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"But in this world, bones will still break."

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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September 22, 2021 2:30 am

"But in this world, bones will still break."

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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September 22, 2021 2:30 am

"I make a way for people to access that Kingdom. But in this world, bones will still break, hearts will still break, but in the end the light will overcome darkness."  - from the Chosen, season 2   In this episode, we discussed a familiar hymn  that's perfect for those struggling with difficult things.  Are you ever burdened with a load of care?
Does the cross seem heavy you are called to bear?
Count your many blessings, ev'ry doubt will fly,
And you will be singing as the days go by.    Gracie sang that hymn with me Sunday in the hospital as she recovers from a broken femur (and her 81st surgery) due to a recent fall.  We've had our share of falls and "load of care," but we live to sing about it and face another day - until we arrive in that Kingdom where "...sorrow and sighing will flee away."  

Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger

What you know about acrylic resin, Pete Rosenberger and it's standing with hope.

Acrylic resin is a critical part of what we do after losing both of her legs. My wife Gracie wanted to be able to provide quality prosthetic limbs for her fellow amputees and so we started working with the government of Ghana to help train and equip local workers to do this in part of this is providing them with acrylic resin now 1 gallon can make for the six legs depending on the patient whether it's above me your below knee, orphans, children and so forth. So this is an important part of the journey makes these these hardshell sockets that the limb fits into. So it's lightweight but very durable. Gracie use the same materials for self. We have a real need for that. If you can go out to standing with and be a part of that would be most grateful is the gift that keeps on walking.

They go walking and leaping and praising God. You can be a part of that right now standing with/and American radio. This is this is this is as a right heart here is something resident diction somebody with everything always.

This shows here to strengthen that individual.

Let them know that there is a place with they could go to catch their breath taking me if they have to develop strategies for a healthier life.

Healthy caregivers make better caregivers.

If you're not healthy. What happens to your love and that is the whole purpose of the show was to strengthen you as you care for someone who was a glad that you with this. 888-5888 40 888-589-8844 South a little congested this morning was because I but I will try to work through that punch through it. It is, it is not covert's allergies and we got season changes heading our way and so it's just a morning we live up the Rockies in Montana and it was 28 so the seasons change, sometimes gets a little early.

All right 888-589-8843 would be a part of the show.

It is usual like to start off with the him and will talk about why that hymn is important to us as caregivers.

What we are able to do in the context of this of these hymns that I pick up school to the handling hymns that I grew up listening to throughout my journey in church.

I get more people say I wish we still did these in church because we kind of let a lot of this slide in our churches, and so on, hopefully reintroducing these hymns to you and waited. Makes sense and that also for those who never heard before that you will find the treasures in in them that so many others have had and so that's why I do that so this is one. This may be a little bit easier. One of them stepped over to the caregiver keyboard. One of these. This is one of those was it have a melody that is so catchy now. The guy that wrote the melody is that some guy with the lyrics of those really catchy melodies and everybody for the show and Richard on the board of he was sing-along buzzword. We could leave the title and that's how catchy disability is so that is easy melody. Do you know the lyrics. More importantly, do why those lyrics important to you. Why are why those things.

Driving home in your life and I'll give you a hint on the first verse. When upon life's billows.

You are tempest tossed, when you are discouraged, thinking all is lost and that I humbly if you wish caregivers feel that way with you on life's billows in your tempest tossed, would you discourage they get all is lost or do you ever feel that way.

Security reviewed.

If you don't.

If you haven't felt that was a caregiver hang on because you will. It's just a matter of time and but there there's a powerful message. This this is written by a wonderful minister and he he also wrote of Welty that in the next block because I want to get into couple to personally give you an update about what she is doing much better. She's moved back into our county antenna is a small town with long avenues so everything is cut a spread out out here but it's they had to take her to Billings, Montana. The airlift there to do surgery and she stayed there for couple weeks and after breaking her femur.

