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Brian Torches Biden Admin for Trump Raid: Did the President Sign Off?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 10, 2022 12:42 pm

Brian Torches Biden Admin for Trump Raid: Did the President Sign Off?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 10, 2022 12:42 pm

[00:00:00] Jonathan Turley

[00:18:26] Rich Lowry

[00:37:11] Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC)

[00:55:30] Jon Levine

[01:13:43] John Iannarelli

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Live from New York City to set up Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian. I'm really happy to be back with you here the Brian Kilby Joe 1-866-408-7669 the number he called beyond what the whole nation and be heard around the world as you know we come from New York City but heard around the country are Rich Lowry the bottom of the hour, John the Charlie standing by the stunning new 48 hours ago the presence of home Verilog was rated. They gave him no notice. 30 FBI agents of one of the place and they stayed there for about eight or nine hours took out boxes. No one is quite sure what the real intent was. They said was about the national archives. Nobody believes that nobody believes the president didn't know it. So it's good to the big three, and then to Jonathan the stories you need to know Brian's three number three the winners in this pathetic Schumer mansion reconciliation, not ordinary working folks, winners of the regulatory octopus agencies like the EPA destroying fossil fuels. The IRS destroying small business details rolling in on the mansion, Schumer climate bill. Not only is this nation not ready for green trim. The green transition. The IRS weapon rising in a way that will affect every one of us can imagine will come to a country.

Your first visit here someone is throwing you out as the governor of Texas is doing and then try to navigate this complex country, the delivery of services and with a good job makes no sense. Even, Harris would believe that border battle Adams first Avenue at the governor of Texas is bossing thousands of illegals to New York City Mayor Adams claims that anti-American was anti-American allowing a border to collapse.

The good news is that soon find will have to take action to hear the account of these ongoing negotiations and meetings into June, you're still left with this question of why they decided to order the raid on the residence of the former president John the truly be a great poking the trunk raid the reaction. The fall out the details in house only 45 has a lot of momentum was bringing Jonathan Turley, is among the best in the business to explain a lot of people like me, pedestrians, law professor George Ross University boxes contributor John what have you. I've been following your coverage and your analysis. Have you been to make sense of this and analyze why you think it would be necessary for them for the FBI take the political risk to go into prison trumps compound no more that I learn the more confused I become one of the most disturbing. I knew that there were meetings going on including and you are discussing what I assume were identified a disk or descriptive way. A list of material and that leaves the question of why why why would you order a raid on the compound when the other party is engaged in negotiations. The material is not going anywhere, but more importantly, you could just grab the material of the subpoena.

I'm none of that has been answering anything that questions are growing by the day.

So I think that there is a legitimate demand for the Atty. Gen. to be more forthcoming and do explain why this is not great enough to reveal the basis of the investigation.

You just have to reveal why this particular meme with you that this particular time. So just a timeline for the American people are listening right now. January 2020 present trunk leaves the White House. Obviously he left the documents maybe should national archives in late 2021 reaches out to Trump about missing.

Potentially classified information. January 2022 this year Trump team voluntarily gives a 15 missing boxes in June would you just referring to high-level DOJ meet tomorrow Lago and trumps us by meeting in negotiations as they continue June 22. So that's what that total silence since we believe in August.

Prosecutor submit affidavit asking for a warrant.

They got it August 8.

They used it in marrow Lago. Here's what the attorney Alina hi Bob who was scramble to meet Christina Bob who is scrambled to help out. She lives in Palm Beach when the raid took place. Here's what she said happen cut seven Carla Delilah� That means you tell me that when I roll up at the president of the personal residence and you want me to take your word for it that you actually have a warrant so I initially showed it to me in the name they gave me a copy of that after everything was over in needed cities. They were thereby hashing that by half of the national archives. Why would Smithsonian rolling out a big exhibit and they didn't have the conjuring own letter you really think about that the present to record settlement for the relatively weak enforcement profile. I just testified on Congress talk about the trunk box but it is almost never enforced. Currently, there are a few case soon and hang of this massive brain conducted under the PRA just raised all types of questions for most of us use any McCabe said as he is the disgraced FBI agent in that get you a job at CNN nine, the FBI would not have taken a step is drastic and serious is this unless they had good information to indicate that this was the result of some knowing and willful or intentional acts of removing classified documents or sensitive documents documents in violation of some federal laws. What I mean to you and the lack of self-awareness.

Some of the visual is really breathtaking. You first of all, someone who was one of the high-ranking official when the FBI was leading court on getting search warrant for conducting investigation lying to court fall to find evidence that you worked for a man James Kony truck FBI material from the yes he was fired and then link it to the press that seem to be at all relevant that they expressed a little faith that this on is that this have to be a legitimate move.

The point is not that there isn't a basis to acquire classified information. If the president retained classified information youth in violation of law, the government does have right to get that material back but not the real question here. The real question is how you go about doing that, it's fairly common for presidents to have disagreements with the archived material that is removed there's a problem. It can take months that material even furniture is returned to the White House or given over to the national archives. So this is nothing new, no true that the scope of this conflict is certainly broader than before, but the Hampton suddenly metastasized into a major raid is baffling. So a couple things I like to ask you, so they walk in the grips himself in the daily that they say no one hey Georgia I know you're investigating Trump.

This could help you.

Hey, Leticia, James, I know you're did deposing the judge.

The present today about his business practice. Maybe this can help you. Hey, January 6 meeting about panel hey this could probably help you. So they go in there they grab they can get in there is multiple investigation just happens on this president and they start just fanning it out to the people that they can move this forward something to the Southern District of New York and that happened, but I know Andy McCarthy wrote a very interesting article. I believe your New York Post saying that he believed this was all about January. I'm not entirely by my respect for Randy. First of all I would virtually all of the information related to the attorney-client privilege and arcane teams that are supposed to remove that material when they receive it. Second, if that was, in fact, what occurred here.

There will be others following computer struck in the private employment because that the Hackley what the FBI did they lie court during the Russian collusion they misrepresented their motive. They misrepresented their evidence if they did that here and the Republicans take control the house and discover that an oversight that this is going to be a huge scandal. It meant that right after the Russian collusion after all these reports finding FBI wrongdoing. They did it again so it is possible I would find it breathtaking if that was the case, but in terms of sharing this information. It's very risky.

These agents must know that was their motivation. The minute they walk over this information over to the Generation X grand jury. They are really putting them their own has been the new term of allegations of misrepresenting again, the purpose of any other church work, I got rapidfire questions I can someone so I am reading your house.I'm your attorney. I walk in there I go to the FBI agent said I say what you doing were you going to fall you rightly say no stand in that room going in the back room so they went to his residences and want to Milani's closet. They went to the storage facility. They went everywhere can actually order me not to follow them can order me to turn off the surveillance cameras which thankfully they didn't do. I mean do I have any rights at all, and found know if I'm your attorney in and I see the FBI doing what they're doing right to confine people to areas for the integrity of the search for protection of officers court and get them a lot of leeway turning off the camera.

I don't know of anything ready to do that and what often is the case is that agents will tell people to do things they don't have authority to do and then they just asked forgiveness rather than permission.

Later tags number two is the election wanted to say think practicing which I found astounding judging distance.

Use your experience now judging by what they tell us happen. We get more details. I use my gut feeling is someone tipped them off where to look. Where to go and what to look for it just seems as though a sprawling, a complex like Merrill Lago where you start. Besides, obviously the president's office and and home, but they they knew knowing they were going to Cracker Barrel try and court if they don't find evidence of criminal conduct look like Al Capone you know it it there's clearly some information that they are going away. This is not the FBI carting me off my hope that, but the there's clearly going to be a an expectation that they tell whether they found anything in this extraordinary search.

What they found in the thankfully nothing.

So the question is who is giving this information to them. They clearly had meeting in which specific documents were discussed by and whether they obtained a document not sure but the thing I've been emphasizing it even if they found classified information.

It does not mean that Donald Trump can be criminally charged, the statute involved. The specific intent statute. If the show that he specifically intended to conceal, but if you think the process of negotiation as to how these rules are be were being interpreted on the ticker tape so Scott Terry's walking. He said this morning's time with his family. Three FBI agents. That was yesterday visited him and sees his cell phone. He made no attempt to contact my lawyer would have made arrangement them to have my phone if that was there. Wish I am outraged. Scott Terry's been a long time Trump supporter and these babe refused to cooperate with the January 6 committee and he was somebody who had a real problem with the outcome of the election what's going on.

