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Does the Corona Virus Cause You to Consider :"Changing the WAY You Work?"

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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April 5, 2020 8:00 pm

Does the Corona Virus Cause You to Consider :"Changing the WAY You Work?"

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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April 5, 2020 8:00 pm

With vast numbers either working from home or losing their job, many are asking the question, "Should I Change The Way I Work?"

Caregivers have struggled with this issue for years as we've tried to juggle a job while caregiving. For nearly ten years, David Asarnow and Bob Sears have helped mentor me as I built a national broadcasting platform and message to my fellow caregivers ...all while I still serve as a caregiver. They helped me understand that I needed to change the WAY I worked.

  • We caregivers work hard ...but are we utilizing all of our skills? 
    • Do we even know what they are?
    • Are we treading water ...or gaining ground?
  • Can we negotiate a better arrangement with our employers so that we can work from home while managing our caregiving responsibilities? 
  • Do we know who to turn our experience as caregivers into career success?
  • Is this turbulent time in our country the right time for us to launch a side business that can provide additional revenue and possibly a path to our controlling our employment destiny?

These and more questions will be addressed in the new FREE webinar that David and Bob will host. Take advantage of this TODAY by signing up at 

You might be astonished at what YOU have to offer. It's a free webinar that connects you with two incredibly strategic people who bring insights and ideas to the employment pinch you feel. 

Part of our growth as caregivers is to be good stewards. That includes being good stewards of our employment and work strategies. 

The new FREE webinar from David and Bob is a great step to practice that stewardship. They truly get the challenges facing caregivers, and like they have for me for nearly a decade, they stand ready to offer their best help you achieve your best. 


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“How can you laugh through what you all live through!?”

Peter Rosenberger often hears that question when people learn of his 34+ year journey as a caregiver for his wife, Gracie, who lives with severe disabilities(80 operations & the amputation of both legs).Yet, Peter and Gracie draw hope from their deep faith which strengthens their hearts—and the couple brings a contagious inspiration that lightens weary hearts struggling with challenges.

Peter’s weekly radio show, Hope for the Caregiver, is heard on more than 180 stations, and on Sirius XM’s Family Talk Channel (131).Through his show, books, commentaries, and speaking events, Peter addresses the challenges of life candor, compassion, and even comedy.

Educating, entertaining, and empowering audiences across the country, Peter Rosenberger offers poignant insights into the life of a caregiver. Weaving his deep compassion for fellow caregivers with his outrageous humor, Peter points others to safety and helps them develop plans to live a calmer, healthier, and even more joyful life as caregivers.


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Hope for the Caregiver
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Many years ago, I encountered two men who ended up being two of the most important mentors in my life of everything of done that. I never told you about a job I was sworn to literacy not to but discuss a bit behind the scenes with me working with me and they became just great friends over the years and they are they are just brilliant men don't have them on the show because right now everybody's having to work differently right now working from home. People are losing their jobs and our workforce workplace destiny has changed dramatically over and met his arm down and then and we could see the fragility of the work environment and these guys helped shape a lot of what I do in the way I think about productivity way up the butt work in and building something. And so for someone to have them on David Sarno and Bob Sears. They're both here with us today guys how are you feeling really great and awesome thought.

Listen Simon IV Riley after all these years, giving you do credit because it had such a profound impact on me and I'm very grateful for that and I wanted just to take about you guys have created something for people particular caregivers because caregivers are work environment is is becomes incredibly stressful for us as caregivers to pay somebody to do what we do requires often tubs big checks or hiring a service or or getting somebody there's just a lot of lust moving parts involved with that and you guys have helped me structure a lot of things in my life and you've created a webinar a free webinar for folks who right now stuck at home and there had to rethink a lot of things just can I help you either go one of two directions either to start something for yourself or to better negotiate your situation with your employer and carve out a new path for you so that you can be freer and not be tied to brick-and-mortar buildings.

David start with you on that after callused tell me what's going on in the workforce now and what whether one of the questions people are asking is there wanting to take back control of their own employment destiny.

If you will will even do that I had to give you all the credit because we coach a lot of people over the years and became friends with a lot of people and and you've done all the work. So I want to put the credit right back to you Peter like it here.

Here's the thing right now everyone you know everyone sitting at home everyone trying to figure this out.

Everyone's trying to balance what's going on and I believe the person who the caregiver. This gives them a very unique opportunity to be able to shine because I don't know if it's the right way to say it, but the playing field is level because everyone's at home and the boss before used to say, well, people are home, are they really working are they doing laundry.

What are they really doing well guess what everyone in that situation and one of the things that I recommend any as you know I I am a professional social distance. I've I work from home for 20 years and an egg. It's all about it's all about communication. If it really is it's it's communicating it in an entirely higher level and the caregiver has an opportunity really today to stand out and show how good of a worker they are and if you're looking it building a business on the side or creating that second Street of income stream of income.

I believe it now is a perfect opportunity to do it.

Will Bob I went to the podiatrist a while back, and I've got a had a really difficult pain in the left part of my left foot and I wanted him to address that and he looked at me said here's your problem with the show at my bunion. I have a bunion of my left foot unnamed Paul and he said this is your promise, but that doesn't hurt. This is where it hurts. He said the sort that the D area of your pain is not the cause of your pain. It really was a profound teaching moment for me to realize that sometimes the things that are causing this discomfort and pain are not what we think they are and I think people network mail place in their life where they are saying this is uncomfortable. I don't like this. I like this but that's not really the core problem. There's a different core problem of stepping out taking some risk renegotiating a a work environment. All those kinds of things talk about their lives that resonate with you.

First of all Dave giving away too much credit, but you work so now I do implement usage, your think that means I'll we get a little more credit.