She had a bad fall caught her prosthetic foot on something and twisted her but her prosthetic leg did not and so something had to give it.

It was her femur.

She is going to be recuperating for couple more days, a local community hospital and then bringing her home on Tuesday and then we continue the healing process until she can wear her prosthetic legs again and get going. So this is been a very unfortunate and unpleasant.

Certainly very painful experience for her, but she is a she is recuperating nicely and we expect to get her home is it you don't it is what it is.

Fortunately, our home is set up for her and so it will be to carefully much of an adjustment. Her her caregiver will have to work a little harder away, that's me, but she is she's hanging tough and sees that she's tough So I appreciate your continued prayers for her.

She's been through a lot. It was you a little bit surreal. Watching her going to surgery again, her 81st that I can count. And so that that those are difficult things to have to endure and certainly see her go off to surgically putting times in my 35 years caring for her but it's it is what it is and we accept this and move on. All right, I wanted to also tell you something very quickly before you go to the bright that may resonate some of you will. I used to go to a support group when I wasn't when we lived in Nashville with international for many, many, many years and went every week to support it is a great group of guys.

I'm really going up and there was a soda machine in the room where we met at this church and it was there every week.

I like to get soda and sat there enjoying the meeting. I want to put my money in there and and nothing came out and I was rather frustrated and I was fixed about it within II got the next week and came back and I try to get a put money in it, and two sodas came out okay with ballast up and I put I gave one to a buddy of mine and thought it all ballast up following the key back on the next 70 back in and it was that I did it and it didn't. Nothing came out again and I called the number on the things that you highlight your machine. Islamist up here, but I never got a response. The next time a cubicle that will transform her time nothing again shake. She fussed at it. Collect names that come to think and nothing came out and I gave up and I started bringing water which is healthier for me anyway. That that signaled the change I made to stop drinking as many sodas. What was the life lesson for this that I learned as a caregiver.

Sometimes we put our treasured things that are broken that cannot deliver. The matter what we do we shake, yell, curse for us whatever changed its broken machine is broken and we are putting our self-worth, our treasure sometimes into individuals to respond to us in ways that they cannot do because this is resonate with you was here, you felt like you were looking for approval you're looking for value gratitude you're looking for anything from someone I've talked to some caregivers who are dealing with is much as their agent Trish so this is Peter Rosenberg. Helen got her first helicopter ride. This dramatic event.

This happened with her leg and everything else on top of all the stuff she's gone through since her current back in 1983 and what did she know that the rest of us would benefit from knowing that we can say with that kind of conviction that our life is you want to get a copy that CD what the website hope the we ask you get involved.

What were doing deal like this show if you like this show we find it meaningful. Help us do it more and you can do that out it hope the using versus giving and we do. We have two programs for what we do we do this show and then we also have a prosthetic limb outreach the grace he founded with and working in West Africa for many many years of just texting some patients right now were trying to work out. We've got patients in Nigeria that were sponsored for treatment. Some of them come to got overworked, but some of them are working with local efforts that we just sponsor first patient in Kenya and we got out we got shipped over some some resident we really need some help with that. If you want to get involved so it's it's fairly expensive but it's cheaper to buy their and then that it is shipping prescribed some shipping problems. Because of covert. So try to get as many things on the ground there in Ghana that we could help sponsor for the patients we work with the clinic. There they treat these patients and then we have artificial limbs are being recycled. The parts are being stripped down in a prison in Arizona phone but outfit out of Tennessee called core civic that they were these prisons over the country and one in Arizona is the inmates volunteered in the disassemble all the prostheses for us so that we can use the musical parts. It's an amazing program. So if you want to be a part of the will that go out to hope for the you'll see the link to staining with hope is the presenting sponsor and will see you copied Gracie CD, but if you if you like what you're hearing here help us do it more. Are the song we have maybe one of the most catchiest sketches despite maybe one of the state that is attached to the get you did, but if you know that some 888-589-8840 somebody's got to get this before I get through all the calls. However, I still want you to tell me why does that song mean something to you to listen to the second verse, are you ever burdened with a load of care does the crossing heavy you are called to bear.could you think of a better Larry to say to caregivers and this was written by wonderful, wonderful pastor, they Johnson open Junior Johnson open Junior think his father had a hardware business really work for the lumber business is that any work with him with that. So it's it it it. He became a pastor and he wrote another song that you might know and apply that for you baby in the third block here. Let's go to somebody just to get this before everybody else's. But if you know the song and it's meaningful to you. Please let me know okay because that's the whole point is to talk about why it's meaningful not necessarily see who's the smartest hymn person in the world. But let's talk about what the song is meaningful to you. Alan in Texas.

