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"Though the wrong seems oft so strong..."

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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April 19, 2021 3:30 am

"Though the wrong seems oft so strong..."

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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April 19, 2021 3:30 am

From our live radio show on April 17, 2021. Our opening monologue tackles the obligation issue faced by caregivers, and then we step over to the "Caregiver Keyboard" to play the hymn of the day. Our phones lit up with callers who knew the hymn ...and all had moving stories, as well. 

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Woodrow Kroll here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train a second-best call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a

Every gift counts and now every gift is double training you radio this love led. This is the nation's number one show as a family here. Those cleaning on the phone with insurance back and forth to the doctors. This leads to dealing with an aging somebodies head of bad trauma. Maybe that an alcoholic family, chronic chronic impairment means are secured and were glad to have you as for the show to hear ways that you can stay strong and healthy as you take care of someone who is not. If you want to be part of the show. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 would be glad to have you join the show stewardship stewardship instead of obligation have you all here that worked stewardship anymore.

Stewardship is a word that our federal government and much most of our state governments and pre-much most of our city governments affect pretty much every government has no concept of because you know, for example, our nation worth $30 trillion in debt to just print leaving care about, but it went well but she just print money and weighed $30 trillion in debt will never get out of that in our lifetime grandchildren select so stewardship is not a concept that our world is embracing and yet that was the first that was the first task assigned to me, Adam was to tend the garden stewardship and in you hear words like this from caregivers. I've got to I need to I have to I must I should every caregiver at some point will make these and other similar statements and sadly all too frequently the feeling up obligation drives us to push ourselves to dangerous levels for health, finances, and emotional stability. We just complicate all the time. You will feel obligated right now you are saying words like, I've got to I need to have to must, despite our best efforts at solutions. We usually come up short is caregivers mostly because fixing the problem is way above our pay grade is caregivers.

We don't own the circumstances of our loved ones were stewards.

Stewardship embrace this word embracing the concept of stewardship frees us to accept.

We are doing the best we can with what is within our power and abilities feeling obligated can quickly take us into resentment which compromises the ability to live a healthy life and thereby serve as a healthy character because you know healthy caregivers make better caregivers. If we adopt an attitude of stewardship can help us breathe easier and treat ourselves with mercy, all of which equips us to be better caregivers.

Do you own this. Did you cause can you curate no that it's not yours to fix the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again and I think that is there something very profound.

That statement realizes some things that are just beyond our control is caregivers. Someone just opened up with that concept of stewardship. I would be good stewards of the situation that we find ourselves in this caregivers are you been a good steward of yourself you know you are all that standing between your love one. And even worse disaster when it comes to certain things are you being good steward of that or do you feel like you somehow got picks this up on it beating its do-it-yourself what happens them if there left without a caregiver you know and you're invited to be a steward not to own God announces your steward. There is a difference that brings us to my musical trivia question what you outing to what to call this but I wanted to have a song for him. And if you know it. What you call and tell me about it could forgive talk about particular one of the stances in this hymn is going talk about what were doing is caregivers today is almost a full beard to the caregiver keyboard. I am now at the caregiver keyboard ice if you know this song gives a call 888-589-8840.

You know that you ADD 589-8840 that is going to be the topic of the talk about today on the show because were to get into this thing and pack a bit more of stewardship versus obligation so many caregivers get trapped this obligation quagmire. I got to must need to have to I'm supposed to, and God says stewards is close to him so if you know that so 888-589-8840 and if you want to talk about something else is going on with you certainly will veer into that but I wonder drill down on this topic today because so many caregivers get torqued in this place and the thing about obligation. When you feel like that you have to do some your musty so you should be doing something you're supposed be doing something it takes microseconds for that to turn into resentment how many you all struggle with resentment even today, right now were all gonna be there. We all get there and when we deal with this obligation in a manner of flipping it into stewardship. It helps us then address the problem of resentment and realize okay God is working in this do we know this.

Do we believe this and so if we do believe this, what does that look like as we fleshed this out is caregivers right so 888-589-8840.

