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How to Be a Man’s Man in 2022 | With Special Guest Michael Franzese

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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June 26, 2022 3:00 am

How to Be a Man’s Man in 2022 | With Special Guest Michael Franzese

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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June 26, 2022 3:00 am

Former mafia boss, Michael Franzese, is the next speaker in our Summer Reading series! Listen in as he goes over 10 characteristics of Jesus and encourages us to be more like Him!

In his past life, Michael was one of the richest and most powerful mobsters of his day, earning tens of millions of dollars from various criminal enterprises, but this is not the most incredible thing about Michael Franzese. By God’s grace, the impossible happened in Michael’s life: he quit the mob and lived. Christ transformed him from hardened criminal to follower of Christ. 

This is an amazing and encouraging story giving hope that no one is beyond Christ and His transformative power. 


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Hey there, thanks for listening to the Greg Laurie part just a ministry supported by harvest partners on Greg Laurie encouraging you if you want to find out more about harvest ministries.

To learn more about how to become a harvest partner, just go to The title of my message is being a man's man in the year 2022 I think it's an important message because for some reason you know men and masculinity. A lot of people think is dead.

Not cool to be a guy anymore and what really are the traits of a man you know in today's day and age, I'm a little disappointed in all 21 of my daughters tells me you know that there's no men around anymore and for me.

You guys gotta have at least a misdemeanor. Before I'll go out with them and I said no not on Eliza we don't need misdemeanors or felonies. I have enough of all families of let's forget about that as a go to church and meet a guy that's where you're supposed to be guys today but anyway it's true there's been a dumbing down of man we just read something to by the late 1980s TV shows wanted to distance themselves from the corny, syrupy stuff of the earlier dads like father knows best to remember is that Sean Rh okay. Father knows best. My three sons leave it to beaver Donna Reed and it it it step and instep shows such as married with children in the Simpson's not going to tell you this, when I was in the hole.

I was in solitary in a few different places.

Sometimes they have a solid door and sometimes I have bars on this particular place.

I was in LA County jail. They were trying to indict me on another case.

So they had bars and they had a television on the tier and every night at 6 o'clock. I would watch married with children and it just made me laugh. You know you gotta laugh at some of my mother-in-law who was the most godly woman I ever met my life. She was like Michael, you can't watch married with children eyes is my you don't get it on the jail.

I got a laugh at something right was funny, but you don't.

I mean edit O'Neill now it's become a dear friend Marty lives in Santa Monica. Great guy but you know stuff like that. The kind of men look made men look silly, really. And after Ed makes dolorous dad the butt of old jokes. He's outwitted by his children is the target of condescending.

I rose from his wife. We know that these at dawn incompetent, sometimes even selfish old, but his family loves him anyway, but that's how guys are depicted in recent times, masculinity has been under attack by Nubia L'Oreal Garnier and all the other cosmetic and beauty houses who have been trying to convince men that they need to look young fresh and healthy like women through men are being encouraged to use moisturizer plucking their eyebrows dying there gray hairs I get that little bit. Get manicures to keep their nails looking good and do more housework to please women so true. Think about it, masculinity is also being attacked by ultra feminist bloggers who have come to believe that men are toxic and evil and need to be more like women you know what, I don't think women really want that men I think women want men to be men, you know, not so you don't and it's really been gone down to a point where it's getting a little bit serious when he read a couple of things laserlike this man does what he can. A woman does what a man cannot agree with that behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. I see much of that in politics if you want anything said as command. If you want anything done.

Ask a woman. It takes 1 woman 20 years to make a man of her son and another woman 20 minutes to make a fool of him. I agree with that men never remember what women never forget and my wife can verify that she was a forget anything. Sure, God created man before wonder, but then again you always make a rough draft before creating the final masterpiece. Okay.

Behind every successful man is a surprise. Women guys are like dogs.

They keep coming back.

Ladies are like cats like a cat one time there gone is all you have to know about men and women. Women are crazy men are stupid and the main reason reason women are crazy is that men are stupid. Okay anyone who believes that men are the equal of women has never seen a man trying to wrap Christmas present I go along with that a woman has the last word in any argument anything a man says.

