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Shannon Bream Shares The Faith That Anchors Her

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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December 28, 2021 3:00 am

Shannon Bream Shares The Faith That Anchors Her

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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December 28, 2021 3:00 am

Author and Anchor of FoxNews @Night, Shannon Bream, called the show. Shannon discussed the journey she and her husband endured - that helped forge the faith that enabled her to write her NY Times Bestseller, "The Women of the Bible Speak." 

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Go to heat but in the coupon code caregiver for special discount Christmas time or anytime of the year he track makes a great gift, go to heat coupon code caregiver I know. Rosenberg program. Here is my wife Grace does know the place you glad that you're with us 65 million Americans right now are curing for vulnerable of one that's where you are good you're the right place. I wonderful guess your today I was on her program about a year and half ago when Gracie first got coping she Grace was the first 1R Kelly to get it. Since we live in such a remote area think most people thought we got elk or Buffalo here in Montana but this is Shannon bream and Shannon is the host of Fox News at night and she's also the Supreme Court correspondent for Fox news and you know her senior.

She's also the author of several books including the recently published women of the Bible speak wisdom of 16 women in their lust, which reached number one spot, and we are glad to have you with Shannon before we get anything else, I gotta tell you, the world is crazy right now and you report the crazy just how are you doing friend when you hoping something greater than you and feeling like good triumph over evil that you can keep an eternal perspective. It really helps you in the day-to-day anything helpful and important indeed, and I been watching what's unfolding right now, particularly with things going on with the Supreme Court and so forth. So I know that you are highly engaged but is interesting is all that is reason I had you on this program two days because you and your husband had your own journey through this about love. You just tell us a little bit about that and then will go into what with the ramifications in your life, your faith is gone when he became in her mind if I hear a calm trouble hearing ringing in his ear all kinds of things in a month into it eventually rule out the thing with improving can deal a family cat or a brain tumor turned out, why which was shocking.

I think everybody because he was pleading strong and healthy we find in every way and I did and trouble hearing really no clue that there was something much more important that was going on until 24-year-old who are planning a wedding thing might have been aching for him as a young man to have to say something that was that in your life, and at that young point really dies okay and the truth is through that journey we learned a lot about each other about ourselves and our faith were amazing.

And over the years and is now being married caregiver for me to sell my own L LFL a little bit of experience in both and hope to be an encouragement that there is a way through you.

Yes, you have some issues with your eyes. I believe the correct couple of years for folks out there who had to fight for diagnosis me really frustrating to process and what I years and eventually found out is that the constant chronic pain. I was living and was a genetic condition in which my corneas were constantly caring and scarring the tissue over and over again. Day after day. Once I got to a doctor who could help me begin contact and help put me back together on finally went back on the road to hope that during the two years To a very dark place and really my husband was the only person who was a witness to the world today and you know Apple caregiver. I mean, you alone can kind of the depth of what your spouse is suffering and what they're going through. And so you know I couldn't make it without him. Truthfully, you mentioned your face, and I know this is important to you and what I was doing the review on your show and I reference something in Romans that I watch if you have you I don't know who put together the guy that was on the split screen with me. Well said, I'm not sure if you ever go back and look at the wall that knew where he was. He was all know I remembered who he was when I was be my normal goofy self which you Grace that with so much heartache and challenges and you just learned, sometimes you just have to just go with but this was really funny.

But what I said something in Romans and your face just lit up on on camera. And so you know and most people didn't know who you are, know that your face is report. How did that change when you you were face first for silver things and then guess what got married and you took the files of sickness and health and those things got real real real. At that point, would you take those kind of vows.

If you bring to the stuff with your eyes.

Where did your faith go what happened. What what transformed in the boat and we learned a lot about the body of Christ to people who would reach out or know they were praying for you.

We heard about your story that complete strangers are sharing the burden with you at least trying to lift it from you and intercede for you is an amazing thing.

I think unfortunately I felt very blessed that I grew up and told how my husband did to where we were constantly exposed to Scripture and prayer and being in church ending a relationship with Christ.

