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Kellyanne Conway IN STUDIO Talks Trump, Hillary and Durham

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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May 23, 2022 12:45 pm

Kellyanne Conway IN STUDIO Talks Trump, Hillary and Durham

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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May 23, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:03:25] Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS)

[00:18:30] Harry Kazianis

[00:40:26] Michael Goodwin

[00:55:20] Kellyanne Conway

[01:24:15] Gary Sinise

[01:32:03] Bret Baier

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Eligibility restrictions in terms apply as if he got to for complete details and live Fox News €40 New York City fresh off the set of function for America's receptive voice.

Brian killed thanks want to be in your body is the right plumage 01866408766.

Others are joined by Sen. Roger Marshall a better moment and then will be joined by 00 Harry Capuano so this is a new notice. Always great to see his real expertise in this region specific region of residence is in Tokyo right now is in South Korea so two days ago and they can come back eventually. We believe, and then be able to realize the American people really care about the economy. I do think it's important ribeye group Mitch McConnell. I have no problem with them, go you can't time these things perfect is always something going on but I do think it's important to show united front against China and the difference between China and Russia, India. India is anti-China there pro-Russia and he is going to be on board with us, us guys going to be humble with us, South Korea and Japan go to Beebe on board with us, but the presence already made a big mistake. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three, James Baker, the FBI General Counsel whom Michael Sussman has been charged to lying to about whether or not he was representing anyone when he was shoveling the dirt testified under oath that he is will quote 100% confident that Michael Sussman did not say he was there for a client, thus gutting his defense cash Patel I don't know many people in any because he knows much about this case is anybody that I'm talking about the dorm trial, all eyes on DC as door moves into week to review the devastating news to Hillary Clinton Into Hillary Clinton. In particular, everything we already kinda knew. But now we got confirmation among people on the inside, under oath, please pay attention until your moderate so-called independent friends. This matters you were quoted as saying corporate greed is a bad theory of inflation is that another way of saying that Democrats are talking is just a gimmick.

I think it's pretty gimmicky. These price gouging bills because he's got a lot of extra demand. What happens when demand goes up, prices go up, Jason Furman, Democrat party calling out Democrats primers and policies big Tuesday for five states will reprieve you as we learn one thing all people and all parties agree on that should be the focus. One word, inflation number to the overall economy.

I didn't want to get involved in the Ukraine conflict militarily, for obvious reasons.

Are you willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan if it comes to that. Yes you are the remaining right. However, we generally make it that way, and all we go again and the walk backs at home, courtesy of present Joe Biden involving superpowers.

Again the latest as a relates to Taiwan full flashback of the ongoing reality show entitled Joe, unscripted, what spring is Sen. Roger Marshall said he spent a lot of time talking about issues about a lot the southern border.

I would argue matters as much American securities anything happening overseas.

This is an important trip. Are you surprised the president gets walked back by his own State Department within 1/2 hour making that statement or were not surprised. Are we Brian to clean up and I'll fix threadbare statement. What he says when the president makes a mistake. This is the next chapter. This is why our allies are so confused they don't know who we are it over and over again.

We are the leader of the free world. We need to start acting like it and Joe Biden send out this ambiguous message that the that the White House is going to have to walk back today. Look, let me prolactin.

This is the theme of Joe Biden's presidency. So far he's a day late dollar short. We should be getting weapons to Taiwan yesterday.

The month before. Just like we should've got them to Ukraine before all this ignited. We saw the train coming and we didn't do a darn thing so companies White House really clarifies right so they say this is the present center policy is not changed. He reiterated the one China policy and our commitment to peace and stability to the Taiwan Strait.

He also reiterated our commitment under the Taiwan relations act to provide Taiwan with the military means to defend itself that's now the president said.

He said we go indirectly here.

He says Taiwan with them until military means to defend itself that is different. It's another walk back now. Just to give you an idea. A lot of you and upset of new Newt Gingrich this morning says I wish they would just hobo with the present.

Biden originally said we have to start making a stand now other people be upset by that. Michael Welch waited about two hours ago content. I welcome the president's strong language and right on China's doorstop as he is meeting with the new Japanese Prime Minister. I was then going to say. I hope the White House doesn't come around and try to clean it up. It sounds like they already are and that kind of ambiguity isn't helpful so your reaction.

Well, I think the right present cognitive difficulties that he creates chaos that we don't need right now.

You don't want to be making foreign policy live in front of TV cameras in front of the poor, and poor nations all over Tibet. Let's let what happened, cooler minds prevail here do everything we can talk less and have more action let's focus on arming Taiwan, helping them to defend themselves. Let's go back to some basic Reagan policies live in our policies of peace through strength look to be a strong nation with a strong military and start waving the swords we we can have a few more action, but a lot less talk out of this president and we'd all be better off seeing I know you're down the border. Now I mean is when the season.

What you did you take it at your head, just feel so bad for the border patrol because it not backed up by policy. I me I know my border patrol when I was down there attended three times when I was down there yet present from doing everything to stop it, even though the play was still coming. He was trying to stop it you have a present it's on try to stop at a vice president control etc. to stop it but York is who wants title 42 to go and says the borders under control. So Marshall you're in the McAllen Texas is the border under control. Absolutely not writing the last four days here like trip and human tragedy. What were seeing right now every night. This place turned into a war zone C of humanity that's in distress. The president, I telling him after that. I'm asking them to come to the border and see what I see I don't mean stop the McAllen airport.

He succumbed to the border and see the tragedy that I thinking to come some fish somebodies out of the river need to spend the night with the border patrol officers like you and I have encountering family after family units groups of 20s 30s and 40s, unaccompanied my little two little girls. The first side within five minutes we encountered six years of age and eight years of age with no parent, no sibling with them just traveled a thousand miles there dehydrated.

They had dysentery, their overheated their nutrition is horrible. Who knows what type of communicable diseases they got on the way. Hopefully, that they weren't sexually violated. They were in their porch when they met the border guard and will take care of them like like you said, the border patrol doing an amazing job down here but this crisis is unsustainable. One more quick story. I spent a night with the rancher lives about 60 miles from the border past the checkpoint under Pres. Trump. They would find one or two decomposed bodies a year, people trying to make that trek up to their next pickup point this year.

They've already found 100 dead bodies decomposed bodies the president needs to come spend a week or two with the Sheriff's officers and help will pick up the decomposed bodies.

I need to please not like you said that you seen it before you know it so much different than what you what you hear about Henry Cuellar, Democrat at the border, demanding to know just present. I know this thing backwards and forwards. I can help you consult you when people come to his area. They don't even visit him there. China primary him always try to do is save to save Texas and save his seat for the Democratic Party because he's trying to tell them if you think Texas is flipping just because they're Hispanic, and many of these people are Hispanic come across you not paying attention. I mean, you're not getting this great Hispanic wave of Democrats coming through 1 that now they're not eligible to vote and probably will never be good to get companies of immigration reform this way was would secure the border wanted to tell you that Henry Cuellar is having trouble even getting the nomination is a good man for four years with them on the house and got a good heart and trying to defend his home just like I'm trying to think Kansas Kansas is now border state because of the print mill but again just to put it! Here, the president wants this crisis. I do think he believes that these way future Democrat voters that he's going to give them amnesty. No one told all the people lined up at the river last night. The title 42, was overruled by by a court they don't know that that's not what they're being told like the California gold rush right now here in Henry Cuellar's district down here is going to suffer the Sheriff and his district are simply just overwhelmed.

That's a war zone.

I'm talking about is the forms are being disrupted and destroyed by people trapped by the Democrats migrating through look like a herd of cattle come across the freshly planted corn right now. I just one thing after another. It's a war zone down here need to come see it forms to pull political and Harvard due to Paul should we live. Title 42, 5% are against lifting it yet. They're still suing to lift it after court really save their body and what allowed title 42. Stay in place. The other thing is to know was telling the story is there not read they're not enforcing the remaining Mexico, which is against the law and number two is title 42 delivery starting letting Blackmore people and then they have to. So already, trying to ignore the rules that are in place and that we have monkeypox coming isn't that another reason to keep the keep the border secure writing may recall before there was title 42. Within months after this outbreak epidemic started a covert eye doctor about you in the Senate committee.

Why are we stopping people because of all the communicable diseases coming across the border tuberculosis moms measles buddy mentoring work all across the world. This is as bad as any type of situation much worse than what I thought the pole in Ukraine border just a little bit over a month ago. Right now, but there's there's plenty of reasons to keep their energy into your point. This president has been ignoring remaining Mexico policy is going to ignore the title for court ruling as well. It ends and simply stated they're going to overwhelm the border patrol.

I talked to the border till this morning a record week last week. It's a crescendo of activity. 80% of the orbital time is being spent. Right now the detention center put me in a restaurant year being a waitress, getting people showers, our borders are unprotected right now and in the clinic double and triple tonight. The number of people crossing the border. This crisis is unsustainable. I think so much appreciated for Brian, thank you. Have a great week. I sent Roger Marshall doing great work. Please Kansas and spent the weekend at the border. Any still there.

It's Monday. I watch with Greer on Sunday sent Roger Marshall Kansas Henry Caggiano said the bottom of the hour we come back I'll take two calls 1-866-408-7669 or you can write me Brian just click on comments and will get to me. Don't move giving you everything you need to know you're with Brian kill me.

Fox News contrasts network Janice Steen Fox News senior meteorologist. Be sure to subscribe to the chanting podcast on Fox news or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine precise personal power is America's weather team in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show should Americans be prepared for session you session talking about significant progress in making sure we don't have supply-chain backups down 3.6% and so is your problem tax more in Ukraine had not made progress. Are you know he's talking about. If you want to say something about the economy say it's good news you. There are jobs out there.

11 million jobs are open 7 million people looking for jobs you think they'd fill them up.

The matchups are right, the GDP is growing.