After that is the beginning of a new argument correct then and finally there's a woman's false arm. Many men have only to everything they say and everything they do correct my guys are getting there was one there is one for us. Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and ill tempered wife. That's Proverbs. We agree with that. All I didn't hear a lot is going on now.

Okay. Anyway, it's all good, but you know getting down toward a real man's man is all about you. I think sometimes we think that a guys gotta be macho and is gotta be tough and is gotta be all of that, that's not it at all you know from the time I was five years old. My father drummed into my head. Michael you know to be a man's man that's the standard in life that you have to live up to.

When you walk down the street you got a hold you had upon you gotta have integrity. Got it. We treat women and children the right way. You gotta be a man's humanity drawn that into my head when I got into the life and I took the oath. That's all I ever were men of honor were men above men and we have respect, we have loyalty we have discipline. Men of honor and I looked up to the guys that I thought were really men's mentor looked up to my father, Sonny, Francie's authority had older characteristics of a real man.

I looked up to fat Tony Salerno. He's the boss of the Genovese family, one of the five New York Mafia Cosa Nostra families authority was man's man know a lot of guys like that and I wanted to emulate them and you know when I finally came to Jesus, I realize that Jesus was a man and growing up as a Catholic and I don't mean to be offensive. The Catholics in any way I grew up I was in Catholic school from kindergarten right through high school I was an altar boy. The whole bit.

But for some reason, for me, Catholicism was like a subject in school and I had this wimpy view of Jesus and again up claimant Catholics. I didn't understand back then that this whole life is about a relationship with Jesus you know I had this wimpy view. So when I came to Christ.

I want to see what kind of guy he was was just in me to look at it that way. So I separated his manhood from his deity and I just studied Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus, the man and people I found out one thing, the only true man's man that ever walked the face of the earth was Jesus of Nazareth.

That was it.

He had every characteristic of what a true man should be in a kinda started to get my head going a little bit. Not saying wow, I had it all wrong is not about being the toughest guys, not about throwing your chest out is not trying to be a macho it's all the characteristics of Jesus and you know I try to be logical are my thoughts about everything. Even in my faith I try to apply logic to it and I said to myself while if I try to emulate Jesus through my life, Jesus of Nazareth. If I'm a husband to be a better husband to my wife to be a better father to my children, blossoming to treat my employees the right way from an employee to give my boss an honest days work. Everybody in the community is going to benefit from me trying to emulate the greatest man that ever walked the face of the earth and throughout my life.

I'm going to benefit and guess what if he's not the Savior of the world. Well, what's the difference when I'm dead I'm dead anyway, so emulating Jesus is a win-win situation because of course.

As Christians we know he is the Savior of the world and is a rollup result, we have all of heaven to gain in all of eternity.

So following Jesus guys is a win-win situation.

You can't lose ladies that goes for you to, you can't lose.

It's a win-win situation and I started to see that there are 10 characteristics of Jesus that are really that of a man's man. I want to go over that today 10 characteristics of Jesus guys pay attention as your wives are going to appreciate this. Your girlfriends and appreciate you kids got appreciated. I don't always practice it on being honest with you I do my best, but sometimes I fault that we all do. That's just life. We try to be better 10 characteristics number one very thick glasses out it's all about love. Jesus is the ultimate example of love as he died for us. And remember there's people greater love has no one than this, that someone laid down his life for his friends know John chapter 15 verse 13 and that's what Jesus did. And remember what he said two greatest commandments love God and love your neighbor you know people I tell you this. I have a tremendous respect for our military.

I really mean that because they gone they lay down their lives for our country for the people that they love you have a tremendous respect for them have a tremendous respect believe in and out right now for law enforcement because they protect us. I am, I just do not understand this defund the police movement. It's the craziest thing I ever heard and there was one and honestly there was a time in my life and I hated the police I grew up hating the police because I grew up with a dad that was in the mom we were taught that the police were good, but at some point time the light went off in God not only transform my heart would transform my mind and let me see that they were the good guys. We were the bad guys people say will Michael come on, you still have that in you as a way to second. I have five daughters.

I have a wife I have two sons when they walked down the street. I want them to be protected, and I expect law enforcement to do that and I respect them for that. Let me tell you this, and this is from an X mobster.

