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Durham Report Rising, Mainstream Media Scrambles to Debunk

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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February 15, 2022 12:30 pm

Durham Report Rising, Mainstream Media Scrambles to Debunk

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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February 15, 2022 12:30 pm

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This episode is brought to you by Samsung unfold the all new galaxies. The fold for and expand your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more done during calls and with multiwindow view. You can use up to three apps at the same time plus the edge to edge screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite games and shows. Visit to learn more about galaxies, the fold of Fox news Studios in New York City. Fresh off the set of Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me to be here right is the right to me Joe 1-866-408-7669 will be joined by David Rosati. Surely he's a great writer columnist. He talked about what's going on. The media blackout of the door revelations of your about to tell you and update you on most of the ugly vilification of freedom. That is the new blood that's the new F word up in Canada, you bring up freedom to trigger, just like all the American flag is a trigger what is going on in this country because what I see things going on in Canada. It's not far removed logistically, emotionally, and politically from America will get into detail on that and then will welcoming a Lieut. Col. West River governor of Texas and we know Texas had a little visit from AOC's is a matter time before Texas goes blue really get to the bakery. Now the stories you need to know Brian's phase 3 number three continues to advance his readiness should he choose to go down a military path here should he choose to invade again. He is doing all the things you would expect him to do to make sure he's ready for that option. Not really sure what that meant but backing up many sides of Russia may not be quite ready to invade Ukraine just yet. The story behind the story of the ministration of actuates the embassy in Kiev emergencies act will be used to strengthen and support law enforcement agencies at all levels across the country.

This is about keeping Canadians safe. These tools include strengthening their ability to impose fines or imprisonment. I despise this guy Justin Trudeau truckers under siege and candor, their rights have been suspended thanks to Justin Trudeau's terrible leadership and now his emergency orders. What it means for the restrictions or mandates were at the foundation. The protest now freedom seems to be the new trigger word around the globe were conspirators that co-conspirators look what they have dragged our nation through for the last five years. The primary coast conspirators is that mainstream media.

I don't believe they were just simply do. I think they are complicit in this really Ron Johnson who was a lone voice in the wind at some care. To Tom Lowe with Devin Nunes saying there's a problem with this Russia story. It's the exact opposite is being pretrade now is getting. I guess vindication door report rises, the New York Times are supposed scramble to debunk will sort through it all and see if Trump has an apology coming in from Leslie stall Rodney Joffe probably don't hear that name before, but he is name pops up in the latest court filing by John door why Rodney Joffe's executive with the firm that had a contract, a Internet firm that had a contract with the executive branch of government, and it turns out he had some students at new store, the company that he was ahead up and those students were mining data from Trump Tower and later on the White House to see if they could find, or contrived any Russian connection with the future and once candidate president Trump so if they were able to get some of the tech information bringing forward give it to some Hillary Clinton operatives like Jake Sullivan have them do a series of media appointments leak to the press you next league you know have these covert links between Trump, the president, the candidate in the President-elect and Russia and destroy or try to destroy his four years of his presidency. Could that have actually happened. There's an excellent chance at exactly words leading to be clear, Sussman is the guy that's been indicted one of the three in this guy, Sussman, Jeff Sussman is somebody that one up to the FBI's attorney and said hey guys I got this information about Trump's ties to Russia now just a civilian yeah where I'm a Democrat, but simply don't work for anybody you some proof really get the word about it here some proof. So I got from tech firms protect Formosa in the in. They show it in the casino goes to the after they start doing investigation with they didn't say Sussman never said was that he worked for the Clinton campaign was put up to them by that. And right now he's an indictment of the question is, is he talking so.

And the question is what is the information the Russian information that was contrived or mined out by Joffe, Rodney Joffe, an executive who had a contract with the executive branch of our government and was willing to give intelligence reportedly to a political operative or anybody. If you are if you are working for the White House and the girl linkable in your that compromise who well seal leaking to number one. And can you believe once he became president, there was still working to undermine so I just told you the scenario mixing of the so-called leaks are getting out to various intelligence services around the globe and they're trying to scoop up all these Trump illegal man affords link to Russia.

Yet he worked there and he worked in Ukraine and he worked for the Russian government because he left after the Nixon years and one got jobs overseas. You might see Dick Morris work in South and Central America. You might see on various political operative your pro here you wanted everywhere. The smallest election advocate. The biggest election in Argentina so manifold was over there work for Trump for a month and that was suddenly there Russian link Paul Manna for link who has links to Russia yeah of course you worked there and did he get some poll numbers and say hey guys, I am Italian Transco went look at these pulse and I'm a person of influence and I'll be close to yeah okay so I had a but I have.

I had a lot of great information better information. I have the by demonstration. I was there. It doesn't mean of corrupt music, a better intelligence to become the make might show better in order for you to get better information, ask better questions on down the line so was this a process you get the information that you get to get it out to people to get a leak into friendly members of media in the article 1 shows and say March 2017.

The name is Jake Sullivan will not talk about the Ukraine.

Now were talking about Hillary Clinton and were talking about Donald Trump 2017 he's president from cut to what we learned during the campaign was that very serious computer science experts. People who work closely with the United States government had uncovered this secret hotline between the alpha bank that the Russian bank and the Trump organization course we do know for sure if in fact that were the case, but we knew that it should be investigated and we knew that, given how serious these computer scientists work, they were just making up crackpot theories so it wasn't surprising to learn that even as of last week, the FBI is still looking into this and you have any idea what they're what they're looking for.

I don't of course I don't have a line into the FBI on this, but what I know. Based on public reporting is that there is a very unusual server activity between this Russian bank in the Trump organization, which suggests contact that took place over the course of the campaign really so he's just concerned. He's concerned that Donald Trump beat is bought and Hillary Clinton significantly when election is concerned about ties to Russia to Russia put in office. We know we did we know the ties weren't there, but let's just run with that to screw up our country when you screw up the present. You screw up the country is not commenting on how he's doing in different policies go and do that.

That's our whole democracy, but to undermine it is unbelievable and it didn't get past Adam shift. Remember this card for is ample evidence of collusion of the campaign and that's very much in the public record. Have you seen do you have direct evidence of collusion with Russia. I think there is direct evidence and there is significant evidence of collusion and we've set that out time and time again, you didn't. You made up time and time again Adam shift should be Jake Sullivan should be suspended and eventually fired, and this guy Adam shift is so diminished for any clear thinking person that for anyone to listen to worthy comes out of his mouth is really doing an injustice. And if you talk about suspending to any American injustice.

You talk about suspending somebody when you get, you want to get rid of bulbar you want to get rid of others when the Republicans take charge of the house. In fact, they do they usually Adam shift can't be trusted.

The guys nonstop weaker and we know he's he and Bob he revels infection as he goes to undermine Donald Trump or a Republican, so outside and consider we come back, David R. Sahni talks about this and the fact is I think this morning morning Joe talked about. But besides that only one network talked about it was CNN for two minutes and 30 seconds basically debunked what what I just told you that John drums working on keep them on the Washington Post, New York Times took the story out today and try to debunk it. But if you understand the facts understand the facts and then read the column you know it's a huge reach going to have to come around just like the coming round now the Hunter Biden story so David R Saadi then returned to Col. Allen West use of the brain to meet Joe so glad you're here honest commentary you need to know Brian kill me from Fox News network and on the next Fox News contributor of the daily newsletter.

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This is Brian kill me show this scandal was when they spied of my campaign, they spied a meal.

Evidence of that course, there is no place in Weimar promise that would expose huge corruption, but he hasn't done is apparently an ongoing concern Republican and pro-Trump project to try to turn the investigation of the Russia scandal into some kind of scandal itself. While that is some of the people who just kind was smugly saying there's nothing there. It was Donald Trump to collude with Russian got away with it. Even though Muller found nothing. Not only did he not get away with it and did he not get away with doing something wrong. He did nothing wrong. In fact, he was set up in a more more evidence comes out the John drums investigating it would say was who coordinated extra effort to trump up unintended some type of Russia collusion by working with the cyber firm that had a contract with the executive branch and they use that contract for access and they use that that contract to mine data coming out of Trump Tower and the White House.

Once he became president David R.

Saadi's to watch these developers along with me.

He joined just now senior writer for the next review and syndicated columnist for the New York Post, David welcome what you take of the lack of coverage of at the very least, and very intriguing, impactful dorm investigation well American greed. We both know that it was directed to happen this way.

