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New Polls Show Voters Moving Toward Republicans Ahead of 2022 Midterms

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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May 2, 2022 12:45 pm

New Polls Show Voters Moving Toward Republicans Ahead of 2022 Midterms

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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May 2, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:10:53] Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX)


[00:18:31] Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL)


[00:39:56] Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN)


[00:55:13] Brett Velicovich


[01:16:28] Jon Taffer


[01:32:00] Bret Baier

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Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me. Yeah, I do feel tearful always want to do in radio feel tearful. Thanks so much losing everybody go get a sensational weekend.

I am on the road but did not want to miss the show. So I lose their kind enough in Boston to let me come out of the Odyssey, studios, and it's been it's a beautiful set up here so I would be coming with you coming to you from New England where there's a lot more Fox fans I ever dreamed imaginable encouragement Kevin Brady is coming up in 10 minutes got a get into dollars and sent to them a little bit of inflation which by almost every statin poll is your number one concern in the Michael Walt will go inside the war and inside are somewhat of a war in the Republican Party and how much is on the line for Donald Trump over the next few weeks because he endured so many candidates, many of which were underdogs and if they get close to his outlook for Donald Trump if if they were leading and and they lose as I would bet for down probably affect whether reruns are not selected to the victory stories you need to know Brian's three number three border is not open. Individuals are either expelled under the title 42 authority or they are placed in immigration enforcement proceedings and they are removed. If they do not have a valid claim under our law to run okay so it is not open. I can't take it. I almost enter I interrupted my own soundbite. Of course the borders open and do they do they get the cell phone and say we you better not take off the tracker enjoyably W-2 nice enforcement border bungle buying broken we look at slide about it and much of the dam chagrin. Americans care a whole lot about it, especially because it's going to get a whole lot worse. While this is a major wake-up call for Democrats when it comes to the Latino vote has a new poll is revealing for 10% of them say that they would back Republicans in midterm elections.

Yeah, that. Thank you Ainsley for that things are changing. Voters are moving toward Republicans. Polls show remarkable gains with over 45-year-olds and Hispanics as Ainsley mentioned an unwelcome loss of big business by the Republicans is more these big businesses like Disney go walk and Republicans walk but cannot hurt them long term shift today. We finally managed to start the evacuation of people from as a stop for the first time there were two days of real cease-fire more than 100 civilians have already been evacuated, women and children first of all while wearing them down.

That's the goal of both Ukrainians and Russians in their barbaric war now into a 65 let me update you. First off, I salute Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic coalition that went over there not easy to be 78 years old. As we as we start talking here and go towards him. She did gradually lose the music now that I'm talking real life. So she goes over there and pledge of support good chemistry or mark. She mentioned that the US support is going to be long term I think good. This is something I think both sides agree on.

I just saw Paul flash out from the Washington Post that 36% of you say give more a 35% say with great giving just the right amount. Very few say ignore it. Here's more from prison.

Zelinski got one shift today.

We finally managed to start the evacuation of people from as a stop after many weeks of negotiations. After many attempts different meetings, calls and proposals for the first time there were two days of real cease-fire more than 100 civilians have already been evacuated, women and children first of all I love that, but it does make me somewhat sad. I want to get one. All the civilians out. But when you give up Mary poll there already.

Setting appropriate provisional government 30 only accepting our ruble said there popping up supermarkets Russian stock supermarkets and the doing the same thing in cure son there to say okay I'm in charge will take over. This is the new this is the Russian Republic and we are expanding that stuff because they don't care about human life. They don't care about who they kill that could be a problem in the Dunbar Syria. Even the Ukrainians say they are flooding with even more troops for there's no coordination there. Still, even though it's so close to mother Russia.

There still having trouble getting supplies which shows how unorganized they are. Vladimir Putin over the weekend.

This is a story looking for confirmation to undergo cancer operation and hand over power to a hard-line ex-spy chief so this guy is name is just some KGB guy all you need to know is can't be worse than Putin.

Let's hope he dies.

The guys got cancer. He's been traveling around with a cancer doctor.

He looks terrible on his there is Orthodox Easter Sunday, he couldn't even stand we see them gripping the bottom of the table we see people will be meeting with him the 16 to 25 feet away. So there's a sign that this guys are hopefully very sick and my senses. There's not a lot of Vladimir Putin's these be a poet.

Skip policy. That's not that the Brezhnev way of doing things is gone.

Not that that was ever heaven that was that was in the midst of the Cold War. I understand it, but this is more like Stalin. My hope so as you mention the good news is there's of actions evacuation underway is also rumors and most of them prove true Ukrainians took out two ships by using some of the suicide drones that would be great news, is also rumors and pulling up some weapons depots in Russia that would be even better news. I'll talk about that in detail without Michael Walsh was on the ground. Former former Army Ranger.

Russia has an advantage in the Dunbar seizure region because it's smaller and there were there already. But Ukrainians still are well armed and not allowing the Russians to surround them. So every termers she goes to do that. They poke through and every time they try to dominate city like Corky again. They lost to the beginning to pull back there so I don't know how they gather this, it's costing us another 33 billion. No vote again today and I hope it gets greenlighted but the Russians have made a terrible play into nine Bulgaria, Poland, gas and oil and now Germany say pay me Rubles or don't get it all in the rest of Europe. There's a rapid porch to go to Turkey go through Turkey go to the Mediterranean.

Go get natural gas from United Arab Emirates and there's places in Africa that would be great customers. There's a pipeline that's almost done, and it looks as though the Germans are getting down to a point where they're going to suffer. There's going to be a possible recession.

But in the end they get to be much more secure because they're going to. Not that depend on Russian oil and gas use Bob Menendez Guthrie. Economists predict that the Russian economy.

GDP will contract by 15% of that wipes out 15 years of gain for Russia even Russian economists say that they will have her 10% of GDP lost. That's it. That's a huge blow to Russia, Europe's latest effort that they hopefully will consolidate this week of having a oil and gas embargo against Russia will be a huge blow and saw someone who's been the author of many sanctions that has a tail to it.

It takes some time to have an effect, but it is having an effect and I think was having even a bigger effect is the West's commitment to Ukraine. This is a test for the West, whether or not we will allow a country in this case Russia led by Putin to ultimately violate the international order and erase the boundaries of the country by force.

I just don't understand what she's thinking. This is the only thing that you have defined its there were to feed their people and yes they have Europe over about a barrel to a degree look at Italy is done. Italy is actually coping up deals now with Algeria and other African nations and archer archer bridge on to get natural gas. The plan will be take some time to ramp up of the country would be the least vulnerable to in the short term to Russia, but in the long term, not at all. Instead of buying oil and natural gas from Russia were production costs are very low in the pipeline transportation is cheap. Your Patel turned to the media term to more expensive alternative places like get this United States, which until seven years ago had no gas facilities at all. Remember when Robert O'Brien told us Robert O'Brien said they had a deal to put a pipeline right into Portugal of natural gas that would fly right through all of Europe.

They had environmental issue with the French on the in the Pyrenees mountains. We think that is evaporated. So if there is a will.

Natural gas burns clean we could be there number one supplier there will be some heartache still be semi-gas prices probably can use air conditioning the way you would like to like for example California is experiencing right now but if, in the long term civilians live in. Your security is enhanced because you don't have to depend on an evil renegade nation. Doesn't this work for you.

Yes, explain that to your people. So yeah it was on the fast course they go to Angola, Nigeria, Republic of Congo. Evidently this of natural resources there. We can develop and we talk to Saudi Arabia they could help in the near term wasn't that was just one part of a B talk about we come back what's going on with inflation.

What is the best way to get it back. Why is Nancy Pelosi still talk about Bill back better. Not another 4 trillion spent crazy.

We were kidding about it over the weekend on the will, at the White House correspondents dinner. No joke. When Kevin Brady joined us. Then after that Michael Walt US into the brain to meet show on the road of beautiful Boston back in a moment your knowledge base Brian Kelly show precise personal power is America's leather team in the palm of your flocks. Weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen. Alan Fox News or wherever you get your project talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show I was an activist for 20 years before coming to Congress and I have consistently seen these attacks by immigrant Republicans on immigrants no interest in fixing the broken immigration system, which is actually the issue that we need to address.

If we want to have an orderly process when trunks put in place. Title 42 public health law that never should've been put in place because it has to do with the introduction of a communicable disease and at the time that was put into place was already here. This is when you feel bad for Joe Biden because this is the type of idiocy. He has to deal with my questions. As you know how idiotic her statement is title 42 in the middle of a pandemic because it was here already.

