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Outrageous: FBI Raids Trump's Mar-A-Lago Residence

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 9, 2022 12:56 pm

Outrageous: FBI Raids Trump's Mar-A-Lago Residence

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 9, 2022 12:56 pm

[00:00:00] Adam Goodman

[00:18:31] Allen West

[00:36:59] David Nelson

[00:55:17] Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS)

[01:13:57] Harry Kazianis

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Live Fox News euros New York City function for America's receptive Brian would kill me. My name is Joe Kelly filling in for Brian Kelly today and I'm coming to you from the Florida freedom zone well. We typically think of it as the Florida freedom zone until what happened yesterday morning at Merrill Lago as the FBI made a raid on Merrill Lago while the president was in New York City. They were there for for a number of hours yesterday morning and the and a predawn heavily armed raid with federal agents with big guns on their shoulders it that it seemed certainly unnecessary use of power in a show of force, but that of course I will will. Time will tell as to exactly how necessary that was.

I'm afraid that this morning we probably have a lot more questions then answers.

I'm so glad you joining us here on the Brian Kelly Joe again my name is Joe Kelly here in the Florida freedom zone. If you want to join the show, you called at 866-408-7669. It's 866-408-7669 and I want to start the show and I think this really gives a good perspective and this is good to be the million dollar question that everybody is going to have today, and perhaps in the days ahead and Jonathan Turley this morning on Fox and friends, really, broken down forests cut three.

Please that's a mystery to me. I'm not too sure why was there alleging that they feared the president would destroy the evidence that he was given notice what the prisoner wasn't at the residence. This would seem to be an easy issue to issue a subpoena and ask for voluntary disclosure and also access the site. The access to the home was granted obviously before two months ago, the national archives search the residence to remove 15 boxes. It's not clear why this material was not removed is also not clear is been communication. Since then, raising concern over documents that are considered still missing or possibly present at the residence. I certainly think that that for a lot of people faith in the FBI is diminishing. Another there's been a diminished faith in the FBI sense. Oh, I don't know at least the Russian collusion matter but some of this summative faith in the FBI even predates that you go back to Waco and Ruby Ridge and every thing else like that. I joining us here on the Brian Kelly trauma to bring into the fold, Adam Goodman, Adam, of course, is a Fox News contributor Edward R. Merrill, Senior fellow, he is a columnist and he is also a great Floridian, Adam, good morning. Thank you for joining us here on the Brian Kelly Joe Sotelo give us your immediate reaction when when you first heard about the FBI raid at Merrill Lago reaction to what you ride predawn heavily armed all of our Lago was that he thought that to Oliver North 20 was brought before congressional committees for uncontroverted everyone would say yes, the president, this is the end of the Republican conservative because what I like first reaction was in their attempt to demonize Donald Trump yet PIV now ensure will be lionized and this is from an FBI Joe that not you alluded to a couple years ago. The court instituted a pole that showed that Republicans and independents boat by majorities did not trust the FBI to be unbiased to only be dared to uphold the law that they had other agendas in particular that they were still on pond Donald Trump that they were going, finding ways to go after it. That obviously had now been exacerbated it would have to describe Joe like the president of former president was being perp walked in absentia without explanation was high drama and I think a lot of people will be upset about that before the no care at all to learn about any reason behind it clearly to tactics behind it are not only unprecedented but frightening.

I saw a note on Fox news today that a top lawyer for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign says that Pres. Trump now could be disqualified for making another run for the White House in 2024. Following the raid at his Florida residents in and therein lies. I think the exact goal of not only the Democrats but regrettably, the FBI will a lot of people over the last 12 hours will call this a weapon is basically a government, and I think that's certainly turn the Democrats. The best thing that they could hope for is qualified Donald Trump before he comes out of the gate that statement alone is on the fascia evidence of that is kind of been the motivation behind those that have gone after Donald Trump in the beginning, and they find January 6 committee is been meaning and reporting out weeks and months about things that apparently the former president is completely cooperated with and yet� The only thing that's good enough for the Democrats is taking up Republican playing field, but the way that you do things today and at a time.

Joe went trust is become a feeding value in America you see that with trusted elections are.

You see, I trust in terms of the ability to maintain our borders.

Trust is fading and when you see this kind of demonstration predawn heavily armed. It is done for show and it's done for a fact that it's done for purpose and a puppeteer I think is obvious as as I prepared for posting a Brian Kelly show today and I got put a lot of effort into it that it such a great honor for me to be able to host the show when Brian is out on occasion, I was honestly ready to make an argument today with Brian's audience that Ron DeSantis would be a better pic for a GOP nominee then then Donald Trump until the FBI raid Merrill Lago and I think all bets are off.

I think I think you're spot on.

In that this may have the exact opposite effect and and now I cash I got. I gotta say this for this reason alone unless the FBI truly has found something monumental in as part of their visit there raid on the non-Merrill Lago II think this could easily catapult Donald Trump back in the White House will already be very strong hold on the Republican base and was certainly the favorite going into this, but as Jonathan Turley said this morning, unless the former president there was a sense that the former president was destroying records or was about to destroy records how do you explain this rate, the rate, not a request from the FBI, not something that goes through the normal legal channels. The rate predawn rate. I think it's obvious and you're right. I think this could very well change the calculus moving into impassive midterms.

As we look forward to the next presidential election because I think the former president who track record in one of the reasons why Republicans are so strong behind his four years as president backtrack worker was extended with an extra lap here that I think again as I said before me may end up lionized him most, and is decided as we are as a country.

I mean, we we only reside into silos. You're either on the last year on the right. There is no in between. I I'm certain at this rate on Merrill Lago is only going to further solidify that that the Trump diehards are going to dig in deeper and the anti-Trumper's the never trumpeters are similarly going to dig in deeper and and it's good to be an interesting midterms and it's good to be a very interesting 2024 about it you know one thing that catapulted Donald Trump to the presidency in 2016. The biggest I think the biggest reason is his message was we the people, as opposed to the system and he did that very very well obviously very successfully. I think you're going you seen a replay of that 24 that people distrust of government and a lot of institutions in this situation, the FBI, which is really frightened by like Joe. You remember the FBI go back as you alluded to this to the different times of Files on people like Elvis Presley. John Lennon, Groucho Marx and Mickey Mantle, so I mean, maybe no. And what they may look into because America more and more look at institutional pillars that are no longer strong and holding war that they can trust beginning with elections in trust and democracy. I think this plays into this place into a paper Donald Trump message and certainly could very well play into the 2024 race across the forthcoming hiring is 87,000 new IRS agents a minute really feels like it's the government against the people the government versus the people, not a government of the people. I think that was the biggest thing to come out of your alluded to build a U.S. Senate house on that one provision putting billions and billions more into IRS enforcement that just feeds into this idea that government for you to try to explain away. Perhaps it inability to get the big things that happened is going after what they think are easier lower hanging fruit which happens to be the American public's now Adam Goodman, Edward R.

Murrow Senior fellow Tufts University national Republican media strategist and columnist and a Fox News contributor. My name is Joe Kelly where this is of course the Brian Kelly Joe and as glitches plan a scenario here for moment, let's just say that there is something there that the FBI has truly found something breathtakingly criminal that Donald Trump is done, just cut a walk us through that how unprecedented, potentially imprisoning a former president would be in the United States America. You could argue, is that as one American against another, one group against another, and I think this be into that if there is a new precedent established that a group like Gerd to select the FBI can go after a former elected official or something but intimate. But in in the hydrant.

Dramatic style. I think that should leave everyone who ever served or may hope to serve in public office, shaking in their boots.

I think this is a precedent that is frighteningly wrong.

I think the FBI and others in this situation should do everything they can to play down the temperature of an investigation and play up the integrity of the investigation itself and I think none of this is in play here. I think this is something that is going to be be fodder for textbook learning.

Moving forward, but old America.