Once news came out. But the problem I think many of the people. The media should be covering the story were complicit in spreading the Russia collusion stopped and now they're part of the part of the unit conspiracy in a way about them that they traded note something that did the same goals in mind and that was to frame the president of some kind of Russian spy which was incredibly looking back now, it's just even them. Frankly, but just incredibly ridiculous thing to believe in yet old supposedly make food law enforcement agency of the entire media you know and of the conquered country. They did and sensing active people lost the minutia. This tech firm.

This tech firm was actually using their access in their contract did something political. Now, the Washington Post, and that is to get information on down Trump the candidate the President-elect and the president now you want to look at the Washington Post, New York Times, a bone said all this is old stuff. We knew this already or never really happen. Fox News New York Post to jump to conclusions that I didn't expect really yummy and you know I think are basically shielding themselves from them in a way you would think the journalist would be really interested in looking for this kind of power any miscue you remember before trump nothing worth talking about and gliding and spying on people in looking at their server can literally hear you have a major political party teaming up with you know corporate entity spied on candidate and the government and the White House like a shadow government basically and yet you know they're not writing about me. I hate the clich� you know this is worse than Watergate but just like actually is worth it and will could be eventually and no one thinks to Karen that in any of the main outlets that were by the way obsessive about like Robert morning they were late UAP orders on time to call you heard about it yet, but nothing real on so terms moving too slow in some respects I don't think we should jump to the conclusion I mean I think being meticulous about this is a good thing is really going to get out going step by step in and pick up the good thing I don't think we should be, you know, for our edification trying to not that you would listen but try to rush someone to get to get to the answer doing the job right way, they'll have to see me before the next election will certainly help a David.

You also wrote about Afghanistan so outrageous that this cavity this Abigail investigation was never the Prez United States. He could even get into brief them. They just have no interest so when the Washington Post is a FOIA request to get the 2000 page document, they write a story about all the mistakes made in the mistakes where the State Department into executive branch didn't want to hear all the warnings from the from the mid-military, which had its own problems that this is getting really better than I can be able to hold Kabul. The president outright rejected the study that I found out over the weekend. He never even got briefed on, directly or indirectly you write that it's even worse when you mean complicated but there are a lot a lot of new evidence amount in the last week.

Report what you know, document and other things you know to investigation the children there were at least I think I counted six separate either warnings might not not some low-level separate unit commanders in general that what Biden was doing was going to put American troops and civilians, no allies of Americans in danger.

And yet he ignored all that and the only only thing we can conclude from all this is that it was politically motivated. Getting out of Afghanistan which is popular would be a slamdunk. And he wanted to do quickly wanted to do it early in his term that has turned including that certain still don't know how many Americans are stuck in Afghanistan but probably in the found using the in response he said is going to be Obama's gotta get out guy got a couple guy got a couple provide the security for the Kabul airport. We can forget was the Taliban which is the more I mean I could not believe the scenario there was a bomb hit 13 dye our responses to kill the terrorists and we said we got them there was even a secondary explosion. According to Mark, Millie, which shows the car was to be a car bomb right turns out we killed an innocent person and his family that was doing work for us over the last few years in Afghanistan. I mean you can't have a bigger disaster than this when you think about the part of the story. The terrorists probably the route that the American knew that people on the ground were told would being an official Handing out maps the people and telling them to use those routes even though they were not protected and that probably have a character close to the 13 American soldiers in whatever 170 Afghan citizens that they killed and then you know after the bombing that you just talked about. They pretended like you know that your phone but could not exist. The etc. and if it was right you in the end they didn't kill anyone you know they killed a particular the family can kill anyone associated with the terrible should be a massive scandal on the phone. Leslie, what about freedom in Canada. We are now watching Justin to go to this cut 16 emergencies act will be used to strengthen and support law enforcement agencies at all levels across the country to be able to jail people saw freeze their bank account stop them from work and revoke their citizenship because they are peacefully demonstrating the lockdowns and the mandates we get here. Well, regarding the complete authoritarian llama Canada to Canada.

We on the support. Taking people's money when they when they donate to college from a cup to accompany him and just cleaning out that this is just incredible.

Think of any country should be invaded by a Canada Fritos people come here come here and I think that a lot of people here would like to think that kind of power that kind of power. Initially, the governors were just shutting down churches you know clearly unconstitutional.

Trying to mandate a vaccine, but I think we come to her senses relatively quickly and the government sort of has now you know it's kind of melted away in a polling so horrible for Democrats but I care about: thermal to and yet he is actually you know doubling down on the kind of thing.

He's a disgrace Sunday. Thanks so much. It was great hearing from you. Reading your columns, Lieut. Col. Allen West is next to truth about Texas will gain close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber list just Fox News can't just networking these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news, but I'm just done, or wherever you get your favorite radio show like no other, kill me voice is soothing and reassuring that is AOC in Texas, China, primary, Democratic Congressman name Henry Cuellar led the audacity to want to clamp down on illegal immigration in his city any's Hispanic so their primary him because he's is horrible thing called moderate but does she understand Texas does a congressman from Queens understand cathexis less as someone that lives there want to be the next governor. There is Col. Allen West, Col., is it inevitable that Brian really shouted. My eardrums would play a backflip in my ear this early in the morning but it is not inevitable and very good.

The AOC bus understand is that in the state of Texas Joe Biden's approval rating with the Hispanic community.

It's only 20, 30, 35% that she thinks that some progressive socialist open border agenda left. This is going to be successful in the Rio Grande River Valley shoot below. Matter fact, when you look at what is happened since November 2020 Hispanic community down the river area is completely flipped the Potter County first-time Republican in 100 years. You got to outstanding young Latina fee candidates running for Congress down in the Rio Grande Valley so she is way off track and the pictures not be severely support. It's amazing.

People think they have a short-term memory loss. He doesn't want to talk about taking your guns away just want to talk about taking walls down.

He does want Joe Biden even technologies running for governor I guess is that alluded your good knowledge. Yeah escape my attention because what you see happening is that there will that this far left agenda is not successful for Georgia space did not want to be staying with Joe Biden the same thing here, but everyone knows what Mr. Robert Francis O'Rourke's daughter still bait and switch. And that's why you see all of these blue state governors.

Now the sun trying to back away from biomass bad basic look at the Super Bowl and all those folks would bear all the leads Roger Goodale. All the players will brought James none of them have a mask on yet they're still trying to say that our kids going to school because they could be where Basque things fall apart follow for them and again this midterm election cycle. Scorpio political Armageddon Sen. Mitch McConnell also brought that up as we desperately try to get the mass off the kids get the states open 11 governors have has some type of losing restrictions, not waiting for the White House among Democratic states obviously cut 23 American to watch the Super Bowl's all rich celebrities have a grand time with hardly a mask inside but under Democrats policies first graders who wants that big masculine party last night and wake up this morning and cover their own faces in order to go to school America's classrooms. The last places where local, state and federal grants will accept that cost-benefit calculations exist in zero transmission is simply not possible problem since some little cities like Austin right they don't want didn't want to loosen up these restrictions on kids right now to think about all the number three city ofAmerica for a cruise. Guess what a couple years ago they were the people in their police so that's something that the lip to spill a bracelet so often very dangerous city use of the city because of the birds that are there but again you know you start to see this thing that remind you of your hunger games where you have the capital of the big city and you know there's a certain way for the lease and then everybody else throughout the district and they had to live under the tyranny of the folks that lived in the capital, and I think that's why you see what's happening up there in the account of what the instructor saying you know enough about and you gotta see that happening here inAmerica think the convoys starting out from Bakersfield, California. I probably ring around Washington DC and a lot of the disdain it's amazing.

You have a lot of people who are taking the side of the Canadian government.

Even though these are truck drivers to living your food supplies. The last two and half years and then one he didn't want to raise.

They don't want your love.

They just want to be able to make their own decision when it comes to a vaccination, which by the way they are 80% vaccine in Canada, where at 74% vaccinated right now.

85 a for people to seniors 80 and up there said there almost 90% vaccinated, and we watch these cases across the country down 66% over the last two weeks but they've made this they've made this whole crackdown on freedom. Freedom is the new F word. Listen to Justin Trudeau cut 17 rendering legal blockades disrupt the lives of too many Canadians here in our capital city families. Small businesses have been injuring illegal obstruction of streets harassing people breaking the law.

This is not a peaceful protest at the borders in different parts of the country blockades are harming our economy.

The problem is reported on the ground are seeing a totally different story.

I may have the other knuckleheads I don't know I haven't seen any of them. The problem is blockading certain streets to get this the presence attention of the prime minister's attention. Trudeau won't even talk to protest the protest.

Unlike what we saw a couple summers ago here in America were built and this is the arrogance of officialdom that Justin to go would rather just stand up there on high and what you declare his capital city and not get out there and talk to these men and women and asked them what their agreement.