If the phone lines are slammed which they appear to be and please hang on and trite little bit later and keep trying because we want to get to you your opinion, your thoughts, your heart on this is important and we want to discuss. This is caregivers. This is why this show is is so different because were not going into the caregiving task were not spending time trying to unpack how to deal with an insurance company okay once you got that you got it all up ever given an injection. When the first time I gave a shot to Graciela. It was it was a little bit weird they didn't teach me anything about that music school in no but but after a while, okay, got it is not that big me. I don't have to be reminded of how to do it every time something would deal with an insurance company or something do with doctors, whatever. There are things that we can incorporate and how we do this, but there wanted done. We got it okay I don't need to be reminded of this unit. I changed very complex dressing. I'm sure many of you will have you know, yeah, we got to be trained on the first time, but I don't need repeated training you know. But when it comes to matters of the heart when it comes to what's going on deep and art in the core of who we are. That's were we did this constant reminder.

I have caregiver amnesia and I can be reminded of the gospel in niche have to be reminded of the gospel and my 35 years now as a caregiver has convinced me beyond any shadow of a doubt that the issue for all of us as family caregivers is always in the heart.

The task will take care of themselves. If the heart is better equipped if your heart is a train wreck which could have your wallet with could have your job was going to happen to your your homes review the maintenance on your home which I have into your relationship with could happen to you finances all these things have into your physical body.

If your heart is. This is where the battle is individuals as human beings for caregivers that Matos will be more intense because we do with these things so often so relentless that unpack today with your phone calls just a moment. This is hope for the cure bureaus have ever let the stove on. I will be honest you know you have. We all have and the smoke fills up the kitchen. The smoke detector goes off the dog starts barking, the phone is ringing and there's pandemonium everywhere.

Had you like something to avert with his new invention called fire avert. It plugs into your stove and it pairs with your smoke detector in the moment the smoke detector goes off, it shuts off the heat source to the stove, gas or electric and make sure that it doesn't turn into a fire. We have a lot of things going on all the time and a kitchen fire is not on the list of things we need to be stressed out about let's take that off the table and what about your loved one who's living alone. What about families with special needs child who may accidentally leave aluminum foil on the plate put in the microwave or fork of the plate and it starts looking up. These are things that we can avert with fire avert FIR EAV ERT go out there look at it today was invented by firemen who got tired of being called to homes and seen all the damage that could have been avoided.

And so we came up with a great idea that did this and guess what it's working and hundreds of thousands of homes across the country are using fire, avert, let yours be one of the fire FIR EAV use the promo code caregiver and get an even greater discount with already low price. It's a great gift to give to yourself to love one to a caregiver. You know, fire, promo code caregiver is like this is the purpose everything we do it on the shows with us to see these things.

Once we see them embrace them once we embrace them.

Take hold of us and then were able to function differently is caregivers as human beings. This is the human condition of understanding God's sovereignty in our journey and that brings us to our song for today and so would guide us. Several folks that have weighed in the have they know it. Let's start with and in Mississippi and good morning how you feel. It will matter.

Feel better when you feel it when you feeling poorly.

Now Holly and Juan have a lot Well your $that I don't remember and talk to you and you made me feel a lot better.

I will caregiving situation that sort of thing you still caregiving packed away, how you doing with all that went there comparable depression.

The lowest I've been depressed a few times in my life, but that was the worst lawn. I manually a lot of it was guilty.

Now that sort of thing that the Lord delivered me praise the Lord he found what you do now while I'm retired I work in the yard a good bed and I spent some time with my grandchildren in man. Sometimes I'm just The tide is something particular you enjoy this fun whatever the really kind of makes your heart sing a bit, well, I really like yardwork even though it sometimes physically I can't have that right man outside my father's world. This is, that's a good segue to the to the song today was so to tell about that song. You obviously recognized it.

Tell me, tell me about that song what it means to you this. The hymn is this is my father's world unpack this a bit. Tell little bit about that song when you have anything special connection duty. Just recognize the tuner what well I reckon I cannot play the organ in a small church for a while and wrote a long time, but it meant a good laugh and I just love looking at God's world. I may not just the beauty just prints that the little half the plant coming up from the ground and asked how I'm to take pictures of things around the time that they had purple on it in green and why.

But when it may not blame, but when it grain and why they are gated in life. But when it grows. There's no problem. But when it come and have a grand he forgot that beautiful shade of purple added just fell off from look around me hacking people not believe there's a God like the Bible says you have no excuse. I look around at this father's will hold me.