Would you like Donald Trump or not this is got to pray. You that this is a new bridge is been crossed, maybe we can uncross Adam Goodman, my name is Joe Kelly were to continue coming up in a moment here. In fact, you guys can hang on, wait till you hear the word Nancy Pelosi used just this morning to describe the heavily armed predawn raid on Merrill Lago you can hear it coming up next along with my conversation with the Adam Goodman stay with us here in the Brian killing Shona Krista can join us at 866-408-7669 diving deep into today's top story.

Brian, kill me. Fox News contests network that's Fox News contributor daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week.

This depend on its podcast listen no Fox News precise personal powerful is America's weather team in the palm of your thoughts with the real thing throughout your busy day subscribe and listen no Fox News*just*, for wherever you get your project is three hours and radio your kill me crashing because all I saw my phone like that Donald Trump said that the visit took place described it pretty harsh terms interesting to find out exactly what the warrants wise in order to have what they wanted was to have a search warrant and for what purpose can only speculate Nancy Pelosi this morning on the today show your listing the Brian Kelly Joe, my name is Joe Kelly and you can join us at 866-408-7669. It sounded like Nancy Pelosi was really struggling to find the right word there. But to say that the visit to Merrill Lago. I don't know that that was a visit when you got heavily armed. I mean, they had the big guns out the and I don't I don't mean that as as a metaphor. They literally had big guns with them. The dreaded AR 15's and whatnot were talking Adam Goodman Fox News contributor in Adam in in the last segment I had asked you to imagine a scenario under which Donald Trump would've been with you, they would've found something very criminal and he could potentially go to jail. One of the other way. Now let's say the FBI comes up with absolutely nothing.

No charges are filed.

From this, this, as you had alluded a catapulted Donald Trump back into the White House. Imagine four years of Donald Trump back in the White House with steel this great great division and animosity and if the deep state hated him before they're only going to hate him more now. I think the first thing that getting back in the White House would be to make sure that would not be a massive amount of increase funding for the FBI that, but to hear the remark from Speaker Pelosi [a couple years ago to the molar investigation and on the Miller hearings where Nancy Pelosi went out of her way to essentially indict the president before the first testimony is ever been hurt. It was like that was truly guilty before proven any other way guilty your remarks, now, so maybe some evolution by the speaker. She was very very guarded. She wanted to make sure that she wasn't in a pile on without knowing any of the facts. Knowing that this could be meringue boomerangs. She would be partly responsible for� I see why I would argue back in this investigation. When she make sure that the kangaroo court was going to be just that in pronouncing guilt for the first shred of evidence was ever produced for the American public's and seemingly, at least if Donald Trump does return to the White House in the GOP should have control of the house so impeachment will third impeachment would would seemingly be off the table. I think we know of impeachment and what Americans want is a shot in the arm something positive something big that can unite the country that the country can rally around and return America to doing the kind of thing that people and nations around the world admired. That is what Americans want and this is also by the way, Joe.

All she put using what is all this mean one thing. It means in political terms is, it proves once again how the Republican Party particular is no longer the party of big business but a party of America's working class that the unwelcome are no longer asleep that there is a growing movement in America, take America back to the kind of values that in our you grew up you learn to not only admire like I think that's what this is leading to and you I think the midterms are to be an affirmation of that and then, of course, 2024 which feels like light years away will be here before we know it, with just a few seconds left here with Adam Goodman and you mention about unifying America by putting Donald Trump back in the White House would would certainly have the opposite effect will it really right now you have a president present by good record high disapproval rating you got a new term that's not can it be a change election, but Dominique, I think, for Democrats and you have also to changing demographic trends within the electric all of which are moving away from the party printed also so I can stop you there and just flat out at a time.

Adam Goodman joining us here in the Brian killing shelf. Thank you sir so much will continue with Lieut. Col. Allen West straight ahead Fox News network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for only a place for the very latest news and information on your listening Dumbo knowing Fox News or wherever you get your favorite will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News by just talkshow that's getting you talk to your kill me. This gives me confidence that the Justice Department is really pursuing this thoroughly, objectively and in a nonpolitical way rolling from everything together tonight where you are going to remember.

Obviously as big as bigger stakes as you can have. Perhaps the orange jumpsuit is for his forthcoming national Democratic reactions. Hallelujah for the leftist media is salivating this morning saying they are smelling and tasting blood in the water. How many times though. Have they tasted blood in the water only to find out it was their own blood and not the blood of Donald Trump I if there's one thing that we should take away from this is this is not the first time that the media has thought that they had it on Donald Trump that they were going to be able to get up, stick a fork in him. He's done so.don't count out Donald Trump. That is a lesson that I have learned over the years to be sure, my name is Joe Kelly. This is the Brian kill me to show Brian of course taken some a well-deserved time off.

You can join me here at 866-408-7669. I want to welcome into the fold.

Lieut. Col. Allen West former Congressman here in Florida and the Florida freedom zone. He was in Texas now offer the book hold Texas hold the nation victory or death.

Lieut. Col. Allen West good morning Sir how are you will work with America today.

We didn't know if I can point out, by the way, we are getting little or breaking news here that the 23 time grand slam champion Serena Williams says she will retire after playing in this year's US open.

That's a big deal big deal for Serena Williams to to retire from tennis after 23 grand slam wins that breaking just a moment ago and and yes I Col. West what up what what interesting start to our day today and it's only it's only Tuesday and played earlier coming from the progressive socialist media that will serve to backfire against them because what this shows that there is a two. System of justice in the United States of America. You have the Department of Justice that will do something is unprecedented and quite despicable to conduct a rated pre-pre-.daylight raid against the private residence of a former president or they will seek to designate parents as domestic terrorists because they don't want to go along with a socialist Marxist indoctrination agenda. I think that you have done as Emil Yamamoto said after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

You have truly awakened the sleeping giant and the first casualty will be Liz Cheney next week at her Wyoming primer yeah I don't think the video from her father is helping her. In fact, if anything, I think what Dick Cheney said about Donald Trump would further solidify Liz Cheney's loss in Wyoming. Yeah, you're absolutely right and I think that without a doubt, you will see a massive turnout now because when you look at this inflation reduction in this raid against Pres. Trump's home just came out were less than 90 days with the midterm elections turn out well me and it's going to really put the progressive social back on their heels on the subject of the media. This is the same media that that continues to this day to ignore the Hunter Biden laptop narrative and there is there is a 10,000 different stories that come just from the laptop the same media that way overplayed hook line and sinker be the Russian collusion hoax, and for them to be salivating now at this.

When will they ever look in the mirror and and think maybe they're part of the problem. Just about there. Let's go to Eric Holder in operation for the bride. United will control a lawsuit like you look at the IRS targeting the people and nothing happened with Lois Lerner so you got a big issue here in America you look at a domestic Paris organization like anti-for what they're able to get away with it. Do yet no one is holding them accountable or what have you sold the American people had it been fed up with it. And the sad thing is that you are growing up as a kid looking at on Sunday not on a BCF room, symbols Junior in the show the FBI. That organization has lost his reputation analysis tool of the progressive socialist left to change topics briefly for just a moment you is that you little cutie pie we hear that my grandson Jackson. We ran a little late because he want to sleep in this morning. I'm about to drop them off here. It is very clear so that the finished CD sound like is often a good start today. The president wasn't there and we saw once again a predawn, heavily armed FBI federal agents.

I'm just that the picture and I put this up on my Facebook page you can see it at that. At talk radio Joe it's on my Instagram page everywhere else but seeing these federally a federal agents with their big guns out you know fingers near the triggers. It is frightening frankly to see that frightening once again lick the American people know we have crossed the Rubicon and now we have to deal with a normal German Stasi police state and when you can effective in this inflation reduction that the American people to be paying for 87,000 more IRS agents and furthermore the IRS is going out and bought $5 million worth of ammunition. What are the $5 million worth of ammunition. So all of these things are coming to a head again. I think the American people will make a huge decision.

This midterm election left is all what it this point. Should Donald Trump do with it. If you were advising Donald Trump and maybe you are if you were to advise Donald Trump what would be his next wise step one who communicated with you to make sure that he is articulating to the American people that you know this may be about him in the mall but it is about the American people in the long run. And that's where he has to focus on make this not an issue about him, but this is an issue about America.