Alan good morning, how are you feeling sponsor or are you well you know I think of that middle inventory. Most of these here so I think I'm doing okay what you got on your mind and heart and what you know about this so well. We have all little blessings in their granddaughter, wondering wonderful daughter allow notes to be our granddaughter and they live whole hundred and 50 feet away from us. So it's really nice to be able to interact with them on a daily basis, or mail blessing.

That's one of the many blessings that we have used during this time and that where we don't believe that Colin is no people have health concerns and Meme backup.

Do you know the name of the song O certainly count your blessings that I think that would that that would help the context today in your counting your blessings with you grandchildren being so close to you and appreciate the good I love this. I love this heel and it's it is a catchy tune, it's very simple. He no, no, not very many black notes, so it's really good. Well it is a lucky plated. I know people on the piano and we just were off to the races but I appreciate you calling it in check. Know that I would go to Roger in Arkansas Roger good morning, how are you feeling Roger you with me. I did you know the song I shared what a blessing you got this morning Roger. I got my bike and my Savior died for me and now I'm free lit upon lives billows you are tempest tossed, when you are discouraged think is thinking all is lost count your many blessings name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord hath done that a great caregivers or what. I have one of my biggest pricing is I've got great grandchildren and when I look at him. Our price is. I can see what a blessing that the Lord gave me, that is, that is wonderful.

Roger and I really do appreciate you sharing on the road to Cherian, Georgia Sherry good morning, how are you feeling did you know the song very right and it is a catchy tune coming it's it's a it's a really easy to remember, but I now that will tell me what this song means to you all everything.

Here are my dad last to be thankful for and lined them out that evening. Pressure may name 1/3 term. I Could not payment my dad and Courtney that would have your husband's in the hospital with Kobe, but you lost your father last night with what was going to wail going parking for very and the Lord answered prayer. God made in all hot and I can't think that he never had any organ and it appears come out and the Lord. I'm angry. The fourth verse of this heel. Sherry is a good one for you. So amid the conflict, whether great or small, do not be discouraged. God's overall count blessings.

Angels will attend, help and comfort give you to your journeys in is that it is getting worse for you this morning well. I know that you have a lot of mixed feelings this morning. I know that this must be very difficult and at the same time you you also rejoice in the life that your father lived as husband struggled with covert and it's not that we live in some kind. As believers would assist count your blessings.

It is not to be trite because these lyrics are nothing trite, but there's nothing try, but these lyrics it's meant to reorient our thinking it's very difficult to despair when you're grateful. I it's very difficult to be hacked off when you're grateful and so the message of this song is one that says okay I'm going to reorient my thinking and I'm going to learn to be grateful in the midst of whatever in Scripture says that we can't do this and in so I think this is this is the point that we have a lot to be grateful for it. It's not that work. Not recognizing the the painful things that are going on. But it does but that the first Thessalonians 516 through 18. Rejoice always pray continually give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus and and so I think that that is our message now this this guy that wrote this him to take but in the next block of of what another him that he wrote that I think you go to know as well.

So hang on to that because I think it's it's the same message of of reorienting our thinking and recognizing okay yet this looks bad it is. Are you ever burdened with a load of care does the crossing heavy you were called to bear count your meeting every doubt will fly and you will be seen as the days go by his great lyric for caregivers.

