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Live Free! Part 2

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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December 14, 2021 7:00 am

Live Free! Part 2

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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December 14, 2021 7:00 am

Our spiritual right to walk in freedom from every bondage that would prevent us from doing God's will; based on Isaiah 61:1 and other passages.

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Are you living in bondage to sin or addiction is so stay with us now is pastor Paul Sheppard shares his destined for victory message live free before we get started. He's been kind enough to join me for a studio in California to talk about his brand-new book lessons from the vineyard pastor just a couple of times a year we come to our listeners and asked them to help us by making a most generous gift and this is one of those times. As we approach the end of one year. The beginning of another.

It's a time when our friends can help us finish financially strong which of course assists us in properly planning and maximizing this ministry so please consider doing that today, but now pastor tell us about this book and why you believe everyone should get a copy of it.

I'm happy to be able to offer this particular resource because it allows you to understand that growing in the area of character is what makes us people whose lives are really making a difference for both time and for eternity. I don't have to tell you that we have a world that is unconvinced about the reality of Jesus.

The reality of the need for salvation and things like that the best way we can witness these days is not only with our words but with our lives. And if we will become people who have a ripe fruit of the spirit in operation in us. If we are loving, joyful, have the peace that passes understanding have temperance and patience and all of those things that are the fruit of the spirit. If we are mature in those areas.

I think that helps us be much better witnesses than if all were doing is yapping the world really isn't impressed that much with what we have to say anymore. They'll be more impressed by the way we live out our faith and so this book is written with the hope and prayer that it will help each of us really grow and mature in the area of developing Christian godly character. That's what it's all about.

At the end of the day it's not what we say.

But it's how we live. That's going to impress the world around us. I'm reminded of how many people responded to Jesus when he lived on earth, not merely because of his teachings but because of the way he lived to serve all those around him again that brand-new book from Pastor Paul is called lessons from the vineyard. It is our gift to you for your generous donation of $25 or more to destined for victory. Call 855-339-5500 or visit pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to destined for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 once again that's destined for victory.

Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. If there's any area where there is bondage, where you do things that are against your will and wish you would not always so certain things are not always have something that is that they could be in your life got good news.

Jesus came to make sure nothing could be an addiction in your life except glorifying and praising his name, not even the apostle Paul was immune to bondage.

Romans 15 verse seven he says what I'm doing. I do not understand what I will to do that.

I do not practice what I hate that I do all of us felt that way at one time or another.

But God has a plan to help us break free from bondage and today pastor Paul Sheppard tells us how without delay. Now let's join him for his message live free Isaiah 61 verse one spirit.

The Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings to the poor.

He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound that's what I want you to focus on goals phrases to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound and in the last message I talked about the fact that Jesus came to not only give us life not only give us hope. But he came to give us freedom and we shared about the importance of walking in the already and the power he gives us to live in freedom as I continue to unpack that clean this business of Jesus giving us freedom and I called this message live free. I want you to know that in calling us to freedom. He calls us to overcome bondage and so as I want continue unpacking this theme I want to talk to about five keys to overcoming bondage in your life. If there's any area where there is bondage, where you do things that are against your will. You wish you were free to not always practice a certain thing or not. Always have something that is addicted be in your life got good news. Jesus came to make sure nothing could be an addiction in your life except glorifying and praising his name. That's the only thing you ought to be addicted to loving God. I'm addicted to praising God, doing as well, but not have a hold on me that will provide me from experiencing his plan and purpose for my life and so I want you to claim your freedom. Use your power and authority and claim your freedom in Christ that we charge talking about helping alcoholics get free from alcohol and we should because that is something that ethnically is not to characterize your life.

