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Absurd Truth: Walmart Melania

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June 5, 2023 3:24 pm

Absurd Truth: Walmart Melania

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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June 5, 2023 3:24 pm

Target funds a nonprofit calling for the removal of Mount Rushmore. Meanwhile, The Daily Beast calls Casey DeSantis a “Walmart Melania”.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec.

It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. This is the worst bank robbery of all time. So first up, this is ABC4 Action News. A woman attempted to rob a bank before taking money out of her own account. Spring Hill, Florida, Hernando County. Sheriff's Office said this woman, she was going to rob a Wells Fargo, right in Spring Hill, Florida.

And they said that she made the investigation super easy. The woman, Vanessa Ortega, 31 years old, came out of the bank holding a bright blue object in her left hand. It looked like a firearm. Bright blue. Yeah, because that's what guns look like bright blue guns. And they said that she raised the object in the air and yelled, this is a robbery.

Give me all your money. This sounds like somebody's watched too many movies. Detectives arrived. They said that they should they could identify they knew who she was because she's a regular customer at this branch. And then she also paused to make sure she took money out of her own account. She told deputies she was just joking about the robbery. So she was good. It was a Nerf gun. And she then took money out of her own account and they got her. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. What? I don't know. They don't say she's faces two counts attempted robbery with a weapon and then she has a $20,000 bond.

Oh, my goodness. A drunkety drunk Florida man crashed into a fire hydrant. And that wasn't the only thing he did. Then he attacked the deputy. A Flager County man was driving drunk, drunk fleeing police ran into a fire hydrant. And then when deputies tried to take him into custody after he exited the vehicle, he tried to attack the deputy. And he immediately was taken to the pokey because you just don't. You can't that's not that you can't do that. You can't attack deputies just you you're driving drunk, you hit a hydrant. Just get out.

And then you're gonna be peaceful. A Florida woman was shot. She was just, you know, out shoplifting when her car caught fire and her two kids were left unattended inside. She was in a Dillard's to steal 24 year old central Florida woman is in jail after two children were left alone inside her vehicle when it caught fire.

So she's held on a $48,000 bond on all kinds of charges. That's just they sell Dillard's. That's what you got out of this. That's what I got out of the story. They have there's Dillard's are open.

Yes, there's a deal. I haven't seen it. Really? When's the last time you see the Dillard's open? I mean, I don't go to malls.

I hate yeah, I'm just saying I haven't seen I haven't seen anything about this woman was in it when her kids were burning in her car. Yeah, but I didn't know Dillard's was still for the love. Dillard's is still that it canes like Wait, what Dillard's? Dillard's is there?

Dillard's is there. All right, this guy also is the worst. This is the worst disguise of all time. So another robbery, right?

This is NBC six. So on Saturday, it was at a phone repair store in Miami Gardens, a man walks inside on he's caught on camera stealing merchandise while wearing a cardboard box on his head. And it was just like a big white cardboard box on his head. And he was shattering glass displays reaching inside to grab the phones. And the store owner said that he saw the man's face on surveillance video. He started investigating around the shopping plaza. And apparently they found out that the culprit was at the same Plaza drinking with his friends at a nearby liquor store. So that's how he leaves takes the box off his head and go sits and has drinks with his friends. Like literally in the same Miami Gardens area. Why the guys identified as Claude Vincent Griffin, he's 33 years old.

He was charged with grand theft, burglary, criminal mischief, also cocaine possession and resisting an officer without violence. So why would you go to that's just like of all the places that you if you're going to I'm not saying commit theft. But you're wearing a box over your head and you're just did he want to go to jail? I mean, if you're really going to try to like steal something and then get away, why would you target like a phone repair shop when you set your goals higher?

