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A Line In the Sand for Life 02-2-2019

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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February 3, 2019 12:08 pm

A Line In the Sand for Life 02-2-2019

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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February 3, 2019 12:08 pm

Hope for the Caregiver broadcast February 2-2019.  


Text from Peter's Blog at 

From one geographical extreme to another, American state assemblies strode into the viability and quality of life issue in groundbreaking ways during January. Starting with Hawaii’s new Our Choice Our Care Act launched on January 1, 2019, medically-assisted death marched closer to being considered ‘normal.’  Before January ended, New York legislators applauded the new freedom extended to the state allowing late term abortions via the Reproductive Health Act.

A common thread weaves through the move by both states.  An ambiguity, one could say an arbitrary line in the sand, presents itself through both actions regarding viability.  Hawaii allows patients deemed to die within six months to end their life with medical assistance.

Who sets the date?

Yet why six months? What group decided that six months is the cut off for a life to possess meaning rather than, say, seven months and thirteen days? 

In New York, the health of the mother is a factor. A Virginia legislator already introduced the dialogue of health applying to mental health. New York allows non-physicians to perform abortions.  Will those non-physicians assume responsibility for evaluating the mental health of the mother?

Troubling Questions About Viability

These and other unsettling questions indicate a rush to an agenda rather than to medical reality. If government can designate life as ‘qualified to terminate’ if less than six months remain, when will they adjust that line? If a child is deemed unable to exist outside the womb without care at 8 months and 28 days, can that line be moved to 9 months.  What about ten months?

Listen to the podcast ...and read the rest of the article. 

Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger

Decades of experience to help you stay strong and healthy as you take care of someone who is not. We are love the phone lines are open 888-589-8848 eight 589-3840 you want to be a part of the show would never visit show today. A lot of talk about this is the nation's number one show for the family caregiver and we are thrilled that you're part of it.

What we need to show for caregivers with there are more than 65 million Americans right now serving as a family caregiver. Howdy health, what is that look like I wrote an article this out on American family Association. Some website their blog post is called the stand and I've been quite a few articles out there you can go out see this in this article on a line in the sand for life and I would encourage you to go out and read this article and see a little bit more. But what really talk about today and you can share that with folks in. You know I would encourage you do that you're with your pastor share with as many people as you can because something happened in January that even though everybody's outraged about what happened in New York with the late-term abortions. What happened with the governor of Virginia all these things are going on at the beginning of the month. Hawaii, their new law, which is our choice. Our care started and that's allowing for medically assisted death to the folks who are terminal have less than six months to live. So forth. But then by the end of the month were applauding late-term abortions and we got a governor that said the horrific things that he said and you've all seen that in all of the news and you can read more about that we won't go into that. I don't even know that I want to dignify a lot of what he said but the concept is what I want to talk a little bit about this morning because we started off with the state saying hey, if you're in so much pain in your terminal and it doesn't look good. You know, this is the way it is, then it's okay for you to go and check out and will give you some drugs to do it and at the end of the month, New York standing, applauding, saying, hey, if you're bringing a baby all the way into the third trimester and then this governor went even further in there that allow people to that are not even doctors to perform abortions and it's based on the health of the mother and they've already introduced concept of the mental health of the mother is at play as well and I'm kind of wanted. Okay, who is who is deciding the mental health of this mother what is that look like it if their nonmedical personnel that are performing abortions, who's in charge of that that I had asked the question of when this medically assisted death component last six months while it went up seven months and 13 days 18 months.

What's with the what's with the six-month thing here and that I saw this theme of our our country on geographical live from Hawaii literally to New York the Indian of state governments, political leaders, elected politicians weighing into the whole quality quality and viability of life, and I thought this is not a this is not a good place for us as a country because when the government decides that they can step into this issue and start allowing death, permitting death win-win is that ever worked, when governments do that what what government can you point to and say while they really handle that issue responsibly and that's what brings me to this conversation today because if people are listening to that while there taking care of somebody who was deeply infirmed or severely disabled. One of the good here from the state legislators and so I want to start off of the Scripture of Job 29 and Job's wife.

