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What's A Special Meal for You?

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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February 11, 2021 3:30 am

What's A Special Meal for You?

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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February 11, 2021 3:30 am

Sometimes, a meal can represent a powerful memory, and so I asked callers about a meal or dish with special significance to them as a caregiver. 


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Going on 8580 840-885-8980 40 show W8858. This is all bubbly, lustful, and hopefully hopefully can come see old things we have bought out there and structure podcast we do the broadcast live here right now that we will podcast it out later on in this free podcast, you welcome to take advantage and we got over 500 episodes and that we have a lot of fun here were glad you are part of it and thank you for the entire American family radio community to hit the Truth Network to his network and all the other affiliates. We got around the country. This is a is is is a unique show.

There's nothing like it in the country that has the scope and the breath of the REITs that we have here and I'm so grateful to American family radio for hosting this because there are 65 million Americans right now that are struggling as a caregiver. Maybe you're one of taking care of aging parents and taking care of a special needs child or family member with trauma alcoholic addict, the mentally ill. Whatever the chronic impairment there's always a caregiver always secure and who is reaching the family care was talk that person what what how do you even reach what you say we speak fluent caregiver here and ultimately though it's it's our Savior's native tongue. And that's the whole point of this is to build to speak with clarity and understanding what the gospel says to the family caregiver innocently asked one time in an interview, the reporter asking that they were not a believer that was just a just a regular interview is doing and they said what would Jesus do as a caregiver. Is that what I don't know what he would do unto you.

What he did do, and he delegated he delegated care of his mother to John from the cross.

That's one of the things he did, but ultimately he came and cared for us in our hopeless state and provided a path for us to be reconciled to God the father and what it what a tremendous example of a caregiver to people who are chronically impaired and that is us so we understand that Cundiff that if that's her starting point, which is on the show that we can go from there. I now always have some things I want to ask you your astute audience try to trip you up with passages from Humes passages from Scripture and you guess her constantly just jump in on this thing and get it.

So I would do a different style trivia question today, but it pertaining to what were going to talk about and I want to ask you a much distinct practice through your childhood where your to have whatever's going on. Just just take a moment what is your favorite meal watching meal that you can recall with great clarity today that somehow does something to shoot gives you warm feeling that gives you a sense of comfort or just something that just a lot of pleasure great meal that you had. It doesn't have to be something complex in an over-the-top. It's something that just something that just means something to you and I'll tell you one of mine and I have several on the cook at my family and so I I've learned he could get one when when grace I forget may she did all the cooking. But as her condition worsened and she became very difficult for her to stand and cook and I took over this responsibility when she lost her remaining leg 26 years ago I was the guy and I know how to boil water well and I was pretty weak at that. But I've learned cook it.

I'm a pretty good cook and I try to re-create things that I think will that that the meaningful to me. I grew up in South Carolina the country and I have four brothers and so dinner was a big part of our life and there are certain foods that that still bring home those wonderful memories of that information.

One of those is a hearty vegetable beef soup that my mom used to make. It would have cabbage, celery and kidney beans and you know those you love. This will be at. I love soup. To this day I've made soup just the other night.

It made a green chili chicken soup that I love a lot made it elk chili and I live in Montana now, so we cook with milk and I have all kinds of soups.

I love it. There's something about that particular soup that brings a sense of comfort and warmth and and I just I just love and often with cornbread good cornbread, sometimes iron skillet cornbread workers talk about this today about meals. Meals are very important to us as caregivers and into Izzy's human beings important to God and and were gonna talk about all this. If you have a favorite meal.