We should let all of Central and South America and Africa and and Europe in that make any sense to you will keeping kids out of school so she can even wanted him to begin with, let alone have it go away in two weeks by joining me now is Kevin Brady, Kevin the congressman from Texas and it looks like Morgan Luttrell's is the favorite to take your spot in your district, but know when I hear this know what you get. Now Kevin is a powerbroker on the left. Oh my God will make perfect temples title 14 and by the way the American public still believes it makes perfect sense to keep in place with the fact the matter. Tracy manipulates this public health emergency to bear their aim matter what it is to command. They want an open board of a walk of chaos. They wanted danger dangerous. Frankly environment in states like Texas and it's just sad to see to hear comments like that but outback. We are looking for thing ends on May 23. States like ours. I would argue, horrible country is going to be Christ by this surge of migrants and what it brings from penalty sex trafficking to drug all I you explain the 42 Democrats that sign the petition letter to the present say leave it in place for Mark from Mark Kelly dissenters son Henry Cuellar is for real. I get it. They just playing a game for their own political welfare. You think they understand this a problem. I think the problem got so and so that you can't ignore it and driving their constituents to demand that they enticingly get a chance I will find out you ask request have a real find that out here because I get to vendor chamber this week or next. Going to try to put that Ukrainian a bill on the covert bill with an and nothing to do a title 42 and just bear Senate to vote against it and in my guess is, Republicans are going to hold on this. The question is will some of the Democrats who raised these issues and find those letters will they join us. So in Texas.

Gov. Abbott announced the long since operation Lone Star the you guys caught 239,000 migrants, and you've spent almost 37 million you've actually taken 37 million of currency out drug charges, drug trafficking, money, and 342 million lethal doses of fentanyl.

My question is Texas is writing this check for something. The federal government should be doing. Now I know you guys supplementing it's okay to border. Stay up to Arizona desert to a degree in New Mexico and California, to a degree, but if there's ever something bright for a lawsuit when states are suing the federal government should this be it.

It should billion and billions of dollars to try to secure the border when the wall rabbit in our leaders.

Gov. Patrick speaker feel you know they are adding another half $1 billion to two to keep operational starting goalie because we have to, especially in place of ending title 42 how to do everything we can the government. Congress owes Texas the money for in Arizona any of the poor state for doing the job that Biden simply won't do, and it is a huge amount of money Brian, but we gotta do it. So is Kevin you Ways and Means right now and there was a Republican president EC inflation 8.5% wage is around 5%. What would be the first thing that you would recommend they do stop making worse. Stop. Stop spending and get all those culinary programs on spending out of the budget. Secondly, workers back to work right now. We still you know, I know that Biden and the present by denying the key people home presently connecting work that is really keyed in place. Nothing I would I would lower taxes and here's why. Right now, other countries around the world are lonely their taxes to fight inflation were the only were the only country in the present by proposing to raise taxes on families on small businesses and corporations that are trying to invest in the supply chain Hammerman.

As you know in this economy you raise the prices on business, you raise prices on consumers. It is exactly the same thing. So there driving inflation up time without lowering the cost of doing this is America, so it is you know economically they're just clueless like they are on the border. But the problem is we saw it was shocking. Brian to have the economy shrink in the last quarter and there's a chance it'll shrink again next quarter. The question isn't are we had to recession the only argument is when did that happen and it's all fueled by pregnant Biden spending and in policy. You know, inflation up in a major way to click visit the Democrats who won by the chief poster that they're losing face with the American people and the border crime and inflation.

So the notes or new strategies bring up Donald Trump and see how much better we are off without Donald Trump's policies do you welcome that argument, you know, yeah, bring it on. Because the American people know differently is miserable. Families are spending $5000 more breakeven their neighborhoods on the fund now disarm the police stop the border issues and all they drew they've lost faith in his interest binds leadership of this country and I know that I keep focusing on companies not on about Barack Obama essentially got reelected by saying that Romney is the worst person on planet Back into that strategy.

Hopefully, Republicans are smart enough to have a counterargument. Kevin Brady thanks so much worse than dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast listen to Fox News radio show like no other thing that I continually now laundry left for weapons with another one of the present announced on Thursday. A lot of the weapons don't arrive, but not the weapon that seems to need and you were at a pivotal time right now. The Russians are redoubling their efforts to try to take areas of eastern Ukraine possibly extend their reach to Odessa maybe move into Moldova. This is a time when we have to get Ukraine as many met weapons as possible to stop this onslaught. Yeah, desperate fights, knows what he's doing keyed up for years to John Bolton who of course you work with the Trump administration and often fights is just a real good guy when it comes to military things. Also, understanding, go over these leaders are couple of things going on.

Russians are actually running. According to reports running out of precision weapons.

Just go to bat precision weapons.

You start using with a cold dumb bomb just dropping in the vicinity, which is a waste of money, time, but also just I'm not saying they they don't intend some time to kill civilians, but now it's virtually guaranteed so Ukrainians are penetrating into the Russian border area. This trying to blow up depot areas of the Russians are not having the success there behind even there. Dunbar's operation, but they are doing damage magic just saying I can't take over this club. But I want to go in the club and correct the place and you still have the lease and you still have your staff and look around go this place is destroyed and that's why Zielinski is the perfect guy with a perfect face to say That that aid coming in.

I have to have those weapons coming and any with his charisma and with his charisma that he's been able to do in the way he's been pushing back against Russia in the ways people been fighting has been the best postcard for that of Michael Walters with us now.

Yes, garnishment, welcome back. So looking the Syria first off on something you don't know directly, but you might know indirectly. We believe the story about Vladimir Putin having cancer surgery. You know, I don't believe anything coming out of the Kremlin and I'm looking forward to actually getting the reporting and the intelligence.

What we know but I would take anything at face value. Brian all right here is Nancy Pelosi in the NT yesterday cut to not only by police making threats. You cannot back down. That's my view ethics that you went there for the site and you cannot cannot sold to a bowling that is Nancy Pelosi she's asking from. Keep choosing from Poland.

There, but she did get to the war-torn capital I give a great credit for this.

Don't you like. I give her credit for going.

I think it frankly was really a shame that the secretary of defense. State kind of knocked and knocked out in the middle of it.

In the middle of the night. We need to have our senior officials their standing with the with fluency and and and with Ukraine and making that no I think our empathy should've already been reopened there that the United Kingdom is doing it and of course we are following along like the administration is done, the beginning of the thing, but I would've loved to standing an audience, Brian, and asked Speaker Pelosi. Where was she in such a forceful way before the war were demanding that the sanctions be implacable or hand that the weapon that the Ukrainians were begging for be provided back then. So the Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday that struck 800 targets across Ukraine including a hanger in the port city of Odessa was said to be staring weapons and ammunition delivered to Ukraine by the United States work which you know that wouldn't surprise me. We know the Russians have been increasingly trying to target that aid deliveries coming in to be very, very interesting. If they start going over the border right about when we have an escalation with NATO so wealthy again. That was according to Russian Defense Ministry. I believe it about as far as I can throw it and when I can get to DC and actually get the recording outlet comes my quotes with us. Congressman, the other something the Russians are doing is taking Mary to pull in the same okay Rubens is now the currency in supermarkets can be Russian. I am now in charge will be to get the Ukrainian flag down safety with your son with this incident actually trying to do to that land bridge area and the area that they've expanded out of idea what they've done� Since 2014 to solve it. One of absolving that area into Russia and it's it's just it's just a shame to watch this unfold in real time. What the Russians are going to continue to do is just take bite out bite after bite, and if our goal is just to get excellent get back to the negotiating.

Our goal is to eventually give him enough to play to what I put in will will take it much. If you can consolidate absorbent in the Russia lick his wounds over the next 45 years and be right back at it in the future, we have to get the link everything you need to win and we can't be afraid to Help Him Dr., Russia out Ukraine that need help in Ukrainians going off it and that's why you're seeing so much nuclear saber rattling from Putin because he wants to deter a from doing that. The other piece Brian as we got to get.

About the sanction. I'm sick and tired of the administration patting themselves on the back for unified response against Russia only people that are unified United States and Europe, but China India were still South Africa. Most of the Middle East are all still doing business with Russia. That's why the ruble has recovered.

That's why the economy is still going and meanwhile, to the extent we have sanctions in place with Europe back door and there's exemptions for energy and progression For their brain and billions per week starting administration is way over selling the. The effect of the sanctions because there are enough holes in them. They will look like with G you guys drop something tighter and submit it and show exactly what to do them and let them turn around because the American people behind 36% said they're in for more weapons, 35% said the bullies support arming Ukraine very few are against it. This is opportunity now to say this is what were doing.

This is what we could do Brian and your question very directly. The reason we don't have Nancy close charge of of of the House of Representatives.