This is from above reading this from the message and Job's wife says still holding onto your precious integrity. Are you curse God to be done with King James's curse God and die and you can't help but see the parallel when you're suffering is so great. Where is your God now is where his wife with his wife is saying go hinges data be done with. Does that sound somewhat familiar to what you're hearing in the news. Does that sound somewhat familiar to what your watching unfold let go hinges be done with I can't help but look at these things and wonder. Okay if caregivers are listening to elected officials saying that it's okay to pull the ripcord and just go ahead and check out or if this child is born with some kind of deformity is the government of Virginia said will put it aside and they will have a discussion. What kind of deformity and who is to decide which deformities are life worthy or not and if were listening to these elected officials versus listening to the word of God versus listening to life.

What could happen to family members all across the country who are listening to this and watching this and there taking care of a severely disabled child that is taxing them to the breaking point, and if there hearing those kinds of messages coming from elected politicians versus hearing believer speaking life into this what you think you going to do. I wrote an article last year that made it in several papers and it's called speaking life into the dark thoughts of family caregivers and it was prompted by a situation happened in Tennessee about an hour outside of Nashville my home and a couple had a son with autism. He was nonverbal five years old and the husband beat this child to death. The wife watched them do it and then I saw that it was another situation in Oregon where a woman had a severely disabled child and she shot the child killed the child and then turned the gun on herself and was unsuccessful at taking her own life and then out there and there was a situation in Pennsylvania were a guy went to a fair with his wife with dementia and put a leash around her neck with the rope and a halter to keep her from wandering off at some point did anybody intercept the sky or these individuals to give any kind of life to the speak any kind of reality to them or did they think some of this is a good idea. This isolation that happens with caregivers you don't memorably talk about this on the show figure suffer from three eyes.

We lose our identity we become. We lose our independence would become isolated and that isolation we have dark thoughts, and if those dark thoughts are only met with the stuff is coming out of the news where you got elected politician saying it's okay to have a discussion about a severely deformed child or disabled child.

Whatever that means that it's okay to have a discussion about about killing that child what's going to happen to these family caregivers out there listening to that 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 going to talk about the more the speed of Rosemary Hope the caregiver don't go away because there is hope for the caregiver will be right back to the show for caregivers about caregivers hosted by caregiver. This is Peter Rosenberg bring you three decades of experience to help stay strong and healthy as you take care of someone who is not to be a part of the show. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 will requote to you and gradually, though no one remembers exactly how it happened. The unthinkable becomes tolerable and an acceptable and then legal and then a plausible John Erickson to resolve the New York state assembly applaud the unthinkable and as if that wasn't enough, I mean the ink wasn't even dry and in this governor of Virginia said what he said in the state legislature Virginia said what she said and it it was just it was the matter-of-fact mess about it. I mean, I don't think there even try to disguise it anymore. That doesn't look like the governor of Virginia is going to survive this new charge of racism that's come out, that's between him and God and I'm not even let my circus not my monkeys on that one.

I just can tell you that when you do what he did. The gloves are off. I mean everybody's looking at it now for what it is and my point on this show hope for the caregiver is if you have someone who is taking care of a severely disabled child and I have two family members doing that right now one is taking care of a 30-year-old daughter was cerebral palsy, who is basically talk like taking care of an 18-month-old and the other is taking care of.

I think 15-year-old who is as severe developmental and physical disabilities. These are family about my brother and sister-in-law and then my my cousin that they are strong believers and they've been a source of encouragement to each other as well as others have been a source of encouragement to them.

In it in their lives are richer, while harder but richer because of their journey, but it if there listening to state legislators like these people that have been standing applauding if there listening to this political agenda of saying it's okay to check out if your terminal and you have less than six months and it's okay to put the baby aside if it's got deformities and they will have a discussion. All that happened within one month in our country literally from coast to coast from Hawaii to New York and Virginia that happened in one month. How do you how do we as believers respond to this we can just continue to sit passively by we are so big you know. Thank you Joe for playing Keith Green committee.