This defund the police movement is the craziest thing I ever heard. Reform the police okay every walk of life need your information. Sometimes even the church needs it. That's just part of life. But I want to ask some of these politicians wait a sec when you think you go soft on crime and you go hard on police do you think of Rudy Giuliani would came to me years ago and said Michael were about it when I can oppress the racketeering laws you can commit that crime will go easy on you.

I would assume will fax number to go straight home to committing more crimes that you criminals do and to go soft on crime. It just doesn't make sense, people, and we could see what's going on across the country. I don't get it, you know, I really don't. And the reason I'm saying this because these people do put their lives in danger for us. We have to honor and respect that and Jesus showed us that no greater love for love. Number 1 ^ 2. Forgiveness. We all know were supposed to forgive others when they wronged us, but we still have problems doing it.

It's hard enough to forgive those we love, let alone those we might consider to be our enemies. Yet Jesus managed to extend forgiveness to the guards who were crucifying him in the middle of an act know people. I think the greatest 10 words that show forgiveness that were ever spoken came from Jesus mouth on the cross, father forgive them for they know not what they do you imagine is a man innocent.

Remember I say a man Jesus of Nazareth. Sometimes we think he was God. We can handle that. No man. He went through persecution. He was spat out for a crime he didn't commit, but he knew he had a job to do what he said on the cross, father forgive them for they know not what they do know I recently was having a discussion with my kids and failures got trouble in the family who gets matter through whatever we all know this experience. This you know I just turned 71 years old and I said you know what I don't want this anymore. We can have disagreements but no dissension so it's DND this agreement, no dissension disagree with one any other battle it out at the table when you get up.

It's all over were back to being a family again. We have to learn how to forgive people it's so burdensome to carry. You know you know resentment on your shoulders. It's really hard. And I'll tell you a story that to me was the ultimate forgiveness in my life.

No Amhara in the mob life is this, you make a mistake a serious mistake. You don't know it your best friend walks you into a room you don't walk out again I had that experience.

One important time and obviously over the 20+ years I spent the night life. I've seen those things in a horrible be honest with horrible and one night you know II got into that situation I would say and that would happen.

I was in the gas business. I hate to even say that with gas prices as they are know what God has a sense of humor. Every time I go to a gas station I sell for a be honest with yourself for those you know my story. At one point time I defrauded the government out of tax and every gallon of gasoline reselling 1/2 a billion gallons ago someone taken in eight to $10 million a week is a pretty good operation at the time and so is what I went to prison for a pled guilty to that and I did my time but I was making a lot of money. I was one of the younger guys and you're the only guys resent that there was a lot of talk on the street that I was getting powerful enough to break away from the Colombo family and start my own family. They wrote an article about in the newspaper. There was no truth to it whatsoever was a fantasy never even a thought my mind but it starts to get in people's heads and that life is a lot of competition in the boss of my family at that time I think was getting a little bit nervous about it because I had the Russians were part of my crew had probably 300 guys and me were making a lot of money. A lot of stuff was happening and people start to get a little bit nervous right so my dad was out on parole here and I will both captains as a powerful position in our life we have the equal rank, and since he was on parole, he can never meet with anybody that had a record because would be a violation so I used to drive him everywhere. Anywhere you need to go.

I kind of protected him a bit. So he called me up so I got to see it so I go to his house in Long Island is what's up daddy said boss wants to see us tonight.

I said okay what time you want me to pick you up is what they want to do this a little differently than want you to meet a coming first want you to come in second. I said why is he wanting the separators I should note that you know this talk on the street when I can do that we can avoid together.

He said no. We were given an order regarding obey the order the way they wanted.

I should note that as it is too much talk were not going to do that will go on and together we argued, was the first time I really had an argument. My dad is always respected him regardless that we are of the same rank. He was my dad and we went back and forth back and forth. I threw up my hands are seasonal dad I been listening to all my life. I said I don't like this but this is what you want will do it. I leave I get a call from another Capt. Jimmy Angelina's name was. These people are past where I could talk about it and he says Mike meet me in such and such a place in Brooklyn because the boss was on parole. We had a have a covert meeting. We gotta make sure nobody was following us is he would be violated. So I drive into Brooklyn.

