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Biden's Middle East Trip a Muddled, Fist-Bumping Mess

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 18, 2022 12:31 pm

Biden's Middle East Trip a Muddled, Fist-Bumping Mess

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 18, 2022 12:31 pm

[00:10:40] Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA)

[00:18:31] Charlie Hurt

[00:36:45] Michael Goodwin

[00:55:17] Janice Dean

[01:13:56] Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI)

[01:32:06] Jamie Metzl

[01:43:12] More to Know

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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set of Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian would kill me thank you much for being your body if the brain can reach out we got a big hour, UA Center, Joni Ernst is going to be with the toothbrush of order, visit IG's also been overseas very active in Ukraine as well as tapping in the Middle East really taken a more active role, I think since you won reelection and Charles heard Fox's contributor, for the Washington Times so that both be with us. Hope you had a great weekend.

Hope Herve had a chance to get outside just a little bit in the get back into action because next year. The summer is going to be over so's you gotta have of time to decompress poor view though people are talking politics more engaged than ever before.

So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three what we have to realize that I was in Saudi Arabia has been a partner for eight years. Joe Biden comes along though is is going to treat them like a pariah. I ostracized him is not surprising that he didn't accomplish much.

On this trip. Middle East jaunt to a muddled fist pumping mess how the president's quest for oil and influence fell short on every turn. Fox News falls are pretty telling. 56% approved of 10 year ago, 40% approve now 59% disapprove Joe Biden's job performance.

Pushing out way too old Joe as his personal postponement party leaders and friendly media are looking to give Joe below, but there's only two men that matter in this decision, Obama and Trump. I will explain as both sides jostled for midterm victory. Why are people like Manson said upset about the lust of the group who are intentionally sabotaging the president's agenda. What the American people want a majority of us in the Democratic caucus want. Maybe the majority the Democratic caucus met the American people economic anger and blaming mansion for it. All Dems are recoiling because they can spend the can spin the numbers, but Americans feel the pain and what I'm talking about is this Joe mentioned last week said in places 9% you wanted you spending on universal pre-k you want to do spending on subsidies for Obama care which by the way they sent you be paying for itself by now you want to do all this spending on climate programs. This is not the time.

I don't want to do it so they can immediately say Joe mansion for me, fossil fuel, state is doesn't care about the environment once his billionaire supporters to become multibillionaire's not the case people the working coil of coal, oil and gas are not billionaires there, hard-working Americans, and they know we need fossil fuels are at the present United States would've been overseas asking for Saudi Arabia pump for ever. OPEC to do more so for the most part what I mean about in the opening when I talked about the Middle East mess they never had clear objectives, or why they were making the trip.

If they left for me India being there was just as important as Israel and Saudi Arabia, India buying Russian oil at the way they're doing it is really hurting the Ukrainian war effort costing us dollars and Ukrainian lives, allowing Russia to continue to be over for what I expected from China. I did not expect from India.

We have some leverage there at least get them to level off the bigger story Iran deal. We're looking to get them back into a raw deal and we made him a huge offer this going to cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars and 1,000,000,000,000 x 20 30 if we stay up with a stay off with they say, is a nuclear weapons putting really I didn't know any about this Democratic senators know nothing about it. I was the Republicans nothing about it. What was this done. So when it came to Saudi Arabia and giving the fist bump. It doesn't surprise me.

Number one US to the meeting.

Number two, you will want to called him a pariah.

Number three. Get your staff to work it out where you don't have an entrance with the crown princes meeting you at the with the opening of the beast door in front of the building which you enemy of the crown prince what you do is have your people say a headed time they listen when I could do a handshake when I can do a fist bump which is going to meet you inside if they have a problem with that, then you and you still want the meeting then you get ahead of it.

I'm going to be shaking hands or fist pumping with the crown prince. Our countries have been friends for 90 years. What happened in 2018. I find unacceptable.

I will bring that up to behind closed doors. But I am not going to blow up our deck at nine decade-old relationship over 2018 killing of Khashoggi's member is 2022. As horrific as it was, that's 2018. He's the one a box himself into a corner and of his staff can't get him out of it.

At least get ahead of it: come down every single day.

The best of my knowledge, the impact of this I suspect you will see that for another couple weeks and will see more recent gas station start to lower the price. Consistent with okay number one. What an idiotic statement. Gas stations are not gouging the public. There's almost no profit in it getting more think for the convenience stores and anything else have you gone to a gas station lately. Have you met with anyone at the gas station. Have you asked them where they got there, where they parked a Mercedes and where their compound is is it located near or far from the station which they own. Number two, they got nothing and need.

They set up the day after the 101 meeting Saudi Arabia said to think through the entire meeting the GCC +3. I really have no more all the pomp right that was that's a fact. She got nothing from it, and among the people that are not happy about the meeting is his own party. Almost all the squad is weighed in on this in terms of what's going to happen with these inflation.

Oil and gas prices because of the trip. Not much cut for, is Jared Bernstein doing the best he can to talk about to talk about inflation and what he plans on doing about high gas prices, noting and emphasizing that the prices have been coming down of late cut three inflation which is unacceptably high.

Let's get that clear right out of the gate 101.3% in June.

Again, acceptably high increased half of that increases energy prices alone now.

Since then, the price of gas has come down $0.50 a gallon are now 20,000 gas stations across this country were gases below four dollars a gallon, still too high, but that's moving in the right direction. Giving Americans some much-needed breathing room now. The problem is I don't know whether 20,000 gas stations that have under four dollars gas.

I have never seen it. There's more that's over five dollars gas and the thing is this is way more than we ever than we ever anticipated paint.

I thought anyway in my lifetime and I think it's intentional. This new moving California not to allow anymore construction of any gas stations so there trying to starve us away from fossil fuels, when the country and infrastructure is not close to ready in terms of Saudi Arabia in terms of people giving backlash on the trip. Bernie Sanders speaks for a lot of Democrats cut 14 should by now have gone are are double-click so you have a leader of the country who was involved in the murder of a Washington Post journalist all I don't think that that type of government should be rewarded with a visit by the President of the United States.

Okay a lot of people, including Adam Schiff and have people waiting about that in terms of what the policies gotta be. It's very simple. It is not that we agree with Saudi Arabia. It's not we agree with the crown prince.

He is modernizing his country to a degree they have got a lot of them addresses. Absolutely, they do provide a lot of intelligence. It will never know specifically what it is we know it is extremely helpful.

The other thing.

The prison was not clear on and was basically lying about was that the initiative of the direct flights from Tel Aviv to Genoa Saudi Arabia was the beginning of a thong relationship. They came out and said that's not the case at all.

This is a convenience for the people to commute between the countries that we thought we would put in place and things have gotten better and please don't tell me that you think it's because Joe Biden got elected.

It wasn't in fact people critical of Trump visit with them but they were just what befuddled why Saudi Arabia liked him so much. Here is Nikki Haley. She was on with me on one nation last night.

She sees the big foreign policy picture and sees his huge tilt towards Iran again cut 17. Five and Obama to point out that his throne and tail out there without telling Congress without being transparent to the American people makes all of us feel more uncomfortable.

That puts the world more in danger and I just I don't know why it's team is allowing him to do this they did, and I don't understand what the deals out there and if you want Saudi Arabia to be happy. If you want to see what is with that they need. They want the Iranian deal go away as they don't have to go cut a deal to buy or build their own nuclear weapons with Pakistan, evidently the whole things in place. You just have to execute it so Pakistan will use their technology make some money and then Saudi Arabia said use money that they want to use elsewhere to go ahead and keep up with the nuclear a nuclear Iran. They're not gonna think twice about it. Listen we come back I'll talk about that in the economy of Sen. Joni Ernst and it seems this administration is over. The Democratic Party is already ready to move on from Joe Biden. They rank the top 10 Democrats for 2024 likely nominees. No joke. Jack your knowledge base.

Brian kill me show precise personal power is America's liturgy in the palm of your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast Fox News podcasts network. I'm been dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News talk show that's real.

This is the Brian kill me show just local taxpayers picking up the tab.

Using the federal government is helping well. Local taxpayers are not picking up the tab and should not pick up the tab and we really need a coordinated federal response. We know that it's time for refugees who come to the state from all points of the world and the same has to be dying in a situation so that is Mayor Bowser Washington DC upset the Arizona and Texas are mounting these illegal immigrants are putting them into buses and dropping them in Washington DC after. Also, federal governments policies are allowing this to happen. States were almost helpless, but they have to take them in. NGOs have to set up. Then they have to take over the small towns, we don't know what kind of criminals are coming across. We know we get a lot of them instead of that Gov. Abbott, you says get on a bus and go and Gov. Ducey's duty to with me right now.

Sen. Joni Ernst center you just to the border. This is a desperate situation in this mayors complaining about illegals coming to their two to Washington DC you believe that I had heard on our southern border landowners even feel safe lifting on their ranches and farms anymore. Many of them have an account number of illegal migrants that are cropping through their property stealing their vehicles breaking into their developing white ranchers that he can't have 16-year-old daughter check cattle anymore by herself because he cared what happened to her and she without air all on lunch.

People are dying all fell on their property in one county allow landowners have found hundred and 20 Bonnie Barnett this year and southern Texas. So it is a Creighton family were able to witness this first hand and slavery on the border. Lastly, boom illusion tweed out after the mayor came out and complains disease getting a small example with tiny Texas and Arizona border towns have to deal with every single day with far less capacity. I heard the stat nearly 30% of border patrol agents are actually doing border patrol.

The rest are just processing people would you say exactly what we found out border patrol eight and they are dreamily frustrated because this administration, update our catch and release, meaning that one client and mailing an account current on the order the court that That year, that fireworks are eventually released and I entered the interior of United everything increasing number of company minors currently many of them claim to be minor spring and summer adult that we saw firsthand to eight-year-old girl having-year-old girl.

Both of them were unaccompanied. They were not related. They weren't related to anyone in that group. They were basically handed over to the coyotes are modular that brought them up to the southern border and customs and and border protection services than the patrol agent all day and 30% of the women and children will report to authorities that they had been sexually abused along the way, just one that report that border patrol agents are afraid it is closer to 60% women and girls are being sexually abuse center before you got until all this I believe you probably still in uniform they did in order to autopsy after Mitt Romney lost and they said Republicans have to be easier on the border.

The rhetoric is alienating Hispanic voters and it turns out Trump just said I don't believe that any was so aggressive on a from day one coming down the elevator by escalator. Do you believe that change in support of the reason Republicans are getting more. The Hispanic vote because they realize when you cracked on the border you're not anti-Hispanic.

You just try to watch American security to think that message is getting through the Hispanic community. You look at a number of border largely populated by an experiment that come into the country illegally and they are frustrated.

They were the ones that were sharing how dangerous that an it is very frustrating to me. Border patrol agents.

Again, many of them are Hispanic.

They are frustrated and went out with the policies that they are saying.

The atrocity is that they are wet and staying on the border and it is resonating to voters in the area family Significant Land in the House, Where the First Ever Mexican Corn, Congress, and We Do See That People Are Really Concerned about What Going on so I Do Think It's Going to Be Reflected in Your Accent Conquer All Types of Demographics.

They Are Extremely Concerned about This Administration. Open Border There Poor and Border Policies, and They Want to See It Come to an End Soon.