You shouldn't be bound by a bottle, you shouldn't be bound by drugs drugs when they are properly used help us get better jobs when they were abused in bondage and addiction take us downward shouldn't be bound by alcohol or drugs or cigarettes. Nicotine will kill you go to heaven. Smoking cigarettes which go get that much sooner and so you want to be free from anything that I take you out here too soon. You can help it but let me tell church folk not only should we believe God called freedom from bondage like alcohol and cigarettes and and drugs. We should also be free from anything that binds us anything you do that is just you are driven to do it. You don't have full control that can be your attitude that can be the way you speak to people improperly. You can be bound, will somebody you can be bound to say in the wrong thing at the wrong time to be bound anger. You can be bound several rage you should be one of these folk out here on the road, and rolled rage.

No child of God should be on the road rage and on the road rage got his shoe other people just because they cut them off or whatever you walk in freedom, so you're not bound by the new show without your witness with Jesus and I try to get testimony for Jesus is wrong with you with Jesus in you, helping you to keep from acting crazy out on the road, when you see all five fingers. No wheel will somebody I'm trying to freedom from anger, freedom will bind you a drinking problem drinking problem. You believe in full delivery to have a problem with with great goose is alcoholic so y'all got a Starbucks drinking problem and you will bound. You can write to you get your Starbucks fix believe God will enjoy it. But it shouldn't control you will you had some is wrong.

We need to walk in freedom and someone to talk to about five keys overcoming bondage in your life. This will apply to any bondage in your life. These five principles from the word of God will help you get free. The first is this recognize every bondage is your enemy. Because it is recognize every bondage is your enemy. Because it is what you mean by that I mean you got to learn that if you want to be delivered to see the thing that is binding. Your picture will the thing that has you doing what you don't want to do or as often as you do it you want to be in control of that practice that habit. Whatever it is you want to see it as an enemy. Why is it an enemy stop.

But if you are the enemy doing what you need to be flying. You shouldn't do it.

So treat me keeping you from freedom is an enemy.

Why is that important. It's important because you like but you treat it like a you will never get free from it. But they're cute. Bondage is in their minds. No big deal bondage in their mind. Some bound anger, but they actually enjoy it.

People brag not you but somebody I know about the way we do.

You make us mad. You will hear we get you want to bring a knife would bring a gun brag that their family is nasty about it. You can get because you like the fact that you will get people up for you and nobody knows us closely will come 783 rolled up on you and to call me you don't know how to control it.when you're controlled by vengeance and anger.

So you see it not your friend and we all shoot my mom and them know you're bragging and you'll never get free. Something that controls you get mad, do not testimony requests. You know what you you control go. We were only about halfway through today's destined for victory message with pastor Paul Sheppard, senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California. If you love destined for victory. We know you'll enjoy seeing some of pastor Paul's best video clips subscribe to YouTube or visit pastor for links to all of our social that's pastor We can also listen on demand and find a variety of resources in our online store, including this month's special offer is pastor Paul again with the rest of today's message live free anger and that means you got to see it as an enemy enemies.

The Bible does, he promised you from your friends. I will say that again he promises that deliver us from our enemies know what scripture does he promised to deliver us from our friends.

So if something is your friend and you use it as a nice warm blanket on a cold day.

If your anger. If you're addiction to alcohol to drugs to cigarettes through to anything Starbucks any practice that you really need to give up any activity you really need to be free from what you can't.

You find yourself going back to it again and again and again. You gotta have all God's purpose in your life.

Sometimes the self is not a sin that you can't control. It is the problem, and so we must learn that you want to experience his freedom and overcome bondage. You must recognize every bondage as your enemy because the Bible says a lot of enemies. For instance, Psalm 18, three says I will call upon the Lord be praised, so shall I be saved from what my enemies save you from your friends. You can't be free and you can feel good about. You need to get rid of what you're addiction up there with your propensity to go all you have a love relationship with something that does not glorify God. You have got to clear it.

You gotta renounce it I will let this control my life. And you gotta make it an enemy instead of a friend because Psalm 18, three says it will save you from the enemy. So to Psalm 25 to my God I trust in you.

Let me not be ashamed. Let not my these triumph over me. You can say that like David, if it's your enemy but you can't say don't let my friends triumph over me.