Okay, that's fine. But here's the problem. Inflation is going way too fast. Interest rates are going up to control inflation. We know about wages are not keeping up with that we know everywhere you go you can't get you scores are are no chips you can't get baby formula, there is none around your flying a few planes into Indiana and you think you solve the problem. That's the issue, and we you keep saying did to solve this problem make it better is your pass go back better in the still try to do it more spending, more spending so and then they sent Brian Deese out and I know economists are known for their personality, but this just goes to another level of and inadequacy. Here is what Jason Furman said who you are, face the nation of the week and from the Harvard Kennedy school cut 20 you are quoted as saying corporate greed is a bad theory of inflation is that another way of saying that Democrats are talking is just a gimmick. I think it's pretty gimmicky. These price gouging bills because he's got a lot of extra demand. What happens when demand goes up, prices go up on this an old saying the cure for high prices is high prices on that's a little bit of a painful thing to deal with, but it's what elicits the additional supply. It brings more producers into the market and it's what brings prices down.

We need to let that process work you try to interfere with it.

You're going to make things worse. We tried that in the 70s it was a big failure shouldn't be repeating again Jerry Lewis or WND be in Daytona hey Jerry, morning by people want comedy 2013 experiment deal with by speaking about how you know what the future will be for this country in 10 or 15 years. The people crossing the border in the makeup of our country and it was very telling America's suicide big smile comes over his face recently. More people and makes our country more stronger and we the pathway to the ship my work to support the big smile like Joker in the Batman areso this is exactly with Rachel. He would interview on the first time. It seems all she was doing the speaking to some people were just complacent because that's not so incredible on how she wasn't able to ask a question during Spanish and she is able to immediately interpret what they're saying from to bumper Venezuela and would you also saw from her shot is a helicopter and you look down and all you see is these huge swaths of fence that we paid for now were paying to store as it rust in the desert really so much easier. Border patrol would be in use. Rather, with cameras, electronics and roads that yeah I mean that to me. I don't want to go through the impeachment trial positively to get the votes that's impeachable you left our back door open. We don't know who the hell's coming in here they're driving down wages we don't know what diseases they have in the middle of a pandemic that we got monkeypox we don't know where that came from what I'm sure you but we think you the pandemic so little of title 42, Janine Jeannie, I'm sorry you're in Georgia a genie you can read people are going for a governor even know where really trumped that supported his terrible senator actually care about. I work about all I know what is supposed to do. We never got one piece of paper that thing about legislation he call his office nobody would ever call you back. I think you a note and the people just did not like him and they don't like and caught in the middle because they love trumped wow, that's interesting. I know.

Plus he's kind of trunk until he were not the vote last time that is now 10% about good things. I also did voting reform so I think that he's doing a good job. Try to stay above it and then his goal is to think that Stacy Havens is extremely popular. If Abrams wins. Not only did she scrub Georgia but she runs for president Fox News tasks network and on the next Fox News contributor daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast listen no Fox News will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

Subscribe and listen no Fox News contests radio show like no other, kill me when you get involved militarily willing to get involved militarily so that was the second on the prison said that in two years so Becky's. This is what he said this is what he said back October 21 of October 2021.

This recent Anderson Cooper cut to Jordan saying that the United States would come to Taiwan's defense of a commitment so is the president, as former Senate, he was prone former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is he not know our policy is this the policy he wants because you merely got walked back twice again, a half-hour after saying it that that's not his policy with me right now as Harry cuts out this real expert in this area carries the present writer is the walk that correct right standing US policy going back to really since the Nixon that we would come to Taiwan if there was ever any starcrossed great nation, by the by the Chinese comic party but I appreciate the comment. III think it's great that you three of farming that will defend my lunch. Here's the problem we actually doing to defend Taiwan.

We don't need to send 100,000 troops over Taiwan but we could start really doing a lot more advanced planning to help the Taiwanese in their own defense. I'm looking we been able to do with Ukraine in just a few months in a running situation. We have not done anything to find that we need to do to ensure that Taiwan is actually a fortress that I want. Can't we have done anything like giving them 35 chaplains that have been so effective in terms of protecting Ukraine and I can go on and on for days about the equipment that we could get them that they want to buy but were not doing that event planning and the Chinese Congress party still churches keeps getting more robust, more powerful and make it harder if we get out the defendant. Okay so couple things so the president makes that so used to clarification as the present center policies on change. He reiterated a one China policy and our commitment to peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. You also reiterate our commitment under the Taiwan relations act provide Taiwan with military means to defend itself. That's not what he said that's it.

So don't pretend this with us to walk back. Don't pretend that the president said we would defend not provide ammunition for them to defend your right and walked back in that the phraseology of hoping to make that but I honestly talking to senior officials all bonded official but current by E capital B official policy is that we would come to Taiwan date now I'm in a big call Larry on that and say that it is always been big on what we would do my junction and you know what they say about assuming things right that we would carry troops over the Taiwan that we would come to their rate because we realize that it Taiwan was conquered by the Chinese Communist Party they would control the vast majority of the computer chip industry so that I thought I'm on right now. I might not be other get another one. If they check over the facility and they would have a gateway lighting that the typical should threaten our our our territories bases in Guam Hawaii open the complete door them.

The Pacific and that's what they would watch. That's why Americans need to care about this so here's what Jesus would Robert Gates said yesterday as he's noticed looking at was happening the Russians you watch them struggle and watch that that the whole superpower with this great military that whole thing.

That whole review look preposterous at this point and you see how they been isolated.

This is what he thinks China has learned from this cut 13. Looking at the Russian military performance he's gonna ask himself, what if my equipment isn't any better than the Russians. What if my troops are any better than the Russians. Maybe my military is not as good as they're telling me they are Chinese have given the Russians all kinds of rhetorical and political support, but they are doing very little concretely to help the Russians. My guess is gluten told she before the Olympics. Look, I'm going to do this. It's going to take a few days and it'll be done. I'd wager that she never expected a protracted brutal conflict that would isolate Russia so much from the rest of the world and so I think he's playing it actually very cautiously when you think about the former Secretary of Defense and CIA director.

I will write. I think you are Taiwan correctly, you give them the tools and then felt I think a lot of weaknesses would show up in the tight multi-arsenal. There's a lot of talk by that. Yet the Chinese fighter bomber.

They got nipple back in his aircraft carrier but their training regimen is nowhere near completed United States of UK or any of our NATO allies that think like there's Achilles' heel Taiwan on the other hand, if they're fighting for their country, their homeland, their freedom just like Ukraine.

It even if the weapon that the training and the robot in the spirit that they would carry on can't take the advantage of what it pop the college. You know you never really get to know how well the kind want and what they actually go to war fighter that I thought simulators where 27 trigon Bay, Taiwan, and taking months and years to get that victory in the meantime there. Connie turned to rubble by section Taiwan is not a threat to China pandemic today because their economy is not doing well on their standards want 25 million people locked down like idiots because on the zero covert policy locking down now Beijing and now they like what we are handled. Taiwan what right does Taiwan. To them it's all pride pride that I wanted to direct simple Chinese democracy could look like every time I going to Taiwan. I can tell you right there… Millions of Chinese tort in Taiwan going to their museums looking at their industry.

Looking at democracy sloppy democracy by no doubt about it, but actually getting to see what a free Chinese society can look like, to be honest with you for the Chinese Communist Party that you think AI in every possible clue they cannot touch to destroy any sort of possibility of freedom in China terrifies that the military so much if the societal threats power likes to talk about Macadamia the ivory tower that they're scared Michael will split up the congressman from Florida, so the National Guard former Army Ranger said this about you. You could talk to us and he was like you we like Woodbine originally said, but he said this is the fact that 11 fighter ministration just sent to Congress a defense budget that only accounted for a 3 to 4% inflation figure.

So when you actually talk about buying power. The Defense Department they're going backwards guys that the Navy right now is retiring.

24 ships and only buying nine. Meanwhile, the Chinese Navy is larger than ours and on track to be double the size of the US Navy in the next five years. Their outbuilding is in brand-new ships. 5.1 their space forces launching morethan us and the rest of the world combined.

This is the last thing we need in terms of a defense cut right now, but this inflation thing. I mean you're talking millions of dollars of buying power that the military is losing so that's a fact that also send a message right absolutely actually thinking. If you consider eight or nine higher percent inflation number and you look at the situation and shine have systematically set up a military posture to target. Unable after our aircraft in a war client Chinese plan to attack this would be essentially a bolt from the blue on that little strike like Pearl Harbor like we haven't seen the original quote are kept in the basement are naval power all but the last 30 years and we have not repaired and that we've known that the Obama industry should the trumpet ministration tried it took to work on that. They did a good job but we fall right back to the same problems during the five years we canceled thing been cut back on your 35 your equipment. You just played to them canceling little combat ship all think that we need in the Pacific that can make a difference in the Bible ministration just simply focus on Ukraine. Downgrade our car posture is beautiful the same time that we can't do that.

We have a problem. Thank you very very well said appreciated 186640876690.

Get your take on that. Also I talked with the dorm report and with the number one issue that you have on your mind.

In almost every poll. It's overwhelming inflation. It affects everything you're doing might be affecting your weekend memorial day save yourself is worth a drive 50 miles hundred and 50 miles is worth paying for airfare this about 25 to 50% more than you were paying last you work with pre-pandemic you might city is I just don't know if it's worth it. I got a kid going to college prices going up there. Do I really want. So I mean there's there's a ripple effect that everyone's feeling. If you have a productivity of your landscape, you pay more for seed and fertilizer you turn around to that couple middle-class couple and say I get a raise right really you committed to one thing they got another and if you can pay that maybe you have Alaska or maybe a do-it-yourselfer maybe Stillman's gotta eat it. The ripple effect of not having truck drivers to not be able to unload ships and get those crates get those crates delivered these all these things can be ameliorated, but they gotta be addressed.

This is the brain tell me show you something new every day, Brian kill me show some of Fox News podcasts networking these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite the more you listen more you'll know Brian kill me something about the human race is changing at a previously unprecedented rate. We have to at least discuss broken down over time, the LGBT population of America seems to be roughly doubling every generation.

According to a recent Gallup poll, less than 1% of Americans born before 1946 that's Joe Biden's generation identify that way. 2.6% of boomers do 4.2% of Gen X 10.5% of millennial's and 20.8% of Genji which means if we follow this trajectory we will all be gay and 25th.

So Bill Maher just yet. This is possible ratio.

I mean it's unbelievable. We would going on.

Is there something in the milk. The water educating our kids right me how people read I education so firm for go more to say, this is not a backlash from liberals known as putting anyone down it.