They are what are you all right like what what I did not know the FBI could just say I need your cell phone he just take it when he apparently did Scott Perry need a warrant off of overseeing a full-court press from the by demonstration there rounding up everything and everyone and that may indicate that Mayor Garland decided to go all in time, but this really really have a reckless element to it does worry me on the rate was unnecessary. From what I can see tomato give it some more information and family indicative of where were headed in that includes your latest account. Grabbing the phone.

I think that Mayor Garland is taking a huge risk with this country were deeply divided country and the concern about the bias of the FBI documented history of bias against Trump with great high-ranking official documented history of false statements in order to investigate high to engage in any reckless rates like this at this time would be a huge failure on the part of the Atty. Gen. are to conduct an investigation. The way that preserves the perception of the basis of legitimacy. So what you said by the bite administration, but terrine Jean-Pierre three was the presidential White House aware of that search warrants lighthouse brief. The president was not brief, did not was not aware of it. Now, no one at the White House was given a heads up. Now that did not happen. Believe you know it is possible that they didn't get it up. They don't need to have a heads up, contacted probably prefer not to get a an official audit official by not clear Washington the leak like this morning with the recently I sent a bite administration. By that Mayor Garland had refused to appoint a special counsel to Hunter Biden matter, and he's also obviously not appointed any special counsel with regard to January 6. In my view, that is astonishing and colossal failure on the part of the Atty. Gen. There is no basis I can think of for not appointing a special counsel in both of those circumstances, Hunter Biden scandal now has the president directly contradicted and what you told the public for years. We now have meetings at the White House with business associates upon your Biden is his denial appear now to be untrue and it issues. I insulate that influence peddling ski they may have generated millions. How could you possibly the Atty. Gen. not appointed a special counsel to January 6. You have a grand jury on January 6. Like the administration of the man who was the opposing candidate and it's investigating the man who may be his is a opponent in the next elections there alone without getting anything else. It is not just a special counsel I needed for the special counsel would mix that everyone celebrate Archibald Cox. Where's the author falls, where the people think well do it the way we do. That's as always, if ever heard you. You're always so levelheaded that's you screaming like John McEnroe done thoroughly. Thank you.

Nice person is Americas with all of your thoughts whether updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News*just*, for wherever you did your project Fox News podcasts network London dominant Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week to bend on its podcast listen no Fox News, the fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill me. This gives me confidence that the Justice Department is really pursuing this thoroughly, objectively and in a nonpolitical way rolling from everything together this night because this is a nightly you are trying to remember where you obviously as big as bigger stakes as you can have. Perhaps the orange jumpsuit is for his forthcoming national Democratic reactions.


Writes good luck with that. Hallelujah. Now you have Mitch McConnell demanding an explanation archenemy of Donald from Ron DeSantis, his chief oh hours expressing outrage you have Andrew Cuomo say the FBI Berube better be prepared to explain itself. You've done something in the short term. I know I'm not get caught up long-term in the short term. You've done the impossible. You be you force the Republicans to unite behind Donald from not just as fancies always had that. But now Republicans on the shut even VP Mike pence, not even on speaking terms expressed outrage so Democrats congratulations. You had to study the chips built near the site of that horrendous new green deal bill would you call the anti-inflation act, and no one's talking about it, the title IX FBI who decides the rate prison trumps Malaga compound resort we come back, which Larry joins us little fish up your phone calls, 1-866-408-7669 so glad to hear Brian kill me Joe back in action will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News by just Fox News podcasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News for wherever you get your favorite contest talk show that's getting you talk with Brian kill me anything you know I'm answering the question. You may not like it. I'm answering the question and I'm I'm answering the question and I'm telling you that we are not going to comment. I know she say I was bringing Rich Lowry on the Internet's review water the case for nationalism and is is all over this service. First off right you know I want. As of now 48 hours later, the Democrats and the FBI have done what I thought was impossible. They've really united a lot of people who were out of the trunk Behind Trump. They feel as though this was told this raid was totally out of line abuse since the same thing totally case you could email it subjective and hard to quantify that Trump's grip on the party had have been loosening slowly but surely, and this just in terms of 2024 politics mess up the most important aspect of this. This is the best date had been sent since Biden was elected without a doubt. It brings back old memories of the Russia hopes and the Carter page 5 is a warrant and the steel dossier and all that and everyone hated them for good reason and it's it's bonding people to Trump and making him feel understandably defensive of them since your political terms.

It's a huge boon to Trump saying the White House enough to do that I talk to other people and they said there's no way the White House didn't sign off on this. It's impossible to do something of this magnitude and keep the White House in the dark I don't know how big a deal is up with the local FBI bureau did not know anything about in Florida, let alone the forwarding Floridian government what your reaction to the denial. There will consequential the White House should signoff there is a section that the Justice Department is free-floating fourth branch of government know it's part of the executive branch, and is subject to a presidential and and political direction. The menu interfere in doing an investigation to an inappropriate way, but you should be aware of what's going on in providing general guidance to say they didn't know about the state should have known about it and someone should have known that this would see even if it's totally legitimate. Just for the sake of argument is not legitimate. It would set have to fire the country on fire and create deep suspicions again of the FBI and the institutions of our justice system and and had to be vetted up and down before doing it and if that didn't happen. Just getting this totally legitimate data itself is malpractice slicing closer. The search warrant used by the FBI to enter Palm Beach focus solely on presidential records and evidence of classified information being stored there.

And of course if you want to classified information, go to Milani's wardrobe.

Everybody knows that Rich several hours combing through his private office who wardrobe they broke open the safe. There was virtually empty. A storage unit with beach chairs and umbrellas and then into his office on the second floor. They cracked that's with a cracked disablement. The removing number of boxes from the revenues overall. They took letters from Kim Jong on maps with a sharpie gate golf balls and raincoats.

They say a source close to the four present expressed concern the FBI agents were DOJ lawyers conducting the search, planted stuff because it would not allow trumps attorneys inside the hundred and 28 room 28 room building to observe them so they have date they now have a legitimate out say listen that's on my radio yet another really notable aspect of the story is hilarious. Irony that in the negotiations ever present to record people from national archives and wherever else. It had been down there talking to Trump lawyers about this very document and that they were looking a bunch of boxes and going through the material and like hey you know what we're worried about this. This room is not secured at best. It should be. So they put a lock on it and the FBI comes and breaks in the lock to go. You look at these documents so this makes no sense and is just a records dispute. Yes, you know, the two sided disagreements. Maybe you know that the court in the post-NASCAR because people thought the trouble is working straight with them, fine.

You continue negotiating it out. You don't set have to country on fire over a document dispute and my Culligan years Annie McCarthy's theory is that this whole thing is pretextual.

There's no way was just about dental records. It part of a January 6 investigation, but the Justice Department doesn't want to say that as part of a January 6 investigation because they don't have the goods on Trump so that using this the way prosecutors often do what I think is abusive in this context, but if they get get you on a minor offense in a suspect in some other offense they get in the house and are in your office or whatever it is with a warrant on the minor offense when the really looking forward for evidence to going to the, the, the, the bigger offense, but that's this level of sensitivity it should happen that way. I want to do this so in such an insult, the inflation reduction act, which is nothing to do with the flesh.

I've not seen one body, one legitimate person say this is a Tuesday with inflation, which by the way is just under 9% now for this month is the most evidently the market loves. That's a 450 points but it's still a four year high. So this this deficit reduction act as a reduced deficit is converting this economy to a green economy were not ready for their investing treatment, 69 billion of the 700 billion in green energy. What is your take on this and how dare they do this is pure agenda is not in our interest. Nothing in that bill that they didn't favor prior to the rise of inflation everything with something that they wanted prior to inflation, hitting 9% it with the exception of some particular measures in there just to placate Joe mansion, but also have nothing to do with inflation and the deficit reduction is supposed to be the big inflation suppressant. According to Joe mansion.

None of it happens anytime soon. You know that the deficit reduction such as it is, if it ever materializes is years away, and at times also wound and omissions can be down 40% since 2005 who passes all that emission reductions already happened. Most of it. So the kind of stuff doesn't make sense. The electric car subsidies.

They because they want to supply chain back in the US which is I think understandable worthy goal.

But there there there putting requirement immediately.

It basically eliminates for for everyone. The election electric car credit to even on its own terms. That doesn't make sense could not know the electric car to get to meet meet the supply chain standard to do this thing makes zero cents at any level.

The only way make sentences they love spending money and so must another trillion, and they want to build tell their basic dumb something engine up there, activists say only just talking to Eric here in the break I said to political purposes. You grew ideal IRS you added 90% more agents over the hundred percent in person. Let's say you can even hire these people you don't pay much is nothing more aggravating than getting audited there going to look to know up the number audits the weapon eyes and the IRS. How could that be politically advantageous to write the most of the discrete matters in their whole well button but more IRS agent is a political debacle and the fact of the matter. I don't care what the assurances are the IRS's of the Democrats elevator to go after hot high income taxpayers doesn't go after high income taxpayers because I have really good lawyers.