I Think Was the Biggest Was No One to Talk about Is That They Cut a Deal with the Ron Is up to Ron Just to Sign off on It without Any. But Even the Democratic Party, Knowing the Details Even Cinnamon into Center Card and Sen. Schumer.

The Voted against the Last Deal with the Ron and That's Would Also Ticked off the Saudi's People Think It's Just about Oil. Why Would the Saudi's Do Us a Favor and We Are Actually Fortifying Their Number One Enemy Held Brian out There Why We Continue to Work with Iran, Which Is the Enemy Not Only to the United States. Don't Many of Our Allies and Partners across the Middle and Fell Here in the Administration Been Working on That Agreement with Iran behind Closed Doors in Conjunction with the Russian and Coming up with Holiday That We Aren't Even a Pretty Tale and That Continued Anger, Our Partners in the Region.

They Are the Ones That Have To Stand up and Really Push Back against Iran in Their Nefarious Activity and the Violent Extremist Organizations That Are Dead by Iran. But Then We Have To Go Begging to Saudi Arabia and Other Hello Please Increase Your Oil Production Do That That the Other When We Haven't Been Good Friends.

At Least This Administration Not That Again. I Thought That the Many Time to Find Administration and Present Buying Foreign Policy.

I Cannot Figure It out. Not One Iota.

It Doesn't Make Days and Were Seated, Can Our Allies Sen. Joni Ernst, Thanks so Much Appreciated and I Got Glad to Take You Got It Will Expend of the Economy Talk about This Next Election Talk about Trump Declaring the September and Would Your Vines Be Pushed Not to Do with Charlie Hurst Next Fox News Contrast Network. These Ever-Changing Times You Can Rely on Fox News for Hourly Updates for the Very Latest News and Information on Your Listening Download Knowing Fox News or Wherever You Get Your Favorite Will Came Close to Fox and Friends, We Can Share My Thoughts in a Wide Range of Topics in Sports and Pop Culture, Politics and Business Subscriber. Listen Fox News Five Just a Radio Show like No Other Reason Focused on the Way Right Words Would Still Think Is Coming in the House Is Now Recognized As the Senate and a Couple Months Ago We Would've Said That They Will Likely Take the Senate, but I'm Told by Republicans to Look for These Fundraising Deficits All across the Country. These Report Came in on Friday Night and so Were Just Seeing All of Them That What Republicans Will Tell You Joe Is That They Would Rather Take the Environment, How People Are Feeling about the Direction of the Country's Economy Is Rather Take That over Money Honey Any Day but This Lack of Money Is Really Hurting. These Companies Were Seeing It in Ohio. You Mentioned There Tim Ryan How Far Ahead. Use of JD Vance. What's the Consequence of That This Summer like Usually a Time When Campaigns Are Sweeping to Brines on the Airwaves in Ohio on Answered by JD Vance Saying That He's Conservative Friendly That He Can Reach Swing Voters. She Shows Her Share of and in That He Has an Anti-China Add He Hits JD Vance for Benighted Washington Cocktail Parties All Possible Because of His Money Disparity. So, Couple Things Are Happening and That It Was Mike Allen, Cofounder of Actio's Talk about the Money DV Dams in the They Think They Have a Shot at Maintaining the Senate and They Think They Can Do with You Guys like Tim Ryan, Pretending to Be a Moderate. And I Thought When He First Got Him He Was a Minor, but He's Not Euphoric to Joe Biden 100% of the Time His Rants on That on the House Floor or Absolutely What Way to the Left, but He Is Raised He Has Spent 6.4 Million on TV Ads, since When the Primary Fantasy Spent Any Money at All.

Now on the Sideline Is Capitalist, Peter Thiel, Who Helped Put Vance in Place along with Trump's Endorsement Is Not Spent Anything yet Will See If That Changes Would Be Right Now Is Charlie Heard so Charlie Do before We Get into the Presidency and Everybody Thinks That That's Obviously the More Sexy Thing to Talk about UC Democrats Raising Money Try to Hold the Senate and They Try to Do It in a Place like Ohio Yeah Well, of Course, Republicans Are at a Disadvantage in the Senate Look at the Map I Mean If You Look at the Map.

This Is like the Worst Were You Know It Because in 1/3 of the Senate Turns over Every Two Years. This Is the below Point for Republicans. If You Look at the Map. This Is the Worst Map.

Republicans Can Ever Face in Two Years from Now, It Gets Better, and in Four Years Gets Even Better. So so Yeah Republicans Are up against Something Here but in Terms of the Foot of the Fundraising We Difference the Thing about That Is Yeah and and All the Polling Shows This in That New York Times Siena Poll from Last Week There Was Talk about Is Is the Latest to Show the Democratic Party Has Become the Party of Privileged Whites. It's It's Losing Working-Class Normal American Voters and Because of That. Yeah, You Can Raise Tons of Money. If You're a Democrat in Georgia or Ohio or Wherever You're Raising You Know That Those Fundraising Numbers from Stacy Neighborhoods. She Raises More Money from California Than She Does from Georgia. She Raises Almost As Much Money from DC. The As She Did from Georgia and so Yeah When You're the Party of Privileged Whites You Can Raise A Lot Of Money. But That Says Nothing about about Enthusiasm and Says Nothing about Voters. Trump Proved That You Can Spend Less Money and Win Election.

But That Said Absolutely It Is a the Map Is Horrible for Republicans in the Senate This Year so but Even Even Though It Is Horrible for Them Were Still Talk about the Possibility That They Could Pick up a Couple of Seats Would People Forget about the Midterm Elections Was That the Republicans Lost the House with Trump, but They Also Gain Two Seats in the Senate so Right and They and They Beat the Odds on the House to They Lose As Much Is Yeah a You Know That That You Know It Wit with but Also but This Is Not for Nothing, but I Think It Speaks to the Bigger Problem with Democrats Is That It You Know It's It's a Little Bit Sort of Unfair When You Look at the Senate Today. It's Actually It's Not 50-50.

It's 50 48.50 Republicans You Got 48 Democrats You Have To One of Whom Is a Socialist to Independents Who Caucus with the Democrats like Angus King and Bernie Sanders and I Get That. And That Gives Them the Right to Pick Their Leader and Whatever That's Great, but the Point Here, and of Course Only Recently Get the Senate Is Because They Have the Vice Presidency.

But That Said, I Think It's Important to to Remember That the Fact That the First Will the Only Way the Democrats Have the Senate Is Because of the Vice Presidency but Also That Two of Their Members to Have the People at Caucus with Them Are Not You Members of Their Party Goes to the Heart of Which Is This Is the Biggest Issue and and and I Think so Many People in Our Business. For This the Stuff the Tea Party That the Republican Party. The Republicans Been through the Decimated Republicans for the Pastor of the Infighting That Destroyed Republicans for the past 12 Years Is Just Starting to Hit the Democrat Party. They Are Divided They Have A Lot Of Problems That We Can Better the Reason Joe Biden Got the Nomination Is Because They Couldn't Get behind the Crazy Crazy Bernie or Crazy Death to Their Presidency and Hope for the Presidency and He Was Most Popular in the Problem. There Was on Their Own Side You. It Wasn't That Fewer or More Independence in It Are There.

What Worried about Independents.

It Was Actual Democrats Who Were Going to Vote for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren That Problems Still Exist Today and It's Why I Think That You We Can Play All These Games. But How Will You Know Don't Go by to Go Somebody Else That Yeah III Don't See How They Go with Joe Biden, but There You Have To Find Another Joe Biden Had This Whole Thing about How He Spent 50 Years Brings Harmless Moderate in the Senate, Which of Course Is the Reason the Barack Obama Picked Them to Be Vice President in the First Place and He Was Still Riding on the Fumes of That Even Though His Campaign and What He Said Things I Want to Get Free Healthcare to Illegal Aliens. Most Voters Were Likewise a Politician.

He's Lying about That Night by the They Thought He Was among Other Things. MME We Watch Him to Big Bernie Sanders Member Braces Are Knocking to Stop Fracking I'm Not Going to Do This in and Basically He Did Worse. He Basically Stopped Offshore Drilling He's Made These Expanded the Places That You Can Drill over in Alaska. We Know with This Whole Federal Land and All the Permits Needed. You Might As Will Not Be Able to Draw It All and He Also Intimidated These These Financial Firms Not to Invest in a Place That Needs Investment in Order to Drill This This Is the High Watermark for Left-Wing Power in Washington DC. I Hear It's Not Because If You Keep Training These These These Kids through College That the America Sucks and That We Have To Go to More Equitable Policies and That Meritocracy Is Dead and Capitalism Is Mean Don't You Worry about That. There's Nothing I Hate More Than Pollyanna-ish. This Is by and I and II Worry That My Hopefulness Is in Getting in the Way of the Spot. When You Look at the Polling of an Immigration Is the Best Example When You Look at the Polling on Illegal Immigration. It It We Have Decades of Polling That Shows Democrat Voters Are Not for Open Borders and of Course Were Starting to See That in Texas, 34, and in Other Places That Democrat Voters Are Not Dealt with This Stuff and and so I See You're Right and What Is Habits like the Thing the Charles Krauthammer Used To Say, Which Was That When Conservatives Gave up Universities and in Colleges They Lost That Part of the Fight. And so We Do Have A Lot Of Young People, Who Were Nuts and Were Not Taught like Basic Civics but Regular Normal Working Voters in Both Parties Reject This Stuff and and That's Why I Say the Democrat Party Has Become the Party of Privilege Whites and That They and When Things like the Green New Deal That You Get Gas Prices by Shows up When That Stuff Doesn't Work These. It Turns These People off an Ache in It, and It's a Sort of Thing I Believe Could Turn Them off for a Generation. I Normally Make the Best Argument Here but but but III Disagree with You I Did. I Don't Think like I Don't Think the Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders Represent the Majority of Democrats They Don't Solution to Bernie Sam Harris Talk about Your Mansion and Joe Mansion Who Did America. Another Service by Saying That Inflation Is at 9%.

This Is Not Just on the Pusher, a Green Agenda. Listen to What He Said about Him. Cut to Automatically Know People like Mansion Several Summer Months or Less of the Great Who Are Intentionally Sabotaging the President's Agenda. What the American People Want What a Majority of Us in the Democratic Caucus Want Nothing New about This One Manner Mansion Sabotages Climate Change. This Is for Future. This Is an Existential Threat to Humanity.

Look, You Look at Polling and Every Body Wants to Do Likes the Planet. Everybody Wants to Have a Clean Water and Clean Air That Said That You and a Hard Stop but the Idea That Your Good Make All of These Policy Changes That Causes Six Dollars a Gallon Gasoline and Inflation and Weakness in the World That Allows Something like the Situation in Ukraine or Joe Biden Going to the Middle East, Begging for Oil. None of That Place and It Doesn't Play with Independence. It Doesn't Play with Robins, and I Don't and I Don't Think That It Plays with the Mainstream of the Democrat Party. Obviously Bernie Sanders Has Captured the Enthusiasm, Why Do You Think Democrats Didn't Want to Go with Bernie Sanders.

Why Were They so Scared of Their Scared Democratic Leadership of the People Were Voting for Miami Name.