I mean, I'm not encouraging this, but I'm just trying to figure out why do you risk the biscuit for that doesn't make any sense to me. For home defense, for rain shooting or just even having some fun. And with its top mounted Picatinny rail, you can easily attach your favorite optics or accessories to make it truly yours. Whether you are a seasoned shooter or you're just starting out the Keltec P 50 is the perfect pistol for anyone looking for power and precision in a compact and easy to use package. Their firearms in design and function go above and beyond. Learn more about the P 50 pistol at Keltec That's Keltec

Secure your world with Keltec Keltec Tell them Dana sent you. They keep going target. They're funding a group according to the New York Post calling for demilitarization and shutting down Mount Rushmore is a symbol of white supremacy.

Wow, I mean, the hits keep coming. This is after all of the gay onesie stuff, the or the transgender onesie stuff, embattled retail giant Target. They have funded a nonprofit, a company that I mean this, I don't know how much they've given to them. It's an organization in the Indian collective. They said that it's dedicated to building the collective power of indigenous people. And they said the very existence of Mount Rushmore is a symbol of white supremacy. And say they it's on stolen Lakota land.

I'm so tired of hearing this stuff. I mean, all of this, it keeps going out over by the way, the code took it from Cheyenne. Everybody took land from something. They conquered the Cheyenne in 1776. And then that's how Lakota got Black Hills.

So don't sit here. So who stole land first? Did you steal it? So you're mad because someone stole land that you stole? Someone took land that you stole?

Is that how this works? I mean, history is important. That's why education is important. That's why it's important to understand who did what back when. I am so tired of hearing this nonsense.

We are so mad that this was taped that the thing we stole was stolen from us. How dare you? You mean conquered? By the I mean, steel is like a whole different words have meanings.

I don't like to use the word steel because it sounds you know, makes it sound like petty theft. Good heavens. I mean, the history of the Black Hills. I mean, do we not? Do we not know this?

I mean, good heavens. Yeah, they they conquered Cheyenne and they took territory. So they stole it. So Lakota stole it from Cheyenne in 1776.

And then in 1868, it was the Fort Laramie Treaty, and that's how Lakota got it. So wait, who's stolen from who are you? Are you? Are they speaking up on behalf of Cheyenne?

Because that doesn't sound like it. So tired of this. So that's who they're that's who they're they're mad at. And targets funding this. Do people actually pay attention to no, they don't.

I'm being rhetorical. They apparently they don't pay attention to the groups that they shell out money to case in point BLM. Where did all BLM millions go? Nobody knows. But hey, Patrice Calores and everybody else says they have all mansions and multiple multiple mansions.

How nice. So the NDN collective, they've launched a campaign called land back. And they said America should give up its public land. They they push anti Israeli and I don't mean like we're against the Israeli government. I mean, they hate Jewish people. They they use the terror slogan from the River to the sea Palestine will be Palestine will be free. That means they don't want Israel to exist. That's what that statement means from the river to the sea from the Jordan River to the sea. That's what it means no Israel. So it's a little bit more than just we don't like the government. They don't like Jewish people. To combat the systemic racist shut up.

I'm so I can't even deal. So you have the the trans stuff, the tucking swimsuits. So you have that and then the trans movement, which is trying to desperately fold itself into the LG movement and use that as cover. And apparently a lot of the people in the gay movement don't like that. So it's a big mess. Absolute big mess. And so Target is now this is what happens when you try to make every woke group happy.

Just sell stuff and be like, Yeah, we just, if you want to buy it, if you want to buy adult merchandise for stuff, that's one thing but kids stuff isn't a whole other thing. You know why I say that? Here's why. Because let's just be honest. And this is not I'm not passing judgment on anyone.

I mean, I will, but I want to be very clinical in how I address this. The alphabet movement. Do you have the alphabet movement without sex? Can anyone is that an answerable question? Take away sex?

Can you have that movement? It is a movement literally built on sex. Why are we including kids in this as a measure of anything?

I mean, little kids. I saw a video. Where's this video at? I'm looking for this.

I have this. It was taken at a it was a pride parade. I mean, there are pride parades that, you know, people go to again, it's, you know, it's adult stuff. I think it's adult stuff. But they had kids on it. Where is this video?