I remember Keith Green had a song back in the early 80s the world is dying in the dark and I'm paraphrasing with the church is asleep in the light, we kind of been asleep at the switch. Heavenly and now the veneers off they're not even being trying to discuss it anymore. And if we don't speak life into people's circumstances and who they can listen to and so was caregivers and for those of you right now taking care of somebody who is struggling.

First off when you speak life to you because you're the closest person to that individual weathers a child with special needs, whether it's an aging parent whether somebody with the traumatic issue of terminal disease. I've done several conferences, well spoken to families dealing with Huntington's disease. If you don't know what Huntington's disease is look it up but it's it's all the horrors of Lou Gehrig's Alzheimer's and Parkinson's wrapped up in one. It's congenital is fatal and it is a horrible disease and if if were not grabbing a hold of folks who are caring for people in that in speaking life to them, then one of the do. Who are they going to listen to where they going to go. This is why we do the show.

This is what we're about here on the show was to help caregivers find that path to safety.

What is solid ground look like and if we don't help point fellow caregivers to that place what got him to people do that for me. People did that for me I would be a poor steward of that if I didn't offer to others of Jim to sit me the text. Thank you for this you will read it. This is Keith going back and that I think you wrote this in 1980, give or take. Do you see do you see all the people sinking down. Don't you care. Don't you care are you going to let them drown. How can you be so numb not to care if they come you close your eyes and pretend the job is done.

Oh blessed me Lord blessed me, Lord, you know, that's all I ever hear no one aches no one hurts no one even shed one tear, but he cries he weeps he bleeds that he cares for your needs and you just lay back and keep soaking it in. Oh, can't you see such sin, because he brings people to your door and you turn them away as you smile and say God bless you. Be at peace in all heaven just weeks does Jesus keep your door. You left them out in the streets give to a glutton that that the lyrics are just powerful of the Salk go out and download that so and it is a phenomenal's on the Keith Green Road and it's an indictment against those of us who have been asleep at the switch of a read this quote again from Johnny and gradually, though no one remembers exactly how it happened. The unthinkable becomes tolerable and acceptable, and then legal and that a plausible John Erickson to Gracie and Johnny, my wife, gray shirt and Johnny are our close friends and Gracie regularly records songs and just send some to Johnny right now so she can listen to a microphone and while she's going through her second round of cancer and radiation treatment. Johnny's been in a wheelchair for 50+ years as a quadriplegic. Gracie has had 80 surgeries. Both legs amputated limbs with relentless pain. What do you think the state legislators think of with these two women.

I mean, I'll just let that cut. I think what you think that these people who stood and applauded in New York think of these two women or these folks in Hawaii that pass the our choice. Our care act.

Do you think that the political agenda that is pushing for all the stuff. Now they've reached that line were there okay were good. We need to just go ahead and stop you think that's there. Okay now other their good who's next on their list at some point when are they going to come out and just with undisguised agenda and say well this kind of deformity we we don't need to pay for this we need to just make them comfortable at the will have a discussion as the governor north of Virginia said would just make the infant and by what he said infant. He didn't say product of conception, tissue or fetus. He said the infant will just make the infant comfortable there will have discussion as a caregiver you comfortable with that. You comfortable with somebody say will just make your loved one comfortable and they will have a discussion about what would if you think that this is not going in that direction than you are misguided because that's exactly what the endgame is and if we are not speaking the life of the gospel into this, to realize that suffering is not something to be avoided at all cost. It's something to be endured while trusting God through it. The goal is not to get through life pain-free or scar free. That's it.

That's it. That's a stupid goal. That's not the goal and the goal is not to feel better about all these things were never going to feel better about it. Gracie doesn't have any legs. We were at the process this week wishing they were just because it was, rub a little bit on it and cause little sore on her on her left leg. It's painful for her. There's always something. Her body is broken.

