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Biden Ignores Inflation, D-Day and Migrant Caravan Heading For U.S.

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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June 7, 2022 12:45 pm

Biden Ignores Inflation, D-Day and Migrant Caravan Heading For U.S.

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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June 7, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:18:34] Allen West

[00:39:47] Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX)

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Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts positive for Brian there ready for big our everybody is brain shall become due from endowment had but heard around the country were around the world and hopefully in Ukraine with unified and defy the odds attorney Col. a Lieut. Col. Allen West to the bottom of the hour and your next 20 to 640876 examiner you write me right to just click on comments and I'll be able to get to a lot of them. I will be doing that. So we've ought to discuss today including the present being a relatively delusional there's a few things going on. Did you see what happened yesterday D-Day 70 years. It took him until 845 Eastern time at night to even mention it or doing all these whether it's pride day or salute to the pronoun day were doing all that we don't miss amid a minute of that St. Patrick's Day D-Day. This will be the second euro we almost missed it. I thought the adults were back in charge.

Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three separate Democrats who have these green new deal fantasies five dollars gallon gas is not an accident is not an unintended consequence is very much the intended consequence, they want has to be high because I want you out of your pickup truck for your minivan what you get into electric vehicles or scooters or mass transit. So Tom cotton is right again. Don't believe your eyes, your wallet, your family deficit. Your life is great and your economy is soaring. That's would Biden is saying in the body.

Ministration would have you believe the problem only 17% of the country agree. Keep selling.

Joe after the shooting. After the arrest after being let go. You know they do go to another student.

No one takes criminal justice seriously anymore. These bad guys no longer take Mary about criminal justice system is a laughing stock. Mayor Eric Adams that you're in charge now, but he's blaming Albany because he can't get anything done something brewing on gun control in the Senate but on crime.

The change has to come through the ballot boxes criminal first DA boot Dean will learn the fees recalled from a from a frustrated San Francisco constituency who are very liberal and as you heard of frustrated Mayor Adams calling our laws and laughingstock. I agree fix it watching the valley in all of South Texas under constant assault for the entirety of the body. Ministration ranchers are having a ranch is overwrought and I got a caravan of 15,000 people coming up to the border. Yeah, it's unbelievable.

You have to see it.

I know you think you've seen stuff like this. You've never seen this put us first Job thousands of migrants join the caravan through Mexico going for title 42 to repeal the law.

Biden will declare a will will have a declaration addressing the migration situation at the summit of the Americas which the Mexican president will even attend due to his exclusion exclusion of Cuba nagged Nicaragua and Venezuela.

How does this make any sense how you plan to doing anything at the border. If Mexico won't even attend the summit in Los Angeles. Pathetic is such an insult. How is it that Arbor door ended up being one of Pres. Trump's best buddies. And yet they remain a Mexico policy, which put a burden on Mexico in the main then they put 20,000 troops in southern on their southern border. Why is it that he got along with Trump better when buying the Z come one come all were just going to ignore the whole situation. So how bad is it very bad. Congressman Chip Royko one. Watching the valley in all of South Texas under constant assault for the entirety of the body. Ministration ranchers are having a ranch is overwrought and I got a caravan of 15,000 people coming up to the border and now I'm talking DPS today Texas DPS and are telling me that cartels are now operating in taxes over 100 miles into the border into Texas that's what's happening. That is a just and I were all outraged. I'm ignoring you outraged.

Even if your writing around your modern independent.

Can you tell me that this works for a country Rio Grande sector that he was talking about apprehensions over the weekend. 2500 known got a ways 866 by the definition you know you didn't get all the getaways will got a ways or miss them rescued 28 criminals to this guy Luis. But Bella Grahn should be arrested. He told Fox News.

See the he is organizing the caravan so far and I've seen the video. I don't doubt it. The caravan stretches 32 miles 9500 people. They estimate by the time he gets our border, it will double double. How do you expect border patrol Texas rangers Texas National Guard to take care of this. They can't more from Chip Royko to what I lack last Thursday and the judiciary committee living for legislation that would make me a criminal and every rancher, a criminal in taxes if we have a 20gauge single barrel shotgun or 22 propped up in the corner we have kids in our house.

These ranchers are using these weapons are given to their kids to defend themselves and that's what Democrats want to do is politicize a tragedy and do that to undermine the American people's ability to defend themselves when this administration refuses to flat out refuses to secure the border and its intentional I have to say it is. I mean I listen to Tom cotton. I'm listening, Chip, Roy, I have to say it is almost like they're doing when it comes to green energy and gas prices is so anti-American, so against the American people. They should pay a huge priming like a titanic price in the midterms so Mexican prison under smile a little a little Pez over door confirmed he will not be present at the summit, but he will do a bilateral with the present sometime in July officially expressed compass to make school sign onto a declaration despite orbit doors snub that will announce $300 million in investment and assistance for the region $300 million is nothing compared to what they need number one number two is don't give them one time and that's it from Guatemala to Nicaragua and Westlake by Nicaragua's not getting any aid but Honduras, El Salvador, now one dollar vein to control your border. We have Haitian citizens marching towards our border, demanding that Joe Biden keep his word and let them in. What planet are we on what country is this how dare you even ask, and demand to Camille be let in this talk about gun control.

We can send Cisco voters are designed to date selection day in seven different states.

If this guy chess up boot Dean will keep his job. Why crime is out of control. They invented the smash and grab and San Francisco outward taken nice neighborhoods and now mugging people in broad daylight and getting away with it because he thinks criminal first gas going the same way the guy in Philadelphia the same way this could be the beginning of liberal Democrats. Understanding the Republicans aren't aren't Pro, law enforcement, their anti-crime always have to be very provolone enforcement. Now the panic Democratic Party start and say well let's be prolonged enforcement cops are too smart for that. They know who standing up for them. So, on guns and in cracking down on the next shooter before they become the next shooter. The quartet of Senators Turner Murphy Center, Corning Christian Cinema Tom Tillis of focusing on a package that would expand background checks and also fund and encourage state red flag laws enhance school safety provide new mental health programs exits on the execution, but this is something that John Cornyn, who in the past is walked away from talks when they begun to political everybody believes that this is for real. So Murphy and other Democrats involve the talk say their experience with center Corning gives them hope to the consensus can be found probably centering around the so-called red flag laws and everything that I just mentioned are in New York of a focus on Newco control legends laws, executive orders with CL and they stand, one of which will Sega be 21 to buy an AR 15 listen we come back and take your calls on this one, 866-408-7669. Then the bottom the air we talk about tapping the Ukraine as well as was happening with Texas and Beto Rourke try to play played same to take your AR 15 he believed the people of Texas are behind him. He does, never, never talks about the border.

Remember what he originally wanted to do when he is running for president. He wanted to take the wall down the wall. We need op is rusting in the desert use of the brain. Tell me Cho don't move diving deep into today's top stories Ryan kill me. Fox News's network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every weakness depend on its podcast to strive and listen now by doing a Fox News five precise personal powerful is America's limiting in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News five or wherever you get your podcast talk show that's real.

This is Ryan kill me show is not funny. You can find infant formula you can pay for gas.

You can't afford food and crimes going up in your city.

Second, that's the real White House to understand you not eating in the White House press you don't have Air Force One taking you somewhere world's gonna be very expensive and very dangerous, and Biden seems to have no clue about what's going on around and listen to this what Newt Gingrich is saying that despite the fact that 83% of Americans describe the state of the economy as poor, right, despite the fact that only 27% of Americans say they have a good chance of improving their standard of living, despite the fact that the presidents got 20% approval 20+ percent approval rating when it comes to the economy and about 26%. When it comes to inflation.

How is handling it. He tweeted this out yesterday at the time I took office from 16 months ago the economy was stalled and COBIT was out of control today thanks to the economic plan and the vaccination plan by administration put into action. Americans have achieved the most robust recovery in modern history really the most robust robust recovery. Well maybe numbers it might tell you that. But in actuality, when you totally stop the economy when you tell almost everybody except so-called essential workers like cops and firefighters and news anchors still gonna work.

We just to stay home. I'll give you money don't come to work and then when they finally go back to work. If you gave them way too much money not to work then you say what a recovery you read the game and nobody thinks you did a good vaccine rollout. The vaccine relative million shots and arms to begin with and then visualize it would finally go have cookouts you missed all three variances hit this country didn't have therapeutic sin when they were finally okayed by the FDA didn't have enough may be viewed refused to go with the model of warp speed and now you telling us like this great even though as you see gas prices with an all-time high again in California at $6.34 a gallon. I never thought I'd see that in my lifetime in the at about $5.13 states averaging five dollars if they see gas prices records have been reached for the last 10 consecutive days and for 27 of the last 28 days.

Note the presence ideas. Tell everybody it's great and then use the DPA emergency make them put more oil and gas was a no defense production act first enacted in 1950 the Korean War because we are at war and we had a peacetime footing. The act addresses voluntary programs, or agreements with the government says, an association of private interest approved by the government to plan and coordinate action in support of national defense, the provision permits business competitors to work together to plan and coordinate measures to increase the supply of material so GM and Ford can get together because it's an emergency to build solar panels. Yes, it's not even clear that were not buying them from China because he believes he will to get the zero mission nothing to do with the price of gas nothing to do with supply chain problems, but he wants to get the new green deal implemented. That's the best way he can do it.

Byron Donald tweet out a response binds a responsible argument. Constitutionally corrupt misuse of the DPA concerns should concern every American the DPA is in a get out of jail free card to cover the lazy inept government, which is exactly how the administration uses it. It is true. William was NW TRC in South Bend. He, William Bryant might call you know what their critical different things going on there that we covered with monitor that you covered the first regular Camaro out of New York and back when he was first in all things will just go away and even though this was still happening at that time. Now all of a sudden he got it stuck up her point of view. Looking at the different whites and of course you want take the responsibility to handle it and do what you said he was going to do what he ran on his campaign doing you know we we have used immigrant letter demanding to be let in this country.

What about the American people demanding that we make America great that we make sure America first that we take care of America first, we can serve the people of the population in the future little Cheryl first. We talked about gas prices. I had told I forgot what despair limits, but I told him that before the weekend on the Friday the third gas patient care and thought that store 95 today. The 525 while absolutely unbelievable out of control that nobody hate to say this but take it right and just like mentor training me my God really solicitous bicycle William, this is Sec. of transportation people to judge on why gas is so high. He takes aim and oil and gas industries have 15 very striking right now to see these oil companies who have become almost ridiculously profitable and you hear these oil executives on the record talking about how they're not going to increase production. Why would that they're doing great right now is why the president has called for a use it or lose it policy, where if you're sitting on these thousands of permits like these oil executives have been and you're not doing anything with them, then you're gonna be held accountable for that know so far, congressional Republicans have blocked action to do something like that the we think that's another step that would make a difference. Among the many many steps. The presidents already take that sickening sickly to see that you taking the oil and gas to you vilified tried to destroy you. Try to try to antagonize anybody goes into the business wants to make it a career.