I have a million windows open. And it was a how do I put this really inappropriate situation where there was somebody who was in a raunchy and shaking it in front of kids. It was in Arizona.

I'm looking at it now. Twitchy has a whole write up on it. Because everyone's like, Oh, conservatives are waging a war against drag culture. But that's not it was Tempe's first annual all ages Pride Party. And I can't even play the lyrics of one of the songs performed live in front of all ages because they were talking about anal intercourse, like graphically. I can't even play it. One has Yeah, one's like, we can't play this. We can't play.

Yeah, we can't play literally any of this. So if I can't play it, why are kids there? I mean, this is about age appropriateness. Age appropriateness. Why are why do you Why are you using little kids as the measure here? Then there was like a parade where there was a kid in the back of a parade and someone was literally shaking their bear edible snakes in front of the kid.

Wow. Like if that was in a strip club, they would be arrested. The kids parents would be fined at that there would be like some kind of negligence charge. The point is that this has to do with with age appropriateness. So Target has this whole thing.

And there's there's a lot more to it. I saw I don't know if you've seen this, there have been a number of doctors on social media. So now the thing on Twitter is to they've been posting this thing about Dylan Mulvaney. This one doctor, Dr. Ahmed Malik, who is a surgeon, and he talks about freedom of speech and medical ethics.

So immediately he's hated. He tweeted a picture of Dylan Mulvaney going is this person a woman? And so a couple of these women lady docs were going OBGYN here and yes, stop move on and stop spreading hate. So I asked one of them, I asked one of the doctors. I said, okay, so how would you treat his endometriosis? How would you treat his cervical cancer screenings?

What what cancer screenings does he get? So Michelle Quinn, who is a doctor immediately blocked me when I asked that question. I asked Jennifer Lincoln, who also was going after Dr. Malik. And I asked her the same thing.

How would you treat these issues? I mean, it's a reasonable question, right? I mean, it's Dylan Mulvaney. So do you know what I think is cruel? And what I think is heartless? Is any rat bastard medical professional who affirms the cosplay of a dude identifying as a woman, pretends to treat them and sends them a bill? That's heinous. How is that compassionate?

None of these doctors will answer that. How is that compassionate? Oh, yes, I'm going to go ahead and pretend to treat you. And then I'll send you a bill for your pretend treatment. And then I'll virtue signal on Twitter about being so compassionate, because you're making money off of it.

Without having to actually do the work that you were trained to do. You're making money off of it. You are merging out a mental illness. I find that the opposite of medicine or science, that's just cruelty.

It is cruel. And these people wear this veneer of somehow being compassionate, while accusing everyone else of bigotry. I had a back and forth, a very kind back and forth discussion with someone who was a radiologist, and they were saying that, you know, you should be respectful of their choice and treat them as a woman. It's the decent, humane thing to do. But the science is that they're still biologically male.

Okay, well, you can't use wrong pronouns and still say that. Plain pretend is not compassionate. Being realistic about what people can and cannot be treated for, to save them time.

To save them heartache, to save them money. That is the compassionate act. This idea of somehow it's polite. It's just, you know, it's just societal niceties. It's polite. Indulging mental illness is not polite. It's not medicine. It's enabling.

And that's how I, that's what I view it as. When you are going to the extent of harming yourself to fit this incorrect perception of self, that is dangerous. So when is the line going to a race for anorexia or bulimia? If someone has a body issue disorder, and they see themselves as being overweight when they're skinny, are you going to help them to starve to death? Are you going to help them to force vomit?

I mean, where does it end? You think you're being compassionate by making someone else easy in their struggle, instead of helping to build them to overcome it? That's not compassion. That is evil. It is cruel.

