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How Fear Can Make Us a Victim of Small Minded Authoritarians

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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April 25, 2020 12:51 pm

How Fear Can Make Us a Victim of Small Minded Authoritarians

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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April 25, 2020 12:51 pm

Fear is one of the 7 Caregiver Landmines, and it can lead us down dark paths as individuals ...and as a nation. 

While Americans put collective shoulders to the wheel to protect fellow citizens, an age-old problem now emerges—one I recall my father cautioning against more than forty years ago. “Beware of small people with authority.”

A sad consequence of America’s drastic efforts in dealing with the COVID-19 virus is the elevation of Frank Burns” types (from the TV show, M*A*S*H*). These “small-minded” individuals seem to draw excitement from pursuing their gratification while others struggle. 

“Funny thing, war - Never have so many suffered so much, so, so few could be so happy!!"– Major Frank Burns

Surrendering freedom to fear will always be met with the intense rush of those willing to consume that freedom for their own power.

Like guardrails on a curving highway, the rules exist for all—but there will always be those who desire rules for others but not for themselves. Only the bravery of those who love freedom can curtail those who wish to use calamity to satisfy their lusts for control.

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This is this is the nation's number one show for you as a family.

Harry home I will hang in there with the court. Have you learned some things about yourself as a caregiver.

Through this process. 888-589-8840 888-5888 40 if you want to be a part of the show we are live. Oh by the way others will let you know that they did last week. I left you will with a cliffhanger they were going to test me and see if I had the antibodies for the crowbars.

Well, I don't know why because I don't and never got the crowbars and so therefore never could antibodies and the doctor was absolutely convinced that I would have it because of it taking care of my wife as she is headed in the snow yet you got to see for anybody's then we want your blood and so I said well I don't think so. They called the doctor.

Collectively, you must be some kind of caregiver because you didn't get it and my wife said yes.

Heat that his strike. He is some kind of caregiver and when I died I knew I died I never got a fever of ever got sick and had a cough that was about it.

Well they tested her again because she's been getting better and she doesn't antibodies, but they don't want her blood. She said to me, transfusions and so forth at her long medical history, but she's over she's done she's now tested negative. And they went and did a blood test on the just assured everything and so she does have the antibodies because she did get it, but she beat about that about that.

She beat it after all she's been through and she never spent one night in the hospital. She had to have some oxygen and we took a lot of over-the-counter stuff in think such as that they work with, but she she did all right and she is made it through it so we are rock 'n' roll. And through this process and you would go. I start off with something I want to share with you this morning some 56 three when I am afraid I put my trust in you when I'm afraid I put my trust in you is what Psalm 56, three says I've got a new commentary up at American family Association. They have a blog called the stand. If you haven't read their blogs. I would encourage you to do so. You go to and you look at the stand and I wrote this. It's this title beware of all people with authority that met meeting small as 20 people will mean just small people that are small minded because what's happening is I think you're seeing this across the country you're exposing a lot of these small tyrants who like to get a little bit of power start 20 but how to live their life and how these people get get power.

Well, a lot of time people get power because the fear of other people and when you're afraid you want to surrender your liberty in your freedom to someone else to take care of and this is what happens. I remember back in the 1992 presidential debate for the it was a Bill Clinton versus George H. W. Bush and somebody may not of what system I remembered vividly there is this guy got avocado and ponytail gas. Some guy went along ponytail and lifted Bill Clinton and he said be a father to us be a father to us and I was so incensed by that. I thought that I went in and you'll Bill Clinton, but he was on top of that he was on that like a pack of dogs on a three legged cat and an out and he's like, I'll be your daddy, you know, I mean he wanted all he loved that. And I was like I don't want Bill Clinton to be a father to me. What in the what any politician to do that in the world is wrong with this guy.

Well that kind of nonsense has metastasize across our country were looking to government to to be everything to us, and were afraid and so therefore we can have the government come and do it and then you're seeing across the country.

What that looks like wood government takes control and CS Lewis said years and years and years and years ago that the worst kind of tyranny is that that is imposed on you because it's for your own good, I think you know when you're a parent telling you kids looking at it to. This is for your good.