I'm just on Sunday about this. It's an emotional topic. I think it's very appropriate what you're saying I was down in South Carolina last week and my father.

I live in Montana and we have extreme majesty out here. I look at the 40 mile view it all and it's a we were up in the Rockies and but but I go back to Brown from and Sathya Medicus glut here.

No that I was not raised in Montana by the way I thought I could open my mouth in the know I was from here but I am.

I go back there. South Carolina look at all the azaleas.

My dad had around the house and I just stop for a moment just reflect everything everywhere. They're all in blue and was just fine thing here always just the color was magnificent, and that's one of the lines of this hymn in the second stanza. This is my father's world. The birds there. Carol's race the morning the lily white declare their makers praise shines in all their trading on playing the instrument instead of listening to the work that much from will end it for me as it is musician you know for long time I was I was the same way out. I was him to get so lucky to make sure I didn't blow this office to make sure to I did mess up and but there was that point when I did this enough that I was able to go back and look at the text and started to sing along with the Humes and realizing these these hymn writers have left us a try this. I do this on the show they've left us a treasure trove of things and they said things in a way that are so soul stirring and so I want to introduce these things in a way to us as federal caregivers so that we have that as well so that when we become agitated when we become over overwhelmed that we can go back to these things and their easily.

They're easy to remember and and so throughout the rest the day. I'm hoping that after losing the show that my fellow caregivers and I will all be going around going to see you and will just remind yourself because we understand that he is sovereign over all of these things and even the most distressing things were dealing with this caregivers. He still sovereign over this and that doesn't mean it's not painful doesn't mean it doesn't hurt all those kinds of things, but it does mean that he's inviting us to trust him in it and and and so that's that's what I don't yesterday when did your husband passed away was addressed on 19 is out with Amber about a year and 1/2 ago.

If I've got my Mac right well did you did how did you get to the first anniversary of the there's a lot of people that are in that situation right now and they'd like to know you know how you how you get through something with it. How did you get to that first anniversary of his passing away while it made it little things remind you of handing out will that's what compound it out ~grandchildren or I would say this, that he would sit there we go to this restaurant. That's where you may have. My pop pop your how used to say it and you know just appreciating you how that thing you never know what you got to look down, you realize what a good person you have hopefully not everybody but I know I didn't appreciate them in the envelope. You will married yes yes no hello I know you hello you been listening to in heart to lookout it with their problems.

How I will remarry dry 4040 4475 you know when I speak that which I love your people certainly always welcome.

Call it whatever is troubling them.

But the way we structure this shows is often times we call in differently that you you don't really have a problem and I'm not here to solve your problems were just talking with just you and me you with cut.

I got a cup of coffee if you do, but you know we just talking about life in constant comfort in the midst of this, and strengthening us and their people right now who are either facing what you gone through or getting ready to face it they know it and they they need to know that they can get through this and in your help him do it now. And so it it it's not easy it's it's work it's it's it it's deliberate, it's intentional and you know and and I love the fact that your sharing. You pop all story with the grandchildren in your honoring him and honoring this amazing love that you had that lasted over 44 years.

I and so it's I'm going to read the third stanza of this hymn, and I hope that as you go out and is it nice was weather like today where you are in Mississippi, possibly pretty, and I'm gonna get another yard in advance so much rain and got to like her to keep that with some help. Sometimes I appreciate when I came back to Montana after beating Carolyn everything was colored green and we still haven't quite get spring appear yet where we are. It's it's wanting to.

We have snow yesterday and spoke how good, but I will read this verse and it is your out mowing the yard today and worked in the yard. I want you to just home the student if you masking if you would consider that this is my father's world only let me never forget that though the wrong seems oft so strong.

God is the ruler. Yet, this is my father's world. The battle is not done Jesus who died shall be satisfied in earth and heaven be one and had a great right lower it had a great lyric is an about wrong in the world I meant what how appropriate for our world right now indeed in info for not only justice is caregivers you're right, but for the entire world though, that though the wrong seems off so strong. God is the rumor yet and so when we look at the news which I try to not watch the news anymore when we look at these things we can be anchored in this in their people right now listening to the show.

Maybe sometime some for the first time who are having a look at a horrific circumstance with their loved one year and I would say I would say to them that though the wrong seems oft so strong.