Jesus stats these numbers he's not saying it seems and I wonder he saying what's with these numbers as a whole. I think eight minutes the whole thing is ask and leave a mark of a complaint. I will have more at some point during the show is about 20 I'm just saying that when things change this much this fast. People are allowed to ask, what's up with that the babies are in the wrong bodies, their mixup at the plant like Cap'n Crunch's boots. All barriers wasn't that long ago when adults asked the kid what you want to be doing to grow up they meant what profession in the wake of America about to lose abortion rights.

The ACLU recently tweeted a list of those who would be disproportionately harmed by this you think women might top that list no warning on the list second on the list was LGBT really abortion rights affects gay and trans people more than you know readers would you say that mean it's 100% correct. I did not know that list existed. They did put out a list. They apparently diming clearly. He setting it they said it insane. That's the correct right. I mean it's it's everything screwed up. I just don't know where this issue came from.

I knew same-sex marriage is an issue I get it. I always heard about that like you Dort about that. You probably heard your younger than me.

That was an issue in school right I mean it wasn't like prevalent but it was like you could speedily getting this came out of nowhere this whole push this trend writes this man declaring their women and then competing and sporting events that I have to pass these Pro women athlete measures in states like Texas and Florida to make sure girls get a chance compete against girls. Women get a chance to compete against women. He goes on to say how you for the gay pride parade that I think a man who thanked out of like the Adam mean people there and how much is getting just getting absolutely upside down and also at one point he says, you know, just because you're like I minority doesn't mean you're right. I got the house and what is. But it right. Excellent however to do.

He's gonna get you.

I must write that going after you learn mosque and now they getting to the end of the Biltmore make an enemy number one after him as much is you would've thought make it tedious show he hasn't really changed Bush's IQ for trump. It's not like he's against you know he doesn't hate broccoli. Does he still love Barack Obama but he's critical. I don't know we used to place in his clips to when Barack Obama was clearly adamant and was foreign policy and the redline in Libya was that I'm a replacement stuff in them: that out here.

Well, right on something in your true to who you are. You can't really call people out IS do all the time right with the dues going to backers. Would you do in eighth grade would you do in 11th grade. Did you ever probably 25 years old actually did it mean to capital so they go back and find something else while Elon Muster was a problem with something in a private plane. They never problem but they couldn't stop buying Twitter the can't stop or make an electric car. But now the doing investigations on problems they had with that self driving and some of the mechanisms you watch now. The government truly crackdown so go get you some other way.

Couple of things your Thomas Friedman spent on the show before. It's been a long time and I will start kind of a deep thinker reads books but trump set them off, and he has not come back. And there's a lot of people like that in that article that column he wrote that editorial that he wrote on Sunday is such an embarrassment. You see this, I did not answer many of our listeners have not so erection editorial said he had lunch with you was asked to have lunch with Joe by just him Joe Biden and he can't discuss what was happening at the lunch break and discuss how he felt about the lunch. He said for all you knuckleheads at Fox you see the Biden can put two sentences together.

Here's a newsflash he just put NATO together you are up together and the whole Western alliance together, stretching from Canada up to Finland all the way to Japan to help Ukraine protect its fledgling democracy Vladimir Putin's fascist assault you think were idiots. You really think that Joe Biden put NATO together. Joe Biden didn't put NATO together in the summer. Prior to that didn't get to spend one more time as vice president. Certainly, as chairman of formulations in the Senate. The thing to put NATO together was one man, Vladimir Putin. The reason why flat of Sweden and Finland joined made alliances about two is because of Vladimir Putin. The reason why there now spending 2% of the GDP lease they pledged to is Vladimir Putin. The reason why they decided to do everything they can to get off Russian oil, gas and coal is Vladimir Putin there's no charisma there's no working the phones. There is no leverage deals is no promise of American gas and oil and coal that supplanted anything that Joe Biden did in fact he predicted Ukraine would forward 72 hours. He stopped a delivery of weapons to Ukraine that was being delivered from the club administration on the transition.

He was the one way to the party when it came to arm of Ukraine. He was for the administration the kingdom blankets and Marie's after Crimea was just taken from them. He goes on to say that Putin is put together. He said he said he'll get this okay.

In doing so, he is enabled Ukraine to inflict significant losses in Russia's invading army. Thanks to a rapid deployment of US and NATO trainers and massive transfers of precision weapons all wait to the party complaint by Zielinski was afraid to complain too much.

Remember this, to remember their white not been an invasion had he not totally ignored.

Every single one of his military advisers and pulled out a responsibly from Afghanistan, leaving thousands of Americans behind losing 13 servicemen, while 20 others wounded in a sea explosion begging the Taliban for favors to get our people out. That is, would put everything together not Joe Biden and for Thomas Friedman to pass that office knuckleheads at Fox we watched his press conferences. We watched MB have to read everything off of page or prompter and screw it up.

That is being mean that's being factual is given one interview this year.

Why is New York City fresh off the set of Fox and friends, America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here buddy is the brain to me show you a sensational weekend in the Northeast. We got a taste of summer day, people complaining about how hot it is guys fresh at the worst winter ever enjoyed.

Please, but that's 46. Midtown Manhattan and Long Island.

I don't know where you are.

Hope you've experienced something similar. Killian Conway joins me the bottom of the hour should be especially on Fox last night was real good school.

Here's the deal was with them.

Talk to her to make some big news today: out judge Eric Kushner saying there was he want to be an expert in everything, so get expansion on that. I talked to her about what's going on the door and trial as I will.

Michael Goodwin from the New York Post and will get to that in a second, but let's get to the big three first stories you need to know Brian's three number three, James Baker, the FBI General Counsel who Michael Sussman has been charged to lying to about whether or not he was representing anyone when he was shoveling the dirt testified under oath that he is will quote 100% confident that Michael Sussman did not say he was there for a client, thus cutting his defense, yes I cash Patel knows the facts Aliza DC at during trial, or should be in week to review the devastating news of the Hillary Clinton camp for anyone paying attention. Everything we already knew kinda everything about the false information sent to the FBI and press regarding trump and Russia to Julie presidency and win an election. You are quoted as saying corporate greed is a bad theory of inflation is that another way of saying that what Democrats are talking is just a gimmick. I think it's pretty gimmicky. These price gouging bills because he's got a lot of extra demand. What happens when demand goes up, prices go up yup Jason Furman from the Democratic administration primaries and policies be choosing for five states will re-preview what we learn one thing the people all care about is inflation and what you can do to help it. Gimmicks don't work, you didn't want to get involved in praying conflict militarily, for obvious reasons. Are you willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan if it comes to that. You are the remaining loops, but that's how would your State Department says here we go again with the walk back to the home courtesy of Pres. Joe Biden involving superpowers. The latest relates to China and Taiwan as opposed to Russia and Ukraine will flashback to the ongoing reality show entitled Joe, unscripted first off I go to get your take on this Michael Goodwin you know what Joe Biden said Joe Biden commence again if it I want to tackle that will go to back them up militarily. His administration really came back and said okay this is what he meant to say the present center policy is not change to reiterate our one China policy and our commitment to peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. Really, that's not really what I heard you also reiterate our commitment under the Taiwan relations act to provide Taiwan with the military means to defend itself. That's not what he said so how do you explain this Michael Goodwin what are we to believe the walk back to the walk. There were Joe Biden says something and then the cleanup crew rushes to put out a statement that this is a guy who said he basically supported regime change in Russia you know that I could easily have sparked a nuclear war had no excuse that we were trying to invade. We were going to assassinate him that had to walk that back and then Biden said well I spoke from the heart. I mean, you know I sent by listening to him talk without exchange that you played that he is living in the past where he was a senator or VP and he could say things that didn't really carry the weight of policy they were they were from the heart. Wishful thinking, what should be done what might be done. What could be done, but not what will be done and that's the difference about being president, and I think in so many ways.

His mind is not on this job he's still a person of his own past and I think I'm in. For example, when his poll numbers started to crater several months ago.

He gave an interviewer or comments where he said you know that the sense that he'd been to too much involved in legislation because I know the public doesn't expect me to be the hundred and first senator and I think there is still something of that in him that he does not think like a president, and I believe it's very much related not only to his longevity in Washington.

Another job to the unfitness of mind that he simply not all there until you get these kinds of earthshaking statements that just has to be fixed because they are they are off balance and they are sort of break the mold that could lead to real international conflict slide by quilts on after in the Newt Gingrich said I like what Joe Biden originally said he sees people walking things back Richard Haas at the same thing on morning Joe who these people walk in the back with us and these guys a message for Michael while Ted which I think really tells the stories were not putting the defense spending in to show people that were were really committed to taking on China.

There is there a blob of building more ship to us on a rate of five to one is a 3% increase in spending. We got 8.5% inflation is actually cutting defense spending almost a little resident shooting from the lip on the same page have a policy behind it can't just be an interview, and it's gotta be a policy that thought out plan and that is practical and that the military knows that the intelligence community knows that Congress even a sense of it can't just be a one-off, and so many of these things are with him so I wanted to do more things will click first off yesterday cc Abram said this the audio so bad. I played for you, buddy. Just to confuse the audience is reading.

She says I'm tired of being told that with the best state, meaning Georgia in the country to do business when we are the worst state in the country to live really with the worst state in the country to live in. She wants to be the next mayor and she goes on to put down Georgia swims the 40% approval and 40% disapproval. She's about to take on Brian Camp again but that is a Maitland.

I've never heard of the worst slogan says Stephen Miller in the history of politics. Joe Biden talked down all the time Barack Obama did it to people with God and God with deplorable redeemable.

I mean, this is what the Democratic Party has become a bunch of elitist down on the people they want to leave they want to lead us to improve they want to make us better people and I think that is fundamental failing of the left these days that as you say she looked down she criticizes the government the state that she wants to lead.

I meet who would elect somebody who doesn't like you who like your habits who doesn't like your lifestyle that you know and of course the undertones all euro all bunch of races. You know you're the country's no good to everyone, Joe Biden will now say this teacher where a good nation but then the next breath into its own systemic racism.

So this is very caught up.

I think with the Democrats idea that we are not good people. We are not a good country. They are not proud to be American. They are only proud of their own power to try to change America. I think that's why this party is going to get spanked by voters in November, so she was doing.

