of even more stories. So we'll have to, Frank, we'll have to have you back on the man up show. You are the poster child for manning up.

Oh, well, thank you. You have manned up. And I know you've taken a lot of flack for the book on some levels, but you know what?

That's just part of the journey, right? You know, they persecuted me. They will persecute you. They hated me. They'll hate you. And I'm reminded of, really, I'm reminded of something else, Frank, when I look at urgency, heaven or hell.

And I have this picture I share sometimes. And it's part of one of my sermons that Satan's got three of his minions in front of him. And he's like, hey, what, what do you, what's your plan to pull people, you know, to keep people from heaven and pull them into hell? And the first minion goes, I'm just going to tell them there is, there is no heaven. He goes, nah, that won't work.

God kind of put inside every man, you know, the desire, the longing for an eternal home. He looks at the second minion and he goes, what about you? What's your plan? He goes, well, he thinks for a moment. He goes, I'm just going to tell them there's no hell. And he goes, nah, that's not going to work either.

All they got to do is look around at the world in which they're living. And then he looks at the third one and he goes, what's your plan? And this one thinks for a moment, this minion. And he goes, I'm just going to tell them there's no hurry. That's right.

Which ties in with the book. Urgency. Urgency. There's no hurry.

He goes, ooh, I like that one. Yeah, we'll pull many to hell with that one. Go tell them there's no hurry. You got your whole life before you surrender it to Jesus. Go party. Go off to college. Go sleep around. Go have sex.

Go do all the, you can get, you have plenty of time. Go get married. Go have children.

Go get a job. Retire. You know, there's no urgency. There's no hurry to give your life to Jesus. And so if you're listening today and you're listening to some of Frank's story, one, I want to encourage you to go out and buy a copy of Urgency.

Go on Amazon and buy a copy of Urgency. Read his book. And then secondly, if you don't know Jesus, I hope that this conversation today has put an urgency in your spirit to realize there is a hurry. Because there's no telling when Jesus is going to come back. There's no signs for the rapture. And then his second coming. So pay attention. Surrender your heart and life to Jesus today.

Don't wait any longer. Thanks for tuning in to the Man Up show. If you've enjoyed the Man Up radio show and or the Man Up podcast, well, guess what? It's time to Man Up TV style. That's right.

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