Well, the fact that you're even able to just chuckle this morning recognizing there is something greater that even and that is the that is the message we have as believers to the world that is a world that is legally set clear on our message. I offer that same grace that is given to us to show this. This is the show for you as a family caregiver were so glad that you eat 885-8988 888-589-8041 part of the show and are sold today was count your many blessings name them one by one, count your many blessings see what God has done and and I love these lyrics when you look at others with their lands, and gold think that Christ is promised you.

His wealth and told count your many blessings. Money cannot buy your reward in heaven your home on time, money cannot buy your reward in heaven. Your homeland and that is a great lyric. So amid the conflict, with a greater spell. Do not be discouraged. God is over all count your many blessings. Angels will attend, help and comfort give you to your journeys in certain these are tremendous lyrics for us as caregivers to hang onto them.

What I do this for those you just now hearing the show, you just stumbled into the show we get that a lot and hopefully get to this point.

When you when you go through the the brutality that eating give-and-take can bring as a caregiver. In my case just just two weeks ago little over two weeks ago we were having dinner with our son and his date and it was just a wonderful time. I left them. Keep up the mountain to our home. I walked into the house, put Gracie's personnel on the table, went back to get her in before I could him.

It was 30 seconds and she's laying on the ground just in Ankeny where she'd fallen and broken her leg. I mean, it was just, you know, and that her whole life was upended within seconds and in the moment of the. The trauma you can't think through all the craziness it gets it gets nuts. He had to have simple things you just hang onto this for these little phrases and in hymns that are so anchored and are so count your many blessings name them one by one. Are you burdened with a load of care does the cross seem heavy you were called to bear it. These things remind you of reality in the midst of the craziness. Great is our faithfulness morning by morning new mercies I see Ed and he touched me of that that would be for here. You don't just use all these hymns that have done and and all the joy that floods my soul, something happened. Now I know there's a reason I'm doing this because I know what it's like to be in the trauma of them the that that that craziness that happens and I know that is hard to think clearly and so I'm I'm providing myself and you was something that just kinda helps you sell yourself down so that you can think clearly in the moment. This is lessee, and in Tennessee and good morning how you feeling demotivated. This is you are you Greg you did. I'm thinking about a couple years and was right after my husband that I kindred spirit with you and your why interrogator and with whale like Your plaything. Wonderful sound among so so many of our favorite with a finger many years, and 87 now and I'm not in acquiring, eating like that but I was in a rank in 1973, 10 years before Gracie and spent a lifetime of chronic illness that I woke up and I don't know what is the data call right for you and Greg and Bill. I know you do know us and we know you know each other all right at night and there is so much not just a couple years ago and 11 days before that I was at home. I've been going back and forth to the DA where he was staying at that time working on and not shower rod came late and not me back with you about nothing. I had come back from that and I am living alone and 87 and not God is even in the midst of broken legs during the night as well and that I just happen some night we've been married 60 something years and three children.

I just got into the Lord. Everything I could hear Karen writing on staying in the word anyone out there is one of the key when you start nearly somebody you know what God had always happen will that brings me to the point where you know you could listen to the news all day long you can listen to the station and then see see what your demeanor is like after each each of those that evicts you the news all day long. You could be agitated and whatever but you got you got to take yourself up and that's why I do this you know every Saturday morning here and I believe these hymns because I know that with the stuff happens with the shower rod breaks in your lately with a broken femur and the trauma hits you you you cannot you cannot recall things that Tucker Carlson said, but you can recall things that Jesus you know and and and and So I would Tucker Carlson or anybody else or whatever but but you're not one of you look at what hang onto those that you want to hang onto you. Are you burdened with a load of care does the crossing heavy you were called to bear, you know, count your many blessings every doubt will fly and you will be singing as the days go by and you know it's that's that's the whole point for us as caregivers is to anchor ourselves that we were going to live with very painful things what to do. How are we going to deal with it in and you are just such a delight this morning. What you got planned for today. Well now all cleared.