If you get additional payments from them.

You taken time and labor in legal fees to do it so that the overwhelming number. Audits are people making less than $75,000 a year. If you don't have lawyers who don't have the time to deal with it. Just have to say okay the IRS is after me. I'll pony up more money. That's what can happen with these additional agents and and and audit anyone has gone through a really serious one it it's it doesn't matter if you you know if you're totally clean bill of health. At the end and even totally scruples about every eye and every T if the punishment it's it's a kind of punishment from the government so the Republicans are pounding us and they should write you.

Bernie Sanders said to 33 want to take a moment to say a few words about the so-called inflation reduction debating the season and I say so-called by the way, close according to the CBO and other economic organizations will study this bill. It will in fact of the impact on the place. Oops, he has no prompting of the Democratic Party, but he knows this is nothing to do with inflation and a sentient being so rich. I can't just say it's like the climate to say is it's acclimating you know the karma transition bill and then when you deceptively name something you know good and well that is not.

It is an insult to the people who are actually supplying the money for this program for him. Obviously, I agree with everything he believed, but the straight shooter. From his perspective.

He can tell the truth about things, even if an inconvenient to his own Siders party and of course exactly right is nothing to do with inflation reduction in here. Another key dishonesty is mansion claims are no tax increase loophole closing. This is corporate minimum tax, and they also say if I can be paid.

Note no one below 40,000 $400,000 as it can pay any additional taxes went up. Taxes can be passed along to everyone so it's it's dishonest. It's profligate, it's wasteful. It's counterproductive and par for the course for Joe, but unbelievably so when you get the Republican Party now this is 610 chance Democrats hold onto the Senate Republicans change the narrative here and now talking to the consultant yesterday were talking about Ohio right where Katie Vance has it has been looking great running behind Tim Ryan is making a cake and eat you look back to four years ago a lot of people who won handily. Joni Ernst Tom cotton down in Arkansas that is longer ago than to four years and in some cases but you know that they were very narrow at this time and in the dead of summer and then you see the separation at the end I still think that that is correct. II just don't know how there's there's not to be this undertow for every Democrat in the country with the president you know and the high 30s with the present that you are eating only 18% of Americans want to run again, only 20% 29%. People voted for him in 20 want him to run again.

It's it just seems like that's can save a lot of Republicans but you look at it now, and there's no doubt you know them. Democrats gain some ground. There's no doubt that these weak Senate candidates on the Republican side are not looking particularly robust, so it is a little concern, I would just emphasize to the Ukrainian situation, lead up the Afghanistan debacle what's happening now in Taiwan. The speaker in the president not getting on the same page. No legitimate defense.

The will of the dearth of recruits off of the Army and Navy. It's an embarrassment to this country that's happening to this president who is poorly got the foreign policy experience to straighten out with the rookie businessman wasn't able to do a lot of people wish we had that all foreign policy back in some cases rich. Thanks so much. I you got 186640876 excited to listen. I promise you get some calls and will do when we get back.

We also have not discussed another major story that we been going over and that's illegal immigration with happening with the mayor of New York, and Texas you believe it Brian kill me, Joe, your knowledge base. Brian kill me show you so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me. I am contemplating taking your office to go to Texas and do some good old-fashioned doorknob of we have good of America metal. Think about this for sick, the mayor of New York City is upset that illegal immigrants are coming to being dropped off from Texas in New York City. This is sanctuary city for illegal immigrants to come and they get off and they walk in the New York City's is why they doing this wanted to get there. The present United States for dropping them off at Westchester airport why she mad the presidency for dropping off the Newburgh, New York, and McCarthy report on Long Island.

Why you getting upset that five buses from Texas are dropping off about 60 people. Overall, they say, 4000 of come in the last four months.

This 4000 a day coming through in Texas in the present and the mayor thinks he's going to get back at the Texas governor by going there and campaigning against him. You know anything less appealing if your Texan that having a New Yorker knock at your door and tell you how to vote who not to vote for you.

Think of one person in Texas is going take their lead from New Yorkers hey honey I just got this New Yorker came to the door he wants me to vote against Gov. Abbott and he's going to leave. He came in a bus he smells like hell, but he took him 45 minutes it 45 hours to get here and he got the same boss illegal immigrants that we bus to New York is but so we wanted to vote for Beto or Rourke.

I think I'll do it.

Not a chance.

And that's how clueless is Marysville never ridiculous. He sounds which are right in saying you need federal help you right in saying the do we being overrun by illegal immigrants you write in single once communicating with you at what's happening. That's the same thing that you and the governors as well as mayors see right about that. He was more from Eric Adams cut 27 country. Your first visit here someone is throwing you out as the governor Texas is doing and then try to navigate this complex country delivery of services and would do a good job in doing it simply will you come to this country for a visit, no, no you you came to this country illegally decided not to make it official. You don't use a passport in paper flight you not fleeing persecution, I'm watching you get off these bosses. You seem fine, great outfits, great shape, look I need work feet. We need people to get get on work visas absolutely in human form between human landscaping trucks. We we need some of our other blue-chip recruits that were educating in colleges. We need ways that they could stay here easier. With all these other societies dying out like for us to grow and that we should make it easier. No doubt, but if you're going to let everybody and no one's ever going to negotiate with you. Meanwhile, here's governor Hogle who never should have been the governor and hopefully she'll lose to Lee Selden cut 25 top line messages. It is unconscionable that government beings as pawns in his chest pain score points. That's not who we are as workers. We call that out.

I also statement Maryann's on this issue, calling for the federal government for any additional services and support. They can give us to deal with these people and allow them to. We are the place something you are to let them stay right. Let him stay with freedom. They do the essential liberty they went to Ellis Island. First, they saw the Statue of Liberty, but didn't get to New York City.

They went to Ellis Island first and then to whatever criteria was in the year in which they came, they would go through. We could see this on Fox nation, and it still stands as a museum, you can walk it yourself diverting been screened before they got on buses and just use me before they got on boats. Then they got here. They took the paperwork again. They were asked how they can contribute and then they will be judging if was a tough decision to go immediately to a courtroom that was on the premises that is the American dream. That is a system. Believe it or not, that worked in with her people that the stay over there accommodations for them pictures of all them.

The came through. We all have our stories of people that came there when these even your family came through there. That has nothing to do with this here's Jonathan Fahey the from this morning cut 30. The irony of it is amazing because the one hand you have of Mayor Adams in New York City and other cities. The Democrat run cities that are sanctuary cities that won't even kick out the most serious criminals, and he's been fully supportive of that full encouraging of illegal immigration. The sad thing is American people pay an enormous cost from this letter to national security drugs coming across the border. Increased renal services. No question Nestl� DHS.

The DHS deputy assistant secretary. He doesn't do that anymore phaseout range would happen. He tried to stop and try to get all that they are not trying Fox news radios to the New York City giving you opinions and positive approach Brian kill me. I write thanks much for being here's the brain to me Joe come at you from 46 in midtown Manhattan heard around the country heard around the world and hopefully in the Ukraine where the fight continues to go on were not forgetting about that John Levine will be with us at the bottom of the hour and Johnny here was following the Hunter Biden as relates to present by an aspect of the New York Post that's always great and center Tim Scott is standing by a couple of days with him in the pasties also helped us out with their great Frederick Douglass special, and he provides his perspective along Lindsay Graham of that freedom fighter.

So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three the winners in this pathetic Schumer mansion reconciliation, not ordinary working folks, winners of the regulatory octopus agencies like the EPA destroying fossil fuels.

The IRS destroying small business that is of course Larry Kudlow detailing the details.

Rolling in the mansion, Schumer climate bill. Not only is the nation not ready for this green transition.

The IRS weapon rising will be have it will affect everyone negatively took country your first visit here someone is throwing you out as the governor Texas is doing and then try to navigate this complex country delivery of services and would want to do a good job in doing really border battle Abbott versus Adams, the governor of Texas busing thousands of illegals to New York City Mayor Adams claims this is anti-American. What is anti-American about allowing the border to collapse 4 million people to come here illegally. The good news is that soon present. Biden will have to take action to hear the account of these ongoing negotiations and meetings into June, you're still left with this question of why they decided to order the raid on the residence of the former president and Jonathan Turley. That's as outraged as you'll hear him. The trump rate the reaction, the fallout in the details and how suddenly 45 has a lot of momentum.

Center Tim Scott you're just now author of America redemption story.