That's why I go back to. I wish I were standing there like top beforehand and where to talk talk when it comes to the faction presenting to see this is a Republican sanction idea, yes we could, but to get to the floor for a boat. It takes her to take her to agree something else is happening that diesel strategy. Why would Vladimir Putin be telling your opinion Rubens, you don't take oil and gas and cut off and cut off Bulgarian Poland because this is forcing them to do what we been asking to do for 50 years and stop with this alliance on every lot reliance on energy and Russia. Germany is trunk their their use of Russian oil and gas down to 35% of the U of Italy scrambling over to Algeria algebras on the Congo and others for natural gas Nigeria as well.

So this is.

This could be a long term great play for Europe.

Great play for us will play from Putin to Boise thinking this is what fueling his war machine with my missing. I don't think you're missing anything. Brian makes a great point and not at the end of the day thing that has me so that were looking to replace that member fighting was over there talking about a strategy to replace it. We can replace it with cutter you can replace it with Maduro and if you don't think those things are underway and work were Out but a bright unfortunately I gotta get on a plane body and okay wonderful talking to. I see you are in Florida or DC or New York. Talk to you soon. By 1-866-408-7669.

I do want to play. He's got it and I've had this out before because I've been getting on planes nonstop for the past four weeks use. Gotta get off when gotta get off these gotta get on the plane or the plane. Gotta take off and you're still on the phone.

The guy next is like why the hell don't you shut off. I get it real quick. I want you to play appear more from just a little bit on the on the war situation. This is this is what Fred Fite said earlier on. Should we send more weapons. He also talked about it for the violence goes down.

Russia loses cut five. I don't think there's gonna be a pasty. I think with with put being pretrade as a workaround.

[Happen, but I think we can hope for cessation of hostilities.

If Russia's losses reach a certain level might buy. I don't how we will sustain that. But I think we need to work towards an end of the conflict, which means Russia has to suffer substantial losses right now right and evidently if their economy shrinks like they say the vid is shrinking if they have really lost 20 to 25,000 soldiers, let alone how many been a wounded and he is dealing with cancer surgery has very little support around them and the oligarchs are being or are being will suffocated their yachts being dispossessed, repossessed and sold off and a lot of their holdings.

Read about what's happening to them. Maybe there could be case. But my thing is, as were Mike Walters said if we stop it now and they were able to absorb report Ukraine which is the natural desert this time to call coal, iron and oil in that region Hills business office window. Be back in 5 to 7 years and then will get everything why do we let him off the mat. That's the problem.

1-866-408-7669 to be able to take calls for the first time next spring to me the Branko Michaud hope you had a great weekend and so glad you're here something new every day, Brian Kelly show will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber list just the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me, you will know that international incidents saying that power very very upsetting to Russia until someone explained to them that none of the stuff I can once actually gets done. Yeah, I thought he was great. I did that of all the comedians that I've seen that I remember I wasn't there. I will show due Saturday one nation. Thanks. Watching and then afterwards I watched a lot of it and it was good. I thought it was really good and it was conversational. It wasn't really Joe Grillo set up joke set of jokes set up joke I thought it was true that some stuff didn't work but remaining to do that job is almost impossible. I thought his remarks at the end were not sanctimonious. They weren't scolding a thought they were accurate, and I think people that backs up my thought that this old Ukrainian operation. This whole war that was seeing the people just want to fight for freedom as imperfect as their democracy is people talking about the factions and people being paid off. I get it, but it's that transition from the oppressive being a vassal state to Russia since the 90s and the constant disruption from Russia, whose jealous of their look over there purview to the west.

I think that's making people turn around and go okay you on May would take a lot for granted.

Here I thought his remarks at the end were good when here's more funny stuff that was that was his remark about letting Putin about this about Barack Obama's reference to 25, Mr. Pres., thank you for being here. Thank you for having me here and I was a little confused by me but I was told that you get your highest approval ratings in a biracial African guy standing next to you so funny right thought was funny how this could 20 7C is doing great work now and I love watching your shows you when trunk was in office shows on about how bad he was and all that Bidens in office shows on about how bad someone's consistency is important. We appreciate that we really do. Good morning. It was in the Fox's radio I pay Marty. I wanted to weigh in on this ministry of this information by the administration set up. I think what it really is a very clever scheme. Now they can use tax dollars actually campaign to these groups that they feel they're in trouble with the African-American and the Spanish and Mexican groups that they're starting to hemorrhage support so they figure out how to use tax dollars to do their campaign. Can you expand on that folly. Well, they said this ministry of this information is going to be used for combat this information to these particular groups is that not right so they're going to be this ministry of this information is gonna have a budget that they can use to send out information to people to combat what they see is this information about which of course will be anything that doesn't support the Democratic point of view right yeah me that would be so flagrant it would blow up in their face and by the way those those minority of the minority portions of our country, not the date they have one person speaking for the monk and Hispanic, black, Satan's, but I think the they want to be pandered to the same going to shield you from this information, as if there there parent.

It doesn't go well into UCLA's hemorrhaging Hispanic votes no. 52% surveyed the Washington Post, Paul 52% said they more likely to vote for Republican 39%, the Democrat, if you ever want to see Democrats cracked out of the border.

Maybe now will do when they realize the new voters, the people sneaking it will eventually be voting Republican. So about this information I should bring that up so secretary may work is try to do some damage control after his hideous hearings where he is nothing to defend, except for the terrible job is doing for all, and of the lack of policies, Joe Biden is putting out. Here's what Sen. Marcus said about his disinformation board cut 17.

There's no question we could've done better job in communicating what we address disinformation that presents a security threat to the homeland disinformation from Russia from China from Iran, from the cartels. Our work does not infringe on free speech is not infringe on civil rights, civil liberties, it's not about speech, well it's about the connectivity of violence that should be the State Department. He's describing attacks from the outside to the inside.

Homeland security is the Hunter Biden laptop that is outside to you going to make sure that that is sidelined again the next Joe Biden scandal. The next Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Susan Wright scandal could be rushing to Jim's disinformation will take another two years of examination for you to realize it wasn't and I'm just wondering, does this play into this. Remember, Barack Obama gave that speech at Stanford a few days ago cut 20 almost all platforms now acknowledge some responsibility for content on the platforms and their investing in large teams of people to monitor. Given the sheer volume of content strategy can feel like a game of what while content moderation can limit the distribution of clearly dangerous content doesn't go far enough.

I also think decisions like this shouldn't be left solely to private interests. These decisions affect all of us. And just like every other industry that has a big impact in our society that means these big platforms need to be subject to some level of public oversight and regulation. Coincidence, that's the topic that may work is have us to sneak out during testimony.

A week earlier Barack Obama at Stanford gives that speech about this information. They all linked by possibly click there is a problem on social media. I don't want Barack Obama and secretary may work is to fix it. Fox News contrast network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite contest I Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian would kill me thank you for being here, but you bring to me till coming to you well today from Boston but located 46 in midtown Manhattan around the country heard around the world. Hope you had a great weekend for most of you was clearly the weather was great, it actually felt like a fool for change to be able to get outside, so hopefully that will happen. Oprah was inside for over 360 days during the pandemic over so scared about the BC center Bill Haggerty standing by a bridezilla coverts fresh off a trip to Ukraine again we use on the ground for six weeks, which he knows you can't get out of a printer, you can't get out of report, which he seen in terms of the fighting of the equipment what's getting there. What's not" be joining us shortly. So let's get to the victory stories you need to know Ryan's 33 order is not open.

Individuals are either expelled under the title 42 authority or they are placed in immigration enforcement proceedings and they are removed. If they do not have a valid claim under our law to remain so.

The border is not open there removed for the get to stay here with the cell phone that we gave them with close that we issue them with a bus ride where we bring them wherever they want, or a plane ride an overnight border bungle Biden broke the border may orchids lied about it and much of the damn chagrin Americans care about it, especially because it's about to get worse. While this is a major wake-up call for Democrats when it comes to the Latinos that is revealing for 2% of them say that they would back the midterm election while things are changing voters moving toward Republicans. In many ways.

Post your remarkable gains with over 45-year-olds and Hispanics are welcome. Loss of big business.

According to some of the Republicans are losing the big business as a client. I guess as they go to walk. Case in point, Disney Republicans walk away.

It may seem good.

Now what is that a good long-term strategy.

Today we finally managed to start the evacuation of people from as a stop for the first time there were two days of real cease-fire more than 100 civilians have already been evacuated, women and children first of all, yeah that is transmitted roughly present Zelinski wearing them down. That's the goal of both Ukrainians and Russians in this barbaric war now Wednesday, 65, which we are very much in support.

Nancy Pelosi took some courage went there and visited again took the train came in and left immense well went to Poland and made a speech. Special thanks to heart talk 95 five WR NN of Myrtle Beach. We really appreciate you adding us. We appreciate you adding us to your schedule. I hope you enjoy the ride.