Yes, Yes, but I Know He Has No African American Support and Was about to Get He Was Going to Trounce Himself. I Would Argue That African-Americans Reported That That Is the Key to My Argument Here Is That That That Those Most Democrat Voters Are Not Ideologues They Want Things That Work. They Want Politicians That Make Their Lives Allow Their Lives to Be Better or Make Them Better.

Well Do to You. I Believe You and I Want to Believe You Throw Your Fate. If the Young Can See There's More Junk in Situations Where You Have Blue States. This Slightly Purple. They Look at the Republican Give Him a Shot or Her Shot Well Well Look at the Situation with Some of These Recalls That the That the School Board Members in Sentencing for Various Courage and That Was and That Was Because Obviously the Your People Were Able to Create an Unit to Focus the Issue on the on Schools and What They Were Teaching in Schools but Voters in the Most Liberal City in America. But One of Those Little Cities in the World That Sent You This Is Nonsense.

I Don't Want This Garbage Talk to My Children.

I Know They 10 and I Think That That's Far More Reflective Then Then Whatever Comes. While It Does Not Mean the Best Thing Would Be for the Republican Party Is Not Only to Win Elections, but to Do It with African-Americans, Hispanic Votes Women to Be Able to Say No and People Marginalize You and Say It's a Party of White Men When It Isn't, but the Republicans Never Made a Concerted Effort to Go to the Inner Cities and Try to Dig out Some Support There. The Best Example to Me As Sen. Purdue When Sen. Purdue Was Asked about You or Jason Wyman to Maximize My Boat Just Left the Cities Alone and Warnock Sat There in the Inner-City and Said You Have No Choice Must Be Clear. Purdue Is Not Particular, Exactly, a Great Politician and NLN Republicans Are Not Particularly Good Politicians to Allow for Very Low Bar.


But, but, Honestly, I Think If You Look Again.

If You Look at These These Trends in Voting and and I Hate Looking at Polls Because You Can Get a Pole to Say Anything You Want, but with You Look at Longer-Term Trends and Present Front Has A Lot to Do with This. In Terms of Making Inroads into African-American Voters and Hispanic Voters by Talking about Normal Things They Care about Those Voters Want Stuff to Work Not Ideologues Only Come Back. Washington Post Productive. He's Got a Going.

I Can Only Stay One. This Is What You What You Get Amiss. Okay, When We Come Back without Charlie Heard the Top 10 Democrat Candidate for President, 20, 24 Ranked by the Washington Post with an Incumbent President Do This Right. It's Too Bad Everyone Will Be Back except Charlie Heard All of You Coming Back, Allison, Eric, to This Day. Charlie Heard His Leaving Correct Thousand TVs Calling TVs Calling Julie Would Kill Me Back a Moment Both Sides.

All of Us until the More You Listen More, You'll Know It's Brian Kill Me yet Also Letting Us Right Now.

Listen, This Will I Say That Not Say That You See What's Happening. All the Progress We've Made in the 21st of All the Rights That We Have Many Ways Are Taken for Granted That Have Been Afforded since the 60s of People Back in Real Time. That Is, Gavin Newsom Took a Ropey Way. I Guess I Would Is He Talking about Rights.

This Guy Put the Homeless Ahead of the Citizens Jacked up Taxes to Make It Unaffordable Place to Live, Allow Illegal Immigrants to Get Social Benefits Continues to Lock down the Kids. Kids in California Longer Than Anybody Else While Killing Indoor and Outdoor Dining for the Longest Time She Is Well Failed Governor and Think She's Going to Be President Because He's a Handsome Looking Guy and That Was like Selling Himself on a Regular Basis.

The Washington Post Put This out the Top 10 Democratic Candidate for President, 20, 24 Ranked Somewhat in Insult Number One Present by Nice but the Incoming President's Number One Transportation Sec. People to Judge This Guy Is Running a Division That Is Defined by Failure on Supply Chain Air Flight Air Travel Is a Will Try to Get on a Plane Lately.

This Guy Wants to Make Roads Equitable and More Honest That This Guy Is so Failed, Harris Parenti Co. There Semi-OB This Centering Vehicle Which Are Probably the Best at All of Them Said Elizabeth Warren Absolute, a Radical Bernie Sanders, a Joke He Never Accomplish Saving His Life.

He Says the Same Thing Every Single Interview and Is Not a Tailored Suit Gavin Newsom's Number Seven Number Eight and by the Way Bernie Sanders Going to Be 82 or Something.

By the Time the Next Election. Gov. He Said He Is Not Running Gov. Gretchen Witmer of Failed Gov. in Michigan Who Was Who Locked down Her Entire State Was Circumventing Her Own Rules.

Gov. Roy Cooper of North Carolina. I Do Not Know Much about Him. I Have To Say in Number 10 the AOC Will Be Old Enough to Run. Good Luck. You Go Nominate AOC.

CB Get One Midwest State to Vote for You and AOC Listen. She's Attractive, She's Very Comfortable on Camera Good on Social Media Are Policies Lined up More with Cuba Then with California Actually Would. California Is A Lot like Cuba. I Was a Cuba More Than You'll Ever Get in Montana, Ohio or Even Florida. Even As She Prefers Vacation There. So What. In Insult, It Is If You Come Back from a Four-Day Trip to the Middle East.

Not Only Is Your Own Party Manager for Fist Bumping with the with the Crown Prince, but Now Their Listing in Your Favorite Newspaper Top 10 People Top 10 Democrat Candidates for the Presidency Next Time around. Nevertheless, Time Someone Asked Him about It He Attacked Them on the White House Lawn Saying Hey Jack Read the Pole Jack They Would Prefer Me over They Would Prefer Me Number One and Majority Would Prefer Them, They Would Prefer Him over Donald Trump. Every Democrat Would Prefer Him over Donald Trump. I Think Most Democrats Would Do That. Currently the Fox Did Was Very Kind on a Pole He's Got 40% Approval Rating on a Pole Written by the Midterm. The Midterm Polls in Terms of Both Parties Referred to Vote for the Republicans Have a Three Point Advantage It Should Be Much Greater.

I Think Guns in Roe V Wade Are Starting to Tilt a Little Bit Back Towards Democrats We Keep in Mind This Is July It's Hard for Me to Think You to Keep That Going in.

January 8 Is Really Not Affect the Election on Brian. Kill Me. Thanks so Much for Listening and If You Ever Callous to Get the Podcast Trying to Why Fox Is New York City Fresh Office Set up Fox and Friends Saw America's Receptive Voice Brian Kill Me Being Hereby Use the Brain to Be Joking with You, from 46 in Midtown Manhattan Heard around the Country around the World, Especially in Ukraine and the Middle East.

The Ripple Effect of the Big Titan Trip. I Hope You Have a Fantastic Weekend. We Had Great Weather during the Weekend. It Rained Today. I Don't Mind Going to Work When It Is Raining out. Maybe It's Not Raining Here You around the Country Was Here Probably Never Rains in Florida or Doesn't Rain for Too Long into the Case Here, Jenna, Steve the Bottom of the Arch of the Launch of Her Brand-New Podcast Very, Very Much a Factor in Your Politics These Days. When the Nursing Home Scandal Took Root and Standbys Michael Goodwin, Your Post, Fox's Contributor Focused on a Possible Rematch between Trump and Biden, and How Likely That Could Be.

So Let's Get to the Big Three Stories You Need to Know Ryan's Three Number Three What We Have To Realize That I Was in Saudi Arabia Has Been a Partner for 80 Years, Joe Biden Comes along Though Is to Treat Them like a Pariah. I Ostracize Them Is Not Surprising That He Didn't Accomplish Much. On This Trip. Yeah It Is True Middle East Jaunt.

The Muddled Fist Bumping Mess How the Present Quest for Oil and Influence Fell Short on Every Turn. The Fox News Falls Are Pretty Telling. 56% Approved of Town Here. About 40% Approve Now 59% Disapprove Joe Biden's Job Performance.

Pushing out Way Too Old Joe Is His Personal Postponement Party Leaders and Friendly Media Are Looking to Give Joe the Heave Ho but There's Only Two Men That Matter. Obama and Trump. I'll Explain Why Your People at My Entrance and Set Them up to a Lesser Degree Who Are Intentionally Sabotaging the President's Agenda.

What the American People Want What a Majority of Us of the Democratic Caucus Want Scary That Sen. Bernie Sanders Says He Speaking for the Democratic Party. Scary That He Thinks That Insecurity Might Be Right Economic Anger and Blaming Mention Forward All Dems Are Really Because They Can Spare They Can Spin the Numbers, but Americans Feel the Pain. I Cannot Believe This Number, 63% of the American Public Was Paycheck to Paycheck. So When You to Have That Paycheck Goes up 5% Inflation Is at 9%.

But in Terms of Real Goods and Services It's over 11%. Suddenly the Paycheck Is Far I like It Used To. There's No Savings Here to Go for Address of Food to Go for a Vacation to Go for a Ride to Go Shop Go out to Restaurant and That's What Matters Most and Inflation Matters, Mostly American Public Not to January 6 Earrings and I Don't Believe Roe V Wade Michael Goodwin George Is Now the near Post Fox's Contributor Michael Welcome Back. I before I Get to the Rematch of the SQL by Neutron Can We Get to the Trip Why We Trying to Remake Saudi Relations Imposed and Complicated for 90 Years.

Why Would They Not Have an Advanced Team Avoid That Clash of Shaker Were or Fist Bump with the Crown Prince and Why Did They Not Know Ahead of Time and Brief People That They Would Not Be Any Deliverables When It Comes to Oil and Gas Is the Day after Their Meeting Michael Goodwin They Would Do so. These Salaries Make It Clear, We Haven't Really Nothing More to Push out We Hit Our Max Level in the White House Not to Have a Better Idea of How Turnout Is the Idea of Deliverables Is That the Chief Executive the President Can Show up with Other Heads of State and Something Will Have Been Promised That They Can Announce and That Makes It Look like the Trip Was Worthwhile. But When There Are No Deliverables, and You've Already Scheduled the Trip. Basically Your End up Begging and It Looks like You Got Nothing in Return and That Part of the Course. As for the Fifth, You Can Plan These Things until the Cows Come Home, but Don't You You Put Your God, Not There by Himself and Who Knows What Is Going to Do. I Mean I Think That's the Thing It Cannot Follow the Script Unless It's a Cheap Card in His Hand That Sugar and One Do Not Fit the Crown Prince Michael and the Archenemies, It Is 25 Cameras 22,005 and Cameras Watching around the Globe with Me Greeting You I Asked for the Meeting. You Might Be That We Might Be Enemies. But You Do Not As a Human Being Walked past Somebody, Especially a Crown Prince. So As Soon As He's on the This Silly Season for the Building You Screwed up That Whole Run up to This Meeting Was a Disaster.

This Is Again by Promising Something That He Could Not Deliver. So He Promises That He Will Make Saudi Facilities a Pariah Nation Know Why You Would Ever Say That in the First Place. I Just Sent These Are Complicated Relationships for 90 Years and Puts on the Idea That You Can Settle It Once and for All Because of the Khashoggi Situation Is Na�ve.

I Mean If 9/11 Didn't Settle the Saudi Relationship. I Don't Know What Would.