Choosing hold creating unity center. Welcome back by three top me talk about the above. My new book American story you got it. So, since a center-right sky to untruth social Donald Trump tweeted this out. I don't know if you know this or not but today he said to be deposed by the Atty. Gen.'s lawyers who want to sue him about his business practices no reason no problem until he ran for president. Now they have a problem with stuff that he's done for the last 25 years, so he just wrote this at the very poor. At the very plush and expensive AG's office. Nice working conditions as people are being murdered all over New York and she spends her time and effort on trying to get trump is pretty incredible as it brought guarded ever with a lot couple days before reporting will be moderated for the moderates in the Washington Post headline about impeaching the new but literally every single day that day. They have been looking for a way to get and for everyday American, but you may Brian that is a scary proposition when you can feel the political nature, and behold a job that is dangerous for everyday American an incredible day. I was a so so today we know 48 hours ago as you focus being released.

They were storming Mara Lago with him not to hear.

You know early this year.

They took out 15 boxes of White House records present took them. They want him back. The archives did you believe this is purely from the national archives are they looking for something is going to help to January 6 investigation.

What can you do to find out I cannot literally looking for something on the program so records there is no way in the world only about that that would be shocking starting and unprecedented.

The truth is they continue to look for ways to literally put him in the corner of the target on your bike to make Lindsay Graham said cut 15 days following this I know this is a dangerous precedent to set tremendous justice not their actions will just one visit lady is not around before I'm stronger. He's determined and he hasn't.

Believe it or not center. He's got momentum will also be the entire Republican Party voters all galvanizing around because we understand it happen him. It happened all of us. We could all want a job that I have lady just belied certainly not that way today as relates to the president and we just the right you feel like I do when I first heard this amount raised.

I was able to talk to Eric. I was actually offer couple, as I missed you. New York and I so you did a great job in the five outlets Wednesday. I just cannot believe I was in wishing what's going to work and bring them in that one of my missing you said hey where my missing was here this plays out and you got some blowback on that din you yeah what I meant was very important point very well thought out. Don't rush to judgment. We could all be outraged on the trust Bennett activity against the former present because literally the hold just as our actual wedding. There better be a smoking God literally speaking a dead body because this is not only am it is dangerous. It really polarizes the country by the great unifier old business in our country could not be more palpable when combined to illegal immigration. I see those who know in Texas.

They decided to start shipping the told volunteers.

If you guys want to go to New York or DC hop in and babysitting buses there that cause Eric Adams to say this, he's the mayor of New York City cut 27 took country your first visit here someone is throwing you out as the governor Texas is doing and then try to navigate this complex country delivery of services and would do a good job in doing. We just throwing them out there visiting the country, like tourists coming with you not getting by giving the empires of our southern border being so poor by getting 2 million illegal crossing one of Margo's move made by the governor in the country in the last 10 years governor out making sure that you are sanctuary understand pain and the difficulty in border tell border states like Texas is one of the reason why I continue emphasizing America redemption story. The importance of the fair, equal, application, and the importance of controlling our southern border and in your book redemption story redemption story because, listen America start off we had slavery in America. We had Jim Crow all were working our play will work your way to be a better nation every day, compared to the rest of world. No one compares but what you mean by redemption Brian. I'm excited about where we are being so much progress over the last 50 years are liberal elite friends refused to acknowledge significant gains every single institution in this country. That is something we could all celebrate one of the reasons why have you read through my book America redemption story. You'll be proud of the progress of America why you think we have a hard time understand realizing that why we go the same way you look when we were how dear, we were a country born on slavery because we we where we exist on stolen land. Why do you think we choosing this over the last few years to focus on that something of the wall culture about what the Council, American progress is something in the mirror that they don't like that.

They felt the truth. That we are flawed people call being borne by the way through. That we made progress, but we haven't just made step-by-step progress we've made monumental leap into a better future.

I wish they left with more time looking out the windshield of life and not in the rearview mirror and in a way I feel like you almost once a resent but you wish when people would always bring up race with you you you want to talk about this later you want to talk about working class to successful senator in the path you took in business and what you did in sports, and when I bring up race. I almost think it it it pigeonholes you into eighths inch to a life story that you're bigger than trying to make a really good point. One of the challenges that we can't really focus so much already. We miss redemption agreement with that country for everyone, black or white bread or brown frame opportunity. Can we do better yet are we doing better absolutely. We should celebrate our progress and that will give us more momentum to deal with the remaining challenges I lastly is this mansion Schumer bill has nothing to do with inflation and NL every body explains that they don't even bring it up anymore is totally mislabeled, intentionally, deceptively, it's going to cost 36 $9 billion, with the green energy is this country ready for the green transition. We are not country cannot afford the reduction act I could actually increase inflation. The problem with them flaking today, but I know this really well is that government too much money having a builder and even more money at some point will mean more headwinds for employers which me your wages, wage increases for employee or it will mean having the IRS come look at your personal file is the audit your business standards about an inflation reduction bill among a group article verse but I agree I agree the day he should listen to send Chris Kuhn said cut 32 and while we may not see huge impacts on in the first or second year treasury secretary who served in both Democratic and Republican administrations support this bill and the AARP who I trust as the voice of seniors in America says this will make a big impact on prescription drug price but not about inflation, which he said it was and where prescription drugs fitting with electric cars is easily joined instead of instead of what the country needs to build a Congressional Budget Office that the IRS raising $300 billion will come from people making less than $200,000 tax credit to be go to people making as high as $300,000. The people making 50% more money will be the beneficiary of people making middle income and laugh in America. That is just wrong right at the markets of 519 points because inflation went from 9.18.7 gas is down $0.50 II worry there were getting. We're celebrating four dollars a gallon gas because it's not five as opposed to not being 235, and being angry are you I am a very good no doubt what brother number 2020 in South Carolina yeah dollars 99 right now about 350. One of the things that you haven't heard in the press recently. The reason why death like the coming down because of demand demand of Dell because were teetering on the recession that is not good news. Lastly, you are introducing legislation to combat covert learning loss will legislation and what you looking to do. I want to empower parents. We are the party of parent, everything will finally create a scholarship like the one I create that allow for parents to take the resources that have not been for 93% of the money that we've given the school through the ARPA have not been for give that money to parents let them make up for educational loss by hiring tutors are going to a private school. Whatever it takes. Look educate America's children. I center. Congratulations on your book is now out to get up America redemption story.

Choosing hope, creating unity. Thanks and I'll see you soon about that, but we got it. 1-866-408-7669 will you listen hundred by the Prez United States is speaking now that a veterans bill and burn pit city got past and that got passed to the Senate and through the house so he celebrating that he's got a few legislative wins, for they wins for America and he's giving credit now to Jon Stewart in the audience to scream to people for a week back in a moment both sides. All of the information you want to truth you demand.

This is the variety kill me show I sent something we wouldn't of done or maybe got away with in a more organized investigation organize the ministration. I thought it early enough to send a couple guys over so we placed a call to Flynn a resent a couple guys over. Hope you talk to them. He said sure nobody else was there. They interviewed him in a conference room at the White House situation room and he lied to them and that's what is not guilty to think they were coming for. I don't think you know we can tell so that was total.

James will be proud of the fact that he duped a double Atty. Gen. into saying something about a investigation that is told that to be a total sham and bragging about the disorganization disorganization of the trumpet ministration they want take advantage of this is our own FBI turning on her own government that he said was disorganized and they turns out the lieutenant general who became national security advisor at the time to get a call from a Russian ambassador while he was on vacation. I believe in Puerto Rico right before he's about to start without Trump wanted take a few days off so we did talk to the Russians about then he did say don't to the UN, don't overreact to Barack Obama's doing. We're coming now. I rather not open up with sanctions and that's what he was saying. In retrospect it's something done every single time.

It just happened on this transition and he entrapped the guy and he's bragging about it in there laughing about in New York City. Such an embarrassment at times to live here, that audience thinks it's funny and James Colby think you did something good this guy also bragged about taking document from the FBI. Having a friend at the Columbia University write a column condemning what went on, using his intelligence as information that was his friend James Colby's friend who is trying to clear the decks because he knows he's going to get himself in some legal trouble.

Remember all that stuff as now we see the FBI weapon eyes to going into marijuana, though I'm not sure what they went in for. With the going to get, but it's kind of scary to think that people are going to investigate you about what happened in Georgia they going to investigate about what happened with your business. It's happening right now. If you down. Trump investigate you by January 6 with business is a total witch hunt in Georgia. I love the way the president acted teeth really think she was robbed in that state. I don't see evidence of that. I see signature matching things of that nature, but didn't cost in the state, but he was too aggressive on it. Whatever he does not deserve to be indicted on it and on January 6.