Then you try to bully these major institution for financial institutions to not invest, and then you get mad that they aren't really enough. Really, why should they drill.

If you don't support them. They have come forward and I'm to give them so much credit. I wish they would do it more publicly to a business group urging present bind to support them for domestic energy production. The American petroleum Institute, the consumer energy alliance in Louisiana midcontinent oil and gas stations.

The natural another another two or three groups 80 and all represent a diverse cross-section of industries calling in the buy demonstration to act on policies that support US energy insecurity and increase domestic production in a letter to buying the signatories urged the administration to implement a new five-year plan for federal off shoring with the US will continue to be an energy leader into the future.

Smart, efficient energy policies are needed today if that's gonna happen. However, your ministration positive been hindering domestic producers ability to deliver on the growing demand oil and natural gas leasing on federal lands and waters has stopped despite court orders and why the DOI has been Department of Interior has been taken steps to complete and implement the next five-year program will be an unprecedented gap between the current in the next five-year program they see then to oil and gas on right away. The letter and testimony from sec. Halen during the said her confirmation hearings. She says she's far behind in the process of developing and implementing a five-year program will not have a new plan in place by the time the current program expires July 1 off your production Gulf of Mexico currently represents 15% natural gas and oil, and among the lowest carbon intensive production in the world without a five year program. No new offshore leases can be held. Leasing futures domestic production is in jeopardy because you can't just punch a hole and expect for the best quote we are in a critical time where a lack of federal action, regulatory uncertainty may discourage company from making a multibillion million-dollar investment needed to develop offshore resources in the US and ensure long-term viability of a lower carbon national strategic action if the door closes a New Year's production investment dollars with and will instead flow abroad to more active basins to the detriment. American workers and energy consumers an environment where they say we're doing it when you do it here to think about the American people and stop being so afraid of the squad. That's what I get from running till nature.

So glad you hear we come back. Alan West joined us. Will came close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business, so will subscribe and listen to Fox news contests, Fox news can't just network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your time listening download now and Fox news by just don't come or wherever you get your favorite podcast radio show like no other comment on the 20 oh having read some but no, we need him to keep his promise. Think about this. That is a Haitian citizen in Central America en route to Mexico en route to our border, demanding our president keep his word under title 42 and let him in, demanding to be let in as if we don't have laws in place and applications to fill out and fines to pay and background checks to run. That's with this come to 15,000 heading to our border organized caravan. We even know the person in charge. The guy should be arrested immediately within Carlisle West joined us. He's the American constitutional right shooting Executive Director form comes in from Florida.

Col., welcome back.

What is your take of that arrogance will be back with you and when you have a president you have ministration does not care about our sovereign state that this respect, our borders and boundaries does not stand up for our rule of law that want you to expect anyone else to. And that's exactly what is happening right now so this problem emanates from Joe Biden in the in the White House of his administration by your concern. Everyone else and when you see what is happening. This is like you said, it is well organized and it starts down, you know, with a a pipeline now that is really develop started going through the Darien gap open to coaster Rica and all along these lines, you have buses and means of transportation that are getting people here to the border of the United States of America and there is no enforcement and so you have the nongovernmental organizations that are getting taxpayer money to process and put people on planes and put on buses and disperse them throughout the United States of America.

So this is appalling. You're right, no one is going to respect us as a public also is a constitutional republic and as a nation because we don't have people that respect us as a nation in positions of leadership present. The presidency still that way effect is even addressing the disease can have the conference of America's board being blown off because because we didn't invite Nicaragua Cuba and Venezuela that only are they brutal dictatorships by their allies with Vladimir Putin, the Mexican presence I can come so he says he will not be present at the summit after he threatened the pullout for the last few weeks I'd refusal of the US to invite those which I just made official excess confidence that Mexico will sign a declaration at the end though and that's a new cooperation agreement when it comes to economic causes that are causing so many to four tour border why did orbiters get along so well with prison trump who is tougher ripped him before he even got elected, ripped the country before he got elected, how do we end up so tight with the Mexican president and why is this guy goods in the at such an outcast is versatile product, you know, people respect and when they see that strength that might that was all they are moderate and so is what Ronald Reagan said you get peace through strength when you trot all this accommodation. The weakness of negotiation the pedicures about that it will push you around and how interesting is that all the sudden you don't work on the Venezuela and asked about their oil when we have all and gas resources here as a matter fact, the Venezuelan oil is a lot dirtier than the oil that we have here and so again if you're not respecting and honoring your own industry your own energy sector here in America you don't want you expect any of these people to respect you and the other thing we need to send a clear message to Mexico is that along our border. The Mexican government does not have control in any of these provinces are states along the border were talk about an insurgency grind where talk about a transnational narco criminal terrorist organization.

Nonstate nonuniformed belligerents that are really undermining the sovereignty of United States of America bear the want the cartels with creating a drug crisis of human sex trafficking crisis. The wants of the following tariffs across the border and again if you have such a weak person is Joe Biden and a nonexistent person in the relevant individual without VP Kyle, Harris, no one is going to respect you. No one is going to care about you know your stance in the world and so we see that degradation and what just 18 months almost so the president says will presently speak about mobilizing leaders around a bold new plan that centered on the responsibility sharing and economic support for countries that have been most impacted by refugees and migration like oughts and where the Cuyama $300 million check which by with the big picture doesn't do anything, and $300 million for what you hold that as leverage to get them to do what they're supposed to do, don't you know you're absolutely right. Remember one, Harris.

Go down to search America.

She talked about climate change and all the stuff and the reason why we need to give people money I made that that's a level of extortion, like you never say will continue to allow people to come up across the board. Unless you give us money know this is where you have to be tough and this is where you have to say were not going allow people to come here into the sport illegal especially a Haitian citizen who somehow has traversed across amenities.

People come in they hear from our not coming from Haiti their ex-patriots delivered down to South America and Central America and their coming into our country so we have a breakdown of defending our rule of law and and behind this is unconstitutional. The president Biden and his administration in violation of article 4, section 4, United States Constitution, you want talk about an impeachable offense is not about phone call. It's about the fact that you are violating the Constitution. You violate your own to uphold the Constitution.

And that's what this administration is doing and think you know we still got another two and half years of this while hopefully not now with this Congress in Democratic and so there's gotta be some hell to pay for this. So the present. I played the last block but had people just commences and was tough finding these oil and gas companies are published to try to stop it, who refused to punch holes with delete these leases really Rick Perry, former Gov. and Sec. of energy cut 2222 divided administration and the Democrats are going to pay a massive crime and this November regardless of what the secretary of transportation says the American people are not buying that they know the dissident pollutants price increase. They know that when Joe Biden said I do everything I can just change the fossil fuel industry in America that a minute and that the American people may not recognize what that meant but the investors did the backed out of all their portfolios and consider energy stock when they tell a bunch of kids 1870 joint you want to be oil, gas for living your blood on your hands be destroying the earth selling to get people to staff it.

And now people are judges vilifying them and saying there. Indeed, the problem we know they're not.

I would he become more vociferous, rather than just offer statements from 80 oil and gas trade groups I get more into it. Guess what job would guess when Joe Biden's doing more solar panels defense production act to make more solar panels and they're not even saying that they will buy most of them from China.

Your reaction Carlisle West once again you're talking about. Bonsall you talk about pushing people to get more electric vehicles would guess where the lithium batteries. The components of the member and the part minerals and components to make that they come from China as well. That's one of the reasons why China want to get in and get the resources of materials in Afghanistan so were becoming more beholden to China when we want energy independent and no one can convince the American people that this is not a result of the policies of guilt by and when he's there in Japan and he, gleefully saying we're doing an incredible transition away from all and and gas you know we can't want to go out and do that.

I don't want to be out there by the electric vehicle and so why would you undermine the strength of this nation. With this energy independence they make is energy dependent and furthermore try to punish the American people with these exorbitant prices. I think it's over nine dollars and gas out in California and even here in Texas. Actually places where it's a little bit over five dollars for premium unleaded that's unconscionable and he can hide in the American people a lot smarter and he's going to see the results of this come November, right, no doubt about it.

And lastly, when you think about what's going on at the border he he's not putting more money into it ASAP been asked about in the vice president is is not putting anything into it. Now some say with the shooting and you validate Peter Rourke has Elaine and he wants to take it as anti-AR 15 yes I will take your AR 15 and there's a sense in Texas and we had to do more. So what does that mean for the election chances of Abbott and Peter Rourke allowed. So they just put together a special commission. Taxes done by the governor and one of the people on this commission is a very elected Democrat Joe Moody from El Paso and here's the outset that the whole euro issue behind the mass shootings is because Republicans what Brian you know I'm looking right now over toward logon closet and there are 34 semi automatic rifle sitting in that gun closet. Guess what not to think they can load themselves they can't find them sales. This is all about the individual in their responsible account village.

So instead of looking at punishing law-abiding legal gun owning and responsible gun owners such as myself and so many millions of others are not. Search America was still with the real issue that this year and a lot of times it is with the breakdown in the failures in this background check system where people with their issues and the problem special mental defectiveness is not been uploaded to the system. That's what we should be looking at the program absolutely that the 10 according to lot on that link to the sacrament. Texas Star listen Col., if I own a gun shop. I look at that 18-year-old he looks a little crazy right but I can't legally just a sigh, just like you with the you know if I own a deli against Amicus and your Sam, I can't really decide I'm I can send you got ice have a good feeling about you, that's all right. That's violation of the second amendment rights right so if you're 17. I want would power those those gun owners to be.

This kid before he becomes the Buffalo shooter or the valve. The shooter, how do we set all this up yet. Think about this. The Buffalo shooter. He was brought in for mental evaluation.

He was released.

No follow-up Nichols Cruz Parker shooter 21 call Oscar's house. No follow-up, the valley shooter, there were five or six callouts to his house. No follow-up.

What is that tell me is not about me in the in the semiautomatic rifles that have sitting in my gun closet is about the failure of the system would we do with the 17-year-old becomes an adult 1817 these problematic 18 he's got a clean record what we do know that mean I think that somehow that should be uploaded to a system so that you want to talk about a red flag that you script lacks what the Democrats are talking about is the unwarranted ability for anyone to make a complaint about someone and go out to confiscate the weapons go back and look at what happened November 2018 to a man 61 years of age, Gary J.

Willis in Ferndale, Maryland who had a red flag law warrants served against him at 5 o'clock in the morning and guess what he came to the door because cortical police officers were banging on the door they shot a bear.

Brian yet we don't know who these police officers were there in Ferndale, Annandale County. I believe that's the way it is summarily shot and killed Gary J. Willis, 61 years of age he had not done nothing yet. Supposedly he was on the red flag warning in violation that's not what we want to see you happyAmerica. That's what the left, right, 260,000 red flag laws I think were enacted since 2019 in Suffolk County, Long Island, and were looking to. I'm trying to find out what happened with that you know where the complaints where the people applauding were the schools he got saved, so I think we all for responsible gun owners like you. You don't want some idiot. Hurting gun owners and you don't want to reflect on you and it shouldn't be if I drive a car, but if someone drunk a ghost goes drunk driving. That's their choice.