I need to meet a certain spot. I parked my car. I didn't his there's a guy sitting in the back behind the him in the passenger seat. Jimmy is driving my recognizing but I didn't know him well and Jimmy is even introduced me again so I get in the car we start to drive to the house and he had no be careful and make sure nobody was surveilling us really said surveillance at that time and I'm waiting for Jimmy to tell me what's up as he starts talking me about the Yankees, diehard Yankee fans, especially now, if you been watching the team are doing great but anyway I don't want to hear about the Yankees that night and wanted him to tell me what was going on but he doesn't and we get to the house was a house in Brooklyn.

We had to go downstairs into the apartment so I get out of the car was a day in August, summer day was hot out.

Never forget, and I get out of the car and I assume Jimmy gets behind me and then the other guy gets behind him.

I'm sorry to say this is in right something is wrong here. I don't like this set up your people and I talked about this.

I kid you not, I can see the fireflies that will no flying around at night. I can smell the aroma of the flowers because my senses got so hot. No intense because I thought this could be the end of my life. I don't like this I started to get scared you guys do get scared. A management could be scared I was scared.

My heart started thumping on my chest.

My knees were getting weak.

I said I like this zero people are said Michael but you walked into the room. How heroic was that was in her old people. It was robotic.

I was such a product that I life I should. If this is it this is it. This is letting you cut and run.

I don't know why we walked down the steps I am telling you it was.

I don't how I didn't fall down the steps.

When the door opened, I knew that that could have been the last moment of my life and how I didn't faint when the door opened but obviously I'm here so that didn't happen. We sit down and they start grooming me about money. This is not not read the article about the Bible and all this kind of stuff you know I started getting angry because this was a deal that I brought into the life and they were making a lot of money with me and I'm saying I'm getting put on the spot what's going on here to read some crazy article you think that's in my head thinking about. Anyway, we start to talk and then I start to calm down as a way to second on with the boss, you don't ever disrespect the boss and that life matter who you are caught myself self-control, self-doubt. Finally, it's over and Mike. Everything is great. Have a glass of wine or hugs the whole bit. I just wanted to get out of here want to leave I see Jimmy driving back to my car got a long ride out to Long Island we get in the car and I was about to really give it to Jimmy for not talking to me in preparing me and just as I turned to him. He says wait like before you say anything I gotta tell you something is or what he said you know this could of been very serious for you. You hold yourself up really well in their time. I got more mad at him. I said you knew this. I know you my whole life. You knew this, you will let me walk in that room didn't say anything to me and he turned to me was smart, usually me ask you this brother was the other way around what you've told me. I thought about it I said no. This is the life we leave. He said you know it as well or better than anybody you grew up in it with your dad.

I can say anything I just, thought of it and it really got to me. We get to where my car is parked. I go to get out of the car and he grabs my arm this is Michael going to tell you something you want to hear this but it's the truth. He said you can take this to the bank.

I said what you said your father was in there before you tonight, he can help you one bit. He hurt you in their lobby. Honestly, I was stunned. I didn't even know what to say or how to respond to my father. We were tight and I love my dad I idolize my dad. We were tight. I get out of the car and I started to walk back to my car and knowing my dad so well is looking up done. I thought about it and he just threw me under the bus. He said hey my son is stealing money. I don't know, parolee does everything I don't do anything you put it all on me instead of standing up for me a really know my father had a lot of juice and that life instead of really standing up he just left me on my own and as I walked back I should manifest life can separate father and son would we really have an really got to me and you know I'll tell you this, you know, just to divert a little bit. I met my wife maybe two years after that many of you know the story young Christian girl met her.

Her and her mom really introduced me to the Lord, turn my life around.

In many ways were married now 37 years and that signify role here, but if that incident didn't happen. I don't know if I could've walked away from that life. I don't know if I could have just put my father and you know and left in that way because we were that tight, but I realize now that God had to do something to break that bond that I had with my earthly father so that he can really take over as my heavenly father and you know there are times in our life in God allows us to go through it.

It doesn't because it he allows us to go through it so he can really make an impression and get to us.

That was an important part of my life was one of the defining moments of my life is great talked about it one time but you know what I forgive my dad right after it happened. I forgive him as a matter fact and we spoke about it. I never even mentioned it to him. I wrote it in one of my books. My first book in the red and he was incensed. How could you believe that I said that I know was true, but I love you so okay I forgive you. I don't hold it against you.