God is the rumor. Yet and so try and think the day the time the minute the second that your loved one is going to pass away and just it out anyway. He knows it all and in it and his and we he holds onto us with his scarred hands. He holds her scared hands with his scarred and that is what gives us the strength and courage due to to take each step. However, smaller steps are and he says that word is a lamp unto my feet and saves a searchlights.

It is a lamp and sometimes we can only see one step and imagine that there were many days and nights and still are that you could only see just tiny tiny steps in front of you as you went to the stuff with your husband but here you are in your almost 2 years after this, and you're still going to go to go out and mow the grass and you going to look at all the nature around you and a Mississippi spring is a beautiful thing to see and and and just thank you for being such an encouragement to the audience.

They infer for us and I really do appreciate it in a really do really encourage make better you can call any time he will now it was God's sovereignty that got me, you are quite lovely you left call government to great Rosenberg. Thank you and this figure Rosenberg. This is hope for the caregiver. This is the show for you as a family caregiver eight 885-8943 Rosenberg math 3 1/2 decades as a caregiver. I've spent my share of nights in the hospital sleeping and waiting rooms, some foldout cot shares. Even the floor sometimes on sofas and a few times in the doghouse. But let's still talk about that is caregivers we have to sleep at uncomfortable places but we don't have to be miserable. We use pillows for my These things are great to have a patented interlocking feel that adjusting your individual sleep needs and for caregivers. Try to sleep in all the different places we have to sleep leave me our needs get ramped up significantly. Think about how clean your pillows are in the covert world were all fanatical about cleaning.

Can you wash your pillows with my pillows for my if we throw in the washer and dryer. We do it all the time 10 year warranty guarantee not to go flat 60 day moneyback guarantee made in the USA is a caregiver you need rest.

I going to my type in the promo code caregiver you get 50% off the four pack which includes two premium pillows and to go anywhere, pillows also receive a discount on anything else on the website. When using your promo code caregiver is my promo code caregiver and hopefully caregiver the speed Rosenberg.

This is the show for you as a family caregiver are you feeling how you doing honey honed going on with 888-589-8840 888-589-8841 go back to the phonons, Joe and Virginia Joe good morning how you feel I am doing fine thank you and I want much I appreciate your ministry or programming your over the years I've been listening to this.

I'm no longer caregiver.

My wife passed away just five years ago now in April, but she went through that long hallway as I call it dementia, Alzheimer's and I learned quite a bit over that time. If I might say you had mentioned Johnny Erickson yes I know her well and I think about her so often that is.

And pray for her ministry as well and I even balance my part, I support her ministry financially, but pointed.

I remember those days to set my wife with proceeding deeper and deeper down that long haul. She liked both those who can connect with that you forget things when they she forgot how to brush her teeth.

Think like that and I do remember how it was very difficult and yes I prayed a whole lot during that time God when good to us. We were married just 22 years, but nonetheless best of friends and I was blessed to see her all the way through the I never had a better nursing home daycare fine. Well I work I put header for your daycare in a local nursing home and then the last two years was tough because I couldn't. I had to carry her and I up and down the stairs so I get in on F. Peter, what you're saying and what the previous caller said in so many colors. I said that I listen to now. Last year's yes it is you you had this particular song. This is my friend that were so appropriate to hear what we share. Those of us who are caregivers in various ways. Yes, it makes it with a challenge, but I'm so glad I had gone through it. Now I understand fully and I try to do I can help out in my local church for those who are going through the same thing and there's been a number, and at my that I can understand knows what I'm saying so I can do my small part and help out when I can be of help are essentially entered be a support even if it's at being a listener content that so important to listen and share things with people will that is that is no small thing. Joe to be a listener to be at be supported and that that is not a small thing that is a that is the call for a suite as pulses we covered in currencies we comfort one another with the same comfort we ourselves have received from the God of all comfort in what you do by just being by just showing up. You're letting people know that you can get through this that there is there is a path to this it's it's painful it's hard it's fraught with many tears and and through many dangers, toils and snares, as John said in amazing grace and so when I introduce these hymns to folks or remind them of these hymns there. There's there's a very specific reason I'm doing that and I and I go through the hymnal to pick up songs as I'm sitting at the piano playing on thinking okay these are songs we can hang your hat on rice are songs that no matter what were going through working to be able to draw comfort and strength and in peace and solace and fortitude and you know there's a lot of songs that gospel songs and I love gospel cells with the grace he was listening to a bunch of them going through some stuff that she sitting, I'm struck by how many of these old gospel songs talk about heaven and get out of this place, but actually that's great what he would we all get to have a great, but in the meantime we live here and how we go to do this and and that's why pick up these hymns that really speak to us where we are.