There is no counter narrative all it is is people speaking out against Trump if you speak for more uncertain.

It doesn't make the cut in the presentations of the FBI providing more information and I guess intelligence in order to possibly bring a Justice Department suit is a Prez United States result will be financial challenges, no question, they will be able to run if convicted. Maybe that's the ultimate goal we come back John Levine's who enjoys from the New York Post is to compare how the rush investigation and with Hunter Biden will be different. The way Trump is treated as opposed to Hunter as relates to health Hunter and his dad worked together in international business could become uncompromising a foreign policy right now.

That's a four year investigation is still ongoing so good to hear from you. Tell me show from his mouth to kill me, clearly unconstitutional violation of the democracy that we have created the people supposed to be defending the democracy and destroying our country should be terrified and terrified. I can tell you that he was not only working with them. He was cooperating. There was nothing to hide and he was working in tandem allow them into marijuana and the point when he wasn't even there and told his attorneys to leave. They could even be on premises that doesn't sound Alina Haber was one of the prison's attorneys would talk about how bad things were when they were rated how unfair was the totally shut down surveillance cameras. He didn't want Terry Trump tonight it happened. He said we watched it all and we seen it all back from multiple angles. It was there for hours. They pulled out material they want through his storage locker. They want to his actual safe.

They want to his personal residence.

He went to his office. They want through Milani's clothing and wardrobe with you right now is John Levine, New York Post writer and a lot of people John there. Contrasting this the way the president and his son are handled and investigated over four years and you becoming as well as anyone in the country and the way the presence be investigated. Are you really I don't think we've ever had a resident of Pres. rated like you know certainly weren't expecting that at night. They did it deliberately after the home was shut down for the Stephen Trump and his family are and it seemed like a lot, it seemed like a real a lot just, you know, I think they sent over boxes for records you should look taken things like something which really could've been handled through the legal system and if boxes were taken improperly that needed to be returned. I'm sure that could and worked out in the legal system. I don't I don't know what necessitated paid homage.

It's a very big escalation of whatever investigation they're working on and no, I can't help but think you knowing in all years, Hunter Biden has been being for various alleged crimes and very obvious criminal violations which appear on the laptop. I don't ever recall hearing about an FBI rate of any residence. Hunter application timeline.

Generally, 21, January 2021 Twombly's office late 2021 national archives reaches out the Trump team is is you to classified information.

In January 2022. So about two months later, Trump team voluntarily gives back 15 missing boxes in June.

High-level DOJ officials meet at Merrill log on Trump stops by meeting and says hello associations were continuing between June and August there was a warrant given requested and given and then we have the raid on the seventh prosecutor submit affidavit to get there warrant on the eighth. They have their raid. They did not tell the local FBI agency. They did the president said he did not know through his spokesperson people in the know say there is no way the White House when the signed off on this where you stand. John and I completely agree with. There's no way you're going to call my likely 2020 corporate contender unless the stop sign off from the highest official like not just the White House will probably just use with Lindsey Graham says about what he's asking for cut 14 is plausible the FBI would open up an investigation of Donald Trout without merit. Hell yeah they done it before someone near Axelrod say is not plausible that Mary Garland would open up an investigation without significant evidence. Where were you doing crossfire hurricane when they open up an investigation on the Republican dominated Donald with a bunch of BS. So how do you clear all this up. Tell us the predicate for the war revealed the affidavit. This is too important to democracy were that were in uncharted dangerous waters. So I'm calling on Mary Garland tonight to address the nation as to why this happened.

Later cards out on the table? You do a lot of damage to the country that was last night. It didn't happen yet. I mean one thing I'm seeing John a is that the Democrats are getting out there, their message, getting overwhelmed by this rate, and even some people like Andrew Cuomo and Mitch McConnell seem to have questions about how you could do this and worry about the president worry about.

You have to think about the next administration where replacement by Republican presidential troops into their home directly through their paper I will pay Trump shouldn't take a note boxes probably classified information that was probably an error and I don't know, and I think the report flushing document down the toilet probably didn't didn't help matters in terms of negotiation with but it is uncharted waters and it is certainly an application of judgment but not bright people who are being by the FBI like Hunter Biden, and I think there needs to be transparency about why this rate happened and what was the justification and end Graham is right. We spent three years on the field which would just fabricated to know nonsense material and about baby rush collusion you know situation at all special prosecutor and it was bogus. It was nothing debunked and no and that was so high it be our law enforcement.

This kind of stuff on completely fabricated. No information so I think transparency is the way to go.

Maybe it was just not rule out the ones above the wall.

Maybe there was a good reason to do this, but the key thing is we just don't know what I think we should. So how is this and how tone deaf Hillary Clinton promoted her, but her emails had feces wearing while the raid was taking place. This Hillary Clinton cell where there were 35,000 missing emails from her shield where the people understand that the dossier was commissioned by her shield and unaware of the fact that the Hillary Clinton camp and minions with a once he kept us going for the next two years afterwards and this hold. The reason why she did it was to deflect attention from her emails she not aware that they use bleach but to wipe out our drives and smashed the rest so I mean to me to be that tone deaf or feel impervious to an investigation is mind-boggling. I don't recall wardrobe again. It's just a different standard of the application of justice. No witness.

The latest John John Levine with us now within your post John with the latest on the investigation is for years in and running with Hunter Biden. You have the more witnesses you have people you have resources to a laptop authenticity often tends gated. What is the hold up towards anything or nothing exonerate or prosecute.

We have the reporting a few weeks ago that the investigation DOJ investigation quote critical stage in a frenzy chart is going to come out and we kind of effective, nothing Berger were still sort of waiting I can tell you is that the Republicans take back the house that investigation to include be intelligent. They're going to do it. Look under the intelligent thing, particularly people who lead intelligence agencies while Joe Biden was vice president. And while Hunter Biden was running around with all the schemes in foreign countries. People like John Brennan and Leon Panetta and James Klapper.

These are people who signed a letter saying that the Russia but the Hunter Biden laptop was rushing this information may sign the letter saying it was rushing this information and they would've had to have known what Hunter was up to.

When Joe was vice president they lead intelligence agency find terrorist in the middle of Waziristan and you and do a precision strike thrown, but that they would have no idea what the second son was up to with Joe Biden's son with Dr. when he was vice president very, very hard to believe that the question becomes, why would they say it was rushing this information when they had to know what why would they. Why would they lie about that and and you know obviously cannot answer that question for me, but that is something they might have to answer under a congressional icon next year and whistleblowers have stepped forward to say was a concerted effort by the FBI to make sure that was close to the FTD election.

Now they can help with having a bubble up but you been there before, was bubbling up, and lastly just announcement you could take what you will. As you know, the presence code is being deposed today by Atty. Gen. Leticia James's lawyers, at which time the she's got he's going to defend his business practices and did he inflate his net worth in the and the worth of his properties in order to get loans now all of a sudden there of interest last mayor was begging them to invest in by golf courses and save them like the one in the Bronx soap Trump has taken the fifth on all of it. I know you got a lawyer, John, but we think that means your protected and I don't know.

Now all the sudden after Pres. We have all these different aspect of the predicted 20 years, so it's just very very truck were not president. Do you think we'd be having a location. James investigation, the answer is no partner campaign platform is prosecuting Trump prosecuting Trump is a political issue that that that a lot of politicians in my city and our city of latched on, but it is not necessarily one that is motivated by the facts on the ground it's motivating. No, their political careers. John, I want you to hear why the presence is this is a witchhunt that I hundred percent agree. In this case especially listen stealing my soul right now is Trump my name. This is as he took office she gets the job that will suit Trump you imagine waking up okay. I misconstrue John Levine to break and just write think in the long run. I don't know go anywhere just because she quickly said I doing this because the political thing to put it out in the open that this is part of a political plank of her political identity to prosecute him and you know, again, these are all things he did decades ago. So why not prosecute them decades ago if they were criminal and you know that the question to answer. People around a lot with the law school will probably be a lot easier to handle these breaking news stories. My mother is using this illegal aspect all that John Levine thanks so much RAM you got it we come back I'll take two calls 1-866-408-7669 from around the country from around the world.

This is the brain can only Joe something new every day, for I am kill me show talk show that's real this is that Brian kill me show. I've never seen present is present. Trump is fired up as what he was tonight. He is not heard is not fazed at all by what the DOJ is done to an unprecedented move of rating the home of the former president and not at all explaining to the American people about why they did it.

The house Republicans. We took there a dozen of us to visit with Pres. Trump tonight that Sgt. Banks he was there and you could do his good friends and they said that they get the house back to start firing up and firing on firing up these investigations.