The real enemies of our representative democracy in our constitutional Republic and how all the sudden when you look at the grievances person laid out in the Declaration of Independence.

Many of these things are happening right now but I wonder if Donald Trump is is the best person to get into the White House to to clean house.

When he set out to drain the swamp. It seems as if the swamp really more trying to drown Donald Trump quite clearly within the deep state battle that went on and with easy Russian collusion hoax and everything else that happened.

I made it seems as if Donald Trump if he's not criminally charged. If he's not put in an orange jumpsuit. If the FBI comes up with nothing again just seems like our nation is good to be so terribly divided continuously for the next four years. If that happens divided and not between Republican progressive socialism, conservative the understanding that the individual rights or freedoms and liberties were sovereign over this government. The lesson learned for president that you know it is not about having different cabinet heads got to go to three maybe four level down some of the nations and make sure that we have clean house that something to Barack Obama. When he came in the something to Bill Clinton. Nothing Republic does not understand that got to put on their big boy pants. They got stand up and fight against the lurch to the left.

Col. Allen West here on the brain kill me to show my name is Joe Kelly. Our phone number is 866-408-7669 will be taking phone calls coming up in just a minute Col. West I wanted judge what switch topics just for second here and talk about the border now living in Texas as you are now and formerly here in Florida.

Your Gov. Abbott has been sending those buses up to New York City and I thought it so interesting that Mayor Eric Adams. There is now saying that he needs.

He needs federal help with these illegal immigrants who are making their way to now New York City via bus that's exactly the reason why Gov. Abbott is sending them there in the first place because the federal government isn't doing their job well, and that goes back to couple things in the Constitution, article 4 section 4 guarantee clause with the federal government protect them from invasion, but article 1 section 10:3 good ability to protect itself from invasion when the federal government does not do is� Agree with you blessing illegal immigrants across United States of America being a Republican or Democrat to make a point. In either case, I think the most important thing we should be doing. If you want to put them on buses at taxpayer expense blossom back across the Rio Grande River and send that message so the hypocrisy of the left is definitely coming out but I think also Republicans need to spend on the Constitution, the furthermore the Texas state Constitution and article 4, section 7 says one of the duties of the governor of the state of Texas as commander-in-chief of the Texas military department to repel invasions not bus invasions Col. Allen West and his adorable grandson here on the brain kill me. Shall Col. West, it's always a pleasure to talk to you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Take a yes or more of your phone calls, let me just a minute.