So I love that that you know that that the stance is this and this is my father's world I rest me in the thought of rocks and trees, of skies and seas.

His hand the wonders wrought and I rest me in the thought, and it you know that's that's something that's almost alien to us is as human beings particulars caregivers that we can rest you know sleep is different than rest and resting Isa is a state of our spiritual being, you know is you went through it. I love the way you describe that that long hallway, and as you go through that you know you're you're saying that very, very difficult long goodbye and resting in God's provision and sovereignty and this is it is, is not something you accidentally wander into it something that you do intentionally and so I'm I'm it's it's wonderful to hear how your your touching other people just like you said Joe you just show up and people say just because you showed up. That means you're still still engage you're still doing your still living life and that in itself is his own testimony so that's is a great word hello in music better way very big part of both of our lives.

And I remember I was told.

Even at the very end when my mop, my wife couldn't respond talk of anything. I was told play her favorite music plant, she here and she here you will hear you talking it went.

It was a rough go at the very end.

Yes, but I went home with her and I had the family here because if you miss only in one week of respites, but nonetheless we were there together and music, and I just say one last thing I might keep it forever. It took me a whole year one full year of the death for her anniversary of when she passed away in April 2016. I couldn't play any music at all. We had a number of CDs, both spiritual and one of our favorite male vocal organ artists was nigh left in a millisecond, but we played him so often he was a black entertainer help me in the 1940s and panic to get his name right now and I like that but I remember week later so so often and we played at Kodiak. She she listened as she heard that I can think of his name. Can you help me out when his name is Sheba's.

He saying about the daffodils in the spring, showing off their skills. I remember that you did that can kill you say that can kill that at the hotel to get daffodils in spring with yet, but he talked about how they show it. They show off their skills in the springtime and out here in Virginia. Yet daffodils are the first sign of spring there a little late this year but yet it music is so working about not maybe not everybody but I know that it helps, especially those who are losing it may may not carry on a conversation with you over the years and yet they hear and they will that he never talk about this with us with him in South Carolina last week that's been minister now since early 20 something cities, 86, so you do the math he's been doing this a long time and he's been with folks through a lot of different stages in life and in his walked all the way to the cemetery with countless people in and we shared about in the middle of of dementia or, whatever that music is still able to permeate in ways that it's hard to really describe Luther used to say that next to the word of God. Music elevates the soul like nothing else. And I've had people in nursing homes, in hospice playing my CD up at FCD Cove songs for the caregivers, just hymns and Gracie sings about half and the rest of just instrumental displaying. I want to just apply for people to to do something that was just comforting to them. They just listen to it and I've been in places the nursing homes were people were staring out the window listlessly and then he probably of particular him and they would start singing along with that and we had a nursing home ministry for a crime and court covert shot everything down, but we did that out once a month we go and we had a wonderful pianist who would we come from different churches in the area. Here in the Richmond area but nonetheless we did it for quite a while and yes the people relate to music so much. We did we get a variety of songs it connects with infinite participate in some can't even perhaps saying but you can see the expression on your face absolutely and you see it with special needs children. I got a Nice that has cerebral palsy and severe development disabilities. She loves it when I played the piano and you could just see the way she responds. There something about it and then that's what I do with this on the showed it to my knowledge, I think a building fund that has does a laugh.

You are think for this yet, but I ended care of every now you offer but I think boy look. A guy every week went played to your content. Well that's very kind of you, but I want people to remember or be introduced to these great great hymns of the faith that sustain us through and assist have sustained millions before us through all these difficult things we go through. There is nothing that we can that we are facing is caregivers as a nation anything else that there's not somebody who has written this down in a in a him that we could hang onto them and encourage our selves with and strengthen and like Luther said next to the word of God. It is it it elevates so like nothing else.

So thank you for reminding her that Joe would thank you for showing up because you are a living testament that you know God is still working in your life in leading you through these things. And yes, your grief is real in your sorrow me. It was it was five years ago this month and your sorrow is is is ever present, but here you are living life in your be an encouragement to others in your stalwart in your faith and that means something Joe.