As a matter fact it probably saved my life as a cause me to make a better decision. At some point time I forgave him.

We got fairly tight again. Things change a little bit between us feelings wise, but you know, and I was with him until he died. He passed away. Two.

Two years ago at the age of 103 my dad. My dad was a man. He was the oldest living mom guy in the country when he died, probably in the world. I don't think anybody led to that age. When dad was released from prison after 40 years that he did in and out on parole five times in 2017. He was the oldest inmate in the system at the time of his release so he said a couple or no benchmarks there. But anyway forgiveness people forgiveness. Whatever you got inside you. Whatever you're holding onto. Let it go. I can't tell you how much better feeling. It is you let it go and it doesn't do you any good to hold a grudge and to be resentful, especially within the family and friends get over it telling you Jesus showed us that he was the most forgiving man that ever walked the face of the earth okay humility. You know how attractive is it to all of you. I know how it is to me when you see somebody that really has power and influence, and yet there so humble, it's such an attractive quality and what did Jesus show us by Jesus. Jesus himself said for even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.

Jesus is the ultimate example of a humble servant leader, consider the time he washed his disciples 30 feet. Then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples feet and to wipe them with the towel that was wrapped around him.

John 1315. You want people. There is no room for arrogance and a heart committed to Jesus and remember this don't ever confuse arrogance with confidence you can have confidence in life when it turns into arrogance bad traits not manly.

It's not we should do. Hmmm, humility is such an attractive thing you know we don't realize how fragile we are in this life.

Some of the bosses, the most powerful people that I saw on the street people had an influence into the White House controlled unions in this country that at the snap of your fingers could have somebody kill Bill died in prison, living in someone else's underwear. The 24 guard towing and went to eat want to go to sleep want to wake up going to make a phone call we really think were about something that's where about nothing and Jesus showed us that was not a man's man to throw your chest out and make people believe that you're really something when you have humility. They feel it. Trust me, and they know it. Patients not sorry compassion when Jesus saw the crowds, he had compassion for them because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Compassion is important people know there was a guy that I knew and that life again was 87 years old. I just worked it just did this on my YouTube channel and he was an important guy and that life wasn't really a friend of mine. He and I went out in a couple of times you know civilly.

We had a couple of disagreements through that life is down 30 years in prison is 87 years old, was convicted of a racketeering case has dementia is gravely ill, is probably going to buy died within the next couple of months he wanted for a compassionate release which is something that you can do when you're in that situation.

It was denied by his trial judge and then just denied by the second Court of Appeals. I wrote ice is 87 years old. He doesn't even know he will years.

He thought at one point he was a present United States is got also to the issues. As a result of his dementia. Send them home to his family.

Why should you taxpayers pay for him to be cared for in their regardless what he did. He doesn't know it anymore.

Send them home management to die within the next couple months. Compassion not leaving them in there. We have to have compassion for people.

It's important Jesus again showed us that gentleness Jesus was direct when he had to be, but he had a knack for communicating with gentleness today. Our culture seems to celebrate men who speak their mind and pull no punches as it being a bully is an admirable trait.

On the contrary, Jesus himself said blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God.

Pastor Greg spoke about this a while back and said you know we are trying to share the gospel with people you don't impose upon them. You say you gotta be a Christian.

Are you going to hell is that the way to approach people gentleness you know every time I start when I get I start my testimony. I always go into the bathroom and I pray I say Lord, you know, give me the right words. Let me be effective.

Let me be passionate and often delivering this message so that you can reach out and touch the heart that you want to touch in his room gentleness because were not here to impose our faith in anybody when out here to turn you into a Christian we can't do that none of us can do that. That's God's deal.

We want to be effective in delivering the message want to be gentle in delivering the message because it's our obligation as Christians to share not impose and not direct share with the Lord is done in our life.

Mark 1615 blonde preacher share the good word to all of creation. That's what we are all obligated to do, not only those of us that's get up on this stage but we do it in a gentle fashion so that people understand they buy into it. They really do self-control.

Oh boy. My wife will cam home it a try on this one.

A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls. Robert strapped her 25 verse 28 Jesus lived a sinless life, despite being tempted by Satan himself.