Charlie could be the final week. Most experts as it is, you might not care about Michael Sussman what it means Michael Sussman going into the FBI using his friendship with Jim Baker say only represent myself as read by text messages and then from there went downhill because it turns out he was representing the campaign even build Hillary Clinton campaign, but it got worse. Usual quick recap from cash Patel, who did a lot of this interrogating for the Trump team cut 34 John Dare had the interrogation transcript from my deposition of Michael Sussman four years ago I was running the rushing investigation where I asked him under oath. Are you did you go to the FBI for a client and he said yes so it's not just a witness case, it's a paper case in any of Michael Sussman's own text message on the evening before he went to see James Baker text message from Sussman to Baker where he himself explicitly says I'm coming to you as a patriot as a Samaritans and let's move on to the testimony of now Mark Elias his law partner at Perkins Cooley who funneled all the all the money from the Hillary Clinton campaign diffusion GPS in the bank server not he comes in and got Sussman's defense and the biggest story was Robbie Moog who came out and said Hillary Clinton knew it.

Wall Street Journal wrote about it and so did you write about it. Hillary knew it was behind it and pushed to have the press informed of a link there was basically a commercial link between alpha bank Russian and the Trump campaign.

It will click a marketing mass email. There's nothing there. What are your thoughts about what I think what what is the most remarkable aspect of this trial so far is that when you look at this CA and attempt to create a false storyline about Trump in Russia for they said to Satan, doing this exact same pattern you concoct a lie, skilled OCA and alpha bank you then go to the FBI and the media almost simultaneously hoping that you will get stories and an investigation, but several first stories and maybe the talk of an investigation that will be enough to damage Trump and you know they are lives. That is the thing you are told that these are not solid things. You know Christopher Steele through diffusion GPS people you hired that they have to know that he concocted the dough CA that he didn't go to Russia didn't really speak to anybody in Russia. He actually spoke to this guy, Diane Janco and others got to take the sounds Russia use the Lussier's friends from high school and was dancing around.

He couldn't believe it was in the steel report things are the same, which is the pattern of the Clinton campaign make up a story to the media try to get the FBI to investigate.

They certainly succeeded in getting the FBI to investigate and go to the FISA court to spy on the Trump campaign was wildly successful, but both of these things are of Hillary Clinton running a good campaign and being a good candidate.

She was a lousy lazy candidate and so she turned these Trixie dirty tricks instead to try to win the presidency. Thankfully, she failed, and now hopefully she and her crew will begin to pay the piper. So is every question on every note on every network except socks was that Russia what was happening with tax cuts would happen with what was going on financially.

The Abraham records everything would be around Russia and when things are going good there be another Russian planted story and things about what's going on behind closed doors with the mother report with your putting solitary can football metaphor in solitary confinement ruin the life of Michael Flynn.

This all happened and now trumps in and he's out and you wonder what would life of been like had he just had a normal chance one will never be fully understood and when exactly did Robert Moeller and his merry team of trumpeters one day concluded that there had been no collusion because it wasn't until early 2019 that they released their report to the Justice Department. Imagine if they had released it in 2018.

Before the midterm elections, the entire second half of the trumpet ministration would've been different.

I believe that the Russia Russia Russia hope which the media perpetrated as well as the Democrats is why the Democrats won the House of Representatives in 20 make the impeachment. All that stuff would not have happened but looked in this day and people are still called Donald Trump election agent so just disregard the truth that just disregard the facts because it doesn't fit their narrative so they can gain power. Emily unscrupulous and damaging pattern that we have seen your post, despite that was really the focus of his column on Sunday. I am using week because I think it's good to be beginning cash. Patel thinks that Lisa page instructor, so with the Sussman is convicted or not. This is such a friendly jury to the defense. I'm not sure but the thing is, he's already exposed a lot and mean did you know this is the way the doing the putting piece by piece together all hopefully will give Washington inability if he does get acquitted, which he shouldn't be. He's caught is caught red-handed so but if he does get acquitted. They'll say listen, I told you was innocent.

The whole time terms got nothing. We know the truth. Michael, thank you got your calls next 186-640-8766.

I think Kelly and Conley comes at the studio Brian Kim fastest growing talk show in America you're with Brian, Kim, if you're interested in Ryan's talking about it with Brian kill me. I think Thailand's around Tuesday and then he marches on Dan Janco and I firmly believe you got a few more indictments come in the summer. That's down there and I remind the audience remember having already admitted to violating the FTC for spending those millions of dollars on opposition research instead of politics and yes our investigation investigation. She spent north of $50 million $200 million pumping money into Perkins Cooley so they can have a cut out just like the FBI had a cutout with Bruce door and Christopher Steele so they could basically get a warrant and then leaked to the media Circular logic approved the fraudulent investigation.

Some tons of money. I think the FTC has more work to do as well. I hope so I hope you're working to get to the bottom of because a certain relentless in the rush investigation and the person's personal finances. Remember that cattle petered out they were going to go after him. Michael: can you flip again to tell the story how Trump isn't really a billionaire and is doesn't really have these properties and lied about how much he earned by other buildings and plan lived off his fame and turns out you just got one Atty. Gen. in New York going after him. Personally, I am wanting to get him to testify under oath about some type a civil suit which is pure political politics because this woman is trying to get famous as Atty. Gen. by going after former prisoners high profile and no one buys it.

That's done, but what happened is even over 2016 were finding out more. I will say this one guy I think he is upset and I have no idea about this, but I live there. Some people I know that no Pres. Obama by the on some level.

Pres. Obama has to be really ticked off even named Joe Biden 1 he was informed that Joe Biden was doing Hillary Clinton was doing the end. By the way Hillary Clinton to he was informed that Hillary Clinton is working behind the scenes to circumvent Donald Trump with this to be at this diet – and we plan and then you have Joe Biden flying around doing deals with Hunter by this basically factual and then what you do with Ukraine.

When he asked to have Ukrainian portfolio Hunter by get that job. I will point you will promptly what why doesn't anyone do with their supposed to do. Is anyone of the up and up that maybe my naïve perception.

Maybe you radio makes you think this is Brian kill me show the three-star witness robbing the mark Alliance and the FBI's James Baker. So what we did what we learned. So, James Baker, the FBI General Counsel who Michael Sussman has been charged to lying to about whether or not he was representing anyone when he was shoveling the dirt testified under oath that he is will quote 100% confident that Michael Sussman did not say he was there for a client, thus cutting his defense critical testimony from the witness himself.

So cash Patel somebody knows about this old with dorms investigating and when the lead city should be following and looks like durum is doing everything seemingly right does it with a very jury the scene very compromising the judge that seems to have a horse in this race. For some reason, John dorms and I went to go ahead with this that I have this trial with Michael Sussman who seems as guilty as the day is long.

That is just part of what Killian Conway's experience when she had her for years. And of course the years leading the Trump team to the 2016 win and through 2020 as an advisor or book is now out is called.

Here's the deal.

The special was last night out tomorrow right tomorrow tomorrow today yes yeah County listeners are that and we have a lot Killian great specialist site. Our special was fantastic and host your own special widgets. That's forever thing in the history but chose to think, to make history. Here's the deals in his name. First off I would cash Patel said when you were.

I asked a lot of people who were in a network will part of the campaign were on the outside and inside so I watch these revelations commence like Donald Trump to this town Trump today I go what's going on purely did you notice what with their calls going in with their sub. I don't your time, but nobody was saying. That's actually not true, they take. I never saw any of this when some of the stuff was coming in. Starting really wet October September October great procedures of guys who is this tame. I resent missing are understaffed and under resourced underestimated underdog campaign strategy was very clear and transparent about it every day there's not chunk 97 or eight states Gov. Penn staying the same. Speaking in front of the cameras directly to the people and I was on 719 he says again on average Brian going for the strategy were going to go to Michigan Wisconsin.

We think our message will play in Pennsylvania right a little bit less in the next kind of adherence by if I were talking to Moscow he went to see me. I was talking to people in the come County, Michigan, and Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, not a bunch of Russians. The reason that this took hold is because the Hillary campaign did have all the kings horses all the kings men all their money and momentum in all the media behind them.

They didn't have a good candidate had a flawed candidate and eight. In case of emergency, break the glass. You pull them apart and come up with and I shacking their strategy was to pretend that we were being aided and indicted by Russia to any election.

Leave it on election night actually accelerated these rumors and these claims and pretending there is evidence after the election for 35 pain scale dossier was being discussed in the oval office on January 20 17th two short weeks before Pres. Chavez can be sworn and were being told on at lunch with Valerie Jarrett downstairs and neediness are being told what a smooth transition. Democracy means that were sturdy country etc. and the fix is in making the Trump tower. The very next day Klapper Connie Brandon national security team to brief the Pres. on very scary situations around the world and as they were leaving I write my book.

Here's the deal on sale today Brian that Connie takes Trump aside basically just standing up and it was as an aside, looking into this. Not knowing too much.

Seth Meyers asked me about on TV a couple days later and and then Donald Trump has that pass, technology show in Atlanta where PPC funny comedians are funny but anyway town Trump after that, he has a big press commenting a chance on how you remember this on January 11 asked questions about this case and looking around 800 Biden laptop contents are more verifiable and scale dossier in which mine was pushed and pushed and pushed for years with no verification, no veracity because people are in courtrooms under oath on the record sitting on is now as a person is still dossier which could never be verified by do you think in the summer 2016. If the media could have run with the scale dossier and talk about Russia collision with any kind of authority when had they wanted to stop Donald company couldn't do it so but he did it after Trump is elected and CNN went ahead and ran a story referring to the best VPs and they want towards evidence and near times people want Pulitzers evidence but back and let's pay attention to Sussman trial because now actual heads are gonna really believe that a couple things I watching of the channels because I was astounded as you know, I've been here a while and you been on the channel while I've never seen such a division between two worlds where to be real issues going on. Economy growing the deficit growing whatever was going a bit go to bed. You know, with the presence policy was with NATO.