It really does mean something people do take notice of. Thank you for sharing it with us your back. Keep up the good work. We are going. I will do all right, will going to go into Barbara and Ohio Barbara good morning, how are you feeling great. Did you did you notice him. Now you know and I knew it and felt my phone actually got.

I dialed the number and I thought that and fill out, I loved your conversation with and now both of a place so wonderful already and I marveled at how God puts your program together. I think situation both the valve that I yesterday way my night by my handwritten and fell on both had cultivated and I my eyeglass Barbara Barbara hang onto the break. We got to go to the heartbreak here. Can you hang on just a vague someone here this is very important. Don't go away will be like that Chris Rosenberger this is hope for the caregiver you ever struggled to trust God when things happen to you. I'm Gracie Rosenberger in 1983 I experienced a horrific car accident leading 80 surgeries in both legs and became questioned why God allowed something so brutal to happen to me. But over time, my questions changed and I discovered courage to trust God that understanding along with an appreciation for quality prosthetic limbs led me to establish standing with help more than a dozen years we been working with the government of Ghana and West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis. We purchased ship equipment and supplies and with the help of inmates in a Tennessee prison. We also recycle parts from donated lambs. All of this is to point others to Christ. The source of my help and strength, please visit standing with to learn more and participate in lifting others that standing I'm Gracie. I am staining with help staff that support your life this morning that you grateful that you hear and thank you for sharing it with us and give us a call and let us know about it. 888-589-8840 if you got away. If you want to copy this you got to hope for the If you find the show to be meaningful to you. If you like what you hear if you engage with it be a part of what were doing and for whatever is on your heart to support with Wilson you copy Gracie CD and hope for the just go out there and you see how to do that and would love to hear your story as well. So I talked with Barbara and Ohio Barbara. Sorry about that.

We had to go to a break, but tell me a little bit more about your husband.

This was last April that at last year during Covidien that you lost.

Is that correct Let's talk August the 60 and of course we were okay, I'm not around to catch our hall can mark when the squad left my back like that.

That was the last time I think I can call card. I think I think it got me to lash out at me were all gathered. They did allow life to come in front of the window at with the monitor their English in a comatose state that I had spent the whole day talking to him on the phone with that air are by. I'm hoping that the hearing may have a one-way conversation and my son and I worked getting out on monitor and try and bring no, not phone Jay Sekulow Angela, and I know and pick up the phone when I staring at the faces and start looking. Last I have called and I remembered the Scripture that by signing any kind that take time. I II got game on my not go to The Children Check Did You Notice the Monitor Straight and I Said No and Felt My Friend and You Know Mom I Will like at the Time the Same Time They Guy Taking the Hand Master and Letting Go with One Following Yes That's a Great Story That Is a Great Story and I Treasured Story and Know Even Though You Couldn't Be with Him. God Is Not Stopped by ICUs and COBIT or Anything Else and He Was There and He Is There. Never Forget That with Them.

When Gracie I Had to Stop When All the Surgery She's Going through and I Had to Stop at the Door but He Wasn't Limited. He Could Go Right on into the OR and He Was There with Her and with with Your Husband and in with You As Well and I Think That I Never Remember That the Jesus Nebula Think That That NASA Would Call That I Think That Is Astonishing and and in Just Get It Just Reflects All of Scripture.

All Nature Scenes around Me Rings the Music of the Spheres Is with This Hymn Says, This Is My Father's World and He Shines in All That's Fair in the Rustling Grass. I Hear Him Pass. He Speaks to Me Everywhere and That's Why I Picked This Hymn Today to Talk about It. Obviously It Strikes a Chord with so Many of Us and I Hope That You and Others Will Just Home. This Alone. This Is My Father's World of Let Me Never Forget That Though the Wrong Seems Also Strong. God Is the Rumor. Yet That Is a Great Thing for Us to Remember That in Our Journey As Caregivers and You Have Shared a Beautiful Story with Us Today. Barbara Said Thank You for That in a Motor Jumper's Mother Calls Here Because I Got People Been Waiting for Long Time. Barbara, Thank You for Calling out Here and Then Trusted Us with That Story Okay Well I Really Wish That Character Would Get Back to Him Because You Know When I Go for A While. I Don't Recall Trey Songs That I've Been Thinking Hand That Were Everything Bring You Amateurish Present Felt Allie like I Could Not Agree More with You I That's Why I'm Doing It Were Just Having Church Here Laugh on Saturday Mornings American Family Radio While I Was Gone for 14 Days.