She's had 80+ surgeries that I can count. I'm never going to feel better about it.

She's certainly never going to feel better about it.

But that's not the goal.

The goal was for us to be better through it, not to just like Job's wife said Job to not outgrow and read it again. Still holding onto your precious integrity.

Are you curse God and die.

That can't be the goal is just to go ahead and be done with suffering and curse God and be done with and yet that's what the world offers.

That's what the world offers and they applaud those who do.

That is not what the gospel offers and we have a Savior that understands her suffering, who was acquainted with grief equated with sorrow acquainted with the kind of grief and sorrow you're dealing with cut I'm dealing with never forget. We as believers are the bride of Christ, and we are a wounded bride and just like those busting care of a wounded bride like I do. I was Savior that's acquainted with my Savior's love with a wounded bread. Hey, just like me.

He understands he gets this our father in heaven. Understand your journey as a caregiver. And so I'm asking you. Are you willing to trust him in this not necessarily just the God you gotta fix this, then I'll trust you not just trust him no matter what, that's weird. Life is run to the Savior.

Do not listen to these people, these elected politicians who have no business, no business weighing in the discussion about viability of life.

They are elected politicians. I don't care if this covers a doctor not not a doctor, I would go to my child. 888-589-8840. This is hopefully caregiver matter what comes my way. I know that I can stand that's woman stands up to prosthetic legs.

What does she know about Jesus that the rest of his need to know what does she see what has she experienced that you would I need to see you do want to read just we had a caller here buddy. It was a very emotional time for me. He was free to come in on the heirs's grandson is autistic and not nonverbal.

What does he tell son keep her spirits up and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I don't know how the sun is of this is the son when it was if I get this right.

I think what is he tell his son and caring for his grandson. When you have a child like this and I do not have a child that is autistic or nonverbal. But I do have family members with children who are nonverbal and when you have a situation like this where you're pouring into this child and the child is not able to respond or or able to properly engage like you would like them to your you're doing actually that point. If I may. You are modeling our father's love for us because think about it.

There is no way we can reciprocate to God the way he loves us. I remember one time when our oldest son, Parker was playing on the playground and in the preschool. He's about three years old and a bell and cut his chin that took him to the doctor and with the good have to sew them up and I held him down while they numbed them up and then the sodas chin up and park it was just terrified. Just screaming and terrified, and I held him down and I and he looked up in my eyes and just east these this look of betrayal like I somehow just in the most horrible thing to them than there was no way I could explain to him the nature of sutures and stitches and infection and all those kinds of things is no way there's no way he was going understand and I found myself saying over and over to my son purely okay that he's here that is here that is here that is and after was over I held him wiped his tears and he was able to move on past for him.

It seemed like an eternity and a horrific experience for me. It was heartbreaking to watch but how much more so does our heavenly father do this to Edward who called in about your grandson and your son. Evidently I would say to you, to your son into your grandson the same things that our heavenly father says to us will be okay.

That is here that is here that is here if you look to Scripture all through Scripture you will see that same theme woven throughout all the Scripture you will see fear not, fear not, fear not, fear not, I am with you I am with you I am with this is the message that we as caregivers need to hear so that we can. Not only function in a healthy manner ourselves within better pour that into our loved ones as they are terrified. My son was was was terrified there was no way he could process. You have a child is nonverbal with autism, their knuckle process things the normal way and we as caregivers have to deal with that. Have to watch it and it's unpleasant. It's on it's it's heartbreaking at times but if you remember those words over and over that he's here your father, your heavenly father sees this, he is not without compassion go look at Lamentations 333. He is not without compassion in this he is not doing this willy-nilly. He is not just leaving you hanging out to dry and bring in his hands wanted. Oh goodness, what are we going to do about this. That's not the way this is happening he is walking you through this process and and in the journey you are seeing a little bit more of his heart at the cross. Justification happen instantly.