You know this stuff to talk about body prepare for show. We talk about okay the present one spotted NATO maybe his Chief of Staff disagrees with that is interesting, but you turn your channel, you, we pressure Russia was nonstop about this and so you backed out and we talk about and after a while I almost understand why some of the guys and some of the women way what I wanted to send you these can keep bringing every thing about Russia and behind the scenes you're getting things going on in the office and the in the press room was a joke.

The president would that's right, the present would invite the press into the Oval Office, something Joe Biden does not care that they now said because he needs a Teleprompter. Brian have to re-create a phony of office believable is it just so people know that this is these are the facts and present Trump went sua sponte spontaneously invite the press into the Oval Office to talk about whatever guest was and whatever policy prescriptions getting up for whatever was happening.

Legislating on Capitol Hill and then ask him every question be about Russia and what we should have known Dan what's happening now which is this pain that this White House once you to believe what they say not what you see in the same thing as having Russia collision. Instead of focusing on what you see and what you want to be true of this policy or that they're telling you believe what we say and I think it's all coming back to hurt then Hillary Clinton is damaged goods is ridiculous notion to Karen for president again be a three-time loser and that it lady I'm ready for you. I'm here and that that it's also tell you how weak their benches, but don't forget me just one town Trump to win 2016. He was shocked that he did and I think the shock and embarrassment downtime winning in 2016 the case. I talked an awful lot about in new ways. Never becomes. Never before told stories in my book. Here's the deal.

Brian bothered him more to be embarrassing, shocked by downtime, selection, and even him being present without further Silicon Valley could use Facebook and use Twitter in order to win a get your message out alignment and date they would determine you know told me that Neil Ferguson in 2017. I can remember was on camera awaiting the break and he said you cannot overstate how embarrassed and angry so because Valley is that they ignored Facebook and twitter.

You guys didn't used it circumvented a new social media, and they feel responsible for Trump winning and they go to get back in and they did such a Sucker, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Let me focus on both of them. They were both as you correctly point out, reviled and insulted and just put upon by their colleagues.

I went to Harvard Institute of politics on December 1. They had the tradition of inviting both campaigns and your people and evolved into Jennifer Palmeri who apparently also knew I doubt this sob Sussman staff according to writing and others. But anyway sucker the night before the dinner was being risen to see his glory by his colleagues, saying that Trump is your fault you The empty podium, waiting for Donald Trump in their right hand, Carney covered every single word and we put on audio giving them coaching debates were not in the wiki detail all of a sudden seen and had to become the anti-Trump network. Not even their job is to get the story that their mission was to get the president Saw Evidence That Mark Zuckerberg in the 2016 Campaign Brian People Say What Did Zuckerberg Do Answer Is Nothing, Meaning He Let Us Run Ads on Facebook. We Paid Our Mining the Banner Ad Sitting on Google YouTube Use Twitter and Present Trump.

Mr. Trump Is Twitter Well and Sell Them Not Not a Factor That Is, We Were under Research so We Could Not Do All TV Artillery Had Unlimited Resources, but We Know This Is Where People Were Getting Information Now It's Very Natural Fee to Receive Information Digitally so We Invest in That 50% Digital at 50% Television Ads and It Paid off Aspen. Zuckerberg Came under Fire. How Dare You, My Knee Just Not Take Their Money.

Why Did You Help Elect Downtown.

So What Happened in 2020. Dave Bossi's New Mini Rate Is Brilliant Because It Goes through All of the States and the Precincts Where Zuckerberg and His Wife Priscilla Chantry to Nonprofits. CLT Is the Acronym for One Color in Civic Life and Technology Counselor Something Rather They Are Trying High-Minded Leaving Make Sure That We Can All the Safety Because of COBIT Think an Icicle Riddle Me This. Why Did 92% of the Money That Was Spent Go to Joe Biden at One Precincts with the Rest of Us to Be Safe.

So I Think That's Present. Trump and I Were Discussing a Punk and He Had the Documentary and He Said What He Think I Said I Meant That I'm Surprise You in Mississippi. Another Is the Fix Was in Semi Places Ahead of Time Trying to Spend Money How People Vote, but Why Are You Picking and Choosing the States, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin Penciling These Places and Dipping Razor Thin Margins and We Now with Cozad Because He Became Covered with a Reason for Us to Vote Differently. But Now It's Become an Excuse for Us to Continue That Way and That Has To Stop a Couple Things the NRA Forgot Attacked and Destroyed and They Will Do a Big Help. One Thing First Time around the NRA They Were at Their Help Reaching out to the Members and Saying One Person.

Hillary Clinton Hasn't Asked on the Second Amendment Downtime Has Night and Then Just and to Motivate the Entering Motivated to Help You. Like Replacing the Pro-Life Group so the Other Thing Was Read Part Scale Had an Absolute Meltdown. It Was Clearly the Wrong Person to Lead That Organization in the Absolute Meltdown Ends up Sure It Was Being Arrested after Allegedly Striking His Wife and That Is the Representation of the Guy in the Final Backstretch Who Supposed to Lead Trump to Reelection Me That's a Liver Probably Alienated A Lot Of People Kept Very Tight Unit. There Was Really a Sense of Team at All with the 20 16 x 20 20 2020-10 Different. I Write about Totality Campaigns, and I Think 2016 Was Such a Representation of Donald Trump Swagger the Hunger That Connect Directly with the People You Couldn't Even Do These Rallies Because of the Panoramic Slowly Said That He Got It at the End.

Then He Said Screwed I'm Going to Do It Anyway and You Know He so He Would Move through and He Had the Rally, the End but Having Said That You Cut out You You Really Have a Problem with Kosher Correct so You Really Feel As Though That He Had His Hands in Everything, but Was Not in Front of Everything That's an Act Is Not My Feeling.

I Think That That Was a Purposeful and Let Them Care Questionnaire Is a Very Smart Person Is Highly Intelligent and He Came to the White House. I Think to Do Good for the Country You Can't Overstuff Your Portfolio with All These Different Issues in Your First Shot in Washington DC Ever. I Think It's Very Charming and Was Conclusive That the Present 19th Donald Trump Had Never Had Washington Experience to Speak on Is What Mattered to the Public, Elevating Him and Electing Him Ever.

Hillary Clinton but a Sense of Timing When Your Senior Staff Does and Let Mencius to Learn Some Things I Think Are against Me I Know Better. Yes and Overstuff Portfolio. Sometimes There Are Dairy Senate Confirmed Cabinet Members Who Are in Charge of an Issue That Had Not Been Taken Away the President's Son-In-Law, so It Ended up Being Very Chaotic and Confusing Their People on Capitol Hill Who Have To Take His Call. Who Can't Say No, Even If They Thought with This Is Not the Way to Make a Dollar.

This Is Not What the President Ran on Select.

My Main Problem Present Informed of How Much Jericho She Was Doing Has Sometimes but You Know My Name, Probably Charity Is Very Simple and It and It Boiled over. I Write about in My Book Boiled over in This Oh in This Meeting in Jared's Office in the Summer 2019 and I Walked Anyway. She Called Me Miss Jared Brad Prescott, Rhonda McDaniel, the Head Inerrancy Still Is and Nick Mulvaney and Chief Of Staff and It Boiled Every Geritol Had No Idea How Much You Hate Any Kind of Sick Parent. I Don't Hate You. Don't Flatter Yourself. I Do Understand You with 3+ Years Internet's the President Wants Us to Work Together.

All You Do Is Try to Get Get in My Way You Roll Your Eyes.

You Roll Me to Present Says Work Together on This Detail with You, and You Can Erase Something Shortening You Tell People on the Leaker. Of Course He Had People on the Government Payroll Who Were Leaking Left to Right on and by Lately and There's a Whole Chapter in Your Cot How to Spot a Leaker Function Were to Pick up This Book How to Spot a Leaker.

I Was a Key to Being a Leaker and I Expose Those Who Were Leaking Brian There Always People Who Don't Going to Be in Town Here Some Amazing Carrying How You Handle the Press Banner in the Back Talking to the Press All Day Long Punching Me for the Whole World Is Generally Eating. I Went on Siding and Be on the Phone the Whole Time Danny with the Three Blackberries and Three Shirts and Three Pens in Jared with a Bang to Get Back in the Inner Circle While He's Loud He's Got a Podcasting or Something and and I've Been on. I Plan on Going at This Week, but He's Also Somebody Is Very Much Pushing between November 6 and When I Called January 6 Is Two Months of Election Fraud. But Anyway, That Aside My Palm with Questioners at the Pricing I Say to God, Electing the Rest of Us Did Not Once Us to Work Together Once Me to Work on the OP a Crisis on Veterans on the Trade Untrained Humans Being That Being the Tax Cut Jobs Act Being a Coronavirus Task Force Meetings Were. I Was Stopped Getting in My Way and I Know a Couple Things in the United States under Tony Earlier.

Listen, I'm All about Family and That's Going on with Kushner, but He Was Very Flip about You and Me Say Many. It's Bad Enough in That They Are White Have To Say Mine Was Telling Telling Network Executives Don't Have Her on Anymore. Telling a Network Executive Who Interviewed for Communications Director.

My Name Is Even Part of the Conversation and Out Of Nowhere He Said. By the Way, Kelly, and Won't Be a Powerful Important Here. She's Not to Be on Marine One Air Force One. Two Days Later on Ream on Air Force One Going with the President to Think Why Even Taylor and I Think the Palace Intrigue Started with Things like That Is Patty Is Immature and It and It Hurt Them of the Book Is, Here's the Deal Well with A Few More Minutes We Kelly and Right after This Is out Tomorrow for Preorder Today.

The Move Your Knowledge Base Brian Film Late Show Breaking News. All Brian Film and Show Everyone A Few More Minutes We Kelly and Conway Is, by the Way Her Special Last Night No One Foxing like As Well As Your Time from after the Election, Trump Loses January 6 Happens. Impeach Him Again Gold Way through. You Have a Chance to Talk to the Present.

Do You Get the Sense Kelly and These Can Run Again. He Certainly Would like Him and Part of That Motivation Is to Phone Number When He Feels His Tremendous Unfinished Business That He Was Painting the Second Term and Number Two He Sees the Disaster That Is Biden Harris. Mr. Mayo Faster Worse Than Anybody Can Anticipate Because I Find If There's Any Rationale for Putting into the Presidency. A Guy Who Is Been in Washington for 50 Years, Joe Biden, It Would Be That He Has Relationships across the Aisle. He Can Help Unify Get A Lot Of Republican Votes.