You don't ban the car. I get that analogy, it's effective but I think that the mental health's toll stress on these next-generation weather is because of parenting because of social media because of the pandemic, whatever the causes, let's look into the causes number two how do we find a way to get those minors when they become adults and can walk into that gun shop to get it.

And remember this this guy and you validate asked his sister in September. Can you get me that she said absolutely not. Her friend thought in their friends that you can shoot at the high school turns 18 guy runs his record its oasis gun store whatever rate evidently got a great reputation you guys clean guy buys an arsenal no red flags go up knowing there's no there's nobody you didn't forget to load anything in. There's been some I don't what they call the cops came to the house a few times a day.

The cops came to his house a few times but how do we make sure Alan West uses his guns responsibly in this 18-year-old ramose does not, how do we do that once again you have indicators and warnings that were there, you can go back to your law. The United States Army did not allow Gerrit Loeffler to listen to the military because of mental issues that why was it that put into the system, or you look at the shooter, Sutherland Springs, who had a dishonorable discharge from the military because of domestic violence cases brought against him and he was found guilty of the Soviet that he had that offense. Both of those questions are listed on the 4473 background check form, but because the Air Force didn't upload the subtle spray shooter, or because the Army could not upload Gerard offer into that system. Nobody do and so you can't sit there and say Willis to follow the gun on knowledge, the fall of the system for not going up there and seeing all these indicators want to say this person… Because we got so concerned you want follow-up to make sure those concerns not ballot.

That's fine that you need to put in the consistent so that when they go to that gun store that that great flat comes up to the Senate comes up with because Conan's working with with center Murphy will see what comes out.

Maybe this week I Carlisle West. Thanks so much pleasure and you know Santa Joe Biden did not remember the date until Fox News called amount that's absolutely appalling and disgusting second euro, 845 at night. Thanks much, Col. We come back I'll take your call.

So glad you hear Brian kill me show you your Brian kill me.

The more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me now, my name is Lori suffer the same one.

Term faith is so frustrated he's reportedly resorted to salty language really to document about boxcar jumping from now back in the Corvette weight gases how much the president Jerry was a WND be in Daytona hey Jerry, yes. The thrill of uncertain once the red flag laws have a hard time coming give me some agreement on the people they have a place but you have all these DJs are taking out. I mean absolutely solemnly crimes and turning them into misdemeanors and the people won't be on the form they don't have to list any of these crimes and you have a lot of use management prosecuting solemnly plus the 17-year-old mowed down the lady with the baby. She won't he won't have to just put nothing down more havoc, only conviction that I saw the Deerfield juvenile record suture pointing out Terry is the people that want all this limitations on guns. Want less limitations on criminals absolutely and plays into what's on the background check and honor Biden as a poster child for red flag laws I Jerry, thank you. And by the way the video the church referring to came out yesterday was shy couple years ago that shows him with hookers and guns without a permit and member he irresponsibly just dumped a gun into a dumpster had to be reprieved a set watering. Remember that because you knows untold types of drugs and not an excuse why from the Fox News radio city is New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends in South America is receptive. Brian kill you from the town New Yorkers around the country around the world, especially the Ukraine. Of course this out and be joined by Constantine Fallon of the altar. Many former airports that Daniel be lack will be with the chief investment advisor, the Prime Minister of Ukraine and head of you crave Ukraine and fast.

You know he's someone else to put on the camouflage country was attacked new simulcast and FBN so we have a lot going on a special wheels of a Mayo as a meltdown in New York City.

You'll hear from that truly because crimes uncontrollable wasn't feasible to control. Let's get the stories you need to know Brian's three sponsored by life and save a life and a choking emergency visit life back down there to learn more and use code BK tend to save 10% number three for Democrats who have these green new deal fantasies five dollars gallon gas is not an accident is not an unintended consequence is very much the intended consequence, they want has to be high because they want you out of your pickup truck on your minivan what you get into electric vehicles or scooters or mass transit don't believe your eyes you out your family deficit. Your life is great in our economy is soaring. You heard me. That's were present, Biden would have you believe the problem only 17% of the country concur keeps telling Joe after the shooting. After the arrests after being let go.

You know they do another shooting. No one takes criminal justice seriously anymore. These bad guys no longer take. They believe criminal justice system is a laughing stock – something permanent, gun control, but I'm crying the changes to come through the ballot box as the criminal first DA Putin will learn if is recalled and that could be the beginning of a massive recall in a frustrated as you just heard Mayor Adams calls are laws in New York a laughing stock. I agree, Mr. Mayor call out the names in Albany that are stopping you from passing what you want.

Watching the Valley and all of South Texas under constant assault for the entirety of the by the ministration of ranchers are having a ranch is overwrought and I got a caravan of 15,000 people coming up to the border while Chip really put us first show thousands of migrants to a new caravan through Mexico: frittata 42 to repeal you believe this neuron are laws telling us to change it.

Meanwhile, Biden will sign a declaration addressing the migrant situation at the summit of America's with the Mexican president, refusing to attend because he excluded his buddies in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela outrageous. Not only are they are communist dictatorships, but there also buddies of Vladimir Putin. We make a stand.

So Mexico sides with them. Constantine Fallon joins us now from Dallas, Congressman, how outrageous is that we were the largest trade partner to share long over thousand mile portal and with the blog I you know what you know what they know, Joe Biden. He's an idle engine is an idle. He doesn't do anything you not proactive so they know what this is the time in which we should be addressing the illegal immigration. You know it's about to happen at the Texas border, a state you represent their spot to get up to 15,000. There's a 32 mile long caravan of people coming our direction.

You know, Brian April, there were 234,000 illegal border crosses which is the highest in history-record in next 1268% higher than the last. April 1 Joe one president truck was in office the 14th month in a row at least 150,000 illegal border crosses that no and cocaine and methamphetamine are, you know that that's having is going through the hundred and 60 different countries represented by folks crossing the border illegally and hundred thousand Americans die potentially at the hands of the drug cartels and Job I want to look the other way of burying his head in the sand. It were crisis never been worse, family crisis anymore at the catastrophe. So we still going to have a shot at listening to the people of Texas care about this is this guy was going to take down the wall. People technically care about and I'll make a single and vote rich now that all workers in the losers election by double good and each of all he does is lose elections skateboarding parking lot and you don't play the drums in his car. He can act the clown and for him to politicize and make the tragedy and rob elementary school about him absolutely gutter politics and discussed.

So a couple of things are going on when it comes to what happened.

The tragedy of Aldi when this 18-year-old to everybody. Did Nguyen thought he was nuts and violent ends up getting a gun, but she turned 18 and ends up shooting, not a high school that some thought he would, which is agree just what he goes to an elementary school which is for board more than horrifying, and now we find out that there is a sentiment on both sides in the Senate of coming down to coming up with some type of gun reform in one of the people there is a guy know you respect, Sen. Cornyn and one things are looking at is some type of mental health in schools, securing schools, but also think about expanding background checks how you feel about that. I think the number one thing we gotta talk about nothing that wrenches your heart more than our little kiddos quickly and elementary school babies 156 years old being attacked is nothing worse. So what we need to do is focus on hardening schools and the best security. Security. We need to be looking at going on. The national single entry I you go into the school through the office but you don't get into the school.

This double cover double but actually began school marshals where in Texas we do have slots to marshal program. Unfortunately, only 6% of the school districts participated. We should change the state law to let any teacher that takes the eight hour course the arm and leg assembly then notify the school district guardian program to get parents involved the sacred progress and likely never quit right when I was in the city Council 13 years ago we had every school wired with cameras in the school in the city work together with it. So if there was ever a threat every inch of every school would on camera so they could identify the threat and eliminate immediately, and finally need to change the police doctorate where they don't restrict you know secure school bike essentially surrounding and putting under siege but going and immediately eliminate the threat day was change the yeah yeah if we do that, that our children will be safe you center Chris Murphy on what could be done because none were to take some common sense steps that do not compromise Second Amendment rights where likely can apparently some significant mental health spending which will make a difference as well and I think everything Sen. Cornyn is said is consistent with the negotiations were having everything I want.

We're not going to put his legislation on the table to ban assault weapons or want to pass comprehensive background checks right now. People in this country wants to make progress. They just don't want the status quo to continue for another 30 years is so, armor, it's remarkable how center Murphy estate so levelheaded. Ask the person to stay out of it does not say one negative word about Sen. Cornyn and vice a versa. I sense that this can be some proposal put forward a lot less severe than what came out of the house.

Yeah, you know (the problem with like some of the things that the policy love the Democrats are proposing is it's not name their policies have the exact intended opposite a consequence of what the other Odell's good intentions, thank you talk about make our children a favor by disarming a law-abiding citizen contractor to make it more dangerous and so you don't having some that you know how focused we did that yet when I was in the state legislature in Texas. In the event Biden keeps saying he needs to do something it is something else you need to do something effective. We need to become effective. Not just something so they feel better. Consult the bottoms of the cocktail parties you know we we start.

Nobody wants to have. I can feel convicted felons right now mine can't own firearms legally and what the Democrats don't understand is criminals, by definition do not follow the law of murder is already illegal possession of a firearm fell in with the farms already illegal. Rape is illegal, but almost thing unfortunately happens, you can't legislate morality. We have to do it. Take a common touch approach you know what about keeping Stalin in jail about not letting them out three strikes and you're out three strictly violent felonies you sent. It like that work in networks and I want to put those kind of people in a cage. I got comes may not pass around with a psychiatrist is big story today that might be bipartisan support for much more money into the Pentagon budget goes beyond what the president requested our Democrats on board with this D's image.

This story something that you understand is correct. You are right. At the same chapter different verse really misses what happened last year. Joe Biden consistently and in fortunately America. Lastly, every opportunity he got out of the truck that he wanted strong military.

He wanted us you wanted a project the power internationally and Joe Biden is the opposite when inflation now is it 8+ percent 18.58.6 everyday changes. I get tired worse and yet Joe Biden's budget came in your rear was only about three or 4% of the hike from last year which essentially was a $40 billion, in effect, he did it last year and he done it this year, so there are some that Mattie there are some levelheaded levelheaded Democrats understand the threat. The China Post Texas understand sorry that you some money, get some money there and we just had to swing people what we need and make sure the pentagons leaned out to the point where it's not caught up in a bureaucracy when it takes you three decades to make a Gerald Ford platform Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier swing. I got asked you to about what's happening in Ukraine. Here's general keen on what he seen the Russians just on prayer power and artillery from afar are just trying to raise cities and Joan about 100 Ukrainians a day. Cut 29 the Russians some incremental gains in and take most of the eastern portion of the Dawn Bass region. These last couple weeks and solely focus on several several of the lost city that's in the eastern portion of the lawn, so that's the focus they throw everything at this Ukrainians appointment up a heckuva fight and doing it right.