I understand that you do children were not children in the government is certainly not our parent has not our daddy. But this is what happens when people get afraid they start trusting the government to care for them and look after them: quote the government and their people that are just absolutely biting at the bit to be able to take that power that we surrender so quickly because of fear was go through Scripture by dead as taught me for years that pretty much note that pretty much everything that we deal with in principle is in Scripture doubt there's nowhere in Scripture where it talks about the things I've done as a caregiver you're taking care of a woman for 34 years with a broken body and prosthetic legs and everything else with awful lot of stuff in Scripture about the principles that I deal with is a caregiver fear, guilt, obligation, resentment, anger, sadness, despair.

All the slaves of their curricula to the nation of Israel when they came out of Egypt. How many times did they want to rise up against Moses. Think about that every time there was an obstacle.

They just wanted to run back to Egypt run back to slavery. Lisa had graves in Egypt. They said you brought us at the littlest data we had graves in Egypt lately, and God delivered them through these tremendous acts, and then they walked across dry land from the Red Sea and then when Moses goes up on the mountain for a while they think is that coming back we got have a leaders the bill the golden calf and then when they get finally get over there at Candace Bonilla ready to go into the promised land, and they come back with all this reports of how less than the land is the spies came back, but they said the giants in the land. People get afraid and want to go there either.

Then God just said enough's enough. That was it and they didn't have the longest funeral procession in history and they wanted the desert for 40 years and to lead generation was gone in the next generation came put their trust in God. What can we learn from that as our nation has struggled with this sort of thing you know where we putting our trust when I'm afraid I put my trust in the World Health Organization are you kidding me to put my trust in governors Pres., no, I don't care what side of the political spectrum your own if you put your trust in any human being first before you put your trust in God, you're in for a world of hurt, disappointment, and so what we do is we use common sense.

We use good judgment. We we we we follow good cell counsel, but I trust cannot be in people. It must be in God otherwise were going to end up capitulating to the fear that we we allow these tyrants to come up and start running our lives will unpack this a little bit more. This is the real thing you're seeing you look at the governor of Michigan and I think I just go around the country and people are free and I get it. There are fear were the things were going to have scary things in our lives were caregivers. We know this. We also put our trust in God is 885-9888 589-8840 like Gracie who is now tested negative for this is the covert, 19 but you know what she was saying that before. She had evidence that you beat because she understands that principle. That's where trust is about you. Are you feeling smart what are you afraid it's okay to be afraid of their things out there that are fear were think I get it. God knows this. He knows that were scared but we were scared. We tend to turn over control and good sense and freedoms and look at what has happened.

Look at what has happened in our country and a fear I mean we don't use good since that doesn't mean we act like idiots do this thing in and be stupid. Grace and I certainly didn't, but I asked her. I said you know I we were in the emergency room. They were to six year feverish was she was sick they wanted of the we had to go down there because they wanted to to run some test on her, but we didn't spend the night on their but they said that I looked at her said are you scared she's a little bit but I've been through worse and I think this is where faith comes in. That God will sustain us through this and whatever comes our way is not outside of the province of God that we don't have to act like you know were foolish on this God gave us brains these common sense, but I can also tell you common sense will tell me not only just put on a mask or to use good hygiene around the house and rent other people and so forth. The common sense also tell me that people will really mess you up if you give them authority over you. There are some really funky people out there that's what my articles about in the stand and if you go out to You can read that and see. Beware of small people with authority. I know a guy friend of mine that he had a clipboard, caring bureaucrat to be a surprise visit to his shop because somebody had reported that people were coming into the shop, and a police officer came out of this just happened and in an imp in people are encouraged to spy on one another and report people.

You got the mayor of New York, and in all these folks are wanting people to do that that there is something that is so repulsive to us as Americans that we would have that that that they're using drones made by China supplied by chart of all things, to spy on Americans honestly if you want to see what happens to a nation when you allow fear to control you simply go back to Scripture simply go back to Scripture right because you will see time and time again what people were willing to do out of fear and we caregivers understand this, we caregivers understand this week we get this. We have lived with fear. If you been caring for somebody for any length of time. You understand fear and it's frustrating to watch somebody go to the things and not know what we can do what you how to do this in Scripture didn't say when I could have scary things you just heard the they had there been up to break Scripture can say that this is going to just be all kinds of little walking to the Rozier Scripture did say is go to be with us, Scripture did say that he is never going to Ben's. That's the whole point of what I'm trying to communicate this morning.