And it's masquerading as a kindness, which I find absolutely disgusting. And now all of the news you would probably miss. It's time for Dana's quick five. So James Conner, Comer just came out and said that the FBI because we knew that they had been given a deadline, like 24 hours to turn over information in this ongoing investigation, the FBI, etc. So we're going to go ahead and do the next one. line, like 24 hours to turn over information in this ongoing investigation, the FBI, etc, etc. The Biden stuff, comer says that the FBI again refused to hand over the unclassified records to the custody of the House Oversight Committee. So they're now going to initiate contempt of Congress hearings this Thursday. So that's gonna be interesting to watch.

We're gonna keep an eye on that and bring you any developments that is very well we they had they I think it was like 24 hours since Thursday, and they still didn't hand anything over. This is a very sad story. Lorraine saw this over in New York Post Navy SEAL training commander spoke out after a scathing report on a candidate's death because we know that you know when you go through hell week, their buds, it's tough stuff.

And seaman Kyle Mullen 24 years old had pushed himself through this intense period. Apparently he got what is it pulmonary emdema where his lungs is his lungs fill up with water and he had pneumonia and all of this other stuff. And he apparently had refused medical attention. I'm just looking at what's been publicly publicly reported. And understandably, the parents are incredibly upset and the mom blames the captain Brad Geary in this.

And they he's she's been speaking out quite a bit. I mean, it looks it's just such an incredibly sad story. And it also goes to show you how incredibly tough that is because they go repeatedly in cold water, they get to sleep what four hours a day they get. I mean, it's rough stuff.

He plunged in the Pacific. I mean, it's it's rough stuff. It's a horrible story. And our prayers are with that family. This the National Black Farmers Association, they said that the United States has paid Chinese food producers more and we're giving China the resources to buy our farms. I thought this was interesting considering a lot of the controversy that the program involving this group has been under in the past like 12-15 years. But the National Black Farmers Association, they were saying look, you know, you got to open the books and the US government they've given something like almost $500 million. It's a half a billion dollars in grants and contracts to Chinese entities and another 870 million to Russian entities.

That's just since 2017. They gave 1.6 million to Chinese food producers. And they said that, obviously, China has been buying up a lot of land, a lot of farms, we're giving them these resources and that's coming from the National Black Farmers Association. So they're calling out the shadiness of some of the programs within the United States to regarding agriculture.

This is very interesting. I wonder I mean, if you want to have a hearing on something have a hearing on this. And additionally, could chocolate save the planet? That's one question that's being asked in a new study.

There's a German study that came out and they were looking at whether or not chocolate could save and reverse the carbon death cycle, whatever that is. Coming up, we got Representative Clyde. You also have the legacy press, like I said, trying to get you to do Democrats dirty work for them. Now, what do I mean by this? I mean, they want you to pit this is one of the things that I saw. They want you to pit the first ladies against each other in some sort of political first lady deathmatch.

Sidebar. Is that too like, in depth of a band name? Political? Yeah, first lady deathmatch. Is that too? I think it's actually really good.

Like, imagine like an all girl punk band, but in like, dress like Jackie, like Jackie Kennedy, right? I'm just saying to be interesting. Anyway, this is why this made me really mad yesterday. And I'm still angry about this.

And you're going to be angry about this too. So this chick named Katie Baker. Now, I'm going to just before I go into this, please understand. I have a particular set of skills. In some respects, I'm like the female shoresy. There's no woman who's meaner. And I'm really trying hard to not play in to the most skilled and yet worst part of my nature when I address this story. But oh, are the fates tempting me? So I just want to let you know now I'm going to really try to be very nice. As nice. Well, maybe we'll see. We'll see how far this goes. I look this chick up is all I'm saying.

And I just think that people who live in ugly haggy glass houses shouldn't throw stones. That's all I'm gonna say. From Daily Beast.

The headline is gonna make you mad because this is a dig at you. Casey DeSantis is the Walmart Melania. Now wait a minute. Before we go any further. I thought they hated Melania. She literally didn't say anything and they hated her. She would like give to the poor. Oh, she's such a horrible person.

Right? She had like parties for kids and veterans families at the White House. Oh my gosh, they couldn't hate her enough.