I think the Russians will likely take the city expended so much it's hard to see them being able to make much progress at least in the near term. After that, because they reached what most of us looking at it day by day see as a culminating point. So they're looking to take this area and then maybe start talking again there's Ukrainians going to give up one yard of their land. Where is this heading congressman and you worry if your parties can start bailing on this okay so in chemical warfare networking will call for joint members eat off and Rogers on the armed services committee in November when we saw the threat and asked Biden to send a select worker that they didn't. The director for layman's term out okay so what we want to aim asymmetrical warfare is like sniper rifles plastic explosive antitank mine is to give a military like Ukraine has about 150,000 active now untold number of reserve forces and give them weapons that are easy to use that they can be trained on her leg. They are like the jam is a perfect example that the look at the limit layman's terms it's a little mental echoes often chose tax cuts about hundred $75,000, but no killer Russian tank.

The cost of rushing somewhere between three and $8 million. So the safest place in the world to be on the battlefield. 20 years ago. Brian was in a main battle tank that is now the most dangerous place to be and the javelin has an accuracy rate card is exactly about 8090% and like the same thing with the harpoons which is thinking that that it ships and stingers that kill helicopters very effectively and to get that and a lot of ammunition like machine-gun things to not so much in guerrilla warfare and other guerrilla warfare but also ambushes and now were at a war of attrition so great, we've given the Ukrainians billions of dollars now and aid, but it wasn't by it was that was the legislature.

There was the house and the Senate got together and is a lot at stake here is not just Russia and we also understand very quickly that Ukraine has the fourth most natural resources of any country in the world and China's also looking at this because of the Russians were successful in Ukraine.

Rest assured that China is currently licking its chops, shopping a plague to take. I want hopefully were ready for the challenge. We certainly the best fighting force was seen that the Russians are distant third. It seems in the Chinese have not fought in since 1979 I you guys seem to have an advantage on that although I understand recruiting is off comes from Pat Fallon. Thanks so much thank my God bless figure right 1-866-408-7669. We tobacco take your calls. Yes, we Joe Biden said yesterday the economy's going great. He says it's time I took over 60 months ago in his tweet economy was stalled and covert was out of control today thanks to the economic plan of the vaccination planned my administration put into action America's achieve the most robust recovery in modern history. Is that how you feel. Let me know. Trying kill me show your knowledge base. Brian kill me show if you're interested in Bryan's talking about your Brian kill me back everybody 1-866-408-7669 a lot of your writing me and a lot of are talking about the shooting and he writes me. Everybody forgets Obama wanted criminal records removed from young people in high school i.e. trave on Martin. That's why they became 18 there only they aren't flagged. Are we ever going to address mental illness see something, say something is a waste of effort. I can understand that sentiment more about school shootings is pretty much goes across party lines of school shootings is terrible thing that can be somewhat dealt with after things are done right. Liberals have a lot of nerve using this politically when they are when their agenda involves the murder of children of thousand children when it comes to abortion abortion and guns can be the two things that I think Democrats hope will save them as political issues in the fall. Good analogy, let's go out to Joe in New Jersey in the Fox's radio at page oh with 30 mine.

I'm calling about federal government shut down as of the last week in April that federal government for exchange clone, which is our savings account bank and account for active members and we try to reach and it was course ago back as of June 1, but from the end of April to the present day. The members have to call up and reregistered before they would have access to new accounts any transactions they cannot help you help you with no object making you list is aware of what the government is don't got Joe WRC and Joe Brian good morning argument about the Yorktown I would not renovate the building. I got paid 1942 September Yorktown sunk at the midway date and really think that that's technically kicked 1942 we kept it secret. I'm looking at the paper right now to maybe not turn the tide in the Pacific. It was shot and you know it's already on the date toted away.

I got to know you but we probably don't have time to read it on. Get it right. Anything talking about it. The Check and They Let You Shot It on the Port but Hopefully Left on an Eyewitness Account They Can Dictate Become the Warden and End Date Again on the One It Would Bite Stop and Eat Sometime on the Destroyer That Would Get Back to Pearl Harbor and It Got Tell You to Completely Believe in You. What Newspaperman Correspondent That Made the Economy Went down on the Chad McPeak. It Made Months Later That a Brand-New Aircraft Carrier Built Need to Do Yorktown Just to Freak out. The Japanese No Word If It Did, but to See a Bright Yorktown Bill Back on Was Exactly the Same, Only Better but Was Truly Amazing. Can You Imagine We Could Do That Today. The Other One to 10 Years to Build. This Was Done in the War within a Year. That's Why the USS Yorktown. That's Now off the Coast to Charleston, South Carolina Is the Second One, but It Dates Back to 1943. Also As a Glorious past, We Come Back Daniel Violet Joins Us from Ukraine Radio That Makes You Think This Is the Brian Kill Me Show by the Researcher from the Very Beginning When We Were Critical of Was Always Concerned about Provoking Russia Goes Always Back to March 2021, That When the Russian Showed up on Ukrainian Border within the Liver. The Trump System by Lethal Weapons to Them.

That Was the Reason They Stated They Want to Provoke.

They Did the Same Thing, Not Months Later in the Same Year and Why They Withheld All the Weapon Systems. Early on in the War Was the Same Reason I Thought That Had Been Put Away. It Was Disturbing to See It Come Back and Then Evidence of That, Once Again, Just Recently. I'm Hoping That's the End of It That Is Shown Checking He Put Together a Attentional Study of War. He Does That on a Daily Basis, Sometimes Three Times A Day Updates and Were Tapping Routinely Were Ukraine As a Try to Hold off the Russians in Ukraine.

Daniel Bill Actually Just Now Former Chief Investment Advisor, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Try to Keep the Economy Together and the Country Together Dan Welcome Back Brian Well House Cow Things in Kyiv. I Know You Guys Got Shelled over the Weekend Right Yeah 6 AM Wake-Up Call Five Locket Slammed about 10 Km from Where I Live. So My My Windows Rattled My Shirt, but There Were All Okay You Know They Were Apparently Going after Tax-Preparation Factory Really a Railway Wagon Repair Shop. I've Been There. I Know What You Think.

So Do Not Know What They're Doing except Two More of These Terrorist Activities to to Just Remind Us That the They Could Do It Try to Plan Terror Counterattacks to Areas in Which They Claim to Have Taken like Your Son How Those Operations Going.

You Know, We Get A Lot Of Interesting Precedent over This. Everybody Is Looking at Several of the and I Think You're Right to Point out in Terms of The Nikolai You Have Been Advancing and Have Been Pushing Them Back but I Got Tired Brian That I'm Back to Being Frustrated Where I Was a Couple Months Ago That You Care about the Heavy Weapon Systems That Are That Are Coming That Are Coming Are Coming and and We Need Them like Now You Know You Know We Can Defeat These Guys. You Know That You Can Take Them on the Day. The Only God Is There Artillery Date of Their Infantry Doesn't Want to Advance against Our Troops and Immediately Beat Them Back with the Multiple Launch Rocket Systems That We Can Promise and You Know Somebody Mentioned from the Ministration Got 60 of Them We Could March These Guys Right Back. Like the Mother Russia You Don't Forget 44 Going to Take A Lot Of Losses and Will Will Advance Slowly. If We Get 20 Then We Might Halt Their Advances but Our Guys Are Gonna Die. President Says Were There Dying in about 100 Soldiers a Day and I Gotta Tell You, I'm Involved with Something Called the Mozart Group Which Is Former US Marine Who Were Doing Training about Special Courses Delivering Critical Capabilities and Training to Frontline Unit and We See Quickstart Guide for Got the Guts Our Guy Got the Heart, but You Know They Have the Rockets and and We Need to Fight Fire with Fire and and We Really Need to Stop the US As Promised Us Were Really Grateful to the American People for Their Support and and the More That We Get in the Faster We Get It Weekly. We Could Take Five Students of the UK's Promise and of Their Rocket System You We Got Ours Coming When You Asked Where It's Weird Is Is in a Neighboring Nation. While Some of It Is Some of Our Troops Are Being Trained Now Being Trained on the Last Few Weeks I Will Soon Steer You Being Trained Not Located Some of It but We Need More of It and We Need More of It. The Howitzers That You Got US the First Ones That Arrived Have Proven Their Effectiveness. You Know We We Can Really Fit with the Kit Is No Better Army That Are Technologically Equipped Army in the World and United States Of America, and If America Did NIST Awareness Week and We Could Do This Together and It's Important That We Do This Together and It Is Now Because We Don't Get Me up in Some Sort of Messy Stalemate Europeans Would like.

Would like to Impose on Us. This Appeasement Interesting to Me in a Double down and He's Coming after NATO States That American Soldiers Are Gonna Die in the Baltics: and and I Don't Think Anybody Wants to Work Doing the Fighting Were Doing the Dying Were Prepared to Do More Understood the Russians Having the Other Side, and We Know the Sanctions Are There but We Haven't Europe Is Not Totally Shut off All the Additional Most of the Will, but Not the Natural Gas How Much Damage Is That Doing to You Guys Because He Still Getting Some Revenue Well What They're Getting €1.5 Billion a Day from the EU, Which Is a Day Which Is What We Are Probably Got in Total from the Use of War Start so You Know, the Fact That There Are Still Getting Gas Pipe into the EU and Are Paying for It Is Hugely Productive. But Let's Not Get Overly Excited about Sanctions Either Because I Need the Sanctions Are Going to Help Degrade the Next More Needy.

It's Going to Stop His Killing Machine and Is More Machine Now and and That Means You Know Going Cutting off As Much of the Energy As You Can Cutting off the Financial Flows into the Russia and Its Weapons, Weapons, Weapons That That's What's Going to Win This War so We Know the Cases of the Mobile Multiple Rocket Launchers Improve the Range. This View, the Range and Accuracy of the Uke of Your Arterial Artillery, but Now the Once Worsening Go 50 Miles to Go Punching Vladimir Putin to Come out and Say You Better Stop Forming Ukraine. What Could He Do besides a Nuclear War like Sadie Right and Try to Block His Bluster, but the Fact Is, He's A Lot More Afraid of NATO NATO Should Be a and That's Why Some of This You Know All We Can't Do This Because It's Going to Escalate and I Kind of Stop Is Is Just, You Know, It Smacks of Weakness and That's What He Wants to Hear. You Know, If You Feel Your Wiki Is Going to Push It Now and Come Back to This If You Don't Defeat Them Now Know What What What United States Response Can Be a Circular Treaty over Alaska but Ideal That's Not Worth Anything You Would like It Back in All and and You're Going to Be in the Support and George's Database to Be Worried Too Because It's Sitting Right There so and Then Mulled over Has To Be Extremely Worried and Then We've Seen This Whole Script before Which Is Stunning. Which Is Pretty Much What You Are Republicans and Democrats Mostly in Your Corner That See It but I Understand to If You're Very Critical of Us. You Worry about Losing We Have Is Your Number One Supplier but You're Frustrated about the Pace of Things Please You Understand the Difference and How Much Tammy Lives Are Lost Because of Time. We Made the Commitment We Have To Also Commit to the Speed Right Hundred Percent True. Everybody Wants This Morning and It Is Not an It Does Not End by Giving up Getting into Him.