For me that's one of the first amendment rights that we have in our Constitution is the right to petition the government for grievances and all they want to do is to be able to live their lives to do their job but they don't want to be told they have to get a certain thing objected to their bodies. So can he just simply say you know what your right yet.

We got 80 some odd percent of our country that has been vaccinated, and we want to once again have you free flow of supplies that we can Thrive in a prosperous economy so I was wrong on this, that they were going to get rid of baby type of mandates but no meat is about power and control.

That's what we are provinces that provinces have condemned him for doing this, as well as the Ontario with three with the conservative governor whenever they call them by their leaders in the test is this working arena mandates like a week so this is thing is coming to an end but just Trudeau seems to want to do this emergency action and freeze a bunch of truckers funds and put them in jail as if they're the problem. Lastly, we watch brother Vladimir Putin pulled back a few thousand troops today say while they were done with their wargames at a Belarus we told you there is no imminent action from what you hear and for this administration's policy of telling you everything that's on their mind all the intelligence that they allegedly pick up where you think vitamin pollutants up to once again threatening a demonstration of the military terminology for back when the leader Kim Jong-Il anytime he wanted some concessions so he wanted some funding from the United Nations or wherever he start talk about rocketry start make it all of these hints and intonations about coming across the DMZ and we give the money go away so I think the Vladimir Putin what you trying to do is to pressure and try to get concessions up a couple one is threatening that he never wants to see Ukraine and Tobago and some other things that you strive to put an economic pressure on the folks there in Ukraine so you have to meet that with the full elements of national power, diplomatic, rational and economic and the military has a BA trump card because while the record for peace through strength, so I think what should be happening as Joe Biden should lift the restrictions on all the gas in the street here in America we should be flowing all oil and gas over there to Eastern Europe so that you can on the Bob letter is a copy of his ability to have these massive demonstrations could Texas be pumping more taxes should be pumping more now. Tell you what is government taxes are absolutely will be doing that looking at these markets that we can open up to export are all the gas resources that's helping our economy here Texas help youAmerica and it helps our allies want to hear Chris Christie on this week with George Stephanopoulos talk about the conversations he had for news people say that it's a pandemic was always going to have inflation which year-over-year is now at a staggering 9.7%. Listen to what he said if Pres. Biden would put aside his environmental agenda for a moment he wants to deal with inflation.

I spoke to the governor North Dakota two weeks ago. She is being forced by the Biden administration to keep 500,000 barrels of oil a day in the ground in North Dakota. If those 5000 barrels of oil day were about three produced two things will happen. It would help the price on gas and to we wouldn't have Joe Biden begging OPEC to increase look if you're worried about global warming is I want to keep the oil in the ground with a welcome telegram in Saudi Arabia or North Dakota. It has the same effect on global warming, but Joe Biden don't want to do that inside America being a hypocrite about it. Let North Dakota let Pennsylvania let Texas reach their quotas and have a greater supply and I don't know, I took basic economics in college greater supply deals with this demand. We have a will lower prices so I know you can push back on that but can you believe 500,000 barrels in the ground was with one of the Texas Railroad commissioners of the Railroad commission. They deal with regulating all and gas industry here Texas and we just had used to find out that we got 200 billion barrels of all on the ground here in Texas and so we should be capitalizing on that worthless audit rate of natural gas. So why do we have was going on is going on. I don't know what this is about pushing an archaeological agenda that is not good for our country that is not good for national security economics. Or it is not. I'm not a spectacular five dictate to us like that early voting starts early voting started yesterday on Valentine's Day hope equipment lock Texas get out and vote and were saying people get about boat I'm on the road down to Houston and then I'll head over to Central Texas Hill country like window when dissident the early voting will end on 25 February election day 31st of March.

Best of luck around West when we go people want to support you.

You go to the website West number four That's what I am Col. Best luck. Thanks so much ground goblet we come back I will explain what was happening. Ukraine and the new F word freedom will explain your knowledge base Brian show the more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me use the phrase earlier this week have democracy 10 years from you think we will think there's a very real, I think what we ran the government's perhaps pastors democracy.

I may try to pretend that it is right that is AOC.

This guy David Remnick who is a deep thinker for the New Yorker the way to the left is interviewing AOC like cheesy. He's Albert Einstein and George will mean it's she's got nothing to say.

She actually says that Joe Biden's fault is you choose Moore's executive orders, really. You see, the first hundred he did undermining everything the trumpeted teacher to use more executive orders.

You have a criticism. What he did in Afghanistan. All when he said well the bipartisan infrastructure deal is good but not really that good is compared to bill back better, but it's not his fault about Joe mansion and Christensen about. That's why when I can have a democracy because people don't agree with her. She goes it's a SH show and she is trying to straighten it all out and she's not getting discouraged. I understand how people I believe that she's got anything worthwhile to say I'm it's got a big presence in social media doesn't really do not that much anymore but in terms of crime. Jesse says crime is directly linked to the child tax credit going away and most of them is young man stealing baby formula for their kids really baby formula at a Rite Aid baby formula by dethroning the subway baby formula like that guy that took I took off with 25 steaks was that really baby formula that look like stakes. It is absolutely nuts.

The people actually look at her but it's gotta be scaring the heck out of the Democrats. In fact, AOC claims the risk of democracy going away in 10 years is because guess what they really good. We think she thinks is going to be reactionary politicians bringing back Jim Crow. Maybe a follow-up question is what are you talking about you haven't already happening in Texas were Jim Crow style disenfranchisement laws have already then proposed. You have members of the state legislator just a few months ago flee the state in order to prevent such voting was from being passed in Florida. We have the entire state vote to allow people who release from prison to be re-enfranchised after they been serve their debt to society. That's essentially being replaced by poll taxes, intimidation to the polls regulations. I think it's Boston University or Boston College.

She is all yours. So that's a big story that's you David Remnick is talk about.

But in terms with the dorm report is in the few minutes I have left just to say give you an idea. I thought Steve Hilton broke it down very well because he's got this cyber background and social media expertise. He hopes to show one revolution lay on Sunday nights. Here's what he said other new revelations come out of the dorm report cutting now thanks to these documents. The factual background attached to a motion filed by special counsel John dorm as part of his indictment against former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman that the Clinton campaign paid a tech firm to quote mine Internet data to establish an inference and narrative tying then candidate Trump to Russia in Darwin's words.

This included quote nonpublic and/or proprietary Internet data what is mining nonpublic and proprietary data mean it means King means spelling targets. According to Durham quote Internet traffic pertaining to one particular healthcare provided to Trump tower three Donald Trump Central Park West apartment building for the executive office of the president of the United States. Yes, you heard that right.

They hacked just Trump tower, but the White House Trump became president. They hacked the White House.

These people imposes defenders of democracy. How is that even possible. So is obvious is that is is black and white is, it appears on the page Washington Post headline why Trump is once again claiming that he was spied upon in 2016 there are legitimate questions about the effort to link Trump back to Russia using the data that was not only sketchy at the outset, but it also been debunked in the anytime blush was over, but there is no question that there is not proof the Trump Towers wiretap. It is if it is evidence on trumping spied on.

As a former president has claimed in recent days and it is a very broad sort of spine collecting of all the domain name look lookups from a physical location or network being conducted, not by the Obama ministration or by Hillary Clinton, but by an anti-Trump lawyer, the anti-Trump lawyer, Washington Post is linked to the Clinton campaign who got information from a tech firm with a guy that was going to head up cybersecurity for the Clinton's presidency who used a contract with the federal government to go beyond his manifest and looking to trump the civilian Trump. The present elect and trump the president sooner or later, Washington Post got to do with and what New York Times had to do with the end up doing admitting that the Hunter Biden stores real and admit the stories will it's getting closer and closer, and impossible to deny expressiveness of the rest break Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with a positive answer. Brian kill me.

I met her moment then dominate John Maria Bartiromo break down the storm report as she knows it in there with simulcast and bonding company will take a look at the FBN audience and see if we like them as much as our audience and see will all get along a lot going on today as we come to you from New York and around the country and around the world eyes on the Ukraine.

Of course, not taking arise of that there's been some change there will relay that in a matter of seconds.

Also, well look at the market up through two points because of the change there. I would argue, and we have huge crime problem right here in a frustrated mayor who went up to visit with fellow Democrats to say, do me a favor the no cash bail. I understand your intent, but it's blowing up in our face making our streets unsafe and they told me hit the road.

Incredible right victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three continues to advance his readiness should he choose to go down a military path here should he choose to invade again. He is doing all the things you would expect him to do to make sure he's ready for that option right but there's been a little bit of a change.

