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Martin Baker NFL Racist Anthem Divide to Unite Does not work 080421

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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August 6, 2021 7:44 pm

Martin Baker NFL Racist Anthem Divide to Unite Does not work 080421

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Did you know you can do your tithing and love offering right from your computer? Visit to support Chosen Generation and make a tax-deductible donation. Now, back to Chosen Generation with Pastor Greg. Hey, and welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio.

I'm your host, Pastor Greg. Thanks so much for being here. I know you have a choice in where you can listen each and every day, and it's my pleasure to have you tuning in here and my honor as well.

Thank you again. Well, I'm very excited to welcome to the program twice a month, and I'm always, always excited to encourage people to go and check out Project 21 Black Leadership Network at And again, you can go to CG contributors and go to just click on CG contributors on the front page of, and you'll see Project 21 Black Leadership Network. Click on there. You'll see their articles. You'll see individuals that are members of the organization and what they're doing, and then you can follow links from there to all the cool stuff that they are engaged in and the statements that they're making. And one statement they're making has to do with the Black National Anthem that's supposed to be part of the NFL's 2021 season, and I guess it starts tomorrow night.

I can tell you, in my house, we won't be watching any NFL this year. I want to welcome to the program Martin Baker. Martin, welcome. Good to have you, sir.

Thank you for having me, Pastor Gregg. Well, so they've declared they're going to have this Black National Anthem. There's going to be, apparently, in the end zone, painted in the end zone, things like end racism, inspire change.

You know, I don't know. A lot of messaging that's about white shame and white guilt, it sounds like to me. What it sounds like to me is for a league that is so bent on unity, they're attempting to use divisiveness in doing so. I mean, to me, that turns it into the definition of insanity.

You're doing something the same way every time, but always expecting a different outcome. The divisiveness will not unify anyone. If anything, they're going to find out, probably by the end of the year, you're going to see, like you've made reference, that you're not going to watch it in your house. You're going to see a decline in viewership on this, and not just from white families. I can guarantee you that.

Well, I would imagine. I mean, a lot of my black friends are saying, we're done. I'm done with the NFL. I'm done with the NBA. I'm done with professional sports. I don't have time to sit there and have this garbage spilled out, and I really am tired of them trying to indoctrinate my children, and so we're just not going to play it in our house. What you have is, you're in a lot of sports leagues.

Just before the show, I was having a discussion with my landlord, and we were having a discussion about sports. When you go to a sports stadium, or when you turn on a TV to watch a sport, you're not doing it for political commentary. You're not doing it for a discourse on the plight of America today. You're doing it to be entertained. It's like when you go to a movie, or when you go to a theater performance, or anything like that. You're not going to be indoctrinated.

You're not going to be taught. You're going because of the fact that you put good money down to something that you thought you would be entertained by, and then you go home and you go on with your life. Good, bad, or indifferent. The sports leagues now are attempting, for whatever reason, they feel like this is their idea of reparations, but really, honestly, their honest agenda is to try to increase viewership, increase people buying merchandise, people believing that this is a respectful and responsible organization that is absolutely committed to diversity. If the NFL really was, how many black owners are there of the 32 NFL franchises? None. You have less than half.

We'll even go worse than that. At least three-quarters of the teams either don't or never have had a black head coach. At last report, I believe there is one black general manager of an NFL franchise.

Really, how diverse are you? They, so to speak, attempt to try to say that they're doing something by this rule, what they call the Rooney Rule, that every time that an executive level position, whether it's head coach, general manager, team president, or whatever, that they have to interview persons of color or a female for the position. Doesn't mean they have to give the position or that person doesn't get that position based upon merit, but the rules of the league state that they have to. But how's that worked out for them? It hasn't. It has not made it more diverse. It's only made it more divisive.

And I think the only reason to point that out, honestly, is just to show the hypocrisy of the messaging that they're throwing out there. The bottom line here is that when I go to watch in the past, go to watch sports, I mean, I grew up watching the Oakland Raiders. Look, you want to talk about a team that embraced persons and personalities that had nothing to do with skin color. Otis Sistrunk was one of our stars, OK? You know, I mean, we had Clarence Davis, Cliff Branch, OK? Lester Hayes. Absolutely. Jack Tatum.

