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"My daughter has Autism & I have 'Mom-ism!'"

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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April 13, 2019 1:05 pm

"My daughter has Autism & I have 'Mom-ism!'"

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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April 13, 2019 1:05 pm

Tammy in Tennessee called the show to share about her 25 year journey through autism with her daughter, Morgan. 

Offering exceptional wisdom and tips for fellow parents as well as those in churches seeking to care for families with special needs, Tammy humbly brings a wealth of insights in this call. According to Tammy, reaching out families living with autism doesn't just involve patience with the special needs member ...but for the family members as well. 

She also mentioned how wonderful her church is, and for those needing a church home in the Hendersonville TN area, she whole-heartedly recommends Hendersonville First Baptist. 

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Back to the show for caregivers about. It was hosted by caregivers. This is the nation's number one show for those who are putting themselves between vulnerable love one the worst disaster somebody with a chronic impairment you're doing. You're putting yourself between that person and even more sleep.

Are you feeling. I don't 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 door talking about what to look for when you're dealing with someone who is going through these things. And as my custom on the show. We have a lot of things will talk about but we will come to a screeching halt and weave in calls because if if it's on your mind with you, even if it's all subject on this will talk about okay they will swerve back into what we were going back for if it were something different. So let me just grab one call real quick. Tammy Tammy Tennessee good morning Tammy how are you feeling are you feeling Tammy will well it's I'm not convinced Tammy that you're hanging in there. You really are right right now there were not, and I think like Oliver when we have a lot on line on our flight. April I can have a daughter.and fell a lot to do this. Mark the community keeps me going. So I think the hardest confirmand liking and we had a really serious winter. Here are just dreary and failing.

You just tell that isolated left behind forgotten because everybody else is made in awning you're stuck so so I definitely have those times they that you don't know how long he can keep and will you want to do in your lifetime, but you can do it for 24 hours exactly that's that's what that's what we have to look at it is absolutely requested. Tammy issue? Did you see that report about the spike of of autism in New Jersey, though it was, it came out like yesterday or the day before limits like it's the number one state in the country that's doing this and it's like you way off the chart. Come to think of what's going on in New Jersey with this process with autism and do you think do you think that you think there are significantly more cases are we diagnosing it better and a number of years off and on people hot best way I think you're absolutely better not because we know a lot more than we get that ID think they are a lot more children now been there yesterday why I don't now environmental factors that I definitely think you're more, when I went to school. I didn't know that.

Not that many could isolate the type of disorder like I do now.

It wasn't there. I didn't see how I completely think there are a lot more kids now, and I'm in that world. Philip Seymour had a friend hey when my daughter wakes little she was a speech teacher and she tell me go It looks like a mouth that I've only seen one child, and she had kind of caper develop mental disability. She cannot only thing one child presented and now died at the state picture before she retired. She said she had like 250 somebody he work and never sell it at absolutely more children would mean at this developmental delay. She's living two more questions were colorfully Easter was how has your faith sustains you through this way it went absolutely keeps me going on Do you have that hope that you know it's not on their side. On the other. I'm gonna have a better understanding I'm going get to hear her speak to me and wailing.

Tell me you know what it's like I'm hurrying because that's what I long for. Because when you do when you get with you know it.

I don't want to say it mental illness, that there are definitely think that coming to factor like that. The compulsive disorder, and other things that are hard to understand and manage an end. I know it's hard for her as it is for me though that again. That's what he think on my faith that now got to show me and give me an answer to somebody. Thanks you.