Backing off many signs a Russian minor be quite ready to invade this moment story behind the story is the ministration of actuates their embassy in Kiev emergencies act will be used to strengthen and support law enforcement agencies at all levels across the country.

This is about keeping Canadians safe. These tools include strengthening their ability to impose fines or imprisonment. Truckers under siege in Canada, the right to been suspended thanks to Justin Trudeau's terrible leadership what it means for the restrictions and mandates which are at the foundation.

These protest and how freedom seems to be the new trigger/F word the conspirators the co-conspirators look what they have dragged our nation through for the last five years. The primary coast conspirators is that mainstream media.

I don't believe they were just simply do. I think they are complicit in this, they go Ron Johnson took a beating.

Because of that dorm report rises, the New York Times and Washington Post scramble to debunk it will sort through it all and see if Trump has an apology coming from Wesley stall. Let's bring in then dominate Fox News contributor publisher the Federalist.

They been welcome Brian Long and good morning.

I think a lot of reasons I like and be consistent for once I think with your with your opening promise to have a positive outlook today for a number of reasons that last clip that you are played regarding the term is one of the meaning that we may finally get to the point where there are going to be some answers and some people called to account for the things that they got away with. Many years ago. Do not think that will preclude Wesley stall apologizing.

Unfortunately that unit out the plot so so from the revelations that we know John doing he said about $3 million they spent about 30 million on the molar report and basically we find out that this guy Michael Sussman did not tell anybody like the lawyer for the, the attorney, the counsel for the FBI, G.I. Jim Baker did not say that he was working for the trumpet for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

We went up and say I'm seeing this cyber this exchange between this Russian bank I'm seeing this change in Russian bank the Trump campaign, which became the President-elect and became the Trump White House anything you know you affiliate with Aer Lingus now not just a concerned citizen. Okay fine what turns out Sussman's work of Hillary Clinton turns out that the cyber firm read Rodney Joffe ran. He was the Ted technology executive with this cyber firm in this cyber firm had a good legitimate contract with the White House to work on site on cyber issues for the White House is the name of the company's new start. So new store is able to get using some of their students as well to get intelligence. They believe or information piecing together to establish some type of link leak link which is fictitious between Trump in the south the bank and Russia in particular, they get this information, they ferried to the FBI. The FBI starts running with it in my outline, but were basically seeing you are noted. Maria are little more when you talk to her but one overall point that I think people should understand about what's going on here. You heard from the likes of CNN over the past several years indication after invocation that what the Trump administration was doing was no one to talk it worse than Watergate.

Quote unquote that's their favorite line that they used over and over and over again.

In this case I actually would argue that what you're seeing here is much worse than Watergate. It's just coming from the other side in the sense that you have violation of noxious norms of the kind of breaking and entering effectively within the technological realm ought to have massive ramifications and I think the degree to which the wall was pulled over Americans by a complicit media, you know, I noted Ron Johnson still refers to his main stream, but I absolutely believe you do it as a complicit media juggernaut that really wanted to go along with any little seedling that they could find use against Trump and build into a giant oak tree that what they ended up with a course in this case was that the truth came out as the facts became known that this turned out not case all turned out to be something that was invented that was purposefully invented that was used in effort to try to undermine his presidency from the get-go and I think that at the end of the day. The real question we have to be asking is the FBI work for the people who enforce our laws actually work for are they working for the interest of the American people were they working for their own interests in cases even to the tree.

In this case of one of their critics and president Trump who happened to get elected presently resides and this is what you leave I saw this because I see some disturbing things here and thought to myself, that's interesting. You know me. Maybe Trump hired any kind of allegiance to him. But he said I'm going to hire somebody that both sides of the I like John Dorman. I watched Eric Holder praise John dorm. I just waited during his continues to close they can start ripping on his credibility.

So both yeah and they go after that Susie gets closer, is another announcement history John Radcliffe said to Laura lesson cut nine we have intelligence that Hillary Clinton had a plan to create this narrative.

This false Trump Russia connection and that is the notes that I declassify John Brennan's handwritten notes that showed that he briefed Pres. Obama and VP Biden and their national security team about that plan.

But in addition to those declassify documents Laura. I gave John Durham thousands of other documents that are still classified, that the detail what that plan was, and these public filings are starting to redeem John Durham starting to reveal to the public what some of the details of that plan. Specifically, were this is gonna be other big names indicted and that's the former DNI director, not the Republic, not as a Republican from Texas when he became DNI director.

He saw the stuff you recognize you're not just going to have to master political room.

People are going to try to shove this under the rug and of course the media, as you know, bent over backwards trying to justify not covering this not talking about diminishing what it actually means Republican politicians are not going to stop talking about it public and voters are not going to stop talking about it and they can't silence after the country that actually cares about this and doesn't believe that this is the way they thought American government even ever worked with international ramifications as well. The fact is that the impact that all of these allegations have on the trump administration made it very difficult for them to navigate our relationship in Russia any time that there was any kind of attempt to dial down the animosity they are to have any kind of pullback of potential countertop. They ended up in a situation where they would be accused of being tools of Russia in one layer or the other simply because they wanted to take steps that would lead to a kind of actual hot water in a number of different location. The ultimate justification of all this being used was against him during the campaign had ramifications on the foreign policy that happened under his leadership and it's still having ramifications today. I think the steps you can take over the past six years. I think that we may not have ever come to this kind of situation in Ukraine, but these domestic political attempts to sabotage trumps efforts during the campaign and then as president absolutely have led us to this day with my administration seemed completely incapable of handling anything going on the world. We do know that evidently did you pull back a few thousand troops and when asked about the Russian troops and assess it well D wargames over Whipple in the back. We never say were going to say this still time for politics will see how that goes. But the present and if they do invade after all this diplomatic work.

The message to China's. Like it or not is going to be go ahead and do Taiwan. What else they do, they would we do if the Hong Kong nothing.

You know a good reality grind. Vladimir Putin is making ever since Job became clear that Joe Biden was going to be an expert in our faith have all been about who was the strong horse in the situation that America is it United States. It is like the world for so many years post the Cold War or is it China. China's interest are they going to have my back if I do these various things. Russia is still in many ways know what we can nation it is the one dependent on gas prices that the line goes over and over again the planet weak hand at playing it very well.

But why is she doing that because you confident that China has his back and that they were going to be the dominant force in the world today, and not United States that we are headed to the period of diminishment and retrenchment and that he doesn't have any respect for the kind of things of the bite administration is doing and honestly I think that is a sign of how how little prepared they really were for the situation. After of course all that complicit media talk that he represented a return to normalcy any adults being back in charge right how laughable it looks. Remember we took the missile shield Allen Pres. Obama took over as a gesture of goodwill that is weakness.

Then they took Georgia. We know what happened after that. So everything so Justin Trudeau is on the stunning thing he's invoked powerful never used before legislation to crack down on trucker protest blockading the border crossings, bringing downtown Ottawa to a standstill where they want they don't want more money.

They want freedom they want freedom from the mandates the crackdowns the lockdowns and they do not want to get vaccinated when they stood up, so the rest of Canadians in certain America take notice of the Paris take notice. Australia take notice. So did New Zealand take notice.

Evidently there's a caravan forming out of the West Coast in Bakersfield.

They could be heading to Washington DC Wednesday asking for the rescue for freedom and guess where the cases are going down. Barbara rapidly down 67%, along with debts and hospitalizations. The presidents of both nations leaders of both nations could use this as an opportunity say I hear you said they want to continue to crackdown in Canada and I hardly can do with them not redo my senior thesis on Canadian politics, but the premiers of Alberta, Manitoba, Qu�bec, Saskatchewan and now Ontario Ball said there dialing back on the restrictions why Trudeau wants to crackdown I don't get and would Boyd also don't get is everybody in the media outside the post BU and Fox, which I guess it encompasses that are saying which scene I die with the truck as we know exactly what they're going through. And guess who else agrees with us more just and that he was kind of a cool guy. I started to read what he said this is a couple weeks ago he was remember this is September, but he was talking about people who are not vaccinated.

He said they don't believe in science there often misogynistic, often racist or not.

Not right.

He said, but they take up space and with that we have to make a choice in terms of the leader is a country do we tolerate these people expect. However, it did.