Whatever it is Colson Tellis 888-589-8840 tell us why what about it at me and I fed into great restaurants all over the country have been overseas and the wonderful things and but there's something about their there's always that one horse or two meals that somehow connect with you on an emotional level. Do you have that is that something that's a part of your life. 888-589-8840 and I want to give me some Scriptures, a worker talk about this today. Jesus said to see if you know the Scripture is Jesus said to them, the disciples come and have breakfast. I would have breakfast. He was cooking breakfast for sure. There the Sea of Galilee. They got out fish. This is just a powerful moment of Jesus makes a breakfast for these guys maybe breakfast is one of those meals for you and and here's another one in and this is in the Gospel of John, Jesus, therefore, six days before the Passover came to Bethany, where Lazarus was who Jesus is race of the dead, so they made him a supper there. Martha serving, but Lazarus was one of those reclining at the table with their lot different passages of Scripture about Jesus having a meal and a course I've always heard it wherever two or three gathered there will be macaroni and cheese and you know I don't know that's that. That may be in the book of second opinions.

319, but meals are important. Meals are important to us and a well prepared meal doesn't have to be something exotic. I've had exotic food in my life and there and it's wonderful and I appreciate it appreciate all the preparation goes to it, but sometimes the simple meal is or something like that to connect with you as a caregiver decent. This is something I will unpack today and show why this relates to us and I try to re-create those meals that I grew up with with my sons and to this day I I'd I can see the look on their faces when I would get it right and make a meal that the W have you make stakes at all I can stuff you always think that, but sometimes I've made a bingo crock pot full of soup try to re-create what my mother did and my boys whether not boys anymore, but there'll always be my voice but you could just see the look on their faces. It's something that that just it's it's hearty it's it's comforting it's it's it's a soul level that it touches him somehow. Why is that what does that for you. What does that for you.

Eight 885-8984 they will get into that today and talk about what a Scripture say about this and how in the world.

Does this apply to a family care and probably if your family caregiver you're making most the meals aren't.

There's an important lesson breaking bread together bonding ultimately C talk about that 880-589-8840 885 eight 984 calls and excitement.

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That's my companion. connection and independence for you and those you care about my companion. have you ever struggled to trust God when lousy things happen to you. I'm Gracie Rosenberger, 1983 I experienced a horrific car accident leading 80 surgeries in both legs and became it.

I questioned why God allowed something so brittle to happen to me.

But over time the questions changed and I discovered courage to trust God that understanding along with an appreciation for quality prosthetic limbs led me to establish standing with help more than a dozen years we been working with the government of Ghana and West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis.

We purchased ship equipment and supplies and with the help of inmates in Tennessee prison. We also recycle parts from donated lambs. All this is to point others to Christ. The source of my help and strength, please visit standing with to learn more and participate in lifting others that standing

I'm Gracie. I am standing without his network all across the country are glad to have you Rosenberger. This is the show for caregivers about caregivers host now in my 35th reading a lifetime of experience to offer a lifeline. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 and today were talking about food your food a meal that means something to you.

Maybe you haven't had in years. But it means something to you and talk about that and listen to some of the things that it of why this is important than what is what was the context of Scripture and the wisest important characters okay I want to tell this in the first, I will hear a couple people to call in and talk about their favorite meal. This is Rhonda in Illinois. Rhonda good morning, how are you feeling you know, for the shape I'm in pretty good shape and what to tell you tell me a meal that means something to you well medically.

Part of it, at half care probably forecast my pathway I had brought her AP banana cream pie that point able to relate a lot by her how to help and take care. Everything I got up in an overnight sitting up that fiat. I told her that I broader that I know we sat on the side of the bed and that was blackmailer we had together. We shared that I and talk to me about her childhood like even remembering things with her grandparents at the time that we just sat there that I the memory. She was remembering at the time that is wonderful to have you had it since she's best way trying my order here not too long ago that I was really think her and it wasn't the same. It's always good to be tight that memory will it's it is a that that is that is extraordinary that is extraordinary and I love that. Where did you get the banana cream what was what was the one that was so good that a little family Caf and Knoxville network near her home, Knoxville, Illinois, was it was homemade that little restaurant more homemade do couple things if you don't mind. One of them is let that little caf no about the significance of that time, but the owner would find that meaningful. I would like to think that they would hope it would but let them know that that that was how how special that was a testament.

That's the last memory is the last time your mother and you had it had something to eat together and it will always be important interest in. Thank you for great pass and I you know and then when you when you do order that power get that pond except for you invite somebody to join with been told that story told in the store because that's that's that's beautiful.