She always looked very well put together. Oh my gosh, they can't stand her. I mean, they hated this one. They gave Jill Biden, who does such a disservice to Dolce and Gabbana because she makes their very nice patterns look like grandma sofa when she wears it in a dress. And they give her a Vogue cover. They give Michelle Obama a Vogue cover.

And then Melania Trump. They decided to what shame her even though you're not supposed to shame women. They decided to shame her for her past or something like that.

That's like the whole thing. Anyway, this is the headline from Katie Baker. She writes Casey DeSantis is the Walmart Melania.

She better hope that pleather is pudding proof. I'm sure she was like very she was applauding herself on the big the consonants there. So she goes over she goes off about this leather jacket that I'm pretty sure someone had given them.

I had the American flag on the front and alligator on the back and it said we're what goes to die. She said it brought to mind nothing so much as the racks of a red state Big Ben store where it would be retailing for $24.99. And so she wrote 2000 something words that sounds like a jealous screed on Casey DeSantis. And taking jabs at Melania Trump. You have an East Coast journalist calling the Florida governor's wife the Walmart version of someone else that they also trashed and hated apparently until just now in this very nasty, poorly edited piece, which demonstrates how the corporate press still looks down on flyover. And you know, it's true because they do calling someone the Walmart version of something.

And it's always from some easily mocked journalists. I mean, hands to sky guys. I'm trying to resist you know, my me and her nature.

Hands to sky. But they think that only hayseeds in the poor shop at Walmart. The only thing that's trying too hard here is Katie Becker's jealous dollar store wannabe burn book aesthetic. I also found a picture of her in a leather jacket in spring, late spring, early summer, and she's wearing slingback heels, a poorly fitted mini and a wrinkly disheveled looking top and I think she's like trying to go for like Gen X disheveled. But the leather jacket looks brand new, therefore very stiff and try too hard.

Just saying, I'm trying Kane. I'm really trying here trying to be the shepherd. We need a fashion segment. You don't want a fashion segment for me. I don't know. Because I kind of do Joan Rivers was my idol.

And I just don't think that I don't everybody all of our affiliates around the country will have a stroke, then I definitely will want it. Yeah. So they they go off. This is what gets me I'm not going to get into this because I think if it wasn't Casey DeSantis, it would be anybody. But this piece, I mean, they said, they said that she's trying to be Camelot. I had a listener that made the the point of Oh, you mean like the the drug snorting, you know, hooker banging affair having Camelot that kind of Camelot just wondering. I say the DeSantis is will never be Camelot but that's supposed to be a put down. Can I just get really petty here for a moment? They write the DeSantis but it's the it's a it's the plural possessive when it just should be plural. So I don't understand why they needed the apostrophe there to denote possessive unless they're saying that the DeSantis is own a will never be Camelot. You're the executive editor of the Daily Beast and you miss something as stupid as that. Like your grammar is that bad and your copy editing is so subpar that you miss like a very glaring typo like that. If you're going to sit here and walk the talk like you're you know, King X of Blank Mountain when it comes to corporate press and being able to write up you know, a piece like this about women in politics, then maybe you should make sure that you are fireproof before you do this.

This is insane. They can't stand you. And I'm going to tell you something else about Walmart too.

And we'll talk more about this. You know, a lot of people don't have choices. My family comes from a very tiny town in southern Missouri where there are 300 people and the nearest retail store is literally just a singular Walmart.

That's 30 minutes away. A lot of people don't have choices. And some of the Super Walmarts mean you can go get your tire change and get some eyeglasses.

You can get a gallon of milk, some diapers and a 10 foot long Santa. So who in the hell are you to sit here and pass judgment on where people who probably are worth more in their contribution to society than you are Katie Baker? How dare you look down your nose at these people, especially when you can't even wear leather jacket properly yourself. Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana lashes absurd truth podcast. If you haven't already made sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcasts, Spotify, wherever you get your podcasts.
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