Now you do sound like that. And recently he talked about them holding holding unacceptable views I think come on I mean that's I think wood gets under people's skin and we probably considered smoother. But I know is I agree with them in mind when you hear things like that from Vilma Lori and Omar is still a man of the left end of the lecture from 20 years ago that would've been up in arms about the authoritarian use of government power to crackdown on workers who want to be able to do their jobs especially when that crackdown, not based on any kind of real science but really just the show of strength that in this case, the Canadian government wants to be able to use to bring people in line and I think that what we've seen in America is the beginning of the real backlash that clearly Democratic governors across the country have seen the internal polling data. Seeing the reality of the political ramifications that await them in the fall and it's one of the reasons that regardless of whatever excuses they're using and rolling back a lot of mandates that they put in place just in the past few months, including in Washington DC, the capital and this is something that I think is going to play out in front of the world as being a real demonstration of populist pushback against authoritarianism and Trudeau is kind of well coiffed you if you populist authoritarian who wants to go out there and do this kind of the whims of the pretty boy, as opposed to actually paying attention to the plight of workers paying attention and treating them like actual is something that I think the world is going to check approach leadership that Dominic chose good to hear from you. Thanks, then, to get his podcast. He got it. 186640876690. Take your calls go inside don't report much detail Maria by Roemer in 10 minutes, but your next you listening to the brain. Tell me Joe something new every day, Brian kill me show if you're interested in it. Ryan's talking about with Brian kill me.

I think what you're saying.

This is ramping up of the new threat to the United States and yet you have a White House. It seems I really am interested in actually stepping up to deal with national security issues and focused almost entirely since the beginning of this administration on domestic programs pushed by progresses. If you look at the way they handle Afghanistan. They just seem to want to get past that and continue to say it all went well. Right now they're dealing with this because they have to but what would be great. As we abide in him was decided that this is the challenge of his presidency was going to leave the Western world, and her response on this and can be vital to the future security of the US Kinshasa try to see on the way out of this Ukraine Russia standard fighter, never remembering the quite like it unprovoked.

Russia comes out and puts 100,000 now hundred and 30,000 troops on the border Ukraine and Belarus and now it's almost totally surrounded even after a naval presence off the coast and the Black Sea. So what happened well because Ukraine likes the West and has indications are, they have an aspiration to join NATO, but they haven't joined Antonino never said there about to join so they she heaved.

They make up this confrontation.

Some good news. Russia says more troops returning to their bases after a large scale military drills continued defense minister, saying a number of combat training events including exercises have been carried out according to plan. As the combat training events are completed. The troops are going back so that's good. But there continue to talk on Sunday and make very little progress. Ukraine says it's there and was acting hysterical. We are not hysterical.

Russia saying the same thing but I just don't know see a scenario where Russia then why radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show this candle was when they spied on my campaign despite my real evidence of that course, there is no place in Weimar promise that their own expose huge corruption, but he hasn't done is apparently an ongoing Republican and pro-trump project to try to turn the investigation of the Russia scandal into some kind of scandal itself that is a little of the guys smug outrage that people had saying that how dear Donald Trump claimed that he was spied on, was indeed spied in this John Doran revealed that of what we know so far about his report Maria Bartiromo join just now host a mortgage with Maria from 69 but of course still miss her show Sunday morning futures 10 o'clock on Sundays. It's repeated in the afternoon Maria. Welcome back to the first one to cover this in depth and I'm just watching morning Joe, this is morning they see anyone who believes that John Doran showing a link between the pilot Hillary Clinton campaign and and spying on the Trump campaign has to be willfully stupid are we willfully stupid reported that may Get started.

I did not believe in so many just got one shot really just want to know now I think you Journal my country and names Rodney Jossey the seed to try to say he's a political just a tech executive who came across some information and they say Michael Sussman, Michael Sussman was not being paid at the time when he went up to Jim Baker and gave this intelligence and voiced his concern about the Trump links to Russia and out the bank so Rodney Joffe was the one who was running the tech firm who had some some of the students actually go through all this raw data to try to link together, we assume Trump in Russia and put that information out there that was regurgitated by Jake Sullivan Hillary Clinton and some of their minions at various venues while leaking some of that to the press like Slate magazine, government company, talking so much on 1413 breaking up little bit but I'm sure she'd better stop and want to hear from Marco Rubio sewing teams. If a person doesn't get involved in hyperbole. He's one of the content. This is a big deal. It's shocking to me that this is not receive more coverage in the press think any of the Sunday shows mentioned it or talk about here is not simply this program using data scientist to make up a story or links to between Trump in Russia but the White House apparently was a private company had a contract to manage servers for the president of the United States and the White House and they were sharing information to help build a narrative for political operation. You know I think this is our proven true biggest political scandals in American history crime.

No doubt about it and it will tell you why these people think they can get away with it. Yeah if the courts could get away with it. If you chose a say what we wanted to report it with you think there's anything here. I do look for Doran to even make this even clearer, because he doesn't seem to be into the press he's just into answers and 11 Britt, you tell father and his reaction to Shane's of the Hunter Biden laptop story which is a solid story. They refuse to cover in the middle of the campaign and the end of the day all of their faces for failing to do so that now comes a story now look in the near term, we might not hear anything more than a female may not pick up on but if further charges and indictments information follow seems at least distantly possible national meetings and have egg all over all all over its collective face again so you know he know if you heard that Maria but you you quickly to the Hunter lab the Hunter Biden laptop story because they are writing about that story they say hey you know what in the Washington Post. He said we should covered it, so are they gonna come around the storm have to show another wave of information to to embarrass people to cover this. Honestly that more and more people like mom and campaign 20. Everything that people like plaintiff shall appoint people to know the cover. This would Trump comes out it to me and he said I didn't hack your election and I didn't do this and I didn't hack Hillary Clinton's emails. He knows there's something happen. He knows somehow he was hacked. He knows that he said this right away. The Clinton campaign hacked my emails a wiretapping or whatever they said. I think at some level Vladimir Putin's been overcharged, overcharged for 2016 as evil as he is and he is evil. I'm with Eli. He must in a way, Trump was right about that to much corruption in Washington not so much now that Brian kill me show joints.

FOXBusiness is finally in company with Stuart Varney live on your radio and on FOXBusiness.

Here's Brian kill me crime in a moment with Stuart Varney voting company right here in New York City because I sadly crime is not just inherent in Chicago to Charlotte always hated San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, go to the roof is a lack of accountability like cops lack of backing. By the way, if it's AOC. She blames baby formula because Radovan and that's why people have to continue to steal things now okay soft on crime policies. I think all to blame for this awful situation New York City but I gotta tell you right. My heart goes out to young Asian women in America's big cities that just been picked off and this is terrible thing.

How are we going to get people to come back to these cities when you got this kind of thing happening on a mass scale latte what they are, people are coming back. I couldn't believe the numbers and subways want the 4 million or something last month and they were down down ridiculously low over the last two and half years people are coming back. Maybe crowding out some of the criminals but not the homeless. A lot of these people are the so-called homeless, the vagrants, the people used to feel bad for now they have to run from in fear from these guys that are committing these crimes are the homeless mentally ill violent multiple equipment or multiple offenders somehow are escaping prison.

Well, it's a policy you don't go to person we want to empty the prisons we don't give people high bail would give a mobile phone number. This is policy.

This is not some kind of cloak of nature that suddenly happened is policy that's what it is.

The Democrats in Albany refused to change the law. We got a real problem right and the amazing thing is when you had a mayor who's came in with a lot of hoopla by Mayor Adams and I'm sure he said to himself I got my momentum here and what's Albany and talk to my own party and let them I'll give them. Conversely, they want to back off.

Being that they want to survive personally and professionally in their party so they'll do that. So we set up publicly in any got reviewed by the city Council, state legislator and then he went up to this Albany and got reviewed again. He essentially said I'm going to have to deal with no cash bail. Now I had that I had the police chief Ryder of Nassau County. This came out. He said you understand we arrest somebody will get the paperwork done instantaneously and try to give it to a judge to keep them overnight if we can get the paperwork done get their background checked on their out before we can finish it you know it's happening Stuart.

They say will the numbers show that when we let people out and I've committing another crime. They don't show the people that are arrested because the cops are saying about rest and that guy because if these guys because it mattered two days or two hours they'll be out again, so why should I bother to back me anyway am getting $34,000 and you going to have me put my lifeline to grant him and I bring it back in and some butter and some court is going to say go back out. This makes no sense about this AOC Dr. Cortes claims that ending the child tax credit is the reason for the rise in crime (that one more time role it plays child tax credit just ran out on December 31. Now people are stealing baby formula, we want these people are criminals and we want to talk about people that are fire ants. She is factually wrong for not stealing baby formula walking into stores and sticking everything they possibly can last word to you soon Christina you know Lee was stabbed by a homeless guy Samad Nash, 25 to 40 times.

She was followed home, beaten up, had to fight for life. Sadly she lost stabbed to death in her bathroom.