I mean, you know, George Atkinson. My point, folks, is this. I didn't care whether they were white, black, brown, yellow or green. What I cared about was, were the Raiders winning? Were the guys that were on the field the best players available and did they win?

That's what I cared about. And I rooted for them not because of the color of their skin, but because I was rooting for my team to win and they were on my team and we loved them because of that. I was a big Oakland A's fan. You know, we had Reggie Jackson, we had Campy Camponaris, we had Bill North. These were great ballplayers. We won three World Championships when I was a kid and we became good friends with Dick Green. I got to go to a bunch of World Series games as a 10, 11 and 12 year old.

That's crazy. What we have right now is that people are forgetting the purpose of sports. It's not, again, sports is not there to raise your children.

Sports is not there to give them a platform for social commentary. Sports for me as a child and even now as an adult, sports for me as a child was an outlet for me to push myself, to learn how to be part of a team, to learn how to... Now, I was lousy. I will admit this. I was a great fielder, lousy hitter. Could not hit a curve ball to save my life playing baseball. I was 5 foot nothing and a hundred and something nothing pounds. So the NFL was never going to knock on my door. But I loved playing the sports because of the fact that it got me out there with my friends when I was a kid during the summer in between school years.

We did that not because of the fact that we were trying to make some social message. We were bored. So we'd grab some gloves and we'd go to this little field not far from my house and we'd play. And anybody could play. The white kids, the black kids, who never showed up. They played. We didn't look at any preferential. We never separated, oh, the black kids versus the white kids.

We never did anything like that. You have picked teams. And this is, it's sad that this is a sport that I loved as a child. The sport that I have paid money for merchandise. I have a closet full of NFL and college jerseys and I spent my money getting those. But I didn't do that for social commentary again.

I bought that because I was a fan of this player or that player. And you're going to suddenly see that because the league, which is for years, for years and years, a lot of people don't know this, is that the NFL was tax exempt. Which meant that they as an organization were not paying federal income tax. They were exempted from all of that. So for them to try to voice a social commentary would have been borderline illegal if somebody would have called them out on it.

Would have been tantamount. And it's still the absolute hypocrisy. I say it again. You cannot promote diversity through division. You can't. Show me anywhere. But let's start with, show me in the Constitution where it does that. Show me in the Bible. Show me in the actual benchmarks of what we believe. Show me in the ground, in the foundations of your faith. Show me in your heart where a divisive spirit ever builds love, ever builds unity.

You can't. But if you can, I'll sit and wait. I'll listen. Well, and you know, I was thinking about some sports movies, right, that really inspired us. There was a guy out of Back East.

Let me see. He was a Cleveland Brown running back. Ernie… Ernie Davis.

That's it. The Ernie Davis story. What an incredible inspiration Ernie Davis was in the sense of he worked hard. Woodlawn. I just watched Woodlawn again the other night, right?

Touchdown Tony Nathan. Rudy is another great sports story about a kid who just wouldn't give up, wouldn't give up. And sports was always about hard work, discipline, sportsmanship. There's no sportsmanship when you bring in racial division, Martin. There's just not. It's not possible.

It's not possible. That's not part of team building. If you want to show a team first attitude, you take your… I'm trying to say this. To some degree, sports teams are like the military. And I'm not saying that as I'm saying that they are superior to military because they're not. But what I'm saying is that not everybody can get onto a sports team.

Not every person. Neither you nor I. We will never sign a professional sports contract with the NFL, Major League Baseball, hockey or whatever else. We never will. And it's not because I'm black or because you're white or whatever. It's because of the fact that we don't have those essential skills that they're looking for.

I mean, I'm sorry. If they're looking for some old, 50-something-year-old guy who's got an arthritic shoulder, okay, hey, sign me up. But I highly doubt that they think that's going to be part of their winning culture or mentality.