We certainly are thrilled to be there get a lot of calls in South Carolina.

All right, let's bring in center Bill Haggerty said Haggerty, welcome back, Brian got first thing first. Just on the war. 33. Billions can be offered the theft of the ministry. She wants are you living with the green light that will understand exactly what they plan to do their very quick to come and offer huge numbers of voters in the middle the night without producing a timeline with exact results fail to get with its own so I understand what were to get to this with the American taxpayers get this and what result is going to yield the terms of delivery. Victory Ukrainians have to take a look at this price linked covert aid with Ukrainian eight beltline employee they can try to achieve victory on the covert front what they are concerned about those that Republicans are going to come back and say the title 42's got to be reinstated or continued and we got a pretty significant amount of Democrats coming 40s well about 542 makes the last tool left in the hands of customs support Troy just keep people from entering this country just completely wholesale sentencing cannot see Democrat said about that the Democrats easy seems to be one of them said we ended and you have no plan to handle 18,000 that you projected to search the border, already overwhelmed by 7000 cut 16 title 42 needs to expire as merchants tracked elation and it needs to be replaced by more permanent procedures and plans to do a better job order and so I was confused about the time you have title 42 expire on May 23 was silent. Border rules going to place May 31 I was just confused with the administration's messaging about this young Hewitt and that was a nice way of saying it's my own party and want to blow them up, but you thinking well it's unbelievable. I lead a delegation down towards the border early part of April.

Brian is just a travesty what's happening there. You would not believe the human misery occurring in our border right now. The Mexican drug cartels have complete control of Mexico's northern border at this point there working in harmony with the Chinese Communist Party to bring the course is over working together in tandem to produce more deadly drug putting across the border and killing Americans. We have more people dying in my home state of Tennessee this month than we did last month and that is been the case ever since Joe Biden took office what they've done is they've turned every town in order to entertain things right. The need to be a plan like theirs or the obvious answer that's put in place the micro protection protocol so-called stay in Mexico policy the president from negotiating very hard fought. It took a long time to put that in place and working you got remove the incentive for people to come to United States Newport stay in her own country in 1/3 country while they seek asylum you stop, catch and release you bring the flow of illegal immigration to all this way you have a socialist leader of Mexico to present trumpet the time said this got a stop. He had a series of meetings. Think of Marines on their southern border remain Mexico's put in place and so good was their relationship.

At the end, it was still the Mexican leader was probably the last ally of ours to acknowledge that Joe Biden won the election and he said that Donald Trump is always been fair and honest with us. We never had relations with Mexico like that. So whatever we would do with the remainder Mexico. Now that we understand the hundred and 50,000 would be illegal immigrants waiting to come.

They do not want to do when the judge told him to do and that is to reinstall the remainder Mexico policy, but they're doing it reluctantly, haphazardly, but my fear is with that tell a call that they had last week that Joe Biden will but it was way to get rid of it on the same thing delivered a court order to reinstate the micro protection protocol to force people to apply for asylum to stop. It will not executed. This is a lawless administration and they have no oversight because the Democrats have controlled both the House and Senate. I do believe that a change in November, but in the meantime we can see an avalanche of human misery across the border on the 23rd but continues with his plans to lift title 42 again, which is the last threat of of ammunition that our border patrol to stop this massive flow when I was down there though.

I heard I heard the clip secretary may worker saying that the borders closed. That is not true at all.

We saw people flooding across the board only do they turn themselves in with a group of people coming from Cuba. They came and asked us with the border patrol agent because that step one to get their free ticket and cell phone to move on United States. It's shocking that miracles would have the gall and by the way, for people say that some to be a big deal. The Honduran Foreign Minister came to Washington and told Fox that they expect a massive influx of illegal immigrants into our country from Honduras so they're telling us is going to happen.

They can't do anything to stop it.

We have to threaten them by retaking eight back when we give them a we got to make sure he gets the right people not in the pockets of these leaders. This is stuff that we've been over for 20 years, but it doesn't seem seems like Joe Biden's surprise. We even have a border. Well, he certainly has gone down there. You know I love you little big delegation to the Ukraine you what I'd like to see her ticket delegation� There is a bit from the Democrat side or a leader from the from the house are certainly not resident body go to our southern border there ignoring the media will work, but it is a travesty if you think about the national security conscious quick consequences of the spine when I was there at the border villages told me that since Biden took office. They have apprehended 157 different nationalities that I got a report about three weeks later it's up to 166 different nations citizens have been apprehended that southern border gotten away. This is a copy for national security national security crisis that is well in our neighboring countries don't like this at all so busy for the Washington Post, ABC poll, 52% of Latino voters said they would choose Republican, compared to 39% for Democrats. Democrats also trailing voters under 45 with 50% saying they would choose Republican, compared to 40% who said they plan to vote for a Democrat when it comes to the generic ballot on Congress.

It looks like the Democrats have one or two point advantage over you guys that concern you will Hispanic voters here in America going to continue to move anybody that lives here in America. Probably the got here legally respects our nation once his urination remain strong what they're witnessing up another southern border ensures discouraging them to you in a credible measure always try to hold the mountains hold themselves out as the party that's going to be representing the Hispanic population that's just not true, value standpoint, from a principal standpoint preserve the American way. That's not the case that many people who have migrated legally to countries that do have socialism they know what they'll policy the Democrats are pursuing right now move continue to move in favor because I'm certain well yeah yeah just want to see it can be a lot to do the next 67 months when when Sen. Kelly when Sen. Hassan and others come down to say I'm concerned about the border center, son of New Hampshire did a add in front of the portable same. We kind of reinforce our border. These Democrats sincere is up to 42 of them assigned a letter saying the concern about title 42 and was tapping at the border what you think is really happening that deli can require. We know he feels that he we know we believes it about the other reading the polls realize that they are going to be gone in November so they're moving away from the Democratic Party.

Starla just massive illegal immigration.

No quarters. This is not want this is not what voters New Hampshire Arizona and many other states that have Democrat senators want to see. So there reading the polls been thinking about their own survival. They don't wake up and get the call exactly come down and experience what I did actually come down and see exactly what's happening is not about doing a photo shoot wall. This is about going down and see the human misery coming across is what I'm talking about young children, mothers, young girls been planned for months trying to get the group interview severely and those people are just being used as far by the cartels because of using them to basically overwhelm the border patrol agents so that they can then shove the client or the normal channels. It's just a disgrace from controlling everything at the border firing people and people were upset by that threatening countries people are upset by that but at the end he really got a hold of it. I went down there three times now the getting 7000 a day.

Back then I think was 3500.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing I was seeing border patrol captains and officers being forced out of their offices for picking up migrants while I'm doing standups they were turning themselves into while doing interviews turn themselves into them I get back to their base and I see a bunch of guys throwing up these tense in order to put the families and I walk inside that area should be holding maybe 50 people.

It's only 150 people which look like many prisons, because we want to protect the kids on the adult I had I had minor PTSD. I could not stop thinking about this scenario and I can't believe I I can only imagine how bad it is now.

Did you feel the same way you couldn't shake when I saw the border so I signed up to protect our border was rapidly began the illegal illegally come across that work. They are demoralized and I was actually there.

On the Friday night when change in the change of shift occurred the night shift came on and the leader there told the whole group in the evening Buster that Pres. Biden determined 42, effective May 23 just could feel the call of discouragement and despair all across the room. The very last tool that they have at their disposal being taken away those numbers going to go from 35 and you start to the 7000 that I thought 18,000 to be completely up when they will not be a protected introduction order and that's exactly what the cartels the Chinese Congress party want more death in America due to drug overdose exhorted number one cause of death for young people between the ages of 1845 in America think that your body is Best Buy overdose, most with Sentinel coming from China I'm talking a single Haggerty Tennessee foreign relations and appropriations, but you want to know how far off the reservation. The Democrats are. Listen to Joe Biden has to deal with this is this is Congresswoman JR Paul on the same thing were talking about 13, I was right activist for 20 years before coming to Congress and I have consistently seen these Xena phobic attacks by immigrants by Republicans on immigrants and have no interest in fixing the broken immigration system, which is actually the issue that we need to interest if we want to have an orderly process when trusts put in place. Title 42 is a public health law that never should've been put in place because it has to do with the introduction of a communicable disease and at the time was put into place was already here. Have you heard of or heard such idiocy to expand title 42, because you think about number one cause of people tweak 48 1845. Drug overdose actually put in place legislation will expand and strengthen title 42, we are concerned about people coming across the truck to get drugs that could lead overdose is the public health concerns for real again. I've got to get Democrats to support that we need to keep protections in place that border the micro production protocol. Once Joe Biden's walk away from that we should put pressure on them at every turn to bring some sort of sin I think so much appreciated understandings can add this.

