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Our High Priest Forever (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston
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February 1, 2022 6:00 am

Our High Priest Forever (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston

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February 1, 2022 6:00 am

Pastor Rick teaches from the letter to the Hebrews

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As you know what I'm talking about when I mentioned the ironic line, you know the line of error that could be present in the priest others of you may say I don't have it to get you get enough of it. And another thing you may get out of it is you may have to study some Paul said to Timothy. Be diligent study to show yourself approved worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. Timothy was a pastor but those words are for all Christian not just for the pastor.

This is cross reference radio with our pastor and teacher Rick Gaston.

Rick is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Mechanicsville. Pastor Rick is currently teaching through the book of Hebrews. Please stay with us after today's message to hear more information about cross reference radio, specifically how you can get a free copy of this teaching today. Pastor Rick will bring part two of this study called our high priest forever in Hebrews chapter 5, Paul put it this way, all Scripture is breathed by God and is profitable for doctrine, that is right thinking. For reproof, that is, the correction of wrong thinking for the instruction in righteousness, that is how to not get in trouble to stay out of trouble, for correction, for those who have gone into trouble, for reproof but I forgot that one that is going up to the one that you know is wrong in saying hey, this got to be dealt with. It will not be excused.

We will will willing to work with you but you've got to fix it and then he goes on to say that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped who wants to not be ready wants to not have the right dear then just be negligent. While this was happening to these these Christians they been Christians long time. I should add that we want to come to that if I ever get off the second verse will will come to it, he says, since he himself also is also subject to weakness, everyone, everyone who is a sinner has reason to be gentle with one who is us who with another one who is a sinner and that is where he is going with that. That is to have compassion.

Since he to is this weakness of the flesh called sin. Verse three.

Because of this, is required. As for the people, so also for himself to offer sacrifices for sins. So the writer is this bringing everything interview in front of his audience. He is saying were sinners that we have spiritual leaders to deal with this in for the believers and ourselves never trivialize that.

It's amazing as much attention as Scripture gives to dealing with sin. How many churches give energy into ignoring it. Thank God. Thank you Lord that that is not nearly.

I don't how many there are, but I know there are many that do the right thing, but I also know there's an ever increasing number of churches and people who call themselves Christians that just don't want to hear. Don't want to deal with it. That's contrary to Scripture. And that's what we're going through to expose us to as much of the Scripture as we can be exposed to so again.

Verse three. Because of this he is required. As for the people, so also for himself. He is not above sin to offer sacrifices for sins no approach to God without dealing with sin if you if you are in sin and you just do not even want to deal with it not going to bring it up to God. Do you expect even listening.

That has to be dealt with. I'm not saying it is going to be defeated, but I am saying it has to be different dealt with in this life. Whatever you struggle with in the way of sin is a good possibility take you will go with you all the way to your grave but you will be fighting at every step of the way in your heart in your spirit, and that's what separates the saints from the Yanks verse four and no man takes this honor to himself, but he who is called by God.

Just as Aaron was, was the honor of dealing with the sin on behalf of the people. No man takes this honor of being the high priest or a spiritual leader as the case may be.

Today on themselves. This is a God appointed position verse five so also Christ did not glorify himself to become high priest, but it was he who said to him you are my son, today I have begotten you will Ahrens appointment. I priest was by God, so is Christ the son of God subjects himself to this system than we better do it to. Which is part of the message we have this pattern where he says, today I have begotten you is quoting Psalm two was the second time is quoted this verse in Hebrews 1, also called Psalm to verse seven. Now it does have to do the only begotten son means the will of the deity become taking on humanity son of God being born of a virgin and walking amongst us, and in going through this life with us, it asked this Psalm to verse seven has that meaning in it, but it goes further than that.

It goes all the way to the resurrection. We know that because in the book of acts the apostles apply it that way. In acts 13 verse 33 and 34 is raised up Jesus as it is also written in the second Psalm you are my son, today I begotten you and that he raised him from the dead, no more to return to corruption, Jesus will not suffer and die again will get a lot of that at the end of Hebrews, which is contrary to to some that behave as though it's not in the Scripture. Well anyway that's verse five that Christ subject is submitted to the processes of the Godhead verse six and he who says he also says another place. You are a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek on is heating up nice quoting Psalm 110 and you know Jesus. There were three well for witnesses to Christ being the Messiah. There was John the Baptist there was the Scripture, the Old Testament Scripture mean that he fulfilled the prophecies pointing to him as the son of David and entering in this ministry. There were the miracles that he did accompanied by the teachings, his teachings and then finally there was the father. This is my beloved son hear him and so with all of this Christianity that we embrace is is mapped out for us by God. We haven't stumbled into it. It is not something that we are chiseling to perfection. It is something that is handed to us through God's word and so he's quoting the Old Testament pointing the Jews back to their authority which they would you think submit to you would think they would say all that's right.

This is in Scripture, we obey Scripture. You pointed it out and there is no way to refute what you've said going to stop this nonsense trying to go back to Judaism for blended with Christianity somehow make Christianity better. We going to abandon that we going to build up in the faith. Or maybe they did come to that conclusion.