The Most Bipartisan Thing This People Have Done Is Impeach Donald Trump Rights When He Went That When They Look for the Most Repugnant, but I Am Repaying for and Number Two on to Have Good Relations around the World.

We Don't Wear Less Secure Now Putting Invading Ukraine, Where a Laughing Stock around the World I Mean by Parishes Need to Stay Here. Stop Going Abroad and Embarrassing Is That You Can Yell at Americans. From Here, but I Speak to the President Think They Think I'm One of a Handful of People in This Country. He Speaks Frankly to Mike Pence and Donald Trump and He Saw Icon Pam Chris Christie Others in That Special Last Night about Me. So I Try to Maintain the Relationships of the Leaders of Our Party.

However April 7, 2021 I Had Dinner.

Just Me and Donald Trump Money Trump on the Patio, My Light of Christ in Me Because I like to Leave Things like That and It's a 2 1/2 Pages Chapter 39 My Book, and Present Time, Says Honey I You Are Much of a Jared Person Honey Said I'm Surprised I Don't Talk about That Now Why Jim Cemetery Says I Did and He Has a Divination My Daughter. I Said He Gets the Packages Legacy. You Don't Think Present Thomas to Go Back at Energy Independence Get Inflation in Check.

Get Immigration and Border Security and Check so He's Got a Hold to Do List and If He Feels He's the Right Person for That Moment. He Absolutely Will Run If Not Whoever Runs Will Have To Have the America First Agenda and a 74 Million Trump Voters in Their Corner Download.

Here's the Deal. That's What I Do What Biden Person Killian Thank You Thank You Brian Live from the Fox News Radio Studios in New York City. Fresh off the Set of Fox and Friends Saw America's Receptive Voice. Brian Would Kill Me. I Want Right to Me Want to Write to Joe so Glad You're Here. Hope You Had a Fantastic Weekend and You're in the Area of the Country. Most of the Country That Has the Sun out Garrisons Will Be with Us in 15 Minutes and Then Prepare at the Bottom of the Hour, and Thereby the Showing and the Other Day Flying around Talking Sunday. She's Been Busy As Ever As a Free Time with the Family.

1-866-408-7669 Let's Get to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Sponsored by Life and Save a Life in a Choking Emergency Visit Life to Learn More and Use Code BK Tend to Save 10% Number Three, James Baker, the FBI General Counsel Whom Michael Sussman Has Been Charged to Lying to about Whether or Not He Was Representing Anyone When He Was Shoveling the Dirt Testified under Oath That He Is Will Quote 100% Confident That Michael Sussman Did Not Say He Was There for a Client, Thus Cutting His Defense Unbelievable Cash. Patel Knows It All. Talk to Maria Yesterday Eyes on DC's during Trial Enters Week to Review the Devastating News to the Hillary Clinton Camp for Anyone Paying Attention. Everything We Already Kinda Knew Because We Are Fox Everything about the Foes Information Sent to the FBI and Press regarding Trump and Russia You Were Quoted As Saying Corporate Greed Is a Bad Theory of Inflation Is That Another Way of Saying That What Democrats Are Talking Is Just a Gimmick. I Think It's Pretty Gimmicky. These Price Gouging Bills Because He's Got A Lot Of Extra Demand. What Happens When Demand Goes up, Prices Go up Primaries and Policies Be Tuesday for Five States Will Re-Preview and Review Only Learned One Thing, Overall Other. The Parties Should Agree on That Inflation Is the Focus You Didn't Want to Get Involved in Think Ukraine Conflict Militarily, for Obvious Reasons. Are You Willing to Get Involved Militarily to Defend Taiwan If It Comes to That. Yes You Are Really Here We Go Again with the Walk Backs at Home, Courtesy of Prison. Joe Biden on the Road Superpowers Involved. As Usual, If Not Russia. It's Now China the Latest Fly Weighted Friction.

Taiwan Will Flashback to the Ongoing Reality Show Entitled Joe, Unscripted, and in Case You Don't Know This Is What Happens about 67 Hours Ago. The Present Was Asked This Injured in in Tokyo Cut One You Didn't Want to Get Involved in Think Ukraine Conflict Militarily, for Obvious Reasons. Are You Willing to Get Involved Militarily to Defend Taiwan If It Comes to That. Yes You Are. So Joe Got Immediately Walk Back in the Ridiculous Walk Back by His Own Administration, but This Doesn't Seem to Be a Mistake You Were Going Was Asked the Same Thing by Anderson Cooper Cut to Jordan Saying That the United States Would Come to Taiwan's Defense of a Commitment Skews Me so in a Year You Didn't Get Told by Other So-Called Experts. Not to Say That Because It Would Hurt Relations with China. I Don't I Don't Actually Mind the Statement.

I Know It's Problematic in a Way, but We Know One Thing with the Thugs of the World to Show Equanimity to Show a Levelheadedness Sometimes Works against Us. So Again in 2021. Jen Saki Had to Walk That Back but That Is Coming This so Many Times a Present Had to Say Things and Then Walk Them Back before I Go to Other Times in Which He Says Things You Have To Walk Back Some of the Analysis about What's Happening Here.

Richard Haas on the Present Council on Foreign Relations on the Joe Biden's Comments Will Walk Back a Half-Hour after Seven Cut Seven Is the Third Time the President Sets the Third Time, the White House Therapist Walked Back in the White House Staff Should Standdown This Is the Right Thing to Do Unlike in Europe Are Allies and Partners in Asia Not Only Want Us to Do This Joe to Get Directly Involved On Behalf Of Taiwan. They Expect United States Is Not Directly Involved On Behalf Of Taiwan Timeline Cannot Do It. Ukraine, Taiwan's Island You Can't Resupply and There Has No Ability for Serious Self-Defense to Either Get Directly Involved in Taiwan Which Will Bring Japan and Others and or China Will Own Taiwan's All Too Easily, so This Is the Right Thing to Do and at Stake Is the Alliance System That for Three Quarters of a Century Has Made Asia the Single Most Successful Part of the World.

The President Is Exactly Right Now, As You Point out, You Can Move to Strategic Clarity to Say Were Going to Do This without in Any Way Undermining the So-Called One China Policy and the Framework of US Chinese Relations That Agendas Work for over Four Decades for This Pretty Interesting Because in Richard Haas Makes A Lot Of Sense As Usual.

But Here's the Thing. So Give a Demonstration to the Three Times What Does That Tell You about the Administration Was a Telling I Mean You Can't You Cannot Edit NBC and CBS and CNN. You Can't Give Him a Pass on This. This Is about the Relationship of the Most Important Partner and Were All over the Place on in That Area.

We Have India Is Going Be with Us.

Japan Is Going to Be with Us. South Korea Is Going to Be with Us.

Australia Will Be with Us. I Think Vietnam Is with This. I Think Indonesia Is with Us. Take a March through the Area. They Don't like the Thuggish Way. The China Actually Don't like the Bullying That Goes on the Belton Road Program Is a Cover for Extortion.

Michael Walch Heard These Comments This Morning Was on Fox and Friends First Cut 10. I Welcome the Presidents Strong Language and Right on China's Doorstop As He Is Meeting with the New Japanese Prime Minister. I Was Then Going to Say. I Hope the White House Doesn't Come around and Try to Clean It up.

It Sounds like They Already Are and That Kind of Ambiguity Isn't Helpful. We Need to Make It Very Clear to China That Invading Taiwan Which Will Then Allow China to Control about 50% of Global Trade in GDP Is an Acceptable and We Need to Move Away from That Policy of Strategic Ambiguity That We've Had for Years and Make It Very Clear Because Current Deterrence Failed. Let's Be Clear Deterrence Failed in Ukraine. We Did Not Deter Pollutants from Invading His Neighbor and Leveling Whole Cities Yes Were Having a Tough Response but It's It's a Day Late and a Dollar Short. We Can't Wait until Type A the Capital Taiwan Is Leveled, Much like Mary Opal Is Now to Then Have a Tough Response. We Need That Talk Talk Upfront. Yeah Right so That's What's Happening. That's an Folder with Tokyo You Know What Else Is Happening Today Candidates Are Scrambling and in Five Separate States.

We Know That Is Been More Intrigue Involved with These Primaries in the Donald Trump Year Than Ever. I Can Remember, We Know JD Vance Walked Away with the Ohio Victory Was Not Easy, but That Was All about Trump's Endorsement of Pennsylvania. I Think Oz Is Gonna Lock It up. He's Got about a Thousand Votes.

But Here's the Thing. As Much As I I Really like Dave McCormick I Think Is a Great Candidate and He Should Run for KCC Two Years.

He's Now Asking for Absentee Ballots Account Window Date on That's What Democrats Do and You Don't Have Precedent There in the Primary, so When They Try to Do This. These Mysterious Absentee Ballots.

They Come in They May or May Not Be Valid but There's No Date on Them. You Can Count on to Accounting Absentee Ballot to Come in after with the with the AFTRA Postmark Date, There Is No Postmark Date, You Can Count Them and I Know Nobody Wants to Win but Please Do It on the up and up and This Is a Team Battle.

This Is an Intramural Battle Today. McCormick Should Realize How Much Better He Got Just Campaigning in Six Months. How Much Video Get in Two Years and Try to Get Both Seats. If Dr. Oz Can Be Fetterman Dues a Very Liberal Guy Coming off a Stroke so Alabama from 77 Tomorrow Arkansas Will Be Intriguing. Alabama Is Going to Be Very Interesting to See Who Gets at Senate Seat with Richard Shelby Now Gone and Now Looks like Mo Brooks Is Rallying despite the Fact the Donald Trump Holders Support from Him in Arkansas Sarah Sanders to Get the Number in a Nomination We Think Georges Can Be Really Intriguing, but Camps up 30 Points on Center Purdue Woodside POI Does Not Surprise Me. Brad Reference Bergen Jody Heintz Jody Heintz Is Been Supported by Present Trump Reference Burgers Big Enemy of Donald Trump Why He Says a Vote of a Trumpet. II Don't Think He Was Cheated Out Of Georgia Trump Feels Exact Opposite Comes Been Good on Pandemic. He Kept the State Open on Women Sports. He Passed the Lord to Protect Women Sports against Transgender's Are Getting Internet to Rural Areas, and He Actually Did Election Reform.