She says it will since the pandemic was 30 here why we why we stop people from coming here.

I need to even tell you how stupid that is when we come back I'll take your call at 1-866-408-7669 trying to Michelle. So glad you listening if you're interested in Brian's talking about your with Brian kill me release doesn't mean just let go into the United States means if we do not detain individuals placed on alternatives to detention and they are in immigration enforcement proceedings, and if things do not appear for their immigration enforcement proceedings are a priority for enforcement action so let me understand this what he's telling you in a condescending way that is a maturity secretary work is when you come across and you go. I need this. My cases were elected to okay what process you give yourself a giving ankle bracelet you desk appearance when he come back now.

If they don't show up or they throw the cell phone away will going to ask ice to go after really ice which is been defunded and been told basically to stay behind the desk. The few people that are left there member ice is the enemy for the for the way left not for the methodological left, so that's what he saying it will before we expel you will get a look at your situation get you in front of a judge. You can stay to get there.

He claims 84% show up and call. I would love to see a second source of that because I believe nothing this guy says Brian kill me when we come back from jumbo bread."

Want to know what's happening in Ukraine really happening.

He knows the radio makes you say this is the Brian kill me show. I don't think it's going to be at peace. I think with trade of the war, [I have but I think we can hope for cessation of hostilities losses reach a certain level might not. I don't how we will sustain that. But I think we need to work and end of the conflict, which means Russia has to suffer substantial losses right now but flights talking practically I hope so. I think the OR with Dave that we did acknowledge what we heard in transmissions among Russian officers. It was about 20,000 people. And let's say by now it's 25, let alone how many wounded and the running out of precision weapons, which is good and bad these dumb bombs there dropping even though they said they had 500 targets on saw over the weekend, joining it, or 800 targets over the weekend joining a South Prattville covert functions contributor former special operations into analysts and also a drone expert who just spent some quality time over in Ukraine.

Welcome back rent which changed since you left that you understand your contacts are great. Yeah, not much to be honest. Come out. It looks like you when I when I would go downtown to the capital reduction extract American for now, and F. There are things that are being stored. You know what electricity is reportedly stored in 400 9/194 regional settlements around keys that were affected by Russian occupation, but at the same time the store going on man, people are coming back in the country of Ukraine. It was interesting when I left.

Typically, people are stuck at the border crossing going to cross into Poland and now it's really opposite the refugees are coming back, but there are major battles based on the east and bought a lot in her thought. The understanding to some they took down the the Internet so that they lost all communication. Yeah, absolutely. And there you have some other things that are going on in there as well. French, you know you got some of the locations where example, Russians have been making the Q occupying official that bears well. They've been claiming that Ukraine has lost control over the personal region completely working targeted heavily anyone next to the government or media is being taken to Russia or at least Russian occupiers in Ukraine were being tortured a lot of disappearing a lot of brutal interrogation thing that work work work on from come to feel better to complete their by no means is this war over, but I think I'm just like Russian are suffering practically obsolete reporting for junk on kidnapping they clarified. They see the Russians on those people in Ukraine are choosing to evacuate to our country. Others are more sober say they be moved into islands where they're being interrogated or put in force labor or into Siberia clockwork at the current location they're lying to them and not letting medical aid get in there and get out go through Russia and held every thing he will will the book.

Then they end up torturing and interrogating them when you got on the west side you know of the country are currently the organization targets ready to bring food and medical aid in walking that getting in your outlet in there. I'm also going on since the actual fighting. Do you feel as though those weapons getting to the front in the front is now further away and the supply lines are more challenging obviously visiting down the capital right so do wooden people telling you we getting the javelins there. We getting the suicide drones.

The suicide drones to the front and on the network about the country. The left left weapons. There are, and that has to do with logistical supply runs that are going a little bit of incompetence on behalf of the ministration. There's no liability going mind boggling information on the highest level of comfort Brian. It's not some poker with a chip on her shoulder, griping about what is not reaching the front lines of top level of government.

The only legally better telling directly that very little insight into where the weapons are going to show DVD account and that they really wanted their coming out: reach Ukraine and the lack of capability your or will track right now. This is logistics we get these weapons to front-line shots as possible and the fact that US ministration is on account for the very young, Russian, Ukrainian, pointing in the direction of Russian and how bad it javelins will talk about the second so we can guide her basically in the field using these traveling to remember a lot of people in Ukraine. They just turn become smokers just for the last couple months. Examples literally like DJ that I kill it. That was just a few months ago. Mixing become a Catholic even now fighting for Sam in the front line I correctly got job on the trunk of his car and you think this guy strangling things now not South, and there the country. But they're making it certain capacity guide, but then there misfiring on the front line they're not there don't have the proper training simulators that talk about the last 24 hours of the US government has stopped. The Javelin missile simulators from coming into the country which are good things that you used to train people on their assemblage. Your political logjam for the float training to fight Ukraine and those who think that will help train the guy to have just been conscripted to the military and the ones that are actually going to direct NATO so generally still couple months for but there are a lot of things I think that can be fixed especially logistically number one would be the political logjam who would one who would not want a simulator on to train Ukrainians. Yeah, I think you have to do the fact that that word you got job why can't you we been trying to get to traveling simulators for months now be brought into Ukraine before the gavel and they cannot in an area: think stop at the highest levels of government. Whatever reason they come up with what you want to think that with Mike Garrison considering what what the problem anything from the firing so there that the control to keep using them be on the front line firing at rocket fire in the Ukraine online to get them repaired with violators not on the call to repair shop: Connecticut and Ukraine want to leave quite another country and repaired and got part of that is not really because they're all trained on them properly and there there control on the inside of it. So get the simulators over there.

Help me help us get the line because like why you got guys that are military voters that are being handed some highly technical equipment that in the end could be more effective if they are caught still couple thinks of the down bus regions can be easy for the Russians to fight their harder for Ukrainians to fight their visits for the distance and I understand it's a lot of open field. But isn't it also true that things are falling that range will come in those tensions to be forced to stay on roads or just be stuck whether it's about becoming maker maker very closely with the ranking Eastern Ukraine district manager Russia Ukrainian Russian tanks over there. He got Ukrainian water like don't give me this armored vehicle looking to get stuck, you know, give me your little Toyota hi lobster, let me take my own car in error, let me take a different mechanism and why that's why Ukrainians are killing Russians 10 to 1 practically because they're smart about how the movie but the weather is a major issue. Without a doubt. I think one of the things that are beaked are going to become a overall is the Russians have been recruiting foreign fighters in Syria now for months, and he's got been getting trained in Belarus brought in the part of Russia and they been undergoing training here for a month or so hundred thousand fighters went to the piping. Those guys and if not already, into the east and potentially new wave of fighting and then on top that you got Dick again.

Everyone I talk really really concerned about the three day. I think it's the nine economic people are worried that Russia could not come up with something catastrophic to prove to the world that they are in charge and what that is, we don't know but I can tell you that people, especially in Ukraine are preparing for this May 9 I believe it so the cancer surgery.

If you look at this guy that evidently did the daily mail is reporting.

If you look at him over the last few times he looks terrible he is. You look at the same guy and always doing some Botox or something but there's something wrong with him and I do think this is not necessarily the Russian philosophy. It might just be him in a small nucleus of people, their philosophy when people tell you this. I don't I'm done. I know you more of a war fighter then you're an intelligence operator when it comes to Russia and they have totally sealed off their country but doesn't seem real to you. How to remember that I started out very very young and not have all everything I've done going forward and guide him as well when he thinks about about that mentally want to win at any cost and eco-way of all that, and so people cannot underestimate him and started mental health. And what about the battlefield and go back you know decades. He spoke about the Cold War till I'm really concerned about will do in the future here about clearly will telling everyone he's in a win at any cost and what that only counsel, so will the standard report goes that this this other guy will take over. His name is Nikolai Patricia of as long as he is incapacitated and surgery and its abdominal surgeries also dealing with Parkinson's. We watch the distance between them and we almost laughed wasn't so serious between him and his aides. BCM gripped the table. We saw one easy easy was it that Easter ceremony biting his lip and I do think in a situation like this. A lot of this comes from one guy and for him to start denying oil and gas to his number one customer when oil and gas is his number one way to fuel his war machine shows somebody seemingly to me totally imbalanced completely about what not so people you're not going to work on but a lot of people know how hard it be taken on neighboring countries are often out the application for NATO exactly the opposite of what you wanted and so what if you do when more application countries are going to NATO what you feel like a dog encroaching on the territory.about the level of the People are very very concurrent about chemical targeting request for The dollar and they want one group going Ukrainians got to tell you about information on the ground that's going on or about what might you alienate anybody's on the fence and staying out late from Brazil to India. When you go with chemical weapons they gonna lose more people that might be amenable to take any their products on the open market from grain to oil and gas adding to Russia's troubles. According to the Pentagon there says that Moscow is having trouble replenishing its inventory of precision guided munitions official says most of their strikes are being conducted with dumb bombs instead of precision weapons is how you guys are telling you the surprise of many people I know I do come from a military that it made but for the most part look very very quick place where our parking near Russia. On the other hand, they just level what town no dangers to be in America like some ice this guy with the sniper rifle and ordered i.e. you know around the corner. This is artillery start coming in on the front line and you can't run fast enough to get away from it.