It Is Complicated and Furthermore If You're Joe Biden You Made It More Complicated with Your Decision.

Decisions on Domestic Energy Production and so Now You're in a Pickle with Energy Prices with Europe Looking like It's Going to Freeze in the Winter If It Doesn't Keep Using Russian Supplies, so We Created This Pickle for Yourself and You Go There You You Are Embarrassed Is Ineffective in Effect until Walked Back of the Pariah Causes the Whole Appearances and Then of Course You Muddy It Further with This Inconsistent Messaging and the Failure to Get Anything on the Key You Know He Angered the Saudi's and the Larger Picture.

Brian Is That Many, Many of Our Allies No Longer Trust the United States and It's Not Because of Donald Trump Because of Joe Biden. It's Because of the Rise of the Left and the Ascendancy of the Anti-Coalition Members of Congress Who Look at the Saudi's Who Looked at throughout the Mideast and Say Good for Us, Even Israel. They Look at Israel No Good for Us That They Don't Want to Have These Relationships around the World and so Now Joe Biden Trying to Please the Left As He Always Has Been Doing for the Last Year and 1/2 Creates Another Problem for Himself and Worse As You Say, for the American Consumer Things I Want to Bring to You Column Is Probably the Most Intriguing Thing to Know Everyone Talks about His Trumpet around Again, and Joe Biden Wants to Run Again. But Will the Party Led Him You Believe Do You Think the Sequels Can Happen.

I Think They Are Much Higher Than I Thought They Would Be. I like Every Time I Thought about It I Know Something Will Come along, Something Will Happen.

Much As Donald Trump Happened in 2016. Something Will Happen to Both Parties and We Will Have Fresh Blood in 24 but the More I Talk to People, the More You Look at the Polling the More You Look at It Three of the Nominating Process.

Joe Biden Wants to Run.

There's No Way to Stop Me and I Don't Think Anybody Else in the Party Is Going to See a Sitting President and and Rawlins Mentioned the Jimmy Carter Ted Kennedy Race As an Example, Thought Kennedy Would Wipe the Floor with Carter Right but It Didn't Happen and I Think the Presidency Is a Top Position to Overcome If You're Challenging Someone in Your Own Part, Because I Think A Lot Of Your People in Your Own Party, Put Party Loyalty First and They Will Say Look, If We Dump Our Sitting President Were Really in No Man's Land.

At Least We Stick with the Devil We Know.

I Think That One of the Things That Would Be in Joe Biden's Favorite past His Prime. You Might like His Policies but Everyone Knew Jimmy Carter Was Bright and He Was a Nuclear Scientist, I Think, to Serve in the Military so Joe Biden If You Just Watch Them Getting off That Shopper Marine One Walking to the White House. The Guys Seems like He Shot It Almost Would Seem His Family Would Step in, but I Know What You're Saying There's One Person I Believe That Could Change That Barack Obama a Call from Barack Obama to Joe Saying Joe Can't Do This, You See You. I'm Your Friend, You Got It Back out the Other One That Could Change That Would Be Donald Trump.

Biden Would Turn around If He Had As Any Brain Cells Left and Would Say I'm the Only One Who Can Be Donald Trump.

I Be the Last Time. Remember That When You Put in Your Brother Handpick*Hillary Clinton.

She Lost One More Joe Biden Would Say to Look Honey We Love You. This Is Killing You Know and I Can Live Forever. Let's Enjoy Our Lives Instead of the Stress. Just Eat You Alive If You Continue in This Job, so I Think That One Possibility Because She Can Also See the Decline I Mean the Brand-New Look at Video Joe Biden Five Years Ago, Eight Years Ago. I Mean the Decline and Strike.

This Is Not This Is a Man Who's on the Express Track at This Point and I Agree It Seems Unlikely from All of That but I Think We Really Do Have To Respect That History of the Changing of Horses in Midstream. It Doesn't Happen Very Often. I Want to Get to Trump to the Washington Post on the Heels of Your Calm Rights to Top Democrats in the Nice of Them to List Your by Number One Really Sitting Pres. That's Great.

Then People Do Judge a Joke, Harris the Bigger Joke Culture Might Be the Most Competent Elizabeth Warren of Flat out Radical Bernie Sanders Please He'll Be 82 and He's Never Run Anything in His Life since the Same Thing Every Day. Gavin Newsom the Most Ineffective Governor in the Country Who Thinks Himself As a Present. Gretchen Witmer Might Be. I Think I Don't Know Why They See As an Up-And-Coming Star. I Don't Know Much about Roy Cooper and AOC. We All Know about Them. Out Of All Those I Mentioned Who Would You Think, Is That the Best Chance to to Unite Their Party Okay above I See Joe Mansion on a List Mansion Would Not Pass Muscular with the Left. The Left Will Not Muster with the More Moderate When I Mean the Parties Amass in Part Because the Far Left Wing Is Relatively Small, but It Is Controlled Everything a Minute. You and I Talked about This Numerous Times Is One of the Great Mysteries to Me.

Why Not Just Joe Biden but Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Have Essentially Turned over to the Bernie Sanders Party. All of the Power I Mean the Legislation That They Put Forth Everything from Packing the Court to Ending the Filibuster. All Far Left Ideas Why Did Joe Biden Break.

Why Did Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi Embrace These Things to Meet Their the Ones Who I Think Gave Them Too Much Power. Leslie Thompson See Not Only It's Just a Matter of When Not in Use, and He's Going to Run Again and See What Is the Class in September.

No Doubt about It. It Hurts the Republicans Because He Got to Win A Lot Of Battleground States and the B of a Run against Donald Trump Who Has Even His Biggest Fans Knows Polarizing. Do You Think He's the Best Choice for Republicans Right Now and If You Do Prove My Assessment about It.

He Declares in September, Will You Look at the Polls. Right Now, Strongest Choice. There's Never Been a Poll That I'm Aware of Where Is Even Tied for First Man Is Clearly the Dominant Figure in the Parties Still Don't Ring the New York Times Poll Which You Would Think Would Be the One That Would Try to Hurt Him.

The Murder Most Everything the Times That Is Loaded 49% DeSantis Etc. Second, That 25%, so It and Look Nobody Else out There on the on the Campaign Trail Is Looking for an Endorsement from Ron DeSantis or Mike Pompeo or Mike Penn so Much and I Respect That They Are Do Not Carry Sway in the Party and until That Changes Again and Rawlins Point.

Until That Changes the Nomination Is Trump's If You Want to Sing If I Told You to Be a Party Nominee That Would Be Impeached Twice and Then They Would Have Hearings about His Sanity in His Last Weeks of Office Would Be Leading the Person for the Next Term. It's a Bronze Crazy. I Mean, We're a Nation That Destroyed Sen. Allan's Nomination Because He Said Sakata and Now You Have You Have You Have Three Amazing Public Trials in the Town. Trump Is Still the Most Popular Are Not a Factor You Astounded You Seen Anything like This Crap Push on Him Stronger. The Embraces from His Supporters and If Not, I Don't Know Who Could Unite Party More Than Me despite His Liabilities despite the What That Is Is Is Hold His Flipping 49% Is Not a Great Number but It's Still the Biggest Number and This Is the Raw Process You One Stated the Time You Go through These Primary Caucuses. Remember Back in 16 He Didn't Even Blow People Away in the Beginning He Was Winning, You Know, 30% to 25%, but That What Nominating Process Is in Place for Both Parties. In That Same Way That If You Can Just Keep Winning or Finishing Second or Third Picking up Delegates in Every State As You Go in the Field Shrinks Because People Can Afford to Continue That How You Win the Nomination and He Is Right Now in the Best Position to Do That, despite All the Things You and I Agree on in Terms of His Liabilities and Then the Way He Conducted Himself in Some of These Issues, You Cannot. You Cannot Ignore Him, Again, Not a Surprise. Mike Goodwin Thanks so Much. My Pleasure Yeah I Love the Title to Grumpy Old Men to 2024 SQL Biden Trump We Come Back Your Calls, 1-866-408-7669 Learning Something New Every Day, Brian Kill Me Show If You're Interested in It.

Bryan's Talking about It You Are with Brian. Kill Me, but Here It Got Probably Say No like Brian Gill Meets Breath the Mighty Name Is Not Your on His Side, Yeah, I Don't Know What They're Talking about That That Is God, so That Something You Cutie Dug up after We Got One of Our We Are on Facebook Lives Him and Said, Commented on the Crude Comment That Got Felt Was Me.

I Went and Found That the Audience Assertive with You That I Think They Were When You Turn against the Host of the Show with His Name It! Over and He That Says A Lot Time Was NWR NN Hey Tom Hey Are You Going Good with Anyone You Talk about the Trauma and Given the Mike Goodwin Getting the Nomination. I Know from My Perspective I Think I'm 60 Years Old and I Have a Certain Way That I Choose a Candidate. I Don't Care about like to Panel Care to Much about His Personal Life Care. The Might Send Me an Tweet. He Answers His Own Opinion.

What I Do Care about Is Skill Set. I Care about the Skill Set of the of the Candidate and I like to Swallow the Pill of All the Ridiculous Things That He May or May Not Said on the Morning That like and Then I Don't Care about That. He Sees Your Guy Coming Other People Feel like Radio That Makes You Say This Is the Brian Kill Me Show Course.

What's Important Is Looking Forward and the Administration and All of Us Are Focused on Where Else Can We Use Costs for Families Even As We Try to Bring down the Deficit and and Help to Reduce Inflation of the Fiscal Policy Side of the United States Is in a Better Position Than Any Other Country in the World Right Now. If We Make These Right Policy Choices. It Will Matter Will Make a Difference Bring Prices down More Quickly and Give Us a Better Chance to Drive That Transition. The Transition Effectively. There Still Targets Brian Deese with His Chief Economic Advisors There Still Try to Draw This Climate Agenda. 80% of the Will of the Country, the World Is Driven by Fossil Fuels. They Tried in Europe They of Windmills and Solar Panels Know What They Want. They Want the Solar Panels on the Countryside. They Don't like the Look Europe Exposing Ahead of Us and Got Us into This Para Climate Change Crap and Now without Drilling Were Not Using Were Not Fracking like We Should We Not Refining like Were Capable, and Now We Still Try Pushing Towards Green Energy. Even Though Everybody Is Suffering and the Average American Is Feeling the Pinch. Janice Dean Is an above Average American Would Notice like like Me to Be a Paycheck to Paycheck and That Type of Budget When the Gas Goes up and Rents Go up in Matters and This Did They Seem to Be Oblivious to Keep Talking about Green Energy. I'm Not Sure I Just I Don't Know If They Have a Message Right Now. I Think They're Trying to Get Away from the Things That Americans Really Care about and Trying to Sort of like Here's the Shiny Object over Here Climate Change. Well, I Know, I Think That That's Really What They're Driven by a Site There Only Focus. I Just It's Important. Listen, I Know I Cover Whether I Think It's Important That We Have To Know Protects the Environment for Our Kids Future. Do I Think It's You Know It's the Most Pressing Thing Right Now Fox News Alert Know There Are Other Things That Americans Are Really Worried about and That Is Putting Putting Food on the Table and Driving Their Cars. Janice Is Here for One Reason She Likes Me She Likes Allison and Connor Likes Eric but Also You Have an Announcement Today Is the Day the Day for the Day for Janice Dean Podcasts at 1 O'clock Entice Me to Believe That Right Almost 20 Years Now Right and I Believe All of This Happened Because of You. Why Because I've Been Doing the Dean's List Now for Several Years That Good News Story. It's a Minute Long It It's on Fox News Radio. A Lot Of Our Affiliates Also Downloaded and Put 115 in Series. I Love Yes and so There Good News Stories and We and You Are the One That Said Dean's List Needs to Be a Podcast and so All Of A Sudden I Get a Phone Call from the Boss Is Saying Were to Give You a Podcast and I Was like That's Because the Brain Shall Meet Right and Did You Actually Say That or You Think It I Was Thinking I Announced It on the Same Morning Arriving There on Social Media. You Are the Reason Why I'm Here Today Well It's True Right You Mean Here in the Studio. I'm Not on the Planet. I Mean You Help Me with My Career That No Doubt about That. Yes Yes Oh Casting about the Sincere Visiting. It's Good Idea to Be Great and You Are Very Good Interviewer and This Is His Skills.