The moment Jesus said it was it's finished. It was done and we were justified in Christ when we arrive in heaven that got moment of glorification is going to happen instantly. Just as we step into into glory.

But in this life we go through what is called sanctification enters nothing quite like suffering.

To illustrate sanctification and suffering comes in all kinds of packages. It comes in in autism.

It comes in chronic pain. It comes in surgeries. It comes in amputation. It comes a quadriplegia becomes in watching these things and there's nothing like going through this for any length of time to expose the things in your heart and our heart and my heart. I've said this little article but there's a said there's nothing like caring for someone with severe disabilities for a couple of decades to expose the funkiness. This in your own heart and that's what God is interested in doing so, to Edward, I understand the emotion that you're feeling with it and the helplessness the frustration and how do you encourage your son is he takes care of your nonverbal grandson that I would start with saying to your son because you are here you can model your heavenly father and just say to your son that is here.

Your presence is important as you communicate that to your son he will then be strengthened, to be able to communicate that to his son with autism.

That's the way this works and that's how were going to push back against all this wickedness that is coming out in every headline, every newsflash today that says basically curse God and die and were not to say that worker to say praise God and live and we can weep as we do this we will weep, but they don't have to be tears of rage or despair.

They can be tears of healthy tears and that's what that's the goal here is that we will join with as her as Paul says in Romans. The Holy Spirit is groaning all creation is groaning, because this is not this is not done. This is not over, and it's being made new and simply try to have some kind of utopia here on earth were just delusional is not a happy. That's what the world thinks it could happen if we could just go ahead and and get rid of all the undesirable children that we don't want to have or the undesirable infirmed people that we don't want to deal with it which they cloak it all and will were just being compassionate or as Pres. Obama said that we didn't want his daughters to be punished for a mistake by having a child that the this is what they think.

Now they're not even try to be coy about if we can redirect her eyes lift up. It's and recognize that we have a Savior who gets all this is making all this new it will never abandon us in it gave the wealth of the Valley of the shadow of death, and if your caregiver you understand the Valley of the shadow of death I have faced death with my wife too many times I've saved her life.

It is a it's a traumatic thing to look at death. Imagine him to look at without the presence of your Savior.

888-589-8840 888-589-8840 because he didn't just look at it. He bore it. He took it upon himself, and he defeated. So yes, we will go through these things on this earth. There will be things that we will endure that will be painful.

That is not a message that sells real well a lot of places fairly even on Christian media, but there's a sanctification going on here. If I can quote another key screen so I want to I need to be more like Jesus. That's another one of his wonderful songs he did and that's the sanctification process of us learning to have these things stripped away. Being willing to allow God to expose these things in her life. The spheres this resentment.

This angered the despair.

All these things in her life and bring all of that to the cross. It is not easy.

It is not pretty, but it is the only way for life or to read this quote from a W toes are modern Christians hope to save the world by being like it. But think about that think I think that all the folks that you see a lot of the ministries you see out there in the world and so forth and it's hard to tell which ones Christian, which one secular. They all start a look-alike poser said that he'll never work the church's power over the world springs out of her unlikeness to it. Never from her integration to we are able to triumph over this because we are unlike this, we will never try up if we try to integrate ourselves into it elected politicians in the United States of America are applauding the unthinkable on the unthinkable and are telling us basically no different than what Job's wife said curse God and die good churches. No, we stand and applaud want to conquer this.

This is hope for the cure will be right back. Eight 885-8980 hey this Peter Rosenberger never helped somebody walk for the first time I've had that privilege many times through our organization. Standing with hope when my wife Gracie gave up both of her legs follow this horrible Rick that she had as a teenager and she try to save them for years and if it just wouldn't work out. And finally she relinquished him and thought wow this is that I'm not heavy legs anymore.

What can God do with that and then she had this vision for using prosthetic limbs as a means of sharing the gospel to put legs on her fellow amputees and that's what we been doing now since 2005 was standing with hope. We work in the West African country of Ghana and you can be a part of that through supplies through supporting team members through supporting the work that we're doing over there, you can designate a limb.