Satan presented Jesus with everything this world has to offer, to no avail. Exhibiting self-control is not easy you know when I was in the mob life. I had to have self-control, you could not could not lose your temper with another superior and that life is a matter fact, whenever we had a sit down, you know, we had certain policies and rules we could be sitting down with another made guy, a guy that took the oath and that guy could be lying through his teeth. We couldn't call him a liar.

If we did we lose the argument we had to be respectful. We had a know how to get our point across and how to put him in the wrong and us in the right in every tactful way was really a strategic meeting that we had because we can never be outline self-control in that life. I really had it because you needed to survive. He can lose it now I've lost it a little bit in this life will give this story one day I pull into a gas station in Brentwood, California, driving an SUV. I get out of the car to put gas and I forget to turn the car off you sometimes only the engine filling up the good of the car and a guy comes. He pulls open an SUV and he gets out of the car's little guy was this big because by the company looks to me and he says didn't turn the car off.

I so sorry I forgot I going to turn it off I come back out he still there. I said can I help you he said why didn't you turn your car off. I said I told you I forgot what you mean. He said you forgot.

I said yes these are my five-year-old daughter would give me a lame excuse like that. I saw a man was this guy going with this. Now I should look I said didn't come to talk here to me is what you fill up your car as you go. Have a nice day will both leave you be happy with just the looks of me says you know what your blankety-blank. He starts cursing me out now.

My first reaction on the pool pump out of there and I put it on him in a light a match that was it. Though self-control.

I really had a fight that is right when I did I had self-control so I said okay you know I turn around and I'm trying to ignore him. All of a sudden my daughter Amanda pulls into the gas station released is when you get some of the car. They figure they find you are not. If I get I guess a guess of everybody's car so I pull into closing behind me and she knew she's in tune with me. Something was up right.

She gets out of the car, chest out, daddy what's wrong as a man to get back in the car. She daddy I said get back in the car. If you do send some to her he was getting guess that was it all and also self-control very very important guys, how many times we want to lose it. You don't go crazy. I know sometimes I have a tendency to do that.

Look, you can take the boy out of Brooklyn. You can always stay broken out of the boy.

I told my wife she says my sinless and I didn't get a lobotomy when I came to Christ.

I still remember some of the things I did back then. But self-control very very important guys. We got up there. That's a real real real character trait of a man patients, but I receive mercy.

For this reason that in me, as the foremost Jesus Christ might display his perfect patience as an example to those who were to believe in him for eternal life. Jesus had perfect patience. He waited 30 years 30 years to start his public ministry as he knew that's when the time was right, patients very important you know before I went to prison is the truth. I have patience for nothing report furniture. Okay, I want that rapid up bring it to my house today know you have thought, not on order to pay extra get it to my house. Okay car. Same thing. We got order. You don't order, that car up a little and get it to the house I had zero patients when you going to prison.

Everything is hurry up and wait, that's it.

You have to have patience.

You don't get through the system.

So I come out right. One day after eight years in prison. I come out. My wife and I go to a movie would go to the movie and the light is around the corner.

I never waited in line.

She don't how I did it but I did.

I never wait in the line we got in right away right so I saw walking to the back of the line so my wife's is to meet where you going as I'm going to the wind is aligned she's you can wait online. I said yeah why should you never waited on line for anything. As will S the years are going online for everything so it's okay whatever way you gotta learn patience. People don't go to jail. I want to do that, that's different, but patience is important and it is a characteristic of a real man to have patience with people patience with our children.

Sometimes I don't know, you lose it, but you gotta do it. It's it's a character trait of Amanda. We all need to have in ladies. This goes for you too. I just dealing with the men today, but you get it okay obedience and being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. You know, I can imagine the agony Jesus felt knowing the ultimate fate that he was going to suffer.

Remember in the garden.

He asked his father in prayer is the father. If you can take this cup from me do it but he said not my will but yours. Jesus was obedient and you know I will tell you this I learned a lot in the mob life in the street. I learned to be obedient, you how to follow orders.

I will tell you this for you young guys. I believe every young man should be in the military for a year or two every young man I believe that I want to go to war. Don't get me wrong, it was my own son.

I'd be. I'd be careful of that because you want, but the military is great you learn discipline you learn respect you learn obedience. A lot of these kids today don't have it, you know, I see it on the street. Listen, I speak to young kids all the time. I going to juvenile holes.