It Ends by Arming Ukrainians with As Much Stuff As We Need to Win This War and I'm Not Being Critical of the United States Argument. Without US, We Would Have Been Hamburger a Long Time Ago and You You Are the First and Foremost Ally and an Absolutely Stalwart US and UK, Especially an God United States Of America and the American People for All the Support You Got so Right Now I'm Talking to Daniel Dulac on the Former Chief Investment Advisor to Two, the Prime Minister of Ukraine so Dan Could You Tell Me about Zelinski. I Know You Guys Were up Somewhat of a Fractured Government like Ours. Different Parties Always Competing in Different Areas. So Who Could You Tell Me Is the Attitude of the Government. Now That You Can Take a Deep Breath and Keep for the Most Part I Think You Rallied around the President about Ukrainian People Never See You in 30 Years in This Country. I've Never Seen the Kind of Unity Ukrainians Have Demonstrated Point in Time and Really What We Have Now Is Total Assistance.

Every Aspect of Ukrainian Society Is Involved in This War and Involved in Fighting This War and Everybody Feels That This Is This Is Their Ward Away the President of Sort of Being Representative of That and Are in a Very Positive Way Government Is Doing Everything It Can to Try to Keep the Economy Afloat Again You Left Something Extremely Helpful. Hopefully Will Continue to Be Helpful, Not Regard You Lost about 35% of Our GDP and Trademarks and Lots of Snow but We Got 20 Million Tons of Grain That We Need to Move Out Of That Support That Feeds 400 Million People Left and Right Side As Well… Going 400 Million People May Start You Have To Everybody Is Firing on All Cylinders to Try to Win This War As Quickly As Possible. Understood Daniel Feel like Former Investment Advisor Prison, Prime Minister of Ukraine Appreciated. He's Joining Us from Key Ukraine Hi Dan, Thank You. Stay Safe When We Come Back Were Joined by We Actually Do Simulcast Was to Now the Brian Kill Me Show Joints. FOXBusiness Is Finally in Company with Stuart Varney Live on Your Radio and on FOXBusiness. Here's Brian.

Kill Made That Was Just Waiting.

Waiting for Stuart Varney Will Be Joining Shirley Don't Get One Nation Set Your DVR at 8 O'clock on Saturdays on Fox News Channel and Was Never Miss My Show Live Radio Show Frank I Just Get the Podcast and Get a Popping up in Your in Your Podcast Apple the Time Get ITunes You Get on Spot. If I Were Ever You Get Your Podcast and A Lot Of People Are Downloading, and I Appreciate That Boarding Companies on FB in the Fast-Growing Are the Fastest Growing Network of Cable Television, and Now I Were about to Talk about Which I Talk about Guns Which Beethoven on the Show. It's Listen Kill Me Waiting in the Wings to Get Only Brian in New York State Gov. Ho Cole Has Raised the Minimum Age to Buy a Gun to 21 What He Cited That Bobbing to the Two by Semiautomatic Weapon. I Guess to 21. I Guess It's Responding to Is Happened in Buffalo When You Have the 17-year-old Turns 18.

He Goes and Buys His Guns Legally As Background Check Is Clean and Then He Runs up Any Hills Everyone Canada Shopping Mall and Then You Have Youth All the Another 17-year-old Bacon His Sister to Buy Guns When He Turns 18. He Got a Clean Record. Even Everybody Knows and Knows Is a Psycho Is Able to Get It Going.

That's New York's Response I'm Very Curious to See Number One Doesn't Surprise Me Because Gov. Hoke Was Trying to Anything the Sky Consolidate the Most Democratic Votes As Possible Because She's Remarkably Inapt. Remarkably Ineffective Is Not a Good Leader and She Is Not Doing a Good Job Rallying a Party Only Think She's Doing a Good Job Doing Is Raising Money for What You Make of It. I Will Probably Want to You like It.

Minimum Age to Buy Semi Automatic Weapon Is Not 21 You Agree with That or You Disagree with the Home of Gun Control. A Couple of This a Couple of Things. One Thing I'm Very Aware of Is I'm Not Born with Guns, Not Anti-Gun Just Not That I Go to Put up with People Involved, Especially in Upstate New York. I Mean It's like I Will As You Know Is Wide Open and It Is More Rural Than Anything Else That That's Huge Hunting Community and Allow You to Take an 18-year-old Ora Willie Robertson of the Louisiana Tell Him He's Been Shooting since He Was Seven Years Old from Duck Dynasty. I Really Get You to Take My Gun Away till 21. The Second Happened Which Are Taught about Gun Purchases and NSI Talk about Using a Gun Right so Are These These Criminal Mind Go to Find a Way to Get a Gun Elsewhere. Number Two Is Something about This and I'm Openly Debating It As I Know Joe Mansion Also on the Record Saying from These Big Gun Guy from West Virginia Where Guns Are Prevalent and Will Hunting Is Is Is Typical. It Is One of Their Number One Hobbies so I Understand It He's Open to Raising the Age of 21. The Gun Store Owner Does Not Want to Sell a Gun to the Next Mass Murder so I Don't Take the Gun Store Owner from Having That on His or Her Mind. Like the Oasis Gun Store in Texas, I Hear Great Things about It, but He's the One Who Saw the Arsenal of Weapons and Arsenal of Ammunition to This Crazy Lunatic Who Killed These Children. So Do You Want on Their Mind. So I Want to Do the Things to Be Most Effective Going to Support People That Do Things the Right Way with Guns at the Same Time Stopping People from Ruining It for Gun Owners and Actually Dampening and Getting out Rate for Second Amendment Rights. The Mayor of New York Eric Adams Ripping Progressive Soft on Crime Policies.

The Port Repeat Repeat Offenders Right Back on the Streets, Rolex Took Place Role It the Concept a Prostitute.

Judges Have To Make Sure They Stay.

Everyone Has To Do Their Part. If Not, They Go out and Come Back Another Shooting These Bad Guys No Longer Take Dumpsters They Believe Criminal Justice System Is a Laughingstock of Voluntary Country We Have To Get Serious about This Because Innocent People Are Dying Brian. My Question Is Why Doesn't God Have a Board with His Own Soft on Crime District Attorney Will Be Great for to Be Firm on That Dist. Atty. Number One Number Two Is He Goes up to Albany and He Said Yes Change the bailment Democrat You Know Me, This I Ran on They Said Go to Help When I Can Do It and They Said Really Goes Back Again. They Said No and Then They Humiliated Him by Saying He Came up Here Issuing This Process Works. We Got to Go Respond to Your Demands.

If I'm Guy Adams I Go Call Their Press Conference and I since I Been a Captain in the in the Police Will End As a Policeman and I Know What It's like to Be Effective against Crime. And I Know It Is like to Be Overzealous.

We Are so Far the Other Way I Can Keep My City Say so in the Name of the Lawmakers There Refused to Pull Back bella Give Josh's Judges the Discretion to Look at the Guy. This Has Eyes Roll around His Head in Front of Them. Knowing the Six Time of Carjackers Is Going to Go Do It Again and I Give the Judge's Discretion to Do That by Another Worry Is This Only Liberal Judges Who Think Criminal First. If We Empower the Judges Were Probably Not to Be Pleased.

A Lot Of the Time We Got to Go Back into Applied to Actually Electing DAs That Do the Job.

They Used To Do and I Think the Beginning of the End Is in San Francisco Today When You Have Blue Dean, Who's Going to Get Recalled If the Polls Have Anything Then Yes Cohen's Next Denny's, Adelphia, and Then of New York. I Doesn't Straighten up You Have Gov. Selden Will Probably Going to Hire This Guy Because He Has the Background to Be the First Republican Governor since Been Tacky without a Time. Brian, Thanks A Lot, but Will Be Watching You Saturday Night on Fox News Regulation Guideline.

They Still Had to Keep Listening to the Show Here Is to Go to Joe at WABC in Yonkers Hey Joe, Thank You.

Working out Probably Maddening People. It Should Not Have a Gun like Tell Anybody That One Hip Is Involved. Lawmakers Think They Keep Saying That the Help Mental Health Industry to Talk about People on an Individual Basis, Charlie Get around That. But to Me That's a Waste of Time, Not to Change the Laws Will Not End Man Is Expanding What You Say Is When They Clear You Seen the Psychiatrist Psychologist and Has a That That Has a Patient That Is Expressing Violence.

Violence Tendencies I Want to Go Shoot That School Medical Shoe at That Bank Loan to Take out That More so You're Saying Hippo Laws Has Them Keep It Quiet.

Rather Than Come Forward. I Believe Psychiatrist Psychiatrist Have an Obligation to Come Forward Don't Think That Is a Little Bit in Slightly Different I Guess If That's All That's All He Wanted No That's Already in Place. I'm Not Sure Why That Topic about Joe the Word about You Calling Calling the Cops on Me Because I Seem to Have Be a Hothead or You Might Think That I Don't Deserve a Gun You Might Be Anti-Gun Fox News New York City Set up Fox and Friends Saw America's Receptive Voice Brian Kill Me. I Will Look to the Latest Moments Brain Can Only Show We Have. I Will Probably Set with Us in Studio Former UFC Fight Army Ranger Sniper and Special Forces Operator, Cofounder of Save Our Allies to Be Knowing What Great Stuff They Been Doing It with Her Brand-New Book out Today Stars & Stripes Rename and Unapologetically American Story of Fighting Fighting UFC Worriers the Taliban and Himself. Tim Kennedy in Our Studio If You Watching Fox Nation Charles Pay the Bottom the Hour. One of Them Is Really Good. The Economy and One of Them Is Really Good at the War Fighting Unit Which Which Were You Tim, I Can't Accurately See My Notes from Here Decent Business but I Do Better Fighting Alec Fighting so Let's Get to the Victory.

Now the Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three Surfer Democrats Who Have These Green New Deal Fantasies Five Dollars Gallon Gas Is Not an Accident Is Not an Unintended Consequence Is Very Much the Intended Consequence, They Want Has To Be High Because I Want You Out Of Your Pickup Truck for Your Minivan What You Get into Electric Vehicles or Scooters or Mass Transit Will Blink Your Eyes, Your Wallet, Your Family Deficit. Your Life Is Great in Our Economy Is Soaring.

Yup, That's What Pres. Biden Want You to Believe the Problem Is Only 17% of the Country Agree after the Shooting.

After the Arrests after They Let Go. You Know They Do Another Shooting.