The writer doesn't know at what point they will or will not what he is not going to take any chances. And so he is going to slaughter any thoughts against Christ throughout this this Hebrew letter/species.

He says you are a priest forever. That cannot be said about any other. Certainly none in the Levitical line ads that I've been speaking some of you who are very familiar with the word you're up on that when I say Levitical. You know what I'm talking about when I mentioned the ironic line, you know the line of error that could be priest in the priesthood. Others of you may say I don't have it, but you get you get enough of it. And another thing you may get out of it is you may have to study some more. Paul said to Timothy. Be diligent study to show yourself approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth of Timothy was a pastor but those words are for all Christians not just for the pastor well you are a priest forever. Again, a distinction that is forever significant it's it's it's singles out Christ. It makes him exclusive superior to everyone else and no one is a priest forever except Christ is the way we are part of a royal priesthood. We serve a priest was a king Jesus Christ about our priesthood and when we leave this world, but he represents us forever. Now he mentions this order of Melchizedek. This is the first well let me go do it this way, the priesthood gets its first mention in the Scripture not on the Levitical line. The outline of Aaron and his descendents. According to the Mosaic law, but Melchizedek Gentile is the first one that is associated with the priesthood directly so as priest. This order of Melchizedek and that he is introduced to us in Scripture in Genesis 14.

This sudden mention of this Melchizedek illuminates the argument in the whole letter he's bringing humanity is saying hey there's more to God in faith, then Judaism there has been an approach to God. That is been ordained by God before Aaron showed up before Moses came along, he just really injects the name at this point, but he's going to get back to it but at this point he gets them to sort of pausing at the name at the point he just made its assay law. It's Leno let the music play when you meditate on what I just said our song is reviewed the songs. What makes this Melchizedek, a type of Christ. In other words, you look at the life of Melchizedek in a short little section of Scripture you look at his life and you say, we see and that from what we know about Jesus, we see Jesus in that why well, let's examine some of them and maybe you can see it for yourself that I won't have to try to be clever.

His name Melchizedek means the king of righteousness. That's Jesus I can see that he is the king of a place called Salem that is Jerusalem, the city of peace that Christ is the king of peace. The Prince of peace, and so right there in Melchizedek, the king of Salem as he is presented to us in Genesis 14 we see Christ Jesus is the only one that is held up as king priest in Scripture.

All David has a moment of dancing before the ark with the e-file, but he really is not entering into the priesthood is just appropriating worship for the people as king setting the example will cover that maybe when as we go through Chronicles on Wednesdays but back to the Scripture what the Scripture says about the Messiah. Zechariah 613. Yes, he shall build the temple of Yahweh.

This is the millennial Temple, he shall bear the glory and shall sit and rule on his throne. So you shall be a priest on his throne, and the Council of peace shall be between them both so Zechariah is saying our Messiah is going to fulfill the ministry of the priest is the right of the Hebrews calls in our great high priest and then he says he's a priest on a throne which means he's a king. Then he adds his business is going to be about peace, which we don't really have in this life at all. We have moments of peace. That's not peace. As we always know it's not going to last something is going to interrupted even peace of mind is going to be interrupted at some point.

Only Christ and prelaw Melchizedek presented as a priest and king. As I mentioned you in your desire tried to be as Iowa king of his or when he tried to function as priest. He was smitten with leprosy.

Saul lost his kingdom. The two do not mix in this life there's to be that separation to ensure that the power does not be abused. People oppressed, so this mystery of Melchizedek broadens a little bit more in the writer of Hebrews going to pick it up makes him an apt symbol of Christ.

Hebrews 7. Speaking of Melchizedek, having neither beginning of days nor end-of-life may like the son of God remains a priest continually so it Melchizedek has no beginning of days of no and he just comes on the scene like that in the right of the Hebrews says Jesus has no beginning of days.

He is the starting point.

He's always been God eternal God the son every bit of God. He also Melchizedek. He stood on the God word side of Abraham. In other words, Abraham received blessings from Melchizedek, as opposed to giving them to Melchizedek, which is marking for us the spiritual superiority and Melchizedek's position over Abraham and so Abraham comes to McKee is a deck because a deck brings out were told in Genesis oh a read it a happier look at that even my errors are correct. Genesis 1418 and then Melchizedek king of Salem brought out bread and wine. He was the priest of God most high priest of LL Yael Jan God most high, and here he brings out bread and wine. Every Christian knows what that symbolizes the bread and the blood. The body the body and the blood.

The bread and the wine, the bread and the cup and so Melchizedek was acting as priest and Abraham subjected himself to that and what does Abraham do in return he gives on an offering, 1/10 to Melchizedek for the Lord so there is this beautiful picture in Melchizedek of a symbol or type of Jesus Christ in crisis fulfill the seat and so the writer to the Leviticus saying Christ is superior in his priesthood over the ironic line again. For those of you not been following the whole letter of Hebrews is saying to the Hebrews. Do not mix Christianity with Judaism and it says the church don't mix it with anything you don't paint gold that which is already perfect needs no improvement. And to try to do so is to ruin it. So this this would we continue. Verse seven who in the days of his flesh when he had offered up prayers and supplications, with vehement cries and tears to him who was able to save him from death, and was heard because of his godly fear. Now he's talking directly about Jesus Christ and Gethsemane.