You Have Not Used As Much Because You're Always Telling Us about the Weather Right to View Right and I Started My Career Started in Radio and Back Then I Did Interviews and and on Fox and Friends, I Get to Go out and Do Fun Stuff like the Kentucky Derby and the Westminster Dog Show. So I've Hone Those Skills There and Why Not. It's Just It's a Perfect Match to Go from Fox and Friends and All of the Great Things I've Done There and Do a Podcast and I Thought, Who Was the Person the Most Enthusiastic about the Dean's List and That Was You and the Other Reason Why Is She on Fox and Friends Love the Little Tiny Moments That You Give Us the Little Nuggets Life outside of Fox. You Don't Do That Enough so I Thought Maybe I Need to Try to Pull Backside out. I Did a Pretty Good Job Tenure Podcast Today Will Have To Be Their Own Judge. That's True and You Can Rate It so I Highly Recommend Five Stars Right Here Is a Clip of What You Can Expect When Janice Dean Interviews Me but More Importantly As She Starts Her Podcast Season. I Can Even Buy a Hose Right over the Weekend.

I Will Either Buy a Hose for My Back with His Legs and Rush to Buy New Hose Now Because It's Right with the Spout in the Hose Meet Okay to Male-Female Thing Is I Don't Know That yet, so I Want to Get a Pocket Hose Is Made Better. I Do Not Know the Work of the Pocket Hose. Once a Pocket Hose Pocket Hose Is a Small One, Not Made Out Of Traditional Rubber. Okay, It's Small and Cloth, so Don't Work Well, That's the Problem. Sponsor on the Brian Kill Me Show so Hopefully Soon, except the One I Bought Right and Work so What Happened, They Just Streamed out to Me As Much Was Going to the Hoses Going up the Side Site so I'm Sitting Myself. I Want to Go by a Hose Didn't Work. It's Really Unbelievable Right As You Pick of the Pocket Hose Could Buy Because Obviously I Want You to Be a Sponsor or Drive. It's It's True.

It Was a Leak in the Box.

It Started off Our Conversation, Just Write It. It Eased You into It I Can Trust Her to Tell Her about My Problems with Garden Issues and We Started with the Pocket Hose We Never Resolve the Issue but Did You Resolve the Issue.

My Wife Did That God See Dead. So What Happened Is We Both One Hose Shopping Together to It's Very Romantic and Because She Never Would've Believed You Want a Spiral Hose Okay One That Grew like an Accordion That Rolls up Itself Know That with This Many Hoses Shoes It's Only the so I Go We Go to Ace Note No Go. Then We Had a Home Depot No Go.

Now, If I'd Come Home Going to Both Places.

Know What You Would Say You Looking to Replace. They Have Used in Fine. Was There an Internet Conversation about This like Going on. You Have To Actually See the Hose When You Go in Their Life, Touchy-Feely Person and I Go in There and No Spiral Hose I Get the Pocket Hose As Advertised on TV and in Touch.

I Just Screwed It on and All Of A Sudden Couple Days Later I Turn It on Everywhere Right Which We Covered.

So I Take It off and We and My Wife Comes Walking with a Spiral That You Put on Yourself and What and How Was the Spiral Hose and the Pocket Hose Just Laying There Dead on My Poor I Just Say That I Never Returned It yet. I Am Gonna Okay Because I Should Be Able to but I Took It on. I Will. I Bought It throughout the Container Thinking at Work That Is Your First Wrong Move. Don't Ever Do That. Don't Ever Throw out the Packaging Because There Is to Be a Time like Now When You Have To Return It Did Not Take That Pocket Hose That I Was Sure That They Do Have Intuitive Adventure. Home Depot Takes Back What I Have To Now Because Is Now on the Radio Know They Don't Listen to Busy Their Name and Marker on Their Apron so You Can't Just Home Depot. No, No, I Love Home Depot I Love Plus CO Home Depot Rut Bob Nardelli Comes on Overtime. Ken Langone Comes out and You Are Definitely Going to Get a Return on the Pot to Drop Their Name Know I'm Going to Dress like a Civilian Makeup.

I'm Not Going to Have an Earpiece Right off of This Deal Right Right You That You Go Interest As Brian Kime Says You Know I've Shut out from My Hoses Busted up RIGHT so the Story Is with Your Podcast. The Moral of This Area so Much Better Than the Hose on Is Awesome Right so You Know What Don Would Come on My Podcast Nope Why Not She Does Not Know Your Inviting.

You Do Not Have My Phone Number and Snow Iced on the Dean's List. I Took Time to Meet.

I Did Have Something to Talk to You Have Gotten Very You Got It, You've Gotten Blitzed and You've Got the Speed School of New York Politics Yes so Today There Was a Story That I Pulled for You. The GOP Is Very Angry at Nick's like Nick Langworthy Because He's Continuing to Run As a Congressman at the Same Time Ahead of the New York GOP.

That's How Was Leesville Then Others Go to Be Joe Trying to Buck the Odds Were Democrats Outnumber Republicans to the One Discussed to Run for a Seat in the Party, Well I Hear Your Voice on This. You're Not Happy with This Idea to Me. I Want to See Lee Selden Went.

I Think He Needs Help.

I Mean Listen This If There's Ever a Time for Republican to Be a Governor in New York.

This Might Be yet Yes so He Does Need Some Assistance so I Would Say That Nick Probably Should Drop All of the Side Jobs Again and Helpfully. That's Just My Opinion. You Need to Have Me Come on, Listen, I Give It up to See If You Want to Run Congress Fine. Get the Next Person up.

Can We Get Nick on the Phone and Try to Persuade Him to Know. Drop the Side Gate I'm Busy I Everything We Want Me Calling and the Brakes and I Got It I Had to Do That, so Lee Selden Somebody Will Merge with the Nomination, Will the Rest of the Field Coalesce around in the Rob Pastorino's the Giuliani Facts Are Happening. Do You Believe It Is I Do I Do I Know That Harry Wilson There Was a Great Blood There, but He Did Issue a Tweet Congratulating Him so I Think You Have To Write This Is the Guy so They Have To Put All of Their Eggs in That Basket on the Good the Bad and Ugly and If There's Ever a Chance for Republican. I Think It's Now I Think Kathy Hogle Has Just She's Andrew Cuomo 2.0 and Usually Feel That Way I Wanted to like Her. I Was Going to Give Her a Chance. When She Sat with Grieving Families and Told Us That She Was Sorry She Was Going to Be Transparent. She Was Going to Help Get to the Bottom of the Nursing Homes. I Believe Try Want to Believe Her.

And Honestly Brian If She Had Done Half of the Things That She Said She Was Going to Do. I Might've Voted for Her. Really Right Because to Me It's Not about Party. I Mean I've Voted for Both Sides in My Lifetime. Living in the United States. I Want to See Somebody Look Me in the Eye and and Say What They're Gonna Do and Do Brian, Kim and I Are Very Good Friends.

He's a Democrat Right I Would Vote for Him Just Because I Think He Believes in. The Reason Why He's a Lawmaker and in Government Tries to Help People Right. You Can't Spend Everybody's Money.

You Can't Force out Horrible Rich People and You Need to Crackdown on Crime. There Has To Be Accountability. We Went What Was Going on with the Criminal Said That the Criminal Justice System Is Seeing People Killing You.

Don't Go Committing These Crimes over and over Again. Who Is That Helping You Not Run on, and This Is What People Care about. These Are the Things That People Care about. They Want to Be Safe. They Want to Take Care Of Their Family.

They Want to Put Food on the Table and so Far, You Know All These Other Issues Are Should Be Background.

I Do You Fear That Gov. Cuomo's Going to Try to Come Back at Some Point. All My Gosh I Don't Think so. Right Now I Know He's Been Very Quiet Lately Which Scares Me a Little Bit Because He's the Type of Guy That Wants to Be in the Spotlight Regardless and for A While There Were Rumors That He Was Gonna Come Back and Try to Run As an Independent Which Actually Would Help Lee Selden, the Most Right Because He Would Have Completely Divided His Party by Listen the Kinds of Tremendous Narcissist. So He's Going to Try to Come Back in Some Form or Another, so That They'll Be Bad News for New York If He's Got to Be Trying to Do Something for Your Back. Listen There A Lot Of Investigation Still Underway. I Have To Believe That Something Is Going to Stick and Something Skynet Happen with Him. You Miss Chris, on the He Supposed to Come Back Right Yeah I Think It Might Happen and You Know Where I Might Want to Tell Us There Is Rumors That News Nation Is Going Hire Him Really Else Will You Be with You Further to Know She Hasn't Okay That's a Rumor. I Didn't See It Sort of on the Inter-Web so That I Am Telling You Now and You Now Listen, I Have a Problem with Andrew Cuomo. I Had a Problem with Chris Cuomo Helping Andrew Cuomo but I Also See the Other Side of It of a Brother Trying to Help His Brother Did He Say Stuff about You. He Called Me a Weather Can I Say That on This Call Me a Leather Bench Apparently Right and I'm Still Trying to Find Those Texts I Foiled for Them Actually. So Hopefully I'll Know in the Next Few Weeks and I'll Have Proof That That Happened Very Interesting Yeah You Became Very Little Bit during This Conversation to Be a Little Bit Fall but No but You Should True but I Mean on Your Podcast If You You You Really Got to Know New York State so I Need That Does Become an Area of Your Expertise. You Should Really Jump on You Think so Much. I Do I Don't Really Know Much with You Working to New York State I Know Who's in Power Democrats Almost Every Way Shape Return Will That's What Happens When You Become an Advocate When You Become Someone Who Wants to Change Something That Has Happened to Your Family.

You Will Learn Real Quick Who the Players Are and Who You Need to Talk to You and You Also Learn Who the People Are Going to Help You Want and You Don't Really Care about Democrat or Republican to Get Really Big and It's Not about Politics When It Comes to the Deaths of 15,000 Seniors. It's about Right or Wrong Right so Are You Going to Write This Oregon Continue to Ignore It and Right Now Kathy Hogle Continues to Ignore and the Other Thing to Keep in Mind Because Gov. Murphy Is Not Exonerated from This Witmer to Now and so If We Continue to Beat the Drums Which We Are Going to Continue to Do. I Believe Her and Have a Rally in the Next Couple of Weeks, Which I'll Tell You about When That Happens, but If We Open the Floodgates of an Invented Investigation to What Happened in Nursing Homes in New York That in Turn Will Also Hopefully Spur New Stories and Maybe Lawsuits in New Jersey and Michigan and Pennsylvania Right.