Not what I'm trying to communicate what I am communicating this morning understand that there are very dangerous things that will happen to us when we surrender our free agency as individuals and as a country out of fear. The whole world knows now how to destroy America ever thought about that the whole world knows how to do it.

Everybody knows how to cripple the United States of America about that from beware of small people with authority. It's an article that I would heartily recommend you reading out of the stand The stand stand and and I'm not talking about just simply being well God is in control and then we go about I don't like people to give glib remarks about that sort of thing. It needs to come from a place of of experiential trusting in God. In this and say okay here's what I've seen you like that him great is thy faithfulness.

You know why you like that him if you do because it anchors you back into something that is more eternal. I don't know. I never forget when when Gracie made the decision to give up her leg. Her first leg and this is way back almost 30 years ago. She said I don't know what's on the other side of that operating room door. But I know who was there for me because he is sustain me through many dangers, toils and snares, we are not promised a pain-free life. We are not promised a life that is not filled with scary things. We are promised companionship.

He will not abandon us. We use common sense. We use good safety measures we we we educate ourselves, but anybody that is promising you a rose-colored path of this thing will lie about other things to never forget that I'll never forget that Gaia look it up to Bill Clinton of all people say your father to us. Are you kidding me that is not the direction for asking for somebody to pick up flavored I can speak of that. What I what I exited at out.

I was just watching out that this guy what a bunch of nonsense.

We have a father. If you don't know today's a great day to start. We have a father who understands all of these things you understands what it's like to watch somebody being wheeled of the gurney down into surgery for the umpteenth time we have a father who does not reject you.

We have a father who will be with you and sustain you.

We have a father who is deeply concerned about you and if you ever look to a politician or anybody else for that matter, to put them in the place of God.

It will be a disaster for you or a nation every single time. Every time that I know that some people could hear the question the goodness of God is God good. How could he allow this heartily do this. While it is you know what this world is broken and and as I sit here in Montana I'm looking out at absolute pristine beauty. The sun is coming up and I'm looking at snow-covered peaks grass is just starting to grow for spring out here were way up about 6000 feet dear starting to appear in Scripture says every bit of this is groaning every bit of this is grown, all creation is groaning doesn't mean that there's not beauty in it doesn't mean that there's not scenes that say while it is due to videoconference of the other data set on what you look at what I'm looking at, and I turned the cameras they could see it. They all went well. I said you're saying wow over something that is groaning as beautiful as this, is it still groaning and guess what, when I look at you when you look at me, we can say wow because of what God is doing, but were still groaning, but there still beauty but were still groaning, but there still joy but were still groaning, but there still peaks it's broken. It's being restored. It's being renewed. So are you and Salama and we trust him in this and how do we know that we trust, how do we know that we can trust him with this that's better?

Because that's when we see the cross. That's when we see that God condescended to us, knowing there was no way he knew we were afraid he knew we were broke.

He knew this whole thing was messed up and he condescended to us became like us lived it and went to the cross so if you will say be a father to us.

Don't look to a politician look to the father. That's the whole purpose. If you go back and look at the life of Christ.

Look at the words he said the cavity time. She talked about his father and if you want to see the father you look at Christ.

There's no way to the father but Christ somebody asked that up once of a pile of politician. I was amazed at the answer because they were like this is Jesus the only way to heaven and politician stumbled around that conversation and only loosely will you what Jesus says he simply would have it, he seems to think so and he's the one that paid the price for us to be able to go will put my trust in him.