You just level it leveled a city block and back part of the key requirements and I don't know if it that they don't have to like or they don't care either way because they're wiping off the map going to marital 90% of the entire infrastructure is completely damaged. I mean the reconstruction side of the road because they're not.

The Russians are surgical and are targeting. They don't care that the woman child mother, father, financial like that and yeah, right. Thanks so much for doing the hard work I daily basis in your message is so important. Thank you.

Thank you Ryan got a pretzel covert Fox News contributor intelligence operator. We come back I'll finish up this hour with you cause 18664087669B in beautiful Boston. Normally, 1/40 and six in midtown Manhattan.

Brian Kelly Joe.

Today's top stories Ryan kill me, breaking news, unique opinion. All Ryan kill me show top rate is �300 killing box ready to crush bad rap to mix back that she had a really good chance it just depends on when you watch my funky is like a waffle house to be normal in the afternoon, but as soon as the sun goes down lady named Janine, threatening to fight every Mexican who comes in ill you listen, I don't think that that's funny. I mean it's funny. I mean, obviously I don't leave those dark talkers Sean Laura fantastic is prime time is ever been.

People watch for more around people that don't like them watch. They've done the impossible. Yes, he also killing it at seven so.

But that's funny that you be able to laugh at yourself.

What happens is people don't agree. That's where the thing goes dark. I get it under me to disseminate humor, but I'm just trying to break up the difference between eight and humor. They got some good journalists they been kill it admitted that that's the deal. Don't pretend that with some marginal crazy network that says outlandish things just for ratings. So I just thought he was good and I am not a Trevor Noah fan.

I mean I watch the daily show I Sikeston. Much of what is happening to me in my life. There's gotta be something else for me to do is nothing happening there. I mean I want to endure the pandemic a couple times was even trying.

Sorry no I was doing a show which promos are terrible to but he nailed it, and I also swore by Orlando with a magic play and it said sold out.

He had sold out an arena. I think of probably I guess if you put a stage in the middle. Probably 10,000 people so I'm in the minority, so I thought he was good overall with the first time I saw watch correspondence to and I didn't go to that didn't want to be there and nothing to the pandemic. I'm to say to myself if I have a day off and they don't need me to do a show I might go to Washington and most of the people I want to talk to are at work so I don't read to need to meet other people. I I was the first time.

Usually I love going to those things.

There's always something to do and some someplace to go. Most foxes have some exclusive party which is which is good, but every day is like having a party over at 1211 6th Ave. was in the right tell Michelle frankly I can't get any of my books, I sign in itself is New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian kill me. Hey, thanks for being here everybody of the Brian kill me till 1-866-408-7669 have a big hour coming away the bottom of the outbreak. They are always insightful, almost as cool as my guess it's in my New York studio now John Tapper man always have to be in control in studio with his brand-new book that is out for rescue.

You don't miss the bar if you will to get a brand-new season is got a great new book the power of conflict is a time in which we just decide to hold our silence. John is saying that the huge mistake and uses his own life lessons to show it.

John Tapper in a better moment. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three sponsored by life and save a life and a choking emergency visit life to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three order is not open. Individuals are either expelled under the title 42 authority or they are placed in immigration enforcement proceedings and they are removed.

If they do not have a valid claim under our law to remain so. The border is not open the border bungalow. Biden broke it may work as lied about it much. The dim chagrined Americans care a whole lot about what's happening there, especially because it's going to get worse.

While this is a major wake-up call for Democrats when it comes to the Latinos that is revealing for 10% of them say that they would back midterm election, but that is the great Ainsley ever things are changing. Voters are moving toward Republicans. Polls show remarkable gains with people under 45 and Hispanics, and I welcome by the way of this something else happening Republican walking away from big businesses as they go woke Republicans all walking that heard of long-term shift. Today we finally managed to start the evacuation of people from as of stop for the first time ever two days of real cease-fire more than 100 civilians have already been evacuated, women and children first of all wearing them down. That's the goal of both Ukrainians and Russians in this barbaric war. Nowadays 65 the better fighter to the Ukrainians and their fighting for their sovereignty, which I hope results in victory. By the way.

Special thanks to BK we have a brand-new station W RN and FM in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina hi talk 90 95W RN and so we are privileged that you're now in our family of five stations and I know you can enjoy the ride and what a great guest yet. John Tapper congratulations on your latest book. Thank you Brian.

You know a thing or two about books, not you. Yeah you know anybody but what you five feel these books. I can't wait to talk about them when they come out isn't day one even know comes out tomorrow is day one so interesting because everything that you thought about now you get to speak about this book. It goes from the library to the arena, it's the truth and you got a hold back as its printing and coming together.

You talk about it too early, so it's great to talk about them as we work so hard on these, this one took me over two years.

Brian so I started reading it and you break up a great first confrontation becoming characterized by the book is so important you start for rescue. You have a scene and you want your reality shows your shows are real emotions real and the confrontation is real and in the resolve is real. If that of course is a case and you hundred producer walking.

Again, we need you to do this we need you do that job.

We need you to stand over there and you just saw this. You were poured by. It basically said all your out or mount make a choice and you willing to pull the whole project because you had a vision and you willing to have conflict.

Make sure your vision was sought through you and I share something were both honest and I'm not to go on television and fake stuff, and when I did the show originally.

My deal with the network as it would be real and this one executive came into want to be to fake a bunch of stuff in the show actually got shut down for the day was canceled for today is all the network executives flew in and it was a big deal but ever since then, they allowed me to do my show. Honestly the way I wanted to.

If it wasn't for that conflict. Brian, I probably would not be on television today. So conflict is not a bad thing. Conflict is important. I wrote this book because in today's world. Brian a matter what side of the political spectrum to run if we don't start to speak up as a society are ideals in the disappear and too many people are intimidated by conflict or scared of conflict someone to put together a how-to book with toolkits and understanding how to engage in conflict, not the kinda nasty stuff online. Talk about dignified, purposeful conflict, know that brother at Thanksgiving or that boss or the conflict with her parents with school boards today they have to know how to gauge in conflict. So hopefully this book empowers people to stick up for what they believe in you to the drill that you like that the parents stuck up for themselves and their kids and maybe found the school board for the first time in our lives. Sometimes they hurt their message by going over the top correct and getting too emotional. That's right, this is great conflict happens logically, it happens in a predetermined, almost strategic kind away almost like a debating team if you will, Brian. You know you know who you're talking to you know what they believe you do your homework and you engage in something deliberate and unfortunately online now.

None of that happens everything is so nasty and relaxed dignity. If you and I will get to negotiate something Brian and you knew that I was gonna take your dignity away. We sat at the tables and will embarrass you and shame you, you wouldn't sit at the table with me, but if you knew I was gonna treat you with dignity you would so great conflict really starts with dignity. Couple of things I think this stat that I was on my Saturday show. We talked about. I believe there is a rise of the of the rational is happy or not about moderates about rational people are coming back to America and speaking up, but this guy one of my guests say did they did a extensive study they say two thirds of Americans decide to self silence rather than speak up when they disagree with someone. Two thirds needed. So how do our ideals continue with two thirds of our society doesn't stick up for those ideals.

That's why I wrote the book, Brian. I wanted to empower those people want to give them the confidence and help them understand that their opinion matters and a lot of the book talks about that that your opinion matters. Don't discount yourself and that is the physiological part regular people who were submissive to hold things in everyday and never stick up for themselves. This bad physiological effects that happen from that as well. It's not healthy.

John is safe to say that you don't hold anything in. That's not your problem, your turning angle before you get an ulcer's true senior in real life, and on television which is relied so here's the risk people listening to us right now. Yeah, if I go and say that to my parents or my boss to my friend to my spouse. I have to risk blowing up that relationship with John Tapper talking about confrontation so much think downsides to your right, but that's the whole point of it is how you engage with your boss and not lose your job how you engage with your part one of the systems of that. How do we engage in conflict and if your Fox watcher and you can argue with the other side of the political spectrum. I suggested a book, watch MSNBC for understand what the heck they're talking about.

So you can engage better. You have to understand your opponent and and if you do, whether it's a boss, whether it's a parent with the school system.