No One Takes Criminal Justice Seriously Anymore. These Bad Guys No Longer Take Believe Criminal Justice System Is a Laughingstock. There Is Mayor Adam Something Brewing on Gun Control, but on Crime.

The Change Has To Come through the Ballot Box.

It Seems As the Criminal First DA Blue Dean Will Learn If He Is Recalled and Frustrated. Mayor Adams Calls Our Lawmakers out and Says Where Laughingstock Does Anyone Doubt These Tell the Truth Good to Be Doing More. I Got an Idea Watching Your Valley and All of South Texas under Constant Assault for the Entirety of the Minor Ministration Ranchers Are Having a Ranch Is Overrun and I Got a Caravan of 15,000 People Coming up to the Board.

Unbelievably Still. The Truth Is Geoffroy Put His First Show Thousands of Migrant Joe I Should Say Thousands of Migrants Join a New Caravan through Mexico Calling for Title 42 Repeal They Know Our Policies. You Are Biden Will Go Sign a Declaration Addressing the Migrant Situation at the Summit of Americas in Los Angeles Guess Is That Coming Mexico.

What Good Is Having a Border Plan. If the One on the Border Is Not on with the Plan Cuba Nicaraguan Venezuela Will Show up. They Were Divided in Mexico.

Doesn't That Said That Spell a Problem Absolutely Would Be Right Now Officially Tim Kennedy to Welcome Thank You Ma'am Thanks Raven Congratulations on the Book Launch Day-To-Day.

It's Weird but It's Because about You Yeah That That That's As Real Weird Feeling to Have Everything in Black and White. Especially Because It's Mostly about Failure and's and Struggles and Having It Right There for Everybody to Unite Literally at Every One of the Darkest Moments. My Life Is Now at Millions of People's Fingertips I and Your Patriotic Behaviors. Also There and so Is Your Heroic Exploits. I Would Click When You See the Video of What Seems to Be 9500 Hours Was to Go to Seven 15,000. It's 32 Miles Long Heading to a Border Might Want to Say Invasion Management of Vision for a Long Time. You Know the Few Go down the Border and I Live in Texas and I Live in Austin Texas Okay and Is Working along the Border for the past Seven Months and Was Living in a VoLTE It's One or the Many Places That Would Stay with Work at the Border and Talking to the People That Live There Talking to the Border Patrol Guys That Are There Every Single Day. It Has Been like This and It's It's It's Evan Flow Depending on the Administration Because It's All Executive Level Driven When These Mass Migrations Happened This These Invasions It's It Is Really Driven by Executive Policy and Right Now It Is at the Floodgates Are Open and There Is Nothing That You Can Do to Stop It at the Border Physically Because There's Just so Many and Then You As You See the Ripple Effects Is Not Just the Border of the Ruining the Lives of Those People. The Border Yes Then We Find out These Fights Letting Westchester There There Landing on All the Other Places in Upstate New York and Wishing What Were They Doing to Getting Out Of the Middle of the Night to Get a Fresh Set of Clothes and Get a Bag to Go to the Getting Getting on Buses in the Going throughout Our Society. What about These People Must Feel like Suckers to Go through It the Right Way Yeah Admin I Have a Business Partner in and She's a Legal Immigrant and That She Went through the Process.

It Took Her a Long Time and She Took Every Single Step, Drive a Couple of Teammates That Are That Are Going through the Immigration Process for Their Spouses and Then I Go down There and I Work at the Border and It's so Heartbreaking Because We Have a Failed System of a Broken System That They're Just Taking Advantage of Fixable Though Is It Is Nothing to Sell and Fix It Is so Fixable and There's Nothing That Can't Be Fixed, Especially in Its It's It's like a Movement of a Pen to Fix It. And the Problem Solved Right and the Thing Is, What Is It Tell You What It's Not in What Is like Being There Just Processing People Grabbing People, Putting Them in Trucks Reenter Facilities That Are Overcrowded, Putting up Tents Where They Just Understand That Attention into We Get to Them. I Seen This Facility. I Live after Two or Three Days I Could Not. I Was Stressed out. I Do It Every Day. The Humanitarian Crisis That's Happening There like Were All Immigrants.

Everybody Here in the United States Unless You're an Indian Reservation You like All of Us Generationally Came Here Somehow Are, I'm Kennedy.

I'm an Irish American Right like Three Generations Here so There's Nothing Wrong with Immigration but Has To Be in There. There Has Always Been like Here in New York. We Can Walk out Lady Liberty We Can Open the Book and See the Families That Came Here the Process. I Mean I Was at Ellis Island. They Did a Whole Featuring Four Made America Great and You See the Whole Process Is.

They Walked to the Other Get off the Ships Where They Go and How Doctors Will Look Them over, They Ask A Few Questions Will Be Many Courtrooms over There to Decide. Is There Anyone Here to Meet You Where You Get a State That What You Going to Bring to the Country That Was Willing to Work at Work Can Become a Contributing Member Society to Be Individually Responsible and Be an Important Citizen.

If You Go Back to What It Defines to Be Assisted by Roosevelt like I Question Every Single One of These People Cross the Border. I Know They Have the American Dream in Their Heart but Are They Going to Do the Work Required in Her Neck and Disparaged Immigrants. His Life Living in Texas like the Vast Majority of the People There Are Mexican Americans and Their Great Wonderful People That Share Values for You, but What's Happening at the Border, Is an Invasion.

Nobody Cares for the Co-People, Skin. Don't Try to Marginalize and Say Oh You're Black You're Why There's Nobody Cares. And When People Say Sweden or Haiti.

It's Not Black and White Is like Well If You're from Sweden You're from a an Isolated Area Which Pretty Much Are Not Coming to the Southern Border, but You Can Await Online for Ever.

I Know People Are Married and You Have the Same Situation People from Another Country Legally Married on the up and up Living a Middle-Class Life and It Takes Them Forever so Many Fees so Many Meeting so Many Tough Questions in the Test, You Gotta Go through the NEA Solaris Is One of the One My Friends That's Going through the Green Card Right Now. She Was Told to File Her Taxes but She Can File Her Taxes Because She Does Have Social Security Number, so She's Liking This Pending I'm in Trouble Status for Her Immigration Status and She's like I Am Working I Am Pain like There's There's No Way I Can Solve This Because I'm Missing Steps and the Steps Are Mine. It's a Broken System. There's No Way to Circumvent the System Pricing I Should Just Come Here Legally. I Know I Have a Friend from Serbia. 1.4 Years College Soccer Great Player and Want to Stay at a Short Amount of Time to Get a Job Then It Will Ply You Want to Go Home and Celebrate His Graduation to Some Friend Micah to Get Back and Then He Said, She Puts on the Television. This Is Where My Afraid off Volubly.

Let's Talk about You for Setting Herself to Be Brutally Honest about Yourself Right You You Don't Feel That You Want You I'm Perfect You Go Anyway to Say You Are Not Perfect but I 9/11 Things Change. You Felt You Were Selfish Person Prides That What Was Life like before 9/11 to Be Tim Kennedy Who Man Aside I Had a Couple of Women Pregnant and Then Weeks Right after Women Death. There's I Thought I Had AIDS. I Was Fighting Professionally As a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and Had an after Party with Three Girls and One of Those Girls Shows up to My Gym and Cheeses Had Tested Positive for HIV. I'm Trying to Find All My Partners. This Is All the Exact Same Time and Then I Watch Americans Look at a Window in an Try to Decide If There to Burn Alive or Jump to Their Death. It like You Are Talk about That This Resounding Wake-Up Call of What a Waste of a Human That You Are Is Watching Fellow Americans Have To Make a Decision like That When I'm I'm Debating Which Genes I'm Aware to a Party like What like What Would Terrible Piece of Trash.

I Was, and You Decide to Do Something about It. Like Most People Twice. I Started by No Means Was like This. The Movie Elective Trajectory Change Where I'm Now a New Person like I Still Made Lots of Mistakes Even When I Got to Special Forces. I Think Back to How Arrogant I Was Even with My Bosses Back. No, No, I Should Be on This Helicopter Not You Get a like I'm the Best on the Prices to Tim You're Really Good Athlete Rights. He Used To Be a Little Cut on Accomplishing the Athletically and That's A Lot Of Special Operations A Lot Of Success besides Your Mental Strength Is the Fact What Athletic Demands Correct, yet It That the Physical Demands Are Extraordinary but Internally the Mental Aspect Is Really the Selector like That Is That a Traitor through Special Forces Selection They Use Physical Events to Find the Character of a Person and That's What They're Really Looking at Are You a Team Player. You Said You Got Beat up by Your Teammates Because You Were Being Selfish. We Were Sir Cowie, Bin Laden Was the Number One Back on the Planet. The Number to the Number One Guy in Iraq Was Her Cowie and He Was in Iraq and We Are Part of a Task Force That Was Hunting Him and All of Us Wanted This Was a Guy That Hung Americans Forages like That the Hope That the Atrocities That That Men Did Their Horrific Neck American Sniper like That.

The Story the Same Time, People of the Insurgency. That's Right. We Had Because He Let Him Go.

Yeah, That Bad Dude and There Was a Specific Night Where We Had a Certain Number of Helicopters. One of the Helicopters Got Shot up to a Bunch of the Holes It Got the Manifest Got Scrubbed, so We Had to Reload Cross Load Bodies and I Was the Youngest and Least Experienced on the Team so They Babe Removed Me from the Manifest Is like the Smartest on the Fastest on the Best like I'm the One That Should Be on Here. My Concerns Instead Was like You Know You Should Be Preparing the Trucks to Be Our Two RF Are Quick Response Force.

You Should Be Making Sure the Radios Are Good the Headspace and Timing of the 50 Counts Good She Make Sure There's Extra Ammo.

Next, Create Social That's What You Should Be Doing but Still Your Whining You're Complaining about My Decision about What Should Be Happening in Combat Right Now in Houston. I Was Just like You Petulant Little Child Whining Hello This Point Is 25 Okay 24 and and so They Come Back from the Mission. You Know, Is a Get Your Gloves Were to Talk about This We Go down the Tensing and I End up Fighting the Whole Entire Team of the Team Just Beats Each the Socks off Me and Know John, My Boss Feelings down As I Got I Don't Have To Talk about This Again and in Even Even after That I Was Still like Babbitt Took All 12 of You to Beat Me like They're Still the Arrogance of Youth in There and It Took a Long Time for Me to Realize What It Meant to Be a Contributing Team Member and How They Are so Much More Important Than Me and It Was It Was Pain-And-Suffering like That That Teaches You Those Lessons You Can Get That from Your Parents All Man Did I Ever I Did Have but I'm Stubborn I'm Dumb so You Know My My Mom and Dad Are Incredible People and a Loving Household and Extraordinary Circumstances Growing up My Dad Stole a Plane Full of Cocaine Published Bar Is an Undercover Narcotics Officer That We Had a Way to Read That Phone in the Closet That I Would. I Would I Would Tutoring Would Pick up Would Have Cover Stories That We Tell These Drug Dealers in These Cartel Guys to Try to Protect My Dad to Have a Cover Story Form That Aligned with What He Was Saying We Had like Lines of What We Tell Them Try Grub This Extraordinary Circumstance and That There's Plenty of Failure. There Plenty of Struggle, but There Was Never Enough for You, Not You. You Living a Consequential Life Could You Not Do Anything Save Another Segment Discern Right Tim Kennedy's Here.