Lastly, I Took My Tile for Radio. Is It a Good Move.

I Noticed That There Was More Casual.

U Is the First Time That You've Done You Feel a Little Weird.

I Feel Good Weather for You Not Jumping to Say I Look Better without.

It Is Not Good Is Not Happy That I Wait for People to Hear. You Want to Talk. It's 1 O'clock Eastern.

It's Not Just about the Pocket Hose but I Didn't Refer Think I Highly Recommend Everyone with No One Thought Today I Thank You Jettisoning Any Time in Your Podcast Yes You Can Get It. I Mean Apple and in Their Spot of Five Right.

Also, Fox News Back in with the Pocket Hose Pocket Hose Is a Small One, Not Made Out Of Traditional Rubber so Will Work Well Well That's the Problem, Educating, Entertaining and Enlightening. You're with Brian Kill Me Breaking News Unique Opinions. All Brian Kill Me and Show Your Body. I Clear As This Was Why There Was Andrew Scholz That Thing That's Where Was He Doing That so Remember Andrew Schultz Is the Guy Who Bought His Show Back from a Streaming Service Because He Didn't Want Censored. That's One of the Joke That Just Might Live over the Weekend out There like He Joke That When I Think of but His Jokes Are. You Can't Tell Where He Stands Because He Said If Anything It's Going One Way and Where Was It on Netflix but He Never Says the Streaming Service Anybody Back from Buddies Any Understanding That Didn't Take but Suppose Card Standing Next to Dave Chapelle Set out to Quit If You Don't like It, yet He Never Said Netflix.

He Said He Really Liked the Executor That He Worked with a Woman I Give Him Extra Slack, but I Is Now Selling on His Own Platform Attempt and How It Doing. I Know I'm Alive Probably Pretty Well. Andrew Schultz, I Believe You Can Just Download It Directly. There like the New Model for Comedians Right Why Sell to a Streaming Service That Made Sense. Are You Right in This Way You Could Get Clicks You Get Paid on Every Click Right Probably Get Paid More like Brian. Tell] I Just Need You to Go Right to Me That Come to Bluetooth to See Me Live in Newark New Jersey Really You Could Be There. Anyway, I Told You about All the Timid Bright Come 11 States about History and Fox Yes Fox News Radio Studios in New York City. You Opinions and Facts with a Positive Approach Brian Kill Me My Body. Brian Kill Me Here, One to the Latest Minutes of the Brain to Me.

Joey Comes from Midtown Manhattan around the Country around the World like Jamie Metz Is Going to Join Us.

Memories Remember the WA WHO Advisory Committee, Senior Fell with Atlantic Council If Luminescent Security Council Official with the Clinton Administration. We've Been in Touch Constantly Ever since His Whole Pandemic It Because He Knew It Was a Lab League. He Knew We Are Being Lied to and He Has More Information on This.

Also, the Master of Lockdowns by China Has Forced That Behemoth of an Economy to Grow It .4% in Their Zero Covert Strategy. As Much As I Love to Watch the China Suffer. I Don't like the Way the Supply Chain Suffers in Response and Were Seated Seem to Be Taking Our Time Getting Our Economy and Our Manufacturing Out Of Their Will Talk about That to Look into the Victory. Now the Stories You Need to Know Brian's Three Number Three What We Have To Realize That Saudi Arabia Has Been a Partner for Eight Years. Joe Biden Comes along Though Is Treat Them like a Pariah. I Ostracize Them Is Not Surprising That He Didn't Accomplish Much.

On This Trip Really Okay That Was That Was Tom Cotton Middle East Middle East Jaunt. A Model This Pumping Mess at the Present Quest for Oil When Influence Fell Short. Fox News Falls Are Pretty Telling. 56% Approved of Town Here. About 40% Approve Now 59% Disapprove of Joe Biden's Job Performance.

Pushing out Old Joe Weight to All, Joe Is His Personal Postponement Party Leaders and Friendly Media Are Looking at to Give Joe the Heave over. There's Only Two Men That Matter. Obama and Trump. I'll Explain Your People like Manson Said, Not so Much or Less of the Great Who Are Intentionally Sabotaging the President's Agenda. What the American People Want a Majority of Us in the Democratic Caucus Want Really Bernie Sanders Socialist Economic Anger and Blaming Mention for It All.

Dems Are Really Because They Can Spin the Numbers, but Americans Feel the Pain Always Bring Encouragement Mike Gallagher Transportation Infrastructure and Armed Services Committee, Congressman, Can You Tell Me Right off. What Do You Think the President Accomplished during His Four-Day Trip to the Middle East. Not Much the Look of the Trip Is a Massive Opportunity.

Imagine It When He Got to Saudi Arabia. Biden Announced That His Administration Stalks with Iran over Get a Clear Program Are over and They Can Claim They Did Everything Possible to Try and Get a Ron Back into the Deal Almost an Embarrassing Seek Weakness in Terms of a Desperation for a Deal and Iranians Would Even Take That Deal. So He Should've Said the Deal Is Dead. And Then That Would Unlock a Whole Series of Possibilities for His Administration. He Would've Started to Regain the Trust of the Saudi As Well As the As Well As the Israelis and Eventually That Would Allow Him and His Administration to Build upon the Abraham Court Potentially Beginning the Process of Adding Saudi Arabia Making in the Country to Sign up, Then Things Will Get Very Excited Exciting You Can Really Build up the Framework, but As Long As They Remain Committed to This Disastrous Iran Field Are Simply Not Going to Have the Trust for the Shared Interest Necessary with the Sunni Arab Gulf States Led by Saudi Arabia As Well As the Israelis Who Want to Cooperate and Don't Want to Make Middle East Peace to the Palestinian Issue Center of Our Relationship with Them so Bottom Line Huge Missed Opportunity by the Administration and Are They Just Don't Seem to Be Able to Learn from Foreign Policy Failure and That They Can't Change Course Which Is Amazing Concert Because They Should Know They Understand the Reality the Region and Try to Get a Victory Because He's Desperate Because Were Tapping Economically at Home and the Mediastinum Write a Positive Story, but Instead He Vilifies the Prince He Asked for the Meeting. The Prince Comes out Is Greeting Right His Face. We Had No Choice but to Shake His Hand Pump His Fists and He Didn't and That's What Everybody's Talking about and One Way Agree with Present Biden When He Walks off the Choppers As an Answer Some Your Questions. I Said You Regret the Fist Pump Is like When You Talk about Something about Is Your Right. Punishment Gallagher Which You Just Mentioned Is Right. It's All about the Deal He Caught without Telling Us the Details and the Israelis Made It Clear to Him That You, the Only Way to Curtail Iran's Program Is to Show Them As a Legitimate Military Threat and He Says I Still Believe Diplomacy Is the Best Way They Said No and the Interim Leader of Israel Is Not Known As a Hawk. If Anything, He Leans Towards the Other Way and He Sound like a Hawk Text Abide Finger on What Problem They Tend to Think of Diplomacy As an Alternative to Military Force and a Preferable Alternative Military Force, Failing to See That the Two Are Fundamentally Intertwined.

Diplomacy Does Not Work without a Credible Threat of Military Action If You Don't Have That Backing up Your Diplomacy and Your Diplomacy Will Fail. As We Discovered Painfully in Ukraine. We Relied Entirely on Diplomacy and Signal Our Unwillingness to Use Military Force Point the Second Point regarding the Fist Bump Their Fault That the Fist Pump Was Front and Center for Months and Months They Handed over Whether They Would Actually Meet without a Leadership at Every Pres. That FDR Had Done That Day Works Best with the Careful Choreography of the Room Rather Than the Stuff That It Was an Embarrassing Display of Indecision.They Should Not Be Surprised When I Get Asked about the Course the Excuse That They Have for Not Shaking Hands Was A Lot I Think They Said That His Doctor Told Him Not to Shake and and Then He Immediately Shook Hands When He Landed on the Ground and Miserably, They Might Think That Were Actually Stupid to Believe That so It Their Fault That the Meeting Was Asking about the Fist Bump Because They Obsessed over Choreography of the Whole Thing Ridiculous and on. T7 Shaking Hands with before, When All Of A Sudden the Pandemic Come Back on.

The Doctor Finally Saw It up to Wipe out the Day before and Her Height so so Are We in a Recession.

Do Not Use Jared Bernstein, White House Economic Advisor For It Is Very Hard to Conclude That We Are in Recession. When You Look at the Payroll and the Job Gains That We See Now. It Is Tricky to Look around the Corner Here and I'm Not Going to Predict Quarters down the Road but Would You with Youth. I Know Nobody Wants Recession. But If You Look at with the Presidency with the Presence Ratings on His Job Performance of 31% Approve of Him on the Economy and He's Told Us That Brett the Inflation Be Transitory. Never Suggest Price Going to Get This High Does He Have Any Credibility Here.

Does Anybody There and How Much Working Class Are Suffering, but the Ministration Is Out Of Touch with Their Picture and They Live in Twitter Not on the Real World, and off They Come up with Creative You Know Excuses for the Economic Pain That They're Causing. And Even If You Don't Think Were in Recession We Are Certainly in the Midst of an Energy Crisis of Their Own Making. I Mean I Get to Connect This to His Middle East Trip yet It's the President Who, on His First Day in Office. I Canceled the Keystone Pipeline Launched This War Energy Production Started Installing Radicals and Regulatory like Burke and Then They Tried to Say That All the Only Reason Got the Invasion of Ukraine Ignoring the Consistent Ride in Gas Prices Because of Their Policies. Americans Are Suffering Because of the Biden Energy Crisis Because of Bad Policy and Inflation Is Being Caused in Part by the Reckless Fiscal Policy of the Ministration.

The Fact That They Immediately Spent $2 Trillion and Another Trillion on Quote Unquote Infrastructure Which Is Really Green Yu-Gi-Oh Project Folders Infrastructure Then They Brag about Being the Most Progressive Ministration.

Thanks FDR and the New Deal and Now They're Surprised That Inflation Is Out Of Control and Been Transitory. These Crises Are Being Caused by That Policy, and Thus They Could Be Alleviated in Part. If the Biden Ministration Was Willing to Learn from Their Mistakes and Change Course.

But Thus Far. They Are Not There Being Held Hostage by the Radical Climate Change Called in Particular at High Priest John Kerry and until They Change Course Away from That Radical Wing of the Democratic Party.

I Fear Will Feel More Economic Pain. Going to Full-Blown Recession Go to Gavin Newsom Was Talking to Local Socks in Los Angeles and Clearly He's Getting on the Presidential Footing and with a Terrible Track Record in California Mice My Feelings.

Here's What He Said about You Guys.