There's ways to engage in conflict that is meaningful, not destructive understood. I get that now. Couple things that you do that, I noticed right away so you do not.

So you come up to me, I'm owning a restaurant in you try to get it get through to me and you'll say listen, I think what you want to do and you'll start nodding is that subconscious or is that a tactic was purposeful. Also when when people were talking to me. I put my hand on my chin. I want people to think that what they say matters to me, that I respect them and on that basis of respect and listening to them.

I can engage in meaningful conflict if I don't respect him or listen to them.

It just becomes a screaming match Brian we don't get me where this is about being logical and being practical and understanding your opposition and strategically going at it to make a point understood so ever. Example body language wise. Some people will believe that.

So if I'm talking to Arlene against the wall, all of foam. I had a listen to you, but if I back up and listen.

People get the understanding that you are as opposed to turning away and walking away. If you turn away or if your body language with your liberty with your legs crossed your hand behind your head, which means superiority you get they do you get into some of that absolutely crossed arms of body language and tightening muscles. Those are the signs to tell you not getting through. And if you're not getting through the conflict is worthless.

You have to understand the other side we talk about so much of this in the book and the tool kits that we give help analyze your brain from talking to you cross your arms and step back is no point anymore you not accepting what I'm saying. So I sort of blew it already. I need to pull you back in somehow when I need to get your hand back on your chin and get you engaged with me in great conflict happens when both sides are engaged.

What about repeating their point. When I think there point and then you bring up your point and I don't use the word but use it, and I completely agree with that. Not only is that respectful it showing them that you listen to them.

So you're saying this, you're saying that I can understand how you feel that way and I have a few that might perhaps I'm with you hundred percent acknowledging as part of respect right and in the other thing is as confident as you are.

I think the more confident people know the more they're willing to understand it may be they need to know more I think of the smarter people are, the more they realize after no more is nothing wrong with maybe realizing your role in stat comes out through confrontation mature enough to admit it. That is not happening, you absolutely that is a great story in the book we talked about with Roy at Walt Disney when Walt Disney was spent about a house and home.

That would've gone broke many many years before they were successful. Roy controlled the checkbook and they were making a movie snow white.

We talk about this in the book and or some glitters some defects in the film the movie Snow White and Royko what goes to Royce as I need to fix this hundred $50,000. Roy would let them do it and if you watch the snow white movie. To this day, you'll see that defect in the film. It was conflict that created the success of this makes the conflict between Roy matching the dollars and Walt watching the creative and it was a combination of both made it successful. You were going to have. We have something special prepared for you when you come on one nation this weekend because I knew you'd be on the channel do a little bit different but I want to just play caught the new season of bar rescue. Let's listen that come out.

That is not the kind of conflict.

As you know bar rescue is a 3060 day process today doing for days and you know when I go to these bars, Brian.

They been told their bars are terrible.

They been told their boys are dirty their employees and told him this for years. I have to say it in a way that gets noticed.

I only have four days to do it.

I get loud on purpose. Believe it or not, that's not anger that's very deliberate and it's me engaging in what I'll call high-volume conflict to effect the change. Very very quickly because I don't have the time for 10 conversations understood and people should understand that Deming we only give away your tricks, but there's ways that you get people candidates well thought out, very sophisticated, so that when people get you get them in the real environment. Also, they have to understand your attention Brian on bar rescue. I was get my hug right so they understand what I'm screaming and yelling in and ranting and raving that I'm well intended.

I'm trying to help them not hurt them. So that's gotta come through and conversations to care about the other side and you will and you going to do a TV had with John before you leave. There is a sense even in pro sports that coaches today do not coach like they used to do, even in the Army in the military academies. They go to the screaming they don't they don't go through the Parris Island like boot camp you would you take that you take that into account that today today's younger generation does not want that and does that play into maybe what John Taft was like in the 90s as opposed to 2022. Nine.

I believe that we still need to do those things that coaches push athletes to be their best to push them to exceed even their own expectations of performance that doesn't happen if somebody is pushed either they push themselves like Michael Jordan did want to have a coach who pushes them I'm all in favor. That sounds funny when Marshall which was on bar rescue told her what a great coach. I would've been had I cited that of course at sending a rater and buffalo go running back, I think so much John. Best of luck I'll talk to you during the week.

Congratulations on the book. It is called the power of conflict pick it up and you'll be a better person a better spouse a better worker and a better CEO. Thanks, John got 1-866-408-7669 we come back a lobe of the post. I do want to expand on some of the breaking news is coming across and also welcoming our bread bear much of his stint on Fox News Sunday. This is the rank of major educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill me the fastest three hours and your Brian kill me this information. I believe that this working group gathers together gathers together best practices. Make sure that our work is coordinated, consistent with those best practices that were safeguarding the right of free speech that were safeguarding civil liberties, I think, is an extraordinarily important endeavor. That was a great question and I can't believe it came from CNN because it's so astounding. Some of things are happening right now and you they have to. At one point in the lunch room or at the sports bar say maybe a little little over the top, that everything we thought the trumpeted was insidious and in diabolical, and now they set up a disinformation Bureau led by a woman that at the very least, has a track record of not being able to pick up this information. Like for example the Hunter Biden laptop and the whole Russia hoax. Remember, so here is Devin Nunes on the timing of this and how it relates to true social being the number one app that's Donald Trump's app which, by the rarity of 22,000 followers and twitter being the third biggest app and I've added 90,000 since Elon musk is made. The moves on the purchase cut 19, I think that's a direct attack on what we are doing it. True social because we can no longer be canceled. So now what they have left to do were going to protect our users from this new phony government disinformation service and the fact that they would use some derated tick-tock star is the clean up this information herself on the Russia hoax and the laptop from health to head this is really the height of hypocrisy that some that's so unbelievable. I spent some time in Washington ever seen something so ridiculous I don't even know it's so stupid I almost wonder if it's a distraction from the border conversation in the big picture on the much situation. I thought Newt Gingrich would put it well with Marie on Sunday, cut 21. Another example Elon musk being unbelievably smarter than almost everybody else. He took everything posters and social analyst of insane political analyst. I put a couple of very simple tweets couple simple stick figures back in 2008. He was sort of a liberal and the liberals were fairly close to the center that in 2012. He was being resorted in the center and the liberals were going to the left.

Now today he finds himself to the right of center and he finds the love liberals were going crazy there so far to the left and meanwhile the conservatives in his stick figures about where they've always been very will put he actually did make stick figures intros where he is politically center-right uninteresting crazy day when we come back upright peer pressure of his successful run a Fox News Sunday will talk to him about what's breaking today. The move was in the Brian kill Michelle so glad you did show that's getting you your Brian kill me. I want the patient understand that no better than bad, in a deal that only gives us six months from my perspective without dealing with some of the other elements know it's 2022. It's not 2014. Some of the sunsets of the original deal for all its imperfections. As you know, I didn't support the original deal are even closer in terms of ending a pathway where Iran could ultimately achieve its goal. So from my perspective, unless, or other elements of the deal that would not be a good deal and dinner home and lifting of the IRG see a designation as a terrorist organization I think is also critically important not to take place. They need to keep the designation on that may be in fact one of the stumbling blocks of having to deal with the that Sen. Bob Menendez, a Democrat, obviously who remembers Sen. Schumer Saturday card and Sen. Menendez knowing that it didn't really matter how they voted, whatever you want, but they did not go for the Iran deal. He's got conservative tendencies on international relations in this Iran dealer about the scientist in the last 18 months.

He said if he goes past February and they're still negotiating it's really going to be a dead deal where in April and I think to some degree. The Russians are negotiating force which is nuts. Insanity. The Russian should be doing anything in the same vicinity of us or any nation, and depending on them to cut a deal with Iran because when I saw talking or one of the black relations with Iran is threadbare bread that was what you you brother Sen. Menendez on Fox News Sunday, welcome back. By the way great job as usual and you did you you knew how we can answer right because he was not forward six years ago but I didn't know how he was now the bottom instruction on what they were talking to him I think is pretty clear where is it. But you know anybody for this deal outside maybe a handful of the White House and you know that's getting close. There still going and I don't know what the deal on Capitol Hill. Chris Murphy has said positive things. Things were very few really good will vote no it's not. So I could do it on their own so we try to get a pledge from secretary state blinking during the hearing, saying you will you bring us a skill at a time, do the best I can to find out that would indeed be possible, which means no pretty much didn't get that and so go forward administration on so and be a lonely place specially if the Iranians are ready to do stuff on missiles and other care and that's what he brought up when it comes to ballistic missiles and intercontinental missile nothings there. The other thing you know there's no mystery as you know why Saudi Arabia is not taking the presence calls or and saying yes to. Can you put more oil is because of this deal in our relations with them and not looking at the duties as a terror of putting them on the terror watch list or list him as a terrorist nation. This is all related attack on you way he treated with PayPal same level of fact or concern from the bottom instruction so there's a lot of love lost between Saudi absolutely so yesterday. Also, you had a chance to sit down to talk to secretary may work as I think perhaps he was looking to do some damage control about. I thought his horrific earrings is a terrible story to tell and he told the terribly here's a little the exchange that you had on the naming of this new December 8 disinformation board of the person in charge.