That's a beautiful memory runner that really is that's that's that's that's wonderful right there and as you were facing your your mother leaving this world right in the presence of death. You stopped and had a banana cream pie together and that brings me to my scripture of why this is important today why we doing this and I look at Psalm 23. Five. Thou prepares a table before me in the presence about enemies in them. In the midst of the greatest enemy which is death. You had that wonderful tender moment with your mother banana cream and that's that's that to me is is how God is is revealing things to us in these moments that we can have those kinds of times and in light I love that Rhonda I just truly love that. And can you make banana cream pie. I'm not like the pie maker that I could probably find it.

If I follow will I don't know that I could make banana cream like you probably see my pie newsletter. No, I'm just getting hello I love pie my speech I love peach but I cover peach pie. I love but that is great will, and I thank you for sharing it with us and I really do appreciate that in this and and and let that with that restaurant. No little caf no. And then the next time you have it, share it with a dear friend and just say look, I just wanted to have this piece of pie here with you and let you know why this is significant to me in an and talk about your mom talk about the journey he had with her in and and those are beautiful memories that are worth keeping love and every time he banana cream pie you have these wonderful wonderful memories of your mother and and that's one so so thank you for sharing it with us and trusting us with that okay I think you already will see you. Thank you for: RS go to Starla Louisiana now if Jeff Foxworthy says as long as there's roadside ditch. People will never starve in Louisiana. Is that true Starla everything gets up.

So people like to fight with her food like you know back in a pot. I'm very particular about tell me what's a favorite meal of yours meal and cornbread our roommates cornbread dressing was the story behind that landed at a holiday and a landmine and comfort for me. I can eat it all year round that my favorite story behind it. Not quite as dramatic, are lively as previous collared but my favorite memory and after hurricane Harvey went through and an orange. Then they were the much planning and cornbread guy thing.

All are we Thanksgiving now make cornbread Gothenburg 1200 people and they honest that somebody took the time to do that from scratch for them while 1200 people start with lots and lots of cornbread. Yes, lots and lots lots of what is a it was a recipe will be where did it come from, did you make it up. I like people just nightmare entered khaki and making it a large hail like that. And yet that's what I really hard for making it differ.

Family are for my balcony.

I like to play several different kind to me and it like I will put it kicking our turkey and I'll doubt that ground beef are strand or our grandfather and just amazing. Will my wife loves her grandmother, stressing that she would make that was important for every Thanksgiving and so forth. She loves that it and I will.

It's wonderful dressing and but I love the fact that you did this for people new in the aftermath of a hurricane that prepares to meal before me in the presence of mine enemies you know that that just reflects what I look all these Thompson scriptures with the story of of what Elijah was after Mount caramel you had this will in the end and then the angel brought in food member that he had this huge victory at it. Mount caramel and then he heard the Jezebels after he ran and hid residency because basically pass the house.

They were so tired and angel woke about and said here's a meal and eat, you got more to go.

That's what he went on that journey. Due to the place of the cave there when he heard the still small voice, but the angel of the Lord will come up had a beautiful thing here. Eat and you and Jesus is clicking on the shore of the of the Sea of Galilee. This is after the crucifixion, in the in the kind of world are struggling and they were like what we do know what's going on. The success of the desires of fish eat. And here you are showing up in the aftermath of a hurricane 1200 people in and out and fire outside the fund) are people that by Molly PowerLite, Logica, and laughing and you cooking for 12 God gave us there and do it do it will just think that is that is marvelous.

What a great blessing that was to those folks who you know they've lost everything in there in the midst of their lot and probably just shocked that they are extremely traumatic and I think about that for for caregivers that often times we're in the midst of great trauma and something as simple as a meal. Not sure about that. It took in the next segment of of what happened to me was with the situation of that kiss you from the South, you donate whatever you open the casserole telling a story about that on the couple had you over yes and they set me down and I had a bowl of vegetable soup and cornbread. You didn't have some exotic meal of schist soup and cornbread and I sit there and and and it was yeah it was. It was deeply meaningful and and something you are not to you and you know they didn't know that was that was a that was my ditch was this sick. They didn't know they just did it and that that's just such a reflection of how the Holy Spirit works in all of us to minister to one another and God of all comfort, process and comfort of and thank you for that so much for sharing that with us in some andouille sausage as you appreciate the call.