There's No Reason Why Brian Kemp Should Be Primary and Producer to Know That in Texas I Will Keep My Eye and Henry Cuellar I Want for the Country, Even Though It's Been for the Republican Party If He Wins This Will Probably Win the General. But This Liberal That's Going against Him.

Is This a Rematch Is since Cisneros Is Supported by the Left Wing of the Party That the Barry Said the Bernie Barry Sanders to Bernie Sanders of the Party and George P. Bush Is Surging As Attorney Joe to Take on a Fellow Republican Atty. Gen. Sitting Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton, Who Was Mired in Scandal Present. Trump Endorsed Him Because He One Suit Every Body On Behalf Of Donald Trump Would George Be Push Would Do a Much Better Job Hard-Working Guy Successful Land Commission.

I Know Some People Are Upset about Them with the Alamo Pretty Work That out.

Got That Straight so I Think You Win Your New 30s. Get Your First Job. ABC Didn't Read the Room Correctly Got It. The Other Big Story Is with Stacy Abrams.

She Made a Major Gaffe Yesterday Saying George Is Not a Good Place to Live Nice Logan but We Come Back Garrison. He Synonymous with Moral Day Because He Gives to the Troops Alike.

Nobody Else with His Band, and the Monies Raised the Entertainment He Provides Is without Park Will Be Joining Us Live Next. This Is the Brian Kilby Cho Diving Deep into Today's Top Stories Brian Kill Me Fastest Three Hours and Radio Your Brian Kill Me Back to Finish up This Hour. You Guess Right Now Is Scary. You Know What He Does on the Big Screen Probably Finally Realize How Much He Does for the Men and Women Served by His National Memorial Concert Memorial Day Concert Is Coming up, Cohosting These Cohosting That Again. And We Know His Lieut. Dan a Lieut. Dan Band Has Been off like All of Us to the Pandemic, but Now They're Back in Action in His Book Is a Bestseller Grateful America Journey from Self to Service Which Is All about How We Got Really Involved with This Gary Memorial Day Means of Something Very Special to You and Explains Her Audience Something I about It When I Got a Call from My Buddy Joe Mantegna Back in 2005 Started a Couple Years before, and That They Were Going to Be Doing a Abetment on the US about Money. Out There to Run around with My Bannon and Visiting USO but Not Land Into the USO Segment for the Memorial That Dr. Nair Just Finished You and We Went Straight to DC Brought My Band on Stage in Front of the Capital Hundred Thousand People Sitting on the Bottom Thing and It Was Magnificent It Was That I Played a Couple of Thought They Had Me Narrate Some Contact Some Stories and Then Asked Me to Come Back the Following Year and Cope with Joe I Been Doing It Ever Memorial Day.

You Know What I Was a Kid and Went Right over My Head Even Though I Have Many Veterans in My Family. It Was a Ballgame of Curricular and Operator Something like That Never Really Thought about It Too Much until a Little Later Started Supporting Better Than Planned Really Going up Actively Being Invited 80 Copilots of the National Memorial Day Concert Right Away Donation Sacrifices. Many Made to Keep All Leaders Bases Change Then You Sound That You Moved over to Nashville and Would, Thankfully, Were Not the Full-Scale War Anymore Afghanistan, the Embarrassing Pullout That I Think Did Psychological Damage to A Lot Of Our Guys and Women That Serve Their and Then a Rack with Things like Now That Were Not in a Hot War. Anyone Who Served and You Know, We Found Many, Many of Them Are Struggling with What That Was All about Why That Happened and We're Trying to Provide Services for Anyone Needs Additional We Have Mental Wellness Programs and Everything. Need Foundation Support.

We Cannot Just Get the Message out That No Matter What Happens There Service Mattered and It Meant Something to Our Country, and You Should Not Take That for Granted. It's Something That I Tried It All Played Countertop Actually Going to Go to Court on Thursday and the Troops There Will Have a Better and Will Be in Attendance Are Important to Our Country and How Grateful We Are All Brought to America. I Feel Blessed People like the Armed Forces Who Were Willing to Go out There and Servant Different Memorial Day Is a Way for Us to Pay Tribute to the Fallen and the Family Long Appointment Terrible Things Happen or We Can Never Forget Them. We Can Say We Can Never Do Enough, but We Can Only through a Little More Time I Get down to the 70s, Whose Address so You Really Felt Helpless. Well, You Know, I Got a Call but A Lot Of These Men and Women Volunteered for the Job.

So They Knew the Risk Going in and We Put Together Maybe Pound for Pound, the Findings of the Finest Fighting Force of Job in American History. And Do You Get You Get the Idea That They Have the Sense of How Good They Are and What Great about What I'm Invited into the Military Community Morning Started Setting Support Them. The More I Got Actually Grant Training in the Ward Lying on Fighter Likening Carrier Youth Name That Had the Opportunity to Experience the Military in a Way That Most of Them Never Get the Opportunity to Do and That Makes Me a Better Advocate I Got.

I'm Able to Go out There and Actually Talk about You Know the Ordinary Skill That Are in Augmenting Women and That That That's the Way That I Can Sure I Can. I Know That Not Everybody Can Do That.

I Know That Not Everybody Can Foundation A Lot Of Money but We Can Advocate People and Tell Them Not Only That, You Know It's Important, but Actually Tried to Tell Them What Important and That Everybody Would Know That If You Don't Have a Personal Connection Serving the Military Family Peppered Something with People but Don't You Might Not Really Understand What the Military Does Somebody like Me. I Can Go out There Actually Tell People the 2022 – Memorial Day Constantly Broadcast on PBS Nationwide Will Be Sunday, May 29.

This Year's Course This Weekend at EPM so Make Sure Everybody Watches and If You Want to Do Something. To Know the Mind to the Right Place Support of the Gary Cities Foundation.

Gary, Thanks so Much for Joining Me and You Could Follow Him Add Gary Sinise Go Get Them Gary and I Talk to You Soon.

1-866-408-7669 Break Their Charges When We Come Back. Previews Five Primaries There Coming up in 24 Hours. A Lot Of the Line for the Four Prison Others Will Move Talk Show That's Getting You Your Brian Kill Me in Order to Get the Fine Holy Turnout Again. Same Story Goes in Places like Pennsylvania, Arizona, and about All across the Country so the White House Has To Be Looking at Today with Great Concern. It's Part of the Reason Why You See in the White House in Recent Days Really Step up Its Attempts to Demonstrate That It's on Top of the Baby Formula for Flights Arriving Today with the First Stock Files from Europe Because They Understand Lester Demonstrating Action Numbers Are Only to Get Worse.

He's Talking about the Numbers of Latinos and Everything like That It's Coming across As Well As His Approval Rating, Which Is between 36 and 40% with Right Now Is Brett Bear Knows All That, and Those the Action Presents over Tokyo Here, the Number One Story in Every Poll. Brett Is Inflation and I'm Not Sure Vilifying Businesses with the Public Was Hoping for Your Brian I Think Whole Number Suggested the Inflation Issue Is the Biggest Threat to Metal about Him but Democrats in General Terms and Adding to That You Just Complexity with the Baby Formula Situation. Kind of Exacerbates Was Already the Underlying Inflation Problem and Supply Chain Problem and so Yes It's It's a Tough Issue to This Administration for the Next One Half Months.

But the Thing Is with the Baby Formula, You Can Say What Am I a Mind Reader, Because You Know When the Whistleblower Have Let Make Let Everyone Know That Some Legitimate Concerns about That Sturgis Lab Was Nothing Done and I Mean I'm Watching the President Got in No Way Baby Formula Only for Companies Make It with You, Which Are Agriculture Secretary with Health And Human Services What Why Are They Acting Now You Can Act like They Been in Front of This Model Is First Say It's Not an Issue, Then Say What We Knew, It's Been an Issue for a Long Time and We Are Way Ahead of It and Then Deal with the Crisis Way like and Someone Else's Ahead of You on How to Deal with It and by That Point, the Political Backlash Is Already There When It Happened in the Number Different Ways in a Number of Different Issues with This Administration Going Back to so Let's Look at Some of the Races Individually. Dr. Oz Got over Both over Thousand Will Lead. He Was There Is Little Shock to Dave McCormick Is Looking to Count Absentee Ballots without Dates on Them. They Say That Something the Democrats Always Want to Do. I Know the Odds Camp Seems Kind of Upset by That You Think Looking at a Recount.

There Finish This Canvassing, Which Should Finish in the Next Couple of Days to Be within the Boat of .5%, Which Is Automatic Statewide Recount, Read Boat like a Recount.

So Whoever's Bleeding Going in the past Six Times Has Been the Winner Coming out but It Does Look like It's Bigger Recount on the on the Other Side Obviously Is Going to Be a Big Win for Brian Camp.

This Can Be No Duty to Subdue Those Strategies Evidently on the Part of Purdue and Herschel Walker Supposed to Walk Towards the Nomination in the General Business Sense with Doug Collins Told Me on Saturday Night Is like Herschel Walker Great Guy, Great Potential, Really Smart, but Really an Experience and He's Had No Tests but the End Is Not Been Really A Lot Of Public Opposition Research We How You See This Playing out This Warnock Is Good on His Feet, but He's Extremely Liberal for That State Really Close to All the Things You Said about Herschel Walker True Also Very Good in Person and Can Walk Room, You're Right.

He Has Not Been Fully Blasted by Medical Research Team Which Democrats Will Do and so I Think There's Some Warriors in Republican Circles about That but on the Flipside, You Know, Biden Is Not Bowling Well in Georgia and Places like Georgia, Pennsylvania. A Number of Different States Where Those Candidates Will Not Want Joe Biden with Him and That Will Be Evident, and It Will Be a Problem for Democratic Campaigns. So Stacy Abrams Obviously One of Those Towns on the Democrats. I Think She Becomes Gov. She Wants to Present A Lot Of People Think That the Don't Tell Me That She's Going to Love the Way This Is Resonating. She Called George of the Worst State to Live in. Listen Cut 28 and so Good Luck with That Is a Slogan I Think Not Put on a Bumper Sticker for Your Campaign, the State That I Want to Represent Works Because I'm Not Exactly the Shining City on a Hill from Ronald Reagan, but I Think Your Problems for Stacy Abrams in the General. I Don't Think That You Know She Is Not Had a Great Track Record As Part Number.

