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Reaching the Homeless & Hollywood!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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September 7, 2022 7:00 pm

Reaching the Homeless & Hollywood!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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Trimming that first sermon at Farmington without my good neighbor Eric. Call your local State Farm agent for quote today.

This is Robidoux more from a Christian college I am king in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network network. This is the Truth Network from the capital to the massive ballfield to the Metro go to Third World countries this man to God is preach the gospel and God is used him and he will emphasize that part God is used to bring thousands of crises and evangelist.

He loves Jesus. He's been a friend of mine forever is Frank Shelton Pastor evangelist Frank Shelton. God bless you brother thank you for hanging out with me where it were, until we are in second, but what we actually sit here is actually happening. It's happening first foster thank you for your ministry. Thank you for your friendship and man were at the Bannock conference in Fort Mill, South Carolina, and it's been awesome in this great human preaching universe, and I just really challenging these mentally challenged on the night give us a little foretaste well so Paul and Timothy second Timothy chapter 49 verses God is bragging on them for serving the Savior and sticking with the stuff nine verses go to Paul and Timothy for doing it right, but then we find about Dimas who did it wrong.

He gets half reverse so nine verses is God bragging on them and then they were faithful to God, but Dimas who loved this present world became a footnote to God and one started and finished the other started in physical. One was faithful. The other was faithless. One started out loving will both start out loving the Lord but at the end. One started loving the world and I just think we get a get her eyes on Jesus, and we gotta finish what we started. While so we get here before he preaches tonight. Of course, when you hear this it may be a different date or time. I dishonor to sit down. Do you the way this guy rolls and course he could accuse me of the same thing that I don't know if it's true, it is all over the country and just really to get on the phone together is like literally an act of God in order to give God all the glory we get on the phone but it where it's hard to play were each other's voicemail at times hard to catch it to sit now is such an honor. Nice thing. Thank you, thank you for your family and people always brag about you and your dad to talk radio and our mutual friend Nikita call off and then Randy Sheppard. My son was a set Randy's basketball camp but you know I live right outside a Capitol Hill.

All of Washington's not bad. I lead a Bible study, the lawmakers, I think the church was great going after the poor but we failed to go after the powerful and more influence in influencers and I've been a chaplain now three Olympics and while they go for gold. We give them God and Randy Sheppard and I saw 1054 saved at the Rio games in Brazil in 2016. Nikita and I were going to Tokyo in 2020 Cove at the curb. But my background was politics. I was born almost in the US capital mom and dad both worked at the capital mom goes into labor with me. I joke. Some of y'all visit I was born to work when I worked in four white houses and but I just love that verse. Whatever your hand finds a doodle for God's glory.

And for those that don't know my ancestor handcarried Pres. Abraham Lincoln across the street the night he died.

My family has protected the last 26 or 29 US presidents.

I wrote a book called carrying greatness when my ancestor carried Lincoln he carried an American terms.

The closest to the king of a nation.

My dad's roommate in 1978 for seven years prior was a bodyguard.

Elvis Presley. When Elvis died in 77 he became unemployed and because the FBI what are the odds for 12 weeks to he's my dad's roommate at the FBI Academy when Elvis died in his movie was just out in the theaters when Elvis Presley died. The man was known by billions loved by millions Elvis Presley's father asked my dad's roommate to be a pallbearer. Elvis Presley's funeral when my ancestor carried Lincoln he carried the king of a nation when my dad's friend carried Elvis Caskey to carry the king of rock 'n' roll but I love Joseph Arimathea because they went up to Pontius Pilate back for the body of Jesus and from Golgotha to the garden to Joseph Arimathea became a pallbearer and at that moment even carry the king of a nation where the king of rock 'n' roll. He carried the king of all kings and we all carry greatness. We carry God's DNA in our veins. He makes no John we are a royal priesthood, not because of the Pres. or Queen in England because were kids of the king and I just think were walking billboards and I used to get excited to represent Jordan or Calvin Klein, but we need to represent Jesus and were so late in the game. You know the answer is in in Hollywood of the White House. It's not invited, and it's in the Bible was an entropic still in the Trinity and the White House is one thing but the church house in your house is everything and will just point people to Jesus because Schwarzenegger was not the first to say I'll be box. It was Jesus and he's on his way back.

Good wave yet.

We got some hoax next to us of this also needs many got it bring change and talk about how Christ breaks or change, got all kinds of ministries over your man to God. There was a beautiful visual ministry. We got all kinds of speakers. The been a brothers are here Nikita call off Jenner Gen. Jerry Boykin election over the total package and Frank Shelton. The gotta bring an evangelist in all of your heart for Christ. I like I need a pen to write down all the things you're saying is, it just is just tremendous gaseous question. Who is Frank Shelton. Let me, I love to know how you came to Christ.

When you hear that question is who are you folks.

It was a little bit but have never met you before, what is that what is the imprint now I'm just the eldest son of Frank and Sharon Shelton from Waldorf, Maryland, and my godmother led my mother to the Lord when I was two years old and she was willing to share her faith sitting go to Bible college.

She wasn't a preacher but she cared and dared to share and I'm so thankful she told my mom about the Lord in the first day gave her life to Christ. So we started going to church because someone cared to share and the Jehovah witnesses and the Mormons are going door-to-door. I think you know we should still share but having said that, got saved at the age of seven stew I met a church running 33 nine was the pastor's family and I got saved in July 1979 at seven.