It will be a frustrating situation. If they don't get the Senate and they don't have the White House, which they won't, but to be able to stop a lot of things and maybe investigate some but is knocking to follow through anywhere please go set the table for what you want more in 2024. You want to be in charge here is more from banks cut 13 or 12.

I really believe if he gets out and hits the campaign trail he's a fire up Republicans and and and nontraditional Republicans to come out to the polls in November to fight back against the corruption of this administration what they've done to terror America part to weapon eyes the Department of Justice in such an un-American way. I tend to go after the political the chief and primary political opponent of the current president of the United States is something we've never seen before in American history and that that outrageous get a lead to a massive turnout of Americans are sooner going to say when I couldn't take it anymore and take back our country from Joe by the radical Democrats and and those who would abuse their power in such a way couple things I appreciate Congressman Banks and I know that you just left the White House.

It skews me to just let the present form present finally is good for anybody in their party for the present command to clear before the election because he such a polarizing figure and an even know you instead of people liking him what they like George Bush that like Jimmy Carter like Carol forbidden love. Even if you lose the way the people love and of loyalty, Trump. I've never seen it before but it doesn't mean it's over 45%.

It doesn't mean he's been that people converted it just doesn't go out before makes it really easy for Democrats in small and big district to get a gift I'm running is Trump going to Trump back to White House vote for this guy, you know, don't file, you will vote for me if I'm on the stopgap.

If you're Trump. Just keep your head down the left in November. Go out and raise many of these candidates left in November and around Thanksgiving.

Talk to McCarthy about it. That would be seen to be a much better thing, let's go out to Bruce listening in York Pennsylvania neighbors call with Scott Perry and I want to know you're not too long ago there was a terrorist who was killed in his cell phone was found and they went to the cell phone carrier to unlock and the cell phone carrier know they had to hire a firm to get unlock our right because it wasn't taken legally with improper search warrant. Can he call, contact the cell phone company, great point, but I don't know that it was taken illegally. See the DFI went up to and took it.

They seem to they want to adjudge. First, I will get confirmation on that. No question about that's a good point. You go take somebody's phone to get opened up but the thing is, we woke up to a charity document you legally you open up you want to open up your would judge you can open it is encrypted using have that problem with Scott Perry because I don't think there's any encryption there didn't seem to be an overall just some breaking news just to give you up to date. We started this day the president states got a bunch of things on his plate number one Georgia deciding whether indict him and then you have the January 6 committee with the Department of Justice government items any of the raid on his house and now you have what you see, James the Atty. Gen. in New York. He's in New York now. The present lease Dana Bedminster. He closed MR Lago. No one goes in the summer just to hot and he is decide to plead the fifth. Other try to make him defend his business practices, which I'm sure you can express when it comes to real estate.

I got this building. You got to one bank you save, you can if you refinance is building a use that money to do this. How much is this building worth you go ahead and you do what you want and it's up to them to audit that building and decide what is it really worth have inspection and try to drill down on his extremely intricate, complicated business dealings and try to find some unsavory activity they were unable to do in the Southern District of New York, so they go to depose of Vaca Eric Don Junior and the Prez United States.

The president said to heck with this. I'm thinking the fifth.

What is that mean legally I have a full-time attorney do this you Brian kill me choking Frank and find that one of you be at the egg is going to be September 8 in Albany New York I want to see everybody there is some front row seats left and some of the back one live from the Fox News radio's fresh office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here, but it's a right to me Joe John Tyrell. He is standing by.

He is a using member of the executive staff of the FBI's cyber division are retired FBI agent and member the FBI SWAT team as well and then we'll do a simulcast to Harris Park on the Parker focus on Fox channel center was fun although stalker tonight at 8 o'clock phone and protect the cost of taking the week off cocaine was there last night and of course got one nation that was to prepare were preparing for now to get set for Saturday at 8 o'clock so busy day.

I will do before we get to the big trail will say this, the Prez United States when sitting down with Atty. Gen.'s lawyers with tissue James took the fifth today when asked to defend his business practices. He wrote this in the statement. I was once asked if you're innocent, why you taking the Fifth Amendment. Now I know the answer to that question, Trump said in a release when your family, your company and the people in your orbit have become the targets of an unfounded, politically motivated, which aren't supported by lawyers, prosecutors and the fake news media you have no choice. Big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three the winners in this pathetic Schumer mansion reconciliation, not ordinary working folks. The winners of the regulatory octopus agencies like the EPA destroying fossil fuels. The IRS destroying small business details rolling out of the mansion, Schumer climate bill. Not only is the nation not ready for green a green transition the IRS or IRS is been fortified a weapon eyes in a way that will affect all of us come to a country. Your first visit here someone is throwing you out as the governor of Texas is doing and then try to navigate this complex country delivery of services and would do a good job, got Adams first Abbott Mayor Adams is totally clueless you visit.

You invaded the country you came here illegally. The governor of Texas is busing thousands of illegal to New York City Mayor Adams now says it's anti-American. What a joke. Here the account of these ongoing negotiations and meetings into June, you're still left with this question of why they decided to order the raid on the residence of the former president, the trump rate the reaction to fall out the details now suddenly 45 is a lot of momentum. Believe it or not) John Jan Marelli retired FBI guy John welcome John Wood was an unusual first off that the local FBI Bureau was not alerted that they were going in tomorrow I go in Florida you're probably working strictly from Washington and they're worried about bringing anyone else in the conversation they like that you need to know generally what the FBI will do is they will contact the local office and that local office will go out and execute a search warrant.

In this case are peers agents traveled to Florida for the search. So if it's an empty building full of landscapers and workers all why does in this article with 31 guys and have guys in bulletproof vest on the outside and why going like that that heavy well standard operating procedure. You always prepare for the worst because you never know what time were we going to the FBI a fairly basic search on white-collar matter and somebody gets upset all the weapon and start shooting. Not to say that was going to happen but you just never know you always do things methodically the same way for everyone.

60 so this is seem unusual to you that this is the timeline January 2021.

Trump leaves the White House with documents on national archives once and Bakley, 20, 21, they get 15 back in January 2022 in June that more high-level meetings in August they get the warrant on the eighth they go in with what happened in between there were questions you have been that the time knowing that what we know about this might be is the breakdown that was so dramatic that they decided to go nuclear and execute a search warrant.

When I have dealt with searches done hundreds of searches Brian, there's always breakdown in communications with attorneys. That's the nature of the business. There are going for the client were arguing for the side of the government there had to be something so dramatic to say that not only were they not cooperating. But now claiming that were going to release classified information that should otherwise be kept secret. It would have to mean that kind of situation.

Otherwise, it is absolutely unimaginable that this would've occurred and I speculate it probably wasn't that significant government probably wanted to execute the search obviously so when asked the White House, no use with the spokesperson said cut three was the president of White House where a search warrant.

White House, the president was not brief, did not was not aware of it.

Now, no one at the White House was given a heads up now so I talked to members to members of the trump team and they said they know what it's like to run the White House and they said there's no way you do not brief the present. Before you do something like this.

Would you think John so that I have been involved in orders that were much less significant when faced with the search on the part as significant as you get those lesser significant issues had briefed the White House. Let's remember. The Atty. Gen. works for the president of the United States and started the whole system in the executive staff there's reason you would brief the White House, including what it want the White House to be caught off guard or be embarrassed. Whether or not the president himself was brief, but there's no way they did not talk to somebody in the White House. I think it is ingenuous to say otherwise. Going there you see him in the eye. Did you read the warrant.

I had not seen the one I either vibrate here it says it's based on the documents and from the national archives. But if I going there might also going in there on behalf of Mirko Owens quest to see if he should prosecute the present or not judging by woods come January 6 earrings am I looking will receive documents here, but by the way of something, says Steve Bannon's plan with the present United States to storm the capital on January 6 I turned that over well under the law, what you have or corners of the warrant, you go and very specific what you're searching for now you found things of criminality, not going on white-collar search and I would find significant drugs. Well guess what I can old warrant and take all that later on I can't just go looking to see what else I might be able to find and so that fishing expedition is totally in violation of what our Constitution is all about. I don't know why he's uses analyst he should be feeling disgraced, but here's what he said on CNN cut nine, the FBI would not have taken a step is drastic and serious is this unless they had good information to indicate that this was the result of some knowing and willful, intentional acts of removing classified documents or sensitive documents documents in violation of some federal laws. We think will do it. There was a time where the guy would not a big step at all because it's the former brother United States. That's what attorneys are for negotiation, etc. likewise, any comments are totally speculative me saying what the FBI would not of done the FBI just like the FBI, but it could be the Atty. Gen. of the United States, who personally signed off on this type of warrant. So DOJ was heavily involved in this and the fact is we don't know yet. I want to see the affidavit. I want to see what the reasoning was for the FBI. The affidavit in support of this sort warrant.