His Book Is Now Out Of School Stars & Stripes. She's Got a Slice of It Much More to Come. We Return to the Brain to Meet You, Educating, Entertaining and Enlightening. You're with Brian Kill Me the Fastest Three Hours in Radio You Are with Brian Kill Me.

So Tim Kennedy Is My Guest Years Was Most Diverse in Guess You'll Ever Have. His Book Is out Today Is Called Scars and Stripes. We Gotta Get It from His UFC to His Army Ranger Days. What He's Doing Now. Now, How Were You Involved and Tell Me about Save Are Our Associate Saver Allies Was Born Out Of Afghanistan and during the Fall Afghanistan.

One of Her Friends, Chad Robichaux, His Translator.

Aziz Was Getting Murdered. The Taliban Aziz Had Worked for Special Operations As a Translator for Multiple Deployments.

The Taliban Knew Who He Was. So They As Soon As They Knew That Afghanistan Was Going to Be Abandoned by America. The Heat Were There Literally Telling Him They Were to Come and Find You. They Killed Aziz's Friend and They Said There like to Do Horrific Things Tessie's Family and That Ultimately Cozies so in Initially Was to Go and Rescue Him Answer My Phone Rang from Chad Hey Can You Come Help Me Get This Kind Suggests That It Was a There's These Few Hundred Young Girl Christian Orphans That Are to Be Murdered by the Taliban. Can You Can Get Them out to and That It Was a There's Always Entrepreneurs and Then We All These Translators and Then It Always like Thousands of American Citizens That Were Leaving behind an Edge That Started to Build. We Started in Place like the Logistics to Getting Us in the Country and One of Our Friends Was Friends with the Prince of UAE and That Was Good of Your Launchpad.

That Was the Beginning of Saver Allies Was Getting Aziz and Then Ultimately 17,000 People of African Wooden Accomplishments of Tim so You Get 17,000 of Arkansas Right so How Does That Play into Ukraine so the It's Almost the Same Logistic Process. But in Reverse. So the Same Team That Was on the Ground with 12 People in Afghanistan and One of Those Key People Coding Sea Spray so Instrumental in and Such a Hero like This Guy Is Brilliant beyond Definition and He Beat Russia into Ukraine so He Was on the Ground like a Legal Border Crossing through the Snowy Mountains and Done the Same Thing That We Did in Afghanistan Get People out. We Started Doing in Ukraine to Get Humanitarian Aid in so We Started Building Networks and Logistics to Get Things on Cross-Border Lines and, Ultimately, like We Really Focus on the Last Mile. There's Lots of Big Gray Organizations That Are Doing Great Things over There but Saver Allies or Very Few of Those Organizations Are Getting Real like Medical Clinic. For Example, to the Very Front Line As We Were Doing and When Our Reporter Teams When I When Our EMG Teams Got Hit. What Role Did You Play Some Saver Allies Cc Pray Specifically That the Operative the Special Operations Guy from Afghanistan Was Already in Ukraine and God Bless Benji Hall. What a Tough Guy to Be Able to Stay Alive.

They Put Together a Coin-Op. The Concept of an Operation to Find Him Move Him II Think into the Details of How We Are Able to to Move Him Out Of Country Bowl to Leak Ultimately Get Him to Very Very High Level Military Men, Senior Medical Quit. He Only Medical Tell You He Was He Was Dying like Those He Is so Tough. What Is It so Important the Work That Journalists Do, Especially the Front Lines When It's Clear so Much Information out There It's Really Difficult to Tell Which Truth We Sang American Soldiers with No and You Know He He Being so Far Forward Was Isolated and Saver Allies Was Able to Get to Him, Get Him out and Then Get into Medical Care Immediately and Announce in Texas Recovering and That Man I Saw Video of Him Dancing. I Know You Can Give Yourself You. Very Hard Yourself to the Book but Have Everything That You've Done for the Army Ranger to the Service to a Listing at 25 of the State to the UFC Fighting Room Saver Allies Plan, Which Are Most Proud of the It's It's a Culmination of 11 Special Operations for Almost 2 Decades Been in South America, Africa, Counter Poaching Counter Counter Humor, Trafficking, Counter Drug Dogs in Counterterrorism, Iraq, Afghanistan and Also Business Owner like Logistics of of Supply Chains so All of That Experience Really in the Group. This This God-Given Group of People That Found It Saver Allies All Came in with Very Unique Skill Sets and We Were Able to Work Together in a Really Collaborative Way to Be Effective and Efficient to Get People out. So I Think Saver Allies Is One the Most Significant Things I've Ever Done in My Life Often for Wall Titles.

No Part of the Task Force That Killed the Number Two Bag on the Planet. Those Pale in Comparison to Finding an American in Afghanistan Getting Them on a Bus Smuggling Them onto a Plane and Then Find Them Out Of Afghanistan or Bring in Medical Aid to the Front Lines to Fight the Communist Invasion That Is Crazy. You Just Used To Love Going on the Edge.

It Seems like Your Hosted at Home and the Challenge Is Great.

It's All Included in Stars & Stripes and Were Just Scraping the Surface. Tim Kennedy Thanks so Much. Congratulations on the Book They Know That Easy to Write but Yourself. The Best Is yet to Come. I Imagine I Selected a Stock I Would Think to Do a Movie Get Joe Rogan to Commit to Do a Movie for The Contacts I Think for a Moment. Charles Payne Show That's Getting You Killed Me, and Is Something That Will Continue to Member and We Were in an Economic by Putting Forth the American Rescue Plan by Democrats Voting for That Plan and Really Putting Us in the Place When We Look at Today in a Much Stronger Economic Situation Where We Can Actually Deal with Inflation Have A Lot Of Work to Do That We Understand the American People Is Feeling, but We Are in a Stronger Place to Take by Karine Jean-Pierre Houses Were in a Stronger Place on the Economy's Going Great.

In Fact, You Have To See the Tweet That Person Put out Yesterday, so the Fact That Gas Prices Are High Than Inflation Is through the Roof of the Housing Market Is Leveling off of Their Words Were Seeing Were Seeing Experience. We Were Experiencing the Present. Though Be a Good Strategy to Come out with a Tweet Saying How Great the Economy Is Doing and How Much Credit He Deserves.

He Says This at the Time I Took off a 60 Months Ago the Company Installs the Economy Installed in Coven Was Out Of Control Today Thanks to the Economic Plan and the Vaccination Plan. My Administration Put into Action America's Achieve the Most Robust Recovery in Modern History. How Does Charles Payne Think about That. He Is the Expert on Making Money.

That's the Name of His Show Weekdays from 2 to 3 Charles George Just Now Charles Was at the Tweet You Would've Put out a Bit Embarrassed about That, Out Of This World. I Mean Now Every Time I Look at the Word Hubris to Be Pres. Biden Is Not the First Time Brian Is so Frustrating Every Time He Opens His Mouth.

He Feels the Need to Brag like I Think You Know the Office Next to the Oval Office As the PR Office It's like to Get the Makeover into That Article in the Wall Street Journal, You Know, a Week Ago Three Paragraphs Are Bragging and Then All You by the Way, Some You Guys Worry about Recession Limitations Something That Let Me Tell the Audience Something since I Was Wrong Place Is Transitory.

The News Reports That She Never Thought the Rescue Package Has Been Passed. She Thought It Was Too Great, but She Took the Fall and I Believe You Know That the Biographer Was Right Now Listening 1.3 Trillion Was Crazy to Be Quite Frequently but That Which Apparently She Was Suggesting the 1.9 Trillion… First Talk about Facts, the Recession, the Covert Procession Was the War since the Great Depression. The Economy Contracted 31% in the Second Quarter of 2020 Right Wing Going down the First 4:45 Percent 20 Million Jobs Are Lost. The Stock Market Was Crashing. That Was the Shortest Recession in History, and Biden Wasn't the President. By the Time Pres. Biden Inherited This Economy He Inherited the Strongest Corporate Balance Sheets and History. The Strongest Household Balance Sheets in History. He Inherited an Economy That Was Coming on like Gangbusters like Gangbusters.

All He Really Had to Do Was Sit Back and Enjoy It.

All You Have To Do Is Let the Animal Spirits.

One Story They Needed No More out There. We Went Back Maybe We Were Filling out You Know What We Saw This Pandemic. We Set a World Record and in the Been the Predominant Creation of This Vaccine a Record That Every Scientist That Was Impossible, and It Did Not Happen in the Pres. Biden Disabled. More People Died on the Pres. Biden Would've Vaccine.

Another Part of the Truck without It so I Don't Think I Would Open the Silicon Conversations. The Bottom Line Is I Think He Went Back to Politics 101 to Buy More Boats Believe That There Was Sit around like 1.9 Trillion Democrats a Bit Office for the Next 100 Years and Maybe There's One or Two Economies at the Table. Maybe Yellow Night Sir, If You Don't Mind It Might Trigger Input to Talk about. We Got This Delivery by the Team or Not. Janet I'm on the Team. Okay, so I Mean This Is All of the Gigantic Miscalculation, but I Think the Most Offensive Part of It Now Is to Suggest That We Were That Were Okay Now That Everybody's on Finding and Spinning in the Face of People Who Are Grappling People or Suffering People Were Struggling. I Just I Find It Shocking. I Really Really Do. This Is More Shocking Than Than Some of the Other Things That Bother Me. You Know You Gonna Heal the Nation to Bring Us Together. Those Kind of Things Which Have Never Materialized. This Is Even Worse Than That Because You Make a Mistake You Made a Huge Mistake on It and Try to Fix It but Did to Tell People They're Doing Fine When They Know They're Not Doing Fine.

I Can't Think of Anything More Despicable. You Know There Was a Smart Good Movie Sensing Sabine Boats You See in the Short Term, It Might Help with This, but Telling People Things Aren't As You Live Them and They Appear Is Just Wrong Right on Paper It Was Politics 101.

They Thought It Would Work on Paper Because They Never Looked in the Economist. Think about These 17 Nobel Prize-Winning Economist That Back the Biden Agendas As Late As September or October of Last Year. These Folks They Don't They Really Do Not Believe in Economics. What We What's Been Revealed Is That They All Believe the Social Justice but All Believe That Less Implicit You Know the Name of That the Biographer Who Came out with the These, Too, Spilled the Beans and Janet Yellen. The Name of the Book That That That He Helped to Write No Empathy Economics Empathy Economics. It's Just Another One of Those Progressive Buzz Phrases That You Just Can't Have It Both Ways.