His humanity faced it all the humanity of Jesus Christ did not cry out to his personal deity and say you know I'm God the son. I don't have to go to this and excuse himself anyway did not do that you knew who he was and he knew what he was going to go through in his humanity in the flesh while he walked on earth, so he subjected himself to the betrayal which probably heard just as much is the lashes from the scourge the eat the horror of the cross three times in Scripture do we see Jesus Christ in his humanity weeping on earth. Each one is a classroom, each one is a lesson for us many lessons. First, there was his weeping at the grave of a friend Lazarus and Jesus wept. The Bible told us as everybody else was bullying because a loss.

This young man were ready to let him go.

Jesus brought him back.

He wept at the site of a doomed city. The doom city Jerusalem that there the Greek word for his crying was is heaving on his chest was heaving as he was falling away full-blown cry out for the city and the doom that awaited them because they rejected him and then in the garden where it's not explicitly stated in the Gospels it's implied in his sorrow, but it is explicit here in verse seven that with vehement cries and tears. He is facing sin for us. He is bringing before us the severity of God's judgment and the wonder of his pardon for all those who would take it and what he had to go to see this is the problem with anyone who says yeah I think Jesus is the way the truth and the life and also you can come in by no you can't. There's one way and to make to make the suggestion that there are other ways of salvation is to mock the cross is to mock Christ is a simile if he was dumb enough to do it, then that's his business, but you could've come in this way there is no other way and this vehement cries as the Scripture the Holy Spirit saying you see, there is no other way.

This is serious. There is nothing more serious to see God the son agonize over the salvation of those who don't deserve salvation is fraught with instruction, with invitation with power with something we can't know, we lose sight of this self-pity is been said that self-pity and faith can't stay in the same room together. I don't know. I'm still testing that went out because sometimes in my self-pity. I actually feel justified. II love I know my place. I know God is right always, without exception, but I still have the process that in my prayers as he got. I know you're right but I'm not seeing it. I don't feel it. I don't like it, and here are my protests subject to you while I'm not going to stand before God and lied to him say Otis is good. I'm fine with it. Take another limb. I don't care that would be insane have to be honest with him the things that I don't like that he allows or disallows that he gives her with holes. Sometimes it just irritates me that someone who doesn't deserve it gets more than I should be getting was not really my problem but I know so you struggling with it. This is what I mean.

We take our sin to the Lord, we don't sweep it under the rug so someone can trip over it. We tell them. Right now he's not going to gossip cuts and clearcoat tell you, and immediately just asked me for it will develop your prayer life. It will keep you balanced in your walk Jesus face the cross, he never, never thought to escape it, but he lays out the drama of it for us. As I just said I try to do in my prayer life and I'm sure some of you do to get the layout, the drummer of life before God.

Jesus said in John's Gospel 1227 now my soul is troubled, and what shall I say father, save me from this hour, but for this purpose I came to this hour. This is what is all about hate what's going to happen to me in a few just a little while but I'm going to take this and the martyrs have done so through the centuries many of them burning at the stake, singing hymns to the Lord and so this verse seven is about Christ in the garden, highlighting for us what he went through for us. He says here. To him who was able to save him from death. Now the catch this part. He was not asking the father to save him from dying.

He was bringing to the front that this crucifixion and resurrection is all about being saved from eternal damnation and separation from God. So he's death, death, without salvation is eternal separation for the righteous. There is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. But for those outside of Christ. There is no salvation. The serious business is Christianity and that's why the world under the influence of Satan as though they were under the influence of some narcotic or drug.

The world does not understand. They hate the system of Christ and they don't even know why.

If you say why do you hate the Christ. Why do you mock his servants.

Why do you think it's so strange that God should be able to talk to people than you would be peeling back the layers of influence. Satan. Some are too far gone for us to do anything with others or not.

We just don't know who they are until that moment comes, but this is what is this happening to him who is able to save him from that is a submission to the processes that God is absolute and submission to him from Christ was absolute.

Matthew 2653 or do you not think I cannot pray to my father and he will provide me with more than 12 legions of angels they can eject any time, but he faced his face did for me. Remember that the next time you're going to something miserable and you think God's forgotten you. Remember that he faced for you and me something that we really have to wait till after life truly enter into and so we can go and and was heard through his godly fear that is the resurrection, of course, without that is Hebrew audience at any time could say what we are going to change religious Christianity is not good.

Nobody doesn't let him go. He keeps this in front of them as any good child of God would keep in front of anyone who might be losing sight of verse eight. Though he was a son, yet he learned obedience by the things which he suffered while he went to the cross without excusing himself is not shielded from suffering nor obedience simply because he was a son of God relate on example not. This learned again. God cannot learn is perfect in every way he cannot be improved if he can be improved and is disqualified from our God.

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