I go to the farmers market, but I need you are not the people and while he is still trying. But anyway I had. I know I don't have much time and let you can call and I have written a little booklet family brand years I did a lot pretty self-taught when it happened. The original rank became allergic to the world. Damage not an era and so that's like 48 years different things. I would be following that problem on I read many books they really couldn't afford it. I went to different states to different specialists.

Nothing about mental illness and believe make the judge anybody they may look okay but you have no clay, that I will die with unskilled allergic to chemicals and things like that but God had made. Natural medicine as well as allopathic and you have a lot to live for, so I couldn't get up and hand pain totally know an out-of-print development where I am now that will appear, and others. 87 years old I would say that you have a track record low to think like brown and great planning and I have the store and I like it. You want to write it back and get your address where you can put you put you on hold in that you will get all your information that I would be thrilled to read that. Thank you very much for that and thank you for thinking that maybe someone has lifted what you live through it. 87. I'm going listen what you gotta say thank you for that and I'm counting on it. I'm counting so listen, I'll put you on hold and Richard get your information and and tell you exit out.

I'll let him give you all the stuff we decided to okay you're quite welcome and thank you for calling. I'm glad you're doing okay today. I miss by the way I do miss the farmers market out here where we live. We don't have much of that we have the ranchers love me for that The south of the farmers market.

Those that the smells of the farmers market of the South is like is like nothing else. So I do miss that I must go to Carol in Kansas.

Carol Carol good morning good morning Carol how you feeling me anyway that all the parts were not known right out. You start playing it. And anyway, counting my black and I don't want to call the antidote or my way out and becoming depressed are you have found five for myself because I'm going.

Thereafter I have to do that and so you really, really helped me a lot. Thankful for the reminder today because I needed it and that there's another song that God really popular right now, I don't know if you've heard it or not I have not heard that when all my mind all my life. You have been faithful and that thought I had been on and I think is really going down.

I how my going to do this or that. I do have a and yet that work on 89 and three and I pretty much have I had in the bathroom cabinet. Mike had to carry the load. I had to take care of my home for 45 years and that God was so good to you that all the strength and healthy you know all those years and you are not right.

I made. Now anyway, not wanting to call either Nate and I can now I'm glad you got to go to heartbreak here so I got to run here, but I much appreciate you calling glad you got some great count your blessings one by one God has done this, Rosemarie.

This is this is the silver review is you ever struggled to trust God when things happened to you I'm Gracie Rosenberger in 1983 I experienced a horrific car accident leading 80 surgeries in both legs and became questioned why God allowed something so brutal to happen to me. But over time the questions changed and I discovered courage to trust God that understanding along with an appreciation for quality prosthetic limbs led me to establish standing with help more than a dozen years we been working with the government of Ghana and West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis. We purchased ship equipment and supplies and with the help of inmates in Tennessee prison. We also recycle parts from donated lambs. All of this is to point others to Christ. The source of my help and strength these visit standing with to learn more and participate in lifting others standing I'm Gracie and I am staining with help Rosenberger to my 3 1/2 decades as a caregiver. I've spent my share of nights in the hospital sleeping and waiting room some foldout cot shares.

Even the floor sometimes on sofas and a few times in the doghouse.

But let's not talk about that as caregivers we have to sleep in uncomfortable places, but we don't have to be miserable.

We use pillows for my These things are great have a patented interlocking field and adjust your individual sleep needs and for caregivers trying to sleep in all the different places we have to sleep leave me our needs get ripped up significantly.

Think about how clean your pillows are in the covert world were all fanatical about cleaning. Can you wash your pillows with my pillows for my if we throw in the washer and dryer. We do it all the time 10 year warranty guarantee not to go flat 60 day moneyback guarantee made in the USA is a caregiver you need rest. I going to my type in the promo code caregiver you get 50% off the four pack which includes two premium pillows and to go anywhere, pillows also receive a discount on anything else on the website.