She's Asian she didn't have any baby formula, Anna. This is the Asian man that was thrown in front of a train 63 years old. He didn't have any baby formula either. What about the model that was beaten up. She can have any baby formula on or is she out of her mind.

She's from Queens help achieving. Get that out of her mouth, talking to the New Yorker magazine is believable in New York precisely the place. What this kind of awful thing is going on. It is unbelievable by Brian with good.

I would see you later. Thank you. Was glad to Hank listening Virginia Beach W NIS a Hank good which undermine the whole thing.

I really like drunk, spoke of mine blame for something that you didn't do as a kid all that time they would blame and Trump Trump from Russia Russia Russia not only did they spend millions and millions of dollars. The whole economy, the world, dumb a paradigm shift for something that really didn't care and no hay Adams Hillary Clinton and always gang of dogs. Actually, lacing over like $40 million on an investigation it gave Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper something to talk about. And of course Chris Cuomo.

They ultimately got a way of his own career so he gave them a format to give them ratings are able to sell advertising dollars able to sell books. I am the continuing to do it. Now there's some story about them taking national archives of putting them into the toilet you got another two or three days on that we don't know that over be true.

If that's true at all.

And then you have people running from this story I would say the dorm static about something that the rest of the media can't run from make it so obvious make the link so flagrant that they won't be able to avoid it and then people realize how America got hamstrung. Look how I brought it out when Bill and Hillary quit when they did this start investigation NSTAR found out that there was this thing going on with Monica Lewinsky.

And then they just parried over to that now is it illegal activity. Absolutely.

Was it a port, absolutely.

But while we are all fixated on impeachment.

You know what happened. Bin Laden started expanding his camps. Terror started springing up. He started going out through Africa on his movement really took root. He ended up in Afghanistan and then we had a terror hit on the cold couldn't really answer the present was a lame-duck at the time and then we had 9/11 when we have these domestic distractions sometimes are necessary and sometimes their totally folly we get distracted.

The rest that the evil tends to take root and right now is dealing with it in China and are dealing with in Russia and we look like the Keystone cops is a country will come out of it though. I see it. Thanks much for listening.

Don't forget one nation Saturday nights at 8 o'clock Brian for any my books in a war against history. It's about time we one click of all live from the Fox News radio's New York City office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me. Thank you much listener buddies the brain to me. Jody McCormick is standing by former Undersecretary the US treasury printed international affairs. Longtime business members decibel you want to be the next center from Pennsylvania to replace Pat Toomey along with Dr. Oz. Those two are moved out in front of the pack in Pennsylvania. They McCormick and inventor moments. Then I got a want to be in Congress again.

Ryan think he was a former US secretary of the interior and US Navy seal. We gotta get him on the latest on Ukraine as well.

Before we do that and of course take your calls.

Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's 33 continues to advance his readiness should he choose to go down a military path here should he choose to invade again. He is doing all the things you would expect him to do to make sure he's ready for that option. That is John Kirby. They have this new policy of telling everything that's on their mind without telling us whether it's true or not. They say it's all true.

We have no proof of it backing off many signs that Russia might be back up just a little bit on their invasion of Ukraine.

Although the rhetoric out of the White House. Not so fast we still expected to go in markets of 469 points emergencies act will be used to strengthen and support law enforcement agencies at all levels across the country.

This is about keeping Canadians safe. These tools include strengthening their ability to impose fines or imprisonment you believe this Justin Trudeau cracking down on CAD Canadians because they want to get rid of now they don't want to pay increase one more medical leave what they want is their freedoms back and other people have joined them.

And guess what, they have emergency powers and three-part of province leaders have all said this is an overreach Justin Trudeau must be on something the conspirators the co-conspirators look what they have dragged our nation through for the last five years. The primary cause conspirators is that mainstream media. I don't believe they were just simply do. I think they are complicit in this possibly that is Ron Johnson.

The dorm report rises, the New York Times and Washington Post scrambles to debunk it.

We will sort through it all make sense of it is down.

Trump says I told you my Trump Towers hacked my administration. My administration was compromised less. They McCormick I Dave decide to give up his cushy job as CEO of a major fund in order to have some fun in one of the biggest states in the union Pennsylvania walking around meeting just about everybody be the next center has a going Dave did you realize winter was good to be a part of the campaigning and you be outdoors good and not traveling across the combo of thing in my my Ford F1 50 pickup truck and it's been amazing to meet people across our great state that you realize how big they did it thousand miles so we know New York City's been overrun by criminals and the effort to rein them in and empower the cops has proven unsuccessful even when they bring back the plainclothes.

It's not working but it's not unique to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, ever Cisco Philadelphia are you finding when you're talking to people in Pennsylvania.

The crime matters to quickly sitting here watching Fox News and CB 82nd Airborne Division, which is my own. My old unit deploying to Poland and I get I think this is the direct consequence of of weakness that the binder ministration undertook with Afghanistan and the terrible debacle there but also with the North into agreement and then that the nuclear agreement that was signed with the with the Russia soon after biking the office so our thoughts and prayers are with those young young men when it cannot IQ that mean to your question about weakness across across the state.

We see it in our open border policies with the economy. We certainly see it in crime in in all of our Commonwealth. But the particular sanctuary cities uncovered Philadelphia today and the murder rate here is at an all-time high due to a road, a district attorney, but it's also due to it to FEMA defunding the police and on and not cracking down on criminals is also a contributor to this is the open borders will be see a huge inflow of illegal immigrants.

So it's a big deal on the mind of the of Pennsylvania.

I can imagine. So far I would say the Democrats are scrambling to rain that in the hole defined the police. Meanwhile, Cory Bush the squad anytime you talk to him. They think the cops are the problem. Use the speaker yesterday and tell me if you think this is going to make is going to help Democrats be looked at is on the positive side of law and order. How do you think Democrats should address rising crime both on the respectable or for quiet place that is not the position of the community safety to protect and defend in every way oath of office were all concerned about mistreatment of people and that's why Karen Bass, Justice, and policing act and will help to get some of that done when there is snow not chokehold some of those issues. Even if we soon cancel reading between the lines. There will part about him and I think people across Pennsylvania are really stand up and this is the thing. I just wanted to touch on the cross all dimensions of law that a key example of it, but it in a socialist economic policy that an open borders that are leading to a huge rise and spent no it is an energy policy, which is clamping down on on really a key driver of the economy in Pennsylvania and I think you're seeing this huge push back and and and and I think people it's not just Republicans that the people across the state are are seeing across the country are seeing that these ideas are and they're not working and not and that's with the people when it comes to getting kids back in school I so simple that 56% of parents want to leave the max mandate in place.

I have not met any of those parents with truly Gov. Junkin is getting push back in Virginia from parents who don't want to make asking optional.

I have not met saying those parents but for you when you talk to them. What are their greatest concerns well on on schools you hear that the drumbeat and certainly Glenn Young consulting i.e. Pennsylvania, the integrated data where parents want to have the choice on whether their kids where matched or not. They don't want the government telling them and they and we now see increasing evidence that applicant had a really damaging effect on children and so there is no doubt that parents one an incident on being more involved in curriculum more involved in in the in the protocol to making decisions around and thing that also I hear over and over again absolute hypocrisy of the of the map mandate that the Super Bowl is a great example of that what you see map mandate that are being put in place by officials being put in place by elite and felt the parents want to control it and I think they have every right to decide whether their kids were math and I met a parent you talk about the Sears, Mitch McConnell, after watching the Super Bowl. He, like many are outraged, cut 23 Americans to watch the Super Bowl's all rich celebrities have a grand time with hardly a mask inside but under Democrats policies first graders who wants that big mask let's party last night and wake up this morning and cover their own faces in order to go to school America's classroom.

The last places where local, state and federal Democrats will accept that cost-benefit calculations exist zero transmission is simply not possible, but the cases are down 67% across the country, hospitalizations, and 35%. All 50 states have a decline in numbers. When's the government can respond to this basic idea is why I think 20/20 would also 2024 is a great cycle give a talk about and in and in a word, the Democratic ideas the Democrat ideas are that the government should decide and all right get the conservative individual freedom and individual should rule and that's where you see this whole COBIT response upside down and I think I think that distance is growing its growing across every aspect of our of our society. Brian I see it over and over again. I you you may have seen this, but I ran Super Bowl ad which I got a lot of attention in the thing I was trying to highlight it with all the problems happening across our country. With that, let's go Brandon chat in the background and then at the end, the commercial ended by saying this is so much bigger than Brandon when I was trying to make is there outraged about this Brandon chat but there is no outrage among our elite in our media around how terrible the direction of the company and whether it's inflation or empty grocery shelves or whether it's a price that the pump or whether the surgeon crime you mentioned.