You can jump on the lines right now at 866-408-7669 my name is Joe Kelly, you find me online at talk radio Joe this is the Brian Kelly show giving you everything you need to know you're with Brian kill me. 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stationatthishour.SpaceXrocketissittingonlaunchpad39areadyforliftofftonightformorestarlink,Internetsatellitesandthenjustashortdistanceawayfromlaunchpad,39,atheirbuildingthismassivewiththegantrycraneeithergettingreadyforthespaceXstarship.That'sgoodtobemovingfromtheTexasdesertwheretheybeenblowingthemup.NotonpurposeI'llsaybuttheygenerallytrytonotblowuprocketsatCapeCanaveral.That'swhytheytestamentTexasandtheylaunchhiminFlorida,butthey'rebuildingthismasstolaunchpadforthestartofthestarshipthespacenextstarshipwitchesiseventuallygonnatakethatwellmaybeustoMarsmaybeaskedofthemoonwillhavetowaitandseewhatElonmuskhasinstoreforthat.MynameisJoeKelly.Again,thisistheBriankillme,Joe,andifyou'rejusttuningin,andofcoursethatthewholenation.Nay,thewholeworldistalkingaboutthepredawnheavilyarmedraidbyfederalagentsatthepresidentsresortdowninPalmBeachandJonathanTurleywasonFoxandfriendsthismorningwithexpressinghisconcerns.Whatconcernsmeisthatthesetypesofactionscannominallyprovideuswithfuel.Thisageofrage.We'vegottohangoutmaturevoicesthatareheardandlistenedtoandinthedaystocome.YouknowIamnotconvincedthisraidwasnecessarytoacquirethismaterialandIwouldreallyliketoseewhythishadtobetaken.DavidNelsonjoinsushereontheBriankillmetoshowchiefstrategistoftheBellpointassetmanagementDavidhello.Welcome.I'mgladyou'rehere.Giveusyouryourtakeaway.Iwilltalksomefinanceshereinasecond,butIIgottagetyourtakeontheFBI'sagain.IhatetobutIthinkitbearsrepeatingheavilyarmedpredawnraidononMayorLagoandIthinkintheweeksahead.TheAmericanpeopledemandsomeanswersonceaspartofthelegitimateoperationorisitapartisanresponsebytheadministration.Lookatthedamageanopponent'spotentialrunfortheWhiteHousetomakenomistake,theanswerstothosequestions.Iwouldsayprepareforthiscountryforyears,nodoubt,anditiscertainlyasexynexttoelectionsquiteabit.Iwouldimaginehimtoleadtothetopicoftheinflationreductionactutilize.Ibelievewhenyouhavesomeoneontheleftwhospeaksoutagainsttheinflationreductionact.WeshouldlistentosomeoneonthelefttwospeaksaboutthatandthisiswhatBernieSandershadtosayontheSenatefloorSaturdayaboutthebillthattheypassedwanttotakeamomenttosayafewwordsabouttheso-calledinflationreductiondebatingtheseasonandIsayso-calledbytheway,becauseaccordingtotheCBOandothereconomicorganizationswillstudythisbillwillinfacthaveaminimalimpactoninflation.YouryourthoughtsonthatyouagreewithhimandisnotjustaCDOschool,UniversityPennsylvaniadidanextensivereviewandpayandtheCBOcametothesameconclusionhereisakeylinefromthere.Thereport,theimpactonstatisticallyindistinguishablefromzero,that'sprettytellingyouandIwouldsaythefollowingit.IfyouDemocratyouwanttopassacclimatedtaxlegislationtohavetheboatsportsforcallingitininflationreductionactisit'saninsulttotheintelligenceofanybodywithapulseandIthinkthatthisgoestofurtherdistrustofthemedia,whichdrivesmenutsbecauseIamthefirsttotellyouI'minthemedia.Alotofusareinthemediathatthatdon'tlikewhatthemediaisdoingthethewaythatthemediaatnightandwhenIsaythatwearecorporatemedia.ThewaythatthisisbeenreportedthatlettingpeoplehavehavejustassumedastheyreportthisthatthisisgoodtobeawaytohelpwithinflationandincentivecreditsforMedicareprices.Iwillusethattermloosely,thatwouldnegotiatealittlebitmorelikeyourhead.Theramificationsfromthatintermsofdrugdiscoveryandintheoutyearscouldbeverytelling.TherecouldbelessdrugsonthemarketasareasonwhytheUnitedStateshasyouknowsomeofthebestdrugdiscoveryinthiscountrybecauseoftheprofitandthat'swhylovealmostnothingisdevelopedinEuropesothere'salotoframificationstothisbill.Butfrankly,ifyourDemocratandyousupportthesepoliciesandthisiswhatyouwanttodo,thenyoushouldaudit.Ithinkyouknow.Fromanenergyperspective,weneedalloftheaboveapproachandabandoningfossilfuelisnottheanswerbecausetheseprograms.Rightnowthey'renotreadytoscaleexplainisifyoucouldpleasehow,especiallynewjobsnumberscancameoutandeverybodyishigh-fivingoneanothersayingIsaytheeconomyisonfireweredoingwonderfuldoinggreat.Itdoesn'tfeelgreat,great,unified,certainlyfortheconsumerlevel.Wethepeopleareveryimportant.CPIconsumerpriceindexarecomingintomorrowlastmonthwhichwasareportofthemonthbeforewas9.1%thatwasyourhighsowewereseeinginthestoreswereseeingit.Obviouslythepumpsthat'scomedown.Thegoodnewsisthatcommoditypriceshavecomebabblepeopletendtoforgetisthereasonyou'recomingdowninterredintermsofoilisbecausethepresidentofBidenhasreleasedhundred80millionbarrelsofcrudefromourverystrategic.ThestrategicpetroleumreservethatendsinanOctoberrighttheycan'tgobelowthatbecauseweredangerouslylowlevelsnowsomuchthatgoesbackonline.Wecouldseetruckpricesstartedhighersoyeahbecausememberscurrently.IwassurprisedbutthatthatwasdoubleexpectationsbutacrosstheboardonseeingalotofcompanieswithfromApplealphabetMicrosoft.Allofthesecompaniesamountstojoblayoffs,hiringslowdownsandatthewellandit'salittlebetterbutinthehigherend.AlotofthosejobsaregoingawayNelsonchiefstrategistatBellpointassetmanagementhereontheBriankillmetoshowmynameisJoeKellyandmybeautifulwifeRonnie,SueandIliterallysatdowntwonightsagototolookatourbudgetandwedecidedthatthatweneedtodosomesometightening.Wetightenthebeltu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Gen.hereontheBriankillmeJoe,I'msogladyoujoiningus.MynameisJoeKellyinforBKtodayandyoucanjoinusat866-408-7669comingtoyoufromtheFloridafreedomzoneinOrlandoatourhomehereatWDB08664087669isgood.Paulwho'sjoiningusinAkron,OhioheyPaul,you'reontheBrianKellyshowgreat.I'mgladyouaskedareyouallgreat.Thankyou.Ijustgotapointtomakethewholething.Ireallydon'tbelievehe'sgoodbeprosecutedatallbecausehisfather,Pres.Bidenisgoingtopardonhimbeforeheleavesoffice.The25thoforattheendofhisterm.YeahIIcouldandthatandthatisthatishisrightasapresidentthatishisrighttopardonhissonifhechoosestodosoandyoumaywellberightaboutthat,andonlytimewilltell.RightyesverytruePaul,thanksforcallingandthenthisyougottakeepinmindthatthatthatthatthissameFBIwecouldgodownalaundrylistofthingsthattheFBIhasbeendeficientaboutincludingIthinkoneofthemostegregiousaskedbyanFBIattorneywasadmittingthattheydoctoredadocumenttogetawiretapwiththetrumpassociateCarterpageandtheDOJdidn'tholdanybodyaccountableorevenapologizetoCarterpageminutes.It'sjustcrazytothinkthattheFBIisisrunningroughshodthewaythattheyhavebeenGlendajoinsusfromJacksonville.She'stuningintoWokayVGlenn.youareontheBrianKellyJoeJoeKellyhi,thankyouandgoodmorningandtrytotalkaboutTrumpversussomebodyelse.IthinkmybiggestconcernabouttrumpisthatthatDonaldthatthatJoeBidenletmestartfromscratchonthis.DonaldTrumpisrightthatJoeBidendidn'twintheelectionandIdon'tbuythat.Idon'tmeanthattheelectionwasstolen.Idon'tbelievetheelectionwasstolen.ItwasDonald'selectiontoloseJoeBidendidn'twin.DonaldlostonDonaldfromsoangeredsomanypeoplethattheycastvotesnotforJoeBiden,butagainstDonaldandthatwouldbemyexactsameconcern.IfDonaldistheRepublicanPartynomineeagain.Movingforwardisthatthatthepeoplewhohatedhimbeforethenevertrumpeterstheanti-trumpeters,there'sgottobemoreofthem,notlessoftheminthenext,andin2024.WouldyouagreeordisagreepeoplewellAllison,thosethoseresultshavebeenlookedatsnowsevenwaysfromSundayandwhiletherehavebeensomediscrepanciestherejusthaven'tbeenenoughthereweren'tenoughtotoreversetheelectionresults.Youcanjoinmenowit's866-408-7669BrianischeckinginfromClarion,PennsylvaniaheyBrianhowareyouheythanksfortakingmycall.IjustwanttocommentiftheWhiteHousestanceisthattheyknewnothingaboutthisraidonMerrillLago,thenPres.BidenneedstoimmediatelyremoveMaryDonlonandMr.Rayfromtheirpositionsbecauseofthisroadactionandjustaquickcommentonyourlastcall.Wekeephearingthattheevidenceoftheelectionhasbeenlookedat.Ithinkyousaiditwassevendifferentways.Idon'tknowanycasewheretheevidencewaspresentedinacourtoflawandexamined.That'swhereevidenceisshownincourtbecausethejudicialsystemfailedtolookattheevidenceandthat'swhatledtoJanuarysex,whichistheceremonyit'sthelastresorttooftyrannytostandnofalsefalseresultsbacktothestatesforinvestigation.Soanyonewhoseeswhat'shappeningwiththisraidinthiscountrytotalkabouttheideathatathroneelectionisasillynotionIthinkneedstobequestionweareseeingfascistactivitylikehappenedinGermanyandinthesurveyswillhappenagainwiththeseoperationsandlearningoftheruleoflawandIjustwantedtovoice.becauseIthinkthiscountryisanverygreatdangerwiththeBidenadministration,well-definedandmisplacedessaysarecertainlynumberedBrianIthinkyouknowthatthereisthereisnowaythattheJobIisgoodtobeinanywayshapeorformreelected.ItwouldbeamiracleifJoeBidenmakesitallthewaythroughthishisfirstterm,butIthere.ThereiswhereyoubesofurtherdividedifDonald'sfromwindsthatreelection.IhavebeensuchabigfanofRonDeSantisandIwouldlovetoseeRhondaSantosastheparty'snomineebotsultimatelythevoterswillgettothesitehereinFloridait'sadifferentargumentinFloridathanitisintherestthenationbecauseforthoseofushereinFlorida.IfRhondaSantosbecomesthenomineewelosehimasthegovernorandthatbecomesabigproblemforalotofushereinFloridabecausewedoreallylikehavinghimasourgovernor.MynameisJoeKellyyou'relisteningtotheBrianWetmorecomingupfromhismouthtoyourears.Briankillme.Thisisthedaythatisnotheavilyforceitcertainlyisnothistoricallybeencriminallyworse.Infact,someofthoseegregiouscaseswerehandledratherlightlySandyforsampleheactuallystuffdocumentsinthisandsnuckthemoutofasecurelocationorleavingthespottoberetrievedlaterhereceivednotilltimeandjustpledguiltytoamisdemeanorandevenforcedtolosethesecurityclearancepermanentlyisjustathreeyearsuspension.Sothisisanap.ItisnotknownforrobustcriminalenforcementsothatdoesraisethesequestionsastothisallhandsondeckrateheavilyarmedagentsandapredawnraidatMerrillLagoinPalmBeachjustalittlesouthofwhereIamrightnowinOrlando,Florida.WelcometotheBriankillmeJoe,youcanjoinusat866-408-7669mynameisJoeKelly.You'llfindmeonlineattalkradioJoe,I'mverypleasedtobeabletowelcomeontotheshowthismorning,Sen.Dr.RogerMarshallRepublicanfromKansas,Sen.goodmorning,goodmorning.WhatanincrediblenightincredibleshowtotalkabouttodaywhenwhenyoufirstmetasamemberoftheUnitedStatesSenatethathadtohavereallygrabbedyourattentiontofindoutthattheFBIconductedapredawnraidattheattheresidenceofaformerpresidentwillshockandaweshowbyJoeBiden.Icantellyoumyphoneimmediatelyblewupwithmyfriendsandfamily,childhoodfriends,peoplethatIloveandtrustandtheysaidmyGod,whyisthelawnotbei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Gen.thinktheyshouldbedrivingculturethattheyhadtheanswersthattheyarethesolutiontotheproblem.Iftheywouldjustspendmoremoneyitwouldsolvetheproblem.WordsofPres.ReaganthatthegovernmentisnotthesolutiontotheproblemgovernmentistheproblemthatIseethisonegoingfromcrisistocrisistocrisisanytimetheymakeabaddecisionthatthatdecisioniscompoundedintofouror16morenewproblemsthattheycreatedsoit'safrustratingtimeforAmericansforKansasandcertainlytobeaUnitedStatesconservativeaspartofthatfrustration.IthinkallAmericansreallywanttoloveandbeproudofAmerica.ButitisgettinghardereverydaytoloveandbeproudofAmericabecauseofthepeoplewhoaremuckingitup.IgobacktoPres.Obama'sapologytour,apologizingtotheworldworldfortheheirsofAmericaandthenthatlessontheagainthisispoliticsdrivingculturethatcontinuedairapologyunderJoeBidenaswell,towardsourchildrenareconfused.Theydon'tknowwhotobelieve.WanttobelievewhatwehadchallengesareyouknowwhereyouarenotproudofVietnamwhathappenedtherebutwe'vealwaysremaintruetotheflagoftheConstitution.Ithinkit'spartoftheselfworshipwhenitwhenyouthinkthatAmericaisallaboutyou.You'rethereasonthatdrivesitisverysimple.It'spridefulreallyisadifferentstyleofleadership,lackofleadershipreallySen.Roger,myson,theBriankillmeshowmynameisJoeKelly.Ourphonenumber866-408-7669howwiththe,therecentlypassedinflationact.HowisthatgoingtoaffectKansaswillalwayswanttodriveuppricesallyearincreasecorporatetaxes.Bothwillbepassedontohard-workingAmericannewtaxesnewwaysofdoingyourtaxesaregoinghurttheoilandgasindustrynumberoneconcernbackhomerightisthepriceofgasandgroceries,deftlygoingtoincreasethepriceofthoselittletokilljob.Ithinkthecorporationswillhavelessmoneylefttoreinvesttohirepeopletogetpeopleraisesthat'sgoingtoslowdowntheeconomyvesseltodecreasethesupplyproducts.Thislawdisproportionatelyimpactmanufacturingsothat'swhatIIthinkofWichita.CantheKingofAerospace,theworldleaderinaerospaceindustry.Ithinksomeoftheagriculturemanufacturersthatwehaveaswell.WehaveanF150planintheCantoncityMetroarea.Althoughdrivesupthecostofdoingbusiness,andthosearegoingtobepassedonthecans.OfcoursewhateveryoneistalkingaboutistheIRS87,000newagentdoublingthesizeoftheIRS,wewerewonderingwhytheIRSwasaccumulatingweaponsandammunitionandandnowweknowwhyyeahboythatisverydisconcertingtothinkthattheretherearestockpilingweaponsandammunitionattheIRSyeahJoeandIthinkyougettoconnectwiththeFBIraidyesterdaywiththeIRSandtheIRStolookmoreliketheFBIthanwhatwethoughtitwouldbe.Andthenhere'sthechallengewehadthatmanyfederalagentsouttheretryingtojustifytheirjobtobegoingafter.Therecanbegoingaftersmallbusinesses,whichwaspossibleforhalfofthejob.OverhalfthejobsinAmericatogoaftermiddleAmericamiddleincomeAmericansaswell.Maybemakeit8000$20,000ayearthatwegoingafterthemtellyouthatyoubeentothe$5000defendingthatauditevenifyoudoneeverythingperfectandyouwintheaudityou'regoingtospendmoneyonaccountingandlegalfees.Smallcompaniesaregoingupin20$25,000aswell.Icouldn'tbemorepressingherethelastpointI'llmakeabout87,000peopleoutofaproductivejobintherealworld.AddingtheGDPoverthefederalgovernmentandanextradecreasedGDP.ThisisnotthetimetobetakenpeopleoutoftherealworkforceandgivingthemanartificialjobinthefederalgovernmentsoIsawatweetyesterdaysomebodyontheleft,sayingheylookifyou'repayingyourtaxesthenyougotnothingtoworryaboutwiththeIRShiring87,000newagentsinstockpilinggunsandammunition,butthetroublingpartaboutthatisisIalwaysthinkthatIhaveproperlypreparedmytaxesandhavesubmitteditproperly.AndI'vepaidtheportionthatIohandandyetthere'salwaysanaggingfeelinginthebackofmymindthatsomehowsomeway,maybeI'veputthewrongdollarfigureinthewrongcategoryareourtaxcodeandthesystembywhichAmericanspaytheirfederalincometaxesissounkindlycomplicated.Howcanwenotbeafraidof87,000newagentsthatareheavilyarmedandawfulNeverlandneversignthebackofapaycheck.Ifindapaycheckeveryotherweekfor25yearsIstartedoffwiththreeemployeesendedupwith300andbackpackburdenwassignificantandwespentagoodamountofmoneyhavingaccountantdoitprofessionallyandyou'regoingtoberandomlyselected(wearenotsittingtheretryingtopickandchoose.Oh,thisisaconservativeorganizationlookedawayafterthempartywastargetedbytheIRSthereforawhileandthentherewerenoconsequencesfortheIRStargetingtheteapartyjusttotakeyoutoblindfoldoffagain.ThisiswhyAmericansdon'ttrustthefederalgovernment.Evenifyou'renotateapartypumpsandyouwillreadaboutthecomingafternextsothatyouwhatyouwantatyournonprofitthatyousupportthesanctityoflifetocomeuptotheirtaxreturn.Ohyeahthisthissoevenifyoudoeverythingperfectly.Thisisaproblem.87,000newIRSagentorangeandrecentlyinajustresolutiontodeclarethecrisisatthesouthernborderandinvasionyesandandthat'sabigifthatweretobeabletogetpastandandsignedbythepresidentwhichisyouknowthat'sthat'sthebigFrightrightwhatwouldwhatwouldthatdolet'slet'simagineascenariounderwhichthatiswildlypopularintheSenateandispassedandsignedbythepresident.Howcouldthatchangetheborderwouldallowthebordereverydayisnowaborderstatelikewouldempowerthemtopushbackonthissituation.Thinkabouteverymonthwehaveaprobably200,000peopleacrossourborderillegally.RightnowinUkrainethereislessthan200,000RussiantroopsinUkrainesothatwecallthataninvasionthisparticularinvasionarenotnecessarilycarryingweapons,thoughsomeofthemarekillingouryouknoweverythingKansassomebodydyingfromaphysicalpoisoningacrossAmerica250peopledyingeverydaythattheinvasionI'mtalkingaboutJoeBidenwilldohisjobthathederelictinthejob.DHSisderelictintheirjobandleftempowerthegovernorstoothersusingtheNationalGuardbywhatevermeansnecessarygiventhepowertodefendtheirbordersandtorepeltheinvasionSen./Dr.Rogermoretime.JoeKellythisistheBrianKellyshellandIcantellyouthatImightwinwhenwewereearlyoninthemarriageweretalkingaboutkidsandIandIsaidyouandIreallywanttonameoneofourifwehaveason.IwanttonameoursonSen.thatwaythatanytimeyouhecallsyoumakeadinnerreservationisnotlikethat.It'slikeyesatableforSen.Kelly.Pleaselet'shisname,nothistitleandthatIthoughttheotherchildshouldbenamedDr.youhavebothtitlesSen.andDr.Ithinkyoucangetatablereservationanytimeyouwant.Idon'tstrugglethatyoutoo.Igotadmit.Iwouldmuchrathergotothecarriagethingcanhappentoconfidesteakan'sapleasuretotalkto.Thankyousomuchconservativevalues, I'm Joe Kelly.