So don't think they'll be calling me. But you build that up and you go with this mentality of we're going to go out onto that field and we're going to try to win this game. We're going to try to win this match. Whatever sport that you're in. Not everybody can do that. Not everybody can put themselves in that proper mindset. And that's what used to be, again, we go back. That used to be what the basis of sports was.

They used to be the basis of anything and everything that we were trying to do when you're teaching sports in PE or wherever else. But now what you have is somebody, be they white, who is covered with white guilt, or somebody black who's looking to gain some form of notoriety or financial gain out of it. All deciding one day that the NFL has to learn its lesson. This isn't enough that over 70% of the players are black, but now we guarantee them a lesson. Black people are going to walk away because the league is racist if you don't do this. If you don't play our anthem.

And that's going to be the wrong thing. If we don't play the black national anthem, then that just definitely means that the NFL is racist. Are they suddenly going to start doing that and demand that of Major League Baseball? How about the NHL or the NBA?

We have even a higher percentage of black players. I don't see the NBA doing that yet. Well, they probably will if they see that the numbers and ratings hold firm with the NFL. So you'll see they're going to... Go ahead. Finish that thought and then we'll come back. It's just a crazy thing that this is going to be a copycat template. Well, and it's sad because, again, I believe that sports has always been something that unites us as cities, as communities behind a team.

And now they're attempting to tear that away. Back with more after this. Hi.

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I believe that as a Christian I must occupy till He comes and that to call evil wicked and to warn about those evil acts is a part of the mandated Christianity. That to love also means to be willing to take the risk necessary to confront a friend with the truth in hopes that their heart will be turned because their life matters even if it means in that moment they will possibly hate me. It means that I must risk scorn to stand for truth and that I can never sit silently by while evil attempts to conquer the world. God is my everything and Jesus is the love of my life. That does not make me weak but strong, not silent but bold and not fearful but courageous. Therefore if you are my friend while we may not fully agree know that I share what I share because I care.

If you strongly disagree with these beliefs they are not debatable for me and you can if you choose unfriend me. I do not say this in anger but in love. I wish for you eyes to see and ears to hear that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation and that God not man gets to decide what is truth, life and the way. God bless you. Now back to Chosen Generation with your host Pastor Greg. And don't forget you can get more Chosen Generation at And remember and click on CG contributors CG contributors and you will be able to find Project 21 Black Leadership Network and their latest articles that they have up. Martin as we look at this situation, the NBA, the NFL, I mean it's in Major League Baseball has you know embraced all of this as well.

The wokeism. As we look at this scenario do you feel as though there is a point at which the dollars and cents are going to drive them to do something different or as we discussed in the green room are they looking beyond America and they really don't care? Well they absolutely are looking beyond the United States. They're looking at the three quarters of a billion people in India. They're looking at the over a billion people in China.

The sports leagues are now diversified. They're looking at saying that they plateaued in the United States. They plateaued, they know, it's sort of like when you, I always use as an example, is that Apple for example, every year they put out a brand new iPhone. Knowing that whether or not that is an upgrade, they know that three million people at least, at least are going to purchase that iPhone. The NFL and the other sports league know that regardless of what they do, whether it's a good product or bad product, they know that a certain percentage of Americans are going to go to go to stadium.

They know that the torn stars are going to fill up. They know that a certain number of people are going to view it and they're like, okay, we're cool with that. We can make money off of that. But now let's go outside the border and let's see where we can make even more money, more of a viewership. And they're willing to exchange some of the controls that they have here in this country to accede them to say the Chinese media, the Indian media, the Cuban media, whatever, in turn for getting, I'm sorry to say, the 30 pieces of silver that they have.

Yeah. It's really sad, folks. I hope that you continue, though, to send the message and that is and tell your friends we don't support this kind of divisive commentary, this kind of divisive behavior, and certainly when they are funding enemies of our nation.

And that's where their money's going back after this. This is Adam Mundall with State Air and we are sponsors of Chosen Generation and Pastor Greg. Sponsoring this program has been a real blessing to our business and I want to encourage you to join me in sponsoring Chosen Generation and Pastor Greg. Call him today at 830-446-3624. Once again, that's 830-446-3624.

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