There you get a copy of your CV good hope for the hope for the be part of what were doing here will send you cover this city right there at the front page. Hopefully and it is a wonderful CD. She does a great job were talking about your favorite meal for you as a character, not your favorite meal for your level. But for you, something that has meaning to you as a caregiver. 888-589-8844 having problems on her streaming live with Facebook is because I have a running problem with Facebook feed and I don't want to go into how I feel about social media Facebook right now, but I'm thinking about just killing that altogether and just recording it is putting on the podcast without Facebook so there's usually what if it wasn't always easy to solicit I spent a good bit of time this morning trying to explain my parents again if their listing right now. God bless you for getting it right but to listen on Alexa and but it's there a lot of ways to listen to the show and you can always go back and listen to it on a podcast. Hopefully's free podcast, wherever podcast are Apple I you whatever you can gladden instrument and other like 500 something episodes and please share it with folks we could put interesting interviews. We do the show we put the show out is the podcast that we also have other things we do throughout the week that I think you'll find very meaningful in the hope you take advantage of what we talk about favorite meals and wasn't important to us as a caregiver. Scripture talks awful lot about food, and there there there deeply meaningful moments in Scripture. Poignant moments that occur around food and and and sometimes they were heartbreaking moments that occurred around food. One of those is when Esau sold his birthright for Stu because he was thinking of her stomach. At that point but then again, there are other times, like when Jesus is there and he still of the disciples who were very discombobulated. They see the figure at the shores of come coming late in the they didn't question them, they said, who will they didn't say who are you, because they knew it was the Lord gospel John Jesus sitting around with tax collectors at Matthew's house with with all types of sinners. The Pharisees were aghast that he would break bread with sinners, but aren't you glad he did this he does it with us and for us as caregivers, we cook a lot. Most of us do, and meals are important and we want to make a good meal and would make heart healthy meal for love one or something special that whatever what about you what you like to eat what you what what what do you enjoy was the last time you had 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 and this is Roger from Arkansas Roger good morning Lord, how you feel great, but tell me about your favorite meal background. My dad would buy an association grade at Mankato media at cafeteria workers and avoid and my dad good cook turkey in a brown paper bag and I'm actually more by hand pressure but here's turkey with great and before he died he capture and I know my dad had set up in a chair and that Mama said no talking when I said that I and I know we all know that it was a big party sharing. I said that you get over there. Table lamp beside the river of life and you cooking up a turkey and I'll be over 80's so heartwarming to know God has got some pliant bars. Allen and I'm sure that's going be part of it is turkey. The brown bags but it's it we are going to have the marriage feast of the Lamb that that is this and we caught a feast with your dad made this facility bags to put in the oven that you roasted into the cubes. All the juices and so forth.

And there yet. And I walked out of the cookie was at. For the state capital building for a number of years.

He was about and he was blind that show you what a blind man can I worked on or after nailing down raptors on the roof will and all that stuff before he would blind the wood was you cook with vibrant Berkshire, but I know he was rude you young boy. I do know that okay so okay will I work for.

When I was in junior high and my mother for whatever reason felt like we needed to work so would you which he has five sons. She's upset about the work and I work for a man who used to teach shopping schooling gone blind and he was about as cantankerous as they came in and I you want me to dig a ditch for in it and so I dug a ditch. Well I Doug reported that I came back the next day and he was all man and beast don't dig were appointed aggressive looks like it's hard for its hard work for a blind man sometimes because the point is of the and it was like old man said to go back big. Another digit he was all mad at me, and everything else in my mother thought that was an enriching experience for me that I don't know I think is more of a scarring experience with Dell well like I said work on anything I may name that many in fact he was a certified electrician verdict is a Valley Authority and the only step you have a aborted showing what color the waters was will it like his eyes he okay will you still have the rest of the somewhere now. It will look forward to heaven where he could turkey the bag and have a look at ovens are going to heaven in heaven. You want God to God's plan for.