This is the Brian Kelly Joe newsmakers and news breakers. First, I kill me show talk show that's real.

This is the Brian kill me show like that you want to have a warrant in case it says that no one is above the law and not even a presidential or former president Nancy Pelosi this morning. I was on MSNBC talking about the raid on Mayor Lago in the predawn hours yesterday with heavily armed federal agents with just a massive show of force. I guess it's a bit surprising that like the cameras from CNN weren't there. I think that's the only piece that was missing from last yesterday morning's early morning raid. We've also got some comments here from what we call the open mic and a little bit ashamed to be one now. Yeah, my rights trump anticipated disdain when the FBI opens up those boxes a bunch of jokers concept all very sinister laugh. I find it strange that they raid our former Pres. home yet they totally obvious to Hunter Biden and our president Joe biting being compromise by China, Russia and Ukraine. You know, if you are disinclined to call into a radio talkshow but you still want your opinion to be expressed.

You still want to get off your chest. You can download the WDB O app from the App Store or from your Google play and use a feature called the open mic in that and you can just leave a comment will be able to hear that and be able to play that on the radio. Let's get back to the phones here at 866-408-7669 Eddie is joining us in Great Falls Montana hi Eddie how are you great, thanks. What's on your mind. Watch that department and do something that's never been done in the United States and the White House did know was going to happen. So yeah I I would agree with you that the White House may have known but II there is there.

I fully would appreciate the Joe Biden probably had the slightest idea that that's what that is exactly why Eddie, thank you. Let's go to Larry in Virginia you're on the Brian Kelly Joe Kelly hi Larry, good morning. I what's your take good night. After 10 years in the military I required. They kept track of the document and what I wanted to take a year and 1/2 for the government to figure out the back the number 45 president might have document that is resident right. This is not the first time that they have recovered documents from Mayor Lago. In fact they had some 15 boxes of documents that they had recovered, but they were declassified and the president has the right to declassify documents but only while he's president right he can't he cannot declassify the documents. Now, if in fact if in fact there were classified documents at Mayor Lago. He cannot as an ex-president, declassify them, but he could've declassified them before he left the White House and that would mean that the FBI is picking up boxes or evidence of stuff that frankly is not illegal to have later in the process. This is not like is this not the first time is not is not a year and 1/2 that this is taking place now, the, the national archives of the FBI working with a trump administration, the former trump administration, the Trump family to get some these documents back to make sure that none of them were classified documents as they had but but something somewhere evidently gave the FBI no reason to believe that there were more or there were classified documents somewhere at Mayor Lago.

Thank you. Some much for your call Larry. I appreciate that my name is Joe Kelly and I here in Florida, Orlando, Florida were today.

It is good to be hot again kept about 95� and those afternoon seabreeze storms with a rocket launch coming up later tonight here listening to the Brian Chile to show live from the Fox News radio's you said of Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian kill me. It is indeed the Brian kill me show Brian is enjoying a couple of days off which he has certainly served, and I bet he would love to be here this morning to talk about the raid that took place at Mayor Lago early yesterday morning pre-that's the proverbial predawn heavily armed federal agents converging upon Mayor Lago my name is Joe Kelly and I am broadcasting from the Florida zone here at WDB O in Orlando where at the moment it's sunny and gorgeous, but we will have some afternoon seabreeze storms later today and the rocket launch tonight because know this, but from from right here in Orlando from say the magic kingdom.

You can see the rocket launches from the space Coast.

Assuming it's a clear day, but it's a lot of fun to watch and with the tempo of lunches that they've had lately at the space Coast. Honestly, after the shuttle program was retired. A lot of us thought that those that that there be heydays the good days of space exploration instead and launches were to be over. In fact there were massive job losses out there in the space Coast but it is so thriving today. It's really exciting to see all of the launches, including the upcoming Artemis launch which is going to take eventually humans back to the moon. So, welcome back to 1969 were going to them on my friends alright you can join us here on the Brian kill each. 866-408-7669, but first I want to turn to our guest Harry Tatyana's and here he is the president of the rogue states project.

It's a foreign policy think tank very welcome to the Brian Kelly Joe, I'm glad you joining us and I always thought I had the coolest handle at talk radio Joe but yours be in at Grecian formula.

I think that's cooler you and and with a name like Tatyana's that's that's perfect isn't it. I greet the Greek with a great workout. Right now I'm in India, China and Taiwan in Ukraine and and some other foreign policy matters in just a moment but first, I do need to get your take on the raid that took place at Mayor Lago why Donald right or to have a member of the family orders organization and they have some sort of beyond question smoking gun.

Guess what, they selected out 2024. Bottom line American people are completely tired of federally overstepping their authority to go down the whole bucket gate all that he knows all about this point, but there is a such a law of the right word, lack of trust are situations where no output 1979, 80, 90 FBI, CIA trusted that bedrock of our society what the trunk here don't like tall truck. They don't like this policy may not like some of the stuff he says out to get him ever since the 20 16th.

So the bottom line is that they better have gone to have that handcuffed and try to get him to jail or triumph, or otherwise, the Democrats are completely out that I had said earlier that that as I prepared for the coming onto the Brian kill each out today. I was prepared to to make an argument as to why Rhonda Santos would be a better candidate then then Donald Trump running for reelection. Are you running again.

But honestly, after they were the rate at Mayor Lago II agree with you completely.

I had to rethink that I might well doubt nope nope.

Not now.

Now I think Donald is good at it. And again unless he is in an orange jumpsuit with shackles.

He he has been reelected, but because of this I would bond on I like you I have a lot of for my love Florida Maca wants trump� Me when I talked a lot of folks are so close to trumpet his former campaign and just a lot of debate look. The Republican Party is in the conservative base anymore popular popular space because the Donald truck because of the millions of new voters that brought into the Republican Party while I think there need to be a very long transition.Donald truck would have to actually be a part voters to a bond or Christine know somebody else. The party is doldrums party right now to change it. If you have trump names that match. I try to reach not let's spite rule my life, but with spite alone unite. I want to see Donald now elected once again to the White House. I want to see Donald try exact revenge on all of the people and institutions that have besmirched him since day one.

I'd a lot of friends a lot of very very) people are the headlines I want to get the name that were personally impacted by going to work for Donald truck, trumpet, trunk, family, all the people that were around Donald truck. That way you my friend.

A lot of people aren't rich millionaires and billionaires like Donald Trump. They went in to serve their country to try and make the nation better to try some of those truck policies that the American people put in for a lot of them are were threatened with going to jail were investigated were brought in front of Robert Muller and I can tell you that they had spent hundreds of thousands of Moyer when they get absolutely nothing wrong with patriot except there was a long confocal spectrum. They work like the media went after the holder their kids out of college and had to file bankruptcy to sell their house this thing that I can trunk the American people need to understand it far more than truck to the mid-level bureaucrats you have to run the government that Donald Trump put in key positions that were slaughtered, so you know what personal you. It certainly sounds like it Harry Tatyana's is our guest right now is the president of the rogue states project a foreign policy think tank and I read this morning that Apple now says that there no longer say that their products are made in Taiwan and there to be made in China even though they're made in Taiwan. Your take on that here party in power over all of our lot personally really got the bottom line is that you go back to comfort trumpet thing that was very difficult for the American people. I don't think what it really understand it On Wall Street did want to get it that the United States economy is addicted to cheap Chinese goods cheap Chinese manufacturing and the $700 billion bilateral relationship you have a basic look. We all love going to Walmart get her cheap goods or cheap groceries or cheap plastic products, cleaning supplies some point we saw over the last few days with this almost moreover, Taiwan, much of the price we really going to pay for that millions of American would love to go back to work in somewhat stable or even pretty stable factory job. They might not be the best paint job, but there are so many Americans right now who were left behind after the great recession of 2008, after the economic downturn of COBIT would love to get a decent job. I think there's a lot of American considering inflation that we have right now might not be so opposed to maybe paying a couple more couple percentage points more to know that product is made in the good old USA: Darrell law That has a sticker where every product is 50% of the more it made in the image communist China while the American people get to know that back to you the choice when you go to buy something. I think a lot of Americans would make the right choice by American I know I do, such as a candidate and I know I would agree that most Americans would probably be willing to pay a little bit more for products that are made in America but poor. Not now, not today, not with inflation where it is right now. Maybe now would be about 10 years from now. Maybe five years maybe it out, you never know the place and come down with what hope would keep our fingers crossed but I think the American people are starting. We got back that China is our greatest owe for the Soviet Union to keep in mind the union that the 30,000 nuclear weapon 20 or 30,000 tanks and military superpower military powers growing, getting closer that every day, $15 trillion tied to the entire planet much more dangerous Harry Wheatley. I think all of us were little bit surprised when Russia invaded Ukraine to find that the Russian invasion force was not as supreme as we had been led to believe China on the other hand, seemingly, they had to cut inferior impressive military system. In some cases more advanced in the eighth in the United States and were the reasons why I am going to Taiwan literally put in focus what you're trying to do with their military. The last 30+ years trying okay I'm defeating United States Navy airport. All of the bases around China in a war over Taiwan or the South China and actually their military strategy is very simple.