So we have that foundation which I'm still grateful for, but I think when you go through the thing that really rattled the foundations of everything in your life that you're kind of relying on enjoying it to a different level of maturity, at least for me and forced me to be much more reliant on God. I don't like the idea of being vulnerable or having to lean on him to do to lay out all our burdens on him to come to him in prayer and through that I developed a closeness and immaturity spiritually that I don't think it's likely all mountaintops I would've had that same growth. I just want to win, but you know through the suffering is where you often learn about LCS looses its good that's that's all. More often than not, how he reveals himself to us is through cutting away those things in sounds like you journey you you wrote this book that is an extraordinary book went to New York Times number one bestseller. I wanted to talk. What one segment of it if you don't mind so many of the listeners of this program and really understand lengthy journeys.

Gracie has been struggling for nearly 4 years with Hearst in your book you discussed the woman who wanted to touch the hymn of Jesus car. Obviously, that really connect using three of the four Gospels. It really connected with you talk about that and what you wrote about story so much for so many different reason.

When we encounter what we know about her. From accountable she was at the end of her rope. I mean, she had spent every going to every doctor or expert in that time to get help with this issue, pleading that he had for more than a decade and we meet her. She's not only not guilty worth and she has no money left. So I think about how she must've felt at the time no one was able to give her any hope of. She heard Jesus and it was something in her that recognized his divinity and his ability to perform miracles to get there by government data can be enough to kill me in writing the book is that during that time, she would've likely been considered unclean because were bleeding and she fell on, she wouldn't have been allowed to be around other people or in the temple or in the market with crowds or anything so she's breaking all of the norm to go and find Jesus. And when she meet actually on the way to the house of a religious leader whose daughter is dying and amended pleading with me. He falls down the 4G that despite what many legislators thought about him at the time, give me, and humbled himself, and said please come to my daughter so they're on their way to nap this morning. Anything to try to have a conversation with Jesus, his government were told the gospel.

Immediately she would help heal. She knew it she knew that some power had gone out from pending hearing her knowing he knows everything and he turned around and said to me to want to disciple and I'm thinking probably on the pathway chuckling with him like hey everybody, trying to touch you all the time.

Printed cloud wise and she knew that he knew it with her and were told in all of the accounts that she falls before hinge family in fear because she know she's not to be there.

She didn't ask permission for this hearing were to reach out and touch garment and she contacted the whole story to Hannah and if they are laying on the ground before him in fear every account.

The first thing that he sent to her daughter. I think it's still beautiful. He's telegraphing to hurt anybody who would dare note her storyand even the ever home that he's done the right thing in breaking the norms was okay coming to him and reaching out to him with the right thing to do anything to hurt your faith in me to hold give her credit for the stated clearly his divine power, no matter what were struggling with. No matter what the rules are, or the norms are only going to be the right thing to go to Christ and he welcomed us, no matter our circumstances, we don't have to clean up her act and have everything together and be super solidly mature through our struggles and we can come to him in whatever state were an he's going to see us at the same way that is extraordinary. This is something that so many of us in this journey of what you said you were trying to for the diagnosis. You could even find somebody give the right diagnosis and with your husband you, we will try this for the drug is really resident with you and so many of the listeners of this program are dealing with these things with just seemed interminable and they just know that what it does in this place and that is that this message of encouragement that I wanted people to be here today they hear me but I wanted to be here. You will hear other people get tired of my voice indeed, and I got two more questions for you about some things will exit 3. First off when you are bringing the news that you bring every you suggest you because I get you out after good so but I will call you what I catch you up there and you have no you're so vibrant. Your your welcoming and everything else and yet you have to bring hard things to the American people. When you do this must be incredibly difficult for you to do that it will get like 30 seconds left.

Talk about how your faith stage you want to hear everybody care of in the company prior getting all your requests be made known to God wants to hear.

There is an overwhelming, thank you very much for this. You know so much should agree book is called will

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