She Never Said That She Lost but She Lost and I Am Using the Tracker Good Other Than Fundraising and Organizing and There She Has Been Very Success She Has and Will See I Go yet Just Want to Bring That up That She Didn't like to Because What Happened Was Present from the Last Election Want to Bring You to His Loosely George P. Bush and Some Polls Is Closing in on Ken Paxton, Who Is Deftly Going to Be Doing Some Investigations Which Mysteriously Have Been Held off till after This Primary When You Think How Do You Think This Plays out for the Land Commissioner Report Cards Pretty Well Gone out into the Bush and I Am an Internal World. That's Not a Big Positive, but He's Actually the Trump Used of the Bushes and How Should I Walk That Line Pretty Well and I Think Paxton Has Some Issues so That Teresa Watch. I Think George W. Bush Could Be Making You Know the Next Step in His What Could Be a Political Career Occurs beyond Land Commissioner Cuellar Is the Ultimate Moderate to Strong on the Borders for Democrats Is Has To Standoff Another Scene Progressive Challenge in This Rematch. I Do Know Where the FBI Is Investigating Them Tenses. They're Not Investigating Them so Woody Would Messages That Send If the If the Bernie Sanders Clone Cisneros Wins Squad Is Alive and Well and for All the Democrats the Small Percentage of Our Caucus Becoming Bigger and There Are Number of Different Races Where Those Candidates Are Winning. Similarly, in Pennsylvania Others. So You See Some Acolytes of the AOC's Are Treated to Leaves That May Be Successful. I'm Not Sure. Seven.

Texas Is One of Them Will See but Cuellar Has Been Obviously Somebody Stood up to His Party a Pretty Brave James Clyburn Endorsed Cuellar Think That Significant Number Two Is It Looks like Republicans Have a Better Chance against Cisneros and Cuellar. So Would You Know You Lose Cuellar Think It's an Asset for Losing Asset for the Country for Republican Same. I See This Is the Opportunity 100% America Candidate Players There Better Progress of Really Taking off but You'll Texas Is Changed a Little Bit. I'm Not Sure South Texas to Change Them so Yesterday Last Week. I Think the Beast through the Dorm Trials A Lot More Interesting Than Ever Thought, Even Though I've Always Been Interested in Robbie Moo Coming out Saying That the President, Hillary Clinton on New about the Leaking to the Press Knew about Going to the FBI's Cash Patel about with the Takeaway Was in Week One Cut 33 Talk about the Three-Star Witnesses Robbing the Mark Elias and the FBI's James Baker.

So What Did We Do What We Learn. So, James Baker, the FBI General Counsel Whom Michael Sussman Has Been Charged to Lying to about Whether or Not He Was Representing Anyone When He Was Shoveling the Dirt Testified under Oath That He Is Will Quote 100% Confident That Michael Sussman Did Not Say He Was There for a Client, Thus Cutting His Defense Critical Testimony from the Witness Himself. By the Way Didn't Build Time till the Clinton Camp and He Was There, so the Something Little Bit More Elaborate. What Progress His Door Made This Week Last Week and What You Think and Speak. We Think Will Do This with More about Narrative. People Were Calling It a Moment, Something That People Knew Was Likely the Case, Click, Click Here. Robbie Brooks Authorized the Leak of That Stuck to the Press about the Linkage between Trenton and the Russian Bank Sort of You Know Something That People Had Waited to Hear a Man That Was a Big Moment Now for the Organization Don't or Happened Covered This. It's Tough for Them to Jump Because You Got Explained It All in Their Viewers and Readers Don't Really Fully Understand It, so They're Going Back to Square One. But I Think There's Significant Here.

I Don't Know Lead to Criminal Indictment, but I Do Think That It's Going to Have a Report in the End It's Going to Verify with A Lot Of Trump Supporters Believed I Find It Endlessly Interesting. I Just Think This Is Getting Simpler and Now You Get Peter Struck Is Indeed Next Alone. Lisa Page You See This Thing Being Constructed so Methodically Maddeningly Slow, but You Really See Not Only to the Mall Report I Read the Whole Thing. There's Some Disturbing Stuff in There but No Collusion. Obviously, like Was Portrayed Brett. I Don't Know How Much You Switch Channels but There Would Be No Programming on CNN or MSNBC If There Was No Molar Report Coming Months Literally Pick Pick Pick Pick Mom to Come in This Thing and Molly Spent All This Time in the Neck Testimony on Capitol Hill Was a Total God in All That Time All of That Money and Durham.

Hillary Clinton Is the One Who Authorized the Leak of the Bogus Tropical Russia Bank. I Don't Fully Understand How an Independent Counsel, Mrs. Wright Pointsa Memorable Response Fired Page and Struck Quickly. Likely Sees Me Remove Them Quickly As Those Text Messages Were Handed over to Him That You to Put a Stop Sign. Likely Okay Wool What Were They Doing When They Get Involved with What Brought Them and Thought Hey Guys, Back Here What Brian Had a Mentor in the Middle of the Investigation Stopped and Stopped Short and Said There's Nothing Here and You Know It Didn't Continue. How Many Seats Would Change Hands.

Because of the Ongoing Rush Investigation. That Is Great Point and That That Decides If There's a You If There's an Impeachment on the Ukraine Call or Not in the House, You Lose the House Right and You Increase You Actually Picked up Two Seats in the Senate.

I Think That Many People Remember That When the Midterms Usually a Disaster for the Incumbent for the 11 and Then It Wasn't That Bad. But Then That's Close Become Speaker Again and the Hatred Starts and Everybody Dixon.

I Just Hope People on the Other Side Just Just Follow This and Start Reporting It. I Was Amazed Brett When NBC Reported the Hunter by Laptop.

It Turns out Hunter Barnett Investments in China. I Almost Fell off the Chair Document and People Say NBC Where Have You Been I See What Comes and It's Really Better First Dataport to Just Come Clean on His Investments. All That'll Be Good. Finally, Hunter Just Comes Clean on His Investments… And Remember in the Great Hunter Is One of the Smartest Guys I Know from Pres. Bob No I Don't Think That There Can Be Backed up by A Lot Of Decision-Making That Hunters Are Judging but Will Find That Is the Biggest Understatement.

Brett Bear's General Quality Time Always You Will Get It. We'll Watch at Six Tonight.

Okay, Right Bread. Thanks 1-866-408-7669 Something New Every Day, Brian Kill Me Show Information You Will You Demand. This Is Brian. Kill Me Show. I'm Sure That Parents Not Take This Lightly Is Very Hard to Know When Something Is Real or Just a Phase. I Understand Being Trans Is Different. It's Innate Also Have Faces Their Kids. It's All Phases Dinosaur Phase Hello Kitty Phase 1. They Want to Be an Astronaut That I Think Believe That Room Gender Fluid Kids Are Fluid about Everything Kids Know What They Wanted to Be at Age 8. The World Refilled with Cowboys and Princesses. I Wanted to Be a Pirate. Nobody Took Me Seriously and Scheduled Me for My Removal and That His Help and How Funny Is That All That Was Fantastic, yet It It's Unbelievable That You Have To Go to Comedy to Talk about the Lunacy of All This, and Now If You Bring That up You're Intolerant You Don't Care You Don't Understand How Dear You Bring That You Know How Dear You Bring Your Biased Attitude of Conservative Values to This Conversation That the Other Would Cut You Want Me to Play Was 52 and I Once Again Says 51 S. Okay so It's with 52 Yes Part of the Rise in LGBT Numbers Is from People Feeling Free Enough to Tell It to a Pollster and That's All to the Good, but Some of It Is It's Trending Penis Equals Man Okay Boomer. Remember the Prime Directive of Every Team Is Anything to Shock and Challenge the Squares Who Brought You up If You Haven't Noticed That with Tens Doing Something for the Likes Is More Important Than Their Own Genitals. You Haven't Been Paying Attention. Dr. Eric Anderson Is a Prominent 71-year-old Clinical Psychologist Who Is Herself Transgender Now Says I Think It's Gone Too Far.

The Los Angeles Times Summarizes She's Come to Believe That Some Children Identifying Test Trends Are Falling under the Influence of Their Peers and Social Media.

If You Attend a Small Dinner Party of Typically Very Liberal Upper Income Angelenos. It Is Not Uncommon to Hear Parents Who Each Have a Trans Kid Having a Conversation about That. What Are the Odds of That Happening in Youngstown, Ohio. If This Spike in Trans Children Is All Natural.

Why Is It Regional Either Ohio or Shaming Them or California Is Creating We Can Admit That in Certain Enclaves.

There Is Some Level of Trendiness to the Idea of Being Anything Other Than Straight, Then This Is Not a Serious Science-based Discussion.

It's a Blow Being Struck in the Culture Wars Using Children As Cannon Fodder. I Don't Understand Parents What Their Nine-year-old Walked to the Corner without a Helmet, and EpiPen and a GPS Tracker and God from Their Lips Touched Dairy Hormone Blockers and Genital Surgery Fine. Talk about Not Allergy That Is Brilliant and It's Just so Concise to the Point, but If It Was Said by If It Was Said by Mark Levine or Anything like That or Anybody in the Right or You Know Now Joe Rogan, Then It so This Huge Intolerant These Conservative Guys Are so Out Of Touch. How Dare They Trigger Others, May We Find of the Guiding the Comedian Dave Chapelle Get Trust on Stage. The Guy Rushed on Stage Just Wasn't Drunk.

He Was Triggered by Insensitive When He Called Trans Trans Joke Which He Said Should've Been Run by the Trans Community before They Do Anything and Thinking That Mars Has Another Point, Just Because You're like a Minority Doesn't Give You the Right to Object to Everything and Have a Greater Voice Right to Get Eric to Say at All. This Comes Right Master Correspondent and Board and Producer over 100 Meteorologists and Resources of Fox Box Whether Podcast's Personal Powerful Subscriber Melissa Malik Fox Is Not Just

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