He can fulfill that request because it's not supposed to be your friend if you need to get rid of it. So make sure you not having an affair with an affinity to something that needs to be brought under the power of your controlled mind by the Holy Spirit to the New Testament Juan in verse 71 says that we should be saved from our enemies and from the hand of all who hate us, but plugged it into the point I'm making you be saved from your enemies. But it didn't say you'll be safe from the hand of everything you love. You can't be saved from what you love, you don't want to be saved from what you love and so you must declare it and enemy. If you want to live if you want to make something that you are driven by it all and you don't have your way. You gotta declare it to be a bondage and enemy and break it in the name of Jesus. That's number one. Number two is replace Satan's lies with God's truth. You want to get free from fiction from a bondage in your life you want to overcome bondage, you must replace Satan's lies with God's truth. Why, because Jesus said in John 832 you shall know and shall make you free truth of God for any area of your life that you apply will make you now from God have the power to free you through what lies do God bind me. That's why you have to invest in your life you want to live a better life. People talk a lot about living your best self being your best self. Living your best life you want to be your best self and live your best life. Here's how you do it you invest in truth 2323 says this truth and do not sell it, also wisdom and instruction and understanding what is probably saved by truth. In truth, do not sell it under any circumstances, something that when this is not for sale. You Know You Know Sorry, Gotta Keep This Truth and Don't Sell It at 2323 Says, Also You Wanted to Three of the Things You Want to Invest in and You Want to Invest in Knowledge and Understanding, Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding Three Components That Are Key for Your Life Says I Know and You Want Knowledge of Truth, but Says I Not Only Know What I Know How to Apply Knowledge and Have A Lot Of Smarts, but They Don't Have A Lot Of Common Sense Never Met Any Who Have A Lot Of Degrees and the Decisions They Make You Want to Be Smart and Dumb Simultaneously.

We Can Be Because Is What Determines How You Know the Truth Is I Know How to Apply the Truth and You Want to Walk in Wisdom. I Know How to Apply. I Know I Know How to Apply and I'm Living in It Has Characterize My Life by My Understanding. Understanding You Will Live Your Highest Life Is a Matter of Lifestyle and the Wisdom and the Blessings of God and so I Want You to Know It's Important to Replace Satan's Lies with God's Truth.

You Gotta Win Invest in Truth, Invest in Spending Your Time Telling People What Liars Still Get Good at It, Routinely Become I See Every Chance You People Will like You Tell Me You and Flatter Me with All Eyes Never Lied to Me What You Got People to Speak in Your Life to Me. Okay Because I'm Learning How to Control My Life Will Come at You Two Are so Go on and Tell Me the Truth Will Speak to You for A While. I Find When You Go to Find Me Guilty of Telling You Something Other Than the Truth. And so We Have To Invest in Truth and in Truth Telling People and Because of You Hang out with Liars. You Get Used To It and You Can't Afford to Do That and so You Want to Invest in Truth by Replacing Satan's Lies with God's Truth Number Three You Must Win Lease Goals Have Wronged You about How to Overcome Bondage in Your Life. You Gotta Release Those Who Have Wronged You.

Now This Point, It Will Get a Whole Lot Arousing a Man's I Know That I've Been Preaching for Decades. So You Got Understand. Never Feel Sorry for Me When Focal Quiet Whole Lot.

I Hope He's Alright I'm Fine, I'm Finding A Lot Of the Been Preaching Long Enough to Know That Not Every Point Makes Folk Feel Wonderfully so with Me Word Is Always Supposedly It's All the Time We Have Today for More Information about Destined for Victory, or to Request Your Copy of Pastor Paul Shepard's Brand-New Book Lessons from the Vineyard Visit. Pastor That's Pastor You Can Call Someone on Forgiveness and Be Blessed Want You to Want You Do What Jesus Said Work That Way.

You Can't Grab a Promise out Descriptively about the Condition Is Tomorrow at Pastor Paul Shepard's Message Live Free until Then, Remember He Who Began a Good Work in You Will Bring It to Completion. In Christ, You Are Destined for Victory

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