I going to prison. We speak to these gang bangers. You know the sad thing they all have the same story broken home, no father figure in the house. Unfortunately, they gravitate to the local gang beggar on the street before you know what the prison like while the kid they don't have any discipline any respect any obedience. The military does that I believe in it. Now if it will ever happen, but I believe in a but again you worry because obviously we don't want to send our loved ones off to fight God for bid, but you gotta have obedience is so important. You gotta learn to respect authority.

You know sometimes people need to be offensive. I been arrested 18 times. I never had a run in with a cop you know why when they say you're under arrest is okay but the cuffs only put me in a car will take it from there in a fight with them. You can't win Microsoft yelling and screaming at them did not get a win that argument. It's obedience. It's in your head. Okay gotta respect this.

I made a mistake or maybe I did make a mistake will straighten it out. After obedience is an important character trait in any man. Honesty. Proverbs 1322 the Lord detests lying lips, but he who delights in me are truthful in the age of fake news, alternative facts and relative truth honestly seems to be fading in value.

No one seems to care about honesty and integrity anymore. I'm here to say there's hardly a more important trait for a godly man to be honest now I'll tell you something a little trouble with my family on this. My dad taught me is Michael.

Don't ever lie don't hurt somebody. But if you gotta lie to help somebody that's okay you know what I believe that now maybe have a little gray area here, but I want to lie to hurt people alive to help somebody if I have to.

I'm never gonna get my kids up for anything unless they were danger to themselves and a danger to the community that's different. That's a struggle.

We as parents would have rather not. I'm alive to help my kids to be honest now I don't got to be upset with me but that's how I feel about you know what I mean being honest in your life is important. People, it's a character trait that we need and want to tell you something I wrote a book recently was just released last month, Mafia democracy, and I'm telling you it was a book that I really labored over because I see our government acting like the mob on the street.

Very Machiavellian. Remember what Machiavelli is set for those of you while I have ever read. The Prince he said this, he was advising his Prince how to maintain control of his kingdom. He only said to the Prince. He said you can do anything you need to do.

You can lie, you can still you can cheat. You can even kill to maintain control of your kingdom. But to the outside world. You must always appear honest, upright, and having integrity. Does that remind you of anyone in the government honestly is not a joke. You know what I want people to protest unwanted uprising.

We need to hold our public officials accountable when they make a campaign promise, and when they make a campaign promise. We got a hold of to it.

How many of them why they tell us something. The next day there lying on video they don't even care anymore. You know, we say politics politics is lying and to the detriment of the people that put them in office hold them accountable.

That's all I'm asking and I'm bringing your attention to. Why do politicians going to office is blue-collar assets and come out multimillionaires all explained in the book telling you right now was signing afterwards.

It was satisfying to me.

Seriously the reviews on getting people say Michael I see it I get it. You explained it all I'm saying is hold them accountable. We go to put the right godly people in office a man sold for honest in the last trait that I think we all need to have in our everyday lives is the most important of all. Maybe that is to be prayerful when my favorite traits of Jesus is its commitment to prayer before anything major was about to take place. Jesus spent time alone in prayerful conversation with the father, but he would draw will he would withdraw to desolate places and pray. Luke 516 people. We need to pray. That's the secret. Maybe it's not a secret, but that's the that's what we need to do in our lives and nothing we do. I don't do enough prayer knowing I'm not good my prayer I get distracted quite a bit.

My prayer is just talking to God. Like I'm talking here just have a convert conversation with him. My mother-in-law, the opposite was a prayer warrior. My mother-in-law prayed me to where I am right now, no doubt about it.

A prayer warrior. We need to pray in Jesus told us that he prayed all the time and that was God the son praying to God the father. How much more do we need prayer in our life is a way to communicate with the Lord. That said, you don't want to tell you something. As I stand here today and probably the most blessed, most fortunate person at seven a walk up on the stage and talk to about anything. The reason I say that this had been left up to my own to do what I wanted to do my life I need to be dead or in prison for the rest of my life and quite honestly that's what I deserved.

That's what I earn. For myself, having spent over 20 years on the street every day, in violation of both God's laws and the laws of man and I realize God made it crystal clear for me that if he didn't have a different plan and a purpose for my life.

I wouldn't be here today.