That way we could not even imagine.

No ear has heard this good and that I would imagine note note no tongue is tasted so but you know that a great review.

Dad had to happen right about that time that I was in a room there and it was A call anything that you hear that that now I don't know maybe it had so I got up, walked over and had shown that Mark got my phone network now here that did not fit. Dad a lot. That music was for you at any meeting and that he was a music great job at the same time but anyway 80 acid that was for you and about two days later he died and my baby sister sound that I have it what you talk about the song they sing to you, sir. I don't remember.

How does know that it was you were saying, and I made it I made it strode down and fell down to the point they didn't break no more, but they say) this is great. There are worse ways to be to to to go into heaven. Arthur Gracie Gracie and her sister. I remember this when her grandmother was dying and I took about a keyboard into the room there and we play for hours and Gracie was on one side of her sisters on the other side there's only two grandchildren that that she had and they saying to her and Gracie's dad saying in her and her aunt over there in the court of the room and I just play for hours and they sing the grandmother into heaven, and just wonderful hymns and it was it was a really beautiful time and will get these wonderful memories that you have this body says like extraordinary good care will thank you for sharing that turkey unibrow.

I've had turkey like that cooked it in a roaster back like that and it is good and I'm sorry you don't have a recipe for that to do it to re-create that Buddha.

It's up to let you know bag paper shopping bag and thought it was the how did he do that so they would burn up in the oven. I because of the marsh. The turkey that that that in fact when he got mad that that bag would be a Ashokan way from from the marsh. The dark bag you delete the baggage.


Bag did you Roger not know this like a will this like that old story about playing card you played carpet is is you pull the carpet out from the river and you you laid out on a piece of cedar you put butter and garlic salt and pepper running could get you through the carpal elite.

The plague where the and Dale just good Lord Roger sharing that with about you, dad. What a great memory and I look forward to having some turkey with you with you and you did not thank you so much and appreciate the call. This is hope for the caregiver.

This is Peter Rosenberg talk about meals they would wrap all this up and talk about what God has to say about this is hope. Couple more.

88 858-9888 885-8980 was something something you ever struggled to trust God when things happen to you.

I'm Gracie Rosenberger in 1983 I experienced a horrific car accident leading 80 surgeries in both legs and became I questioned why God allowed something so brutal to happen to me. But over time the questions changed and I discovered courage to trust God that understanding along with an appreciation for quality prosthetic limbs led me to establish standing with help more than a dozen years we been working with the government of Ghana and West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis. We purchased ship equipment and supplies and with the help of inmates in a Tennessee prison. We also recycle parts from donated lambs. All of this is to point others to Christ. The source of my help and strength, please visit standing with to learn more and participate in lifting others standing

I'm Gracie and I am staining with help arrangement that my wife to balm in Gilead. You know that one you know that you and the Holy Spirit revives music, does it to her so we can all think of a song that reflects a particular point in time in her life with him.

Whatever was always music is the soundtrack of her life but you know what our lives are built around meals and sometimes we have meals that that have that same type of emotional content and that's what were talking about today. Maybe you have something like that that did that for you. II have that for me and this is the color referenced earlier. There was a time when when Gracie was in the hospital. Kids were way with grandparents and I was back and forth the hospital back-and-forth hospital and I was tired and I was just bleary-eyed and in discouraged everything else and some friends on the way to the hospital lately: cyclic stop by here you are spot on the way we get something for you, so went over there and they said Gracie safe at the hospital. The kids are safe and you sit down right here and working to keep you safe and they had a steaming bowl of vegetable beef soup that was particularly good and fluffy cornbread and I'll never forget it. It was one of the most meaningful things I've ever done, because that was the soup that meant something to me.

They didn't know that.

And that was a soup that meant something to me grown up around the table with my brothers and sister, my lark, my very large South Carolina family and mom would make a mom. I think my basic basically made our beach house. You know force because fish with you raising five boys and then my sister's baby and you know it it out. To this day a Gracie tell you, you know, you don't talk a lot. The table while the food of the TV talk after the foot you get it wet because it took Gracie home for the first time and we pass the meal around the table with his large table or data group and sheet sheet.