There's all kinds of ways that you can be a part of giving the gift that keeps on walking and standing with would you take a moment ago understanding with and see how you can give they go walking and leaping and praising God. You can be a part of I'm Peter Rosenberger and this is your caregiver minute noise bombards us every day from 24 hour cable news to traffic to our mobile devices we are inundated with a wall of noise seem to keep so many of us in a state of agitation for caregivers taking a moment to sit quietly and settle our hearts down seems nearly impossible, but it's critical for us to do just that.

You see, if we don't take time for stillness were going to have to make time for illness that constant state of anxiety, stress, and sensory overload. We experience as caregivers will eventually make us sick. Stress kills the way we push back on this is to carve out some time or we can just be still and quiet prayer, meditation, or just clearing our frenetic thoughts. It all helps reboot our minds and hearts and allows us to be a little calmer in the caregiver storm we navigate this is been your caregiver minute with Peter Rosenberger brought to you by standing with a ministry for the wounded and those who care for them. There's more and three decades of experience. Most of the failure. As I am the Christ is the caregivers help you though. Stay strong and healthy as you take care of someone who is not you will be part of the show. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840. Thank you for plaintiff Jim. That was Gracie get on that he's going to know want to be more like Jesus but weaknesses revealed but by his stripes I am healed a little kid wants all Gracie asked her where your legs because she was Jewish. He had robotic legs on in the ghettos cutter fascinated by the kid was exes followed around the grocery store and she was cut up. Try to not look at the give the kid just gives little girl. She just kept following her around and and she probably would've. She said, warily are your legs in heaven, and Gracie looked at Hearst, she's gotta stop.

She said why yes, they are, and when I get there I'm going to get them back.that's your that's pretty good. It's just thought that some fear that and for a season and that season may be. This entire life that we live Gracie's been disabled since he was 17. I want to behold she is right now, but she has two grandchildren should look like a grandmother but she she is and those legs are going to be waiting for her, along with the glorified body that has no scars. Those of you right now who are struggling caring for someone in your watching this thing unfold, and it is heartbreaking. I would say this to you.

My wife scars are extensive and deep, but they're not permanent, our Savior, scars are extensive and deep, but they are permanent than those of the scars on his hands, his feet his side, and those scars mean something for all eternity. And that's what gives us hope to know that somehow this thing is he has this thing working in ways we just cannot even process and we slip our scared hand and discarding that's how we do actually it's more like he grasp our scared he had with his guardians.

He reaches into our dumpster fires with his guardians.

That's how that's how it's done. Let me go real quick to try to squeeze a few things are for the into the hourly go real quick to. I think it was that we lost but they were asked if I was aware of Dale Evans Rogers book angels unaware yes Alan that I wanted on the air with you this morning.

I just wanted to ask okay well in that case and I I'm used to that by would you be able to store gold herewith, but yes I did know that book and Dale Evans, Roy Rogers and that's it. I would recommend. I guess it still in print and but that I think they were told that their child with down syndrome and you can only imagine what elected politicians now from the left are saying about down syndrome leader. We also had a couple of calls asking about your book and you haven't told us where to get that today. Sorry about that I get cut a raft of what I'm doing.

I forget that I have to talk about that. So my book is called hope for the caregiver and it's available wherever books are sold. There's audiobook that cost less than a combo meal at a fast food place that you can get it just just as you're driving back and forth doctor's office downloaded.

Listen to the audiobook of its hope for the caregiver the print Kindle version, all that stuff and also have seven caregiver landmines and how you can avoid them.