You really think that check which is anywhere near objective enough for this particular job. Yes I do and and highly regarded as a subject matter expert, and I don't question her objectivity. There are people in the department who have a diverse range of views and their incredibly dedicated to mission were not the opinion of police.

She has testified before Congress a number of times she is recognized as a tremendous authority and were very fortunate to have her go to things that stand out is the rush awoke she bought it in number two is should hundred by both brushing this information by their cleanup and I'll forward here. They're calling it working group now no longer be board order governing board or committee is working which there is a group in the State Department that is about helping formulate information in other countries to prevent some terrorist back to her or something like that. Things like that. But this was not built like Gavin and Dorcas conceded that he screwed up. They screwed up on the rollout and I'd be surprised if this thing gets funded by line item of committee funded so right. You think that it's part of the background check to check tick-tock because that little something that she had was playing everywhere and it's so embarrassing to think that this person could be in charge of stopping the next Hunter Biden story. I think you're going to scale it back tremendously. I think it was you I said last week that I thought it was the shiny thing may have been. I don't know but I do think that it's not going to a lot of places. He took questions about it and will in the Senate as well. You know, I asked him about a number of things that he was looking forward to hearing really. Are you really so this week is months were present from if you look at May 17 Idaho in Pennsylvania to endorse a lot of A lot of candidates, many of which are not in a window selective producing to get enough in Georgia to force a runoff with Brian Kim to get the nomination. JD Vance is another one pretenses that could look at for the president to a guy there may be penance third and put them first. Here's the present O'Connor screwing up over the weekend cutting 33 in Texas, I was treated on endorsements 33 and now you know I lost one race to say Trump was you that's what they're waiting for their waiting for one race interweave endorse Dr. Oz endorse JP JD Mandel and he's doing great.

They're all doing good JD Vance problem. Problem you are JD Vance or his campaign and you're doing her closing argument in your closing argument is that the United States has endorsed you so you need to get on and yet he says JD Mandel, the name of your closest opponent and Mandel to reach out thank you Mr. presence of the endorsement. It's not good.

Yeah, I mean it's almost real baby killing Biden if he was doing this so I think this in my in my humble view between the present being 75 years old and knows okay. Maybe there's some resistance at home. If he comes out and I think expecting to lose and Brian Kemp I think deserves to wind in Georgia they produce not a strong candidate and how many times yes to lose before we realize that so then he did. JD Vance if it Dr. Oz Wednesday JD Vance wins any get some of the key victories I think that puts them on the path but if if some of these guys crater in the the Brassica pink is not close. I mean the guys so there if some of these crater might that affect his decision mean I listen, I think there's a lot of time about running or not running warm in the camp that he is likely not going to run long term, even though altercations are the machine is running. I do think that the primary is a test of his Jews politically and he's right everybody pay attention to every race but he's got a couple, maybe three, four that are really only had to of losing or losing brick so couple of things going on break their consent to host a show tonight you seem over the channel ABC washing postings. I would oppose 60% of respondents called said they don't like Joe Biden's handling inflation. They also say 7 to 10 voters disapprove of how he's handling the economy. They say 20% of respondents said they approve of Biden on inflation so that is that is troublesome and when you look at other things that he's losing on the with the Democratic parties losing on when it comes to the economy overall 50% prefer the Republicans on the economy over Democrats. The Democrats also look better when it comes to social issues and when it comes to the generic ballot on Congress, the Democrats moved up by a point or two, but clearly there's a sense of it seems to me a sense of panic among Democrats agree. Biden is in Massachusetts that's all you and I think immigration is really hurting not just in the border states, but across the country. I think inflation is the biggest hurt so I think this article today. I think with the Washington Post, saying that Biden advisors political advisors looking at a manual microphone and frowns and how he played a poor approval rating election to run against the extreme side of Marie Le Pen party. I think you see Akon talk about Donald Trump in the final months and am asked to put laying out reports for January 6 committee is going to be all over night and day and take a risk because I think a lot of Americans are more concerned about how much things cost and security and crime, and other things so but that's the battle.

I know I see that story that the that they said they tried everything their posters warned about the problem with crime negative border negative inflation negative so they going to go make everything contrast with Donald Trump. The other problem is there's a lot of things were going better in the Donald Trump and there's a lot of people didn't like him, but when you look at the border.

When you look at inflation when you look at the economy when you look at the state of the world. When you look at date, the Abraham accords people saying what second know what's going on here so there that might not be a comparison. Republicans run from the other thing to keep in mind to.

This reminds me a little bit of what Barack Obama did for his reelection.

Remember, the numbers were down. Of course, is that he is a great speaker. He's got a lot of charisma, but his numbers were down people retiring and they decided to vilify Mitt Romney and make him the worst person ever. A horrible white person who didn't like poor people, and Healthpoint that is now in old binder: whenever the dog on the top of the roof.

Think about all the things that were focused on yeah I know these are much clear issues that bread I have not got a good answer for this and don't don't don't blame yourself. If you have a good answer why could George Allen's campaign came and said for Kok to lose this guy follow me around with this for Kok to camera and that really that really hurt his chances being present, but he lost to Webb because of that, and that close Senate race to get six more years. There and now in a situation where people are making more Trump than anybody else for making things it would've destroyed any other candidate for destroyed candidates in the past and they just kind of walk through how you explain what's changed, you know and think about all that campaign and all things that were said that was the last possible thing that a politician could do to get elected. I like people who weren't captured comes on John and all the active Hollywood tape. Think about what we've been through so I don't know if the board has been right deftly been raised for Donald Trump but maybe it's been raised across the board will politician, which is why you have some applying to the extreme. I do think much of the country was still in the same spot center center right and in a place where that eventually will appeal to a large demographic center right like that you will and must sketched out and people are not buying the progressive woke and so that's a challenge for some Democrats and the last thing was for Republicans. They just talked about how the Republicans have changed that used to be the party of big business now between the fights that they had in Georgia and then the latest one with Disney there kind of feeling comfortable walking away from big business does that model their message of free market enterprise and they were to win me. I said this last week. You know the mayor and the sentence could walk away with a physical when politically I think you know to wash you start saying you going after a business in one way or another, despite what the source. A different message so I really believe bread. Overall we made America smarter and this the seven minutes we just spent together so I'm not really feel happy about the work that you were to accomplish a lot.

Do me a favor. I can get a filling to the last minute. I do the schedule so just do special report and then I'll get you off tomorrow okay thanks Fred appreciated great bread. Great job Lisette yes and Fox news Sunday 186-640-8766 I will finish with a flurry of calls Brian kill me, Joe something new every day, Brian kill me show I'm really excited Americans. The lower approval rating but yet I thought he was okay.

I mean is better than I thought it would be so it was a decent night.

I don't know. I realized that whole roast attitude really has no place.

There and Barack Obama was the biggest culprit, and I also think that Seth Myers was terrible having think about this.

If Barack Obama doesn't focus on Donald Trump and Seth Myers doesn't focus on Donald Trump. Maybe the theme of the present to Donald Trump card. He never says you know what I am going to show you member theirs at all that that other and when he was called out in the try to humiliate him after the wash corresponds to run for president gets nomination becomes present. Number two. If you factor in that Donald Trump never could harken back to that. So that was the reason that spurred him forward as another time. The Jimmy Kimmel has you give Jimmy Kimmel visiting we read mean tweets in one things that Barack Obama do news there is right mean tweet about him from Donald Trump and to paraphrase, he said well that might be true but we shall give you but when I know one thing for sure, you'll never be president. Obviously, he became president. I just think the spirit was much more positive. The whole roasting thing of the present.

You should do self yeah you do something to make you a combo. I think that works out for the better. Meanwhile, thanks everybody watch one nation. On Saturday I went to look to build on that team this the rise of the radically rational. Most people listening to me right now. Don't hate Democrats and only Republicans we understand some of things are going on right now from opening up the border to teaching second graders to pick their gender is insane. CRT makes no sense. 1619 was not when the nation was born.

I think people standing up and speaking out now which guys like Fillmore Elon musk Joe Rogan leading the way.

Their success speaks volumes. Thanks much. Everyone bought the soft seat of our New York over 100 meteorologists and resources of Fox box whether podcast process personal powerful subscriber and listen now and Fox is not just

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