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Making the Most of What You Have, Part 3 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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April 6, 2022 8:00 am

Making the Most of What You Have, Part 3 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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April 6, 2022 8:00 am

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God can you trust me with what I have now bellyache about was at Moran, was a different tax bracket with whatever going now.

He who is faithful in little will be faithful in much hello and welcome to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Shepherd, senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California, where ever you are maybe listening. Thanks for making this part of your day. According to one of Christ's most famous teachings. The parable of the talents.

It's not about how much you have is about what you do with what you have today. Pastor Paul breaks down. This teaching shows how we can apply to your own personal finances. So stay right here or visit Pastor to listen to Destin for victory on demand. You can also subscribe to the podcast that Google podcast is bona fide or wherever you enjoy your podcasts but now his Pastor Paul.

Today's message in the most of what you have. The second goal, my personal financial plan will be my current credit card debt went about creating new credit card see some of you will will pay down a corridor to, but as soon as something else comes up gets a little squeaky or some all in the new furniture run down to the stormy seas wholesale knee questionnaires have God bless you with the cast of my dance is no is not your season about the card you need a new cell but no you know you want to know so you need some this type what is right and so did you get the phone now is all messed up and it does feel good anymore.

All will investigate somebody out there making something that can help you out without you running down and catching the clearance.

Everything must go to go to your house because you look in the please God when his resources which means your financial plan forced to live within your current meeting. Second to eliminate your current credit card debt systematically immediately what you want to systematically be cut down and you want to begin to move into savings strategically. Why should I say there are number of reasons that all of those who help us with finances Crown financial ministries and many other Christian organizations will help you understand you need to have savings for emergencies. Those things that come up that are genuine emergencies.

You need to have savings for major purchases so that down the road.

You don't have to finance everything you need to be saving if you got kids or grandkids are headed toward college and got some now are going to private schools well before that have been tuition and if you want to help them get a good solid education and you want to fund certain kinds of schools you will need to be saving for that and then you'll want to say or things like retirement one day the Lord blesses you with long life. You won't be working to help your people are staying summer choosing to work well beyond traditional retirement years. But that ought to be your option, not your necessity. You shouldn't have to work. You drop if you chose to God blessed you would help message would help and energy in the past and keep on doing it. You want to have that option. But it shouldn't be here because I have to do it so all that is going to require saving improper this is a good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children leave something something right now. Some of us I believe you are blessed leave you a note, you know, a car, and I think the most important inheritance, don't do that thing. What is a good man leaves the children. Please understand that starts with a spiritual most important thing I believe my kids, and future blanket will be a legacy of faith that they know God, they've got it made.

And so I have to walk with God to show them what walking with God looks like the precepts and principles of the word of God and to love God. Teach them to serve God trust God and that's the most important inheritance, but it wouldn't hurt him. Jesus and some change all that is going to have to be safe for so again, we will assess the money God entrusted to us now and what we're currently looking at it. Get a good clear picture of your finances and your financial habits to the 30 day boot camp and then you want to create a financial plan with the goals of living within your means eliminating credit card debt without establishing new credit card debt and savings strategically. Now the first two of those goals are rather short time to live within your means and to eliminate credit card debt rather short term now again that's relative to how much credit card that you in as to how long this will take you to get out to short-term goals. We just give you some practical information so that we can line up with what these guys did in the parable and prepare to give God a good return.

I want to encourage you that if you're going to live within your means and get a credit card debt.

The first thing you have to do is look at how you are spending and reduce or lemonade. Some essentials from your current spending and redirect that money toward the elimination of debt.

In other words, about trying to get out of credit card debt and I want to please God. This might not be a season where I can do Quiznos and Subway and Marie calendar and all the other places your coworkers are going. Thank you Jesus. Might be a season where baloney might have been trying to have somebody now I know you type them trying to work with you, but I'm trying to bless you one day the Lord thank you for empowering the past to the present series that got me out of bed and got me on my feet season where you get in Jesus name Jackie Brown bag with you just eat by yourself that's fine, whatever. To do that now. If it were me I would mind at all. And somebody my bills. This is not about you and did not sell most samples will salad that you brought from home you still hang out with all the big spenders and and you can enjoy a meal again.

That's essentially essential that you eat out God did not see so you just think that thank God for and you that you don't have to have Starbucks message stop preaching on the metal and now all you have to do that now you want to do that now. Most jobs have a little somewhere you have below generic coffee but if you have some cheaper than going in there anyway this is a season where you get your music reasonably sorry all you know as well as I do that you aren't speaking to you had 2 cups problem there.

You need to get before God will deliver me your passing judgment on focus still hung up on nicotine and you hung up on caffeine that you didn't expect this. When you got a put on your cologne. So I got a redirect goal discretionary funds to get out of credit card that you get in quickly budget now you gotta be strategic about how quickly you got in quickly. One day you can be dollars in debt and so would take some time. Don't take a vacation on credit. God will bless you to vacate when you need to vacate what you have to assess what he has truly given you, and use the resources to the end that you enjoy some down time though. Five now pay later.

That's not a blessing or curse as a delayed curse pay now fly later you pay for whatever you can do God's given me this money.

I've honored him with the tithes and offerings, that's first thing secondly on taking care of my bills and what have you.

And so here are some funds and I need a vacation were planning toward one later and here are some fun.