And I'm almost finished with that audiobook and I've got to do that but but that's available digitally or in print and also you can through any of the dot-coms like Amazon or iTunes. Whatever you can stream a Best Buy CD called songs for the caregiver half of it is just piano solos and I'm doing instrumental stuff of hymns that you're going to love and been piano since I was five years old and then the other half is Gracie singing in when you hear her saying particular balm in Gilead how my goodness it will just it's it's heartbreaking. It's so beautiful and so anyway Artemis if I grab a little bit more of the culture Daniel in Kansas. Daniel good morning how you feeling fine thank you and I appreciate your show her faith. I can't quite yeah playing my drum and listening and I thought I did have a question on I was a fellow laborer I do drywall or countercurrent and drywall on dialysis clinic this week. You know in their heart bring my material into the door and there was a lady there so she just got through the dialysis. You know, waiting for someone to pick her up and down and I just wondered how I just thought like she'd been acquired while you know, waiting, waiting, and I thought what can I do in a situation like that when I say to a person like that to you know panic console or something. It just struck me that she was really suffering. You and the door was opening right in the cold days we had from: Candace to and sliding doors open every time someone comes in and out classical air coming but she had to be close to their see out the window so they could get to her was picking up could see that she was ready and no relation to her now.

Is it something is it appropriate for me to play there for a while and talk to her or say something it's always free to be always the first of thank you for noticing. And the other thing is it's a little early tomorrow if you get precious drum elevate the neighbors everything to say about that. Well, yeah.

Not a bad guy. Mop of our practice.

Yeah not realize drum.

It's an Irish frame drunk all about around Celtic instruments out loud so you not you, not out there is wailing all these things right now and I like that I got on the drum kit just kneeled working hard. I am I think it's always appropriate to say something and to be kind to just say how you feel, you know, I think that is that is a great question to open up.

That's what I do for every call that calls in your hair you feeling.

It's amazing how many caregivers get caught with that question because they're not used to answering but I think that's an important question. How are you feeling you okay in and start off with that instead is or can I help you with anything.

Can I get like your ride down her needing some help get to the door, all those kinds of things were things I II like it being a caregiver to this.

Daniel and I really do appreciate your your heart on this. It's like going to the post office and your caring a bunch of boxes and and somebody says you know, brother. You look to be burdened down.

I'll pray for you will hold the door why you do what it you know, because I think that's the thing we we we lose sight of the fact that we can do something practical right then this woman was by the door and it was cold and you notice that, and maybe you don't that's okay to squint a halo can I help watch for your car so you want to be in the cold, anything like that or those are those are meaningful things. That's how the battle is what is not one with these great conquest of somehow we gotta go and do something spectacular and then we get it.

It goes viral on on Twitter about it I think is just just being considerate and kind to someone who struggling maybe she just lonely and maybe she just needed a kind word. I fed situation like that when I was so discouraged and there were people that were just out of the blue, just with just a give a kind word. I can't tell you how meaningful that is an and same thing with Gracie as well and you don't. We don't need to just have a just blow past them and ignore them. So thank you for that for thinking about that and and for look at the end that to me what kind of drum you played again on about around a circle Celtic art Celtic instrument. It it also found a ranter moron but all around it and it just got a goat skin stretched over it and it's only about 48 made about 16 inches in diameter and you play with your hand or a play with all the sticker temperature being played away and it just you to keep rhythm out to the heart that jigs and reels that are difficult Irish fast-changing realtor typical Irish music yet but Rosenberg is an Irish name. My great-great-grandfather Sheena saw Rosenberg know she missed that the Dead Sea is fascinating and that's very interesting thing for you be doing early on Saturday morning. I just want to play a much well planned and I just struck me is what he did love*the district is what well I found parallel, but I can hear my righty airline playing out mount show small school to the radio and for three weeks now and I thought she should call because I did have this situation where really good opening line. Thank you for that. I didn't.

How are you feeling that's a great way to start off okay listen. Thanks so much for the call Daniel. Thanks for listing and go back to your drum and the list. This is hopefully caregiver you can see more and hope for the output at the podcast later and thank you for being a part of the show will see you next week. The views and opinions expressed in this broadcast may not necessarily reflect those of the American family Association or American family radio

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