You Republicans Cut Nine Yes Also Recognize That What You're up against. And Right Now Were up against the Ruthlessness of Republican Party and I Say That Not Na�vely Say That Even White Lexus Not a Cheap Shot. You See What's Happening to All the Progress We've Made in the 21st Century. All of the Rights That We in Many Ways Are Taken for Granted That Have Been Afforded since the 60s Are All Back in Real Time. So Do You Feel Are You a Ruthless Republican Cursing Gallagher Hug. What Rights You Will Not Export the Quality of California and Force Them on the Rest of the Country Terrible Governor Cannot Be That Great of a Human Being Either a Clearly Have Never Read the Constitution Because If He Did He Would Recognize How Much Power. Article 1. The First Branch, and Article to the Executive That Have Last Time I Checked the Democrats Were in Charge of Both the Unified Control the Legislative Branch. The Document Obviously so They Have a Problem with Report, They Could Certainly Pass. Laws They Pass a Constitutional Amendment Course They Can't and They Won't. So Instead They Want to Complain They Want to Blame Republican All They Care about Is Winning the Narrative Not Actually Winning the Substantive Policy and Helping American by the Way It Should, It Should Worry Democrat That They're Losing Working-Class Hispanic Voters in Particular Because There Progressive Will Policies Are so Out Of Touch with the Concerns of the Working Class. There's a Massive Shift Underway. I Think Were to See How It Played out Politically in November and We in the House Where I Went a Block of Seats Because Americans Are Fed up with the Progressives Right Now. Couple of Things Going on Right Now You People to Roe V Wade in the Gun Issue Is Two Issues It Could Go to Help the Democrats Try to Seem Retain Some Power in Washington. Number Two.

They Say the One Thing That Might Hurt You Guys Is If down, Trump Declares Early, Even If Downtown's Most Popular Republican Is a Polarizing Republican That Might Convince Moderates That They Can Vote Republican. Do You Worry about the President, Former President, Declaring Early on Abortion Again. I Think Perhaps It Could Affect Certain Golf Course.

That's Were at an End State Legislative Right.

That's Where the Issue Is Now Going to Be Adjudicated and Argued over, and I Think It Appropriate That That Competitive Federalism Is Healthy for Our Country and the President Trump I Hope You Wait till after the Midterm to Make a Decision to Have a Competitive Presidential Primary and I Something Healthy to Have 2024 Conversation Injected into a 2022 Conversation Because That Conversation Should Be All about How Democrat Having One Unified Government in 2020, Have Completely Driven Our Economy off the Cliff and into Recession and How the Ministration on Pres. Biden Has Failed the Commander-In-Chief Test Starting with Afghanistan Continue with the Failure of Deterrence in Ukraine Extending across the Board to Attempt to Date, with the Ronald Bailey That's the Issue That This That This Midterm Election Should Be about, and Then We Can Have a Big Old Interparty Argument about Who Should Be Standardbearer 2024. Plenty of Time for That. After the Selection Is Done so Two Things I Think Matter, Especially the People in Wisconsin. You Represent Fox News Exist Has Inflation Because You Financial Hardship over the Last Six Months, 75% Said Yes Another One Your Families Had to Cut Back to Afford Necessities A Lot 70%. Not Much 30% so A Lot on A Lot/Some I Should Say 70% so That You Can Say Is One of These Existential Issues like Should the University Of Pennsylvania Letter Transsexual, Swimming a Race. This Is Stuff That Affects Everyday Americans. Your Thought on That Look at Everything up Right Quick Trip with What Work Now That's a Crazy Increase of Where Work Look at the Concerns of Young Parent by Life and Are Checking Our Second Child in August. Baby Formula That We've Been Dealing with the Collapse Is Not over Inflation on a Gallon of Milk Is through the Roof. My Wife Just Told Me to Different Upwards of Three Dollars. If You Compared a Black Mark so It's Affecting Everybody and Gotten Those Bread-And-Butter Economic As Well As II Think Voters Make a Judgment on on Character and Personality in There. I Think It More Competent Than the President Himself Not to Be up to the Economic and Foreign-Policy Challenges We Face Is Concerned, Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin's Eighth District Comes in.

Thanks so Much Becky Brought Got a 1-866-408-7669, but of the Jimmy Metal Braces inside Was Happening over in China Now and How What Dr. Burks Did Did He Actually Agrees with during the Zenith of the Pandemic Dose in the Brain.

Tell Me Joe Newsmakers and Sprinklers. First, I Can Only Show the Fastest Three Hours in Radio You're with Brian Kill Me. I Made It Clear That up for Fort Manson. Several Said about the Lust of the Great Who Are Intentionally Sabotaging the President's Agenda. What the American People Want What a Majority of Us of the Democratic Caucus Want Nothing New about This One Minor Mansion Sabotages Climate Change. This Is for Future. This Is an Existential Threat to Humanity See That the Guy Totally Out Of His Mind and in the Wrong Country. Bernie Sanders Each Stopping Climate Change Spending Because We Can't Afford It Is Experimental. The Infrastructure Is Not There Already Being Taxed to the Hilt and Been Paying the Price for Rent, Insurance Rates Are Going up, Excuse Me, Yeah. Interest Rates Are Going up. You Have Gas Prices Going up Even Though They Drop 40% There Still Astronomically High Double What They Were a Year Ago so He Saying This Is Not the Time. Why Do People Think That Bernie Sanders Is the Mainstream School of Thought. I Actually Believe If There Were Democrats Don't Speak up a Map to Believe They Do the Time. They Speak of Is When They Panic and Picture Binders. Bernie Sanders Actually Leading the Race, but It Blows Me Away That That's the Case from Mesh Tomorrow. I Think This Isn't Right. I'm Not Sure but This Guy Made A Lot Of Sense on on This Morning on This Week with George Stephanopoulos Did Not Have George Stephanopoulos on This Is the Editor of National Review Content.

I Think That Continued Drama about Mansion As the Focus of Progress in Iron Democrat Parties Obscuring a Change in What's Happened with This Reconciliation Bill.

It Was Always Had a Problem Finding Rationale Was Always a Grab Bag of Everything the Democrats Wanted That They Thought That They Can Get with 51 Votes in the Senate Didn't Have a Coherent Message behind It and Now I Think It Is Shrunk down. Even If McCutcheon Agrees to It. It Is They Are Now Playing Not to Lose.

They Are Now Trying to Get Something so They Can Just Say We Came up Empty. After All These Months and I Just Thought II Really Pull out a Panel Sought from the Middle of a Sunday Show This on Fox News� Gov. Christie and This Guy Just Made A Lot Of Sense Because I Never Know What Bill Back Better Is It with Everything You Want to Do in My Division Is Crystallizing a List of Everything You Want but Is Not Telling Us How Was Going to Have No Skills or Things I Want to Do Housing Help. You Know Those Matters Are Agenda I Want to Majority Okay but Why Does That Help the Country As up the Economy Telling the Mat That Works over the Long-Term Effects of What You Do All These Things Are the Be a Better Place Really.

In What Respect Because China and Russia and in Europe Are Not Doing All These Things and Were in the Middle of an Economic Downturn Coming off of Pandemic That Is the Simplest Things Hard to Get from Baby Formula Tires and Cars. Now's Not the Time to Dispose Was Shifting Energy Sources Talk Show That You You're with Brian.

Kill Me a Welcome Back Everyone Jimmy Metal (Show Member of the WHO Advisory Committee, so That When the Council and Former National Security Council of the Clinton Administration, so There's No Putting Agenda. There Is Just a Fax Guy and Could Be More Disappointed in so Many Different Aspects of Others Pandemics Been Handled and Seed Mistakes That Were Still Making As We Get Set to Deal with yet Another Variant That Everybody Tells Us We We Should Take Precautions for Good and by the Way, the Vaccine You Took.

Not Really Effective against It but Get a Booster Anyway. Jimmy Welcome Back. They Are Where You Are You Worried about This New Variant. We've Never Had a Virus in This Widespread around the World at the Scary Buyer Is Not Many People Are Going to Die. We Need to Take Sensible Precautions Need to Learn What Were Doing and Everyone Figure out As We Go What It Means to Be Said We Don't Need That Going to Total Lockdown. There A Lot Of Things That We Don't Need to Know, but It's Good to Understand What's Happening and Take Sensible You Are. You Just Did a Column about Dr. Burks Who Was Immediately in Favor with the White House Present: a Classy Lady for A While and Then Got Very Disenchanted with Her and She of Course Grimaced When He Mentioned Bleach, but He Understood the Concept. We Try to Say Be Great If There Would Be Way to Disinfect a Person Use the Term Bleach and That's Famously Where the Rubber Hits the Road between the Two. So Jamie Was Now She's Coming around to What You Been Saying All along the Lab Leak Is Most Likely the Way This Pandemic Started Yeah. She Said the Director Redfield Director under Pres. Trump Spent A Lot Of People Are Saying What I Believe Is the Only Sensible Which Is That There Is Very Very Possible That Bentley That They Virus Them from Accidental Lab and We Don't Know for Sure and That's Why We Need a Full Investigation and Tragically Weak about What about the People Used To Laugh off and Mock and Sometimes Ban You from Social Media or Anyone for Bringing This up and Now Is Forced to Acknowledge.

It's More Than Likely Was That Tell You Well for Sure We Live in a Contentious World Where People Are Battling Some Cases, We Can Have. Healthy Debate on Whether Something Is True or Not True and That and That's Great. Budding People Are Battling over the Infrastructure of Communication and and That's Really Really Worrying That You Mention. From Day One.

I've Been like It Could Very Well Be Allowed Late Liberal Democrats. I Didn't Have Any Political Agenda.

I Was at Odds with the Number of People in My Own in My Own Community, but Looking at the Evidence. That's What It Looked like and I Think We Need to Get Back Get Away from This Idea of Wanting to Reject Something Because Who Said and to Our World.

Everything One Can Evaluate Something That Was Said. Even Somebody I Don't Trust My Personally and I Agree with Lots of What Pres. Trump That but the Fact That Pres. Trump That Looked like It Could Be a Laughably More Than Enough to Make Me Feel What Pres. Trump Is Saying It Must Be Brought and That's Why We Need to Take off Our Blinders on All Side Look at the Evidence and Have an Investigation to Figure out What Went Wrong but It Didn't Really Matter. Understanding How This Pandemic Started the Essential to Prioritizing Our Responses Than Building a Safer Future. So Is Listed the WHO and Credibility Lineup for You.

Pretty High.

Actually, in the Early Days of the Pandemic and You and I Got This Brian WHO Dir. Gen. Pedro's.

I Actually Similar to Pres. Trump Was Praising. She Didn't Hang in an Essentially Repeating Talking Points down the WHO.

Like Pres. Trump Had Shifted Pretty Significantly.

There Was a First Was Called a Joint Study, Which Was Mandated by the Governing Body of the World Health Organization Will Help the Unit with a Total Sham, but Then WHO Died Eventually Disestablished Body That Was Mandated They Created a New One That Is Trying to Do a Credible Have a Credible Look into the Night into the Origins of the Pandemic. They Should Their First Report in June Saying It Could Be a Lab Incident.