When using your promo code caregiver is my promo code caregiver about the hope of the caregiver. This is the Rosenberger.

This is the show for you as a family caregiver that is great and I did to keep three cells this morning so I got a firm who listens and showed what I do to Keith Green so's I get a :-) because she simply keep going. And that I am as well. Is that a profound impact on me as a as a musician and as a believer and so I love that song just do. You said I love that there's a lot that goes others is Jesus rose from the dead and you you can't even get out of bed. Keith, you know, but it it's a point of changing our focus are we deluding ourselves or wheat or wheat, always thinking ourselves into misery or are we retraining our mind. Do not be conformed to this world be transformed by the renewing of your mind. And in this is what happens to us when we get involved in all this painted all the sorrow and all this loss. All this trouble all this heartache. All this bitterness all the shrinker if it has a debilitating effect on our ability to think and when we retreat our mind renew our bond. We focus on gratitude and the plight of others and and being able to be a source of encouragement to others, even in the midst of our heartache, you would be amazed what happens to you about the way the other so that we did today. Blessings name them one by one Count your many blessings he would.

God has done together wrote the lyrics for this is name is Johnson open juniors and ministry is a Methodist Methodist Episcopal Methodist Methodist will have the say that this will with this board in New Jersey. He also wrote another hymn that you may know, I'm pressing on the upward way new heights.

I'm gaining every day. Still praying, as I onward bound Lord, plant my feet on state if you know higher ground.

You know that you and this is a Johnson open wrote that with this so obviously he had a thing going on in his life. Lord, lift me up and let me stand by faith on Keynes tableland a higher plane than I have found Lord, plant my feet on higher ground lift by thoughts so you get to hear rooms that are embedded in our church history from the same God say the same thing basically which is to retrain your mind retrain my mind. Lord retrain them and and and I love the second verse that would capture many blessings are you ever burdened with the load of care how many of you today are burdened with the load of care does the crossing heavy you were called to bear. Have you ever just put your head down on the table against the wall. It just said Lord if you have it as a caregiver.

Give it time you will count your many blessings every doubt will fly and you will be singing as the days go by, but seeing as somebody who is checked out of reality that you're somehow ignoring the fact that this is going on in your life lesson but this is talk about dilution. We talk about retraining your mind to recognize yes this is painful yes this is hard, but Lord, lift me up and let me stand higher plane that I have found Lord, plant my feet on higher ground. My heart has no desire to stay were doubts arise in tears dismay, though some may dwell where these about my prayer by name is higher ground. Now this is how we do it is caregivers easy. There's no way I could do it really how do you know that what makes you so sure this is where I am today and I'm not dismissing how painful this is Gracie and I certainly understand She approaches the anniversary date of a wreck 30 years ago this fall and even Scripture says 38 years is a long time. Look at the Gospel of John, Jesus goes the pool by the with together been there for 38 years and 638 years and then the Scripture repeats it. He been there long time.

Anytime Scripture double status of the Bible to pay attention.

Even Scripture recognizes is 38 years and it's a long time. Even Scripture recognizes something to you yet we understand this, we get it so will bid the conflict, whether great or small, do not be discouraged.

God is overall if he's Lord at all that he's Lord of all, even broken links, even 81 surgeries even as color-coded early today. Her father just passed away. He's even Lord over that he has conquered death so that we may live. Does the cross seem heavy you were called to bear as a caregiver. It's okay for you to answer in the affirmative. Yes, it is that I know that what many of you are caring is overpowering that I know that what many of you caring right now will overpowering as time goes on. It's relentless sometimes is one of the more challenging aspects of the caregiving journey is that you can't get out front of it it it is what you just have to just sit the canoe and write down this river and hopefully don't hit rocks and capsize because you're not to be paddling upstream, you're not going to be getting out of this any time soon or any easy way and is the relentlessness of never being able to say okay I'm done with this until you get to a funeral, but even then you're dealing with the residual impact of this I get all of this and yet I would still say to you, does the crossing heavy you were called to bear the count.

