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The Bible Changes Everything

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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August 10, 2022 7:00 pm

The Bible Changes Everything

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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August 10, 2022 7:00 pm

From our 2017 Archive, Stu is joined by Michael Gunnin with Walk Thru the Bible to discuss the origins and mission of the ministry and the power of God's Word.

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Your chosen Truth Network podcast was starting just seconds to enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network 25 million Bibles are sold, United States of America. Every year, Bible publishers make more than 1/2 $1 billion annually. 9/10 Americans have a Bible yet only 37% claim to read that Bible once a week, folks, what's going on is the Bible really the word of God sharp and powerful quicker or sharper than any two-edged sword, does the Bible really not return void. Is it really God's word that we are to not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

If so, folks, what's going on here will some friends or the studio thank God for friends like Michael with walk to the Bible. Michael put writer your chin and tell us your passion with walk to the Bible a little bit about Michael how this ministry came out of this huge hunger for the word all over the world to get in the global mission to do to talk to Sharon so that have yet to talk. I would make you think you so much for having us a walk to the Bible and in our very core believes in the Bible changes everything. We believe that what the Bible says about itself is true that it is the power of God that it has the power to transform and change our life and as a ministry we are committed to helping ignite a passion for God's word of people around the world walk to the Bible is 40 years old now. I started as as an idea in a seminary classroom back in Dallas theological seminary and they really decide how do we help people understand God's word understand the big picture. The big story of God's word and it's grown from an idea in a seminary classroom 40 years, 40 years later to ministry the serving in 139 countries around the world now. What I love about your ministries, your premise, your premise that the word of God is sufficient.

The premise that Paul trumpets in second Timothy 316 all Scripture is God breathed and is profitable for all of these things. Another word for profitable is sufficient yet so often. If you check our pulpits. You know it's we we we may read first we pop from topic to topic and with its it's like a pablum of psychological sales training, motivational training, how to smile more.

Don't let your down get you down and God's got something to the side for you as opposed to just a teaching and exposition and exegetical approach to the most powerful book ever written. Because this is God's word. So really it's divine revelation talk about the littlest let's go negative. Here, Michael, about the the void and about how the Bible has cattle lost its Sally, among God's people who should be people of the book that we been called so much. Even the Muslims to call Christians people in the Jewish people of the book was lost a go go window how that how we have declined yet the stats that you read it a few minutes ago or are true and and you look at the church in in North America and in the Bible is is not read even by even by those who would claim to be highly devoted followers of Christ on the Bible is often a neglected book, both in the pulpit and in the end of the person sitting in the pure, the chair and and in and we we know there's a lot of reasons for that. Some cases it's apathy. I'm just a laziness. Since some people are confused or frightened by that. The Bible you anything it's big and scary and unaware to get started, or they started in and don't keep going and so what walk to the Bible is committed to providing resources and tools to help people overcome those obstacles and stay committed to reading the Bible and one a lot about your ministry, and this is true talk live instruction were talking to a man whose entire ministry is committed to a ministry that's committed to the word of God and really getting the word of God to the people of God and the people don't know God, because this is the entrance of thy word gives light and gives understanding the psalmist says. But Michael, let's talk that we can rail on the vacuous nature of the missing word and how it's this paucity of the Bible and the land people are studying or reading the past are pretty blessed.

Go, let's talk about the cool things walk in the Bible is doing right now because it is listeners out there that want to get involved in a ministry that want to get your church, even as a little guy when we go to walk a Bible centered a love that man. The seminars yet guy get up there, showing that these are the 12 tribes of Israel. You know, this is the 1010 plagues in the on and on. A love that tell us about what walk is Bible should show us the beauty of this book and what you're doing to bring that back yet. Well what walk through really began with walk to the walk. The Old Testament live events and that's that's half-day event that in which that the instructor uses hand signs and in other creative teaching wasted to learn the big people places and events of the Old Testament. It tells you that that the big story I'm it's it's it's it's the that the cover of the puzzle box you can see all the pieces fit together just gives you that big picture of the Bible. So when you pick it up and you begin to read a story you see how it fits in in in in the overall narrative of of God's word either in the Old Testament of the new test really show the latest of this is living sure and this is real and likely claims about itself yet, but also in there's a holders of adventures this thing. Their book is not know you. What you could get the story time for kids rose. Some stores are kids or the right there yeah yeah now many stories are there out there that you can make up about a guy got while a whole entire army walking around a wall seven times on the trumpet sharing all this stuff in the wall come tumbling down and in and Jonah and the way he'll building the ark and all these things really are trying to bring this to life with her so the deeper they just a story book about the Bible talk about that how this is God's revelation of what the word of God does when it gets inside of you know how it starts. You study it is their study you yeah the these are these are not just stories to read and then put on the shelf that these are stories that we read them we we have our lives transformed and changed by them.