She grew up with one sister so is required at her house houses like you to buy big fat Greek wedding in and out if you put a little porcelain plate method, don't you. What's more, she's located on the second time around us and looked at it as it will be the second house that you know that ain't no second time. It seemed that was completely alien to know what leftovers were until I got married. It will be. We have leftovers what what leftovers would you have four brothers and we we do again but I love those times and in mom would make huge fats soup and incorporate biscuits and and that was those were wonderful meals in this this couple did that for me and makes based on that for you. Maybe somebody put you in a situation where it where some meal disconnected like that of the first call we had about the banana cream pie that was the last thing she ate with her mother before her mother passed away and what a great way great memory that wasn't in and then you had a call with his father making turkey was behind and he loved us turkey so it's these are the something support because Scripture talks a lot about me, and ultimately God is prepared one for us when we also get to his kingdom. The marriage feast of the Lamb. What a great celebration that's going to be but you look at Psalm 23. Five thou prepares to table before me in the presence of mine enemies you ever eaten a wonderful meal while in the throes of caregiving something that just taste so good.

It just you just took a moment just to be still and enjoy the meal that we complex it doesn't have to be some kind of elaborate thing. Sometimes it can be just something so simple as vegetable soup and that's that's what were talking about this is this just a tiny foreshadowing of the things that God has for us that we can we can enjoy a meal in the midst of whatever craziness were in his caregivers. You think you can do that. Scripture says you can and and so that's what I'm encouraged to do if there's something you like is a caregiver is a meal that you like to do it, sit down and enjoy it and maybe enjoy it with someone else. If you can enjoy it with your love and joy was someone else. Just have a nice meal and talk about why this is important to you, Homer and Oklahoma home was always a pleasure to talk to you how you doing your creator well broken. Under the I really like your content sure meal I had with my wife newly married and God use the time of lesson. Proving that love can sometimes be blind. We were in a restaurant and I order my room, baked potato well darkened room. Sometimes you mistake certain items. I mistook horseradish sour cream hello I turned all different shades of red. My wife just broke into laughter. Personal servers get a kick out of it and I'm in pain and agony. Through our relationship for years and I just cannot say enough about the way that God grew American enhancing relationship of an email that engaged all the senses all at the same time, but the actual relationship. Just being able to share with others.

Meals are all about sharing and when you talk about the marriage supper. Respondent meals are very important in God uses because the senior shoreline and see if you Christ recognized that all the senses and sold.

That is one for home. Thank you that you come from a long line of people who've enjoyed meals and at home or if you ever go to a Japanese restaurant that's was something not guacamole, just I just want to put that out there for you okay. Be very careful with that.

It looks like guacamole. It's not. It's was sobbing. So be very careful in a Japanese restaurant. Homer, thank you for that. I'm glad that you're still laughing about that years later with the horseradish that I think that is a wonderful memory of your wife and your relationship together and and I thank you for that. I don't. I'm not as she got. Prepare horseradish tonight.

Homer maybe maybe something little bit more baby baby just gets a big potato sour cream instead. But thank you for that Homer.

I really do appreciate want to jump in and get one more call squeezable recalling for then thou this is Minnie in Ohio many good morning how you feeling I tell me about this suit soup. I love soups until about suit. When I went to great fanfare and I make a lot of kind of thing for her because I think better for her, because the church and state right in that part gets cooked away I make from scratch. I vegetable broth, vegetable broth started out at an intimate, so that I made it the shaker recipe and it's time for onion, potato soup and potato soup see the potato that went around that you don't get your flight something that you use the rest because for a certain amount of the onions and I used you cancel your leaks. I use a conference silence and scallions, but I use my hands on that I use real butter and half-and-half and cream and only says sales incredibly heart healthy discs and the down the road here a couple miles and he drove the very best sweetcorn I've ever had my whole life and the right and you know what kind of Pap smear methods like sugar and I want that for my faith if I can first I'm staffing for will remain a soup your mother's passed away five minutes and put that corn and I think it makes it okay to corn chowder and then I went I best get that cream butter, Parmesan cheese, parsley, and green onions in the X that I may come from off there like a biter that everybody get the bus were hidden. Minnie's house in Ohio what time you leave. We would look that that sounds wonderful when is the next time you're making this when I get onions again. I have to get up real sweet and people will I think that sounds like you do you have a good you have a good group of people to come over and are you able to tell the story of what you made this for your mother or things such as that.