What gave them justification. What evidence was presented to a judge to say that we have to do something that unprecedented never got an answer United States report and we need to do it now why you worry about the Bureau judging by you. We have a whistleblower came out and talked about how they were not comfortable with the way the Hunter Biden laptop was handled. You have this would have you had the whole situation will McCabe instructing page and all these guys and move it.

Comey and moving forward on the on the Russian investigation was no there there. And then you got their true feelings and sentiments about how they felt about trump voters and trump himself and you worry about this. Just adding to the pluralization of the Bureau worry about Brian.

I don't worry about the rank and file agent. Nobody joined the FBI to become a political operative. I worry about the executive staff knows that the high runs in the FBI. It is become absolutely politicized and frankly they need to clean house at some point that the FBI should've remained a nonpolitical agency and right now that's all you're saying is politics. Even if this was a correct search warrant to have executed perception is that it's incredibly political and for that very reason alone. This is something that the FBI director should've pushed back on now. This is not a position.

The FBI can be put in because you know why it makes it hard for the agent working together case the FBI to get the job done because the American public are losing trust in the FBI see that change. Do you believe they have to come forward and say what they were doing and what they're up against all why they had to do the rate that they did because you have people like Andrew Cuomo, Mitch McConnell's and archenemy of the present states he got got to tell me what was behind us what you think that's written in support of the search warrant, you write a short nap. David think all the facts of wider search warrant is not very what a judge also season signed off on that hasn't been made public yet the government and that's what I'm waiting to see why this occurred. All right. John yeah really I really think so much. Brian I get the perspectives of a retired guy talk about what's happening now. I doesn't recognize the higher ups, but the rank-and-file doing their job right. We come back I'll open up the phone spot the are we to simulcast Harris Faulkner and don't forget on Tucker tonight at 8 o'clock and don't forget, the one nation Saturday at 8 PM repeated 11 PM and will be able to host that.

So don't move trying to meet you Mr. show have to tune out early.

No problem. Download the podcasts that Brian kill me every episode exclusive interview on demand with and kill me radio show like no other side, they had access to everything to the troublesome private courses and they also had access to a separate part of the building in which Donald Trump's office was plus they went down to the basement storage room which had been locked with these 15 boxes of presidential documents had been held since that Gen. services administration had packed them up after Trump's presidency in January and ship them to Malaga where they've been kept under lock and key that is granted to my knows much about that.

Is anybody great access to Mayor Lago and we see about the rate got details on it lasted for hours.

Nobody announced they broke the lock they got in. They told the lawyers stand on the side. They arrived late lawyers were not notified, but they were able to watch and they have it on video.

All the cameras. He told me shut off the cameras. The Trump team did not Henry you're listening in Virginia hey Henry good with any mine story to wag the dog run like the dog they want to take your eyeballs of all the methods going on with ministration at all. The economy Ukraine Henry. They feel like they one of the last few weeks at the tips build up her burn pits bill got those passed in the past that horrible green new deal bill, which they named the anti-inflation act and which is totally false. So this was the moment to think about. I don't think the timing work for them build a small one but I think what my point is that now that growing all the stuff the trunk to get stronger and stronger because Americans kind of thinking through the hurt of the member group in New York City, but ungodly become John Gotti to Don kill the president.

Trump is going to be tough on Don because they keep throwing the stuff out of another scum stick and get stronger and stronger. Thanks, Billy W okay P hey Billy Billy run W okay be Jacksonville Florida yeah gotcha Brian, sorry� Didn't want to bother you with the outside noises.

Two things on this number one. The archives came back so fast less than 24 hours after Trump was out of there.

The archives came back with missing something you need to get back something specific in the number two they got so aggressive with this warrant. In this rain, something really really important.

So I think it's something incriminating that trumps got that incriminating there president or Obama or the Democratic Party.

In general I make got to have it back in out of his hands because a lot of people say well yeah this is the records act is a battle with the Obama ministration and he wants certain things for his library. And you know there's there's almost every ministrations got some type of conflict. You know Clinton famously took the furniture but no one's ever got there there there house rated as house rated to go to Milani's wardrobe for an hour low listing in Indiana, low would say my day seem to be because we don't have the house to buy their most like to begin credits want everything that happened the championing. Think about it, just as corrupt as a Democrat I don't know you can tell me. Jim Jordan is happy the way things are going good until he ran Paul Riley any Republican is happy. I really don't.

Maybe Mitt Romney a little bit but I know I will show breaking the law, you know that we got some Republicans suing them for thinking that Republican trick that are complicit in this. Thanks so much appreciated use Byron York. I said this was more or less like a 22 secrecy is what creates a lot of confusion and a lot of ill will in these cases go back to the two years of the Trump Russia matter, you would have some leak of a snippet of information and then some commentators in the media would just spend crazy conspiracy theories based on it, and after a while you had supposedly reasonable people saying that the president was a Russian asset. All of it was because the full information was being kept secret at the time and wasn't in kill a more than two-year special counsel investigation found collusion cannot even be established so the secrecy said that speculation can all happen again unless the Justice Department comes out and has some transparency.

That's true, and again were speculating in this molar report with tapping where's Robert Mowery's not there would people say behind closed doors to the grand jury. Who's going in who's berated writer still being shaken down for metaphors in solitary all mystery just come out and just say this is more investigating. This is what were looking for. This is what we got and then was it would in the lot of the consternation the more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me a few moments to be on how to focus on Fox News Channel, so talk about this rate and talk about Clinton is terrible and is totally mindless and stupid.

She is actually putting anything she selling memorabilia and different souvenirs that say things like all about those emails because she wants to take advantage of the problems that don't Trump is having now with tissue James New York would.

With that having with her is Mayor Lago being rated with George investigation that she understand that she got away with murder not literally murder. But we took about 30,000 emails being disappeared don't even know where they are bleach bit off the hard drive, a smash phone she has all these things that went on. She has held a prominent role with her campaign paying for this deal � is a little listening together to set up in the will take questions after some on the left have signaled support for it. But in the past have accused former Pres. Trump of weapon icing the DOJ on various issues, representatives, and Jamie Raskin primarily hi Paul and Adam Schiff all accused. Then Pres. Trump and former Atty. Gen. Bill Marr of conspiring to get information against their political enemies in 2019, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also accused Trump of weapon icing. The DOJ over California. Fuel efficiency standards, but it seems at least a couple of them have changed their tune, break out the violin watch too much to say except that I like that warrant to have a warrant any justification says that no one is above the law and the separation powers as we knew nothing about everybody in America speaking is we all have an interest in the rule of law in the country and respect for the rule of law. Brian kill me and Fox and friends cohosting host of one nation on Saturday night and host of his own radio show going on right now hello to his listeners. Brian, you can say how to the viewers yes and taken away on this hypocrisy. It's unbelievable the Department of Justice politicizing the trumpet not politicized under present by need to suspend disbelief yeah thing is for the president to say he doesn't know and for the White House was present say doesn't know is nuts. We just had to talk to two different FBI agents over the last two and half hours and they said that they'd had to inform the White House and much lesser cases. Can you imagine writing the 45th president's house and not telling present by what was more important than that. His dog suddenly have a problem. What was more interesting. I mean, he was isolated at one point it was the on call waiting, you couldn't get in touch with him and say it is to present. By the way the archives since it's an emergency. We have to get our documents back. Even though ring talks with the 45th president to get back like we will with the Obama since his setting up their library by doing the Clintons as they try to get back.

Furniture instead� Door raid. I couldn't get a hold of the present. Let's do it anyway, so that that's the issue. I mean they don't think that we have a VCR or Harris that you have a staff to pull this stuff in the show people how apocryphal they are so true in charge here sign off on the morrow Lago search Brian that search warrant has donated thousands of dollars to political campaigns, giving thousands to Barack Obama's 2008 campaign and more money to the Obama victory fund. He also gave $500 to Jeb Bush's campaign in 2016. I know if you think deeper on Judge Reinhardt though. Find out some interesting connections in his background Jeffrey Epstein number one. She seems to defend.

It seems offended a lot of people with that case number one, number two, I do mention he did donate to Jeb Bush failed to presidential campaign in particular that situation yeah thing to keep in mind to is when you look at this whole investigation about what went on there the whole thing with secrecy. The judge has a warrant signs wants is going. Of course we know how this thing works is no other side to say excuse me, I don't really think there's a lot of their there is no pushback to judge really counting the FBI not to waste his time even though we know we have with Carter page in the whole rush investigation. They lied they got there warrant they want to town on it. They destroy people's lives. They put people in jail and they ruined it for authority actually curtailed or hamstrung a principal Alessio lasted 18 months so they go in there. We just don't know the answers. What we looking for. Was it actually archives.