In the Meantime, If You Really Empathy with 65% of Americans Say They Change the Types of Foods They Bought Recently with 45% of American City Views Food Banks with 45% of Parents Are They Better Skip a Meal so That Their Kids Can Eat with 9% State the Entire Intent to Skip a Mill Because It Would Pres. Biden Did That's Not Empathy.

Yeah, I Want You Here so the Other Big Story Is about Energy Rights, Where You Go, It Affects Everything You Do Gas Oil. Whether It's Your House or Home. And the Thing Is Charles, I Think Is Insidious and Actually Evil Is Secretly Celebrating Because You Want to Green Our Economy Listen to What People Do Judge Said by the Weight Not As Easy to Sec. of Transportation Listen, but We Also Know That the Price of Gasoline Is Is Not Set by a Dial in the Oval Office and When an Oil Company Is Deciding Hour by Hour How Much to Charge You for a Gallon Gas, but They're Not Calling the Administration to Ask What They Should Do Other Doing It Based on Their Goal of Maximizing Their Profits Maximizing Their Profits and They Want to Say and They Want to Start Finding and Taxing These Oil Companies Because They're so Selfish Is That the Decedent Is Even Understand the Auto Industry Works. I Want to Give Them Credit Say Maybe Economics 101 Deviousness.

This Is the Same Sort of Again. How Can We Turn This into Something It's Not. They Wanted Oil to Go up. Pres. Biden Campaigned on Getting Rid of the Oil Industry Going toward Fossil Fuels. Adapted Election Crude Oil Prices Went up. They Never Looked Back the Next Day Because Markets Reacted Basically Got a Guy Coming in Is Going to Destroy the Industry and Shorn up on the First Day in Office. He Began His Subprogram of Destroying the Fossil to Limit Street Economics 101. Supply and Demand. Demand Is There, Almost Everyone Listening to This Radiohead Will Get Something Driven by a Fossil Fuel. So Pick up a Piece of Plastic Today Because Only Make 6000 Household Items from Fossil Fuels That Outlines That Ubiquitous Is Not Going Away. Here's the Problem. No, the Supply-Side Our Last Major Refinery Was Built in 1977 We Went from 254 Refineries in 1982 down to Only Hundred 24.

Now in the Meantime around the World Energy Energy Consumption Still Comes from 85% Fossil Fuels and If You Took out Renewal.

If You Took on Hydropower the Whole Renewable Sliver Is so Skinny and Associated so Stupid Not to Build Some Refineries Today. This Transition That There Hoping for for the School for This Clean. No Climate Change Utopia at This Case Scenario Would Be a 15 to 20 Years Transition.

So Why Not, Why Not Give the American Public. Some Break. Why Not Build Some Refineries, Why Not Let American Producers Zero Set a Meeting with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and Begging Him for Oil That's Really Something to Do since Production Act for Solar the Deed to DPA Was Put into Play in 1950 Because We in the Middle of the Cree War and Peace, Footing, and Now the DPA, He Took Forever Using for the Baby Formula, but Nelly Was Easy for Solar Panels and They Cannot Tell Us That We Will Not Be Buying Them from China. So He's Making Companies Work with Each Other under Governmental Order on Solar Panels. How Is That Going to Help Us in the Short Term. Again, It's Not about Helping Us about Us Getting to the Crime.

Utopia May Only China Meant to Try to Wrap These Things around the Veneer of Economics but That This Whole Thing about Using It for Baby Formula Now Solar Panels They Have in Common.

Neither One Is Focused on Creating These Products and Home Presidents from User Defense Production Act to Speed up the Prep the Process of Vaccines. We Created It.

It's an American Product That the Global Success. Neither Now Pres. Biden Is Using It Willy-Nilly If They Were Going to Use This Open up New Factories Baby Former Factories in America Uses to Create More Solar Panel Cells in America. That's What You Should Be Using It for. That's What the Power of the Pen Should Be Formed so That Future Generations Aren't We so Hard to Have Energy Independence and Never to Give It to China for This Utopian Goal of Climate Change. It's It's Scary and Suicidal. I Was Speaking up and Defining to the American People Start Moving Forward. Notwithstanding Just with Faxes Scared Man. We Had Yesterday. The American Petroleum Institute in 80 Other Trade Groups Represent a Diverse Cross-Section of Industries Are Calling in the Buy Demonstration to Act on Policies That Support US Energy Insecurity and Increase Domestic Production They're Asking for a Five-Year Program for Federal Offshore Leasing Process Will Get to Be Only Drilling in Basins.

This Is the Best Cleanest Way to Do It Will Have Control over You Have To Commit to a Five-Year Planning. You Know This Better Than Anybody Is. You Have To Get Investors to Do It and Ending You Can Just Hammer Drill Today and Want to Make Some Oil Work like That First Thing That the Administration Went after after Keystone Was a Offshore Drilling on the Court to Stop Offshore Drilling and and It's in the ESC Movement Know What Wall Street Not Investing in These Oil Companies Are Investing These Large Projects. Again, the Whole Thing Is so Crazy and so Suicidal and Who's Paying the Price for This Is the Middle Class of America in the Poorest People in This Country Paying a Heavy Price for These Highfalutin Ideas from People, by the Way, Nancy Pelosi Heard Her. Her Refrigerator Has a Larger Carbon Footprint Than Most People Don't Care about the Right They Really Don't.

I Mean It's Okay about the Suffering They Really Don't Care See You Last Month Which She Was Busy Going. She Was Busy Buying Millions of Dollars Worth of Stock Options on Apple and Microsoft Think He Cares That Somebody Right Now. Families Are to Skip a Meal Today. He Thinks He Really Got It All. She Did a DWI That Could Be Correct. The Report yet Give Me a Break.

Thank You Jocelyn Get Fired up and up Watching the Show from 2 to 3 in a Time Charles Speaks Pay Attention If You Want to Make Money and That Is the Name the Show. Charles, Thanks so Much.

You Got 1-866-408-7669 Listen We Come Back within a Find This Need to Know More. My Senses, There Is Following Everything from the Get This 39 Mile Caravan That Is Heading Our Direction of the Southern Border and We Can Even Get Mexico to Show up for a Americas Conference in Los Angeles. Do You Think They're Actually Going to Stop It. That's Coming Our Way That It to Me As a Dereliction of Duty. We Value Right Tell Me Show You Here. I'll Try and Kill Me Show Back Everyone Thinks What Was the Only about Things We Bring 30 Present Buying Filing Knowledges DJs Took in Two Years, until 845 Eastern Time at Night to Say the Problem Is in Normandy to Announce Where the Actual Invasion Took Place. The Greatest Most Successful Invasion. The History of Modern Military Warfare. It Was Already Jan June 8 the City June 7 Inexcusable Joe's Innovation Office Guys Been Doing This for 30 Years. He Can Set up a Communication Office That Acknowledges Great Moments in American History Comes out Finally and Tweets Is Today We Mark 70 Years since the Day Too Late. Mr. Pres., I Thought Adult Ed Reentered the Room, Not so Much.

Next Month Elon Musk Accuses Twitter of Resisting and Thwarting His Right to Information on Fake Accounts. He Wanted to Find a Happy Followers. He Actually Has Family Followers.

Hillary Clinton Has How Many People Are Actually on the Service. He Wants to Know What He's Buying Peers a Letter from the Attorney to Twitter. This Is Must Return to His Respective Owner Miss Most Is Nearly Is Entitled to Reap to the Requested Data to Enable Him to Repair for the Transitioning Twitter's Business to His Ownership and to Facilitate the Transaction Financing to Do Both.

You Must Have a Complete and Accurate Understanding of the Very Core of Twitter's Business Goes on to Demand That. But so Far No Good. Meanwhile Texas AG's Getting into the Action.

The Ken Paxton Says He's Motion Investigation against Twitter Claiming the Company Is Underreported, Fake Bot Account and Those Numbers Have Negatively Impacted Consumers and Businesses, so Twitter Is under Attack.

Bob Must Doesn't Buy It Is a Fraction of the Company.

It Was, He Has Every Right to Get to the Bottom of How Many Pot Accounts Are Fake, Counting Twitter. I Guess Having Right into and Using This As an Excuse Not Go through Sale.

Next, AOC Is Slamming Democrats for Railing against Latin Next Because That Index Is Not Popular in the Hispanic Community Affect 40% Survey Say That It's an Insult. So Get This in a Mini Rant. She Goes after Members of Our Own Party Candidates for Languages Fluid Has Not Struck Another Person, Not about Your Reelection Prospects Having Any Spanish-Language People Sometimes. Like A Lot Of Drama over the Term. People Were Trying to Do This Right, Using Only Ken There Are Some Politicians Real and I Think People Right Now Are Using the Term Has Gender-Neutral Conclusive Possible. Does She Have Anything Else to Do.

By the Way. Recent Political Polls Show That Hispanic Voters Found 40%, Indicating That the Term Latin Next Fathers or Offends Them to She Know That in 30% Say They Would Be Less Likely to Support a Politician Organization That Uses the Term the Democrats Are Shedding the Hispanic Vote and AOC Think She Knows the Key to What Do More Things to Annoy the Deal. The Hispanic Community. I Don't Think so. By the Way the Cubicle Belongs, the Republicans, Especially Now, As Once Again Joe Biden Alienated Them, and for Those People Who Are American Citizens on the Border. You've Lost All of Them Because Joe Biden Is Is Is Actually Absent at the Border. That Is His Policy Next Queen Had the Queen's Band, Harry and Megan from Having a Photographer To the Moment That You Met Her Granddaughter Little Event. So Get This Harry Megan Gladden Blow of the Rowe Family Come to America. Get Billions of Dollars You to Be with Oprah and Just Basically Make It Seem to Be As Though It Did Train Wreck. They Left Fine. The 96-year-old Is a Big Jubilee They Come Back and Wonder Why Their Boot so They Take Their Granted Their Kids to Meet Their Grandmother, at Which Time He Says No Purchases, No Photographer You Blame Her, Not Always A Lot Of Friction. A Man and Will Also There Was. They Bowed Out Of Going to Their Brothers As a Celebration There Know the Will yet Will Decided Not to Go.

I Thought It Was Real.

The Decided Not to Go to Harry's Megan – Are They Invited William and Kate That's I Think Willie McKenna Wrong on That One If You Want That You Want the Cousins to Still Be Close to Family.

You Want What's Happening between the Brothers to Affect the British by Mr. Boris Johnson Survived a No-Confidence Vote, Even Though We Pre-Party over the Pandemic That Sickening. They Make Sure You Watch Fox Inferencing and Keep in Mind to Write to Me Show Captured on a Podcast over 100 Meteorologists and the Worldwide Resources a Fox in Your Hands Box Whether Podcast Precise Personal Powerful Subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or Wherever You

Get The Truth Mobile App and Listen to your Favorite Station Anytime