But I mean here. And here's the reality it's it's perception is reality and the challenges you know one of things I would go by. If everybody out of the audience is listen to think and grow Rich. It says in every adversity. Does the speed of equivalent or greater value. So what's happening right now there's perceptions that obviously we have a lot of challenges that were facing and I always look at Dave and I think you look at order the opportunity you're at home. Your challenge of being at home right now and give it a look at that as an opportunity, even in the case of, you know you talk to caregivers in such a passionate way. We always love that about you and in the find that when people are in the situations that they therein it's so hard at that moment in time to really find the gifts that are being given to them show when you have diagnosed Kelly one thing and you're looking at him like seriously like what is the end result. The end result is that everybody has an opportunity to really reach the goals that they want when they really look at really what do they want to accomplish in life. How is this an opportunity.

How is this able to give me some time that I may not have had prior and really figure out things that I wanted to do in my life and not be, you know, held to a desk in a cubicle. I mean how many people miss in this world work daily at a job that they just like better in a situation that they're not excited about, and even in this this world that were living in right now there is joy happening. There is may look at Graciela challenges she had any fish he ever seem like she's in on the situation where she doesn't see the light at the end of the tunnel of the fund and what she's doing only the grace of what been given to her in and really work with that in the future.

Any it never happens right and situation with it. She lives likely Lords yeah and and what happens is that people can even look at that example, it's the same example, the facing now in their lives.

Will David let me ask you this, when you spend time with people just just as this are not a holder to the stat but just as a general observation. How many people are aware of what they actually bring to the table was forest skill sets and abilities to their work environment. I it's great question and I think that most people may present company included. When we look at ourselves at the very heart is very hard to be able to say hey were really good at this and were crushing this in and this is this is where we shine.

What happens is other people can see it however there something that I've been asking people to do recently in, and something about that really makes you think about it you were doing bit overlooking her business.

We only bring on a new client we do something which is called a swot analysis strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in one of the things I recommend it to everyone who's in the working world right now is a personal swot analysis.

What are you absolutely amazing and I want you to think back over the past six months here five years 10 years and start writing down all the compliments you've had all the accolades you gone from other people and start seeing where you shine and then yes we do need to understand our weaknesses and right now the threats we got a lot of threats going on at one of them is called Corona the unit unique opportunity we have today is that Bo the opportunities and we start really looking at where do we have opportunities.

How can we shine, how can we add value to someone else's life and what we look at that we can utilize that to a shine better in the workplace.

If were an enemy employee in a foreign employer. It's how do we capitalize those opportunities and be able to be able to be better at communicating and working with our staff in this new I'll call it America you.evidently live in because we don't know what is good and become we don't know what it's gonna look like we don't and I'm glad you brought up as employers and bottom.

When asked about this is you deal with the employers who were now seeing that you know the job has to continue but we have to rethink the way we work, when I left the corporate workforce and I went home and I didn't know how to work very well from home. This is been 17 years and I've been doing this and I member Gracie Asmus. It would be helpful if I put a cubicle in the in the living room would you feel comfortable with it and I realize that I was I was thinking about work in one way and a lot of employers think that way to.

I've maintained for years, I wrote an article about this about caregivers and why they are in employers dream because we are constantly dealing with things we don't categorize as skills of the workforce, like conflict resolution, electability, adept at adaptability personal responsibility decent things that employers want. How do you see this now with employer seeing this this decimated workforce we have known this country of maybe rethinking working from home and so forth and building those kind of mechanisms for people to do that or do you see that is this from now on, as this could be a national dialogue that we have mellowed you think. Well first of all, yes I do see that now, employers, employees and employers are realizing that working from home. I need people to working from home and actually I believe this is my belief and I think David would agree we do more. We do more at home. Then we have to do at the office. I mean, you and I believe first met. I talked about got a minute meetings when you're in an office showed you have a got a minute meeting and all of a sudden you're talking to people. You're getting interrupted back to Q3 four hours throughout the day where your interrupted and not literally doing the things you need to do any work environment right so all of a sudden now you have the ability where we were at home. I mean there is some time that I actually work on Sundays I work on Saturdays. I checked my email. I make sure that I'm getting I'm getting a thing Donnie and it really needs to be in one of the things that Dave and I preach as result space right things need to be result space because here's the thing. The whole I've been saying this since this happened the whole world is changed and nothing is changed.

A lot of people haven't really really felt the ramification and what's about to take place in the world. We are going to be working from home. We're going to be social distancing don't find acyclic tapes had weed and social distancing. Now for a long time professional to reality well where I am in Montana Montana. Some social distancing since 89 and technology now that we can actually do this around for a long time and we just simply haven't noticed that this is something that's available on now that you know necessity being Muslim mother of invention, comes around and says, by the way guys know this.

Yeah that we that's forced us to rethink these things you guys have created a free webinar for anybody that wants to come and and talk about the city and learn about it from you guys. You guys are brilliant at what you do and I'm I'm eternally grateful. Tell us about this webinar. What can people expect what's going to happen in it and and how can they go couple things one URL is change the way I that is change the way I picked out by Peter Rosenberger himself and something to talk about is that Framework the trust, acknowledge, appreciate purpose and passion seeking put behind your workplace and your personal life as well as systems and processes you can put in place right away. Today it's three this is a free web rate is just like these guys come on. I really want you to take advantage of this and put out the podcast to put on our website on social media change the way I These are guys that help me do it.

I love these guys have a back on to talk about this some more. David Sarno, Bob Sears, thank you for taking the time to call in the show today.

I really appreciate it. Thank you, thank you for writing. This is over the caregiver on Peter Rosenberger will be right back Larry the cable Guy, your

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