What can I do with this amount of money that I have now and can set aside and use this for my vacating and sometimes you can go coming up next. The rest of today's destined for Victor message making the most of what you have with pastor Paul Sheppard pastor is the place to go to hear Pastor Paul's recent messages on demand there. You'll also find a host of great resources or online store, including books and DVD messages. Learn more about the ministry in but all the great things friends like you are doing for your prayers and financial support. Go to pastor and also be sure to watch selected video clips by subscribing to pastor Paul on YouTube to find more details and links to all of the social media visit pastor Paul.there's a reason why Jesus talked about money more than any subject other than the kingdom of God. He knew we needed to hear his pastor Paul with the rest of today's destined for Victor message making the most of what you have all three Pastor my start me out so I had and see what can I do with how we will spend for the reception and what have you.

I look to my mother-in-law how much you spend much is no season associate pastor until they found out with hundreds of and we had a big wedding what have you. They got back to sit down the tables and crystalline audit.

We had a few tables for some of the family and some of the reserve for some senior citizen arrest him.

We had tables along the side and put you on the plane walk around the ship is not shown and we told him how much time they had not. We will be picked up and we went downtown and spend a couple nights downtown and what have you. And we said one will have a delayed honeymoon, but we got to go somewhere with the mountains and the ocean. No season was coming. But that was not ocean season. That would look out to see City Hall season day and the next year when we finally set a real trip, delayed honeymoon next year right after our first anniversary. We still when looking at funds and we could get out of the country. We went but we didn't have all the money so I called a friend. He said when I got somebody to have a house in and she loves blessing people with her house and the ocean is very beautiful and she's rarely home and there's a whole section all away from her and she said she would love to host her to preach and would love to host and we spent some money ran when we moved on in the house and it was nice at all. Crashing against the rocks. Wonderful. We try to give a little appreciation but as you know I wouldn't be the best in the USA. Well I'm blessed trying to be cute big trip on a little but you gotta make something to gotta stay in your season running your lane stay in your season season is coming when God will bless you go where you want to go do what you want to do if you'll be all over these things now. So you have to plan to redirect those funds as God blesses you with them divide essentials from nonessentials recalibrate the things you think that bottled water. We all know what got it. Well, if you can get your budget and what if you can't get the old days. I was born painful water in the picket so you don't absolutely have to have the best of everything, God will give you see the so God will give you the essentials and he is looking if you don't have more because he's testing you with what you have testing with what you have. See how faithful you can be with what you have and so you have to recalibrate and look at true essentials and then you want to designate those funds that had been going to all these nonessential things and you put that toward the credit card debt, praying every month.

Lord blessed me blessed me with some windfalls that you see me doing the strategic little better with unexpected check that I got the bright but blessedly multiplied. Is this debt reduction, Lord, what got me out more. That is no. The Bible says that the borrower is servant to the lender to your debt. That's no fun living like an God wants to bless us and will bless us if we are faithful and so you want to redirect those funds then you want to sell what you donate one ways we got settled we donate the book of second Kings chapter where there was a widow who went to Elisha's diet and he died with and come after my son's and I should amount a God status in the name of Jesus gives super spiritual. What did he say he say what you have in your house right thinking Before. What are you having things we all want to speak speak out of existing students begin so Elisha said what she said, well, nothing except a little while y'all got a job in reading about a little oil.

Again, look at how God used the three principal what you have, what I would get your blessing but you will have the right stuff. Gotta start with what you want to do.

See you and ask you to believe God will pop from neighbors who are bloodshot for a few days to get back to you this borrowing getting wrestling can. Why is going take what you what you need. She replied she couldn't get and she just took what she had and started pouring you do your part to start.

Start up on the Bible says that until she getting box when I got that one.

And then licenses are goal sale, the oil paid that keep your sons little fullback that pops live on the rest. That's what you and I are called for trying to get out of bed. What you had that document was not much of my fellow Craigslist auxiliary Bay I could do aggressive but is not much. Start with nonessential things that I have nonessentials and I want to get out of debt that I want to have some nice interest delayed around cell believing God is start with this. I'm going to show you to get myself in financial position to do your will. And once God sees that your faithful God only knows what's going when we study God's word and find him repeating himself. We might want to pay special attention. Jesus talked about money more than any other subject. Other than the kingdom of God. And it's important for us to learn how to honor him in our finances, not only because will be blessed when we do, because when we are free from debt.

We are then free to help others in need and that's what our journey in Christ is all about investing in the lives of those around us. Thanks so much for being here for today's destined for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard to hear any recent message on demand, including today's teaching, making the most of what you have. Visit pastor that's pastor, stop by anytime to find out more about this ministry destined for victory or to shop for resources or online store or to make a safe and secure donation pastor and in appreciation of your generous gift today. Pastor Paul will send you his booklet he is alive.

If you've ever wondered whether there is proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This booklet can help. It offers for compelling reasons why Christians believe the resurrection is true reasons, you can pass along to friends and family members may still have their doubts. Again, this booklet is called. He's alive is our gift to you this month by request for your generous gift to destined for victory. Call 855-339-5500 or visit pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to destined for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538.

Let me repeat that destined for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 10 wait until you're already situated and in a better financial position. In order to do the things God called you to do something with your finances, you do it now.

You don't wait till later to do it now. That's tomorrow would pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message, making the most of what you have until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for victory

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