We want a fishing expedition in order to bolster may possibly Department of Justice case against the president would stop him from running part of the problem is could you trust them if they told you I actually want to see the documents at this point. What I don't know if I necessarily am going to draw any information from you know what a forced news conference are some people who feel like they have to answer questions.

I actually want to see the evidence now. All right, let's get to this because from his former rival Hillary Clinton appears to try to make a quick buck off the FBI raid yesterday. She tweeted a promotion for her merchandise emblazoned with, but her emails.

A popular phrase among her supporters. Critics sometimes countered with lock her up chance shirts and hats ($30 each for because they're on sale now Clintons as the proceeds will go to a political action committee. She founded after losing to Trump in 2016 anybody think she's going to write again. Couple things on. I'm not sure is going to run again. I mean, I don't know if the Democrats get behind her. As soon as she lost you heard about how everyone had the doubts, but it was strung up to supporter number one, number two, I got a thing for Gavin Newsom and Pritzker and others not others but I would say this, how tone deaf is this Harris you have a situation where prison trumpets had some legal issues or challenges you want to bring back the memory of 35,000 lost emails � iPhone bring back the memory of the way you know that your IT guy refusing to answer a subpoena in order to turn over all this information you want to answer you want people to bring up again that you weapon eyes. This whole steel dossier to trip up the president because the future president then candidate because he was emphasizing too much. Your emails so bringing up it's like if you got a DWI and then your rival got one you want to bring up yours when you didn't. Nobody brings up yours so you bring up a skill that all these answers were never do all these questions were never answered my last thing to this is, is that she feels impervious. She feels like I got away last time and you can't touch me this time. I'm wondering if that doesn't play a role but there is no accounting for how much thirst there is in politics that for certain absolutely right coming. Thank you very much. Simulcast is always good.

See in the halls are current school I hey Cliff you listening online in Waterbury, Connecticut a cliff to get your targets talk about the question who own image. Well, that's the dispute is I mean?

It is government owned trumps personal items. If you want the president in your office notes handwritten note email to all those things belong to the archives, which in turn available to the public is not his personal but I think you know what I think you're right. I think that this is that is actually true and that's why they battle it out the archives not notice aggressive agency now that with the president. I'm in little things like for example to, but if the new and the patriots win the Super Bowl. They give him a jersey assist Trump 45 in the back truly can't take that.

But if you want to feel library can get you alone this at the Smithsonian lens things out to meet the theme of natural history on a regular basis. That's way goes back it's a negotiation. I really don't know why every president wrestles with this and would you put up a good point Cliff. One thing with the president of the former prison United States.

These problems can be of a lot of them can be avoided. And if you know someone just want you to put your chin out and just want to take a shot at you. Why put your chin out is what you're saying correct comply with the procedure by turning over the documentation want to be classified or unpleasant by always have problems once you write every prison I was shocked to find this out and researching it every president including the 44th president Barack Obama is still wrestling with the national archives on what is and what's not what was right to grade home. Trump right that I don't think so.

You think they have a right to go invade Barack Obama's home send the document public information available to the public. You cannot be the president and intake your own information is. This is my shoes at the national press and listen if it's clear I think Cliff you are right, but there's a lot of things that are not did are dicey. You got a cancer patient come to visit you at the White House that you've helped before you took till you took the oath of office. They come in and visit you and that this chronicled her gift is given his all types of nuances to it. Now we don't know what exactly they took out but as soon as they came over and inquired Trump handed back 15 boxes, nobody disputes that. But when they would give the the GSA with the one St. greenlighted that to be loaded up and brought to wherever Donald Trump decide to live, whether it's Bedminster Malaga so wasn't stuck at the middle the night. Now I don't know why Hillary Clinton took the furniture and Bill Clinton took their furniture. Some of those that on a truck. I like only bubble wrapped it, but there see this is not unique to the 45th president, but I like you, I feel your frustration to is why even give them an opportunity people all you critics an opportunity to be critical of you. Why make it easy for I understand that to even if you're not a fan of trumps. Why would you do it. Why would you not want to play the perfect game Don in Tennessee hey Donna, there's so much going on right now but wanted to talk about okay not a lot how the court that president Tromp endorsement normally true conservative will know that party endorsed in the clarinet only normally blind by good margin. I think she wanted to watch you with their right to legitimate shot at winning over Democrats moderate there really with the right call and when I read her policy and I look at her. She felt much like our beloved Sen. Marsha Blackburn endorsed her finger point Republican clear minded Democrat can make history people are finding our great think we all need to take credit president currently working work for blue, purple sea will see Virginia. That's what a lot of Republicans looking at look at what happened in Virginia. They think didn't think that was possible and Terry McAuliffe had one before and was relatively popular so that was it.

That was an unfathomable win.

And in Connecticut there is great hope Linda McMahon a great hope twice was unable to pull it off. Joe Lieberman got elected as an independent he was able to pull it off into the Democrats ousted him. We'll see if things are changed will see if people are tired of 9% inflation and gas prices that people are high-fiving when it's four dollars a gallon so that I take that Peter Ulysse in Montr�al hey Peter Ryan, I have a quick reply to say I think that they have a blank warrant thing that I went in trying to find some evidence whatever evidence they find the woman that worked on the name to get the name of the work right away out, see what executive to see absolutely okay that's all have to go get you show that warrant and I'll be at Eileen you spend your show mood you thinking up but if they just grab stuff to bug you know was part of history over the last five years M&A grip cocktail napkins. I grab letters from Kim Jong-Il in the present to want to expose that the prison also had a letter from Pres. Obama.

I'm not sure that he wanted that public lectures embarrassing and probably go it's probably decent, but I think friends like I'll take that and that's a problem, but is it enough to rate a guys house will see what else he's got. We don't know we don't know and that's what Chris Christie said it depends on what they got and what they're going for.

We don't know any of that yet we come back I'll finish up a more calls and find out. This indeed more to know this is the branch only show both sides. All of if you're interested in it. Ryan is talking about your Ryan kill me, they won't look back. Everybody I'm on now I'm wondering if it is time to know more.

No facilities setting to sell $7 billion with the Tesla shares as Twitter legal battle rages on one expert this morning.

They believe this is because most feels as though he's going to be forced to buy Twitter and he needs to be liquid on Tesla and does want to hurt their stock. Here it is, he so more Tesla shares worth 7 billion according to their CEO, Cecil 10.29 billion shares an electric vehicle maker months after announcing he was in a cell anymore shares so he selling shares to get a little bit liquid in case a judge decides in Delaware.

He's gotta go buy Twitter.

Now the question is does he regret. Yes, you know, was explained to me this morning is that the market is change since Twitter, I'm in the market is dropped really hard on Tesla as well as Twitter the values worth less than they find out about the box and now the investigate now the judge can say to twitter owners find out every boxer on this guidance would you want to know if you find out then he'll sell it to associate with the price does so. I just love the fact that it's making everybody will be more honest, I feel as though even at billionaires.

I think this guy bought something he didn't want either he sees it.

Twitter is withering see much ad revenue potential.

There is try to get out of it is this one pay billion dollar fine next Greece degrees car Cybele Peter and John is up for auction because she passed away. Sadly, 1949 Mercury notice tells chariot was raised by the billing crater face against any zoo goes greased lightning think I said that name right. It is now approximate was built by was very movie car guy name Eddie Paul who chopped up The top of a Mercury coupe. The crate that menacing hot rod. The Carlita made appearances of the movie streets of fire and used cars was rediscovered just over a decade ago at a card shop in Huntington Beach in morning weather condition purchased by owner David was sure who had it authenticated by Paul and restored to an on-screen appearance to get a lot of money. It goes on auction in Monterey California become auctions, MEC UM August 20. Put your money together.

Eric and I know you love grease Pete but I don't think you should be spending money on that next to sit this is what happened literally you have a Little League World Series on the line. Southwest regional championship King Shelton of Pearland Texas through pitch and Isaiah Jarvis. Here's how it sounded. He hit him in the head was this is really cool picture. This is know that it's okay.

He'll be fine. Make it would happen is the gotta get he went over and hugged. The picture is a picture so upset that he had to go at 12 years old. I think that's good.

I mean, people like the poor documents is not good. William get to Williamsport talk to him after the game are simple schools of thought, but I side with the sportsmanship always there.

12. I'm writing to me.

Thanks much listening. Watch me on Tucker tonight 8 o'clock and tomorrow night and be back here over 100 meteorologists and the resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not or wherever you get your

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