I know you're free. I know a lot of us are businesses are just in dire circumstances I get there fear were the things out there. There really are barbarians at the gate back and look at King Hezekiah when he got a letter this is an covenant just the last you will from the scheme seriously was the macro publisher. Those Hezekiah and he was just horror what did 888-589-8888 85 think that it is hoped that the caregiver here on American caregiver. We are glad with this how you feel and how you doing are you holding up through all this craziness will talk about fear today were talking about surrendering that fear to people or looking to God something to 63 when I'm afraid I put my trust in you, and I'm afraid I put my trust in you. You put your trust who you putting interest. How are you doing with this and this is what is happened with our country. We've got a situation where we have allowed ourselves to out of fear surrender a lot more freedom and these are bad things. This is not good because there are small people out there that love to gobble up authority and take your freedom and start running your life. Through this okay. Thereafter, if you don't look around, turn on the news briefly, then turned back off and you'll see and this app into a friend of mine and somebody told somebody the authority that were coming ending and a gasket with the clipboards and dangerous people come in your store. We got a report peaceable who gave boards will be key dates of numbers and there's a police officer there and then the guy wanted him to sign that the the thing that he gave me. So here's the rules of one society often of the pity swimmer you come over here to tell me that you have people come to my own business allegedly that I'm doing this he did admit or deny just that.

Allegedly that's going on and then you want to get up close to being him be your unwashed p.m. to sign your paper. I got below. Thank you step back so the guy what he being consistent with his own rules, but he like to tell other people how to do it. This is good.

This is what could happen over and over and over. The more we surrender our freedom because of fear of somebody called them to want to know about my wife was going on with her. She is now free of the virus.

She tested negative for now. She does have antibodies that you develop should they did that honors will, but she she punch through. She got through it. They want to know wasn't sure why she had so much pain. Gracie had a tremendous current 37 years ago that busted her up pretty bad when they stopped counting at 200 breaks and she said 80 surgeries and takes one year to recover from major surgery and she's on 80 that we know of her body was orthopedically just a train wreck and still is him or deal with all kinds of stuff and so she lives with a lot of scar tissue that creates all kinds of issues you know you Virgil save if you break your leg go still with the weather change will multiply that times 200 right so that's that's the short version on that. That's a thank you for calling checking her she's okay she's hanging in there.

She's a very tough gal and she's strong. But I will get back to this topic you were talking about of fear and what this means to us in in CS Lewis said years and years and years ago the worst kind of tyranny is that which says were going to do this for your own good. If you heard any of that on the news this is for your own good. This is for your own good. Were finding out more more more about the duplicitous behavior of these world government type of things.

It's always always going to have that component of this is for your good.

This is for the children. This is for, not the way it works. Either the United States form of government was copied it. They date the try to incorporate a lot of the Presbyterian form of government. The way the Presbyterian Church is set up because the Christian church set up their structure the government structure with a full understanding of the depravity of man and so there's lots of checks and balances. That's why our government to set up this way of checks and balances because the founding fathers already had an example set up with reform Presbyterian type form of government that recognize the depravity of man that the heart of the mission is isn't is not a place that you want to put your trust and hope because that that's just look look at it. How's that working out and so there has to be these checks and balances in place. And when those things are not in place in the government is unleashed on people leaving to get a tease you little bit with Hezekiah, he got a letter that he was going to be the kingdom was going to be. This is what he was the king of Judah and the southern kingdom and he was going to be attacked in and it was just a horrible description of what's about to happen and he took that letter went to the temple to just lay down and typically help better help. Basically, the guys are out of what and God's and Isaiah to him to speak the word of the Lord said this is this is what's going to happen. We took it to God. He went to the temple he just just laid it out before God, what this is that moment when we have is an individual and as a nation, are we going to be panicked and freaked out.

Are we going to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. This means that you not have unpleasant things that you got a walk-through or be wheeled into my wife be the first person to tell you she surrendered both of her legs through this journey of recovery from this terrible wreck.

She had many years ago there very painful things that were to walk the there's a reason he said he gave the wall to the valley of the shadow of death, because there is a valley of shadow of death, and sometimes it's very long valley and sometimes a very scary but I'm not going to ask a politician to be a father to what that ponytail guy did years ago that presidential debate. We look to Bill Clinton, be a father to us politicians about to be with you. The valley of the shadow of death is only one of the problems that anybody else that tries to take that place get away from only one Susie in Louisiana good morning Susie how are you feeling great and everything on it and I didn't care what did he give us well no finish that sentence.

He didn't give us a spirit of fear but of power love and what and what a sound mind. Do you think that were functioning with the sale. Mine is a country right now right I one with you right now I'm doing well, I won't take it, but when it comes down but it is implied that little brat. Not that is the most delicious orange tree you have ever tasted.