You know what is got a plan and a purpose for every one of your lives. People is not only people I woke up on this stage your purpose in life of God's purpose in your life might be to bring one person of the Lord.

One person, but remember this, all of heaven rejoices when one person comes into the kingdom. And if that's your purpose where article ground. That's it. But remember that one ended, with this you know when I was in prison.

I spent 29 months and seven days in solitary confinement six by itself 24 seven.

Me and God people is not easy. We were meant to be solo creatures. We are meant to be social. Those lights go out at night.

A lot of guys did not do well a lot of moaning and groaning, I dove into my Bible. I prayed every day. It was Mike closest time with the Lord because I had no choice. Was it. I turned that.

Thank God I turned to him and nowhere else. Thank God my wife put that in my head and my mother-in-law sent me in that direction. Of course like this, it will pass the grade but you know what happened in that whole. I developed a healthy fear of hell I want you to stop a minute and think of the worst thing that you've ever encountered in your life and realize that that worst thing will never go away never go away. This is your constant thorn in your side forever. And now put yourself in hell, which is a million times worse and will never end.

That's hell Bible is very descriptive. I'm not bringing you bad news, I'm just telling you the truth, the good news is we don't have to go there. There is a heaven and there is a hell and Jesus was ever very explicit. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.

And people it's good to have a healthy fear of things that are no good for you either. Healthy fear of drugs.

My father drummed into the head. My head from the time I was a kid that drugs were bad. My sister died of an overdose of drugs at the age of 27. It killed me. My brother 25 years of drug addict I seen so many people die because of drugs. I'm afraid of drugs. I don't mind saying it. I never even smoked a joint because I'm afraid I'll like it. I don't want to be addicted. So I stay away from it. It's good to have a healthy fear of things that are no good for you that's manly. That's a man's man that can resist that kind of stuff. Sam afraid of it. I wanted and it's good to have a healthy fear of hell. So onto this make you an offer you can't refuse at this moment. Okay I showed you all the qualities of Jesus. 10 traits that a man's man needs to have an and again it applies to all of us, all of you ladies not all of us. So I just defeated Malta and made myself home anyway. It applies to all of us, but I'm going to give you an opportunity now and people I gotta tell you this really were living in crazy times we don't know from one minute to the next what's gonna happen in this life we really don't. I'm telling you I've seen people that I love with me one day gone the next shocking.

We don't know when not guaranteeing anything. What are you waiting for, why would you want to test it. Why would you even want to think that maybe I'm not ready to go to heaven. Maybe this something I haven't done why I told you what the benefit is of emulating Jesus Christ. It's a win-win situation. You can't lose. Doesn't matter what faith you are on this earth.

You can lose the only way you lose this if you don't confess your sins and accept Jesus as your Savior, but in every other way you win.

So I want to give you all the opportunity now for those of you that maybe you have not done that at this moment. This is the most important thing this is what the service is all about. This is what this church is all about. This is what your life is all about so many give you the opportunity at your seat now to say this prayer with me. Many of you have done this already. Some of you haven't got to step up. We have to raise your hand with this is the most important decision you will ever make in your life.

Barring no select bow our heads be deceptive me to yourself. Dear Lord, I know that I'm a sinner. I have no problem with confessing that to you today. Lord I know that I've made mistakes.

I know that have been sinful. I know that I've done it intentionally and unintentionally. And today, Lord, I want to confess those sins I want to take responsibility for them. I sincerely mean this from the bottom of my heart Lord.

And today I know because of your grace and mercy that I don't have to earn heaven is not a place that I have to work hard for.

I have to repent my sins and ready to do that today and I'm ready to accept you Jesus as my Lord and Savior. And I know you gave me a promise your solemn word. No one comes to the father except through me. You said Jesus, and I believe that with all my heart number to give you the opportunity to prove that to me the rest of my life by getting closer to Bible says draw closer to me and I will draw closer to you. So Lord you have that opportunity. You have my commitment from this day forward I promise you that I will walk a straight as I possibly can. I promise you, never to be perfect Lord. But if I do say and I will get down on my knees I will develop that Jesus conscious and I will be sorry for everything that I've done to hurt you and to wrong anybody. I make this commitment. I expect and depend on your grace. Open up the gates of heaven for me and I do this all in Jesus name. God bless you all.

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