What I can do it with people from church do that and I know we get the company thing going on right now, but share with folks but but but every time you make it share the story of why you how this came about why he started doing it and even little Keith Green song so you want to go back to Egypt eating leaks and in spite of the now open dining out and stuff I got back and help make the marriage supper of the Lamb asking that will probably I probably I'm hoping that I can at least be the guide is cleaning up afterwards. I'll be to God to back with the burdens I'm looking for them. But you know what he says it in the presence of mine enemies prepares a meal and sometimes I think we as caregivers are so whelmed by the craziness.

Did you know that we can sit down and have a meal of peace and quiet of meaning and substance. No matter what's going on around us, and that's the whole point of the gospel. Many thank you for sharing that with thank you all for being with us today. I just was thinking about this for the show today to thoughtlessly talk about. We have a lot of drama scared to take a moment to reflect just have a moment of peace and fix a meal.

It was fix it, share it with someone out of the mirror your love one healthy caregivers make better caregivers. This part of this is John Butler and I produce hope for the caregiver with Peter Rosenberger. Some of you know the remarkable story of Peter's wife Gracie and recently Peter talk to Gracie about all the wonderful things that have emerged from her difficult journey. Take a listen Gracie. When you envision doing a prosthetic limb outreach. Did you ever think that inmates would help you do that, not in a million years. When you go to the facility run by core civic and you see that faces of these inmates that are working on prosthetic limbs that you have helped collect from all of the country that you put out the plea for and their disassembly sell these legs like what you have your own prosthetic arms and orange everything when you see all this. What do you make me cry because I see this miles on their faces and I know I know what it is to be locked someplace where you can't get out without somebody else allowing you to get out course, being in the hospital so much and so long and so these men are so glad that they get to be doing as as one man said something good family with my hands. Did you know before you became an amputee that parts of prosthetic limbs could be recycled now had no idea and I thought Peg leg. I thought of wooden legs. I never thought of titanium and carbon lags and flex the sea legs and all that. I never thought about that as you watch these inmates participate in something like this, knowing that there there helping other people don't walk there, providing the means for the supplies to get over there. What is it do to you. Just on the heart level. I wish I could explain to the world.

What I see in here and I wish that I could be able to go and say the this guy right here Denise go to Africa with that. I never not feel that way out every time you know you always make me have to leave. I don't want to leave them. II feel like I'm at home with them and I feel like that we have a common bond that would've never expected that only God could put together. Now that you've had experience with it what you think of the faith-based programs.

The core civic offers.

I think they're just absolutely awesome and I think every prison out there should have faith-based programs like this because the return rate of the men that are involved in this particular faith-based program and other ones like it, but I know about this one are. It is just an amazingly low rate compared to those who don't happen and I think that says so much that has anything to do with me just has something to do with God using somebody broken to help other broken people. If people want to donate or use prosthetic limbs, whether from a loved one who passed away or you know somebody well groomed. You've donated some of your own for the how to how they do that please go to standing with staining with next week and one of our generous sponsors here at the Truth Network has come under fire fire from the enemy fire for standing up for family values. Actually one of the biggest supporters of the movie unplanned. The talked about the horrors of abortion. Yes, it's Mike Lindell. You've heard me talk about his pillows for a long long time and no doubt big business is responding to Mike Lindell and all this generosity for causes for the kingdom by trying to shut down his business. You can't buy pillows at Kohl's anymore. You can get them on Amazon or you can get them at Cosco there attempting to close his business because he stood up for kingdom values. What a chance to respond, especially if you need a pillow.

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