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Is this a marriage of convenience?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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May 18, 2023 3:23 pm

Is this a marriage of convenience?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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May 18, 2023 3:23 pm

David asked some coaches what they’re wanting and can’t get now, that they want? What’s a bigger problem than ever before? How is the ACC missing out on almost half a BILLION dollars? Everyone can see where the courts are, NIL, transfer portals, etc. What is his endgame/next move? What does David think they need desperately?


I don't know if you want to get to the question themselves legislation that goes our way Yeah, I've talked to Jim Phillips about this as as much as I can from my position as Humble pissant radio host. I've tried to tell him that Congress isn't doesn't care like they're the last people we should be You guys should be going to because they just don't there's no appetite for that They just they don't care enough about the the plight of the college athletes Some most of them don't even understand the issue As well David Hale here.

Just a few more minutes left. I appreciate your time Jim so Jim Phillips This was not and I keep using the term a mess of his doing this was not a mess of his doing and I don't even Know if mess is the right word, but he is kind of charged with Negotiating through all of this Um, what is his endgame here? I know they're gonna have they have to have some sort of an of a Guess a merit-based allocation of media rights fees or or you know media distribution So that's gonna be uneven but that isn't gonna come close to making anybody whole whether it's Florida State or North Carolina That's just a few million dollars It's still still not gonna get you within 35 or 40 million of the SEC and the Big Ten So what is the next move? I Mean what they need desperately is not a conversation about how to slice up the pie and what size slice everybody gets but how to bake a much bigger pie and The only real answer to that if you're looking for sort of a magic bullet answer is to come to ESPN with a plan that says like a if you don't help us, we're going to disappear and that's not good for anybody and B we have come up with this idea for a B and C that will actually provide more value for you and it is in your interest financially to make to add to the TV deal that we currently have and I don't think that there is anything close to that on the table right now There is obviously one magic bullet that would create that it's Notre Dame and that isn't happening You know Jim Phillips talked a lot about that. There isn't a magic bullet that there's got to be You know seven eight nine ten regular bullets that when you put them together feel like you did something big but again I mean you can even like let's say there's some magical Multimedia rights thing that you can do that would shift some more money or create some more revenue Like if it actually works and actually makes an impact the SEC is gonna look at it and say oh well Let's do that, too And then you're right to where you started in terms of the Delta between the two so you know at the end of the day There are really only Two ways out of this and one is for you to hang on as long as you can until the league ultimately Falls apart because somebody challenges the grant of rights in court or your grant of rights expires in 2036 and the other alternative is you get down on your knees and you beg ESPN to either let you out of this TV deal and renegotiate a new one early or Notre Dame joins the league and again I don't see a at least near-term scenario in which either of those things is I mean likely it would be if we're not even talking likely. I mean even a minuscule probability I agree Although I I think when listening to Jack Swarbrick the athletic director at Notre Dame He recognizes that this is a bigger problem for college sports as a whole Than other like he's almost resigned to understanding Like and Notre Dame has the means to impact that but it wouldn't impact that Necessarily for the big 12 or the pac-12 it would impact that it would essentially Save what the ACC is whether or not Notre Dame cares or not is another is another animal The other thing is they have to find different revenue streams And I think there are revenue streams that could get in individual schools more money and maybe that would be good Like is there an appetite for putting advertising on uniforms? Is there an appetite for even more selling of corporate names?

To stadiums. Why haven't why hasn't the league done stuff like that? Well, I mean I think a little bit to the to your earlier point like there's way too much of saying Yes, he doesn't have to do those things and look at all the money.

They're getting we want that it's In way too much of like asking why we're not these the FCC instead of asking What can we do in our circumstance to better our situation and not worry about them? You know again, I don't know if any of those things is a panacea here But does it it closed the gap and one thing I have some conversations with a couple of a DS There's a lot to unpack with all of this But there is an argument to be made that there is a dollar value Whatever it might be to being in the ACC and not finishing You know seven and five in the SEC But going eleven and one in the ACC like maybe you have a much better shot at the playoff in the ACC Than you do going into the SEC or the Big Ten So I don't know that you need to fully close the gap for it to be worth some of these schools to stay where they Are in terms of success, but I mean again We've both been around the block enough time to know Ultimately the doubt that the number at the bottom of the balance sheet is the only number that really seems to matter anymore David Hale a David Hale joint on Twitter. Thank you, man. I appreciate your time You look good on TV sitting between Andrea and the Commissioner. So There you go. I was there to make the two of them look good, I believe Well mission accomplished. All right, David. I'll talk to you soon, man. Thank you. All right
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