If you could say the other lot people You all of the country. If you could say one thing, or maybe a couple things to first off pastors, what would it be not get to know why it didn't know what we really are and I know I know there lots of energy. Just like everybody else and an arm that there's you There's so much more that we had in common family, and it takes a while to get to know it and you know a lot of times individuals with autism can be a little standoffish and hard to get to know but it's worth it and also wanted to know that everybody in the disk disability community has something to offer. It's not just about what they can give us. It's what we can get back on campus. I have learned so much that God has taught me countless gifts through her and and I think the world is missing out on a lot of that when they come in clay docket. You don't think that there's like to mind a little bit more because I think that there's is presupposition that you're going to go to church to be ministered to and along that we are going to church. Edward ministry to this the Scripture for the bear one another's burdens were going to church to minister to each other and everybody has something to offer of of watched Gracie struggle to get upstairs to seeing in front of churches when they have all the stairs going up in here she is up to prosthetic legs and you know and of watched her struggle to get up the stairs and I think it never occurred to the designer of these facilities that you know people with disabilities would also have something to offer from that plot a course of the river Republic think that the pastor regular broken legs hope for. But it's a what would you say to other church members as a parent of a child with autism just went up and got a question I want and I don't want to shout why I don't want you know, treat us like a leper. You know that I know it might be awkward unusual that you now just say hello and and is welcoming now and I'll answer anything that that I can. That'll Get to know each other.

I didn't pick it that some churches are more conservative another's week.

We had a very supportive church and work my ankle but you will have people take to shy away and get an adult that might keep that distance and and I just wanted to be more comfortable, more than you know. But none of us are perfect, none of pressure without disabilities. If you will fail just we all got something funky.wish well you will I go back to this a go but this isolation topic that we just addressed the first segment, the caregivers can joyously to the crowded room.

We can feel isolated on a crowded pew. You have just reinforced that that concept, you could be sitting there church everybody else's sink and victory Jesus and you could feel so excluded and so alone. Is that a fair assessment that they're not alternating yet just what we were isolated by nature, what work Ellen went pale and so we even get awkward because were having to set apart so much that we don't even know how to join in anymore. Ollie Thunder Bay I've got mom picked them because I'm trying to learn how to specialize the sale so that we hear that a little bit bobbed his idea that inherited from my child bedded down to get awkward for me till I find out if I don't feel that comedy with me.

You know it makes me, because even more aware that I don't reach out to when I'm not only okay I'll just take that risk and do it first and I will reach an idea To know that there comfortable enough for me to do that and and because I'm kinda open a window that does both wife for my child understand the world and gambled the new friend will better affect the world have to be able to reach back in and when she does reach out that supports a lot and that's it. If we can just understand each other a little better laugh at ourselves a little better in each other and not in a we just gotta be able to do that get more comfortable and on that is incredibly insightful. Gracie, I love to hear from folks who would do this for a while, you know you got some you got some real longevity in this 20 your daughters 25 years old last question before we go to the outer break to this new family that is stepping into the world of altars and for the first time. On the other. They got the diagnosis there all, but it's okay there whole world knows is dealing with this reality to this new family. What would you say is just about a better job. Don't try to recapture get to port their audit contractors all over the place.

You can Google it for hearing canopy because they offer that call represented on the line with resources on Kellan to contact you because obviously of all the resources you offer. Just get, don't do it alone on the got to get support letters. Other parents get someone to chat with, the cupcake if he can't get Kayla support meeting there so much online Facebook group and thank you. Be careful what you dig in Qubec and are currently your capacity as a safe if you can get there church hasn't shut you out. You know which is happened to a lot of in the past, at least parents with a child with autism because it is hard to understand that churches are getting better there, get more. I've been there.

They are creating more understanding. By the way, I have a standing invitation to remind folks this have a standing invitation on this show. If you're engaged in a really good church that is disability friendly particular this case autism. Let us know so I want you to me. Tell us what church you go to that I want to share that church out here so with people that listen Gary will be able to go on my First Baptist Church in Hendersonville are him First Baptist Church of start Hendersonville first Tennessee Art over Spencer and I will not account manager right now for young older adult, which allowed dropped off the map, young adults resulted to be listed. Thank you very much for the call. I really do appreciate it and thank you for your insight and thank you for just your heart. This is hope for the caregiver.

This is the nation's number one show for the family caregiver.

We are so glad with us and this is what it's all about. Here was bear one another's burdens.

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