Your many blessings every doubt will fly you will be singing as the days go by when you see a Larry this says the cross you, you carry it in flip it just arose that you be seen somebody spent some time with that this this pastor spent some time with that particular thought of contrasting cross was see and I get that. And that's what I love to. That's why love to listen to my wife's because I know how difficult her life's as a teller, which she sings she's not broke the part of her that sings is not broke, and it it's it's it's there's something that happens is transformative. I don't know how to explain it any better than that, but I've seen it or seen it so many times I've witnessed so many times that I cannot deny its reality and so I'm just offered to you what I have seen. My opinion is irrelevant. My experience is not and so I say to you right now is caregivers as fellow caregivers.

Those of you who were hanging your head in grief, beating your head up against the door frustrated year.

Your cussing and fussing.

Everything else I would say to you what this Scripture be with this verse says so. Amid the conflict, whether great or small, to not be discouraged. God is over. He has not forgotten is not forgotten your name. There are very, very difficult things that you find yourself in as I as I said in the emergency room over in Billings, Montana couple weeks ago looking to Gracie how many times have I seen her in this place and you know your heart just sinks Lord, how much more this is one thing to go through it. If you allow yourself you can go down some very dark path of another show will tell you how I know this because I've been there done friend asked me the other day how you doing this because she's taking care of aging parents that it's really really wearing on her pretty hard. She said, done this lesson will have done it extremely well at times that of Creston burgers who thought it, but through this journey you have learned that God is Lord, regardless that his faithfulness is not contingent on my discomfort or my my trouble. Gracie strobe or anything else and there's a point when you when you've had the ample time I've had, which is three to have decades to work through this.

It's a look at this, you start to see things I have the benefit of experience so I could see these things now that I could see before when you're in the throes of but I still need to be reminded. I have people in my life who reminded me of the six I have caregiver to go back and listen about shows the remote book that I was put this out of the podcast here later today was from the audio of hope because I forgot about this chapter of chapter 30 that they're going to fall and how appropriate is that you my life is going to fall your love with me this morning.

Caregiver hopefully proceeded some of you know the remarkable story of Peter's wife Gracie and recently Peter talk to Gracie about all the wonderful things that emerge from her difficult journey. Take a listen Gracie. When you envision doing a prosthetic limb outreach. Did you ever think the inmates would help you do that, not in a million years. When you go to the facility run by core civic and you see the faces of these inmates that are working on prosthetic limbs that you helped collect from all of the country that you put out the plea for and their disassembly sell these legs like what you have your own prosthetic and orange everything when you see all this makes me cry is on their faces and I know what is locked in place where you can't get out without somebody else allowing you to get out the hospital.

These men are so glad to be doing is one thing said something good with my did you know before you became in a PT that parts of prosthetic limbs could be recycled. Peg leg. I thought a wooden legs. I never thought of titanium and carbon legs and flexibly the legs and all that. I never thought about. As you watch these inmates participate in something like this, knowing that there helping other people all providing the means for the supplies to get over there.

What is it just on the heart level. I wish I could explain to the world.

What I see in here and I wish that I can able to come and say the this guy right here in East Africa with I never not feel that way out every time you know you always make me have to leave. I don't want to leave.

I feel like I'm at home with them and I feel like we have a common bond that never expected that only God could put together.

Now that you've had experience with what you think of the faith-based program for Corsica golfers. I think there is absolutely awesome and I think every person out there for half faith-based program because he return right at the men that are involved in this particular faith-based program and other ones like it, but I know about this one car is amazingly paired and I think that that is me just has something to do with God want to donate and use prosthetic limb, whether from a loved one who passed away or somebody well-groomed you donated some of your own for the staining gain. We

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