Whether it 13 soldiers died in Afghanistan and endnote no accountability for that tragedy. But the anger of the swelling up and up and COBIT map is just one example of it that I see it across many issues 19 across my entire estate, so I know you receive your Bridgewater which is major. It's a major fund as international roots.

You also have a big military background.

So, on top of the both. Today we find out year-to-year installations just under 10%. What a bird it is for the American people. They say Aiden 10 living paycheck to paycheck. We feel every dollar I certainly came from a background like that.

I think you can relate to that not worry right now before you were what could Dave McCormick to with your wealth of knowledge about financing an international business due to get down inflation. A perfect example back policies and split screen on your TV a year ago and today inflation was a fraction of what is now in its directly resulting from to think it was resulting from the ministration excessive spending that really double down and trickle down on what was being spent prior to the bite initiation coming into into effect and that's contributed to the equation that huge swell of money as well as low interest rate that the Too low for too long by fire offended by Cape Town, but the other thing Brian that driving inflation is energy policy and it really matter to me if we were country market natural gas producer in the world. If company of the country right crackers right and that which is a very clean source of energy relative to many others and what you're seeing is the war on energy and the regulate regulatory blanket that's been put in place had a huge effect on on America and on Pennsylvania. What we become net energy importers in one year and not strict enough fuel prices by 50% and knows that the increase in fuel prices shows up in an branded meat and milk and many other things across our society so if you think I did, which is pulled back dramatically on on our fiscal stimulus I and unleash our energy industry and I slowly raise rates in a way that did not install the economy but got back to reasonable interest rate which we need to do some time ago so we wake up to this news we have this in a while a slight pullback by Russian troops after they say was a major wargame operations drills and rehearsals in Belarus and now they say they're open to more talks and I think were going to take them up on that we I've never seen anything quite like this and unprovoked swelling of the border of Russian forces that have surrounded a neighbor because they have expressed interest in joining NATO, Dave, I mean your guy with the military background.

You know the region well what do you what role do you think American should have your do you want a greater role than we have right now in terms of arming Ukrainians for the lesson we learned in the playground, which is if you show weakness bullies will challenge you and test you, and we showed weakness in we showed us the ministration present by showed himself to be incompetent, feckless, and ultimately that invited weakness round will not just in the Ukraine. But in Iran and China with China and others. So now looking at it and the response should be one that raises the cost for the Russians going in Ukraine, but the but the primary sponsor needs be borne by the European we can certainly think very hard about strong strong sanctions to try to deter the sanctions on the Russian oligarchy oligarchs but also sanctions the Nordstrom till we should continue the legal aid that the present truck by supporting Ukrainians but the Pennsylvanians been a big contributor left 20 years of foreign wars, lots of of of young men and women killed in action, we can be very careful and take steps not to get drawn into landlord military action in the Ukraine and and we should also keep an eye looking over our shoulder because it that this kind of moment where the Chinese to be the more aggressive and that ultimately poses the greatest risk to our national security and economic security care also restrains incompetence. Dave McCormick from West Point cried for West Point grad. I should say former under Sec. of U.S. Treasury fringe national stairs Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. Dave, thanks much for your time and a great deal if you write thank right GOP primaries May 17 to be very itching. Him and Dr. seem to have separated themselves from the pack. Two great people 1-866-408-7669 we come back I'll take your calls then welcoming when the most qualified people ever being congresses can once continue to serve his country. Ryan's inky joins us live newsmakers and news breakers. First, I kill me and show breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show everything I see is no respect for this person. Well, that's because he rather have a pump that as president and today it's pretty clear it's pretty clear he wanted Matt Russians and engaged in hybrid tax against the United States of America that you encouraged espionage against our people that you are willing to spout the blue sign up for his wish last breakup NATO do whatever he wants to do and that you continue to get help from him because he has a very clear favorite in this race.

So Hillary Clinton doubling and tripling, quadrupling down on though Russian narrative blessed friends but now it seems if you extrapolate what we know about the dual report that it was part of it. She knew that she was being overwhelmed with the leak of these emails and embarrassed her, made her seem totally inept and of course not secure by the wood devices used I don't go through 2016-year-old sick of it, knowing that in the avalanche of negative press. It was coming down, or how she was losing traction the balls. It seems as though they conspired to put the burden and the controversy on the present truck as if he didn't have enough controversy from Rosie O'Donnell on down to some, this business deals.

It probably did want to talk about but instead or stormy Daniels or something else, but instead they make up this whole Russian narrative and what they're talking about is calling on them to spy on your calling on them to you know to hit America is that one time he came out and said hey Russia, if you see any more emails for Hillary Clinton is 30,000 emails are missing. Let me know it was just a statement made at a press conference that he never stopped having unlike the current president yet as a candidate, and the use at the same was calling on Russia to spy on us, that is Donald Trump being Donald Trump. But what you think of along the way. Hillary Clinton knew was a fake story of fake alliance of fake love relationship that she did it just to gain traction to win election and after became president.

They heard him when he was President-elect sure the FBI had fuel to fire up their investigation on and they heard him as president and then you got the mullah report.

Thanks to Atty. Gen. sessions. Who said I have to recuse myself and live to give Robert Muller a chance to launch an investigation. So that was how things got as bad as they got we returned Ryan's inky joins us. He tells us about combating that in Europe, but it might look like. Should it happen. Also about the Russia probe and rose again to be talking about what's happening in Canada because is everything is happening here the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me announced today that they are temporary temporarily relocating our embassy operations and training from our embassy to leave due to the dramatic acceleration in the buildup of Russian forces. According to embassy staff is remaining in Ukraine to engage the Ukrainian government coordinating diplomatic efforts and diplomacy to escalate the crisis.

The crisis continues on.

That's a spokesperson filling in for Jen Saki talking about what they are gutting the embassy in cavity and anticipating an invasion within certainly the report this morning is a Russian pulled some troops back they said well we never said that when I say we did some more games in Belarus. Time to go home to put their stuff on rails and are heading back. Does that mean it's time to exhale Ryan's inky was all about the military's had a career and it is a retired Navy seal that he went to Congress in Montana, first district. He's now ready for the second district and in between was the secretary of the interior for joy for Donald Trump punishment would you exhale if you are the US forces were the diplomatic corps. No, I really want to look at lectures already begun at may have already done cyber file. Pro calculated what the West response will be which will not be military and merely look at the benefits oils up overnight. He rushes an engine for fossil fuel natives divided no question NATO divided and another align with China. I think it remains you know you like a tough decision whether or not they execute go forward and solidify the Cold War between Russia and the community Peninsula live long. So that's their territorial aspirations buying. I think Russia has played it well in the US response has been divided in week is in some ways it has brought together even Germany came and visited that he went over to Russia as weak as they are and then you add a situation where France is going on there like I guess the you wonder you want to show is head of the EU that he had some power so that I don't think they really cracked would you say NATO is cracked and crack. Division would rather than a unified voice as you point out is gone alone Italy offender business folks alone and look NATO is a fine concept but without the US. They have no military capability in the NUS response within a couple thousand National Guard troops from the Carolinas that is a bus US. The stunning deterrent considering you have 100 and 5030 or so thousand Russian troops along the border doing military operations maritime up the coast you Russia certainly has the military capability and night.

I think it is by their time waiting amendment.

I've always said that Russia itself boosts movement Delta game of poker.

The quality of her threes, but played like a full house so Russia watching this front page of the New York Times today rushes oil path they they put oil into Poland, Germany a lot hungry, Slovakia, Bulgaria a little bit to Romania a lot to Italy into France even into Spain. It is kind of maddening to think that we have to watch their back against Russia in their getting dependent on Russia.

There's no doubt about it, and it only came in a troubled ministry US was producing about 8.3 million barrels a day and declining into short years and I was secretary we were 12.5 million barrels energy dominant and we could leverage that energy, to make sure allies had a cleaner, more and more efficient better fuels to have a counter to Russian dirty fuels their refineries are not nearly what we do on the rogatory spirit side look at if you're an environmentalist. I can guarantee is better to produce energy in this country and want to get produced overseas and there is no regulation with the war look like from the Russian perspective.

People seem to been impressed by Russia military operations in Syria.

You know your heart judge your real judging no war fighting looks like anything to go into Ukraine. We know Ukraine Scott Grant.

They have more experience now from 2014. They got better numbers got over hundred thousand. They got more willing to fight, so what would it look like and what you think the Russia wants to avoid well what it would look like the US could export high-tech drones and then drones or scaring everyone on the battlefield. There were fewer look at what happened in Azerbaijan and Armenia, a relatively small amount of drone technology here wiped out a lot of the training and military hardware to include Soviet air defense systems, but what were looking at in the US assistant in some systems but are not high-tech. They're not UAVs and look 1890 has about 3000 yard range. Their hardened arm or shoulder phone weapon is far from that. You know it.

It takes a very brave lad. Brian to stand up and fire show referred weapon at the tank but I don't think you take care about idling that was ever their intention may be you on the eastern side there's the time the snow is very pro-Russian and they do want to like a corridor between Russia and the community Peninsula wonderful leaders met sports give them access to warm water. So I think that's the strategic objective but I will take your eye off China you looking at, Russia, China also have their territorial ambitions with Taiwan and it seems that their offer into degree in concert with each other, knee-deep in the turmoil in the tornado which was the rush investigation. I remember you. You and I did a lot of things together. That was fun you know we go to things for what made America great for Fox nation into some features for us. But at the same time I was looking at you saying this whole Russia thing is overwhelmed the president now we find out why this was substituted on the scene. It stopped him, but it was a nonstop distraction when you think are separate from very similar) and what people don't realize is the mainstream media and social media and especially the Democratic Party and the deep state are all the same for all the same, and how they do it is they try to slow you down by false allegations in this case with the Russian collusion you you you look at the scale so it seems to be a Clinton campaign operation that was targeted and inserted at the highest levels of government cabinet members, senior law enforcement officials inserted the highest level of government to grow in this lead the Pfizer court to then target US collection assets against Tromp and his campaign. And then of course they had to unmask the transcription and rice and those that are in the White House today were really no transcript that makes White House look like a picnic in its personal American you know I was an administration for two years and it slowed us down, but this is where most of our product, they will put false allegations you'll do anything they could to stop Tromp and his administration.

In my case they try to cancel culture activist. They tried their best. We got an enormous amount done two years since you steal things he did usually put in the new revelations and more to come. Said this is how we broke it down Scott that social media back on any tech background cutting now thanks to these documents. The factual background attached to a motion filed by special counsel John Durham as part of his indictment against former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman that the Clinton campaign pay the tax on to quote mine Internet data to establish an inference and narrative tying then candidate Tromp to Russia in Darwin's words. This included quote nonpublic and/or proprietary Internet data what is mining nonpublic and proprietary data mean it means King. It means spelling and look at that targets according to Durham quote Internet traffic pertaining to one particular healthcare provided to Trump tower three Donald Trump Central Park West apartment building and full the executive office of the president of the United States. Yes, you heard that right. They just Trump tower, but the White House Trump became president. They hacked the White House. These people imposes defenders of democracy is that even possible. Rodney Joffe is referring to.

He was an executive with new store when a contract with the executive branch of the White House who started to use them as tech firms are some of the people that work for me. The allegation is some of the students that were form to go ahead and try to find something about Russian Trump tower which was where the campaign was located and is something that he was maybe interacting with with the Russian know with the Russian government when he became into the White House. Does that surprise you what I done. I also your meal when you go in. You know the White House right here with you when we present Trump was talking to foreign leaders for the state knows those transcripts were released within minutes and then and I think that was treasonous, but I think this is the tip of the iceberg.

I think the infiltration of the White House look when a transition happens in the present. Trump brings in the new president brings up a relatively small team compared to the careers that are there no people always talk about a deep state that the database that we would be stating this and turns against a sitting president by either leaking or is in these guys will see how the how they got in. It was who was working right.

I believe the investigation will lead to a conclusion and the conclusion is going to be horrifying to the American public and once again that the trust of the government. Brian is there any department or division agency within the United States government that has the full trust and confidence of the people and I struggle because even Department of Defense now this question because of Afghanistan and will bring transparency and accountability back to the government. Otherwise, this country could never actually thought about what went wrong in navigating what went wrong leading up to the evacuation of Afghanistan. Everything went wrong, but they said basically that the administration State Department did not heed the warning signs and the defense. Mom could've done a better job reading the tea leaves I get it. The president, I found out over the weekend did not get briefed on this but had no problem saying I reject the findings. Nobody ever worn me or told me this thing was going to fall in August. Number one, if they didn't tell him it's awful and if they did tell him he doesn't remember is awful and if they did tell him, and he denies it. That is, triple, awful where you stand on this country. Most your friend for me are in the military.

Some of the bullet which are still active during the government. The commander-in-chief chose not to happen overnight. They take it happen quickly happen overnight right. It happened fairly quickly what you know you look at the sequence of operations. It was the wrong call every point in an inflection point. When you look at Afghanistan.

We not only left citizens abandon our citizens. We weld the gates shot at Kabul knowingly and willingly left US civilians outside the perimeter to defend themselves against the Taliban at the same time they were stoning to desk male pilots who retrained how is this world acceptable to United States and our allies and goes right back to Russia. Our allies don't trust us because we only had 2500 US troops in the ground was a few thousand and 10,000 Allied troops there and we had civilians in the week we could've lost on scale of tens of thousands of civilians had Taliban because they have the weapon systems elected to kill and in this is the same. Tell that it was complicit with 9/11 hangs journalists outside of a Black Hawk helicopter. Keep in mind that all equipment not all that the dance of $40 million with equipment there probably one of the work to stop that were the most well-equipped armies in their really basically a terrorist group beginning to control what's left of their country so Congressman if you want to support your request to to be the next congressman from the first ever second district of Montana where they go to Ryan's mailing and the fight for freedom of choice for country races are national now only matter we are running from Montana or Ohio video two things.

One is it's fixable Americans fixable looking at the rise of red white and blue and asking to take an enormous amount of leadership to restore the trust with the government and the House of Representatives.

This, like can look inside the budget right hard-working men form a narrative, but will take this country and I believe we can I sing Mr. Sec. Ryan Siddiqui. Thanks. Thank you for your plan. Again, absolutely finds a key.

Thank you.

We did a lot of great things went the back of Mount Rushmore together, went to the top into the torch of the Statue of Liberty because he had the keys to the country. I hope you get some back on.

This is the brain tell Michelle back with your calls and to find out if you indeed want to know more, educating, entertaining and enlightening.

You're with Brian kill me talk show that's getting you talk with Brian kill me and I missed you something marvelous about being on a shelf life that we are the vehicle and this is what we doing. Sometimes we don't do it as elegantly as we could and sometimes I want to thank everybody who reached out while I was away and I'm telling people we sent from places that made me go and it was amazing and I listen to everything everybody had to say and I was very grateful and I hope it keeps all important conversations happening because were going to keep having tough conversations right. Whoopi Goldberg is back. It makes you wonder if I need to know more.

No Midstate episodes. That's enough seemed upbeat. Thought you were going to quit so she is back on action so I don't know this show keeps making news by saying crazy things you never cities of our interview today and I'm smart. Those are things that we never hear my correct that ceiling is white. They show because this is where you get smart, especially after you watch that you need some intelligence exactly next Sunday Super Bowl at his halftime shows a significant increases in viewership they did 36 million households more than one in four US households watch this year's game across streaming platforms of 12% of household viewers from last year halftime show to 29 million of 19% from the year before doesn't surprise me last year people will say.

In fact, there was no food law behind Overland at the at the at the big event either. Everything was just self-contained. Now things are back Odell Beckham believed to have suffered an ACL tear.

The Super Bowl that's not good testing on the stars left knee appears to show we shredded it I think is a free agent.

This year the greenback will have to sit out entire 2022 season will be 33, 34 years old. That's tough days naming/taking a year off and get back in shape job China basher in his cancer freedom gets traded, then waived by the Houston Rockets. Is it a coincidence dreams appearance of the court this season has been scarce. Some fans and supporters speculating this anti-China stance is something to do with it. Cancer freedom of their 11.7 minutes.

Is it often supports big body could deftly help someone down the stretch.

I cannot believe that he will be picked up. I hope indeed he is in Houston is not a great team and is high for anything wanted to use them next daily show to our daily shows Trevor Noah most overrated comedian the history of man cells that huge theater. So I guess I'm in the minority will host the White House correspondents dinner.

I usually get to go to this Will Be Taking Pl., April third if I want to go.

I think were taken three years off the present doesn't show up anymore when Joe Biden will show.

I'm sure he will. And then Trevor Noah will just fawn over right so listen, make sure you watch one nation Saturdays at 8 o'clock and 11 o'clock full-time Eastern time. Watch Fox and friends always give you the Brian kill me, Joe, we can always get the podcast anyway get podcasts get this one specific in your life. A lot of times people and over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast precise personal powerful subscriber.

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