We don't know if it's going straight to you. Client you I get my give you unlimited that you don't know that Kelly starts bank credit that was happening. This is were able to walk out that what do we really believe I try and it it's it it's disheartening that our churches were close, but her abortion clinics were open and break my heart is but you know what that's get ready change and lightly and not Well what he if he is Lord at all.

He's Lord of all and nothing is happening that is outside of his hands. God visits back.

As for hidden Seo. How did this get away from me, you know it and so that's something that we as believers, it's time for us to start what what do we believe Christian, what do you believe, and and it gave us a sound mind. We can use good common sense we can practice good, safe measures I put on a seatbelt when I get in the car that's common sense. We don't have to be, but I'm not in fears of driving around in my car loved. I'm moving it very high speeds and trusting that this car. So to do what I wanted to do and that the driver covered by the ways go do whatever the what I wanted to do were using good common sense practice and safety, but at the same time were not living in fear of it.

Susie a thank you so much for the call really appreciated and thank you for listing and means a lot that you took the time to call. This is the whole point is believers Christian. What do you believe he gave it she's right. He didn't give us a spirit of fear but of power love salmon how much sound mind and you see is what you have a guy that I don't do this often because if you watch cable news too much, it'll break you just barking mad but is watch one of the Gazan cable news just have a kind of a meltdown.

Do decision about you. Your reporter you grow up BSB you know give people the facts point them to safety of what this looks like that you don't get there just this is not your therapy session. When I hear what you break up start crying there like an idiot. You know honestly grow up, but you know it it's it's it's very disheartening to see how quickly we surrendered to fear and I get it. I understand that it's that that there scary things Gracie and I have looked at the harsh realities, harsh realities we face death many times with her to say about the things Scripture say about doing believe this.

If we do believe how would people know this is hope. 888-589-8840 888-589-8840 you ever struggled to trust God when lousy things happen to you. I'm Gracie Rosenberger, 1983 I experienced a horrific car accident leading 80 surgeries in both legs and became I question why God allowed something so brutal to happen to me. But over time the questions changed and I discovered courage to trust God that understanding along with an appreciation for quality prosthetic limbs led me to establish standing with help more than a dozen years we been working with the government of Ghana and West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis.

We purchased ship equipment and supplies and with the help of inmates in Tennessee prison. We also recycle parts from donated lambs.

All of death is to point others to Christ. The source of my help and strength, please visit standing with to learn more and participate in lifting others that standing I'm Gracie and I am scheming with help leave that the joy of the Lord is our strength. Do you believe that that is Gracie singing that would rest have to you believe that if so how would other people know that Galindo doesn't mean that you cannot have a pain-free life that you're healthy and wealthy people to promise you that cover stuff or selling something, it means that he's going to sustain you through this. Go back to Paul and Silas, Paul and Silas were stripped naked, thrown into prison in around midnight. They were singing hymns that that's clear evidence that people are holding on to something that is you far greater than their circumstances far greater circumstances.

That's with the joy of the Lord is our strength looks like, how are you holding up with this were talking about fear today were talking about what we can do is believers when were faced with these things and what the disastrous implications of giving up our freedom because of fear. I understand common sense. I understand the six and we got a use, since God did not give us a spirit of fear gives power, love the sound mind that how much power how much love and how much sound Monday you see being displayed across the country on the media and Congress that the White House briefings how much power how much love and how much sound mind. We have taken the world's greatest economy and to ourselves.

We crippled it out of fear these.

It will be less easy for you say is it my wife had the virus. She's come through it at the care of her throat. I'm not in any way diminishing the impact there scary things out there. There are real painful things out there, but I watch this rush because of fear and any time you see a nation acting out of fear. Anytime you see a nation after that if you go back to Scripture and look what happened when the nation acted out fear back and look at the people of Israel through their journey. God knew they were afraid he kept telling them over and over. Don't be afraid I'm here but there. Fear got the best of both said looking I can go on to the problems and when Joshua took over Moses go back and look at it.

Look at the first chapter of Joshua leaf right strong and courageous.