Three years later is July 82 in that church running 33. We had a contest ever brought the muskets to vacation Bible school would win a prize and I couldn't sleep for a week, and the Holy Spirit said there's a heaven and a hell are you can invite some friends and I didn't know all the answers, but I started invite friends got some news, but in 1982, God used a 10-year-old from Maryland I brought 22 kids to vacation Bible school in one week. Fast-forward three years later I go see a movie called Rambo to if you got all the questions right, you spend all expense paid trip to Beverly Hills to spend the weekend with Sylvester Stallone my godmother who led my mom to the Lord, not both entered at a better chance of getting struck by lightning. We had an agreement if I went I'll take you.

She rolled her eyes. Frank if I went I'll take you because I need to.

Chances are better than one. She one we flew at 13 years old in 1985 to spend the week and was fastest alone and we gave them a Bible share the gospel with Rambo and 13 so then fast-forward 30 years later.

Randy and I are chaplains at the Olympics in London. He got pictures with Kobe Bryant Lebron James with Tony Parker played for the Spurs, but team France's wife was evil and gory at the time, but we didn't start out with the finest athletes in the world. I did start out Sharon with the famous I just went after friends and everyone wants to know Hollywood but are you willing to to minister to the homeless so and then I was on staff for five years with Billy Graham my name is Billy Graham also use some illimitable but then for three years to I was invited to preach 220,000 that Nelson Mandela soccer stadium in Uganda and then I have the honor to preach tonight and just at an event with Darrell strawberry at the field of dreams baseball field were Kevin Costner filmed in Iowa. Darrell and I ate time All-Star four-time World Series winner on the field preaching the gospel at the field of dreams feeling went you know whether it's been, heads of state or Hollywood or homeless. You know were just going after one more because the Angels still rejoice when one center can save and in the world. I leave with this may not seem like a big number but in God's economy. One is a big number. So just keep on one at a time. The Lord is the voice of evangelist Frank Shelton each preshow of the world you heard what a story needed. Please share this podcast broadcast all over got The Truth Podcast Network and Oliver well thank you all the wonderful affiliates got some 200 affiliates to carry this program AFR Wilkins some wonderful friends are soliciting radio network stations. The truth of Jacksonville, Florida three vexations down there cross Brunswick St. Augustine Frank Shelton your challenger went out there listening this thing all through that evangelism stuff that's for Frank Shelton. That's not it.

I was call him to get him to accompany some of you will what your children know to if you truly are a believer.

Why is God calling them right now to go share the gospel with somebody maybe is not Sylvester Stallone but why won't give us the challenges we get out of here to everyone out there thing someone cared to share Jesus with you when you return the favor and the number two. The FBI has 10 most wanted. I would encourage you to find 10 friends, family, neighbor, niece, nephew, colleague, class, coworker, just 10 friends so you know and just reach out to one at a time. Can I just tell you what Jesus means to me, or would you go to my church this week. I'll pick you up. Maybe your lady listening and say hi. Can I treat you to Starbucks but I like to share my story you know you don't have to know it all that you have to just pointed to the one who made it all and and I've learned that they may question your theology, but they can never argue your testimony and just like the FBI. No two fingerprints are the same and you know what God's done for you. 9/10 will listen and I just believe heaven, not hell is the greatest party of all time and true friends are invite you to the party without the guilt in this guys invite all kinds of you party to celebrate Jesus, the bread of life feasted and if it is the supper of the Lamb, Frank Jones's name his daily radio TV program is called by faith. How can people find you your on Instagram, social work, and I got Graham you got a lot more folks on the socially I do for Frank what, what's the best website connection weight folks learn more about you and your ministry support your ministry. Thank you, Frank is the faith-based and Frank some that were against corporate and public school events, we'd love to bring revival to your town, but great for Sunday service. Do men's conferences leadership you know we've we don't ask for big budgets and we don't need a big venue, but we can't deal a small thinking. Just think out-of-the-box gods come and sing and you reach like the Jackson five. Call my name and I'll be there if you don't know Christ Frank, you got a quick word for someone other just stumbled upon this thing are like what you are the poor, these nuts talking on the radio and wrote my drive would you say you will number one, you may not believe in God but God believes in you. Number two. Hell is too long to be wrong in three coming to Jesus as easy as the ABCs a admit that your not perfect, be believe that Jesus is the son of God and seek confess with your mouth that Christ is Lord, just whisper simple prayer like this, Lord Jesus, centering your the Savior. I heard that you died for the world but I realized today on truth radio. If it was just for me Jesus the son of God would have died just for me.

Denzil didn't die for me, Madonna didn't die for me. Beyoncé didn't die for me, a president done that for me, but the King of all Kings shed his blood for me. Your red blood will cover my dark dirty past and turn me into snow.

Father forgive me and I realize they put you in a borrowed tomb.

Mohammed is dead.

Confucius is that dude is dead religion is dead but on the third day Jesus rose from the dead. He's on the right hand of the father is not a good way to heaven is the only way to heaven and I'm asking you to save my soul be my best friend take me to heaven when I die and I'm trusting you by faith in Christ name, amen. This is good Truth Network that first sermon at Farmington.

You have good neighbor. There call your local State Farm agent for quote today

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