I Just Got Home from a Trip to Utah and I Was Caring for Jack There Who Has Finally Done, so I Got a Case That That and and What You Have To Go through and so I Have a Really Hard for People Who Are Caring for Someone like That and I Have a Very, Very Dear Friend-Going to Hear That Mallon Felt, Many People I Know Are Well. They Are Indeed and That's Why We Do the Show and and Thank You for Being a Part of the Need to Jumper Quick As I Want to Hit Denise in West Virginia before We Run Out Of Time Here so Thank You so Much for That. Barbara Really Do Appreciate It. Denise West Virginia Good Morning, How Are You Feeling Good Morning.

I Find This Morning. Thank You. Got a Call Me Peter. We Don't We Don't Stand on Ceremony Here Will Tell Me about This All You Knew the Song Did You I Fact I Became Familiar with It Years Ago When I Quartet at My Old Church and We Sang That Song and I Just Really Loved It and I What's on Your Mind, the Quickest Government at the Time of the Freight What's on Your Heart Okay Right Now the Current Thing That's on My Heart That I Wanted to Share Something That God Did and Yes I Have a Purpose for Me Was to Be at Caregiver. I I Did Have a Week We Were Blessed with a down Syndrome Child for 20 Years and She Passed in 2018. But What I Wanted to Share the Most Current Was My Sister-In-Law Had Been Incarcerated and I We Had Different Lifestyles and She Was Actually a Nurse and She Just Really Didn't Take Care Of Herself and She Was Incarcerated and Got out Saturday at but in the Meantime I Had Written Her a Letter Week.

We Actually Didn't Get along. But God, God Put It on My Heart to Write Her a Letter and Address It with the Grading of Dearly Beloved, Because He Put It in My Heart.

Such Love in My Heart for Her and I Just Told Her How Much She Was Loved and Missed It at Home and and How Much He Was Cared for and Reminded Her That Jesus Loved Her. Also, Well, She Came Home Saturday and Then Thursday Morning My Brother Woke up and She Was Lying in Bed.

She Had Been Sick with a Stomach Ache the Night before and He Told Her to Take Mylanta and Toner Come to Bed When You Feel Better. So He Had Gone to Bed and Then the Next Morning He Got up and She Was Lying in Bed. He Got up to Fix Coffee and When It Was Ready and Went to Get Her up and She She Was Lying She Was Dead. She Had Died in Her Sleep, and the Medical Examiner Thinks It Was Probably a Heart Attack, but the Most Wonderful Thing Is That God Put It in My Heart to Write Her. That Letter but While She Was Incarcerated. They Think She Couldn't Receive Any Greeting Cards or Anything like That but I Told My Brother What I Had Put in the Letter, so He Did Tell Her so I'm Just so Happy to Say That Those Were My Parting Sentiments to My Beloved Sister-In-Law That Is a Powerful Reminder of How Important It Is to Follow up with Those Things.

I Will I Will State. One Thing Here, God Did Not Purpose You to Be a Caregiver. In That Sense Is Purposely Used To Glorify Him and Enjoy Him Forever. Now You May Be a Caregiver. During That Time in First Season, Maybe Even a Lifetime with His Purpose Is Even Higher Than That Is to Glorify Him and Enjoy Him Forever and Your Daughter Has Passed Away. As You Can. So When I Am on the Same Thing but but Your Daughters Passed Away Your Sister-In-Law's Passed Away. Guess What, You're Still Here so That Means. The Purpose Is Greater Than Just the Task of Caregiving That We May Be a Caregiver for a Lifetime. But Once We Understand That We Have a Even a Greater Purpose Which Is to Glorify Him That Permeates into How We Care. Give That Were Not to Get It Right Every Time.

Were Going to Get It Wrong Often.