Courage is not the absence of fear, it is it is being willing to look at look at these firemen and ended that first responders rescuers that you want to huff situations they run and police officers run towards gunfire that they're not afraid, but there trusting in their training there trusting in in their ability to go into that situation with the greater purpose. Are we doing that is believers are we just basically sheep in sheep's clothing. These are things that are important for us to to to ask ourselves, and collectively ask the body of Christ. Does the body of Christ. Do Christians behave differently. The situations, what does that look like I was.

I go back again. I said many times of sitting there with Gracie were both messed up or down there at the ER. They had to sequester her away with a very small town and little small community hospital.

She was the first one in our Kelly to get that she went to a specialist several hundred miles away and got this and they bring another without it first it was stripped they would bring them they have to do all the things everybody said we don't know what's going on with this or that.

I looked at her and I said are you afraid she honestly replied a little bit but I've been through worse.

That was her first response was to go there been through worse and she is seen God sustainer through these things and should be the first to tell you then that's when she started saying I got a very similar podcast.

Got to hope for the Just look at the podcast is free podcast, just go look at it and she's thinking in Christ alone. A placement trust, glory and the power of the cross and it's okay to borrow courage from other people.

That's the whole point of Hebrews 11 says that he was really at Hebrews 11 gives you the whole litany of people who by faith that such just by faith in such go up to bring in the book of Hebrews says remember those who spoke the word of the Lord to you what appropriately would appropriate imitate their faith whose faith you imitate. That's what history so important. That's why it's so important for us to go back and read these things so that we are not bound to repeat them in slaves to repeat their principles that we can glean from those who've gone before us. This is the first time that the world is faced a global pandemic and if our headspace is to constantly just brush off of a cliff like a bunch of lemmings.

What could happen of the next that Nixon comes in. The next thing is going to be stuff it's going to come. It's going to happen you know if we need the love people don't want to take vaccines for stuff that led people to want to do this. I'm not to get into that that argument I don't and that's not where my headspace is Heidi's common sense I get a car C.okay about applying the flight exist put your seatbelt on. Guess what, I purposely build amenity use common sense you get out on like to go out in the forest on ATVs or snowmobiles you use a helmet. I got the cold address for the address for the want of the cold. So it's a little got there and freeze. It's common sense, power, love and a sound mind.

This was so mother teaching you rent sick people. You wash your hands been around enough hospitals been around enough nurses of the retina. I remember one time that the nurse was doing them was taking care of Gracie. This is back during when you age was still a lot more of the front page. That is today's heart would leave talk about now, but that was all everybody talked about the 80s and the 90s and the nurse came in and she was just so distraught and she got to stick the needle. She was take care of a patient in that some there was an incredibly frightening thing for her and we recognize that in Gracie from her hospital bed.

She just had surgery was praying caring for this woman to get tested to get okay and intubated. Through this, but it was a very frightening thing we don't dismiss how frightening things are there frightening things out there we have it. We have a Savior that Savior does not get elected to office that Savior doesn't have a badge of a clipboard is a cross and his crew do we act like this. Does the world know this about us does the world marvel at this. They see us facing these things with a sense of joy and strength, knowing that he is working in all of these things. And yes, the painful and yes there are tears whenever article this this this weekend on Fox news commentary, but a time to weep at a time to laugh and go back and look at Ecclesiastes is a time for everything under under heaven born to dance. These are things that that that are important for us to remember when were disoriented when we don't know what to do. We don't know what's going on. Always anchor yourself back in Scripture go back and look at it, spend some time think it through. Not able to get all the photos here. I'm sorry for that.

Let me let me try to grab what he had done an Arkansas dog good morning how you feel. So I'm getting along, and in spite of the shutdown.

I think I'm doing pretty good. One thing Wondershare is Richard land Dr. Richard land forces kids to watch the film judgment at Nuremberg SAM 819 61 black and white about three hours but show the aftermath of the Third Reich and I think you would need those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat God, thank you very much for the call on that and a procedure called Internet hope that you have a better day on joy of the Lord is our strength and ethics of the call is over. The caregiver dispute arose.

This is the silver he was a family caregiver.

How are you feeling how are you doing what you to safety. Take advantage of. Go out there. Not this alone. You not see that as we cope with the caregiver

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