We we begin to understand more of who God is and who God wants us to be in our our our lives begin to be shaped by the author of Scripture on the we begin to be the people that he desires for us to be present reading reading the Bible is not like reading any other book we we read God's word and it changes us to transform society about the Savior's words in John 15. Read makes it very really connects his Bible.

He connects his word with intimacy with him abide in me and I in you as a branch cannot bring forth fruit, except it abide divine work in ye, except ye abide in me. John 15 five apart from you can do nothing.

That's by the way my my pin tweet on twitter I can't seem to get down at Stu Epperson y'all follow me that the first thing to see on Twitter is that verse John 15 five which I love you but what's fascinating is what he says later says if you abide in me and my words abide in you, in verse two says now you're clean to the word I've spoken to you with his words, Disney's communicating was he speaking to us directly. We were the Bible got talk strictly to you when you have the Bible you get a text directly from God, and he said you abide in me, my words abide in you, ask anything you want. It will be given you. Why because his words flooding through, you can ask what he wants to cease change your heart. But that's irrelevant walk to the Bible is your getting the word and is spreading sure there's places we can't talk about word spreading like you and Elise were people are getting radically saved and there taken that book and they're putting away the other books there just taken the Bible talk about the need real quick.

As we close out walkabout right now. You're also involving development advance for your try to get people to get on the Bible, bustier Indiana donate goods and money you need ministry. These donations of $10,000. Yeah.

So I give you 10 grand right now or 10 bucks right hours ago Tiller listeners Sherlock to the Bible is is a ministry that's currently doing doing work in 139 countries around the world while I which is, there is a pretty amazing thing to think about 40 years ago we started in a classroom in 40 years later were in 139 countries around the world and and and all around the world that the common core. The common a foundation is the same helping people get into God's word helping have that passion ignited for God's word and that's that's very different in a lot of countries a lot of places you think about places like Latin America are in Africa were pastors themselves often have no training and no no education, 85% of pastors in the global South have no formal religious training, or education, and so walk to the Bible and going to places like that and can provide resources and tools to pastors and church leaders so that that they begin to effectively teach and preach God's word to people in the Sierra Club and the local guys yes disguised. Absolutely yes the website. A network Debbie Debbie your support, a word-based ministry will earn more havoc on your church release of the team yet come out do trainings is awesome. The kids love it. Yet I want is a lot of this is a corporate debtor we are teaching kids visually to appreciate, to articulate and to ingest and digest the word got yes absolutely awesome so yeah the website will Debbie Debbie Debbie.walk-through and that's TH are thanks getting on going with you. Yeah got my soon yet. Thanks to walk to the Bible. Folks get the word don't take my word for you. Take his word pick it up K this fellow named Gideon's been crazy only for these million-dollar books right next to beds in the hotel room. Go grab that there and I know in one of those deals. Mild pastor who grabbed at Gideon Bible and God transformed his life and that we would Artie been believer because I did not get away from got another career, and God just brought me back to a Gideon Bible me just stuff like that measure is only book that happens. I've interviewed Jethro convicts who were literally change guy stolen New Testament in a chain transform his life. All he did is read it and all of a sudden it's over. You see the word of God, thank you so much think is this is the Truth Network ever felt like you were born in the wrong decade maybe was the wrong dimension altogether. If you can relate. Welcome home where Emily, Stephan and Jimmy Hernandez your resident weirdos artists of all trades and multicultural couple and this is your official invitation to join us on a new planet.

I mean podcast called in our own world will navigate conversations about anything under the stars and maybe even pick up a few passengers along the way. Listen to in our own world on the iHeartRadio at Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast brought to you by Coca-Cola.

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