It Could Be a Natural Origin and We Need a Full Investigation and Tragically Asked from the Very Beginning. China Is Engaged in a Massive Cover-Up Where There Destroying Sample Hiding Record That People in Prison in China for Asking Basic Questions in the Blocking Any Meaningful Investigation, but We Need to Put the Lockdown to Doing Right Now the Zero Coping Strategies Destroying Their Economy .4% Is Unthinkable in the Locking down More Cities Because They See Some Real, Some Elements of the Virus within the Cities from Weather at Shanghai, Beijing, Are Now Others, and Which Is Much like like to See China Suffer Economically in the Whole World Suffers in Response. Yeah. So in a Bind.

In Their Response That One Can't Fault Any Country for Saying What Were Going to Take Aggressive Measures to Save People's Lives.

And There's No Doubt You Could Shutdown Your Economy Keep People from Moving, and That Will Save People's Lives. But There Are Other Cost.

The Cost of Shutting down Your Economy If Somebody but They Had Each Treatment for Cancer and There Is No Access to the Hospital or Somebody a Poor Person Who Needs to Work to Feed Their Family. If They Can't Work, so It You Yes You'll Save Why People May Be Fewer People Die Component of the More People Made Die from Something Else. That's Why Unfortunately on Society Need to Balance These Things, but in China What's Happening Is Also Political Because She Didn't Hang It up for His Recently Unprecedented Third Term As Leader of the Party in the Country and That Will Be Decided Later That Year, and His Credibility on This Hero COBIT Strategy so There Pushing This for in Part for Public Health Reason. But in Part or Political Reason and People in China Are in Some Ways Are Being Saved. Some People Think Save from COBIT Data, but Many People Are Also Absolutely Back to the Commie Road to Shinto Abbey Assess the Assassination Struck You, You Know This Region so Well and You Believe That His Legacy Is Going to Live on and That Should Trigger the Normalization of Military of a Normal Military Is That of a Passive Military after World War II They Should Change Being That the Danger in the Region and the Enemies That Are Growing Right like the United States after the Second World War We Wrote Big Japanese Article 9 of Their Constitution. They Disavowed More As a Means of Executing Foreign Policy and Said They Would Never Have Horrible Normal Military and That Is Good in Those Early Years When Everybody Was so Afraid of Japan Has Shown over the Last 70+ Years That It Is One of the World's Most Responsible Country and China Has Changed to Be That Eventually Have Become Quite a Menace to People. In the Region and Globally.

They've Done Illegal Seizures in the South China Sea China, All Sorts of All Sorts of Things, and Japan Is the Right to Just Be a Normal Country like Any Other Country with a Normal Military like Any Other Military Engines Abe with the Great Champion of That Night by Benjamin at the Potential to Be like That Japan's Obi-Wan Kenobi Almost More Powerful Now That What Even When He Was Alive, but His Method Was Japan Has Earned the Right Normal Country and I Feel A Lot Of Pressure on Us to Have Somebody Else Who Could Find the Region and the Goal of the Goal Having the Capacity We Don't Have To Fight but I Think China like Russia When They Sense Weakness. It Makes Them More Aggressive and so the More That We Can Have Strong Client Alliances with Strong Partners in Europe and Asia and Elsewhere in the More We Can Adhere to a Positive Set of Values about the World but Not Just the Cross but Good for Everybody, Adding That That Will Build a More Stable Side China Right Now. Do You Believe Sees Opportunities CCC Vulnerability with Us for Number of Years, China Has Had Sent That the United States within the Relative Decline and China Was Strengthening and Has Been across Multiple Administration Where They Keep Taking a Little Step Forward a Little Step Forward Here and There and across All Administration of Recent Years. I Don't Feel We Have Risen to Meet That� Challenge and so I Feel like. Again, the Goal of Being Strong Is Not to Fight a War, It Could Not Find by the War Not Have the Kind of Calculations and Calculate How I Didn't in Ukraine Thinking. Well, Here's an Opportunity to Get to Get an Advantage. II Do Think That for Many Many Years across Multiple Administration US Policy to China Not Recognize the Nature of the Chinese Retained Attorney Tommy Party Ignore It and I Think Were Starting to Wake up to That I Will Need to Continue to Bring Us Together, We Can Have a Common Enemy in This Will on the Manufactured Jimmy Metal Thanks so Much Appreciated My Pleasure to Write Any Time You Got It. 1-866-408-7669. Welcome Back All Empty Lines Will Look to Find out What You Have To Say about What's Going on.

Also, You Can Write Me on Brian Click on Questions and Comments All Contacts and Questions and It'll Come to My Email and I'll Be Able to Get to It so I Know A Lot Of Your Work with School. Yeah, That All Air Pods and You Can Admit That You Listen You Can Call These People around, but You Can Write Don't Move Diving into Today's Top Stories Brian Kill Me. So As a Filmmaker Brian Kill Me You What a Great Red White and Blue Event If I Do Say so Myself, to Be on Stage in Four Separate Places Coming up so It's Place for Brian Kilby Live a Chance with Pat O'Rourke Open up on Interactive We Talk about America Great from the Start with My Glove Launching off My History Books George Washington Secret Six Thomas Jefferson Tripoli Pirates Sam Houston the Elmo Avengers Andrew Jackson Merkel of New Orleans and Then Present Them Freedom Fighter, a Member Go through These and Bring You through Time and Understand Why Americans Indeed a Great Country.

Not Perfect, That We Try to Be, and I Never Knew There Was Be Such a Need for This. There's Such a Push with the 1619 Project and Others Are against America, We Heard about Horrible Things Are Happening Monticello Ancestral Home of Thomas Jefferson and His Sister Home in James Madison That They're Just Only There Talking about Slavery, Not about Their Greatness Taught about Their Role in America's past. We Put Together Show on Stage.

I Think You Gonna Love It. In the past Week I've Done about 20 and They Been Great. What I Love Most Is Probably the VIP Time When I Could Talk to Everybody before the Show Might Be an Opportunity after the Show, so That's There Some Way to Be in Newark, New Jersey, August 27 at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center Then and That'll Be August the August Race of That Saturday Albany, New York September 8 at the Egg Empire State Plaza over in Albany and Then When My Paperback Comes out. The Present Freedom Final B November 12 City Hall Live in Brandon, Mississippi and Tulsa, Oklahoma K RMG Listeners Plebe Either Be Their First Order Now. That'll Be November 13 at the Cox Convention Center. So for Mississippi to Oklahoma. I'll Be There Discovered Brian All the Stuff Well Everything Will Be There in Front of You.

I Would Score the Phones before We Find out There's More to Know Mathewson, North Carolina Matt, Thanks for Your Patience. Show Stop in Saudi Arabia Would Buy. I Don't Want You to Forget about the $3 Billion of Military Equipment Absolutely Will Coming up on Here.

Thank You Was Go to Alex Osuna, Mountain View, California. Alex, I Think a Particular Call I Wanted to Say That Joe Biden Is Not Responsible for the Interpolation Rate Is Only Responsible for Part of It and It's about Two and Half Percent. You Can Get This Number by Simply Taking the Median Inflation Rate of All Western Countries and Subtracting That from the US Inflation Rate and You Get about Two and Half Percent Stemming Any Amount.

Inflation Is Terrible, so He Is Responsible Here Some Blame for It, but He Doesn't Have the Total Blame Lobby. Obviously No One Is Total Blame and Total Credit, 3.4% Unemployment Is the Total Credit. Optionally, Not the ZF Does He Get Some Credit. I Don't Know Because Part of the Receipt of 3.4% Is Because the Whole Country and We Had so Many Jobs. The Whole Country Was Asked to Go Home and Stop Working.

We Still Don't Have. We Don't Know We're the Workers Are and If You Want to Give Them Credit for 3.4% Unemployment.

Please Tell Me Where the 11 Millie Why We Have 11 Million Jobs Still Open and 7 Million Unemployed I Would Love to See an Offense If the Movement Right Now before It Recession Does Kick in If It Does to Try to Get People to Fill Those Jobs and Get off the Sidelines and How Important Is It Society to Have a Job and We Can't Get, Especially Service Positions Done, but I Will Bring. This Is No Doubt about It.

If We Had Sent a Signal That We Willing to Drill and Willing to Go to Emergency Operation in Order to Get Natural Gas to Europe and Our Gas through the Country into the World Market. I Think That Would Be the Signal to Bring Gas Prices down Because They Do A Lot Of Projection in Those Commodity Businesses and That Will Begin to Do up There Is No Legitimate Indication These Willing to Do Any of the 10 Things That Will Gas Companies of Outline Think You Would Help Bring Prices down Immediately If Come down $0.40 over the Last Two Weeks Will Sewer Elsa Goes, Here's Another Email Comes in from Alex Alex's Brian Libby Shown Every Thing Foxes Watch Have a One Hour Show with Oil Executives to Show the Public What Kind of Brain-Dead Blank We Have in the White House. I'm Sure the Public Is Very Interested in the Topic so Alex If You If I Can Say so Go to Fox Nation and Look up What Makes America Great, Even Though They for Some Reason They Did Not Promo Specifics on This Season One of It Is Oil and Gas Industries and I'm out There Talking to the Executives at Night and in the Workers and I Think You Get an Understanding of the Business and It Is about a Half-Hour Half-Hour 40 Minutes and I Think You'll like It. Let's Find out There's More to Know Why We Came to Former Kentucky Swimming Star Is Slamming the Nomination of Leah Thomas.

She's Nominated by the University Of Pennsylvania for NCAA Women of the Year. You Know She's a Transsexual Decide to Competing As a Man for Years. Okay Good Reasons a Woman Becomes an NCAA Champion and I Was Nominated for Woman of the Year by Year, by the LabVIEW Female Athlete of the Year by the University Of Pennsylvania. He Is Extremely Upset. He Said the Work Combines Athletic Performance with Academic Service and Character. What Characters Thomas Shown over the Sheer Selfishness and Entitlement to Disrespect and Disregard for Those Other Female Athletes in Thomases Interviews in Thomases Interviews Is Eye-Opening. I Hear You. Same Thing If You Care about Female Sports and Equality. You'll Stand up and Push Back on This Next Point We Want to Continue No.

The School Is Nominated Me a Break.

By the Way, That Would Trump What They Run for Front by the Way, They Never Acknowledge That You Have Something Else If You Think This Is Held to Swimming to Be Playing Field Hockey You'll Think a Transsexual Can Be Playing Soccer to Be Playing Basketball. Are You Kidding Me Ridiculous Comment. Megan Repeat Only Recently like Our Parents Are Getting Upset about the Impact in the High School Volleyball Team. She Totally Brushed It off Yeah the Way the You 17 Men's Team Reached the US Women's National Team.

So If You Want More Elite Men Playing with the Top Women Have Added Findings of the Medal of Freedom Why She Helped Get Equal Pay for Women. I Next IOC Laments Insane Cost to Being Congresswoman Jesus, I Gotta Be in Two Places. I Got up into Rented Two Places Watch and Very Expensive and so Was New York I Ran a Bold Citizen so Much. We Have To Find a New Apartment in New York City and I'm so Stressed. Rent Is Wild in the Idea of Searching and Moving While Legislating and Campaigning Is Yeah I Guess so Bad. Patients That Highlight Know and I'm Sure She Makes No Extra Money Doing Any of the Things Believing This on Social Media Clicks Alone to Mexico Thanks Was over 100 Meteorologists Handle Worldwide Resources. A Fox Box Whether Podcast Precise Personal Powerful Subscriber. Listen Now If Fox Is Not

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