Day one of that war. They would destroy all of our satellite orbit. They prove they can do that over 10 years ago with That that shocked the whole world they would destroy all of our bases around the bars law may have been difficult to do it. They prove it.

They can destroy a large four-star airport on the ground in a Pearl Harbor type attack, they would destroy our committee control structures, and they could think our aircraft carriers. They have thousands of ballistic and now hypersonic focus their military. This moment, and you know what a lot of American military officials don't want to admit that fact and not that is what we need to be prepping for its important that we help Ukraine important that we stay focused in the Middle East are not for isolationism for running out of places, absolutely not.

But this is what our focus needs to be otherwise working to wake up someday. Got the Chrysler China working our butts kicked. Anybody want to see that Harry Tatyana's the president of the rogue states project here in the brain kill each of my name is Joe Kelly on the subject. If Ukraine is getting to get into a quagmire in Ukraine is as good to be a an ongoing long-term battle.

A lot of people like us that we thought there was military supremacy with the Russians had evidently not the case and I think we also underestimated the tenacity of the Ukrainians. I mean, I don't want to just put this on rest of the Ukrainians have been have really stepped up their game and they of us equally surprised us with their tenacity. But, but what is the endgame here. I see that Pres. Biden I just keep handing over billions and billions of dollars to them with with seemingly no end in sight. You don't have right here, challenge here is that I have no true equipment to dominate you. The Russian mass mobilization went on national TV and declares war starts bringing it massive new Russians into the fight, poorly trained soldiers disclosed that Ukraine no will viably when Ukrainians are completely dependent on US military gear you see the high mark that is been very effective with that rocket artillery that's all over the Internet with all these viral pictures that is really helping Ukrainians] hold the line. The problem is that the United States cannot indefinitely forever handle it just military equipment to Ukraine to fight Russia right now. The dirty little secret provided help people. We are literally calling from our active stock of our military training Ukrainians up on it. Sometimes in England. Other places like the Russians we can't do that forever. A lot of our military contractors are going over try having factories working 24 seven to replenish the stock work � a huge problem here able to indefinitely basically fight a proxy war against Russia happened dollars. Eventually this war will end up settling down, almost like a Korean War so that I think they might be on both sides disagree with the borders are and it could end up being the giant person conflict� His reason for working to start up again at any time, especially oil prices will start jacking up again start making a lot of money because reinvestment does not carry so I have a feeling open source for Europe for many years to come. Great talk and see Harry Tatyana's is the president of the rogue states project. You'll find them at Grecian formula Harry, thank you so much for great day coming up will get some your phone calls you can join us.

Right now, 866-408-7669.

I'm Joe Kelly.

This is the brain kill me show want even more.

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There has to be particularity in terms of these application they have to be specific to court clearly found probable cause that there there would be classified material still at the residence so that much. We can assume there is a law that allows for punishment up to three years for concealing or retaining these types of documents that is a specific intent crime is not a negligence standard to show that in this case, Pres. Tromp, or some other individual, specifically intended to withhold such material.

We just don't know if the evidence is at this point, but those are part of the questions being asked as we go forward as Jonathan Turley from Fox and friends this morning on the FBI search admire Lago I down in Palm Beach for just a little south a little 3 Hour Dr. or so from Orlando where I am at WDB. L. My name is Joe Kelly and I'm filling in for Brian kill me today.

You can join us at 866-408-7669 we'd save the rest of the hour for you so that you can talk on the radio and tell us your thoughts to you convince you can help us come up with good ideas for where to go from from here or whatever else is on your mind to hit us up right now at 866-408-7669, as were here in the Florida freedom zone. Let's start out with a call from Florida listing to doubly okay V in Jacksonville, just north of here, Lynn is on the brain, kill each Ojai land thank you talk about the I thought if anybody was a self-employed person or small business will remember when Joe Biden said he would come after many deposits over $600. All it kind of malarkey right now using my yeah and then to increase the payroll of the IRS now by oh gosh, 87,000 employees with median incomes about 60 grand big mathematics comes to $5,220,000,000 of pay in all the payroll and become after people for money. Other than that this is just getting really deep yet just just to justify the 87,000 IRS agents and have to prove their worth right and have to build it to its with the very least, one would think him and I know that in in the regular business world. I mean if you hire skews me a whole lot of people.

If those people don't produce.

If they don't prove their value their worth. Then they're gone.

So these 87,000 new IRS agents are going to have to find enough money out there to justify their hiring right well that's coming there.

They're not buying guns and ammo for nothing. Clearly there is something afoot. If there there loading up there stockpiling their bit. They're building an armory of guns and ammunition I having armed federal IRS agents does not sound like the America that I love and probably not the one that you love as well. My name is Joe Kelly this is Brian kill me more of your phone calls coming up straight ahead stay with us. That's a lot more. The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me. He doesn't believe in the rule of law.

She doesn't lapse inside the rule of law. Just like Donald not most honest person in the world most meticulous and bank ring laws are. Tomorrow is the day when you want to buy the physical copy of the newspaper want to buy it and fold it carefully. Perhaps the orange jumpsuit is forthcoming. But this is a night where you are going to remember where you work. Yeah, this is I you know I'm so sorry, but man, every time the media thinks they've got the goods on Donald.

Donald ends up proving otherwise. They have this since the very beginning. Since since the the audio recording of grabbing her and the thing I mean every single instance of the media the corporate media have thought we finally have the thing that is get up the put the nail in the coffin for Donald drop don't rule out Donald from just yet not so quick and you'll recall that even Donald trumps that he could go out on the what was it Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and still get elected and and I think there's something to that as well.

Mark Elias is a top lawyer for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, and he says this morning that Pres. Trump could be disqualified from making another run at the White House in 2024. Following the FBI raid of his Florida residency pointed to US code title 18 blah blah blah that says whoever having the custody of such record proceeding map document etc. etc. could be disqualified from holding any office under the United States and therein lies the goal is in it means that is the whole reason is in it, why they're doing this. Why the faith of the left the swamp. Whatever you want to call it. That is why they have been so relentless in their constant attacks on everything Donald Trump my name is Joe Kelly. This is the brain kill each of you can join us at 866487669 boat out to West Palm Beach, Florida. Rick is joining us here in the brain kill each onslaught of excitement there in your community. Rick yesterday morning. Thank you very much. Listen, you had on about 50 minutes going to get his name but you don't talk about China, Russia, and then be in the aggressive worried about China and Russia all worried about the politicians that have made China and Russia. What they are today. And if you put on top of that, how corrupt the Department of Justice is with what you got away with what the Biden the whole family got away with it just I don't care about Russia and China worried about our federal government's.

I think a lot of us are able to multitask and and have concerns and thoughts about both II think God certainly Russia and China are threats. China is a massive threat to us, particularly with the amount of production that comes at a China that heads to the United States.

I mean just the chip manufacturing alone could absolutely continue to cripple the United States.

Ross already limping right now because of the chip shortage but it could really cripple us in and put us into that wheelchair and maybe into the grave. If if we don't get those chips out of China, so I don't the threat is real out of China, but I do appreciate and understand what you're saying about that. The corrupt officials here in the United States. Let's go to Prescott Arizona where I bet it's hot as Hades. Today James is on the Brian Kelly Joe hi James about her right now that sounds quite nice actually but still very early.

I want you to remember back when Sandy Berger walked in and walked out with all of the secret top-secret documents stuffed in his underwear and socks and everything else I didn't see any FBI heavily armed go after him and then try to run him over Bill Clinton out of office. Did you still and I will say that was a different time. Well it was a different time, but it still top-secret walking out of that you are absolutely right about that, but there that was a time in which the United States was not quite as divided as it is today, but it is acts like what the DOJ and the FBI have done in reading their log that continues to further divide the United States and hopefully and I pray to God. Hopefully they will there will be retribution for all of James. Thank you buddy appreciate that.