At Least I Do, but If We Can Hold onto That Thought Only Let Me Never Forget That Though the Wrong Seems Also Strong God Is the Ruler. Yet, This Is My Father's World. The Battle Is Not Done Jesus Who Died Shall Be Satisfied in Earth and Heaven Be One. These Are Things to Hang on to. And I Really Appreciate You Calling in and Sharing That That Marvelous Story If You Just Acting on Pure Faith of Writing This Letter and What What an Amazing Opportunity That Was Because You Know You Never Know What What What Is Going to Go Healthwise and so Forth. Yes Ma'am I Got 25 in August and I Feel like I Am in a Church Now Where I Feel like I'm Being Discipled for the First Time When I Got Saved I Was to Teach Sunday School Class and Well Then I Had a Sunday School Class for 20 Years I Grew Right along with the Kids Learning about the Bible, but I Mean As Far As the Essential Virtues of Personal Holiness. I'm You Know I'm I'm on Board.

Right Now I'm I'm Learning. I Guess Better Late. We All Yes.

But Where All Their and Listen Amount of Time Here Denise, Thank You so Much for the Call.

I Do Appreciate It Very Much. Thanks for Sharing That I'm Going to Say Something Very Quick to One Comes in on Because I Really Just Love This Caller Surely Were Out Of Town but I Wanted to Leave Mississippi Who Is One of My Favorite Colors Were at a Time. But I Knew You Knew This Him. I Knew You Knew It the Listen I'm Sorry I Was Got All the Way to Get Here Were Out Of Town. Thank You Very Much and I Just Wanted to Hear Your Voice and Thank You Very Much for Calling and I Got a Run Here.

This Peter Rosenberg This Is Hope for the Caregiver. Hopefully Be a Part of the Show Will See Next.

This Is John Butler and I Produce Hope for the Caregiver with Peter Rosenberg. Some of You Know the Remarkable Story of Peter's Wife Gracie and Recently Peter Talk to Gracie about All the Wonderful Things That Have Emerged from Her Difficult Journey.

Take a Listen Gracie. When You Envision Doing a Prosthetic Limb Outreach. Did You Ever Think That Inmates Would Help You Do That, Not in a Million Years. When You Go to the Facility Run by Core Civic and You See the Faces of These Inmates That Are Working on Prosthetic Limbs That You Have Helped Collect from All of the Country That You Put out the Plea for and Their Disassembly Sell These Legs like What You Have Your Own Prosody and Arms and Arms Everything When You See All This. What Do You Make Me Cry Because I See the Smile on Their Faces and I Know I Know What It Is to Be Locked in Place Where You Can't Get out without Somebody Else Allowing You to Get out Course, Being in the Hospital so Much and so Long and so These Men Are so Glad That They Get to Be Doing As As One Man Said Something Good Family with My Hands. Did You Know before You Became an Amputee That Parts of Prosthetic Limbs Could Be Recycled Now Had No Idea and I Thought a Peg Leg. I Thought of Wooden Legs.

I Never Thought of Titanium and Carbon Legs and Flex the Sea Legs and All That. I Never Thought about That As You Watch These Inmates Participate in Something like This, Knowing That There There Helping Other People. Now Walk the Providing the Means for the Supplies to Get over There.

What Is Due To You, Just on the Heart Level.

I Wish I Could Explain to the World. What I See in Here and I Wish That I Could Be Able to Go and Say the This Guy Right Here Denise Go to Africa with That.

I Never Not Feel That Way out Every Time You Know You Always Make Me Have To Leave. I Don't Want to Leave Them. II Feel like I'm at Home with Them and I Feel like That We Have a Common Bond That Would've Never Expected That Only God Could Put Together. Now That You've Had Experience with It What You Think of the Faith-Based Programs.

The Core Civic Offers.

I Think They're Just Absolutely Awesome and I Think Every Prison out There Should Have Faith-Based Programs like This Because the Return Rate at the Man That Are Involved in This Particular Faith-Based Program and Other Ones like It, but I Know about This One Are. It Is Just an Amazingly Low Rate Compared to Those Who Don't Happen and I Think That Says so Much That Has Anything to Do with Me Just Has Something to Do with God Using Somebody Broken to Help Other Broken People.

If People Want to Donate or Use Prosthetic Limbs, Whether from a Loved One Who Passed Away or You Know Somebody Well Groomed. You've Donated Some of Your Own for Them to Have It How to Do That Now.

Please Go to Standing with Staining with Thanks Grace

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