Try to stay cool today was go to Salsberry Vermont Dennis is listening to W VMT here on the Brian Kelly to Ojai.

Dennis you doing a wonderful job filling in for Brian think whatever you do do so and not enough what they're paying me is not enough either.

So it all works out. I wonder Donald and I wouldn't put it past him made 2030 copies of Hunter Biden's hard drive and letting them around Morrow log go Bedminster the Trump tower just for these purposes, and if you want to goes into an investigation goes into trumps private residence and find the Hunter Biden hard drive today. Have to admit what's on it. Hunter Biden hard drive already in the hands of the DOJ just won't say that they have it in the in testimony last week, the FBI director said that he wouldn't discuss it now. If they find his hard drive and got in Donald's residence and they say we found this classified information. Donald trumps residence Hunter Biden's hard drive. Then you said approved Hunter Biden's hard drive. What's on is what you're suggesting Dennis is that the FBI was not there as as much to seek evidence of crimes from Donald trumpet may be to take evidence that could could implicate Hunter Biden. No, no I'm saying is maybe somebody buys enough laced Donald with Hunter Biden. I see okay love you guys planting out of sync. I came in so that you could embarrass the FBI to the extent that they haven't already embarrass themselves interesting thoughts.

Dennis, thank you so much. Let's go to Paul who's listening right here in Orlando on WDB L Collier on the ranch only show with Joe Kelly Joe, great job today. Thank you.

I look back on 54 years old. I look back on all this stuff politically in unit that just a few moments ago was a different time with Sandy Berger but the one thing that can different time or or not it's always the same story and I think what's happening is also you said you I think you said Democrats referring to where the country is in all the stuff I really do think Democrats and a lot of Republicans.

I just think the entire bunch of them are horribly corrupt and I do think that how come things are unfolding the way they are and I look back at Hillary Clinton and in her scandal and I will especially that guy just got off the provided the only dossier with you know with the Russian collision deal and Hunter Biden all the stuff you look at all this and then you see what they just did a Donald Trump and as a country I don't know how anyone I mean anyone can look at this and say wow this is completely corrupt and wrong. The only guy you can trust. I think right now happens to be dealt what you know why I see their errors where uniting the different bit because I don't trust any of them.

I don't trust any of our elected leaders and I think that is the frankly I think that's the healthiest position that we could. We should all have as American citizens is to love our country, but to to be wary of an oppressive and overbearing government bun and and even Donald trumpet them and even Donald from business as a private businessman before before becoming a politician I you know anybody who seeks that office will in some way shape or form seek to benefit themselves from it and and that includes Donald Trump doesn't doesn't make him necessarily a bad guy doesn't mean that you get. Do you know you can't vote for their vote for him again, but I think every politician was in it for themselves. Sometimes they start out. They start out wanting to do what's right for their constituency. But then once they get in there and the inner workings of things he get under the thumb of people like Nancy Pelosi or of Mitch McConnell or you know that then then things just get crossways and that's where get a lot of distrust. I'm afraid comes from Paul, thank you's much for your call, but a minute. By the way, you guys gotta stick around for this. There was a very near collision in the air over Orlando International Airport last week that could have had devastating results. I have obtained the V air traffic control audio and I want you to hear this and this is what this airliner a Delta Air Lines flight came within 8 feet of colliding mid air, with a thing and explain what the thing is to get into that you can hear the ATC audio and then to become a nexus will stay with us here in the Brian Kelly show, I'm Joe Kelly. The numbers 866-408-7669 your knowledge base. Brian fill me show if you're interested in Bryan's talking about your until made Joe Kelly for Brian Kelly here in Orlando Florida freedom sound loving every minute of it and I think out for just a minute. I don't if you're aware of this. If you don't know much about drone VFA aid does license people to be drone pilots and I am an FAA licensed drone pilot so I know a thing or two about drones and in fact I have a bit of an illness.

Perhaps I'm a bit of a drone yak. I love I love flying my drones and and I love you and even for the radio station I'll be able to fly over new stories and sometimes I'll just fly into weather events and that kind of stuff is just it's a lot of fun to be able to get that perspective. But there are, especially when you're in FAA licensed Cisco part 107 is an FAA licensed drone pilot. There are certain things that I'm aware of one of those is in the United States.

The maximum ceiling. The maximum height at which drones are allowed to fly in almost all circumstances is 400 feet. That's is that's as high as Wingo and honestly, there are very few reasons why you need to go higher than 400 feet. Most of my flights are about 150 feet I that's a kind of a sweet spot for me, but what I want you to hear is this air traffic control audio buddy of mine. He's a pilot Capt. with Southwest Airlines and he his name is Rich Brimer and Rich said that they had. He spotted a drone and and because he knows I'm a drone pilot both pilots. We hang out the pilot lounge of your partner. As he knows I'm a drone pilot.

He couldn't wait to to call me after he landed and said man I just saw drone right over Orlando international Airport, take a listen is little over minute long. Listen to the ATC audio here. The first voice you hear is my friend Rich of the Southwest pilot and but listen to the last voice and you could hear the Delta pilot that was in line behind and that there there both on approach to land at Orlando international Airport and listen to what the Delta pilot says at the end of this again. It's about a minute longer. Right now, probably about over the wake or know about how far off early with about the room reported a 2001 when I tell you what you negatively by 8 feet each sheet. Some of the windshield. Delta airliner on approach to Orlando international airports as a drone pilot that strikes fear in me because it's dingdong's like the person I was piloting that drone who is going to ruin it for for anybody else who legally and respectfully flies drones and I don't know what a drone would do hitting the windshield of oven airliner. I don't know if it would just bounce off or if it would go right through the windshield and kill a pilot but it if it's the latter we narrowly missed a major aviation disaster in Orlando last week. It's chilling to hear that and were only to get more drones in the air in the future and not fewer drones in the future as more and more hobbyists are taken to the skies and as more and more businesses Amazon, Walmart and others are to be using drones to fly goods causes a goods and services.

You really can't fly a service but there there to be flying products in around the nation to people, but we know we drone pilots are supposed to operate in the sub 400 feet airspace and and not above 400 feet and at the moment, the FAA really does not have a way to track who is flying that drone but the FAA is going to require in the in the months ahead. They can require remote identification transmitters in both the drone and the controller there's two components to find a drone right the drone and then the controller that the drone pilot is holding down on the ground at the at the moment. There's no way for an FAA agent or police officer anybody to figure out where the drone pilot is standing while flying that drone but the controllers in the coming years. I think I think it's 2023 or 2024 when there a requirement, the FAA will be able to look up if they see a drone.

For example, if you've ever used your phone your camera phone to swipe the menu somewhere right. You show your camera on your smart phone on QR code and it pops up a menu at a restaurant post pandemic that kinda stuff well they'll be able to look up into the sky and with their phone bill bill to see the ID on the drone that they're looking at and with that, it'll be attached if you will, identified with the controller and the controller will also transmit their location, which means they'll be able to find exactly where that drone pilot is standing and arrest him, put him in jail and make an example of him for threatening the lives of everybody that is on that airliner and hopefully were not can have any major disasters like that, but man, that is, that was a scary moment to be sure, you could hear it in the voice of that Delta Air Lines pilot as the ATC asks you to did you have to make any kind of immediate evasive maneuvers and he says we just didn't have time and it came with an 8 feet of the windshield. My name is Joe Kelly Hubert listen to the Brian Kelly show he'll be back up next week probably tomorrow is great news Brian Kelly.

This could be back tomorrow are right here in branch only joking. Find out more information go to the bright go to Ryan killing to find more about me go to at talk radio.

Joe, it is been an honor and a pleasure as always to fill in for Brian and I hope you guys have a wonderful and blessed rest of your day. No doubt you a lot more about the mayor Lago in invasion over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources a fox in your box with just personal powerful subscriber listen to Fox News, not just

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